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THE . . 

Coronto general trusts Corporation j 


CAPITAL - - $1,000,000 

RESERVE FUND - - $250,000 I 


Director of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and Canada Life Assurance Company. 



Man'g Director Freehold Loan and Savings Co. Director 

the Western Assurance Co. 

Director Consumers' Gas Company, Toronto. 


Counsel and Chief Solicitor, the Grand Trunk 
Railway Company of Canada, Belleville. 


President North American Life Insurance Company, 
and the Canada Landed and National Investment 
Company, etc. 


President the Canadian General Electric Company, 
Director Dominion Bank, etc. 

J. W. DIGBY, M.D., 

Director Royal Loan and Savines Co. 

J. J. FOY, Q.C., M.P.P., 



President Bank of Toronto, etc. 


Director Imperial Bank of Canada. 


President Imperial Bank of Canada. 


Treasurer the Law Society of Upper Canada. 


President the Globe Printing Company, Director 
the Imperial Bank of Canada. 



Vice-President the Bank of Toronto, etc., etc. 


Managing Director Western Assurance Company. 


Manging Director the Toronto General Trusts Cor- 
poration, Chairman Niagara Falls Park Commission. 

A. B. LEE, 

President RiceJLewis & Son, Limited. 


Director the Merchants' Bank of Canada, the British 
America Assurance Company. 


Director the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and 
the Dominion Bank, etc. 


Senator, Perth. 

E. B. OSLER, M.P., 

Vice-President Dominion'Bank, Director Canadian 
Pacific Railway, etc. 


Senator, President Dominion Bank, etc. 

J. G. SCOTT, Q.C., 

Master of Titles. 


Director Imperial Bank of Canada. 


General Manager the Canadian Bank of Commerce, 
Director Canada Life Assurance Company. 

Under the provisions of an Act of the Ontario Legislature, assented to ist April. 1899, The Toronto General Trusts Company (the 
pioneer Trust Company of Canada), and The Trusts Corporation of Ontario, were amalgamated under the name of 


The two companies now amalgamated have since their organization (the former in 1882 and the latter in 1889) administered and 
distributed estates and assets to the extent of many million dollars, and at the date of their union the combined business remaining 
under their care, and which has been passed over to The Toronto General Trusts Corporation, aggregated nearly S20.OOO.OO0. 

Under its Charter of Incorporation and Letters Patent the Corporation is authorized to undertake and execute EVERY KIND OF 

liquidator. Etc., Etc. 

COMPENSATION in no case greater and in many less than paid private individuals. 

The corporation also acts as Agent for Executors, Trustees, Administrators and others, for the Management of lv 
and Collection of Kents. Interest, Dividends, etc. 

BONDS, DEBENTURES. STOCK, etc., issued and countersigned. 

FUNDS received and carefully invested, and principal and interest guaranteed. 

WILLS appointing the Company Executor and Trustee are received for safe custody FK EE OF CHARGE. 

THE SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS, in which boxes are rented at very reasonable rates, are ABSOLUTELY BURGLAR AND FIRE 

Solicitors bringing estate or other business to the Company are retained to do the legal work in connection therewith. 


J. W. LANGMUIR, Managing Director 

A, E. PLUMMER, 1st Assist Manager. A. D. LANGMUIR, 2nd Assist. Manager. 



• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

* » 

a • 

• * 

• « 

• ••I 

• • 






North American Life Assurance Go'y 




of the Company 

See the last Dominion 
Government Insurance Report. 

Policies combining Insurance 
and Investment issued by 
the Company have proved 
highly satisfactory. 

of the Company to its Liabilities 
that of any 
other Home Company. 


The following is one among 
the many acknowledge- 
ments received from satis- 
fied Policy-holders : 


Toronto, Dec. 28th, 1899. 

To the North American Life Assurance Company, 

Gentlemen, — 

I am in receipt of your cheque for $27,381.40, in settlement of 
my 15 year endowment policy issued by you Dec. 20th, 1884, for 

The result is highly satisfactory to me, and furnishes the strong- 
est proof of the careful and excellent management of the North 
American Life. 

Personally, I have been a strong advocate of endowment Insur- 
ance, having carried over $500,000 on my life. 

Yours truly, 



, • • „rit» tn us irivintr the date of your birth, occupation, and the amount you^pVrnnu^: 1 ^ w g e SSCtfS*» ^'^ particuia, It a suitabie for you. 
aesire to pay annual^, r wm McCABE, Managing Ihrectm. 

L. GOLDMAN, Secretary. 

• • •• 


•• . •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 

•• •• 


•• •• 

•• -VI • ■ > 111 

\]]hen in Montreal 

Your Headquarters should be 

i uur i leduqudiicrs snuuiu uc 11 

$ $i. Cawrcnce Rail, 

•• 22 


• • •• 

• • •• 

• • •• 

• • •• 

• • •• 

• • • •• 

22 It is the most centrally located and liberally con- IS 

22 ducted Hotel in the City. s! 

• • • • 

22 Its Cuisine and Service are of the highest order, 22 

•• • • 

• • •• 

22 j. ===== AND===o» 

• • •• 

•• J* 

22 It counts among its patrons the leaders of the ;2 

22 Social and Political Worlds of both continents. «• 

• • •• 

• • •• 

• • •• 

s: :: 

jj ...Omnibuses meet all Crams and Steamers... :j 

=- . • • 


•• 2* 

•J Circular and Guide to Montreal ,1 

• • on Application. £• 


•• j* 

•• •• 

•• ■ 22 

•• 22 

• • •• 


© ^ 

• • 


Banking and Financial !j 


• • 



• • 

• • 

• ■ 

• * 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 




Head Office, - Ottawa, Canada 


Capital Authorized, ... $2,000,000 
Capital Pa'id-Up, - - - 1,725,000 
Rest, - .... 1,400,000 


CHARLES MAGEE, President GEORGE HAY, Vice-President 



GEORGE BURN, - General Manager 













" Bank Street 
" Rideau Street 





Building, Cor. Bay and Richmond Streets 

FRANCIS COLE, - Manager 



•••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 



•• ••••• 

• • i ••••< 

• • 

• • 
a • 

• • 

• • 



• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 





Capital all Paid-up 
Reserved Fund 
Undivided Profits 


Head Office, - Montreal 


HON. G. A. DRUMMOND, Vice-President. 

A. T. Paterson, Esq. Sir W. C. McDonald, G.C.M.G. R. B. Angus, Esq. Edw. B. Greenshields, fisq. 
A. F. Gault, Esq. W. W. Ogilvie, Esq. James Ross, Esq. 

E. S. CLOUSTON, General Manager. A. Macmdek, Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branches. 


MONTREAL— H. V. Meredith, Manager. 


TORONTO— Asors Kirkland, Manager. 

Almonte, Ontario 

Brantford, " 

Brock ville, " 

Chatham, " 

Cornwall, " 

Deseronto ' ' 

Ft. William, " 

Goderich, " 

Hamilton, " 

Kingston, " 

Ottawa, Ontario 

Peterboro, ' ' 

Stratford, " 

St. Mary's, " 

Toronto : — 

Yonge and Front 
Yonge and Queen 

Wallaceburg, Ontario 


St. John's, Nfld.— Bank of Montreal. 

Montreal, Que. ; — 
St. James Street 
St. Catherine Street 
Seigneurs Street 
Pt. St. Charles 

Quebec, Que. 
Chatham, N.B. 
Fredericton, " 
Moncton, " 
St. John, 
Halifax, N.S. 
Amherst, " 
Sydney, " 


London— Bank of Montreal, 22 Abchurch Lane, E.C., 
Alexander Lang, Manager. 

Winnipeg, Man. 
Calgary, Alberta 
Regina, Ass'a. 
Lethbridge, Alta. 
Greenwood, B.C. 

New Denver, " 
New Westminster, B.C. 
Rossland, B.C. 
Vancouver, " 
Vernon, " 
Victoria, " 

Chicago— Bank of Montreal. 


New York-R. Y. Hebden, and J. M. Greata, agent., 59 Wall Street. 


London — The Bank of England. The Union Bank of London. The London and We.tmin.ter Bank. The National 

Provincial Bank of England. Scotland — The British Linen Company Bank and Branches. 

Liverpool— The Bank of Liverpool, Limited. ocotlahu 


. ^. t, , -m. n L. „f NT»- York NBA Buffalo — The Marine Bank, Buffalo. 

New York — The National City Bank. The Bank of New York. a. Californian Bank 

San Frakcisco — The First National Bank. The Bank of Columbia. The Anglo-C.hforman Bank. 

Boston — The Merchants' National Bank. J. B. Moor. & Co. 
Portland, Oregon — The Bank of British Columbia. 

••••••••••• a * aaaaaaa * a **°* 


• • 

• • 


• • 

• • 


• • 

3*«***«**aa«»«**»********« •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 




















Inspector and Supt, of Branches. 



Assist. Inspector. 















Fort Francis 




Branches in Canada 




Port Perry 
St. Catharines 

Sault Ste. Marie Toronto June. 

Seaforth Walkerton 

Simcoe Walkerville 

Stratford Waterloo 

Strathroy Windsor 

Toronto Woodstock 

Atlin Fort Steele 

Cranbrook Greenwood 
Fernie Vancouver 

Agencies in the United States: 



Dawson City 


Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the Bast and West Indies, China, Japan, South 

America, Australia and New Zealand 


Deposits Eeceived in the Savings Bank Department and also on Special Deposit, and Current 

Rates of Interest allowed 

Special attention given to the Collection of Commercial Paper throughout Canada and all 

parts of the world 

Bankers and Chief Correspondents : 

Great Britain— The Bank of Scotland. India, China and Japan— The Chartered Bank of India, 
Australia and China. France — Credit Lyonnais, Paris ; Lazard Freres and Cie, Paris. Germany — 
Deutsche Bank. Belgium— J. Matthieu & Fils, Brussels. South Africa— Bank of Africa, L'd. ; Standard 
B*nk of South Africa, L'd. Australia and New Zealand — Union Bank of Australia, L'd. South 
America -London and Brazilian Bank, L'd. ; British Bank of South America, L'd. West Indies — Bank 
of Nova Scotia, Kingston, .Jamaica; Colonial Bank and Branches. Mexico —Banco de Londres y Mexico. 
Bermuda— The Bank of Bermuda, Hamilton. British Columbia— The Bank of British Columbia. 
New York — The American Exchange National Bank. Chicago — North- Western National Bank. 
San Francisco — The Bank of British Columbia. 

•••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 



• » 


• • 

• • 

• • 

• ■ 

• • 

4 • 



Paid-Up Capital 
Reserve Fund 







DUNCAN COULSON, General Manager. 



" 719 King Street West 











St. Etienne St. Branch. 

British Columbia — ROSSLAND 

Great Britain— The London City and Midland Bank, 

Limited, London. 
New York— The National Bank of Commerce. 
Chicago— First National Bank. 
Buffalo— Manufacturers and Traders Bank 
Detroit— Detroit National Bank. 

Bankers and Correspondents : 

Ontario— Bank of Hamilton and Branches. 
Quebec— La Banque Nationale. 

Nova Scotia- Union Bank of Halifax, People's Bank 
of Halifax. 

Manitoba, British Columbia and New Bruns- 
wick—Bank of British North America. 

• • 

• s 

• • 

Co/lections Made on the Best Terms and Remitted for 
on Day of Payment 

U fWnwfcnr & Ri ooell, Bank of Toronto Buildings. 

Solicitors-BEATTY, Blmumtock, Nesbitt, Chadwick & nn 

::::::::::::::::::::::::::»»»»»" :::::::::::::::::::::!::::::::::::::: 



Dominion Bank 


Capital (Paid-up) 
Reserve Fund 



HOliJjSIR FRANK SMITH, President E. B. OSLER, M.P., Vice-President. 

A. W. AUSTIN, Esq. T. EATON, Esq. 

W R. BROCK, Esq. WM. INCE, Esq. 


T. G. BROUGH, General Manager. H. J. BET HUME, Inspector. 












North End 

TORONTO— Cor. King and Yonge Streets. 
" Queen Street West, Cor. Esther. 

" " " " Dundas. 

" " East, Cor. Sherbourne. 

" King Street East^Cor. Jarvis. 

" Spadina Avenue, Cor. College. 

Commercial Credits Issued for Use in Europe and all Foreign 
Countries. Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold 


Great Britain — The National Bank of Scotland, 
Limited, and branches. 

New York— The National City Bank. 

The Bank of British North America. 

Chicago — Commercial National Bank. 
Union National Bank. 


Buffalo— Bank of Buffalo. 

Boston — National Exchange Bank. 

Detroit — Detroit National Bank. 

Duluth — American Exchange Bank. 
Minneapolis — Northwestern National Bank. 


• ••• ii "»iiizz2222i22:2i::i::i:i:;mm 



•••••• e • 






Capital Authorized 
Capital Paid-up 
Reserve Fund 


H. S. HOWLAND, President 



- 2,344,925 

T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President. 


Head Office, 

D. R. WILKIE, General Manager. 


£ HAY, Inspector. 


>» • 








ST. THOMAS (East End) 


HEAD OFFICE, Wellington Street East. 
Yonge and Queen Streets. 
Yonge and Bloor Streets. 
King and York Streets. 











Bank of Montreal and Branches. 
Great Britain 

Lloyd's Bank (Limited). 
Manchester and Liverpool District 
Banking Co. (Limited). 

Paris, France 

Credit Lyonnais. 

United States 

New York — Bank of Montreal. 
" Bank of America. 

" Western National Bank. 

Buffalo— Bank of Buffalo. 
Boston — N. Bank of the Common- 

Chicago — First National Bank. 



United States— {Continued) 

Detroit— Detroit National Bank. 

Duluth— First National Bank. 

Philadelphia — Farmers' and Mechan- 
ics' National Bank. 

St. Paul — Second National Bank. 

San Francisco — Wells, Fargo & Co's 







Reserve Fund 

Profit and Loss Account 

Head Office, 



G. R. R. COCKBURN, Esq., President. DONALD MAC KAY, Esq., Vice-President. 

HON. J. C. AIKINS. A. S. IRVING, Esq. R. D. PERKY, Esq. 


C. McGlLL, - - General Manager. 

Agents for the Government of Ontario 







j Corner Wellington and Scott Streets 

Corner Queen and Portland Streets 
( Corner Yonge and Richmond Streets 

London, England— 


France and Europe 



New Vork- 






: •• 


A.D. 1818 :• 

Paid-Up Capital, - - $2,500,000 


JOHN BREAKEY, Esq., President. JOHN T. ROSS, Esq.. Vice-President. II 




THOMAS McDOUGALL, General Manager 2* 


TORONTO WM. P. SLOANE, Manager, Cor King and Toronto Streets 



MONTREAL— St. Catharine Street. ST. ROCH, QUE. •• 

AGENTS IN LONDON, ENGLAND-The Bank of Scotland. •• 

AGENTS IN NEW YORK— Bank of B. N. America and Huiover National Bank. 

AGENTS IN BOSTON— National B*nk of The Republic. 2* 
, •• 


Incorporated 1858. (Limited). Incorporated 1876. 



Authorized Capital, - $4,000,000 Subscribed Capital, - S2.008.000 •£ 
Paid-Up Capital, - - 1,004,000 Reserve Funds, - 356,413 • • 

Total Assets - - S4.393.250. 22 


JOHN LANG BLAIKIE, Esq., President. JOHN HOSKIN, QC, LL.D., Vice-President 22 




This Company Lends Money on Real Estate, and 

HEAD OFFICE— 23 Toronto Street, Toronto 


Hamilton Kinnea* and Bjsatson, W.S., 35 Queen St., 

Mill, Bonar & Huntkk, W.S.. 15 Hill St., Edinbunrh. 

purchases Dominion, Provincial and Municipal Securi- 
ties. Issues Debentures payable in Sterling or Currency 
for fixed Terra of Years. 

Edward Saunders, Manager. • • 



•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 

'••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a «• 


, •• 

Loan and Savings Company j! 



Head Office : Confederation Life Building 
Cor. Yonge and Richmond Sts., TORONTO :: 

JOSEPH PHILLIPS, President V. ROBIN, Treasurer 

A. T. HUNTER, LL.B., Vice-President E. J. BURT, Supervisor 

• • 


TORONTO WEST— Cor. Queen and Dover-court. 
HAMILTON— 30 Hughson Street. 
LONDON — Dundas and Clarence Streets. 
WINNIPEG— 5 Ottawa Bank Building. 

TORONTO EAST— 372 Queen Street East. •• 
OTTAWA— 66 Bank Street. 

MONTREAL — Canada Life Association Building. 
VANCOUVER- 627 Hastings Street, 



• • 



SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL. - £250,000 Stg. 

The Company holds for sale, at moderate prices and on very easy and favorable terms of payment, some substantially built, •• 

solid Brick Residences with modern improvements, in Rosedale, Buchanan Street and other good localities in Toronto, also attractively *• 

situated Building Lots in Rosedale, and choice Lots on Markham Street, Kuclid Avenue, High Park Avenue and other Streets : also « s 

carefully selected Farming Lands in the most desirable districts of Manitoba. For further information apply to the Commissioners of • • 
the Company in Canada. 



JAMES L. SCARTH, Estate and Financial Agent •• 


Houses, Shops. Factory 8ites and Choice Building Lots for Sale in Toronto. Prices Low. Terms of payment J J 
easy. Loans made on Farm, City and Town Properties at Lowest Cut rent Rates. 

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ••••••••••••••••••••••••••«>• 

>••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 

••••••••••••••••••••••••e •••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••< 




Bernard Cairns, Proprietor 


Manufacturer of 


Steel Stamps 



Railroad and Office Stamps 



Write for Circulars 


• • ••( 

• •••< 








• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 


• •• 


Hotel Keepers', Brewers', 




The Cleveland Faucet Company's "Champion" 
Hydraulic Beer Pumps for Hotels. 

D. D. Williamson & Co's Bisulphite of Lime and Porterine. 
Eureka" and "Cape Ann," Isinglass. Beanes' Brewing Materials, Nos. 1 and 2. 

Cork Pullers, Lemon Squeezers, Corking: Machines, 

Wooden Beer and Wine Faucets, Bottle Baskets, etc. 

47 Colborne Street, 



QIRCULARS Addressed, Folded and Mailed 


Wo will send Circulars, Catalogues, Price Lists, or any kind of advertising matter to 
any Profession, Business or Trade in the oivilized world. 

Perfect System. 
Best Facilities. 
Lowest Rates. 

Circulars and Catalogues 
. Printed. . 

Envelopes and Stamps 
. Supplied. . 











Oxford Lines of Stoves, Ranges and Hollow-Ware (Fro £ l^sPhX"* 10 

Gas Stoves, Ranges, Etc. Gasoline and Wickless Oil Stoves. 

Broilers. Laundry Stoves, Etc., Etc. 





M. & L. Samuel, Benjamin & Co. 


Metal Merchants, 


Nos. 26, 28 and 30 Front St. West, Toronto 


SAMUEL, SONS & BENJAMIN, - 164 Fenchurch Street, London, E.C. 


!2t2JtttStS222S2;jnS2!S..J.... • • • ••••• 





Esplanade Street, Foot of Berkeley Street, - TORONTO 





We wish to warn the public against 
the fraudulent Directory concerns which 
have been operating throughout the 
country for the past few years, collect- 
ing thousands of dollars on forged or 
raised contracts for advertisements in 
"Directories," "Buyers' Guides," "Trade 
Lists," or "Gazetteers," that have no cir- 
culation whatever beyond the copies 
carried by the Canvassers. 



11-15 Adelaide Street East 

■^^^^^^Orc^N TO. 




Price, $6.00 

Price, $6.00. 



A Complete Street Guide 


— OF — 





11-15 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, Ont. 

Entered according to Act of Parliament in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture, in the year of 

Our Lord one thousand nine hundred. 


In presenting the twenty-fifth volume of this work, we wish to emphasize the claim we have made for a number 
of years back, that the Toronto City Directory stands in the front rank of publications of its class. There are not 
more than a dozen directories published throughout the entire world, that give the householders and business houses 
arranged by street and number, as we do in Toronto (pages 83 to 263 this volume) in addition to an alphabetical list 
of all residents and a complete classified business directory. 

This year we have introduced some improvements : the index letter at the top of each page, greatly facilitating 
the finding of names, and the asterisk drawing attention to the different spellings of names. 

There has been a substantial increase in the population of Toronto during the past year, as is shown by the 
increase in the number of names in the Directory. 

This volume contains 87,029 individual names (exclusive of names of firms or companies), which shows an 
increase. of 5502 over last year. In past years we have been multiplying the naaies in the Directory by 3 to 
estimate the population. In a great many cities, both in Canada and United States, they use 3, 3j^ and 4. 

Although Toronto has made rapid growth, we believe the use of the figure 3 would place the population a trifle 
higher than it really is. We have therefore decided after very careful consideration to use 2£ as the multiple. This 
gives Toronto a population of 250,209, exclusive of the suburbs which are printed in the front part of the 

Below we give a table showing the number of names and vacant houses, stores, etc., in each year from 1891 to 
1900, also the yearly average for these 10 years compared with the year 1900. 

Taking into consideration the large number of new houses and buildings that have been erected during the past 
year, it is very gratifying to see that there are fewer vacant houses, stores and offices than there have been in any 
year for ten years. 


No. of 

1891 64,339 

1892 69,092 

1893 70,048 

1894 73,051 

1895 ,74,620 

1896 71,404 

1897 72,113 

1898 75,170 

1899 81,527 

1900 87,029 



Stores and 


Yearly average 
for the 10 years 
1891 to 1900 

For the year\ 
1900 J 

in Names. 



Vacant. Vacant 
Houses. Stores and 





Another comparison which we ask the people of Toronto to take into their consideration is the price of the City 
Directory for 1900 as compared with 1880. 

tear No. of Names Price, 

in Directory. 

1880 21,919 $3.00 

1900 87,029 $5.00 

Although there are four times the number of names, which means over six times the labor, the price has only 
increased $2 in 20 years. The regular City Directory is the business man's friend and is entitled to his substantial 

The map which we give to our subscribers this year has been very carefully revised and corrected up to date. 

We extend our thanks to those who, by their support and patronage, have aided and encouraged us in our work, 
also to those who have kindly assisted in collecting some of the information which helps to make this volume as 
complete a work of reference as any City Directory published on the continent of America. 

THE MIGHT DIRECTORY CO., of Toronto, Limited. 

John C. Gardner, Pres. and Man. Director. 

Toronto, January 29th, 1900. 

WILLIAMS' PIANOS! T^zz-tts s&sr 

143 YONGE ST. P ' AN <> 8T ° RENTsa.oo a „<i 

$2.50 PER MONTH. 



Addenda 40 

Advertisements "i'to 18 

Alphabetical list of names !265 to 906 

Banking and Financial 5 

Business Classification 907 to 1023 

Index to Advertisers 42 

Index to Miscellaneous Directory— .. .Below 

Introductory * 

Street Directory 8a' to 264 

Suburban Villages " . . . !. " ! to 82 

Title page ^ 

Too late for regular Insertion 49 

Ward Boundaries 204 



Bedford Park (See North Toronto) 49 

Bracondale 49 

Chester 51 

Coleman (See Little York) 52 

Davisville (See North Toronto) 52 

Deer Park 52 

Doneaster (See Chester) 54 

East Toronto 54 

Eglinton (See North Toronto) 56 

Huniber Bay :>. 50 

Little York 

Mimleo "' r,H 

New Toronto 5^ 

North Dovercourt w 


Swansea \ , . ' 54 

Todmorden 05 

Toronto Junction ' . 68 

Wycbwood Park (See Bracondale) 49 



Ancient Order of Foresters 1040 

Ancient Order of Hibernians 1041 

Ancient Order of United Workmen... 1043 

Asylums, Hospitals, etc 1030 

Bands 1046 

Benevolent, Fraternal and National 

Societies 1039 

Blocks, Buildings, etc 1039 

Cabinet Ministers 1027 

Canadian Home Circles 1041 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association.. 1043 

Cemeteries 1038 

Children's Aid Society 1044 

Chosen Friends, Canadian Order of 1040 

Churches and Ministers 103li 

City Government 1030 

Clubs 1040 

Collectors of Customs 1028 

Colleges and Universities 1033 

Collegiate Institutes 1032 

Companions of the Forest 1040 

Consuls 1029 

Convents 1038 

County of York (Council, etc) 1030 

Court House 1030 

Customs 1028 

Daughters of Ireland Protestant Assn. 1044 
Detectives (See Police Department) . . 1031 

Dominion Alliance 1044 

Dominion Government 1027 

Educational Institutions 1(132 

Emerald Beneficial Association 10<;; 

Executive Council of Ontario 1029 

Fire Alarm Signal Boxes 1031 

Fire Department 1031 

Foresters, Auclent Order of 1040 

Foresters. Canadian Order of 1040 

Foresters, Catholic Order of 1041 

Foresters, Independent Order of 1041 

German Benevolent Society 1043 


Good Templars, Independent Order of. 1044 

Governor-General and Staff 1027 

Halls, Public Buildings, etc 1039 

Harbor Commissioners 1028 

Hibernians, Ancient Order of 1041 

Hospitals, Asylums and Homes 1036 

Industrial Schools 1032 

Inland Revenue 102s 

Irish Catholic Benevolent Society 1043 

Irish Protestant Benevolent Society .. 1043 

Jewish Societies 1043 

Judges of Ontario Courts 102!) 

Knights of Ireland, Royal Black 1042 

Knights of the Maccabees 1041 

Knights of Pythias 1041 

Knights of St. John and Malta 1041 

Knights of St. John (R C Union) 1041 

Knights of Sherwood Forest 1041 

Knights Templar Masonry 1040 

Labor Unions 1045 

Legal and Judiciary 1029 

Legislative Assembly, Officers of 1029 

Libraries 1036 

License* (Liquor) 1029 ! 

Markets 1031 

Masons, Order of 1039 

Medical Institutions 1035 

Meteorological Office 1029 ! 

Military 1029 

Ministry The (of Canada) 1027 ! 

Miscellaneous Societies 1046 

Missions 1038 ! 

Missionary Training Schools 1038 

oddfellows, Canadian Order of 1041 

oddfellows, Independent Order of .... 1042 
Oddfellows, I.O.O.F. Manchester Unlly 1042 

Ontario Government 1029 

Orange Association 1042 

Osgoode Hall 1020 

Parks and Squares 1038 

Police Department 

Post Office 

Prisons, etc 

Province of Ontario 


. 1031 
. 1028 
, 1030 
, 1029 

'. 910 

Public Buildings, Blocks, Halls, etc. , 

Public Schools 

, Queen and Royal Family 

Railroad Organizations 

Kinks (See classified Amusement, 

Places of) 

I Royal Arcanum 

Royal Black Knights of Ireland 

Royal Templars of Temperance 

St. Andrew's Society 

St. George's Society 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 

Schools, etc 

Separate Schools 


Sons of Canada Benevolent Associa- 
tion 1043 

Sons of England Benevolent Society. . 1043 
Sons of Ireland Protestant Association 1044 
Sons of Scotland Benevolent Associa- 
tion 1044 

Sons of Temperance 1044 

Steamboat Inspection 1028 

Temperance Societies 1044 

Theatres (See classified Amusement, 

Places of) 910 

Trades and Labor Societies 1045 

True Blue Association 1042 

United Workmen, Ancient Order of. . . . 1043 

Universities, etc 1033 

Water Works 1032 

Women's Christian Temperance Union. 10-15 
Woodmen of the World, Canadian Or- 
der of 1043 


Giving: 2^ % are 

From iM to 8 % at M X rates, from 1 day to 368, on »1.00 to <10 000. 

Revised Edition, $10.00. 

*pp'yt»B. W. MURRAY, 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

Telephone No. 423. 




■ ■ * 2 0» • • 




Adams Furniture Co Ltd, 207 and 902 

Adams Wm R 1014 

Adamson Moulding Co 208 

Aikenhead Hardware Co, 

Right bottom lines. 

Aikins E W 269 

Alexander & Son 270 and 994 

Allen Alfred 935 

Allen H J 900 

Allen & Lewis 917 

American Copper Co opp '■>'*- 

American Electro-Plating Co.... 274 

American Fire Ins Co 274 

American Surety Co 274 

Ames A E & Co 274 

Ancient Order of Foresters 274 

Anderson John T lOOl 

Anderson & Co 1001 

Andrews W A 270 

Anglo-American Novelty Co, Ltd. 1013 
Angus George, marginal line front 

cover and page 1017 

Antipitzky C Metal Co 970 

Archbald Chas E 278 

Archer Wm & Co 940 and 1018 

Ardagh, McMillan & Co 924 

Armour & Mickle 270 

Arnold! & Johnston 282 

Art Metropole 912 

Ash Henry J 282 

Ashbrldge W T 931 

Ashfield H J & Co 940 

Ash ton R H 283 

Aspden J 1 1001 

Atkinson Bros 283 

Atkinson J L 907 

Atlantic Refining Co 284 

Auld John, Montreal, Que 942 

Badenach W&EA 

Left Bottom lines 

Baggs EG 939 

Bagshaw SB 939 

Bain Book & Stationery Co 287 

Bain, Donald & Co 287 

Baines C C 288 

Baldwin & Co 981 

Ballets Mrs W 1012 

Banfield W H & Sons 981 

Bank of Montreal 7 

Bank of Ottawa 

Bank of Toronto 9 

Barber Henry & Co 907 

Barber Wm & Bros 990 

Barchard & Co Ltd 922 

Barnes Fredrick 293 

Bartlett, Frazier & Co 295 

Bartlett Wm & Son 913 

Barwlck, Aylesworth & Wright.. 295 

Bayliss & McGowan 930 

Beardmore Belting Co Ltd 298 

Beatty, Blackstock, Nesbitt, Chad- 
wick & Riddell 299 

Beauharnais Mrs G H 1022 

Beaver Bros 994 

Beaver Flint Glass Co Ltd 964 

Beel J Pascoe 907 

Beers Wm 301 

Begg Herbert 301 

Bell Wm & Co 303 

Belle Ewart Ice Co 972 

Bengough Thomas, right top lines 

and page 1017 

Bennett & Wright Co Ltd 304 

Berlin Mutual Fire Insurance Co 

Right top lines 

Berry Wm 957 


Biggar & Burton 307 

Birkbeck Investment, Security 

and Savings Co 309 

Bishop Strachan School 309 

Blachford H & C 309 

Blake, Lash & Cassels 312 

Bleasdell W H & Co 312 

Blue Line 313 

Bocquet, Bloem & Co 977 

Boddington WE 313 

Boeckh Bros & Co 314 

Boiler Inspection and .Ins Co 314 

Bollard Arthur 314 

Bolte Auguste . 16 

Bond & Smith 315 

Boone C S 930 

Booth Copper Co Ltd 942 

Booth G & Son 316 and 994 

Boswell A R 317 

Boulter & Stewart 318 

Bourne J & Son 941 

Bowbeer Eli A 940 

Boxall George 320 

Boyd Alfred 320 

Brass and Steel Engraving Co. . 323 

i Breckels & Matthews 993 

I Briggs Alfred W 325 

Bright T F W 320 

Brilliant Sign Letters 320 

Brimstin George 320 

Bristol, Cawthra & Barker 320 

British America Assurance Co. . . . 

Right bottom lines 

British American Business College 933 
British American Dyeing Co.... 951 

British Empire Mutual Life 327 

Britnell John 327 

Brock W R Co Ltd 327 

Brown Bros Ltd, The, city map 

and opp 330 

Brown H B 331 

Brown J F Co Ltd 332 and 902 

Brown & Cooper 930 

Brown & Hussey 928 

Bryan Geo M 903 

I Bryant Press opp 335 

Buckland H G 1007 

Bull Wm J 999 

Bunker G & Son 1010 

Bunt C W & Co 337 

, Burch J H 936 

I Burke & Horwood 

Left top lines 

' Burns E R Saw Co 339 

Burns P & Co 340 

i Burritt A P & Co 340 

Burt-Sherratt Ellen 998 

Byford Geo R 343 

Cadwell Miss Annie 956 

Caledonian Fire Insurance Co 

Front cover 

Cameron & Lee 340 

Campbell H W 1022 

Campbell J & W & Co 348 

Campbell Wm 907 

Canada Featherbone Co 349 

Canada Foundry Co. .Inside back cover 
Canada Landed and National In- 
vestment Co Ltd 13 and - 349 

Canada Laundry Machine Co ... . 978 

Canada Life Assurance Co 349 

Canada Mercantile Trust 349 

Canada Metal Co Backbone 

Canada Paper Co Ltd, right bot- 
tom lines and opp 375 


Canada Switch & Spring Co Ltd 

(Montreal, Que) opp 000 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, 8 

opp 349 

Canadian Feather and Mattress 

Co 984 

Canadian Fire Insurance Co.... 350 

Canadian General Electric Co Ltl 350 

Canadian Heine Safety Boiler Co. 350 
Canadian Incandescent Gas Light 

Co 350 

Canadian Mutual Loan and In- 
vestment Co 351 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co's 

Telegraph 351 

Canadian Rubber Co, right top 

lines and 351 

Canadian Savings Loan & Build- 
ing Association, city map and. . 351 

Canadian Specialty Co 352 

Canadian Writers' Bureau 352 

Cannift & Canniffi 352 

Carey F W 353 

Carlyle & Macfadden 353 

Carpet Cleaning Co 354 

Carree C A 355 

Carrier W F & Co 990 

Carroll Thomas 936 

Carruthers James & Co 355 

Carscallen, Hall & Payne 350 

Carswell Co, Ltd, opp 978 

Carter-Crume Co 357 

Case Egerton R city map 

Case Geo A 357 

Cassels, Cassels & Brock 358 

Cassels & Standish 358 

Caston & Co 358 

Castrucci HA 912 

Cayley Frank & Co 360 

Central Business College, city 

map and 360 

Central Canada Loan & Savings 

Co opp page 360 

Co, opp 360 

Central Lyceum Bureau 360 

Central Press Agency 360 

Chad wick & Beckett, 360 and 911 

and 911 

Chalkley R & Sons 936 

Challenger Leather Goods Co, Ltd 979 
Chandler S B Dental Depot, Ltd, 

The 361 

Church of England Publishing Co 

Ltd 366 

Church Thomas L 366 

Church & Byrne 366 

Citizens' Gas Control Co 360 

Clark W J 369 

Crarke, Bowes & Swabey 369 

Clarkson E R C 370 and 912 

Clarkson & Cross 370 and 907 

Clay George 907 

Clayton Robert 940 

Clothes Pressing Co, Ltd 932 

Clute, Macdonald, Macintosh & 

McCrimmon 373 

Cockbum D B 936 

CoghiU Alex & Co 940 

Collins J R 377 and 1017 

Common Sense Mfg Co. .378 and 583 
Confederation Life Assn, left top 

lines, 379 and 974 

Conger Coal Co Ltd 379 and 932 

and 932 


Increases Productive Power— Saves Steam. 


The Jas. Morrison Brass N|fg.Go. Lmited 

u and REPUBLIC (Wash.) 

Mines and Stoeks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 


Telephone 1842 12 ADELAIDE ST. E. 



Connery D G S 1 3g0 

R 931 and 984 

Cook T T j 99 

Cooley George W. . .city map and 382 

Cooper George H 383 and 1002 

Copeland & Pairbairn 1007 

Copeland-Chatterson Co Ltd....' 993 

Corin J L & Son 395 

Corin W J 994 

Corley & Loftus ' 385 

Corticelli Silk Co Ltd 3S0 

Cosgrave Brewery Co Ltd .... 387 

Coulter & Campbell 943 

Crawford Redford ' 994 

Creelman Bros Typewriter Co. ./ . 

• •; right bottom' lines 

Lnckmore Edwin 944 

Crombie, Worrell & Gwymie// 395 

Crompton George 934 

Crossin E & Co ...!./ 396 

Crowley & Lockwood. ......... .' 988 

Crowther James 397 

Crystal Ice Co / 973 

Curry, Gunther & Eyre . / 401 

D'Alesandro Donato 988 

Dalley P F Co Ltd " 403 

Darling & Pearson 405 

Davidge & Lunn 936 

Davidson & Co 406, 936 and 939 

Davis John & Son, North Toronto 1003 
Davisville & Carlton Brick Mfg 

Co (Davisville) 923 

Delamere, Reesor, English & Ross 412 

Delaney Thos & Co 941 

De Laplante L A & Co, Ea3t To- 
ronto 98i 

De Laplante & Bowden .......... 412 

Denovan Joshua.... 413 

De Rocher J 1013 

Despatch Messenger Co city map 

Devean N M (My Optician) 685 

Dickson A A 416 

Dickson Wm Co 416 

Dixon Alex 418 

Dixon p E & Co 979 

Dixon Harry 997 

Doane Fred 419 

Dobson J W 419 

Dockray Adam 988 

Dominion Bank 10 

Dominion Brewery Co Ltd ±21 

Dominion Burglary Guarantee Co 

city map and 421 

Dominion Distributing Co 947 

Dominion Engraving Co 957 

Dominion Investment Co 421 

Dominion Lace Curtain Co 951 

Dominion of Canada Guarantee 

& Accident Insurance Co 421 

Dominion Plate Glass Insurance 

Co 421 

Dominion Case Co 422 

Dominion Steamship Co 1016 

Don Valley Brick Works )23 

Don Valley Rendering Works . . . 101.9 

Donald Duncan 422 

Dorenwend Co of Toronto, Ltd.. 977 

Dorrlen Plating & Mfg Co 424 

Douglas Bros 1009 

Douglas & Ratcliff 997 

Douglass W A 907 

Doust Joseph 425 

Dovercourt Twine Mills 425 

Downer Pattern Works 

city map and 999 

Downey Alex, city map, right top 

lines and 1017 

Drumma Andrew 427 

Duckworth Bros 428 

Dunkley Bros 936 

Dunlop John H left bottom lines 

Eastmure A L 

Eastmure & Lightbourne.' 434 

Eaton W H 


Economical Fire Ins Co.. 43* 

Eddis Wilton C 907 

Edgar & Malone 435 

Edmunds J H & Co 436 and 985 

Edwards R J & Wagner. .437 and 911 
Edwards & Hart-Smith, front 

cover, 437 and 907 

SS£S£S&£2& * * * ' ' ! ' * : Wlf/ Great-West Life" AsVcV Co 490 

Elder Rnhlr? IPJ'* Greenwood Russell 1007 

StoMS^w^-ill- V All" 929 Grenadier Ice & Coal Co. . .' . .' .' ! [ 

Gormaly & Co 7,* i 

Gouinlock & Baker mi 

Goulding G & Sons / " 4*4 

Graham David S 435 

Graham Thomas & Sons..'../...' 981 

Grainger Bros ' ' ' yiy 

Gray J Wilson 489' and 911 

Graydon J C 930 

Great North-Western Telegraph 

Co 490 


Electrical Maintenance andCon- 

struction Co Ltd.. city map and 438 Grierson' d"d " n " 
Engineering Contract Co 940 Griffith R J & Co 


English Miss Mamie ././//'.' 977 Grote Georee w i,7,' 

i^^sSSr^ ^Bulldl , «~ « Xorlh'AmV ' ' 

left bottom lines 

Equ!ty A F^e'lnsCo M'uJi J 41 ^"" e " t * & Sons 493 and 1 

Vri P p a iiw!v eft top llnes Gurney Foundry Co 

Eu'rek^&ica,' Co.' .' .' ./" \ ' H ' ' 9^5 °££ PelCha & Rubber Mf * C ° 
Eureka Mineral Wool & Asbes't03 


.city map 


Guy Matthew 92!) 

Hachborn & Sheridan 496 

Hall P & Son 965 

443 Hallman F A 062 

Hamilton Powder Co 502 

Hamilton & Co 930 

Handy Alfred, Norway, Ont 983 

Harbottle & Ridout 504 

Harcourt Geo & Son 504 

Hardwood Lumber Co, Ltd 505 

Harling R Dawson 1016 

Harper George R 911 

Harris E Co, Ltd 507 

Evans & Sons Ltd 443 

Evans-Lewis Charles 

Ewart James '"' 929 

Ewing & Murphy .'./'."" 1026 

Fahey Wm 444 

Fancy Goods Co of Canada. . 445 

Fashion, The 447 

Fensom Elevator Works.../ 955 

Ferguson & Langley ' "' 440 

Fergusson & Blaikie 449 

Fetherstonhaugh & Co. 

Pinch 'r w" 6 front co ^ Harris Lithographing Co508 and opp980 

h. H .• •-: ■ 942 , Harris Wm G bai kbone 

Harris W & Co city map and 509 

1026 Hart & Riddell opp 510 

* llartz J F Co 511 

Hawley John 513 

Heffron J J & Co 9,84 

Heintzman Gerhard Co 517 

Helpert Abraham 976 

Henderson Chas M & Co 912 

Henderson E J 518 

Henderson R B 518 

Herbert F H 520 and 911 

Heward Geo C 521 

Hewitt R & Son 937 

Heys Thomas & Son, . . . 522 and 987 

Hill Printing Co 525 

Hillock John & Co, city map and. 525 

Hilton & Woods 525 

Hime H L & Co 526 

Hoffman J H 528 

Holmes Electric Protection Co, 

Ltd 530 

Home Chemical Co 531 

Hooper Co, Ltd 532 

Hope G & Son 918 


Finch Wood Preservative & Paint 


Findlay Mrs E J 963 

Firstbrook Box Co Ltd, city map 

and 9<>o 

Fitzgerald Jerome M & Co. . '453 

Fitzgerald Joseph J 923 

Fleming F A 455 

Fleming & Co 455 

Fletcher Robert 450 

Follett Joseph J . . . 457 

Forbes Roofing Co. .city map and 1008 

Forbes Wm R 984 

Ford Douglas pp 45S 

Fortune Robert 931: 

Foster James 400 

Fountain Wm 952 

Fox & Ross 4(;-> 

Fox & Kelly 402 

Frankel Bros 

left bottom lines 

Franklin Press 1004 

Freehold I,oan & Savings Co 464 

Freyseng P & Co 465 and 942 

Frost, A J opp 960 Hopkins E 

(. & H D . „ 469 I Hoskin. Ogden & Hoskin 534 


Gander John M,. . ^ 469 and 1002 HoteV'Glads'tonr.V.T.'V!'.'.'.' 534 and 971 

Howard R H & Co 53i 

Gardner George M 470 

Gardiner Thomas 960 

Gearing Thos V 936 

General Engineering Co, Ltd .... 956 

George T H 473 

Gibb Laurence 473 

Gibbs Malcolm 471 

Gibson A Cecil 474 

Gibson J G 474 

Gibson R L 475 

Gibson & Snider 475 

Gillett E W 477 

Glass WW 47!) 

Glionna, Marsicano & Co 98!) 

Globe Savings & Loan Co 47!) 

Gooch Fred H 481 and 5S5 

Goodwin Co 482 

Gordon, Mackay & Co, Ltd 483 

Duthie G & Sons 1008 Gordon & Helllweli 

Bast & Co 434 

.right bottom lines 

Hugo R H 919 

Humphrey B D 539 

Hunter. Rose Co, Ltd 541 

Husband Bros & Co 542 

Huston R M 939 

Hutchison. Shurly & Derrett 425 

Hutsoa W D & Sons 

right bottom lines 

Hynes W J 1014 

Imperial Bank of Canada 11 

Imperial Ins Co of London, Eng.. 545 

Imperial Laundry 545 

Imperial Life Assurance So 545 

Imperial Mfg Co 545 

Imperial Piano Mfg Co 1001 

Imrle Graham & Co, opp 1004 

I O Foresters 545 

I O of Odd Fellows 545 

INSURE British America Assurance Cc. 

■ IN THE «~ Losses Paid Since Organization, SI 7,983,1 59.11. 

FIRE and 

Standard Life 






Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commeree Building. 




Jackes & Jackes 54S 

Jarvis Aemilius & Co 551 

Jarvis Beaumont, left top lines 

and 55 1 

Jeffery & Purvis 552 

Jefferys AS 937 

Jenkins Arthur R 1017 

Jenkins B M & T 962 

Jenkins & Hardy 553 and 908 

Johnson C K & Co 920 

Johnston Joseph, 557, 915, 926, 

967 and 1004 

Johnston J J 987 

Johnston Robert 557 

Jones G R 1017 

Jones, Mackenzie & Leonard 560 

Jones & Co opp 561 

Jordon Charles B 561 and 995 

Joselin J S 998 

Jury A B 989 

Kay Alex Cycle Co 917 

Kay John, Son & Co 5<>3 

Kay & Banks 766 

Keeley Institute 564 

Keith John 933 

Kelly Thomas 940 

Kennedy Mme Loraine opp 568 

Kennedy & Douglas 568 

Kent A & Sons 569 

Kent B & H B 569 

Kerr, Macdonald, Davidson & 

Paterson 570 

Keystone Fire Ins Co 571 

Kidd Henry 939 

Kilgour Bros 572 

Kilmer & Irving 572 

King Robt W & Co 573 

Kingsmill, Saunders & Torrance. 574 

Kingstone, Wood & Symons .... 574 

Kirby Richard G 939 

Kirvan & Barnard 952 

Kitchener & Son 995 

Knaggs Wm 1024 

Knight F W 577 

Kramer W J 957 

Laidlaw, Kappele & Bicknell 579 

Laidlaw R & Co 981 

Lake Simcoe Ice Supply Co Ltd. 972 

Lakehurst Sanitarium 580 

Lancashire Fire Insurance Co . . 581 
Lancashire Ins Co of England 

(Love & Hamilton) 974 

Langley & Langley, right bottom 

lines and 911 

Langlols W F 937 

Larter R M 583 and 378 

Latimer J F .987 

Law Union & Crown Ins Co 585 

Law Wm H 585 

Lawrence Alfred C 585 

Lawrence Bros 585 

Lawson J F 908 

Lear R H & Co 587 

Ledyard T D 986 

Lee Kam You 978 

Leeder R & Son 939 

Lennox E J 591 and 911 

Le Vesconte R C 593 

Levis Thomas 593 

Levy & Co 1004 

Lewis Mrs L L 961 

Lewis Rice & Son, city map and 
inside back cover 

Lewis & Newman 940 

Liverpool & London & Globe Ins 

Co 597 

Lobb James 598 

Lobb & Balrd 598 

Lobert Robert 598 

London Guarantee & Aecident In- 
surance Co 599 

London & Lancashire Fire Insur- 
ance Co 599 

London & Lancashire Life Assur- 
ance Co 599 

Lo Stendardo Pub Co opp 601 

Lougheed Robert J 601 


Love & Hamilton (502 and 974 

Lumsden Bros 604 

Luxfer Prism Co Ltd 604 

Lyman Bros & Co Limited 604 

Lyman, Knox & Co 605 

Lyon John R 937 

Lyon N T Glass Co Ltd 605 

McBrady & O'Connor 607 

McBride Mrs Emily 919 

McCabe A P 608 

McCarthy A & Son 609 and 937 

McCarthy, Osier, Hoskin & Creel- 
man 610 

McConkey Geo S, left top lines, 

612 and 929 

McConnell Thomas 612 

McCullough J S & Co 986 

McCurdy Alex 937 

McFarlane Geo 977 

McGregor & Mclntyre 959 

McGuire W J & Co 622 

Mclnnes A R & Co 986 

Melntosh Granite & Marble Co 

Limited 987 

McKenna E 625 

McKlnnon S F & Company Ltd. . 627 

McLaren D K 627 and 916 

McLaren J C Belting Co 628 

McMichael A Forester 631 

McMurrlch, Coatsworth, Hodgins 

& McMurrlch 632 

McNab Allan 632 

McPherson J Gordon 1023 

McVean F & Co 635 

Macdonald, Cartwright & Garvey 636 

Macdonald J Gordon 637 

Macdonald, Boland & Thompson. . 638 

Macdonell D Roy 638 

Macdonell, McMaster & Geary. . 638 

Maedougall & Jones 638 

Macfarlane Andrew C 999 

MacGregor John 638 

Mack C W, city map and 1010 

Mackay John 908 

Mackey Stained Glass Co 640 

Maclaren, Macdonald, Shepley & 

Middleton 640 

Maclean A G & Co 641 

Maclean Henry 908 

Macrae & Macrae 947 

Magann G P 643 

Maguire D F & Co 986 

Mail Job Printing Co opp 644 

Maloney J J 937 

Manchester Assurance Co 646 

Manufacturers' Life Insurance Co 647 
Map & School Supply Co Ltd, city 

map and 982 

Mark A J & Sons 988 

Martin George W 650 

Martin Henry 937 

Martin Miss H M 989 

Mason Dr Wallace 954 

Masten, Warren, Starr & Spenee 839 

Matthews A 964 

Matthews Bros & Co 654 

Matthews H J 654 

Maughan John & Son 654 

Meadows George B, Toronto, 
Wire, Iron & Brass Works Com- 
pany Limited . .. .Right bottom 

Mearns & Hunt 

Medd Sydney T 

Medland & Jones. .. .Left bottom 

Medler & Arnot 

Mehr J & Son 

Melsterschaft School of Lan- 

Piano Co, 








Menton Wm 937 

Menzies O J 911 

Menzles & Hayes 658 

Mercantile Fire Insurance Co . . 658 
Merchants' Fire Insurance Co, 

opp 659 


Merrett J 659 

Metallic Roofing Co. Right bottom lines 

Metcalfe F A 660 

Metropolitan School of Dancing. . 660 

Meyer Bros 978 

Mica Boiler Covering Co Ltd... 661 

Michie & Co 661 and 1025 

Might Directory Co Ltd, The, 

16, 661, 771 and 90,; 

Might & Hambly 662 and 925 

Millar, Ferguson & Hughes 662 

Millar Wm & Co 1013 

Millard Alex 662 and 904 

Miller F Straith 987 

Miller G M & Co 663 

Miilichamp, Coyle & Co 664 

Mills Miss Mary E 665 

Milne John & Co 666 

Milnes James H & Co 666 

Minto Bros 667 

Mitchell W G & Co 669 

Mitchell W & J f>79 

Moore & Alexander opp 957 

Morden & Morden 962 

Morison J R 674 

Morley F G & Co 674 

Morrison James Brass Mfg Co, 

left bottom lines and opp 953 

Morson Alfred E 677 

Mortimer Herbert 677 

Moss Wm 937 

Mowat, Langton & Co 678 

Moylett & Co 679 

Mulock, Mulock, Thomson & Lee. 681 

Mulvey Thomas 681 

Muntz & Beatty front cover 

Murray B W right bottom Hn-3s 

Murray Printing Co 

outside front cover 

Murray Thomas 941 

Murray W A & Co Ltd 685 

Murray W T Advertising Agency 908 

Musson Book Co 685 

"My Optician" 685 

National Assce Co of Ireland 686 

National Cash Register Co 929 

National Life Assurance Co of 

Canada 687 

National Trust Company, Ltd . . . 

right top lines 

Naylor Joseph & Son 139 

Neff AC 908 

Nelson H A & Sons Co Ltd. . . . . . 688 

Nelson Jeremiah 957 

New Idea Pattern Co 689 

New York Plate Glass Ins Co ... . 975 

Newsome W & Co 691 

Newsome & Gilbert 690 

Nicholson & Pettigrew 937 

Nield Ernest 1017 

Nimmo & Harrison 

Nixon Fred T ■ 

Nordheimer Piano & Music Co 


North American Life Assurance 

Co 3 and 

North British & Mercantile Insur- 
ance Co left top lines 

North of Scotland Canadian Mort- 
gage Co Ltd 

Northcote R 

Northern Ice Co 

Northern Life Assurance Co ... . 
Norton Mfg Co (Hamilton, Ont) . . 
Norwich Union Fire Ins Society. 
Norwich and London Accident Ins 

Assn outside edges of book 

Nurse James 937 

O'Brien & Lundy 698 

O'Donnell Wm 447 

O'Hara H & Co right top lines 

O'Hearn J J 700 and 995 

O'Keefe Brewery Company of To- 
ronto, Ltd 700 

O'Malley J & J L 701 

Oak Hall 702 




Unrivalled for TOUCH, TONE, ACTION, 


1 10 Adelaide St. W. 11 Queen St. E-, Toronto. 






I Medical Building, T,™^^ 

Telephone 431. 
Residence, 28 LEONARD AVE. 
Telephone 8090. 



Ogilvie R M yn 

Olchinetsky Julius '. 973 

Ontario Accident Ins Co 701 

Ontario Bank ' 19 

Ontario Carpet Cleaning Co. . . 928 
Ontario Industrial Loan and In- 
vestment Co, Ltd 704 

Ontario Wind Engine & Pump 

Co Ltd. ... , 704 


Robinson & Heath 924 and ^1016 ' Staunton M & Co ^$12 


Ormsby A B & Co 

Orr Bros 

Orr W H & Sons 

Osier & Hammond 

Oster Bros 

Over Spencer H . ! 

Owens E W J ' 

Page & Co , ' . . 

Painter Thomas 

Parisian Steam Lanudry Co Ltd. 

Parke Roderick J 935 

Parker Alfred S (New Toronto) . 1 1 124 
Parker E Gartley, right top lines 

and 710 

Parker R & Co 953 

Parker & Co :,sr, 

Parkinson James 917 

G ^ Tg , e °; 945 Steele ' Bri SSS Seed Co Ltd . 

Rogers Charles & Sons Co Ltd. . 758 . Steinberger, Hendry Co Ltd 

Rogers Elias Co, Ltd Stevenson Henry M 

city map and right corner cards Stewart A J. 

Rogers George M 758 

Rolph, Smith & Co opp 759 

Rolston Laundry Co 7t!0 

Roper Fred 761 

Rose Daniel & Son opp 762 

Ross John P 7(33 

Rossiter Geo & Sons 970 

Rothschild Bros & Co 764 

Rowan & Ross 705 

Rowsell & Hutchison 765 

Royal Electric Co of Montreal.. 766 

Royal Insurance Co 766 

Royal Victoria Life Insurance Co . 766 

I Runciman Robert 767 

Ryckman, Kirkpatrick & Kerr. . . 770 

Paterson Mfg Co, Ltd 713 

Paton James W 713 

Pearcy Sanderson & Co 716 

Pearson Bros 717 

Pease J F Furnace Co, Ltd 

«. city map and 718 

Pember W T 719 

Perry J A. 


Petley & Co 722 

Petry Chas B 90S 

Petry W F 938 

Pike D Co, Ltd 725 

Pilkington Bros Ltd 725 

Pinkerton & Cooke 726 

Plews & Scott 1011 

Postlethwaite C R W 908 

Powell R P 731 and 928 

Power John J 731 

Publishers' Syndicate of Ontario 

Ltd 735 

Pure Gold Mfg Co Ltd 7.°..", 

Purvis James M 730 

Pyke George J 736 

Quebec Bank 13 

Queen City Cycle Works 737 

Queen City Oil Co, Ltd 

top line front cover 

Queen City Fire Insurance Co.. 

outside edges of book 

Hae Robert 908 

Rannie Miss W T 740 

Rathbone George 740 

Rathbun Co The 740 

Rawlinson Lionel 741 

Reed Jos B 742 

Reed J Carl 743 

Reed Le Grand 743 

Reed & Hynes 743 

Reeve J M 743 

Reeve J T 743 

Reid Geo & Co 745 

Reld W B & Co 746 

Reid & Co 746 

Reid & Wood 746 

Reinhardt & Co map and 746 

Reliance Marine Insurance Co ... . 

outside edges of book 

Remington Typewriters 278 

Renfrew G R & Co 746 

Rice Lewis & Son, city map and 

inside back cover 

Richards Bros 748 

Richardson A W 984 

Riches C H 997 

Ridout & Maybee 750 and 997 

Rlngham Geo 964 | 

Ritchie John Plumbing & Heating 

Company, Ltd 751 

Ritchie & Ramsay (New Toronto) 751 

Robertson James Co 754 

Robins & Burden 751 

Stewart John 

Stewart W T & Co 

Still Motor Co Ltd, The 

Stinson & Hollwey 818 and 1007 

Stone H & Son §19 

Stone J J ' ' 952 

Stone Wm H 819 

Stowe Frank J 945 

Strachan John 442 arid 820 

Strickland W R §21 

Stroller Cycle Works 917 

Sullivan Ed 823 

Sun Insurance Office 824 

Sun Life Assurance Co 824 

Sunlight Soap 824 

Sutton & Macey , 955 

Swift Charles & Co \ 922 

Symons & Rae 827 

Tache J P & Co 827 

Tarling C & Co 982 

Taunt George 829 

Taylor Bros 829, 923 and 996 

Taylor David J 830 

Taylor James 995 

Taylor John 831 

Taylor John & Co 831 

Taylor J & J 831 

Taylor Walter M 909 

Tedd Joseph D 922 

Temperance & General Life 

Right top lines 

Temple Cafe 930 

Thomson Bros 938 

Thomson, Henderson & Bell 838 

Thomson Thomas C 839 

Tilley Charles 840 

Sadler & Haworth 771 

St Lawrence Hall (Montreal, Que) 4 

St Margaret's College 771 

Sale Julian Leather Goods Co of 

Toronto Ltd 772 

Sails S E 772 

Salmon Lumber Co 981 

Samuel M & L, Benjamin & Co.. 17 

Sanderson Pearcy & Co 774 

Saunders & Evans 1014 

Scarth J L 14 

Scheuer Edmund 777 

Schofield R 982 

Schomberg Furniture Co 777 

Score R & Son 778 

Scott & Houston 780 

Scott & Scott 780 

Scott & Walmsley 

Outside edges of book 

Scottish Ontario and Manitoba 

Land Co Ltd 14 

Seagram A W 781 1 Tingley & Stewart Mfg Co. 

Seaman. Kent & Co 1025 I Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings 

Selby & Co 920' 

Self Bros 938 

Shales John H map and 955 

Shapero Meyer 977 

Shedden Forwarding Co Ltd.... 786 

Shepherd Hardware Co 787 

Sheppard Christopher 969 

Simpson F & Sons 962 

Simpson Miss L M & Co 792 

Simpson W A 972 

Smallwood Bros 9-10 

Smart Miss Mary H 989 

Smellie & Shaw 796 

Smith Alfred W 327 and 545 

Smith Bros 929 

Smith F J & Co -•-!'.> 

Smith J Hungerford Co Ltd 801 

Smith, Rae & Greer 802 

Smith W H 803 

Smith & Gemmell 911 

Smith & Son 803 

Smith's Toronto Dye Works.... 953 

Sol way & Cohen 1011 

Sparrow Geo & Co opp 807 

Spaulding Albert W 807 

Spaulding W G L 807 

Speight & Van Nostrand 1018 

Sproatt & Rolph 

Left top lines 

Sproule Geo F 809 

Sproule RK 809 

Stackhouse Miss Lou A 810 

Standard Cap Co 810 

Standard Fuel Co Ltd 811 and 933 

Standard Life Assurance Co 

Left top lines 

Standard Shade Co 1025 

Standard-Star Laundry Co Ltd.. Map 
Stanley Piano Co of Toronto Ltd 

Left bottom lines 

Stanway George & Co 811 

Star Life Assurance Society S12 

Stark John & Co 

Line front cover 



Ltd Right bottom lines 

Todd D 938 

Torgis & Co 938 

Toronto Auer Light Co Ltd 964 

Toronto Bill Posting Co Ltd 843 

Toronto Biscuit and Confectionery 

Co Ltd 843 

Toronto Brass Mfg Co 

Right bottom lines 

Toronto Cabinet Co 927 

Toronto Can Co, city map and . . 927 

Toronto Carpet Cleaning Co 928 

Toronto College of Music Ltd 989 

Toronto Conservatory of Music. . 988 
Toronto Elevator Supply and Re- 
pair Co 955 

Toronto Fence and Ornamental 

Iron Works 844 

Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co Ltd, left 

top lines and 844 

Toronto Furnace and Crematory 

Co Ltd 963 

Toronto General Trusts Co 2 

Toronto Hardware Mfg Co 844 

Toronto Humane Society 844 

Toronto Junction College of Music 

Toronto Junction, Ont 989 

Toronto Lithographing Co Ltd. . 

.844 and 980 

Toronto Mailing Agency 1006 

Toronto Mortgage Co 845 

Toronto Paper & Metal Co 976 

Toronto Picket Wire Fence Co. . . . 959 

Toronto Pottery Co 

Right bottom lines 

Toronto Poultry and Garden Pro- 
duce Co Ltd 845 

Toronto Roasting and Grinding Co 933 

Toronto Show Case Co 

' Left bottom lines 

Toronto Stove and Plumbing Co. . 854 
Toronto Weekly Railway Steam- 
boat Guide Co S45 

LANGLEY & LANGLEY, Architects. 




P A TQTTT^ XSSE^V Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co-uxw 




Tovell J A (Toronto Junction) 78 

Townsend G W & Co 847 

Townsend Sherman B 

Left bottom lines 

Townsend Steam Laundry Co. . . . 847 

Trew T E P 908 

Tripp J D A 990 

Troy Steam Laundry 850 

Turff Thomas 939 

Turner John & Son 852 

Union Assurance Society 

Left bottom lines 

Union Loan and Savings Co .... 853 

United Electric Co Ltd 854 

Unitt Fred W 854 

Unwin Charles 1023 

Unwin, Murphy & Esten. .854 and 1018 

Vacuum Oil Co 855 

Van Camp & Co 856 

Vardon J T 857 

Vernoy Electro-Medical Sanator- 
ium 858 

Vernoy Prof Silas 858 

Verral Baggage Transfer Co. . . . 858 

Vickers W W & Co 859 

Victoria-Montreal Fire Ins Co... 

outside back cover 

Vigeon Harry 908 

Wallace Thomas C 

outside back cover 

Wallberg E A 935 

Wallis George 1003 



Walsh J J 805 

Walton & Locke 860 

Warden I & Son 971 

Wardell Wm 867 

Warwick, Bros & Rutter opp 868 

Watkins L N 990 

Watson, Smoke & Smith 870 

Watson Thomas & Sons 870 

Webb A E 872 

Webb Harry Co Ltd 872 and 930 

Webb R Montague 872 

Weekes Wm M 996 

Wegener AC 963 

Wehrle Frank & Co, city map and 874 

Wellings Mfg Co, Ltd 875 

Weston F J & Sons 877 

Weston Stamp Co 10J4 

Westover C J 92S 

Whale Albert 928 

Whaley, Royce & Co 878 

Whatmough Miss FA 878 

Whillans & Co 938 

White G S 938 

Whitney J W G 882 

Whitten W J & Co 882 

Wickson A Frank 911 

Wilder C & Co 970 

Wilkinson Plough Company. Ltd, 

(Toronto Junction) 885 and 1002 

Wilkinson Truss 885 

Williams Albert 885 and 930 

Williams A J 885 


Williams H & Co 1009 

Williams R S & Sons Co, Ltd.. 

right top lines 

Williams W H 1008 

Wilmott Charles 909 

Wilson Bros 990 

Wilson C & Son 1011 

Wilson David H S90 

Wilson Harold A Co, Ltd 890 

Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow Co, Ltd. 891 

Wilson William C Co, Ltd 892 

Winn F W 980 

Winsor & Woodley 938 

Witchall & Co 938 

Withrow J J 102.', 

Woltz Mfg Co 988 

Wood G W & Son 896 

Wood & Hurlburt 1012 

Woodbine House 971 

Woods John Estate, The 898 

Wreyford & Co 900 

Wright George 938 

Wright James 994 

Wyld, Grasett, Darling Co, Ltd.. 902 

Yeoman Geo E & Co 962 

York Co Loan & Savings Co... 14 

Yorkville Laundry 978 

Young C G 903 

Young Fred W 098 

Young John 904 

Young John H 908 

Young Samuel 939 


Abbey Frank W, died Dec 8, 1899, aged 37 
Abbott Charles (Abbott & Hogarth), 1 24 

Abbott & Hogarth (Charles Abbott, James 
Hogarth), grocers and butchers, 474 King 

Acme Loan & Savings Co, rms 38 and 39, 8 
Richmond e, from 67 Adelaide e 

Adams George, asst eng No 1 Fire Stn, h 4 
Ashby pi, from 19 Spruce 

Aiken Miss Lizzie, glove mkr A R Clarke & 
Co, 1 55 Trinity 

Alexander Benson P, real estate and insur- 
ance broker 20 Victoria, h 170 Roxbor- 
ough av 

Allen Annie (wld Samuel), b 73 Esther 
Allen Frank B, driver A W Holman, I 142 

Anderson John T, piano tuner 154 Cowan 

av, h same, from 200 Sorauren ay 
Anderson & Macbeth Co Ltd The, George 

Anderson pres, Hugh C Macbeth sec, whol 

hats, caps and furs, 58 Bay 
Annis Wm G, broommkr, h 16 Drummond 

pi, from 265 Clinton 
Armstrong Joseph H, tailor 93 Yonge, b 17 


Atcheson John A, mngr Novelty Cabinet Co, 

h 1946 Queen e 
Atkey Alfred, bldr, h 66 Empress cres, from 

49 Northeote av 
Atkinson Joseph E, mngr The Star Printing 

& Publishing Co, h 482 Huron 
Balllle Frank W, sec Canada Loan & S Co, 

b 281 Sherbourne, from 112 Pembroke 
Balllie James W, acct Can Life Assce Co, 

b 281 Sherbourne, from 112 Pembroke 
Bain John C, died Dec 13, 1899, aged 60 
Baker Edward, died Dec 14, 1899. aged 90 
Ballantyne John, plstr, h 675 Markham 
Banfield Joseph A, mngr Hallwood Cash 

Register Co, h 2 Glen rd 
Barrow John, carp, b 342 Adelaide w 
Baetfin B, died Dec 1890, aged 70 
Beaumont George A (Beaumont & Shep- 

pard), h 96 Denlson av 

Beaumont & Sheppard (George A Beaumont, 
George H Sheppard), enamelers and plat 
ers, 44 Adelaide e 
Bennett Francis C, stringer, b 167 Jarvis 
Bennett Samuel, blksmth's helper Bertram 
Engine Co, h 15% Bulwer, from 76 Augus- 
ta av 

Black Charles H, stenog Mulock, Mulock, 
Thompson & Lee, h 259 Seaton 

Blackwood Eliza (wld Thomas F), h 16 Dun- 
bar rd, from 6 same 

Blagdon Alfred B, trav Canada Cycle & 
Motor Co, h 317 Wilton av 

Bodley Alfred, architect 75 Yonge, 1 16 Kose 

Bond Wm, elk Quebec Bank, b 165 College 
Bonner Samuel, moto, 1 1170 Yonge, from 32 

Booth Edward, uphol Genl Hospital, I same 
Boskill Godfrey, driver D M Diamond & Co, 

1 3 White's pi 
Bowers Hornby, 1 92 Palmerston av 
Boyd D Griffith, insp of mines Crown Lands 

Dept. 1 119 Bloor e 
Boyer George, eng Copland Brewing Co, h 

34 Taylor 

Boynton Herbert, boxmkr A E Long, 1 19 

Markham pi 
Bradlev John, lab, h 170 Bedford rd 
Brar,don John W, cond Tor Ry, b 59 Morse, 

from 55 Seaton 
Breakey Percy A, elk Tor Knitting Factory, 

1 1119 College 
Breckels & Matthews, church organ bldrs 

106-8 Esther, from 140 Spadlna av 
Brentoo Wm J, 1 351 Wellesley 
Brodle Stephen, porter, 1 558 Bloor w . 
Brown Allfe, musician, h 72 Sydenham 
Brown Annie (wid Win L), 1 r 91 Barton av 
Brown Edgar, driver C Beck Mfg Co, h 34 

Hanover pi 
Brown Ernest, slsmn, 1 156 Spruce 
Brown Harry H, marble ctr J Haslett. li 44 


Browne Alexander M. pntr. 129 Beverley, 
from 70 same 

Bryant Fred M, hlpr Shepherd Hardware 

Co, h 7 Afton av 
Bryant Mrs Grace H, rms 65 Jersey av 
Bryce James C, bkr, 1 203 SackvIUe 
Buchanan George A, studt Mulock, Mulock, 

Thomson & Lee, 1 175 McCaul 
Bueklee Thomas L, h 413 Carlton, from 411 


Buckley James, lab, 1 97 Yarmouth rd 
Burgess Walter O. fruit grower. 1 5 Dale av 
Burton Frank L (The Mackle, Burton Co), b 
248 Jarvis 

Butwell Benjamin, brkmkr H Butwell, h r 

68 Markham, from 1 720 Bloor w 
Byers Mary (wld Rev Henry), 1 403 Carlton, 

from 87 Borden 
Byrne James W, foreman Toionto File Co 
Campbell Edwin T, cashier Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co Ltd, h 1 Aberdeen av, from 41 


Canada Cycle & Motor Co Limited, W E H 
Massey President, Hon George A Cox 
Vice-President, Joseph N. Shenstone Gen- 
eral Manager and Secretary, 43 Front w 

Canada Foundry Co Ltd. W D Matthews 
pres. R A Smith sec, 262-278 Front e 

Canada Permanent and Western Canada 
Mortgage Corporation, George Gooderham 
pres, J Herbert Mason and W H Beatty 
vice-presidents, W S Lee general manager, 
14-20 Toronto 

Canadian Mines Development Co Ltd, The, 
Edmund Bristol atty. 103 Bay 

Canadian Teacher, The, G E Henderson ed- 
itor, rms T and U, 2 Richmond e 

Central Book Concern, O H Tallman mgr, 49 
Tor Arcade 

Century Churn Co, Thomas Mounce mgr, litl 
King e 

Chamberlain Miss Carrie A, elk T F Cham- 
berlain, 1 767 Dovereourt rd 

Charlton Wm R, elk Canada Cycle & Motor 
Co, ros Tor Junction 

Charters John, mngr Woodhridgc Product! 
Co, h 179 Dundas, from 836 Yonge 




Grenadier Ice and Coal Go. 



Cor. FRONT and YONGE STS-, Toronto. 





Charters Win W, elk Woodbridge Produce 

Co, 1 179 Dundas 
Chu Foo, lndry llliO'a Queen w 
Clauey John, 1 28 Mercer 
Clarendon Cafe, Owen Leonard prop, 92 

King w 

Clark Herbert A, barr Mulock, Mulock, 

'1 boinson & Lee, 1 338 Church 
Clarke John, packer Merchants' D & F Co, 

1 112 Atlantic av 
Clarke John jr, foreman Merchants' D & 1*' 

Co, h 112 Atlantic ay 
Coates Ann (wld Robert), h 192 Sherbourue 
Cocks Wm U, cond Tor Ry, b 51 Sumach, 

from 500 King e 
Compensating Pipe Organ Co Ltd, David 

Carlyle pree, Wm Mcintosh manager and 

treasurer, s-e cor Niagara and Tecumseth 
Conlty Elisabeth (wld Wm), I 26 Harvard av 
Connolly Joseph, architect, 1 35 Pembroke 
Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic Mining Co 

Ltd, The, W D Matthews pres, rm 305, 

Board of Trade Bldg, 31 Yonge 
Cornish Sarah (wld Charles), h 560 Ontario 
County Engineer's Office, James McDougaM 

engineer, Municipal Bldgs 
Covington Wm J, stockkeeper Bryant Press, 

b 300 Victoria 
Coyne John T, proofreader Meth Book & 

Pub House, h 13 Wellesley av, from 87 


Crawford Abner W, mariner, h 421 Carlton, 

from 410 same 
Crawford Colin, elk Quebec Bank, 1 303 Jar- 

vl«, from 24 Anne 

Creignton James, driver The F W Matthews 
Co, 1 457 Queen w 

Crown Silver Plate Co, Wm D Taylor mgr, 
8 Hichmond e, from 3% Elm 

Custof Herman, uphol, b 12 Maplewood pi 

Davis A L, President Stanley Piano Co, res 
Peterboro', Ont 

Davis Henry, lab, h 7 Allen av 

Denison J Shirley, sec County of York Law 
Asociation, 1 5 Sultan 

Dent Lydla (wld Albert E), drsmkr 2 Cum- 
berland, from 456 Church 

Diamond Glass Co of Toronto Ltd, John 
Watt mngr, s s Armour, cor Abell 

Dixon Alexander, horse trainer, h 12 Earn- 

Di. minion Line Steamships, G W Torrance 
agt, King, n-e cor Yonge 

Dorman Wm H, elk Mulock, Mulock, Thom- 
son & Lee, 1 4 Brooke av 

Douglas Gordon, lab, 1 12 Earnbridge 

Drlscoll Jeremiah J, bartndr Raymond 
House, b 180 Sumach 

Dubois Louis, stock elk Canada Cycle * 
Motor Co, 1 114% Sherbourne 

Dullege James, lab Massey-Harris Co, b 116 

Eglinton John, lab, h 124 Ulster av 
Elliott George, cond Tor Ry, h 3 Clark cres 
Emerson Robert F, prtr, h 92 Nassau 
Evans Miss Lilian V, artist 266 Bloor w, b 

same • 
Events Publishing Co (Ottawa), Charles D 

How agt, rm 24, 77 Victoria 
Fagged Pietro, pdlr, 1 114 Chestnut 
Fairweather Mary J (wid Wm F), 1 121 

Robert , , , 

Foster John J, mgr Pitcher Tablet Co, 1 114 


Gibson J W, wks Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 
1 28 Gerrard w 

Gibson Mary (wld Thomas), h 403 Carlton, 
from 87 Borden 

Gibson Wellington W, drug elk Robt Simp- 
son Co, 1 403 Carlton, from 87 Borden 

Gibson Wm F, driver J Milne & Co, 1 183 
Gladstone av 

Gilbert Charles W, eng Poison's Iron 
Works, b 94 Duke 

Gillies Mary (wld Wm), h 47 Alice, from 80 

Godin Thomas, messr GNW Tel Co, 1 165 

Goodall Miss Barbara J, nurse 664 Euclid 

Goodman Rev C Sydney, tchr Toronto 

Church School, h 562 Church 
Gordon Elizabeth (wld Hamilton), b 832 


Gordon George, 1 46 Melville av 
Grafton Harriet (wid James) (Munro & 
Grafton), h 34 Oak 

Grayson Philip, nildr Dom Radiator Co, 1 

1126 Queen w 
Grizant Alfred, pdlr, h 114 Chestnut 
Grunwell George A, niach, 1 57 Florence 
Haight Albert, 1 779 Gerrard e 
Hanua James, shipper P W Ellis & Co, 1 33 

Wellington e 
Hardisty Eliza E V (wid Richard), b Walker 


Harper Elizabeth (wid John W), rms 50S 

Harper Leslie, rms 508 Church 

Harrison Eliza J (wid Wm), 1 41 Macdonell 

av, from 1182 College 
Harrison Wm, driver George H Hees, Son 

& Co, h 97 Pears av 
Harwood Wm C, wks Wm Davles Co, h 228 

( Ink 

Hatty Thomas C, trav, h 22 Bellair 
Hayes Miss Louie, elk, 1 187 Sackvllle 
Henderson James, mason, rms 226 Wilton av 
Henry James C, trav Toronto Drug Co, 1 

284 Avenue rd 
Hewitt Charles J, mldr Dom Radiator Co, 

h 179 Gladstone av, from 134 Peter 
Hewlett Henry J, painter 4% Brunswick av, 

from 26 Follis av 
High Archibald M (The Mackie, Burton Co), 

b 327 Church 
Hill Wm A, elk Union House, 1 19 Slmcoe 
Hopley Wm, carp W F Petry, b 319 King w 
Houghton George R, lab, h 802 Euclid av, 

from r 203 Pape av 
Hunter Joseph H, mgr People's Knitting 

Syndicate of Toronto Ltd, h 131 Welling- 
ton w 

Ibell Thomas, driver K J Allison, 1 43 Bis- 
marck av 

Imperial Starch Co Ltd, Hugh Blain pros, 

F W Oates sec, 14 King w 
Jacobs Frederick, carp W F Petry, 1 2 


Jardlne Thomas (W R Watts & Co), 1 265 

Jarrett Miss Minnie R, stenog Bruce & Co, 

res Pine Grove, Ont 
Jennett Joseph C, tea agt, 1 71% Shuter 
Johuson Mrs Sidney, h r 104 Sackvllle 
Johnston Miss Elizabeth A, h 296 Spadina 


Kitchen Mary (wld Wm), tchr St Margaret's 

College, 1 403 Bloor w 
Kohl Michael, pdlr, 1 112 Chestnut 
Landon Edward B, elk Carriage Specialty 

Mfg Co, 1 351 Spadina av 
Le Gard Lucy (wid Joseph), h 8 Regent, 

from 77 Sydenham 
Le Gard Walter E, prtr, 1 8 Regent, from 77 


Leonard Mrs Mary A, drsmkr 148 Sackvllle, 
1 same 

Leonard Owen, prop Clarendon Cafe, h 92 
King w 

Leslie George L, trav Irvln Umbrella Co, 1 
284 Avenue rd, from 387 Carlton 

Lever James, driver A G Goulding, 1 61 

Lewis Miss Gertrude, elk, 1 355 Davenport 

Loree George B, shipper Woltz Mfg Co, b 

167 Richmond w 
McCann Edward, driver W Cole, b 74 Mc- 


McGuire Frank, elk M P Warren, b 301 

Adelaide w 
McKindley Alfred, lab, 1 52 Best's pi 
McKown Wm J, wtchmn Constructing & 

Paving Co, h 123 Ulster av 
Macdonald Robert T, secy A F MacLaren 

Imperial Cheese Co Ltd, 1 139 Isabella 
Mackav Margaret (wid John), h 15 Morris 
Mackev James jr, studt, 1 105 Lippincott 
Mackie, Burton Co, The (J W Mackie, F L 

Burton, A M High), whol provisions 46 


Mackie James W (The Mackie, Burton Co), 
h 12 Rose av 

Mackie Miss Jennie, bkpr The Mackie, Bur- 
ton Co, 1 28 Metcalfe 

MacLaren A F Imperial Cheese Co Ltd, 
Alexander F MacLaren pres, Stratford, 
Ont, Robert T Macdonald secy, cheese 
mfrs and exporters, 49 Colborne 

Mason Wm A, elk, 1 171 Broadview ay 

Masten, Warren, Starr & Spence (C A Mas- 
ten, J J Warren, J R L Starr, J H 
Spence), barristers 46 King w 

Mathews Thomas, lab FIrstbrook Box Co, I 
147 Parliament . .„ _ . 

Matthews Mary (wld James), 1 53 West av 

Millar Mary, nurse 245 McCaul 

Model School (girls), Miss M T Scott heart 
mistress, w s Victoria, bet Gould and Ger- 

Moodie Miss Catherine A, 1 403 Shaw 
Moody Rev Wm J, head master Toronto 

Church Soh, res Tor Junction 
Moorecroft Thomas, brkmkr, b 33 DunedlQ 
Morgan Miss Alice, opr, 1 491 Queen w, 

from 288 Markham 
Morgan Arthur, carriagemkr J Darch, 1 491 

Queen w, from 288 Markham 
Morgan Edwin, liquors, 491 Queen w, h 

same, from 288 Markham 
Morgan Henry, shoemkr R Dack & Son, I 

491 Queen w, from 288 Markham 
Morgan Miss Jennie, elk, 1 491 Queen w, 

from 288 Markham 
Morgan Miss Kathleen, opr, 1 491 Queen w, 

from 288 Markham 
Moysey Alfred B, bkpr S McXairn, 1 13 


Mulhern Elizabeth (wid John), 1 18 St Law- 

Munn Wm W, jwlr 800 Yonge, h same 
Murdoch Arthur E, elk, 1 38 Spencer av 
Nicholson Miss Victoria, fnshr T Eaton Co, 

b 141 Teraulay 
Nicholson Walter I. janitor Tor Mission Un- 
ion, 1 203 Sackville 
O' Donnell James, groom J Nixon, b 1380 
Queen e 

O'Neil Michael, plstr, h 36 St Paul 
O'Reilly Miss Rose, stenog Scott & Scott, I 

27 Niagara 
Oakes Thomas, weaver Tor Carpet Co, b 

1218 King w 
Parker Alfred E, mfrs' agt 188 Richmond w, 

vms 242 Wellington w 
Parks Wm A, lect Unlv of Toronto, b 14 

Washington av 
Parks Wm J, mldr Tor Fndry Co, res Tor 

Parm James, lab, 1 85 Tate 
Parr Gordon B, prtr, h 191% Baldwin 
Patton James G, shoes 338 Queen e, h same 
I'ayne Walter T, lab Ellas Rogers Co, 1 105 

Belhvoods av 
Peacock Thomas W, pntr, b 33 Bathurst 
Peet Alonzo, piano mover W H Muckle, rms 

72 Teraulay 
People's Knitting Syndicate Ltd, J H Hun- 
ter mgr, 15 Leader lane 
Percival Deborah (wld John T), 1 179 Seaton 
Perry Pringle K, lnsp Can Freight Assn, b 

75 Oxford 

Pickering Wm C, checker GTR, h 9 Turner 

Totter Fred C L M, lab, 1 4 Roslin av 
Potter Thomas, buffer, 1 4 Roslin av 
Potter Walter J, plshr Massey-Harris Co, 

res North Dovercourt 
Reed Frederick D, 1 22 Sully cres 
Peeves Thomas, rubber wkr, b 104 Marlon 
Reeves Wm, driver Lake Slmcoe Ice Co, 1 IT 

Sheridan av 
Reeves Wm, tea agt, 1 146 Huron 
Rich Richard E, lab, b 907 King vr 
Richardson Wm McC, pntr, 1 120 Sully 
Robertson James, mldr, 1 3 Robinson ter 
Robertson Miss Jane, netter Dovercourt 

Twine Mills, 1 20 Hamburg av 
Robinson John, weaver Toronto Carpet Co, 

b 1222 King w 
Ryan Wm P, driver Park, Blackwell Co, I 

230 Farley av 
Sidey David, tmstr, 1 23 Clark 
Smedlev Miss Jennie, nurse, 1 98 Nassau 
Smedley Miss Mary, nurse, 1 98 Nassau 
Smith Burt, baker, 1 6 Fennlngs 
Smith Frank, checker GTR, 1 11 Robinson 
Smith Richard, lab, 1 99 Cherry 
Smith Wm F, elk, I 36 Indian rd 
Sparrow Edward W, gdnr W Llghtfoot, b 

245 Roncesvalles av 
Sjinrrow George <St Co, Hotel Ranges. 

Etc, 118 King e. from 33 Colborne (See 

adv opp page 807) 
Spence Miss Louisa, 1 18 Trlller av 
Spinks James, 1 1751 Queen w 
Steeker Mary (wld George), 1 38 Bright 
Stock Alexander, lab, b 43 Morse 
Stone Henry, driver, 1 1225 Queen e 
Swannell Frank, studt, 1 746 Dufferin 
Thompson John, mach hd FIrstbrook Box 

Co, 1 8 Regent, from 77 Sydenham 
Thompson Joseph, piano mkr, b 3 Stafrord 
Toronto Glass Co Ltd, changed to Diamond 

Glass Co, s s Armour, cor Abell 
Toronto Newspaper Union. Toronto Type 

Foundry prop, 70-72 York 
Trager Hyman, ladles' tlr, b 300 Church 


is the Best Material for 





Authorized Capital, - $1,000,000 

Assets, - $520,000 
WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, Cen'l Manager. 



Wabd No. 1. — All that portion of the city of Toronto lying to the east- 
ward of the centre line of Cherry street produced southerly to .the waters of the 
Bay ; thence northerly along said production and along the centre line of 
Cherry street to the centre line of Eastern avenue ; thence south-easterly along 
the centre line of Eastern avenue to the centre line of Sumach street ; thence 
northerly along the centre line of Sumach street to the centre line of Wellesley 
street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Wellesley street, to the centre 
line of Park View avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of Park View 
avenue and production thereof to the north city limit, and including all the 
marsh lands and islands south of the. above-described point. 

Ward No. 2. — All that portion of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No. 1, and to the eastward of the centre line of Jarvis 
street produced southerly to the Bay ; thence northerly along said production 
and along the centre line of Jarvis street to the centre line of Bloor street ; 
thence westerly along the centre line of Bloor street to the centre line of 
Yonge street ; thence northerly along the centre line of Yonge street to the 
north city limit. 

Ward No. 3. — A'l that part of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No. 2, and to the eastward of the centre line of Simcoe 
street, produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along 
said production and along the centre line of Simcoe street to the centre line 
of Queen street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Queen street to the 
centre line of Queen street avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of 
Queen street avenue and production thereof to the centre line of Avenue road ; 
thence northerly along the centre line of Avenue road to the north city limit. 

Ward No. 4. — All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of Ward No. 3, and to the eastward of the centre line of Bathurst street 
produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Bathurst street to the north city limit ; 
together with the Island lying in front of said city. The Parliament buildings, 
Queen's Park, are also included in this ward. 

Ward No. 5. — All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of Ward No. 4, and to the eastward of the centre line of Atlantic avenue 
produced southerly to the waters of Lake Ontario ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Atlantic avenue to the centre line of 
Dovercourt road, thence northerly along the centre line of Dovercourt road to 
the north city limit. 

Ward No. 6.— Being all that part of the city of Toronto lying to the west- 
ward of the west limit of Ward No. 5. 


53 Richmond St. Bast, 




Total Abstainers ~™ , ■' t, ■™ ^5s2sr5-~ 

^TheJTemperance and General Life. 

Suburban Directory 



(See North Toronto! 




(See Litlle York) 

^^■^»* (See North Toronto) 


(See Chester) 



(See North Toronto) 







(Includes Bedford Park 
Davisville and Kglinton) 





(See Bracondale) 




(See North Toronto) 


(Five miles northwest of P.O.) 

Addison Frank, prop Park Hotel, Daven- 
port rd, cor Bathurst 
Alexander Miss Letitia, tehr, Bracondale 

Pub School, res Toronto 
Andrews George, gdnr has Albert 
Andrews John, btehr, h w s Ossington av 
Angus James, carp, h w s Howland av 
Angus John, carp, h 337 Howland av 
Angus Sarah (wid John), 1 John Angus 
Arnold Herbert, florist J Cotterill, res To- 

Arthurs Annie J (wid James), h n s Dav- 
enport ■ rd 

Frank N Vanzant and Albert E Lewis 
Managers, Oils, w s Christie 
Austin Albert W, broker, h n s Davenport 

Austin John, woodwerker D T Henry, res 

Baird Annie (wid Robert), h s s Helena av 
Balrd David, elk, 1 Mrs A Baird 
Baird John, elk, 1 Mrs A Baird 
Baird John, lab, h w s Brunswick av 
Barber Daniel, sticker Boake Mfg Co, res 

Beekway Charles, tmstr J E Edwards & 

Sons, b J E Edwards 
Bedford George, tlr, h s s Alcina av 
Bedford Jason, eng, h s s Alcina av 
Bedford John, watchman Boake Mfg Co, 

res York tp 
Bell Allan lab, 1 Mrs E Bell 
Bell Elizabeth (wid Allan), h s s Helena 


Bell Hugh, prtr, 1 Mrs E Bell 

Bell Wm H, elk, 1 Mrs E Bell 

Bigham Mary (wid John), Matron Hill- 
crest Convalescent Home, 1 same 

Biiss Rebecca (wid Thomas), h n s Briilg- 
man av 

Boake Frederick C (Boake Mfg Co), res To- 

n s Davenport rd, h 
Daveuport rd, s w 

Boake G Wilfrid (Boake Mfg Co), h 147 

Howland av, Toronto 

Wilfrid Boake), Planing Mill. Lumber 

Mfrs and Dealers 307-315 Howland av 
Boake Wm F (Boake Mfg Co), res Downs 

view. Out 
Bodie Wm, whol btchr 


Boggis Edwin, grocer 

cor Christie, n same 
Bowes Wm, pdlr, h s s St Clair av 

Turner I'ostmaster, Davenport rd, s-» 

cor Christie 
Bracondale Public School, Matthew Holmes 

prin, e s Bathurst 
Bradley Francis G, plstr w s Bathurst, h 


Bradley Levi, lab, h w s Brunswick av 
Brewer Thomas, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, res 
. Toronto 

Bromley Harry, blksmlth, h e s Bathurst 
Brown Edward, h w s Howland av 
Brown Edward, mkt gdnr e s Bathurst 
Brown Jeremiah, lab, h e s Hilton av 
Brown Miss Lottie, tchr Bracondale Pub 

School, res Toronto 
Bryce Peter H, MD, h n s St Clair av 
Buckley Miss Jennie, sew mach opr J E Ed- 
wards & Sons, res Toronto 
Buffey Andrew, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, res 

Buffey Reuben, grader Boake Mfg Co, res 

Bull George, lab, h e s Christie 
Bull Grenville, gdnr, 1 G Bull 
Bull Nelsou, gdnr, 1 G Bull 
Burbridge Ernest, gdnr, b C Sharpley 
Burbridge Frank, lab, b C Sharpley 
Burbridge James, mkt gdnr n s Daren 

port rd 


Burbridge Wm 
Bushel Edwin, 

Tor Junction 
Butler Wm S, 


Robert, gdnr J Burbridge, 1 
Sarah (wid Robert), 1 J Bur- 

gdnr J Burbridge, 1 same 
florist Miller & Sons, res 

grader Boake Mfg Co, res 

Byers Wm, mkt gdnr s s Davenport rd 
Caliicott Charles, lab, h s s Albert 
Callicott Joseph, mkt gdnr s s Davenport 


Cameron Robert H, trav J E Edwards tc 

Sons, res Toronto 
Carter Charles, pntr, h w g Markham 
Carter Frederick, florist Miller & Song, 1 
G Carter 

Carter James, fireman Miller & Sons, re» 

Carter Wm G, mkt gdnr e s Dufferin 
Carton Wm B, motorman Tor Ry, h 341 

Howland av 
Christie Charles, cattle dlr e s Vaugham 

rtl, h same 
Christie James, cattle dlr s s Helena ar, 
h same 

Christie Miss Maggie, sew mach opr, 1 J 

Christie Miss Minnie, sew mach opr, 1 J 

Clarke Alfred, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Clarke Miss Emily, elk 1 J Clarke 
Clarke Enoch, mkt gdnr w s Lakevlew *T 
Clarke John, mkt gdnr s s Davenport rd 
Clarke Thomas, tchr, 1 J Clarke 
Clarke Wm, elk, 1 J Clarke 
Coates George, mkt gdnr w s Hilton »t 
Coates John, foreman Boake Mfg Co, re» 

Conacher Mungo, carp, h w s Albany av 
ConHn Thomas J, prtr. h n s Alcina av 



TORONTO POTTERY CO., 7Z-81 Cottingham St. 'Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada, $6,567,079.94 




Cooey Joseph, carp Boake Xllg Co, h 

Vaughau Plank rd, cor St Clair av 
Cotterill John, florist e s Bathurst, h same 
Crang Jethro, bldr n s St Clair av, h same 
Crozler Wm, .lanitor Hillcrest Convalescent 

Home, 1 same 
Cunningham Mrs Jane, h s s Alclna av 
Curtis Charles B, elk, h C Wood 
Curtis David, mkt gilnr e s Murray 
Curtis Wm, brickmaker, h s a Albert 
Davis Miss Ethel, drsmkr, b C Rayson 
Davis Wm, gdnr, J MeKerrighen, res To- 

DeKofT John, li s s St Albans av 
Dinwoody Jeremiah, mkt gdnr w s Man- 
nine av 

Douere Frank N, pntr, h s s Helena av 
Druinmond Miss Annie, Asst Matron Hill- 
crest Convalescent Home, l same 
Durham Charles, sawyer Boake Mfg Co, res 

Edwards Arthur, leather cutter J E Ed- 
wards & Sons, h n s Victoria av 

Edwards Charles, leather cutter J E Ed- 
wards & Sous, h w s Christie 

Edwards Harry G. leather cutter J E Ed- 
wards & Sons, has Albert 

Edwards James (J E Edwards & Sons), l J 
E Edwards 

Edwards John (J K Edwards & Sons), h v. s 

Edwards John E (J E Edwards & Sons), 

h e s Christie 
Edwards J E & Sous (John E, Wm H, John 

and James), harness trimmings and 

fancy leather e s Christie 
Edwards Wm H (J E Edwards & Sons), h 

e s Christie 
Emery Alvin, driver J R Emery, l same 
Emery George, driver J R Emery, l same 
Emery John, driver J R Emery, l same 
Emerv John R, expressman, n s Helena, 

ar, h same 
Emerv Wilherforce L. lab. I J R Emery 
Etherlngton George, lab, his Victoria av 
Felvus Richard, mkt gdnr n s Albert 
Pessey Courtnay, journalist, h w s Christie 
Fierheller Clarence H, bkpr Atlantic Re- 
fining Co, res Toronto 
.Fisher David, foreman Boake Mfg Co, res 


Fltton Frederick, dairy s s St Albans av, 
h same 

Fleming Robert J, City Assessment Commr, 

h St Clair av, cor Bathurst 
Florence Alexander, carp, h w s Brunswick 


Foley John, brlckmkr, h w s Ossington av 
Foord George, gdnr M Foord, 1 same 
Foord Henry, gdnr M Foord, 1 same 
Foord Marshall, mkt gdnr e s Murray 
Frost Andrew, florist, 1 G B Frost 
Frost George B. lab, h e s Bathurst 
Frost George C, lab, h e s Bathurst 
Garratt Joseph, leather cutter J E Ed- 
wards & Sons, h n s Helena av 
Giles James, gdnr, b J Dinwoody 
Glass Wm W, tlr. h n s St Clair av 
Goad A F George, lab, b A Florence 
Goad Herbert, wood turner Boake Mfg Co, 

h e s Howland av 
Goodehild Charles H, whol btchr c s Chris- 
tie, h same 
Goodings Robert, brick mfr e s Vanghan 
rd. h same 

Goodman Edward, bkr A Powers, res To- 

Graham Bernard, mkt gdnr w s Hilton av 
Graham Frederick, pntr, h w s Christie 
Graham Owen, h w s Hilton av 
Graham Thomas, mkt gdnr e s Hilton av 
Greensides Charles, tmstr, h s s St Clair av 
Greensides Henry, mkt gdnr w s Ossing 
ton av 

Greensides Win. brick mfr s s St Clair 

av, h same 
Greensides Wm A, brlckmkr, h n s St Clair 


Grindal Edward, eng Boake Mfg Co, res 

Grourke Arthur, gdnr, 1 J Gronrbe 
Grourke John, lab, h e s Bathurst 
Grourke Martin, gdnr, 1 Mrs M Grourke 
Grourke Mary (wid John), b e s Bathurst 
Gummltt Henry, mkt gdnr Dufferin, cor 

St Clair av 
Hadlow George, mkt gdnr, s s Albert 
Haines Edward, lab Atlantic Refining Co, 

res Toronto 
Hall James, mkt gdnr e s Bathurst 
Hamilton John, lab. h n s Helena av 

Hamilton John, planer Boake Mfg Co, res 

Hamilton Thomas, lub, h s s St Albans av 
Hamilton Wm J, carp, h e s Markham 
Hammett Arthur, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, res 

Hammett Thomas, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, 
res Toronto 

Hancock Harry, leather cutter J E Ed- 
wards & Sons, res Toronto 

Harniman Alfred L, carp, 1 Mrs J Harni- 

Harniman Jane (wid James), hardware s s 
Davenport rd, cor Howland ar 

Harvey Amos, lab Boake Mfg Co, res To- 

Hawthorne David, grader Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Heaslip Thomas R, lab, 1 Thomas Heaslip 
Heaslip Thomas, bricklyr. h w s Ossiug- 

ton av 

Heath Edward T, chemist, h s s St Albans 

Henderson Albert, elk, 1 John Henderson 
Henderson John, Court Crier, h n s St 
Clair av 

Henderson Robert T, foreman Atlantic Re- 
fining Co, res Toronto 
Henderson Walter, elk, 1 John Henders>n 
Hendrick Mary (wid Miles H), 1 M Hen- 

Hendrick Michael, mkt gdnr s s St Clair av 
Hendrick- Wm, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av 
Henry Charles, pntr D T Henry, res To- 

Henry David T, blksmith and waggonmkr 

e s Bathurst, h n s Alcina av 
Heslop John, mkt gdnr e s Vaughau rd 
Hillcrest Convalescent Home, Mrs Mary 
iiigham Matron, Bathurst, n-e cor Dover- 
court rd 

Hoad Ernest, whol btchr e s Vaughan. 
h same 

Hogg Thomas, cond Tor Ry, h w s How- 
land av 

Holmes Matthew, prin Braeondale Pub 

School, res Toronto 
Hosiner Albert, gdnr, h s s St Albans av 
Hoylo Wm E, elk Atlantic Refining Co, res 


Humphrey Frances R, prtr, h w s Christie 
Irvine Wm, carp, h 350 Howland av 
Jackson George, bricklyr, h w s Brunswick 

Jackson Joseph, btchr, h e s Howland av 
Jamieson John MeC. btchr. 1 T W Jamie- 

Jamleson Thomas W. h n s Helena av 
Jamieson Wilson T, elk, 1 T W Jamieson 
Jardine Alexander, spice mfr, h n s Daven- 
port rd 

Jeffrey Edgar, lab Boake Mfg Co, res Tor- 

Jessop Capt Dudley F, h n s St Clair av 
Johnson Edward, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av 
Johnston Francis, carp Boake Mfg Co, res 

Johnston James, mkt gdnr e s Christie 
Johnston Thomas, gdnr, h s s Victoria av 
Jones Richard (Jones & Bro), res Toronto 
Jones Thomas (Jones & Bro), res Toronto 
Jones & Bro (Thomas and Richard), stove 

linings, e s Christie 
Jordan Albert, gdnr, 1 W Jordan 
Jordan Horace, gdnr, 1 W Jordan 
Jordan Walter, mkt gdnr w s Christie 
Jorgenson Gustav, lab, h w s Albany av 
Jov Hudson, barber, h s s St A'bans av 
Keith Miss Elsie C, hskpr Hillcrest Con- 
valescent Home 
Kemp Charles, carp, 1 P Kemp 
Kemp Edward, mach, 1 P Kemp 
Kemp Miss Maud, tlrs, 1 P Kemp 
Kemp Percy, 1 P Kemp 
Kemp Playter, carp, h n s Davenport rd 
Kenny Denis, gdnr A Jardine, h s s Christie 
Kerrison Elizabeth (wid Thomas), drsmkr 

e s Bathurst, h same 
Kerrison Miss Florence, elk, 1 Mrs E Ker- 

Kerrison Frederick, brickmaker, 1 Mrs E 

Kerrison Win T, lab, I Mrs E Kerrison 
King Wm, pdlr, h w s Ossington av 
Kingsford Wm J, trav, h s s St Clair av 
Kirby Nathaniel, h w s Albany av 
Le Cornu Wm, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Ledger Walter, plater, h n s Helena av 
Legg John, driver A Powers, res Toronto 

Lewis Albert E, mngr Atlantic Refining Co, 

res Toronto 
J.ines Harry, lab, 1 J C Lines 
Lines John C, brickmkr, h w s Ossington av 
Ling Edward, pntr, h w s, Howland av 
Linn Robert, gdnr J MeKerrighen, res Tor- 

Llvock Catherine (wid Henry), h e s Mark- 

Llvock Joseph, lab, 1 Mrs C Livock 
l.loyd Alfred, lab, h w s Lakeview av 
Lovatt John, mkt gdnr e s Christie 
McCann Philip, matcher Boake Mfg Co. res 

McCarthy Edward, lab, 1 E McCarthy 
McCarthy Eugene, lab, h s s St Albans av 

McCarthy George, prtr, 1 E McCarthy 
McCarty Charles, bkpr Atlantic Refining I o, 

res Toronto 
McCoy James, lab, h e s Hilton av 
MeFarland Joseph, cond Tor Ry, h n s 

Bridgman av 
MeKerrighen John, florist s s Davenport 

rd, h same 
McLean George, bkpr, h s s Helena av 
McLean Thomas, h e s Dufferin, 2 n St 

Clair av 

McMillan James, h n s Helena av 
McMillan James jr, elk, 1 J McMillan 
McMillan John, elk, 1 J McMillan 
McMillan Wm. elk. 1 J McMillan 
McNab Anna (wid John), h n s St Clair av 
McNab Donald G, artist, 1 Mrs A McNab 
McNab Wm D, phy n s St Clair av 
MeQuade Edward, lab, h n s Bridgman av 
McRae Robert, lab Atlantic Refining Co. res 

McWllliams Alexander, cooper Atlantic Re- 
fining Co, res Toronto 

Macdonald John A, coll Boake Mfg Co, res 

Macnamara Frank, gdnr J Macnamara, 1 

Macnamara John, mkt gdnr s s Davenport 

Macnamara John jr, gdnr J Macnamara. I 

Macnamara Patrick, mkt gdnr e s Shaw 
Maddaford John, lab, h e s Christie 
Maddaford Wm J. tmstr Atlantic Refining 

Co, h w s Christie 
Main Wm, dairy n s Helena av, h same 
Markham Rev Joseph, pastor Zlon Metho- 
dist Church, res Toronto 
Marks George, grocer s s Davenport rd. cor 

Howland av 
Marshall James B, tlr, h e s Bathurst 
Maton Wm H. mkt gdnr n s St Clair av 
Matthews Mnrmaduke, artist n s Daven- 
port rd, h same 
Matthews Marmaduke E, elk, 1 M Matthews 
May Robert, eng, h w s Christie 
Mih's Alfred, tmstr, h e s Howland av 
Miller Edward T (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Miller Edwin, florist, h w s Murray 
Miller Frederick C (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Miller Frederick II (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Miller Peter, cooper Atlantic Refining Co, 
res Toronto 

Miller & Sons (Frederick C, Frederick H 
and Edward T), florists w s Murray 

Montgomery John H, whol btchr w s Chris- 
tie, h same 

Moore Anna (wid Edward), h w s Albany 

Moore Joseph, leather cutter J E Edwards 

& Sons, res Toronto 
Moore Joseph A, leather cutter, 1 Mrs A 


Moore Wm, leather cutter J E Edwards & 

Sons, res Toronto 
Morgan Wm, mkt gdnr w s Ossington av 
Morris Florence (wid George), h e s Christie 
Morrison Charles, sticker Boake Mfg Co. 

res Toronto 
Moynihan Catherine (wid Denis), mi;t gdnr 

w s Hilton av 
Moynihan Michael, elk. 1 Mrs C Moynihan 
Mulholland Wm, coachman A Nordhelmer. 

h n s Davenport rd 
Mumford Wm R, btchr, h e s Bathurst j 
Monro Wm, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, h s s 

Bridgman av 
Munro Wm. tmstr, h s s Bridgman av j 
Murphy John, lab, h w s Ossington av 
Murphy Wm, lab, h w s Hilton av 



Member of the Standard Mining Exchange 

TeL and Cable address 
" GARTL Y^; ' 

Codes: Bedford Mc- 
Neill's, Clough's, 
Moreme and NeaL 



_J2jAdelalde St. E. Photie 1842 


"Sp&^T&eFAK if n U r^. T IZ" W "- "very, h e s Howland 



Samuel, piano mfr, h n a Dav 

Norman Amaalah, carp, h e s Howland av 
Normnn Isaac atudt, 1 A Norman 

nh^U'Vi IISS { s S bt u lla ' < Jr 8i«kr, 1 A Norman 
iborn Harry, lab, h w s Albany av 

ported tmStr GTK ' h 8 8 Daren - 

S££2T < U?" Jr F , (Kid •''""esi, 1 K J Fleming 
Unrnp ,aS 3 n s St Clair nv, h 

Park Hotej, Frank Addison prop, Davenport 

id, cor Bathurst 
Pax ton John, gdnr, b w a Ossington av 
1 trail Win, motorman Tor By, h n s Bride- 
man av * 
Peterman George, carp, b s s Helena av 
i eterman Miss Hanna, sew milch opr 1 « 

Petermnu ' 
Peterman Henry, blksmth, I G Peterman 
1 eterman Miss Jennie, sew macb opr. 1 

G Peterman 
Phillips George, gdnr, b R Punnett 
I, '! ps ^ eo V8c. lab, h s s Davenport rd 
l.\"ll\ ps " e "!>en. mkt gdnr e s Murray 
1 billips Keubeu jr, mkr gdnr w s Murray 

S2f,^ n Jl D 1 vid ' mkt « dnr w 8 Lakeview av 
l ost ill Stephen J, carp, h w s Bathurst 
I owers Alfred, baker w s Bathurst, cor 

Powers Alfred, baker w 
Alclna av, h same 

Pratte Peter, barber, h e s Bathurst 
1 retty Henry, mkt gdur e s Bathurst 

Funchard Miss Lizzie, tchr Bracondale Pub w' 0od P2*"' ,nb ' £ s„ Brunswick av 
School, res Toronto D w .°od John, carp, h 339 Howland av 

llKNKR FRANK, C II. Postmaster 

, h u-w cor Christie and Davenport ^3 ' 
Turner Hall, w s Christie P 

Co^es Toronto' "** M]antlC ReflD '^ 

W» U k g efl a eM E 5i an "? 1, edar ' h e 8 Bathurst 
Wakefield Wm h u ■ Davenport rd 
W all Alma, jwlr, h n s Alclna av 
i Wanless John jr, jwlr, h n s Dovercourt rd 
W urdman Henry, expressman e s Bathurst 
h same * 
I Wedderbnrn George, carp Boake Mfg Co 
res Toronto ' 

5& il'i""' S.'KH?*! h 8 s St Albans av 
Weir Allan jr, elk, I A Weir 

SffL. il£ eUnIe ' sew "•*•<* °P r . 1 A Weir 
Welch Arthur, carp Boake Mfg Co res 

Toronto ' 
Wells Wm, lab, h w s Christie 
Wheatlcy John, leather cutter J K Edwards 

« Sons, b w s Manning av 
White Miss Ada, stenog Atlantic Refining 

Co, res Toronto 
White Henry G, h cor Bathurst and Vaugh- 

an rd 

Wilson David, lab Miller & Sons, res Tor- 

Winch Charles, lab, 1 E Winch 
Winch Edward, lab, h w s Albanv av 
Wood Charles, brlcklyr, h e s Christie 

Clark James F, mkt gdnr Pane av 

' a 1 rh aa a&e herlne (wfd Logan 

Condie John, elk, h Pape av 

Constable Alexander, dairy Pape av h same 

Nonstable George, mkt gdnr Panl' av 

C Co S n t s a t b a , b e ,e Th0maS ' « d " « C ^"- " A 

C0 A n ^nstabIe° maS jf ' gdnr G Stable. . 
Cooper George, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Cooper Thomas B, lab, h Don Mills rd 
R, mkt gdnr Don 

Mills rd, 
let carrier, h Log- 

Cooper Wm 

h same 
Cuthbertson James R 

an av ' 


Vane? U ; J° 1U,g P^Prtetor. Fao7o?y Don 
nZf&.i (S o"I c . ard classified Tallow) 
D °&^&£»$% K-hard^oung 


I'unnett Dore, gdnr, 1 R Punnett 
I uunett Richard, mkt gdnr w s Christie 
liayson Charles, pntr, hm Brldgman av 
Richardson John C, bkpr Boake Mfg Co, res 

Roberton James, messr Plmt Bides h e s 

Robinson Henry, blksmtb, h n s Alclna av 
Rot-he James, dairy s s Vaughan rd, cor St 

Clair av, h same 
Iiodwell Wm, pntr, h e s Christie 
liomain John, tmstr J Macnamara, res Tor- 
onto Junction 
Roper James, gdnr A Nordhetmer, h n 8 

Davenport rd 
Rose John H, carp, h w s Ossington av 
Rutherford Erastus C, carp Boake Mfg Co 
res Toronto 

Woodllffe Joseph, mkt gdnc^ s St Cialr av 
Wychwood Plre Hall, n s Alclna av, 1 w 

Young John, dairy s s Davenport rd, h 


Young Wm, cond Tor Ry, h e s Howland 

Zlon Methodist Church, Rev Joseph Mark- 
hniu pastor, s s St Clair av 


(Four miles north-east of P O) 

Armstrong Frederick W, drover J Arm- 
strong, 1 same 
Armstrong James, cattle dlr, Whitney av, 


Athersich Wm M, mkt gndr, Randolph av 
Athersich Wm M jr, gdnr W M Ather- 
sich, 1 same 
Bailey David, driver J W Young, res 

Balsam Samuel, carp, h Randolph av 
Baptist Mission, Don Mills rd 
. Barchard Joseph, box mfr, h Logan av 
Sibblck Albert E, mkt gdnr s s St Clair av ! Baxter Miss Maggie, tchr Chester Pub Sch, 

Sharpley Charles, mkt gdnr w s Christie 
Sbarpley James, mkt gdnr w s Christie 
Shuter Albert, mkt gdnr s s Davenport rd, 

I Mrs H Shuter 
Bhoter Hannah (wid Joseph W), h s s Dav- 
enport rd 

Shuter Harry R, mkt gdnr Davenport rd, s-e 
cor Shaw 

Dulmadge Mills, tmstr, h Don Mills rd 
Fallon John fireman, h Logan a" 

forth av y K ' JP ' btchr ' h 

T* i.w^ ?' M '- frd !' r J Gibbard, 1 same 
G board James, mkt gdnr Pape av 
Gilmore Henry, lab. h John 
g??^ 1 " Edward H, elk. h Randolph av 
Gough Wm B florist Moscow av, h same 
Grade James jr. mkt gdnr Leslie 
Grade Mrs Marlon, h Leslie 
Green Samuel, blksmith, h Don Mills rd 
Guyatt Thomas, lab, h John 
Hall John, lab, 1 R Hall 
Hall Margaret 3 (wid John), 1 R Hall 
Hall liobert, dairy Don Mills rd, h Bame 
Hall Wm. dairy Sarah, h same Mrs Agnes, nurse Don HI]] 

rd, h 

driver J W Young, res 
gdnr, 1 Mrs M A Hom- 
(wid John), mkt gdnr 

Hllinan Thomas, cutter, h n s Helena av 
Simmons Enoch, lab, h w s Howland av 
Sinclair David, driver J Roche, b same 
Smith Andrew G, stone cutter, h n s Al- 
clna AV 

■?-.ith Charles W, mach hd Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto Junction 
Smith James, mach hd Boake Mfg Co, res 

Deer Park 
Smith Wm, solderer, h s s Helena av 
Sneath George, lab, h w s Ossington av 
Snelgrove Ernest, gdnr J Callicott, 1 same 
Snoddon Wesley, grocer, Vaughan rd cor St 

Albans av, h same 
Spiller George, mkt gdnr e s Bathurst 
Steel Wm, stone cutter, h n s Helena av 
Stephens Charles, gdnr J Stephens, I same 
Stephens John, mkt gdnr w s Murray 

res Todmorden 
Bee Richard, mkt gdnr Pape av 
Bennett Thomas,, btchr, h Don Mills rd 
Bennett Thomas jr, whol btchr, h Whitney 

Benus Thomas, brkmkr, h Sarah 
Benson Thomas, lab, h Danforth av 
Bilton Thomas, lab J L Playter, 1 same 
Booth Rev Wm B, pastor Don Mills Metho- 
dist Church, h Don Mills rd 
Brooks Albert E. driller, h Don Mills rd 
BROOKS GEORGE, Postmaster and 

Grocer Don Mills rd, h same 
Brooks Joseph, caretkr Chester Pub Sch, h 

Don Mills rd 
Brown Henry F, Co Constable, h Danforth 

Brown John T, Co constable, h Don Mills rd 
Brown Neil, carp, h Don Mills rd 

•~-..i,h,n i.t., ;.- ;■ ,. t c. ,u , i „„ nrowii i\en, carp, n i/on jmius ra 

I telhl™ \Vm mirtednr s s Diiven'oort fd Br - Vant Thomn9 ■ pressman, h Don Mills rd 

mr Ci.ri.iS' g Davenport rd, BTe rs John, mkt gdnr Pane av, h same 

tor <,urisue I r> Tn . n m i,r ,,.|,.^ 1....... 

Stevens Walter, carp, h e s Vaughan rd 
Snmmerfield Charles, elk, I J Summerfleld 
Smnmerfleld Joseph, trunk mfr, h n s St 
Clair av 

Swailes Charles, mkt gdnr s s Davenport rd 
Taylor Daniel, blksmth, h s Alclna av 
Taylor Rev Wm (Disciples), h n s Albert 
Trist Thonits, carp, h e s Helena av 
Troutman Thomas, mkt gdnr w s Shaw 
Tryford Miss Nellie, sew mach opr J E i 
Edwards & Sons, b J E Edwards 

Byers John jr, mkt gdnr Pape av 
Carey Miss Annie, tchr Chester Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 
Carradus George R, carp, h Fulton av 
Carwardlne Alfred R, mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Carwardlne Charles, gdnr A R Carwardine, 
1 same 

Carwardine Harry, driver A R Carwar- 
dlne, 1 same 
Chester Presbyterian Chnrch, Don Mills rd 
Chester Public School, Joseph Latter prin, 
Don Mills rd 

Hallat Joseph E, 

Hamilton Malcolm 

Hamilton Mary A 

D.inforth av 
Harrisraii Patrick, mkt gdnr Don Mills rd, 
h same 

Hopper George, btchr H Talbot, res To 

House Henry, brkmkr, h Don Mills rd 
Hughes Andrew, cutter, h Sarah 
Inirham Harriet (wid Joshua), h Don Mills 

Ingham Joshua, btchr, h Don Mills rd 
Inward George, mkt gdnr Pape av 
Jackson Wm. dairy Danforth av. h same 
Johnson Henry, lab, h John 
Latter Ernest, trav. 1 J Latter 
Latter Henry H, studt. I L Latter 
Latter Joseph, prin Chester Pub Sch, h 

Don Mills rd 
Longhurst Moses, h Don Mills rd 
Lyndon TTerbert W, mach, b Mrs F L 

Lyndon Wm F W, agt, 1 Mrs F L Sother- 

McCormaek Patrick, lab. b H Johnson 
Maddaford Samuel, Wclir. h Don Mills rd 
Mnvne Samuel, tanner, h Danforth av 
Meade John, dairy Dmi Mills rd. h same 
Menagh Harriet E (wid Thomas W). music 

tchr. I Mrs F L SofIi"nrl]I 
Molloy John. lab. h John 
Ostrom Daniel S. papermkr. h Don Mills rd 
Ostrom TTerbert. shoe ctr. I D S Ostrom 
Ostrom Miss Mand. elk. I D R Ostrom 
Perdue Wm. btchr H Talbot, h Oon Mills rd 
Perdue Wm. btchr. h Don Mills rd 
PlaskOt TTarrtson, wngonmkr Danforth av. 

res Toronto 
Playter .Albert E. trdnr. 1 Mrs M M Plavter 
Playter John L. dairy Danforth av, h same 
Playter Mary M (wid Richard), h Dan- 
forth av 

Playter Wm R. mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Proctor Reginald, rdnr. 1 R W Proctor 
Proctor Reclnald W. elk, h Fllerbeck 
Purchase Edward G, lab. h Ellerbeck 
Purchase Elizabeth (wid Henrv), h Don 
Mills rd 

Purchase George E. locksmith, h Ellerbeck 
Purchase James H. pntr. h Ellerbeck ' 
Purchase Wm C, shoe ctr, 1 E G Purchase 
Reed Frederick, lab, 1 W Reed 


15 Adelaide E. 'Phone 2251 J. J. SE'TZ, tyanager. 






Reed Henry, elk, b W Reed 

Reed Henry E, dairy Pape ay. h same 

Reed Richard, mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 

Reed Wm, h Logan av 

Reed Wm E, pump repr, h Sarah 

Reid John, mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 

Roffey Alfred, lab J W Young, h Sarah 

Rose George, brkmkr, h Sarah 

Rowland Richard, driyer H Feely, b same 

8t Barnabas Church (Anglican), Ellerbeck 

Sharpe Miss Sarah, music tchr Don Mills 

rd, h same 
Shephard George, florist Logan ay, h same 
Sherwood Miss Lenna, 1 M Dulmage 
Somers Bernard, lab, 1 J Somers 
Somers John, mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 
Somers Robert, lab, 1 J Somers 
Sothergill Fannie L (wid Thomas W), mus 

tchr Don Mills rd 
Stokell Frederick, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Stone Campbell, lab, h Sarah 
Strongltharm John, ttnstr, h Don Mills rd 
Talbot Henry, whol btchr Don Mills rd, h 


Tomlln Benjamin, dairy Pape ay, h same 
Turner Joseph, tmstr, h Whitney ay 
Turner Joseph jr, btchr, 1 J Turner 
Valiant George, poultry Randolph av, h 

Vincent George M, lab, h Leslie 
Watts Miss Alice, mach opr, 1 Mrs J Watts 
Watts Jane (wid Thomas A), h Pape ar 
Webster Wm N, trav, h Whitney ay 
Wiggln Richard H, dairy Fulton ay, h same 
Wright Wm, blksmdh Danforth ay, res 

Young Annie (wid James), h Don Mills rd 
Young Eliza .7 (wid James). 1 R Young 
Young George A, shipper J W Young, 1 Mrs 
A Young 

Young Howard, tel opr. 1 R Young 
YOUNG JAMES W, Proprietor Bon 

Valley Rendering Works, h Don Mills rd 
(See card classified Tallow) 
Young Richard, baggageman GTR, h Don 


(See Little York) 


(See North Toronto) 


(Three miles north of P O) 

Ainslie Eliza (wid Robert S), 1 E B Borron 
Aldis Robert, lab Reservoir Park, res To- 

Alexander Benson P. leather, h w s Av- 
enue rd 

Armstrong Albert E. agt. h s s Farnham ay 
Armstrong Arthur L, elk, 1 Thomas Arm- 

Armstrong Frederick, elk, 1 Thomas Arm- 

Armstrong John E, btchr, h s s St Clair ay 
Armstrong Maughan, elk, 1 Thomas Arm- 

Armstrong Thomas, elk, h n s Farnham av 
Armstrong Thomas, phy w s Yonge, h same 
Baker John, coachman, h w s Avenue rd 
Baldwin Charles M, elk. 1 Mrs M Baldwin 
Baldwin John M, elk, 1 Mrs M Baldwin 
Baldwin Lawrence A, barr, 1 Mrs M Bald- 

Baldwin Margaret (wid Wm A), h w s 

Avenue rd 
Barnes Harold H, elk. 1 T G L Barnes 
Barnes Thomas G L, aect, I w s Lawton av 
Bell George F, elk M O'Halloran, 1 same 
Blackwell John, h n s Farnham av 
Blakeman Arthur W, tinner, 1 G H Blake- 

Blakeman Frederick, elk. 1 G H Blakeman 
Blakeman George H, polisher, h s s St 
Clair av 

Bland Miss Elizabeth, nurse Dr Meyer's 
Hospital, 1 same 

Bonnar Samuel, moto Met St Ry, res To- 

Borron Edward B, h s s St Clair ay 
Bowon Alfred, moto Met St Ry, res To- 

Bower Joseph E, carp, h e s Lawton av 
Brennan James, lab. h w s Snadlna rd 

Brennau Patrick, lab, h w s Spadina rd 
Britton Arthur, florist Grainger Bros, 1 
Olive ar 

Britton George C, carp, h s s Olive av 
Britton Harry, jwlr, 1 G C Britton 
Britton Herbert T, jwlr, 1 G C Britton 
Britton John E, elk, 1 G C Britton 
Britton Wm, gdnr Mrs M Baldwin, 1 same 
Brown George, lab Met St Ry, res Toronto 
Brown Lawrence, cond Met St Ry, res To- 

Brown Wilfred, eond Met St Ry, res To- 

Brunskill Alexander, elect Met St Ry, res 

North Toronto 
Bryant John E, editor, h n s Heath 
Burden Benaurice K, broker, 1 H Burden 
Burden Henry, paints, h s s St Clair av 
Burke John, assessor, h s s St Clair av 
Calvert Charles E, wool, 1 Wm Calvert 
Calvert George A, trav, 1 Wm Calvert 
Calvert Wm, com agt, h n s Glen ay 
Carey Wm, lab Met St Ry, res North To- 

Carrell Wm, eng. h s s Heath 
Charlton Wm. lab, h n s Duggan av 
Cheesman Miss Alice, nurse Dr Meyer's 

Hospital, 1 same 
Christ Church (Anglican), w s Yonge 
Christopher James, lab, h w s Spadina rd 
Clarke Frederick F, studt, 1 W H Clarke 
Clarke Wm H, elk, h n s Rose Hill ay 
Cochrane Arthur L. drill sgt Upper Can 

College, res Toronto 
Corkey James J, lab Met St Ry, res North 


Crean Gordon, ins, 1 R H Crean 

Crean Patrick, caretkr St Michael's Ceme- 
tery, h w s Yonge 

Crean Robert H, straw gds, h w s Yonge 

Crocker Sidney C R, Ins agt, h s s Clar- 
ence av 

Culliton Miss Ellen, tlrs, I Mrs M Culllton 
Oulliton Frederick B, marble cutter, 1 Mrs 

M Culllton 
Culliton John J, steamftr, 1 Mrs M Culliton 
Culliton Mary (wid Patrick), h w s Yonge 
Culliton Wm P, plmbr, 1 Mrs M Culllton 
Cundall Frederick, btchr, h n s Pleasant av 
Cutler Thomas, 1 E Hill 
Daniels Dennis, tmstr J Daniels, res Tor- 

Daniels James, coal e s Yonge, res Toronto 
Daniels Walter, tmstr J Daniels, res Tor- 

Davies John, carp, Met St Ry, res North 

Davis Robert, earn, h e s Yonge 
Davis Robert W, carp Met St Ry. h e s 

Davison Win, h s s Clinton av 

Day Alfred, sec Sabbath School Assn of 

Ont. h n s Pleasant ay 

O'Halloran prop, w s Yonge 

Spears PM, e s Yonge 
Deer Park Presbyterian Church, n s St 

Clair av 

Deer Park Public School, Wm J Thomson 

prin, n s St Clair av 
Dickinson Joseph, gdnr Reservoir Park, res 


Dodds John J, cond, h n s Pleasant av 
Doherty John, elk. 1 J A McElroy 
Doherty Wm, b J A McElroy 
Dorau John, blksmth T S Ryan, 1 same 
Douglas George, gdnr Mt Pleasant Ceme- 
tery, res North Toronto 
Duke Charles, builder n s Clinton ay, h 

Dunbar George E, barr. b A H S Marks 
Dunbar Sarah A (wid Richard), b A H S 
ItI q y li s 

Duncan George, lab Mt Pleasant Ceme- 
tery, res North Toronto 
Dundas Hamilton L, studt, 1 J Dundas 
Dundas James, real est, h w s Marborough 


Dundas James E. elk, 1 J Dundas 
Dunnett Samuel, tmstr Grainger Bros, h p 

s St Clair av 
Dnrle Archibald, asst eng Met St Ry, res 

North Toronto 
Durkee Miss C Josephine, lady snpt Dr 

Meyers' Hospital, 1 same 
Dwan Patrick, lab, h n s St Clair av 
Dwan Thomas, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av, h 

Kdwards Charles H, lumber, h w s Avenue 

Falvey John, tmstr, 1 P Falvey 

fcalvey Michael, steam fitter, 1 P Falvey 

Falvey Patrick J, mkt gdnr n s St Clair 

av, h same 
Farewell Launcelot, furs, h w s Marlbor- 
ough cres 

Firstbrook Wm A, box mfr, h Moore Park. 

Deer Park PO 
FIsken Elizabeth D (wid John), h w - 

Lawton av 
Fleming Miss Kate, elk, b J Long 
Fotherglll Miss Maud, nurse Dr Meyers' 

Hospital, 1 same 
Francis Joseph, h s s St Clair av 
Franklin Esther (wid Benjamin), h n 8 Clin- 
ton av 

Frost George J, janitor Upper Can College, 

h n s Clinton av 
Garvin John, lab St Michael's Cemetery, 

res Toronto 
Gay Alfred, mail carrier, h e s Yonge 
Gay Alfred J, elk, 1 A Gay 
Gay Frederick, driver B Sinclair jr, 1 A Gay 
Gay John P, elk, 1 A Gay 
Gibbons Wm, gro, h s s Olive av 
Gibson Mary (wid Joseph), 1 R J Gibson 
Gibson Robert J, barr, h e s Yonge 
Gill Frederick W, coachman, h n s D'' 


Gilmore Albert H, waggonmkr e s Yongi-, 

res Toronto 
Gordon Hugh, cond Met St Ry, h s s St 

Clair av 

Gordon Miss Mabel, tchr Deer Park Pub 

School, res Toronto 
Goulding Charles, dairy w s Forest Hill rd. 

h same 

Goulding David, tmstr C Goulding, 1 same 
Grainger Albert E, elk, 1 O Grainger 
GRAINGER BROS (Oliver and Edwin i. 

Florists; Seeds. Plants and Bulbs, w s 
Yonge, cor Olive av (See card classified 

Grainger Edwin (Grainger Bros), h w s 

Grainger John O, elk, 1 O Grainger 
Grainger Oliver (Grainger Bros), h w 9 


Grant Win L, tchr Upper Can College, res 


Gray Miss Gladys, head nurse Dr Meyers 

Hospital, 1 same 
Greonard Francis, cutter, h w 8 Fores! 

Hill rd 

Griffin James, caretaker Dr Meyers' Hos- 
pital, h n s Heath 

Ham Albert, mus tchr Upper Can College, 
res Toronto 

Hamilton Thomas, coachman Elias Rogers, 
b same 

Hands Wm J, eng Upper Can College, res 

Hanson George F, ins insp, h n s Clarence 

Hanson Paul, studt, 1 G F Hanson 
Harrison Mrs Annie L, grocer n s Clinton 

av, 1 same 
Harrison Benjamin, messr, h n s Clinton av 
Hastings Arthur. 1 Mrs G Hastings 
Hastings Georgina (wid George H), h w s 


Henderson James B, dry gds, h w s Avenue 

Herring Charles S, h n s Clarence av 
Hill Edwin, stained glass, h s s De Lisle 
Hill Wm J, builder n s Farnham av, h same 

Efobbs Maria (wid James), li s s Heath 
Hodgkln Rev Tnomas I, phy n s Clinton av, 

h same. 

Holmes Robert, tchr Upper Can College, 

res same 
Hoskin Alfred, barr, h s s Heath 
Hoskin A Ersklne, barr, 1 A Hoskin 
Hutty Alfred, com agt, h Poplar Plains rd 
Hattv George, engraver, 1 A Hutty 
Jackes Edwin H, barr, h e s Yonge 
Jackson Wm S, tchr, Upper Canada Col- 
lege, res Toronto 
Jennings Robert, Sec-treas Met St Ry, res 

Jennings Archibald, florist H Jennings, I 


Jennings Henry, florist e s Yonge, h same 
Jennings Henry jr, brlcklyr, 1 H Jennings 
Jennings Mrs Sarah, gro e s Yonge, h 

W. & E. A. BADEN ACH, 



Telephones: Office, 2288; Res., 3516. 


OF ENGLAND, A.D. 1714. 




Deer Park. 


Johnson George H, acct Upper Canada 

College, res same 
Johnston Henry, gtlnr Reservoir Park, res 


Johnston John, brakeman G T E, 1 n s St 
Clair av 

Jones Mrs Mary J, h n s Rose Hill av 
Kay Rev John, pastor Deer Park Presby- 
terian Church, h n s De Lisle 
Kearns Miss Emma, house kpr Dr Meyers' 

Hospital, 1 same 
Kerr James H. barr, h Poplar Plains r<l 
Lappln Joseph J, elect Met St Ry, res Tor- 

Lattimore Win, Cond Met St Ry res Tor- 

Lauder John, h n end Lawton av 
Leary Patrick, lab h s s St Clair av 
Leask Alexander O. 1 E B Borron 
Leesing Win, whol btchr Gormaly av, h 

Lewis Mrs Ann E h e s Yonge 
Lewis Frank T, enaineller 1 Mrs A E 

Llndow Mrs Lottie (wld Charles J), «cook 

Dr Meyers' Hospital 
Lludow Miss Nellie, waitress Dr Meyers' 


Little John, blksmth h e s Yonge 
Llvock John, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av 
Llvock Thomas, lab St Michael's Ceme- 
tery, h n s St Clair av 
Long John, h s s Olive av 
Lovell John, fireman Met St Ry, res North 

Luscombe George, lab b s s St Clair av 
Lynn John, gdnr Mt Pleasant Cemetery, 

res North Toronto 
McBride Win, lab Reservoir Park, res 


McCabe Henry, lab St Basil's Novitiate, 
1 same 

McCann Francis, lab h s s St Clair av 
McCann Francis J. 1 F McCann 
McCann James, tmstr J Daniels, res To- 

McCann Joseph, tmstr J Daniels, res To- 

McCann Terance, plmbr 1 F McCann 
McCarter David, btchr B Sinclair jr, res 

McCrae Frederick, dairy w s Yonge, h 

McCrea Wm, foreman Mt Pleasant Ceme- 
tery, h w s Yonge 

McDowell George, lab Mt Pleasant Ceme- 
tery, res North Toronto 

McElroy John A, shirts h Moore Park, 
Deer Park P O 

McGee Daniel J, tlr 1 E McGee 

McGee Edward, Motor Met St Ry, h n s 
Clarence av 

McGee Edward J, elect 1 E McGee 

McGee Miss Mary A, dressmaker 1 E Mc- 

McGee Patrick, cond Met St Ry, 1 B Mc- 

McKay Thomas, mkt gdnr s s St Clair av 
McKim Thomas, florist Grainger Bros, res 

McLaren James, h w s Yonge 
McLeish John, mkt gdnr s s St Clair av, 
McLeish John jr, elk 1 J McLeish 
Macdonald Alexander A, tchr Upper Canada 

College, res same 
Mackenzie George A, barr h s s Glen av 
Mackenzie John, elk 1 W C Mackenzie 
Mackenzie Wm, pres Tor Ry Co, h w s 

Avenue rd ... 
Mackenzie Win A, elk 1 W C Mackenzie 
Mackenzie Wm E, trav h n s Clarence 

Manlv Arthur M, stenog 1 Rev J G Manly 

Manl'v Charles M, artist 1 Rev J G Manly 

Manly Rev John G, h w s Lawton av 

Marks A H Selwyn, ins agt h e s Yonge 

Marks Edwin W, elk 1 Mrs E P Marks 

Marks Emily P (wld George), h n s Clin- 
ton av „ , 

Marr John W, eng Met St Ry, res York 

Marsh Henry, brklyr 1 Isaac Marsh 

Marsh Isaac, brklyr h n s Rose Hill av 

Martin George, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av 

Martin Walter R, florist s s Pleasant av, 

Mears Richard, lab "Mt Pleasant Ceme- 
tery, res North Toronto 

Metropolitan Street Railway. J W Moyes 
mngr, office and power house, w s Yonge 

Meyers D Campbell, MD, prop Dr Meyers- 
Hospital n s Heath, h same 


6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones 6 and 104- 


for Nervous Diseases, D Campbell Meyers, 
MD, Proprietor and Medical Superintend- 
ent, phone 3862, n s Heath st, Deer Park, 
city office 196 Simcoe, consultation hours 
2 to 4 p.m. 
Michell Allen C, dentist 1 C V Michell 
Michell Charles V, health Insp h n s Plea- 
sant av 

Michell Wm C, tchr 1 C V Michell 
Mills Charles T, tchr Upper Canada Col- 
lege, res same 
Milson Henry, btchr H W Milson, 1 same 
Milson Henry W, whol btchr n s Gormaly 

av, h same 
Milson Wm, btchr H W Milson, I same 
Mitchell John J, elect Met St Ry, res To- 
ronto • 
Mitchell Miss Mabel, nurse Dr Meyers' 

Hospital, 1 same 
Moore Alfred, lab C Goulding, b same 
Moore Anne (wld Robert), h n s De Lisle 
Moore B'rank A, elk 1 Mrs A Moore 
Moore Herbert M, civil eng 1 Mrs A 

Moore • 
Moore John T, mining h Moore Park, Deer 

Park P O 
Moore J Carlyle, studt, 1 J T Moore 
MORPHY ARNOLD, Bnrsar Upper 
Canada College, Deer Park, h 593 Jarvis, 

Morrison James, stone cutter h s s St 
Clair av 

Moses Alfred, cond Met St Ry, res North 

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Henry Thomp- 
son supt, e s Yonge, Deer Park Douglas, studt 1 Mrs I Mowat 
Mow at Miss Fordyce, sew mach opr 1 Mrs 
I Mowat 

Mowat Hector, oik 1 Mrs I Mowat 
Mowat Isabella (wld Robert D), h n s 
Clinton av 

Mowat Miss Isabella, sew mach opr 1 Mrs I 

Mowat Robert D. lab, 1 Mrs I Mowat 
Moyes John W, mngr Met St Ry, h n s 
Glen av 

Mulholland Thomas D, elk h n s Clinton 

Murray A Erskine, book binder 1 W E 

Murray Duncan C, elk B Sinclair jr, h s 

s St Clair av 
Murray George, mkt gdnr e s Lawton av 
Murray Janet (wld Robert), 1 D C Mur- 

Murray Miss Jessie, bkpr B Sinclair Jr, 1 

D C Murray 
Murray John McE, elk, 1 W E Murray 
Murray Wm E, agt, h e s Oriole rd 
O'Brien Alexander Q C, elk, h s s Heath 
O'Brien Edward, lab. h w s Spadina rd 
Deer Park Hotel, w s Yonge cor St Clair 
av h same 
Oakeshott Joshua, elk, h n s Duggan av 
Ogden Jacob, carp, h e s Yonge 
Ogden Miss Sarah, dressmaker e s Yonge, 
Parkin George R, prin Upper Canada Col- 
lege, res same 
Paterson Rev Thomas W, rector Christ 

Church, h n s Heah 
Peacock Edward R, tchr Upper Canada 

College, res same 
Pepper George H, bkr, h e s Yonge 
Pepper Walter, waiter, h e s Yonge 
Playfair Alexander W, tchr Upper Canada 

College, res same 
Pratt Frederick, motorman Tor ry, h n s 

Pleasant av , 
Price John T, dairy n s St Clair av 
Pritchard George F, carp Met St ry, res 

North Toronto „ . „. _ 

Pritchard George F jr, carp Met St Ry, 

res North Toronto 
Quirk Andrew, lab Met St Ry, res North 

Ramsay' James, carp Met St Ry, res North 

Ramsay Wm, motor Met St Ry, res North 

Reeve Alfred, gdnr Reservoir Park, I G 

Reeve Arthur E, mach, 1 G R Reeve 
Reeve Alfred, gdnr Reservoir Park, I G 

of Rose Hill av 
Reeve Robert, studt, I G Reeve 
Reservoir Park, George Reeve supt, end of 
Rose Hill av 

Reynolds Miss Addie, nurse Dr Meyers' 

Hospital, 1 same 
Rhodes Edward, gdnr Upper Canada Col- 
lege, h Clinton av 
Rhodes Joseph, stone cutter, h Poplar 

Plains rd 
Rhodes Robert, lab, 1 J Rhodes 
Richards George, elk, h s s Clarence av 
Roache Thomas, lab, 1 Wm Roache 
Roache Wm, lab, h n s Rose Hill av 
Roberts Eleanor (wid Wm B), b Mrs M 

Robinson Douglas, gdnr Reservoir Park, 

res Toronto 
Rogers Elias, coal, h e s Yonge 
Rogers John, elk, 1 E Rogers 
Ryan Thomas S, blksmth e s Yonge, h 


St Basil's Novitiate, Rev J J M Aboulln, C 
S B, superior, n s St Clair av, e of 

St Basil's Scholastlcate, Rev J J M 

Aboulln, C S B, superior, n s St Clair 

av, e of Bathurst 
St Michael's Cemetery, P Crean caretkr, 

w s Yonge 
St Michael's (RC) School, w s Yonge 
Salvey Joseph, steam ftr, b s s St Clair 


Saunders Albert, lab Mt Pleasant Ceme- 
tery, h n s Pleasant av 
Saunders Dyce W, barr, h s s Balmoral 

Saxby Robert, eng Met St Ry, res To- 

Severs Arthur, elk, 1 J W Severs 
Severs James E, bailiff, h e s Yonge 
Severs James W, deputy sheriff, h e s 

Shepaid Miles W, prtr, h n s Rose Hill av 
Sheppard Charles E, mach, h n s Pleasant 

Sheppard Walter, mach, 1 C E Sheppard 
Simmons George, asst janitor Upper Can- 
ada College, res same 
Sinclair Benjamin, 1 B Sinclair jr 
Sinclair Benjamin Jr, gro and butchr e s 

Yonge, h same 
Skerrett Thomas, gdnr J W Moyes, res 

North Toronto 
Sloss Samuel, motorman Met St By. b R 

Smith James, polisher, h s s St Clair av 
Smith James R. carp, h n s Baker av 
Snider Edwin. JP. h n s De Lisle 
Snider Fletcher C. barr, 1 E Sinclair 
Somerville James L, tchr Upper Canada 

College, res same . _ , 

Southgate Wm E. dry gds, h Moore Park, 

Deer Park P O „ ... 

Sparling George B, tchr Upper Canada 

College, res Toronto „ 
Snenrs .Miss A Roblna, elk P O, 1 J V Spears 
Spears Miss Harriet, elk P O, 1 J V Spears 
SPEARS JAMES V, Postmaster nnd 

bkpr Mt Pleasant Cemetery, h s s St 

Clair av 

Solnk Mrs Ida B, h n s Heath 
Spink Wilfrid H, elk, 1 Wm Spink 
Spink Wm, h w s Lawton av 
Spink Wm B. elk. 1 Wm Spink 
Sriglev Jesse E, eng, h s s St Clair nv 
Stephens Walter P, stone cutter, li w s 
Av(?nuc rd 

Sttbbnrd Arthur, pntt Met St Ry. res 

Sweet Thomas R, shipper, h s s St Clair 

Tait John, bkr, 1 Jos Talt 
Tait Joseph, Reg Surrogate Court, h w s 
Lawton av 

XhSjer Frederick, trav. h n s Glen av 

Gear & Milling Cutters, 



Scales and Valves. 



Head Office, - Toronto. 

J. K. MACDONALD, IV|anaging Director. 

W. C. MACDONALD, Actuary. 


Deer Park. 


Thayer Frederick II, trav, 1 P Tliayer 
Thomas Mrs A Blair, artist n s Rose Hill 

av, h same 
Thorn aa A Richard, ins agt, li n s Rose Hill 


Thompson Alfred, tmstr Mt Pleasant 

Cemetery, 1 H Thompson 
Thompson Henry, supt Mount Pleasant 

Cemetery, h e s Yonjje 
Thomson Win J, prln Deer Park Pub 

School, h s s St Clair av 
Tomalin Joseph, h e s Yonge 
Tomalln Robert, 1 J Tomalin 
Toombs Mary (wid Samuel), h n s Clinton 


Tredgett Charles, carp Mt Pleasant Ceme- 
tery, h s s Gormaly av 

kin, MA, Principal, head of Avenue rd 

Vincent Henry F, 1 J T Vincent 

Vincent James T, ins agt, r s s Clarence 

Walker Francis C, tchr Upper Canada 

College, res same 
Walnisley Thomas, ins, h w s Lawton av 
Walton James, dairy s s St Clair av, 
Warren Charles D, pres Met St Ry, res 


Watt George S, elk, h n s Clarence av 
Webb T Frederick, elk, h n s Balmoral 

Webster Andrew, moto Met St Ry, h e s 

Welsh Ruth (wid Kdward), h e s Lawton 

West Edward, florist Grainger Bros, 1> B 

Whaley David, elk, 1 T Whaley 
Whalev Miss Florence, sew maeh opr, 1 

T Whaley 
Whaley Miss Ida, elk, 1 T Whaley 
Whaley Thomas, carp, h s s Olive av 
White Mrs Annie, matron Upper Can Col- 

White George N, trav, h n s Glen av 
Wightmnn John, h n s St Clair av 
Wightman Robert, 1 J Wlghtman 
Wlllmott Mancel, architect, h n s Heath 
Wilson Miss Margaret, nurse Dr Meyers' 

Hospital, 1 same 
Wood Herbert, ins, h s s Clinton av 
Woods James, lab. h n s Brant av 
Wright Wm, carp, h s s St Clair av 


(See Chester) 


(Five miles east of P O) 

Acres Miss Florence, 1 B Field 
Addle James, eng GTR. h Swanwick av 
Alexander Henry, elk, h Beech av 
Alexander James, fireman GTU, res Tat- 
tle York 

Allan George, copersmith, b Mrs L Ste- 

Allbright Wm, carp McMillan & Costain, 
h Bridge 

Allen Anthony 1'. Allenvale hse, Lee av 
Allen Thomas B, elk J F Ross, 1 V E 

Allison Claud, brkman GTR, h Stephenson 

Allward Edwin, eng GTR, h Edward 
Ambrose Lawrence, cleaner GTR, h Ber- 
keley av 

Anderson Sarah (wid Andrew), h King- 
ston rd 
Anson John E, h Main 

Armstrong Edward, cleaner GTR, res Lit- 
tle York 

Armstrong James A, studt, h Main 
Armstrong Miss Mamie, tchr. 1 J Dlbb 
Arthur Stephen, brkman GTR, res Little 

Aston Lancet, lab GTR, res Little York 
Balrd Alexander, eng GTR, h Enderby rd 
Baker Elizabeth G (wid Daniel), h Bridge 
Baker Miss Grace, I Mis E G Baker 
Raker John, coalman GTR, res Little York 
Harnett Josiah. h Beech av 
Bartholomew Charles, h Gerrard 
Bay View Hotel, John Lambert prop. Dan- 
forth ar 

Bell David, eng GTR, h Donald 
Bennett Wm T. fireman GTR. h Enderby 

Bernhardt James, fireman GTR. res Lit- 
tle York 

Berrv John, boilermaker GTR, h Marv 
Blaylock Arthur, fireman GTR, b C Blay- 

Blaylock Charles, bicycles Danforth av, 1 

Blaylock Frank, mach Charles Blaylock, 1 


Blaylock John C, eng GTR, h Danforth 

Bolton Henry, pumpman GTR, h on GTR 

Booth Alfred ,T, pntr Gerrard, h same 
Booth Alfred J Jr, driver, h Gerrard 
Booth James, driver W H Snell, h Ger- 

Bovett George, cond GTR, h Kingston rd 
Bovett Harrv, hkr W H Snell. 1 Kingston 

Bradshaw John H, eng GTR, res Toronto 

Brennau Lawrence, blksmith J Sehlinker, 
res Little York 

Britton Carson H, phy Danforth av, h 
same • 

Broughton Frederick, ftr GTE, li Cox- 
well av 

Brown Arthur, btchr J Brown, 1 same 
Brown Fred C, gro Main, h Gerrard 
Brown John, btchr Gerrard, h same 
Brown Robert, h Benlamond av 
Brown Stephen K, elk F C Brown, h Ger- 

Brown Wm, driver J Brown, h Gerrard 
Brown Wm. eng GTR. h Mary 
Brownlee Douglas, fireman GTR. h Mrs 

Bruce Wellington, yardsman CPR, h Ed- 

Bryant James, brkman GTR. h Swanwick 

Butterick Samuel, lab GTR. res Little 

Cameron Benjamin, brkman GTR. res Lit- 
tle York 

Cameron James, carp, h Swanwick av 
Campbell Charles, bkr W H Snell. 1 same 
Canning Henry, brkman GTR. res Little 


Harold). Druggists Main cor Kingston rd 
Carnahan Harold (Carnahan Bros), h Main 
Carnahan Wm J A (Carnahan Bros). h 


Carroll James, baggageman GTR, h Main 
Carroll John, call boy GTR. 1 James Car- 

Carroll .Tosepr, car checker, h Swanwick 

Carroll Joshua, mldr. 1 .limes Carroll 
Carroll Thomas, fireman GTR. 1 J Car 

Carruthers Frederick, fireman GTR, b GT 

R boarding house 
Carrnthers James, brkman GTR. I T Curtis 
Carruthers Samuel, eng GTR. h Gerrard 
Cassels Hamilton, barr. h Benlamond av 
Church of Christ (Disciples), Main cor 


Churchill Miss Hattle, 1 W H Churchill 
Churchill Wm H. lab, h Kingston rd 
Clare Arthur, fireman GTR. h Mrs Howard 
Clark Archibald, brkman GTR. res Little 

Clark Jonah, brkman GTR. h Main 
Clav Wm H. turner GTR. h Lyall av 
Clevedon Robert, brkman GTR. h Swan 
w i c It ft v 

Cockhnrr Wm J. detective GTR. h Nor- 
wood rd 

Collings Richard, driver H Craven, h King- 
ston rd 

Collings Thomas, eng GTR. h Danforth 

Collins John, hoilerwasher GTR. h John 
Cook Earl M, see YMCA, h Swanwick av 
Cook Robert, fireman GTR, b J Warfe 
Cook Wm. eond GTR, res Little York- 
Coomb George, fireman GTR, b Mrs How- 

Cooper John, fireman GTR, h Gerrard 
Cope John, coal man GTR, li Mary 
Corcoran Michael, cond GTR. res Toronto 
Cornel] Frederick, carp McMillan & Cos- 
tain, res Norway 
costain Wm (McMillan & Costain). li Nor- 
wood rd 

Cowling Wm, brkman GTR, res Little York 
Crawford Andrew, cleaner GTR. h Ed- 

Crew Francis, hostler, 1 Mrs M Crew 
Crew Mrs Margaret, h Kingston rd 
Crew Richard H. brkman GTR, h John 
Curtis Ernest, cleaner GTR, res York tp 
Curtis Thomas, car examiner GTR, h Marv 
Curtis Wm, brkman GTR, res Little York 
Darnborough Chester, cleaner GTR. res 

Little York 
Darnborough Richard, cleaner GTR, h Dan- 
forth av 

Davidson George A. elk. 1 G L Davidson 
Davidson George 1^, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
Davis George H. ftr GTR, res Little York- 
Davis Wm, brkman GTR. res Little York 
Delaplante Lell A. lumber, h Main 
Lapnnte), Lumber, Lath and Shingles, cor 
Danforth av and Main (See card classi- 
fied Lumber) 
Denne Frederick, eng GTR. h Enderby rd 
Dewberry Thomas, switchman GTR, h 

Dibb Joseph, mach hnd, McMillan & Cos- 
tain. h Lvall av 
Diment Henry, fireman GTR, res Little 

York _ 
Donnelley John It. loco foreman, h Gerrard 
Donohue John, eng GTR, h Main 
Donohue Joseph, fireman GTR. res Lit- 
tle York 

Down John, plmbr. Kingston rd. h same 
Dovle Henry, cond GTR. res Little York 
Dudley Miss Harriet, music tchr. Main, 1 

Dudlev Thomas, shoemaker. Main, h same 
Duke ' Robert, eng GTR. h Gerrad 
Duke Robert Jr, opr CPR. 1 R Duke 
Dnnk Elizabeth (wid Samuel), h Mary 
Dunk Frederick, elk. 1 Mrs E Dunk 
Durham Robert W. express, h John 
Eastoff Ernest E. tuckpointer. 1 Mrs p; 

Fast Toronto Fire Hall. Main 

Mary E Trench Postmistress. Gp-rnrd 
East Toronto Public School. J W Johnston 

nrin. Mary 
Elliott George, coalman GTR. res Little 

York „ , 

Elllotl Wm. coalman GTR. res Scarborough 
Ellis George, night act. h Swanwick av 
Emerton Eliza (wid James). 1 J F.merton 
Emerton John, brkman GTR. b Gerard 
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Swan- 
wick av . . 
English Mrs Amelia, gro. Kingston rd, 1 

English George, bollerwasner GTU, li Wal- 

En-lish Miss Minnie, drsmkr. Kingston rd, 
1 same 

English Wm. car repr GTR. h Kingston rd 
Enright Walter C. fireman GTR. h Swan- 
wick av _ 
Fairelotb George S. studt. 1 J M Fair- 
cloth , , 

Faircloth John M. painter, h Kineston rd 
Faircloth Richard T. elk. 1 J M Faircloth 
parrel] Thomas, brkman GTR. h Mary 
Fenton Wilson, hkpr. h Benlamond av 
Fermison Andrew P. fireman GTR, h King 

ston rd 
Field Beniamin. h Main 

Field Mrs Susanna, dry goods. Main, h 

Ple'dlne Thomas, eng. h Mary 

Einlavson Charles J. elk. J Heron fc Co. 

1 R W Durham 
Fitzgerald Wm .7. cond GTR, h Main 
Fleming Eliza (wid John). 1 T Dewberry 
'•"inod Martin, "ond c.TR. h Gerrard 
Flvmi John, carp GTR. h Mary 
Forsyth Mrs Elizabeth. 1 Miss M Forsyth 
Forsyth Miss May. drsmkr WaHer. li same 
Fossev Joseph, motorman. h Walter 
Foster Robert, fireman GTR. h Swanwick 


Gallagher Mrs Marv. mantle tnkr, 1 E Shea 
Galloway Robert T. bkr. W IT Snell. h 

Garbutt Ernest J. lab. h John 
Gnrbntt James, cleaner GTR. res York tp 
Garland John, elk R Garland, 1 same 
Garland Richard, gro. Kingston rd. h 

Garry Mnrt. cond GTR. h Enderby rd 
Garry Patrick, cond GTR. res Little York 
Gateuby Charles n, steam raiser GTR. b 

Mrs Thompson 
George Edward, brkman GTR, h Edward 
Glen Wm. gummier, h Kingston rd 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Aeeountant, Auditor and Assignee. 


Cable Address, 








East Toronto. 


Goss W Frank, fireman GTlt. h J MeLellan 
Gough Joseph, cleaner, h Edward 
Gougli Walter, cleaner GTR, 1 J Gough 
Graham Rev John W (Methodist), h Dan- 
forth av 

GTR Boarding House, Win Smith caretkr, 

Grannan Wm, cleaner GTR, res Little 

Grant Wm H, barr, h Norwood rd 
Gray Hamilton, coachman, h Charles 
Griffiths Frank, driver G Meech, 1 same 
GrofT Wm H, brkman GTR, h Edward 
Guest Thomas, examiner GTR, res Little 

Hafenbrack Charles M, brkman GTR, h 

Hanna Richard, car oiler GTR, res Little 

Hare Henry J, car repr GTR, res Little 

Harris A J, brkman GTR, res Little York 
Harris Samuel, hotel, Kingston rd cor 

Harvey Frank M, liver)'. Main, h same 
Harvey James, driver W H Snell, 1 same 
Hawthorn Adam H, cond GTR, h Gerrad 
Hayes George, brkman GTR, h Kingston 

Henderson James, eng GTR, b Mrs E Sle- 

Heron James (James Heron & Co), b Mrs 

I Westlake 
Heron James & Co (James Heron), hard- 
ware, Main 
Heron Thomas, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Hewitt Charles, elk. 1 Mrs S Hewitt 
Hewitt James A, lab, 1 Mrs S Hewitt 
Hewitt Josph, lab, 1 Mrs S Hewitt 
Hewitt Sarah (wid James), h Kingston rd 
Hewitt Wm, carp, h Swanwlck av 
Hill Frank, wiper GTR. h Gerrard 
Hill Martha L (wid Francis A), 1 E N 

Hill Richard, boilermkr GTR. h Catherine 
Hills Alexander, cleaner GTR, res Little 

Hind Edmund, bkpr L A De Laplante & Co, 
1 J Hind 

Hinds Wm, fireman GTR, h Gerrard 
Hitch Wm. btchr G Meech, 1 same 
Hiteshue Wm O. carp McMillan & Cos- 
tain, res Norway 
Hodgson Wm, Ink. nan GTR, h Gerrard 
Hohs Edgar J, mngr, h Benlamond av 
Hope Methodist Church, Danforth av 
Howard Walter H, lab, h Main 
Howarth Forbes, trav, h Edward 
Howell Frank, bkpr, 1 J A Armstrong 
Howell George, btchr G Meech, 1 same 
Howell Herbert W, printer, h Main 
Hozack John, cond GTR, h Swanwlck av 
Hughes James L, sen insp, h Beech av 
Humphrey Thomas G. fireman G1K, n 

Hunter Archibald, undertaker. Danforth 

av, h same 
Hutchinson Wm. cond GTR, res Little 


Hutton George, fireman GTR. b J Mc- 

Hutton Wm D, eng GTR, h Danforth av 
Ireland Edward, eng GTR, h Swanwlck av 
Ironside Robert, brkman GTR, res Little 

Jackson David, coalman GTR, h Charles 
Jackson Wm, boilermaker GTR, h Dan- 
forth rd 

Jeekell Henry, steamftr GTR, h Kingston 
road , , 

Jewell George, brkman GTR, h Swanwlck 

Johns Harry, cond GTR, h Edward 
Johns Miss Minnie, bpr, 1 H Johns 
Johnson James F, elk GTR, h Enderby rd 
Johnson John, eng GTR, res Little York 
Johnston John W, prin East Toronto Pub- 
lic Sch, h Edward 
Johnston Lee, eng GTR. h Swanwlck av 
Johnston Wm, studt, 1 J Johnston 
Johnston Wm J. cond GTR, h Lyall av 
Jones Ernest, tinsmith J Jones, 1 same 
Joues James, tinsmith Kingston rd, b same 
Jones Sidney, acct, h Norwood rd 
Judd Frank, pumpman, h n GTR track 
Kennedy Simon, co constable, li Main 
Kerr Daniel J, fireman GTR. h Gerard 
Kerr Robert P. ftr GTR, h Gerrard 
Kerr Wm, fireman GTR, b Mrs L Ste- 
phenson , , 
Kerr Wm K, fireman GTR, h Swanwlck av 

Kersteman Jessie (wid Wm jr), b J Seal 
Kllgannon James, cond GTR, h Swan- 
wick av 

KIngsmlll Frederick, market gdnr, King- 
ston rd 

Kirk Frederick A, fireman GTR, h Stephen- 
son av 

Knights Elgin, sectionman, b T Dewberry 
Knox George, cond GTR, res Little York 
Lackey Wm E, fireman GTR, res Little 

Lamb George A, under sec YMCA, 1 J W 

Lamb Joseph, eng GTR, h Enderby rd 
Lambert John N, hotel. Danforth av 
Law George D, fireman GTR, h Gerrard 
Layland John, h Kingston rd 
Lee James, oiler GTR, res Little York 
Lee John, eng GTR, h Charles 
Liddell David H, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
Liddell W Frank, appr GTR, 1 D H Lid- 

Liddell Robert F, Improver GTR, 1 Ger- 

Llghtfoot Alfred, caretkr East Toronto Pub 

Sch, h Kingston rd 
Llghtfoot Edward, caretkr, h Kingston rd 
Linton John A, brkman GTR, h Norwood 

Logan Frank, eng GTR. res Toronto 
Looney Thomas J, eng GTR, h Swanwlck 

Luke Wm, carp, h Mary 
Lyonde Frederick, photo, h Balsam av 
Lyon Wm, h Beech av 

McArthur Archibald, cond GTR, h Ste- 
phenson av 
McAteer John, fireman GTR, b Mrs How- 

McCabe Thomas F, fireman GTR, h M.irv 
MeCausland Mrs Semelia, tchr East Tor- 
onto Pub Sch, 1 H Schaefer 
McCluer Joseph, h Lyall av 
McCluer Robert H, 1 J McCluer 
McCulloch John, lab, h Norwood rd 
McCulloch John L, treas East Toronto Vil- 
lage, h Mary 
McDermott Miss Alice M, elk, 1 S G Mc- 

McDermott Miss Minnie J, elk, 1 S G Mc- 

McDermott Samuel G, cond GTR, h 

McDonald James, brkman GTR, res Little 

McElroy James, storeman GTR, h Ender- 
by rd 

McGinn John, bkr W H Snell, res To- 

McGoverln John, cond GTR, h Mary 
McGuIre John, boilermkr GTR, h Swan- 
wick av 

Miller Wm, moccasin ctr, li John 

Milligan Miss Grace, tchr East Toronto 

Pub Sch, b Mrs Dibb 
Mitchell James, cond GTR 
Mitchell Robert, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Modeland Thomas, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Moffat Wm, cleaner GTR, res Little York 
Moffatt James, yardsman L A De La- 
plante & Co, rea Little York 
Monteith Margaret (wid Wm), h Beula- 
iunnd av 

Morris Frederick G, fireman GTR, h Bridge 
Mortimer Elizabeth (wid John), n King- 
ston rd 

Mortimer Maria (wid Henry), h Gerrard 
Morton Edward L, h Norwood rd 
Mothersill Frederick, bldr. Main, h same 
Muirliead Wm D, eug GTR, h Kingston 


Mureh Frederick, eng GTR, h Swanwlck 


Mureh Frederick jr, elk, 1 F Murch 
Murray Frederick W, dentist, Main, b Mrs 

I Westlake 
Murray John, bkpr, h Beech av 
Murray Mrs Maggie, tel opr, h Edward 
Murray Patrick J, cond GTR, h Gerrard 
Murray Thomas, elk, 1 P J Murray 
Myers Joseph, coalman GTR, res Little 


Myles Miss Alice, mantle mkr, 1 Mrs S 


Myles James, macb hd McMIlUn & Cos- 
tain, 1 Mrs Myles 
Myles Selina (wid James), h Bridge 
Nethery Wilmot, elk Carnahan Bros, b 

Mrs I Westlake 
Newell James, eng GTR, res Little York 
Nowland Samuel, eng GTR, res Little York 
Nicholls Joseph, oiler GTR, res Little York 
Norris Wm, lab GTR, h Main 
Northeott Thomas H, lab, h Walter 
Nortcott W Bertram, tinsmith, 1 T H North- 

O'Connor John, elk GTR, res Toronto 
O'Connor Marv (wid Patrick), h Bridge 
O'Connor Thomas, yardmaster GTR, res 

O'Connor Wm, checker, 1 Mrs M O'Connor 
O'Meara Rev Thomas R (Anglican), h 

Beech av _ - 

O'Neill Wm, switchman, b Mrs I Westlake 
Ormerod George W, assessor and tax coll, 

h Donald _ _ , 

Osborne Rev Alfred, DD, rector St Saviors 

(Ang) Church, res Little York 
Parkinson George, road commr, h Main 
Parkinson (ieorge C, elk, 1 G Parkinson 
rarkinson Lafayette, fireman GTR, b G 

I\Lsnwre°Edward, ftr GTR, res Little York 
Pearce John, barber, Main, h same 

McHattie George, fireman GTR, h Lyall av Peck George T, lab, g M ary 
Mclntyre Lachlan, fireman GTR, res Lit- Penny Win, hound kpr, Hunt Club, n 

A^UUS SftA'Sft. res Lit- ] S®fej«S fg ^ST 

mV-KI^ David, eng GTR, h Gerrard 3g£ K« | j ^ ™W 
McKnlght James, bkr W H Snell, res To- Piekard Christopher carp GTR, h Mary 

.„„,„ Pickering Charles, h Charles 

McLelian James, h Swanwlck av | Pollard Frederick, brkman GTR, res Little 

M sam°e d Aleiander ' carp ' Swanwlck av, h | p York .^^^ pouUry fllr h Km(?8t(m 
McLeod Euphemia (wid John), 1 A McLeod road 

McLeod Thomas, fireman GTR, b G Meech Prescott George, brkrnan GTR h Gerrard 
McLuckle Peter, eng GTR, h Swanwlck av Prescott Thomas, brkman GTR, res Little 
McLuckie Peter jr, mach. 1 P McLuckle York 

McMi.lin Andrew ( * Costain), h , P.est^V "^brkman ^R. h Gerrajrt^ ^ 


McMlllin & Costain (Andrew McMillin, Wm 
Costain), planing mill, cor Main and 

Mabbott Wm, sec man GTR, h Enderby 

road „_,„ , , 

Mackie Alfred S Y. fireman GTR, h Main 
Mackie Susan (wid Alexander), h Gerrard 
Maginn Charles, agt. h Gerrard 
Mailer Robert, lab GTR, h Kingston rd 
Marsh Edwin, brkman GTR. h Donald 
Marshall George, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
Martin Andrew, eng GTR, h Enderby rd 
May Thomas, storeman GTR, res Little 

York , „ 

Meech George, btchr. Main, h same 
Menzies Alexander, eng G I H, b Mrs S 
Mfl. ok 

Miles Andrew, boilerwasher GTR, b Mrs E 

Millar Edmund R, eng GTR, h Benlamond 

Y'ork tp 

Purdy Wm H, fireman GTR, h Mary 
Raby George, brkman GTR, rea Little 

Reed Rev Wm L B (Anglican), b J Seal 
Held Robert W, eng GTR, h Lyall av 
Richardson Frederick, fireman GTR, n 
Alii rv 

Richardson Henry E. fireman GTR, b Mary 
Richardson James B, cond GTR, h Ed- 

Richardson John J P. bldr, Danforth av, 

h same 

Rigbv John, brkman. 1 Mrs S Mackie 

Rine' Frank, fireman GTR, h Mary 

Roach James, lukman GTR, b Norwood rd 

Roach Michael, 1 J Roach 

Robarts Fred W, acct, h Balsam av 

Robinson Ralph A, elk, h Benlamond av 

Robinson Wm, car checker, b T Dewberry 

Metallic Ceilings. 

Metallic Roofing Co., m ™. 

'Phone 5481. Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 



Telephone 2274 


8. w. CORNER 



East Toronto. 


Robinson Wm C, cleaner GTR, res To- 

Rogers Rev Thomas H (Presbyterian), 1 P 

Rogerson Albert E (R Rogerson & Son), 

1 R Rogerson 
Rogerson Robert (R Rogerson & Son), h 

Stephenson av 
ROGERSON H & SON (Robert and Al- 
bert E), Coal and Wood, Main, cor 

Stephenson av 
Rogerson Thomas S, driver R Rogerson & 

Son, h Enderby rd 
Ross John F, drugs, cor Queen and Beech 

av, res Toronto 
Roth George, brkman, b Mrs E Slemln 
Rouham Matthew, cond GTR, res Little 


Ryan Martha (wid Bernard), h Swanwick av 
Ryan Miss Mary, tchr East Toronto Pub 

Sch, b Enderby rd 
St John's (RC) Church, Kingston rd 
St Savior's Church (Anglican), Eev Alfred 

Osborne, DD, rector, Swanwick av 
Salisbury Wm, yardsman, h Swanwick av 
Salmon Henry, carchecker GTR, h Main 
Samuel J Hughes, genl agt, n e cor Beech 

av and Queen e, h same 
Sanderson Herbert J, fireman GTR, b T 


Sanderson Thomas, eng GTR, h Lyall av 
Sands James, eng GTR, h Gerrad 
Scanlon Patrick, h Enderby rd 
Schaefer Henry, fireman GTR, h Lyall av 
Schllnker Jacob, blksmlth, Danforth av, 
h Main 

Seal James, gdnr, h Kingston rd 
Sedman Elizabeth (wld Thomas), 1 Mrs M 

E Trench 
Sewell Stephen, acct, h Kingston rd 
Shaw George, eng GTR, h cor Main and 

Lyall av 

Shea Edward, brkman GTR, h Gerrard 
Shelle Joseph, coalman GTR, res Scar- 

Shepard Arthur, driver W H Snell, 1 B S 

Shepard Byron S, h Kingston rd 
Sherry Luke, brkman GTR, b W H How- 

Sidey Miss Edith, mach, 1 Mrs M Sldey 
Sidey Mary (wid Joseph), h Gerrard 
Sidey Miss Mayford, mach, 1 Mrs M Sidey 
Simmons David, cond, res Little Yok 
Sinclair Archibald, fireman GTR, h Ed- 

Sinclair Wm A, fireman, h Swanwick av 
Slemln Alexander, switchman GTR, h King- 
ston rd 

Slemln Elizabeth (wid Wm), h Enderby rd 
Slemln Joseph, brkman GTR, h Bridge 
Slemln Wm, brkman GTR, h Enderby rd 
Smith David, ftr GTR, h Edward 
Smith Wm, earetkr GTR Boarding House, 

h Gerrard 
Snell Wm H, baker, Main, h same 
Skelcher John G, fireman GTR. b Mrs E 


Solomon John, trav, 1 Mrs M Mortimer 
Sparkes Aylett, gdnr, h Edward 
Spofford Wm W, fruit dlr, h Gerrard 
Stennett Robert, engine turner GTR, res 

Stephenson Lucy (wld Donald G, h Gerrard 
Stibbard Elizabeth (wld Thomas), h Swan- 
wick av 

Stibbard Howard, appr GTR, 1 T Stibbard 
Stibbard Percy, call boy GTR, 1 T Stib- 

Stibbard Thomas, cond GTR, h Main 
Stlnson Wm, fireman GTR, h Stephenson 

Stoba Albert C, tlr, Stephenson av, cor 
Main, h Main 

Stoner Richard, brkman GTR, h Gerrard 
Swan Frederick A, h Enderby rd 
Szammer John, eng GTR, res Little York 
Tanner Charles, car repr GTR, res Little 


Tanner John, examiner GTR, res York tp 
Taylor Alfred, tlr J E Ziemann, b same 
Taylor Allan, brkman GTR, h Norwood rd 
Taylor Andrew, brlcklyr, h Stephenson av 
Taylor Charles H, pntr, Kingston rd, h 

Taylor Edward, tlr J E Ziemann, b same 
Taylor E Lankin, 1 A Taylor 
Taylor E Lankin, 1 A Taylor 
Taylor Miss Flossie, tlrs J E Ziemann, b 
P W Taylor 

Taylor Joseph, examiner GTR, res Little 

Taylor Lome W, elk R Garland, 1 P W 


Taylor Miss Mabel, mach opr, 1 P Taylor 
Taylor Peter, driver, h Edward 
Terry Wm, cond GTR, h Danforth av 
Teskey George, fireman GTR, h Charles 
Teskey James, fireman GTR, res Little 

Thompson Frederick, maltster, h Beech ay 
Thorns Wm. coalman GTR, res Little York 
Tidsberry James L, co constable, h Ste- 
phenson av 
Tiffin Arthur, h Swanwick av 
Tiffin Frederick, brkman, 1 A Tiffin 
Tiffin George, 1 A Tiffin 
Tllley Miss Martha, 1 Mrs S A Tilley 
TUley Sarah A (wid Henry), h Kingston rd 
Tilley Wm H, eng GTR, h Kingston rd 
Tomlinson Robert S, pntr, h Swanwick av 
Toms Samuel, cleaner GTR, res Little York 
Toyne Joseph, car repr GTR, res York tp 
Trebilcock Joseph, h Walter 
Trebllcock Miss Mary, tchr East Toronto 

Pub Sch, 1 J Trebllcock 
TRENCH MARY E (wld George), 
Grocer and Postmistress Gerrard, 1 same 
Wadlow Albert, h Gerrard 
Wagner David, brkman GTR, res Little 

Walker Jane (wid John), 1 T F McCabe 
Walker Robert F, cond GTR, h Stephenson 

Walker Wm J, eng GTR, h Main 
Wallls Wm, h Mary 
Walls Miss Hannah, elk. 1 J Walls 
Walls James, switchman, 1 J Walls 
Walls John, examiner GTR, h Enderby rd 
Walsh Patrick, baggageman GTR, res To- 

Walters Wm R, phy, Danforth av, h 

Ward Fred R. elk. h Gerrard 
Warfe Jesse, lab, h Main 
Warfe Mrs Martha, confy, Main, 1 same 
Warfe Miss Mary, tlrs, 1 J Warfe 
Waugh George, station agt, York station 
Webster John D, phy, Main, h same 
Weir Robert, ftr GTR, h Swanwick av 
Welch George, fireman GTR, h Edward 
Westlake Alfred, appr GTR, 1 Mrs I West- 

Westlake Isabella (wld Richard), bdg hse, 

Enderby rd 
Westlake Wm E, fireman GTR, 1 Mrs I 


White Albert E, brkman GTR, h Main 
White George, plstr, Kingston rd, h same 
White James, plstr, 1 G White 
White John, cond GTR, h Edward 
White Sarah P (wid Richard), h Enderby rd 
Wlddlfield Miss Susie, tlrs, 1 T Sanderson 
Wiggins George A C, music tchr, Gerrard, 
h same 

Wight Miss Alice, elk F C Brown, 1 F C 

Wilbee Matthew, eng GTR, h Swanwick av 
Wilkinson Henry T, express, Kingston rd, 
h same 

Wilson Mary (wid Robert), 1 J D Webster 
Wiswell Walter M, tel opr. h Enderby rd 
Woodworth Richard, tlr A C Stoba, res 

Little York 
Wright Wm, fireman GTR, b J McLellan 
Wvlle Wm, hostler J Lambert 
Yeo Miss Jennie, tchr East Toronto Pub 

Sch, b Mrs J Dibb 
York Station GTR. Geo Waugh agt, Main 
Young Men's Christian Association (railway 

department), Earl M Cook sec, Main 
Young Wm W, brkman GTR, h Gerrard 
Ziemann John E, tlr, Main, h same 


(See North Toronto) 


(Four and a half miles west of P O) 

Allen Joseph W. mkt gdnr. Burgess av 
Armstrong George, brkmkr, h Lake Shore 

Aymer Charles, mkt f. dnr, Burgess av 
Baker Henry, mkt gdnr, Davidson cres 
Ball Henry, motorman, h Lake Shore rd 
Bannon John J, lab H Butwell, 1 G Cook 

Beadle Andrew, lab, 1 Mrs E Beadle 
Beadle Esther (wid Andrew), h Queen 
Beadle George, lab, 1 Mrs E Beadle 
Beadle Wm H, brkmkr, I Mrs E Beadle 
Beetle Wm, lab, H Butwell, h Queen 
Bellemer Frederick, tmstr, h Macdonald av 
Blea Daniel, hotel, Queen 
Boland John, lab, 1 P Boland 
Boland Patrick, lab, h Amelia 
Boyd Wm, blksmth, h Macdonald av 
Braithwalte Wm, prin Humber Bay Pub 

Sen, res Toronto 
Broderick Patrick, watchman GTR, h Sal- 
isbury av 

Brown Elizabeth (wid Charles E), mkt gdnr 

Salisbury av 
Brown George S, studt, 1 Mrs E Brown 
Brown John, gdnr, Mrs E Brown, h Sal- 
isbury av 

Brown Walter E, gdnr Mrs E Brown, 1 

Burgess Caroline (wld Wm), h Burgess av 
Burgess Harry C, gdnr W Burgess, 1 same 
Burgess Wm, JP, mkt gdnr, Queen, h same 
Butwell Henry, brick maker, Lake Shore 

rd, res Toronto 
Butwell Mark, brkmkr H Butwell, h Lake 

Shore rd 

Butwell Richard, mngr H Butwell, h Lake 
Shore rd 

Callaghan John, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Chater Charles, watchman, h Lake Shore 

Christie Miss Jennie, tchr Humber Bay 

Pub Sch, res Etobicoke Township 
Churchward Robert, carp, h Frederica 
Churchward Robert jr, 1 R Churchward 
Clarke Henrietta (wid Henry), h Salisbury 

Clarke Henry, lab, 1 Mrs H Clarke 
Cook George, lab H Butwell, h Lake Shore 

Corbett Robert, boltmkr, h Queen 
Cox Samuel, blacksmith Queen, h Frederica 
Cummings Wm, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Currier Patrick, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Danbridge James, mkt gdnr Queen 
Daniels Francis, mkt gdnr Queen 
Davis John S, lab. h Queen 
Dinn Simon, lab. 1 P Donovan 
Donovan Patrick, watchman, h Queen 
Donovan Patrick jr, tmstr Humber Supply 

Co. 1 P Donovan 
Drew Richard, lab, h Davidson cres 
Dunn James, lab H Butwell, res New Tor- 

Dulnall John, lab. 1 R Dutnall 

Dutnall Robert, lab, h Lake Shore rd 

Dutnall Walter, lab. 1 R Dutnall 

Foidycc John, lab, h Amelia 

Fox Charles, wks J Rush. 1 same 

Fuller James, mkt gdnr Salisbury av 

Giles Richard, lab. h Frederica 

Giles Wm. lab. h Frederica 

Gllltnan Wm, mkt gdnr Queen 

Gilroan George, lab. h Oliver 

Glpson Mrs Martha, gro Lake Shore rd 

Glpson Reuben, pntr and Co Constable, h 

Lake Shore rd 
Goddard David, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Goyne John, mkt gdnr College 
Gray George, farmer, U Salisbury av 
Greenfield Samuel, mkt gdnr Queen 
Greenfield Thomas, lab, h Queen 
Grimsby Walter, bkmkr H Butwell, res 


Hansford James, lab. li Salisbury av 
Hauls Charles, h Queen 
Harris Wm, mkt gdnr College 
Hemlock John, lab, h College 
Herdman Joseph, watchman GTR, res Tor. 

Hicks Alfred T, wireman, 1 O L Hicks 
Hicks Frederick J, boatbldr, 1 O L Hicks 
Hicks George H. plmbr. 1 O L Hicks 
Hicks Oetavius L. boatbldr, h Lake Shore 

nicks Wm J, boatbldr O L Hicks, 1 same 

Horwood Frank, h Queen 

HUGHES CHARLES W. General Store 

and Post Office Queen, h same 
Humber Bay Hotel, D Blea prop, Queen 
Humber Bay Post Office, C W Hughes 

postmaster. Queen 
Hnmber Bay Public School, Wm Braith- 

waite prin. Cockburn 
Humber Supply Co, George Simpson mngr, 

coal and stone, Lake Shore rd, cor Queen 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. 


20,000 in use* Strictly High Grade. 


143 YONGE ST. * uul $£S? P t E?ZSS#iir* 


Little York. 


Jackson Henry K, gdnr J Rush, h Burgess 

Johnston Elizabeth (wid Win), n\kt gdnr 

Johnston Uobert, gdnr J Itush, h Burgess 

King Charles, hostler I' Lang 
Lang Louis W, lithographer, 1 1* Lung 
Lang 1'eter, prop Cycle Inn, Lake Shore id 
Leclere Mrs Mary, h Lake Shore rd 
Leigh James, tmstr, h Lake Shore id 
Little Arthur C, iukt gdnr Queen 
Loates Albert, driver, h Coekburn 
Lyons Herbert, 1 H Butwell, res Toronto 
Macpherson Alexander, lab, h Queen 
Maw Capt Robert, pleasure boats river 

bank, res Toronto 
Mlldlng Aaron, carp, h Salisbury av 
Nightingale Wm H, h Salisbury av 
North George, gdnr, 1 W North 
North Harry, gdnr, 1 W North 
North Wm, iukt gdnr Burgess av 
North Wm Jr, iukt gdnr Burgess av 
Nurse Charles, hotel and boat builder Lake 

Shore rd 
Nurse Charles jr, 1 C Nurse 
Orr Benjamin, boatbldr, h Queen 
Parker Arthur, iukt gdnr Queen 
Parker Wm H, mkt gdnr Queen 
Parmenter Philip, lab, h Coekburu 
Payne Charles, tmstr, h Godson rd 
Poole Mrs Ellen, h A Loates 
Presley Alfred, constable, h Oliver 
Presley Ernest, lab, 1 A Presley 
Presley Tom, lab, 1 A Presley 
Presley Wm, lab. 1 A Presley 
Reeves Frank, mkt gdnr College 
Reld Ann (wid Thomas), mkt gdnr Burgess 


Reld Ralph L, gdnr Mrs A Reld, 1 same 
Keilly Robert, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Reynolds Joseph, carp, h Macdonald av 
Riches Jesse, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Rush Joseph, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
St James (Anglican) Church, Frederlca 
Scully Annie (wid Martin), h Godson rd 
Shaver Albert, carp, h Lake Shore rd 
Simpson George, ningr Humber Supply Co, 

h Lake Shore rd 
Simpson George, stonedlr Lake Shore rd, 

h same 

Smith Henrv, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Stell Arthur R, elk, h Salisbury av 
Stell George G, lumber, 1 G Gray 
Stevens John, mkt gdnr College 
Taverner Edward, lab, h Fredrelca 
Taylor Kate (wid George), 1 R Dutnall 
Thornton Francis, h Lake Shore rd 
Todd James, mkt gdnr College 
Warner Frank S, bkpr, h Davidson cres 
Whelpdale George, mkt gdnr Church 
White John, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Whitehead James, lab, 1 Mrs S Whitehead 
Whitehead John, lab, 1 Mrs S Whitehead 
Whitehead Sarah (wid Thomas), h Queen 
Whltworth George, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Wkkson Thomas, mkt gdnr Queen 


(Five miles east of Toronto PO, Post Office 
name Coleman) 

Appleby Edward, hostler G Emprlngham 
Armstrong Albert, lab. h Lansdowne av 
Armstrong Edward, wks GTR, 1 J R Moffat 
Armstrong Thomas, tmstr W E H Massey, 

1 Dentonla Park Farm 
Austin John. 1 W H Canning 
Baker John. 1 J M Baker 
Baker John M. lab, h Dawes rd 
Bangay Herbert, Miller W N Morley, 1 H 


Bangay Robert, tmstr, h Dawes rd 
Bnnirav Samuel, driver, 1 R Bangay 
Baiter Archibald, tmstr W E H Massey, 

Dentonla Park Farm 
Bell Andrew, gasman, b Lansdowne av 
Bernhardt James, fireman GTR, h Midland 

avenue . 
Bessev Wesley H, ins agt, h Dawes id 
Blavlock Wm H, gro Danforth av, h same 
Bre'nnan Laurence, blksmth, h Isabella 
Brotherston Hall, Danforth av 
Brotherston Wm M, blksmth Danforth a\, 

Brownlee Thomas, prin Little York Pub 

Sch, b Mis S Hackett 
Burchard James, lab, h Luttrell av 

Burd Wm, brkmn, h Luttrell av 
Busby John, h Lansdowne av 
Busby Win, h Danforth av 
Butterick Samuel, lab GTR, h Isabel a 
Cameron Benjamin A, brkmn GTR, li Isa- 

Canham Joseph, lab, 1 Wm Newman 
Canning W Henry, brkmn, h Danforth av 
Coldeu Miss Annie. 1 Wm Burd 

mo Postmaster, Danforth av, Little Cork 
Collaton John, coud GTR, li Main 
Cook Alexander B, bartndr White House 
Cook Wm, cond GTR, h Florence av 
Corcoran Joseph, brkmn, b Empriughani 


Cornell Walter G, carp, h Main 

Cowle George, dairyman W E H Massey, b 

Dentonla Park Farm 
Cowling Arthur, brkmn GTR, h Midland av 
Cowling Wm E, brkmn GTR, h Isabella 
Currah Jane (wid John), h Danforth av 
Currah John, lab, 1 Mrs J Currah 
Curtis Wm, brkmn GTR, h Main 
Davles Wm J, brkmn GTR, h Main 
Davis George H, ftr GTR, h Isabella 
Dentonla Park Farm and Trout Ponas, 

Walter E H Massey prop, Dawes rd 
Dominion Trouser Co, tlrs, W H Ives jr 

ningr, Danforth av 
Donnelly Henry, shoemkr Danforth av, h 


Douglas Frank, hostler Mrs S Hackett 
Douglas George, elk W H Blaylock, 1 same 
Doyle Henry, cond GTR, h Lansdowne av 
Drummond David, coal and wood, Danforth 

av, h Lansdowne av 
Dunn Alfred, cond, h Danforth av 
Dunn John, driver Paterson Bros, 1 Alfred 


Eastbourne House, Mrs S Hackett prop, 

Danforth av . , 

Elliott Clarence, driver D Drummond. 1 W 

Elliott . , 

Elliott David, eng W N Morley, h Lans- 
downe av 
Elliott George, eontr, h Main 
Elliott Willis, bkr, 1 D Elliott 
Emprlngham George, hotel, Danforth av 
Emprlngham George F, bartndr Geo fc-ut- 

pringham, 1 same . _ 

Emprlngham Wm, 1 Emprlngham House 
Evans John, prop White House, Danforth 

Ferguson Ellen (wid Henry). 1 J Collaton 
Gallagher John, cond GTR, h Danforth av 
Garrv Patrick J, cond GTR, h Main 
Gilding Frank, btchr Danforth av, h same 
(Hiding Frederick, driver F Gilding. 1 same 
ending Georee, driver F Gilding, 1 same 
Glvens Wm H, dry goods Danforth av, 

h same _ 
Grannan Wm. wiper, h Danforth av 
Grant Alexander Y, musdc tchr Danforth 

av. b Emprlngham House 
Grieve George W, brkmn GTR, h Main 
Guest Thomas, ear rpr, h Brotherston la 
Gulliver Francis J, gdnr W E H Massey, h 

Dentonia Park Farm 
Hackett Sarah (wid John), hotel Danforth 

Hanna Noble, 1 R Hanna 
Hanna Richard, car rep GTR. h Dawes .d 
Hare Harry J, wks GTR h Dawes rd 
Harris Alfred J, brkmn, h Luttrell av 
Hawker Wm, coupler CPR. h Luttrell av 
Heron David, brklyr, h Elliott ay 
High Archibald, foreman W E H Massey, 

b Dentonla Park Farm 
Hilt's Alexander, wks GTR, h Luttrell av 
Hind Edmund, bkpr, 1 J Hind 
Hind Joseph, bldr, h Main 
Hooper Reuben, driver D Drummond, I T 

Hooper^Thomas, sec man GTR, h Lans- 

HorTan 6 Denis, brkmn, b Emprlngham 

Hm?arfl Wm H, brkmn, h Luttrell av 
HutVnlnson Wm H, cond GTR, h Lans- 

downe av . _ 

lonson Albert, barber, 1 W Ionson 

Tnnson Wm. h Danforth av _ 

I?3es Robert, brkmn GTR, h Dawes rd 
Ives Wm H jr, mngr Dom Trouser Co, res 

Tor Junction 
Jackson Walter, gdnr W E H Massey. h 

Dentonla Park Farm 
Johnson Harold, wks CrR, 1 J Johnson 
Johnson John, eng GTR, h Dawes rd 

the most complete Murray's Tables. 

INTEREST TABLES are revised edition. 

Johnston Arthur, shoes Danforth av, It 

Ketchen J Blair, supt W E H Massey, b 

Dentonia Park Farm 
Knights Wm R, bartndr Mrs S Hackett, I 


Knox George, cond, h Luttrell av 
Lackey Edgar W, fireman GTR, h Isabella 
Lee James, oiler, h Danforth av 
Liddell John H, brkmn, b Luttrell av 
Little Miss Maggie, tchr Little York Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 
Little York Fire Hall, Dawes rd 
Little York Public School, Thomas Brown- 
lee prln, Lansdowne av 
Livingstone Donald, herdsman W E H Mas- 
sey, h Dentonia Park Farm 
Lloyd Charles D, barber Danforth av, h 

Lucas Wm H. h Main 
McCrelght Frank, harness Danforth av, h 

McCron Matthew, driver Perkins Bros. 1 

McDonald James, brkmn GTR, h Lans- 
downe av 

Mclntyre Lauchliu, fireman GTR, h Dawes 

McKennay Thomas, brkmn GTR, h Dawes 

Mcl'herson Hester (wid Alexander), h Dan- 
forth av 

Markle Alfred, gateman GTR, h Dawes rd 
Markle Annie (wid Hiram), h BrotherstJH 

Marshall Wm, tmstr, li Dawes rd 
Massey Walter E H, prop Dentonia Park 

Farm, res Toronto 
May George, lab W E H Massey, h Dan- 
forth av 
May Joseph, cond, 1 G May 
May Thomas, lab GTR, h Isabella 
Mitchell James, cond, b Emprlngham House 
Moffat James R, lumberman, h Dawes rd 
Morley Win N, Hour mill, Dawes rd. h same 
Murray Michael F, cond, h Luttrell av 
Newell Robert J, eng GTR. h Danforth av 
Newland Samuel G, eng GTR, h Dawes rd 
Newman Ann (wid Wm), 1 Wm Newman 
Newman Wm, tmstr, h Midland av 
Nicholas James, agt, I Wm Nicholas 
Nicholas Win, h Brotherston la 
Nicholis Joseph, oiler, li Luttrell av 
Niuimo Miss Marion, elk R Nimmo, 1 same 
NIMMO ROBERT, J P, Grocer anil 

Postmaster, Danforth av, h same 
Nimmo Wm, asst PM, 1 R Nimmo 
O'Dell Albert, yardsman. b Mrs I A Weir 
Osborne Rev Alfred DD, restor St Saviour 9 

Ch, East Toronto, b A Markle 
Paterson Bros (Robert and James), gro' 

Danforth av , _ _ 

Paterson James (Paterson Bros), h Dan 

forth av „ 
Paterson Robert (Paterson Bros), h Dan 

forth av ,„,_.. 
Patton Wm. stableman, h Danforth av 
Pengelly Richard, driver W E H Massey. 

h Dentonia Park Farm " 
Perkins Bros (Cephas W and Herbert -l). 

bakers, Danforth av _ , . _■ 

Perkins Cephas W (Perkins Bros), h Dan- 
forth av 

Perkins Herbert J (Perkins Bros), h Dan- 
forth av 

Pollard Frederick, brkmn. 1 H J Han- 
Porter W Robert, brkmn, h Luttrell av 
Prescott Thomas, brkmn GTR. h Dawes rd 
Raby George E, brkmn GTR, h Lansdowne 

R?ed Q Mary A (wid Frederick) h Isabella 
Rossiter Albert, pressman. 1 J Nicholis 
Rouhan Nathanief J, cond GTR. h main 
Salmon Henry, car che c ker GTR. h Mal n_ 

2'A, 3, 8^4. VA, 6, 6%, <M% W ȣ* * 
per cent. Prom 1 day to 868, on $1.00 
to $10,000. PRICE SIO.OO. Apply to 
B. W. MURRAY, Osgoode Hall, TORONTO. 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

Telephone No. 423. 

■ ■ j 2 6i ■ ■ 



Little York. 


Seaton Edward A, brkmn. b Empriugham 

Si cor Wellington, brkmn, b Mrs I A Weir 
Shaughnessy Lizzie (wld Michael), h l4ins 
downe av 

Shaughnessey Wm, gdnr W E H Massey, 

b Dentonia Park Farm 
Shuttleworth Miss Lottie, dairy maid W E 

11 Massey, b Dentonia Park Farm 
Simmons David, eond. h Luttrell ay 
Steen Edward B, elk Robert Nimuio, 1 


Steen John, flsh snpt W E H Massey, b 
Sibley av 

Steen Robert, eng W E TI Massey, h Den- 
tonia Park Farm 

Stephens Alexander, tnistr W E H Massey, 
h Dentonia Park Farm 

Stephens Henry, lab W E H Massey, t A 

Sutherland Miss Margaret, tchr Little York 

Pub Sch. res Toronto 
Swan Mary (wld John), h Lansdowne av 
Swan Walter H, milker W E H Massey, 1 

Mrs M Swan 
Tanner Charles, carp rep GTR, h Dawes 


Taylor Henry, tmstr W E H Massey, B 

Dentonia Park Farm 
Tavlor Joseph, car examiner, h Luttrell av 
Taylor Robert, sec man GTR, h Dawes rd 
Thomson Wm, h Danforth av 
Toms Charles, 1 Wm Toms 
Toms John, car examiner GTR, 1 Win Toms 
Toms Samuel, wiper GTR, 1 Wm Toms 
Toms Stewart, driver Wm Toms, 1 same 
Toms Wm, dairy. Danforth av, h same 
Toms Wm jr. coalman GTR, 1 Wm Toms 
Torrance Drucilla (wid John M), h Isabella 
Utley Edwin, acct. h Dawes rd 
Wagner David, brkmn GTR, h Dawes rd 
Walker Samuel, dry goods Danforth av. 

h same 

Warfe Andrew, lab. h Danforth av 
Webber Frank, poultry man W E H Mas- 

sev, h Dentonia Park Farm 
Weir Isabella A (wid James G), U Dan- 
forth av 

White House, John Evans prop. Danforth 

Wiekson George, h Isabella 
Williamson Samuel R, lab, 1 W J William 

Williamson Thomas J. brkmn GTR, 1 W J 

Williamson Wm J, see man GTR. h Mid- 
land av 

Wilson Ann B (wid Hugh), h Dawes rd 
Wilson Hugh II, 1 Mrs A I! Wilson 
Wilson Joseph H, carp, h Lansdowne av 
Wood Henry E, bkr. h Lut.trell av 
Woods Henry, bkr Perkins Bros, h Luttrell 

Woodworth Richard, tlr. 1. Mrs I A Weir 
Zamniers John, eng GTR, h Dawes rd 

1 J 


(Seven miles west of P.O.) 

Adamson Win H, Inspr, li Southampton 
Armstrong George, tmstr Ont Sewer Pipe 

Co, res Huniber Bay 
Bailey Mary J (wid Wm), 1 S McGraw 
Bailey Thomas, carp, h Homer av 
Bard Miss Maud, Matron Industrial School 
Barlow Robert, tab, h Mimieo av 
Barnum Ix>renzo D, eng Industrial School 
Barrow Edward, tmstr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

1 John Barrow 
Barrow John, mkt gdnr Church, h same 
Barrow John H, gdnr J Barrow, 1 same 
Baynton Francis, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

h Superior av 
Beaty John, h Lake Shore rd 
Behan Julia (wid George), h Buckingham 
Behan Richard. 1 Mrs J Behan 
Black Wm, prtr Industrial School 
Blair Miss Kate, tchr Mimico Pub Seh, 1 E 


Bolter Thomas, foreman GTR, h Station 
y a rd 

Book Absalom S, mkt gdnr Lake Shore rd 
Brown Hiram, h Melbourne 
Brown John A, fridts Church, h same 
Brown Miss Letltia A, tchr Industrial Seh 
Brown Phillip H. flour, feed and grocer 

Church, h same 
Brydson John, tmstr, h Station rd 
Buckerfleld Miss Mary, stewardess Indus- 
trial School 

Burgess Charles H, elk, 1 W W Burgess 
Burgess Fred A, elk, 1 W W Burgess 
Burgess James W, elk, 1 W W Burgess 
Burgess Walter W, h Southampton 
Burkholder Miss Rebecca, Matron Indus 

trial School 
Caldwell Eev John T, pastor Mimico Metho- 
dist Church, h Mimico av 
Cavan Charles, farmer, h Queen 
Cavell Wm R, barr, h Church 
Chater Charles, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Huniber Bay 
Christ Church, Rev Canon Francis Tre- 

niayne rector, Church 
Chrouse George, lab, h Rose av 
Chrouse George J, lab, 1 G Chrouse 
Chrouse Peter, lab, 1 G Chrouse 
Chrouse Wm J, lab, 1 G Chrouse 
Clark Henry, setter Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Humber Bay 
Clark John, mkt gdnr Church, h same 
Clarke Mrs Annie, Matron Industrial Scli 
Clarke Richard H, tailor Industrial School 
Cochrane James, lab, h Mimico av 
Cooper Adam C, h Elizabeth 
Cousins James C, h Church 
Coxhead Caesar, bldr Superior av, cor Stan- 
ley av, h same 
Crux George C, elk P H Brown, 1 same 
Crux Wm R, h Main 

Currier Patrick, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Humber Bay 
Davey James, mkt gdnr Main, h same 
Davidson Miss Janet, h Homer av 
Dear John H, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 


Dodds George, shipper Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Humber Bay 
Donlev Thomas, farmer, h Evans av 
Donnelly Ellen (wid Charles), h Main 
Douglas John, lab, h Homer ax- 
Douglas Thomas, driver P H Brown. 


Drummond Hester A (wld John \V), u 

Dunn James, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, res 

New Toronto _ 
Dutnall Robert, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 
res Humber Bay , 
English John W, prin Mimico Pub Seh, h 

Evans Miss Eveline, instructress in cook- 
ing. Industrial School 
FEHIUEH CHESTER, Superintendent 

Victoria Industrial School, h Main 
Fetherstonhaugb Edward; elk, 1 B B 

Fetherstonbaugh Frederick B, pat barr, h 

Lake Shore rd 
Finch Arthur, mldr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 1 

G Greenway 
Finch Henry, lab, 1 G Greenway 
Finch James, mldr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

1 G Greenway 
Forbes John A R, bkpr, h Albert av 
Gauld George R, carp Industrial School, h 

Howland av 
Gibson Henry, farmer, h Queen 
Gibson Wm. mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Gilbert Miss Jessie, elk P H Brown, 1 same 
Giles Abraham, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 1 

C Giles 
Giles John, h Church 

Giles Martha A (wld Coleman), h Lake 
Shore rd , , 

Godfrey Forbes E, phy Southampton, h 

same . 
Godson Miss Edith, laundry instructress In- 
dustrial School , „ 
Goldthorpe Benjamin, mkt gdnr Evans av, 

h same . _ 

Goldthorpe George M, mkt gdnr Evans av, 
h same 

Gormalv George, studt, 1 E Stock 
Gormal'v James A, 1 E Stock 
Gormaly Katherlne (wid Alexander), 1 E 

G N W Tel Co, R H Skelton agt, GTR 

Green Henry, 1 G Greenway 
Greenfield Thomas, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Humber Bay 'a . ; 

Greenway George, lab, h Manchester rd 
Greenwav Wm. shoemkr Industrial School 
Griggs Miss Augusta J, bkpr, 1 Mrs E A 

Griggs Miss Catherine E, bkpr. 1 Mrs E A 

Griggs Ellen A (wld Peter V), h South- 

Grobba & Wandrey (Carl Grobba, Ernest 

Wandrey), florists Church 
Grobba Carl (Grobba & Wandrey), h Church 
Hamilton Henry C, studt, 1 Rev J Ham- 

Hamilton Rev Joseph, pastor Mimico Pres- 
byterian Church, h Mimico av 
Harris Andrew D, mugr Ontario Sewer 

Pipe Co, res Toronto 
Harris Daniel, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Harris George, mason, h Queen, cor Church 
Harris John, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Harrison Charles, kiln burner Ont Sewer 

Pipe Co, 1 G Greenway 
Harrison Joseph, well digger, h Manches- 
ter rd 

Hawbrigg Michael, mason, h Oxford 
Heather Herbert, tinsmith Station rd 
Hendry Donald, farmer, h Church 
Hendrv Francis, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Hendry Margaret A (wid James), h Mimic-" 

Hendry Robert, farmer, h Robert 
Henry Robert, lab. h Audley 
Herod Robert M, bklyr, h Queen's av 
Holmes Wm, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Horne Wm S, baker Station rd, h same 
Hughes Arthur, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 1 

Mrs M A Giles 
Johnson Alexander, lab, h Elizabeth 
Jones Thomas E, gdnr J J Kenney. li 

Kay John, ins agt, h Lake Shore rd 
Kay John jr, ins agt, h Victor av 
Kelly Miss Annie, 1 Dr F E Godfrey 
Kennedy Wm, 1 Wm Kennedy jr 
Kennedy Wm jr, melter, h Rose av 
KENNY JAMES J, Manager Western 

Assce Co, Toronto, li Lake Shore rd 
Kerr Archibald O, florist, h Central av 
Kilman Miss Clara, instructress in baking 

Industrial School 
Lawrence Wm J. florist Main, li Lose av 

(See classified Florists) 
Leedham John, eng Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 

Portland , ■ 

Leedham John jr, mldr Ont Sewer Pipe ( 0, 

1 J Leedham 
Leeson Robert, farmer, h Queen 
Llnehan Peter E, lab, h Albert av 
Littieton Arthur, lab Out Sewer Pipe Co. 

1 Mrs M A Giles . , , 

Lynden Miss Katura ( Matron Industrial 

McDonald Miss Florence, h Newcastle 
McDonald John, carp G Stell, res New- 

McElrov Patrick, lab. h Church 
McGrat'h John, mkt gdnr Wellesley, h same 
McGraw Samuel, pntr Church, h same 
McGulre Elizabeth (wid Jobn^, h Maiu 
McGulre Francis, lab, 1 Mrs E McGulre 
McGulre John, lab. 1 Mrs E MeGuire 
McKenzle Samuel W, lab, li Wellesley 
McKuight Samuel, carp G Stell, ree New 

McLeod John, lab Out Sewer Pipe Co, h 
Rose av 

McPherson Alexander, lab Ont Sewer Pipe 

Co. res Huniber Bay 
Macfarlane Wm. mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Mahony Robert J, asst sec Western Ass 

Co. h Albert av 
Malloch Harold A, elk, h Church 
Maloney Frederick, driver W S Home, 1 

Mrs M A Maloney 
Maloney James, driver W S Horne, 1 Mrs 

M A Maloney 
Malonev Mary A (wld Timothy), caretkr 

Mimico Pub Seh, h Station rd 
Maxwell James, lab, h Superior av 
Metcalfe Archelaus, mach, h Mimico av 
Milllken John B, tchr Industrial School, 1 

Mrs E A Griggs 
Mimico Methodist Church, Rev J T Cald- 
well pastor, e s Church 
Mimico Presbyterian Church, Rev Joseph 
Hamilton pastor, e s Church, cor Mimico 

Mitchell Henry, lab, h Elizabeth 
Mitchell Thomas, watchman GTR, h 

Mutart Charles V, tel opr GTR, li South- 

O'Donuell Thomas, farmer, h Simpson av 
O'Donohue John, mkt gdnr Howland av, 

cor Evans av 
O'Meara Wm. lab Out Sewer Pipe Co, 1 E 
T Swain 

Olver Jabez B, phy, Station rd, h same 
Olver Miss Sarah E. h Station rd 


lectric and Gas Fixtures 

Fixtures Made to Special Designs. 





American Copper Go. 


and REPUBLIC (Wash.) 

Mines and Stocks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 


Telephone 1842 12 ADELAIDE ST. E. 


New Toronto. 


Ontario Sewer Pipe Co Ltd, A D Harris 

mugr, Mlnilco 
Orr Joseph, h Church 
Palk Mary (wid Thomas), h Newcastle 
Palk Win H, gilder, 1 Mrs M Palk 
Paxton Wni G, night eng Industrial School 
Poftley James, h Church 
Klchardsou Joseph, lab Out Sewer Pipe 

Co, h Albert av 
Roach Charles, gdnr J Beaty, 1 same 
Roberts Miss Alice, 1 J H Teller 
Rogersou Elspeth W (wid James M), h 

Ross Miss Alice, tchr Mimlco Pub Sch, 1 

J W English 
Rowatt Wni, lab Out Sewer Pipe Co, res 

Humber Bay 
Royce Fred W, 1 I W Royce 
Royce Isaiah W, carp, h Church 
Suuuders Prank, gdnr W J Lawrence, b 


Scott Miss Jeau, 1 Mrs E W Rogerson 
Shaver l'eter B, carp, h Hillside av 
Shaw John, lab, h Grand av 
Simpson Charles, foreman Out Sewer Pipe 

Co, h Burlington av 
Skelton Robert H, station agt GTR, h 

Slater John, blksmith, h Macdonald av 
Smith Frederick S, acet, h Lake Shore rd 
Sproatt Francis (wid Charles), 1 H Sproatt 
Sproatt Henry, architect, h Church 
Stell George, planing mill 
Stock Edward, h Church 
Stock Edward jr, farmer, h Church 
Stubbs George, btchr and gro Chnrch, h 


Swain Edward T, elk, h Robert 
Telfer Gilbert, 1 J A Telfer 
Telfer James H, weiglunaster GTR, h Bu' k 

Teller John A, ticket agt, h Pigeon av 
Temple Andrew, mkt gdnr Church, h same 
Tizzard David, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Torbltl Francis, shoemkr, h Church 
Tremnyne Rev Canon Frauds, rector 

Christ's Church, h Church 
Urquhart Miss Kate, bkpr Industrial Sch 
VciM Mm Miss Edith, instructress in knit- 

liug Industrial School 
Chester Ferrier Superintendent, Main, 
cor Howland av 
Vint Charles H, hotel Manchester rd, cor 

Vincent , 
Wattes Robert. Agricultural instr Industrial 
School , , . 

Wandrey Ernest (Grobba k \\ andrey), h 

Wnrburton George C, agt, h Southampton 
Warner Russell S, agt, h Superior av 
Watson James, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Watson Robert, tmstr G Stell. 1 G Green 

Watson Wm, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 

Mimlco av 
Watson Wm, trav, li Lake Shore id 
Wcrden Albert D. studt, 1 A Wirden 
\\ KRDEN AUSTIN, Postmaster anil 

Grocer, Church, h same 
Whitmove Henry, lab, b E T Swain 
Wilkinson Miss Linda, tailoress Industrial 


Williams Joel, carp, h Robert 
Wilson Hannah (wid Win), h Station rd 
Wilson Harriet, dom Mrs J Behan 
Wilson Wm. lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, b 

Mrs H Wilson , , . 

Windsor Hotel. C H Vint prop. Manchester 

rd, cor Vincent _ . 

Woods Robert, lab Out Sewer Pipe Co, 1 

G Greenway 


(Seven and a half miles west of PO) 

Abernethy Wm, attendant Asylum I 
Adams Richard H. mngr Sheridan Mfg Co 

of New Toronto Ltd, res Toronto 
Allies James, eng Asylum 
Aldridge James, shoemkr Asylum 

r,eemer Medical Superintendent. James 

Corcoran Bursar, Lake Shore rd 
Itannon John, attendant Asylum 
Barber Wm C. MD. asst supt Asylum foi 

Insane, res same 

Bayne Wm A, attendant Asylum 
Beemer N H, MD, supt Asylum for Insane, 
res same 

iiiUiugton Miss Frances H, matron Asylum 
Blake Michael, farmer, b Lake Shore rd 
lslakeley John, picker New Toronto Wool 

Stock Co, h Sixth 
ISoultoii Wm, mngr Asylum Farm, h Mlmico 

Brunuige Ada, nurse Asylum 
Buckles Alfred R, postmaster Long Branch 

Pl\ h Lake Shore rd 
Bollock Era, uurse Asylum 
'Burrell Richard H, attendant Asylum 
Caldwell Minnie, nurse Asylum 
Campbell Albert, lab, 1 J Campbell 
Campbell John, express Fifth, b same 
Campbell John A, lab, 1 J Campbell 
Carroll Mary, laundress Asylum 
Cave Maria, dom Asvluiu 
Christophersou Robert, attendant Asylum, 

1 J Trotter 
( hrouse George, lab Sheridan Mfg Co, res 

Clarke Marshall W, bklyr, h Fifth 
Colvin Peter, supervisor Asylum 
Connors John, farmer, b Lake Shore rd 
Connors Wm, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Cooke Lizzie A. nurse Asylum 
Cooper George, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, li 

Sixth „ 
CORCORAN JAMES, Bursar Asylum 

for Insane, res Toronto 
CraUl Andrew, elect, h Fourth avenue 
Culliam Annie, dom Asylum 
Dea George, baker, h Lake Shore rd 
Dew Jaines, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, res ior- 

Duigman. Arthur W. mngr Imperial Soap 

Co, res Toronto 
Dohcrtv Patrick, lab, h I if th 
Donnelly John, 1 Win Donnelly 
Donnelly Wm, farmer, h Lake shore rd 
Douglas Charles, stableman Asylum 
Dunn James jr. lab, 1 J Dunn 
Dunn James, lab. h Sixth 
Dunn Thomas, messenger Asylum 
Dyer Adam, carp Asylum 
Dyer Esther, nurse Asylum 
Dyer Jennie, dom Asylum 
Eastwood Bros (James, John, Samuel and 

Robert), farmers, Lake Shore rd 
Eastwood James (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Kustwood John (Eastwood Bros^ h Lake 

KaatWOOd Robert (Eastwood Brosi, h Lake 

Eastwood Samuel (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 
Shore rd 

Klkln Mrs Annie, asst matron Asylum 
Elkin Robert, steward Asylum 
Evaus Miua, nurse Asylum 
Faniuharson Colin It. carp, li sixth 
Fair Howard, attendant Asylum 
Face Huthford. subwavman Asylum 
Oaugbao Matilda, supervisor Asylum 
Glbba Francis, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, res 
Toronto ... ., , 

Clciser Charles, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 1 
J C McMullen . . 

Golden Wm J, tchr New Tor Pub Sch, 1 J 

W Howeliffe 
Gorman Joseph, supervisor Asjluni 
Gourlay John, chief eng Asylum 
Ciourley Ella, nurse Asylum 
Graham Eunice, nurse Asylum 
Oiwen Henry, supervisor Asylum 
hrccnsi'l!" ilenry. wks New Toronto Wool 

Slock Co. 1 I Greensides 
tlrceosldes Isaac, li Sixth 
Hall Wm. farmer, h Horner a* 
n.,irls Lottie, nurse Asylum 
HeasUp Elmer, attendant Asylum 
Hennessey Michael, paper roller, 1 Wm 

Hennessey bi,m, 
Hennessey Wm, tmstr, h Sixtn 
Hennessey Wm J, paper mkr, 1 Wm Hen- 
Herbert Richard, asst M» Agua 
Holmes Agnes, "» , ■ s <'„ A f 1 5 luu, 
Holmes Mary, dom Asylum 
Hug es Isaac, attendant Asylum 
Hunt Henry, gnlvanizer, h Sixth 
Hunter Thomas, mixer, h I ifth 
imperial Soap Co Ltd. A W Dlngman mngt. 

Ironsides George, carp Ritchie & Ramsay, 
res Toronto 

Jackson Miss Jennie, drsmkr Seventh, I 

Jackson John, uphol, h Seventh 
j Jackson Thomas, fanner, h Lake Shore rd 
' Jackson Win, 1 Thomas Jackson 

Jcnuer Robert, porter Asylum 
! Jordan Daniel J, mach Sheridan Mfg Co, 
h Sixth 

I Kelley Jaines, fanner, h Lake Shore rd 
Kcmber Minnie, uurse Asylum 
Kennedy Win A, uielter Sheridan Mfg Co, 

res Mimieo 
Kiugsherry Wm J, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Laird Kate, supervisor Asylum 
Lamb John. lab. h 4th avenue 
Lawson Archibald, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 

1 J Macdonald 
Letts Daniel, liremau Asylum 
Levey Edward, paper ctr, 1 D J Jordan 
Lloyd Flora, nurse Asylum 
Lloyd Winnifred, uurse Asylum 
Long Branch Postoffice, A R Buckles post- 
master, Lake Shore rd 
Lotty Cieorge, farmer, h Homer av 
Loveioy Charles, brklyr, I James Allies 
Lund Frederick, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
l.vnn Charles, mail carrier, h Sixth 
Lynn Charles jr, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 

'l I! Lvun 
Lynn John. lab. 1 C Lynn 
Lysaght Francis P, elk, 1 1' J Lysaght 
Lysaght John J, hotel Lake Shore rd, cor 
Mlnilco «v 

Lysaght Mary A (wid John), 1 J J Lysaght 
McBriar Samuel, much tndr, 1 J Macdonald 
McClelland Allan C. attendant Asylum 
McConnell Adam, well digger, h Fourth av 
McCnlluni christiaua, lndrs Asylum 
McCnlluin Edunind, tmstr, 1 H McCullum 
McC'tilluin Hugh, coal and wood Seventh, 
li saint 

McCulluii' John .7. grocer Lake Shore rd, 

res Long Branch 
McDonald Miss Flora, stenog Ritchie & 

Ramsay, res Mimlco 
McDonald John, carp, h Sixth 
McDonald Miss Mary, elk Ritchie & Ram 

gay, res Mimlco 
McDonald Ronald, fireman Asylum 
McElrov Bessie, supervisor Asylum 
MeKiiight Samuel, carp, h Sixth 
MeI.ellau I Annie, dom Asylum 
Mi Mullen John C, laundryman Asylum, h 


McNeil John, fanner, h Lake Shore rd 
McNeill Rntb, nurse Asylum 
MeWilliams Mary, uurse Asylum 
Macdonald Allan N, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 
h Fifth ... „ . 

Macdonald John, eng Sheridan Mfg Co, n 

Matheson Samuel H, gdnr Asylum 
Maznhe David, attendant Asylum 
Marshall Frederick, fanner, h Lake 

Marshall Richard, florist Lake Shore rd 
Mar til' Wm, h Sixth - 
M11H Win, t.aper wkr. I J C McMullen 
Mitchell John, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, res 
Toronto „ ... . 

Mo"rldge Wm, eng New 'loronto Wool 

Stock Co, h Fifth 
Moore Sarah J. seamstress Asylum 
Moriarty Joju J, foreman Ritchie & B»W» 

sav. res Poronta 
Mori is JalllCS, lab. 1 J Macdonald 
Morray GntfC*. bklyr. h Sixth 
\, ....!,., ru Hi -hard, h Lake Shore rd 
Newe'l Louisa, rook Asylum 
\..\vel; Minnie, supervisor Asylum 

ooher Reld I'M, Lake Shore rd 
New Toronto Pub School, S S No 12. s s 


' Mrs Emma Parker Proprietress. Wool 

Stock and Shoddy Mfrs. Eighth 
O'Brien Ambrose, supervisor Asylum 
O'Connor John, farmer, h Horner av 
O'Connor John jr, tmstr, 1 J O'Connor 
O'Nell Julia, nurse Asylum 

ALFRED S. Dealer 



Woolen Rags and Waste, Eighth, h Sixth 
(See classified Waste Dealers) 
Parker Emma (wid Alfred), prop New Tor- 

onto Wool Stock Co, res Toronto 
Parker Joseph H, carder New Toronto Wool 
Stock Co. 1 D J Jordan 

Insane, res same ■ 

INSURE British America Assurance Co. 

IN THE U^ses Paid Since Organization, S17,983,159.11. 

FIRE and 

Standard Life 





Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 


New Toronto. 


Parker Oscar G, picker New Toronto Wool 

Stock Co, 1 D J Jordan 
Porker Walter H, mngr New Toronto Wool 

Stock Co, 1 D J Jordan 
Pattison Thomas, farmer Asylum Farm, h 

Mimico av 

Phillips James K, foreman mldr Sheridan 

Mfg Co, res Toronto 
Purr John, lab, h Fourth avenue 
Radcliffe David, foreman Imperial Soap Co, 

res Toronto 
Ramsay Charles N (Ritchie & Ramsay), res 


Reddick Agnes (wid John), tlrs Asylum, h 

Lake Shore rd 

Postmaster Lake Shore rd 
Reveley Wm H M, eng, h Fifth 
Rice James, carp, h Lake Shore rd 
RITCHIE & RAMSAY (Frederick A 
Ritchie, Charles N Ramsay), Coated Pa- 
pers and Cardboard Mfrs, Tel 5412 (See 
Toronto Alphabetical) 
Ritchie Frederick A (Ritchie & Ramsay), 

res Toronto 
Ritchie John, farmer, h Mimico av 
Ritchie Wm, farmer, h Mimico ar 
Robinson Hugh, watchman Asylum 
Robinson Wm, watchman Asylum 
Rossitter Edward, supervisor Asylum, h 

Rowcliffe James W, blksmith Lake Shore 

rd, h Sixth 
Rusk Elizabeth, supervisor Asylum 
Ruttan Jacob, attendant Asylum 
Sandford Edward, farmer Lake Shore rd 
Sandford Edward jr, farmer, 1 Lake Shore 


Schwalm John, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 1 

H Sandford 
Scott Emma, nurse Asylum 
Shepherd Wm, carp, h Mimico av 
Sheridan Mfg Co of New Toronto Ltd, R 

H Adams mngr, iron founders, Seventh 
Sinclair Christopher, attdt Asylum, h Sixth 
Sinclair John, attendant Asylum 
Sinclair Wm G, fireman Asylum 
Slater John, blksmith Seventh, res Mimico 
Smith Sydney W, pntr, h Fifth 
Steen Charles B, attendant Asylum 
Steen Kate, nurse Asylum 
Sturt Walter P, Bursar elk Asylum, res 

Hamilton, Ont 
Swift Alice, asst cook Asvlum 
Tacey John, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, res 


Taylor Bartholomew, app Sheridan Mfg Co, 

1 J Macdonald 
Taylor George, helper Sheridan Mfg Co, h 


Taylor James, appr Sheridan Mfg Co, 1 G 

Tebb Martin, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Towell Henry, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Towell John, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Toomey Jeremiah, lab, 1 J Toomey 
Toomey John, h Sixth 
Toomey Maurice, lab, 1 J Toomey 
Toomey Thomas, lab, 1 J Toomey 
Trotter John, supervisor Asylum, h Mimico 

Wallls Fred N, store kpr Asylum 
Walls Edward, lab, h Sixth 
Walterhouse Albert, attendant Asylum 
Watson Benjamin, mason Asylum, h 
Mimico av 

West Francis, elk Ritchie & Ramsay, res 

Whitlam Henry, farmer, h Mimico rd 
Whitlam James H, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 

1 H Whitlam 
Whlttaker Wm, attendant Asylum 
Whittal James J, paper wkr, h Sixth 
Wilkinson Wm B, asst eng Asylum 
Williams Elizabeth, landrs Asylum 
Wilson Thomas, h Fifth 
Wilson Wm T, asst phy Asylum for Insane 
Wiltshire Horace H. journalist, h Fifth 
Wyllie Norman, attendant Asylum 


(Four and a half miles north-west of P O) 

Adams Robert W, picture frames n s 

Main, h same 
Allam Wm, pntr, h w s Westmoreland av 
Andrews John, btchr, h e s Osslngton av 
Andrews John, pntr, li w s Westmoreland 


Austin James W, blksmith, h n s Main 
Aylard Henry, dairy Malvern av, h same 
Bagsley Edmond J, elk GTR, h e s Ham- 
burg av 

Bain Alexander, lab, h w s Hamburg av 
Baine Edward W, fish pdlr, h w a Somerset 


Baldie Robert, tlr, has Chandos av 
Barker Wm, lab, h e s Dovercourt rd 
Booth George, elk PO, h w s Osslngton av 
Boulter Frederick, mason, h e s Bartlett 


Bray Henry, gdnr, h e 8 Somerset av 
Brown Louisa I (wid John), nurse w s 

Westmoreland av, h same 
Bruce Alexander, 1 Mrs J Bruce 
Bruce Donald, 1 Mrs J Bruce 
Bruce Jessie (wid Donald), h e s Hamburg 


Buckland Edgar, wks G HolIIs, b same 
Burns John, cattle dlr, h w s Osslngton av 
Butt George, lamp lighter, h s s Dunbar av 
Butt George, shoemkr, h e s Dufterin 
Byam Fremont, mngr The J H Hammlll 

Co (br), res Toronto 
Callahan James, driver, has Main 
Caroline James W, agt, h s s Chandos av 
Cavanagh James, gdnr, h s s Davenport rd 
Chappell Frederick, brnshr, h w s Ham- 
burg av 

Charlton Robert H, whol btchr e s Som- 
erset av, h same 
Churchill Albert, carp, h e s Dufferln 
Clifford Thomas, lab, h w s Hamburg av 
Cochran John, whol btchr e s Somerset 

av, h same 
Cole Henry, h s s Dunbar av 
Conboy James, mkt gdnr, e s Osslngton av 
Conboy John, gdnr James Conboy 
Conboy Thomas E, trav, 1 James Conboy 
Congregational Mission, e s Westmoreland, 

2 n of Main 
Cook Arthur A, Standard Plating Co, h w 

s Delaware av 
Cooper Michael H, sawyer, h s s Brandon 

Correll Samuel K, comp, h w s Bartlett av 
Coulter Thomas, plmbr, h w s Llghtbourne 

Coutts Thomas G, pntr, h 30 Primrose av 
Craggs Edward L, driver Wm Craggs, h e 

s Westmoreland av 
Craggs Wm, dairy e 8 Westmoreland av, 

res Toronto 
Crelghton John, barber, h w s Delaware av 
Cutler Alfred T, mach, h e s Hamburg av 
Cutler Harry, fitter, 1 H Cutler 
Cutler Henry, mach, h e s Bartlett av 
Derrett Sidney, twine mnfr, h w s Hamburg 


Dillon Wm, lab, h e s Somerset av 
Dixon Mrs Isabella, h e s Dufferln 
Dovercourt Post Office, J A Hopkins Post- 
master, s s Main, cor Dovercourt rd 
Drury Charles A, signalman, h Oliver pi 
Dunn Frederick, lab, h w s Somerset av 
Eagen Arthur, mach, h 28 Primrose av 
Eaklns John C, uphol, h w s Westmore- 
land av 

Echlin Philander M, woodwkr, h s s Dun- 
bar av 

Flight Charles P, fish pdlr, h s s Main 
Flude Walter, barber, h s s Main 
Ford George, lab, h e s Hamburg av 
Ford James, mach, h w s Westmoreland av 
Frood John A, woodwkr, h n s Main 
Frost Louis, lab, h n s Dunbar av 
Frost Toney, lab, h w s Llghtbourne av 
Genereux Joseph A, real est, h w s West- 
moreland av 
GUI Thomas, brass fnshr, h w s Delaware 

Gold Adolphus, lab, h w s Salem av 
Goiter Wm, carp, h Florence pi 
Hall Charles, cutter, h s s Davenport rd 
Hammill J H Co of Toronto Ltd (br), F 

Byam mngr, coal, e s Dufferln 
Haney Alexander, lab, h w s Llghtbourne 


Haney Robert S, dairy w s Llghtbourne av, 
1 same 

Hanna David, tmstr, h e s Dovercourt rd 
Hare Augustus H, lithographer, h w s Dela- 
ware av 

Harpell Nancy (wid Benjamin), 1 A E Jones 
Harper Alfred, sawyer, h e s Lansdowne 

Hoffman Wm, 1 T G Palser 

Hollls George, florist s s Davenport rd, h 

HOPKINS JAMES A, Grocer and Post- 
master Main, h same 
Hudson Edward, carp, h e s Dufferln 
Hudson John C, carp, h e s Dufferln 
Hudson Susanna (wid Clement), 1 B Hudson 
Hudson Walter, pntr, h e s Dufferin 
Jacob Frederick J, tmstr, h w s Salem av 
Jones Albert E, gilder, h e s Salem av 
Jones Arthur R, btchr, h Florence pi 
Joyce Arthur E, lab, 1 Mrs M Joyce 
Joyce Frederick W, plmbr, 1 Mrs M Joyce 
Joyce Mary (wid Thomas), h n s Main 
Joyce Samuel T, btchr, 1 Mrs M Joyce 
Keeber George W, lab, h e s Somerset av 
Kennedy John B, brklyr, hn Main 
Kllvlngton Charles, mkt gdnr s s Maiu 
Kirkey Peter J, foreman, h w s Hamburg 

Knapp Henry L, carp, h s s Main 

Lailey Alfred, h e s Dufferin 

Lappln Joseph, tmstr Gold Medal Mfg Co, 

h n s Brandon av 
Lappln Mrs Mary A, drsmkr n s Bran- 
don av, h same 
Lawr Scinica G, lab, h e s Lansdowne av 
Lester Reuben, mach, h w s Bartlett av 
Longley Ellen (wid James), h n s Main 
Longley Herman, plstr, 1 Mrs E Longley 
McCann Samuel, signalman GTR, h Flor- 
ence pi 

McClure Robert G, carp, h w s Bartlett av 
McClutchey David, lab, h w s Dufferin 
McCue Edward, lab, h e a Hamburg av 
McDonald John, mach, has Main 
McLaughlin Robert, lab, h n s Chandos av 
MacKewn Albert, mach, 1 W E MacKewu 
MacKewn Wm E, mkt gdnr e s Osslng- 
ton av 

MacKewn Wm E jr, shipper, 1 W E Mac- 

Matthews John K, awningmkr e s West- 
moreland av, h same 

Meades Edward, fish pdlr, h w s Delaware 

Membery Edward, app, 1 H Membery 
Membery Henry, pressman, h w s West- 
moreland av 
Miller Charles, tmstr, h s s Main 
Mole Margueretta (wid John), h n s Chan- 
dos av 

Mole Thomas, 1 Mrs M Mole 
Mole Wm, wood turner, 1 Mrs M Mole 
Morgan Philip, mach, h e s Dufferln 
Mosher James, carp, h e s Somerset av 
Neville Thomas E, comp, h e s Bartlett av 
Nevlns John, car repairer, h 32 Primrose av 
Newton Wm, whol btchr Dovercourt rd, h 

Nixon James, lab, h s s Main 
Palmer Joseph B, dairy Malvern av, h same 
Palser Thomas G. h Arlington av 
Peacock George A, lather, h e s Somerset 

reterbaugh Alfred, mach hd, h w s Dela- 
ware av 

Phillips Alfred, pdlr, h w s Somerset av 
Phillips Miss Gertrude M, tlrs, 1 J Phillips 
Phillips Henry F, tlr, h s s Main 
Phillips James, weaver, h w s Delaware av 
Phillips John, carp, h w s Somerset av 
Pickering Wm, brklyr, h n s Brandon av 
Pinkham Wm, lab, h n s Chandos av 
Piper Alfred, h Arlington av 
Pollard Misa Emily, tlrs, 1 Wm- Pollard 
Pollard Miss Fannie, tlrs. I Wm Pollard 
Pollard Miss Rebecca, slsldy, 1 Wm Pollard 
Pollard Wm, carp, li e s Somerset av 
Pollard Wm J, oik, 1 Wm Pollard 
Potter Walter, lab. h w s Delaware av 
Potter Walter J, lab, h w s Bartlett av 
Powdrell George, bklyr, h s s Candos av 
Powell John, brklyr, 1 W Powell 
Powell Joseph, pntr. 1 W Powell 
Powell Richard, plstr, h s s Main 
Powell Walter, brklyr, h e s Westmoreland 

Prestwick John W, wtr, h w s Bartlett av 
Proctor Win, lab, h w s Delaware av 
Robertson David, shipper, li e s Westmore- 
land av 

Rose Herbert E, plmbr, 1 R J Rose 
Rose Robert J, carp, h e s Bartlett av 
Rosso Charles, lab, h n s Dunbar av 
Russell Sarah M (wid Henry M), h \v 3 

Delaware av 
Scott Walter, lab, h e s Bartlett av 
Sharp George W. spring mkr, h w s Dover- 
court rd 

Shearsmlth Henry, lab h w s Salein av 
Skater Albert, mkt gdr, in Bracoadale 


Unrivalled for TOUCH, TONE, ACTION, 


1 1O Adelaide St. W. 11 Queen St. E., Tor—^. 






Medical Building, c S; c B H A MO a N ^ Ste . 

Telephone 421. 
Residence, 28 LEONARD AVE. 
Telephone 8090. 


North Toronto. 


Smith Wm, shoemkr, h n s Chandos av 
Snell Henry C, elk, h e » Hamburg av 
Sproule Thomas J, carp, h 36 rrlmrose av 
Stuart Henry. 1 R Stuart 
Stuart Robert, shipper, h s s Brandon av 
Swanton George, broom mkr, h e s Ham- 
burg av 

Thompson Alhert R, dyer, h w s Bartlett 

Tomllnson James, car cleaner GTR, h w s 

Hamburg av 
Turner Alfred, bollermkr, h e s Dover- 
court rd . ■ __ , 
Twecdle Andrew, boiler mkr, h Horence pi 
Twidale John C, barber, h w s Bartlett av 
Van Busklrk Isaac, agt. h e s Hamburg av 
Vecchlo Antonio, lab, h s s Dunbar av 
Walnwright Arthur, agt, h 26 Primrose av 
Walker Ix>uls J, car washer, h Oliver pi 
Waters John, raach, h e s Hamburg av 
Whlbley Charles, lab, h w s Osslngton av 
Whltsides Henry, wks Gold Medal Mfg Co. 

h e a Lansdowne av 
Wilson Frederick, tmstr The J H^Hammill 

Co. res Toronto 
Wilson James, tlr, h e 8 Osslngton av 
Wilson Thomas, photographer, h w s Dcla 
ware av 

Woods Tatrlck, lab. h s s Main 

Zavitz James B. laundryman, h s s Dunbar 


(Comprising the Villages of Bedford Park, 
Davlsville and Eglinton, three and half 
miles north of P.O.) 

Acey Arthur, farmer, h w a Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park _ . 

Adams Alhert. dairy, n s Merton, Davis 
ville, h same „ . 

Anderson Albert E. prtr, h n s Merton, 

Anderson John M, farmer, h W s Yonge, 
Eglinton _ , 

Armstrong Elijah, h s s Roehampton av, 
Eglinton _ 

Atkins Elliott W, h s s Victoria av, Eg- 
linton _ _ 

ATKINSON JOHN E, Grocer and Post- 
Master. w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

Atkinson Thomas, lab, h e s Yonge, Bedford 

Auld Wm, stationer, w s Yonge, Eglin- 
ton. n same 

Wm, produce dlr, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Bailey Ann (wid Edward), h n s Glebe rd, 
Davisville . , 

B:\lley Richard, mkt gdnr, n s Glebe rd, 


BaiRff Robert C, h s s Victoria av, Eglin- 

Baillie Roseanna (wid Wm), nurse, n s Mer- 
ton. Davlsville, h same 
Baillie Wm, bldr, n s Merton, Davisville, 

Bnlfour'Mlss Elizabeth, tchr Eglinton Pub 

School, 1 Rev W R Roache 
Bull Herbert E, reporter, h n s Merton, 

Baiiks Robert C, h e s Yonge, Bedford 

Bagwell James, has Merton, Davlsville 
Beatty Arthur, caretkr b Mrs L Rrunsklll 

Atkinson postmaster, w s Yonge, Bed 

ford Park 

Bescoby Helen G (wid Edward), h s s Eg- 
linton av, Davlsville . 
Birch Arthur, blksmlth .1 Mrs S Birch 
Birch Ernest, driver, 1 Mrs S Birch 
Birch Miss Esther, sew mach opr, 1 Mrs s 

Birch 0l bllver, knitter, 1 Mrs S Birch 

Birch Sarah (wid Thomas), h n s Sherwood 

Birch E Wm t J D lab, h s s Woburn av. Bed 

Bi f rrell P Charles, lab. h w s Yonge, Davls- 

Bonnlck Charles, bkpr. h n s Montgomery 

r.ooth E Miss t °Evanceline, Commissioner Sal- 
vation Army, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 
B,.oth Jamesf gdnr, h s s Woodward av, 

Boulden° n Frmlerlck, reporter, h n s Sher- 
wood av, Eglinton 
Boyce Wm, lab, h R Edwards 

Boyer John, potter John Davis & Son, h w 

s Yonge. Davlsville 
Branton Henry, lab, h n s Sherwood av, 


Brennan John, dairy, s s Davlsville av, 

Brlerley Joseph, mkt gdnr, s s Davlsville 
av, Davlsville 

Brown Alonzo J, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Davls- 

Brown Edward D, farmer, h e a Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Brown Edwin C, auctioneer, n s Eglinton 
av, Eglinton, h same 

Brown George, dairy, w s Yonge, Davls- 
ville, h same _ 

Brown James, Co Constable, h e s Yonge, 

Brown Jane (wid David), h w s Gordon, 
Davlsville _ , 

Brown Wm, assessor, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Brownlow James W, fruits, h n s Merton, 

Brownlow Philip, harnessmkr, w s Yonge, 

Davlsville, U same _ 
Brunskill Lucy (wid Wm), h w s Yonge, 

Eglinton „ 
Bryce Alexander, dairy, w s Yonge, Eg- 
linton. h same rf , 
Bubear Wm, lab, h s s Roper av, Eglinton 
Bulmer Robert J, foreman Met St Ry 

Shop, h n s Kensington av, Eglinton 
Burns George, shoemkr, e s Yonge, Davls- 
ville, h same 
Butler Mary (wid Dennis), b e s Gordon, 

Davlsville _ 
Calvert Miss Sarah, h w s Yonge, Davls- 
Cameron Robert, florist, s s Merton. Davls- 
ville, h same „, . 
Carey Wm, lab, h n s Davlsville av, Davls- 

Cnseaden Wm, brickmkr, h n s Eglinton 

av, Eglinton - _ , 

Chambers James, lab, h s s Balllol, Davls- 

Chambers Thomas F, lab, h w s Yonge, 

Bedford Park 
Chambers Wm, tinner, h n s Merton, Davls- 
ville _ . 
Chapman Samuel, lather, h w s Gordon, 

Davlsville . . _ _ 

Charles James, blksmlth, e s longe, Eg 

llnton, h same 
Chevue Henry, eng, h s s Merton, Davis 

Chowne Aacot C J (wid Rev Alfred W H) 

h e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Clark John E, mfrs - agt, h e s Yonge, Eg 

ClarlreMatthew K, bkpr, b J A Dignum 
Clarke Wm A. elk York Township, h 64 

Avenue rd, Toronto , , 

Cleland Wm, elk, Oulcott's Hotel 
Colbran Edward, lab, h s s Balllol, Davls- 

Cole Thomas B, eng Eglinton Waterworks, 
h s s Ersklne av „,.,„„ 
Collett Joseph, pntr. he! Yonge, Eglintpn 
Conboy Thomas, dairy, w s Yonge, Davls- 
ville. h same ■ 
Conley John, poulterer, s s Soudan, Davis- 
Cook ElbM (wid James), has Davlsville av, 

Cook George, whol btchr, n s Davlsviile 

av. Davlsville 
Cook John, whol btchr, n s Davlsville av, 

Cook T Robert, cattle dlr, w s Yonge, Bed- 

Cook d Robert, whol btchr, s s Davlsville av, 

Co°pe Mar^A (wid Peter P), 1 G H McGre- 

Copllnnd Joseph, mkt gdnr, s s Davlsville 

Co'StaSfey' Wm E, elect, 1 W W Cording 

Cordlngley Wm W, mkt gdnr, w s Beulah 

Couch D Josiah ll T, h n 8 Merton, Davlsville 
Cniickshank Colin, trav, h n s Davlsville 

Cummer" Albert E, carp, b n s Sherwood 

av, Eglinton 
Darling Herbert, carp, h s s Sherwood av. 

Darling Herbert jr. driver W J Farr, 1 H 

Davis Alexander J, potter John Davis & 

Son, h n s Frederick, Davlsville 
Davis Charles, elk J J Davis, 1 F Davis 
Davis Francis N, h n s Davlsville av, Davls- 

Davis Frederick H, produce, h w s Yonge, 

DAVIS JOHN & SON (Joseph S Davis). 

Proprietors Davlsville Pottery, e s Yonge, 
Davisville (See classified Potters) 
DAVIS JOHN J, Grocer and Post- 
master, e s Yonge, Davlsville, h same 
Davis John T, carp, h n s Briar Hill av, 

Davis Joseph S (John Davis & Sons), Mayor 

and JP, n e s Yonge, Davisville 
Davlsville Hotel, W H Minns prop, e s ' 

Yonge, Davlsville 
Davisville Methodist Church, Rev E A 

Pearson pastor, w s Yonge. Davlsville 

Davis PM. e s Yonge, Davlsville 
& Son Proprietors, e s Yonge, Davisville 
(See classified Potters) 
Davlsville Public School, J C Rutherford 

prin. n s Davisville av. Davlsville 
Mfg Co (James Pears), n s Eglinton av. 
Davlsville P.O. (See classified Brick Mfr<j 
Day George, porter, h n s Roehampton av, 

Day Robert, mkt gdnr, w s Yonge, Davis- 
ville, h same 
Dean Richard T, florist, w s Yonge, Davis- 
ville, h same 
Deegan Miss Kate, elk, 1 Mrs M Deegan 
Deegan John J, driver, 1 Mrs M Deegan 
Deegan Mary (wid Michael), h n 8 Eglin- 
ton av, Eglinton 
Deferrerl Charles, mkt gdnr, n s Broad- 
way av, Eglinton 
Denby George, h s s Frederick, Davlsville 
Devins Joseph A, 1 G Lawson 
Dignum John A, acet, h s s Davisville av, 

Dingle Samuel K, mkt gdnr, w s Yonge. 

Davisville, h same 
Dixon Alexander H, trav, h e s Yonge, Eg- 

Dixon Howard A, elk, 1 A H Dixon 
Doel Win H. JP, b Mrs A Henderson 
Dohertv Charles. 1 W F Doherty 
DohertV Manning. 1 W F Doherty 
Dohertv Win F. h w s Yonge, Eglinton 
Douglas Edgar R, customs officer, 1 ^\ m 

Douglas . -j 

Douglas George, gdnr, h s s Merton, Davls- 

Dor.glaa Samuel J. com agt. h w s Yonge, 

Eglinton , „ 

Douglas Wm. waggonmkr e s Yonge, Eg- 
linton, h same * 
DOUGLAS WM J. Town Cleric and 
Treasurer, h n s Roehampton av. t-g- 

Drake'pastal W, shoemkr, h e s Beresford, 

Davlsville • _ 

Drewry Robert, blksmlth e s Yonge, Davis- 

ville, h same 
Duff John. lab. b R Edwards 
Duncan Alexander, brickmkr James Pears. 

h s s Glebe rd, Davisville 
Duncan George, gdnr, 1 end of Frederick, 

Duncan HUM Jennie E, tchr Davlsville Pub 

School. 1 Wm Aull 

Duncan Thomas, mkt gdnr a s Glebe rd, 

Davlsville .,...„., 

Dunn Benjamin, mach. h n 9 Merton. 

Davlsville ,.„„„. r» P( t 
Dminctt Allan, farmer, h e s Yonge, Bed 

ford Park 

Kovce wm, mu, » w-^—- 

LANGLEY & LANGLEY, Architects. 





Toronto Fruit Vinegar Go. 

81 FRONT ST. E. 


North Toronto. 

Dunnett Wm J, farmer, h e s Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park 

Duraud Charles A, barr, h n s Victoria 

av, Kgliuton 
Duraud Charles H, elk, 1 C A Durand 
Durand Napier, uius tcbr n s Victoria av, 


Durie Archibald F, eng, h e s Gordon, 

Durrert Enima" T (wld Benjamin), 1 Wm 

Eagle Spurgeou C, bW J Martiu 
Edwards Richard, lab A Bryce, b w s Al- 

bertus av, Eglinton 
Edwards Wm W, caretkr Town Hall, bus 

Eglinton av, Egliuton 
Eglinton Methodist Church, e s Yonge, opp 

Glen Grove av, Egliuton 

grave I'ostuiistress, e a Yonge, Eglinton 
Eglinton Presbyterian Church, Itev J C 

Tibb pastor, w s Yonge, Egliutou 
Egliuton Public Sc'iool, W E Hopkings prin, 

D s Krskinc av, Eglinton 

Douglas Town Clerk, w s Yonge, opp 

Broadway av, Eglinton 
Eglinton Waler Works, T B Cole eng. n s 

Kensington av, Eglinton 
Ellis Wm G, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Bedford 


England George, dairy n s Eglinton av, 

England Wm, brickmkr .Tames Pears, h n s 

Eglinton av, Eglinton 
Fabieu John L, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Farewell James, elk J F Morrish, 1 same 
Farley Kobert J, vet surgeon e s Yonge, 

Davisville, res Toronto 
Fair Frederick, wbol btcbr s s Albertus, 

Egliutou, h same 
Farr Wm J, btchr e s Y'onge, Eglinton, h 


Ferguson Hubert, potter John Davis & Son, 

b Davisville Hotel, Davisville 
Fish James, est agt, h w s Beulab av, 


Fisher John, carp, h e s Y'onge, Eglinton 
Fitzpatrick James, brickmkr James Pears, 

h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Fitzpatrick Mark, brickmkr James Pears, h 

s s Eglinton av, Davisville 
Forbes Helen (wld James), h s s Albert as 

av, Eglinton 
Forrest Charles J, elk, h s s Bedford av, 

Bedford I'ark 
FrUby A.thur, blks-uith J Charles, res York 


Gamble Miss Susan, h s s Eglinton av, Da- 

Garland Nicholas, money broker, h e s 
Youge, Eglinton 

Garland Nicholas L, clothing mfr, b e a 
>ongc, Eglinton 

Gartshore John T, ry supplies, bus Eg- 
linton av, Eglinton 

Gaston Henry, h s s Egliutou av, Davis- 

Gaston Samuel, mkt gdur n s Eglinton av, 

Gaston Samuel jr, mkt gdnr s s Broadway 

av, Eglinton 
Gates Philip, lab, h s s Morton, Davisville 
Gav Wm J, carp, h s s Balliol, Davisville 
Gibson Mary J (wid Wm J), h n s ilerton 


Gibson Thomas A, barr, h e s Y'onge, Da- 

Gilbert George, farmer, h w s Yonge, Eg 

Gill Ernest, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Davisville 

Glancy Domlnlek, 1 T Glancy 

Glancy Thomas, waggonmkr e s Youge, h 

v s Yonge, Davisville 
Glendcn.iiiig John, lab, h n s Sherwood 

a v. Eglinton 
Glendennlng Miss Sarah, elk, I J Glenden 


Glen Grove Park, w s Yonge, Eglinton 
Gordon Alfred, horse dir. n s Albertus av, 

Egliuton, h same 
Grand Maurko J. prtr, h w s Alberta era*, 


Green Barnabas, lab, h w s Y'onge, Egllnlon 
Gregg Wm li. architect, h w ■ Yonge, Eg- 

Griee Elizabeth (wid Benjamin), 1 T Grice 
Grice Frank, florist n s Balliol, Davisville, 
h same 

Grice Frederick, plmbr, 1 T Grice 
Grice Thomas, plmbr, h s s Davisville av, 

Grundy Frederick, ins agt, h n s Woodward 
av, Eglinton 

Hagerman Peter, tmstr John Davis & Son, 
h e s Balliol. Davisville 

Halm Gustav, artist s s Eglinton av, Da- 
visville, h same 

Hall George, mkt gdur n s Eglinton av, 

Hall John, mkt gdnr n s Eglinton av, Eg- 

Hall Illchard, barber e s Youge, Davisville, 

h same 

Hall Thomas E, h w s Alberta cres, Davis- 

Bail Wm, produce e s Yonge, Eglinton, li 

Harcourt John F, h s s Glen Grove av, 

Hargrave Albert, carp, 1 Mrs E Hargrove 

Hargrave Elizabeth (wid Joseph), grocer e 
s Yonge, Eglinton, h same 

Hargrave Miss Emily, drsmkr e s Yonge, 
Eglinton, h same 

Hargrave Miss Harriet, postmistress Eglin- 
ton PO, h e s Youge, Eglinton 

Harper Hit-hard, ins agt, h u s Glen Cairn 
av, Eglinton 

Harrison Aseuath (wid Christopher), b s s 
Victoria av, Egliuton 

Harrison Miss Ethelyn, tcbr, 1 Mrs A Har- 

Harrison George, lab, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Hayes Thomas, lab. h w s Y'onge, Davis- 

Hemhrow Stephen, florist s s Davisville av, 

Henderson .Mrs Annie, h e s Yfonge, Eglin- 

Henderson Miss Isabella, elk, 1 Mrs A Hen- 

Henderson Norman, elk, 1 Mrs A Henderson 
Heslop Mary (wid Thomas), h s s Albertus 

av, Eglinton' 
Hibbett Wm, pntr, h n s Merton, Davisville 
Hinds John, tmstr James Pears, h e s 

Yonge, Davisville 
Hinds Richard, brickmkr, h w s Gordon, 


Hinds Kobert, brickmkr, h w s Youge, Da- 

Hinds Samuel, dairy s s Eglinton av, Da- 

Hinves George J, plstr, h s s Merton, Da- 

Hofland John J. lndry, h ns Castlefleld av, 

Hogg Miss Isabella, bus Merton, Davis- 

Holden Herbert, driver, 1 J Holden 
Holden James, mkt gdnr s s Broadway av, 

Holden John, btchr, h s s Eglinton av, 

Holden John Jr, btchr e s Y'onge, Eglinton, 
1 .1 Holden 

Hopkings James E, town commlsslouer, h 
n s Roehampton av, Eglinton 

Hopkings Walter E, prin Eglinton Pub Sch, 
1 J E Hopkings 

Hopkins Tory It. blksmlth e s Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park 

Horn George, cblk, h s s Victoria av, Eg- 
linton , 

Howe Francis, pntr, h n s Davisville av, 

Howson Bernard, elk, b F Grundy 
Howson Elizabeth (wid James), b F Grundy 
Hughes John, packer, 1 J Holden 
Hughes Joseph, lab, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Humbersou John S, h e s Yonge, Bedford 

Humphrey Francis, h e s Gordon, Davis- 

Hunt John T, mkt gdnr s s Broadway av, 

Hurst Edward, gdnr, h s s Balliol, Davis- 

Ingham Lewis, hostler Oulcott's Hotel 
Inwood George, carp, h e s Yonge, Egliuton 
.Tackes Bertram, elk, 1 G W Jackes 
Jackes Ernest, elk, 1 G W Jackes 
Jackes George W, physician e s Yonge, Eg- 

Jackes Henrietta (wid Wm), h e s Yonge, 

Jackes James, crockery, 1 Mrs H Jackes 
Jackson Wm, carp, li u s Frederick, Davis- 

Johnson Henry, mkt gdnr e s Gordon, Da 

Johnson Henry L, tmstr James Pears, h u 

s Soudan, Davisville 
Johnson Leonard, brickmkr James Pears, 1 

II Johnson 
Johnston John jr, mkt gdnr n s Glebe rd, 


Johnston Mary ,1 (wid John), 1 R Johnston 
Johnston Robert, mkt gdnr n s Glebe rd, 

Jones Benjamin, h u s Victoria av, Eglinton 
Jones Mary A (wid Jesse), dairy s s Broad- 
way av, Eglinton, h same 
Jones Stephen, gdnr, h s s Balliol, Davis- 
ville r 
Keast Richard, stone ctr, bus Broadway 

av. Eglinton 
Kersvvell Charles H, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 
Kersvvell Wm L, elk, 1 C H Kersvvell 
Kirk Anthony C, lab, h n s Eglinton av, 

Kirk Joseph, lab, h n s Wobnrn av, Bedford 

Kllnck Joseph A, carp, h e s Yonge, Eg- 

Laird Alfred J, elk, 1 J Laird 

Laird John, picture frames e s Gordon, 
Davisville. h same 

Lamb Francis, brickmkr, h n s Castlefleld 
av, Eglinton 

Langstaff John, h n s Victoria av, Eglinton 

Latham Jane (wid Henry), h n s Kensing- 
ton av, Eglinton 

Lawless John, lab, h n s Roper av, Eglinton 

Lawless Joseph, thresher, h w s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Lawrence Francis, farmer, h e s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Lawrence George H, chief constable, h s s 
Balliol, Davisville 

Lawrence Henry T, mkt gdnr n s Davis- 
ville av, Davisville 

Lawrence Mary E (wld Robert), h s s 
Davisville av, Davisville 

Lawrence Samuel, farmer, h w s Yonge, 
Bedford I'ark 

Lawrence Stephen, florist n s Kensington 
av. Eglinton, h same 

Law-son George, ins agt, h n s Frederic k, 

Leary John, brickmkt James Pears, h e s 

Eglinton av, Davisville 
Le Barr Benjamin, packer, h s s Balliol, 


Lcpolsky Abram, dairy s s Soudan av, 

L Kstage Wm J, h n s Broadway av, Eg- 

Letsche John M, prtr, bus Castlefleld av. 
Eg I nton 

Leu is Miss ;.'-?M>tth V, tehr Davi - 'Hie 
Pub School. 1 Wm Anil 

Linke Emll, shoemkr w s Gordon, Davlsvi'le 

Lipper David, lab, b R Edwards 

Loach John, jwlr, h n s Woburn av. Bed- 
ford Park . 

Loach Thomas, jwlr, h s s Woburn av, 
Bedford Park . 

Lock Frederick, carrlagemkr, h s s Merton, 

Lock George, prtr, 1 F Lock 

Locke Frederick J, carp, h w s Gordon, 

Locke Hev Joseph, pastor Eglinton Metho- 
dist Church, h s s Victoria av, Eglinton 

Logic James, trav, b s 8 Erskine av, Eg- 
linton _, , , 

Louden John, mngr, h n s Victoria av, 

Lovell John, lab, h s s Davisville av, 

Lynn David, lab, 1 T Lynn 
Lynn John, lab, b H Johnson 
Lynn Thomas, thresher, h n s Glenwood av, 


McCann James D, plmbr, h L McCann 
McCann John, lab, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 
McCann John, lab. 1 L McCann 
McCann Joseph, elk, 1 L McCann 
McCann Lawrence, lab, h w s Yonge, 

McCartney Maggie (wld George), nurse e s 
Yonge, Davisville, h same 

McCIeland Thomas J, carp, h n s Sher- 
wood av, Eglinton 


Lake Simcoe ana Grenadier Lake 

Telephone 217 or 5103- GRENADIER ICE & COAL CO. 


CANADIAN RUBBER GO,, Cor. Front and Yonge Sts., Toronto. 

Solid Rubber Carriage Tires — Langm uir '& Patent. 


North Toronto. 


McColl Will, dairy s s Albertus av, Eglin- 

ton, H same 
McConib James, stereo, h n s Merton, 


McCormack George, farmer, h w s Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

McCrae Henry, whol btchr w s Yonge, 
Davisville, h same 

McCready John, lab, h n s Merton, Davis- 

McDonald Wm A, carp, h w a Yonge, 

McDowell George.inason, h s s Roehainpton 
av, Eglinton 

McDuff John, brkuikr James I'ears, h s s 
Eglinton av, Davisville 

McEldon Arthur, driver J J Davis, 1 A Mc- 

McEldon Arthur, gdnr, h e s Yonge. 

McGregor Gilbert H, cond CPR, h e s 

Yonge, Davisville 
McKinlay Archibald R, trav, h s s Glen 

Grove av. Eglinton 
McKinlay Archibald T. 1 A R McKinlay 
McKinlay Sarah A (wid Archibald C), h s s 

Glen Grove av, Eglinton 
McKinlay Wm W, 1 A R McKinlay 
McNaughton George, gdnr, h s s Merton, 


McQuain Nancy (wid Ezekiel), 1 J Cope- 

Mabbett Wm, lab, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

Mackenzie Mervyn, barr, h n s Victoria 

av, Eglinton 
Magnlre Wm, coal & wood, h e s Yonge, 


Manning Honora (wid Thomas), 1 J Brennan 
Martin Herbert, elk, 1 Wm Martin 
Martin Wm, hotel w s Yonge, Eglinton 
Martin Wm J, driver, h n s Kensington 

av, Eglinton 
Mason Elizabeth (wid Henry), h n s Mer- 
ton, Davisville 
Matchett Jonathan, b s s Glen Grove av, 

Matthews Henry, btchr, h s s Gleuwood 
av, Davisville 

Mead Thomas, florist R T Dean, res To- 

Meaker John, mkt gdnr n s Davisville av, 

Menrs Richard, gdnr, h s s Merton, Davis- 

Met St Ry Waiting Room, w s Yonge, 
cor Glen Grove av, Eglinton 

Middleton John, lab, b H Johnson 

Middleton Robert R, lab, h s s Ersklne 
av, Eglinton 

Minns Walter H. hotel e s Yonge, Davis- 

Mitchell Charles, coachman, h n 8 Merton, 

Mitchener John G. dry gds, b s s Davis- 
ville av, Davisville 

Moore James, lab, h n s Soudan av, Davis- 

Morgan James, tmstr, h e s Yonge, Eglin- 

Morgan Mary (wid Robert), 1 w s Yonge, 
Dnvlsville _ ,,, , , 

Morris Thomas, dairy s s Balllol, Davis- 
ville, h same . 

Morrish John F, gro, flour and feed w s 
Yonge, Eglinton, h same 

Moses Albert A.- elk, 1 W J Moses 

Moses Frank H. elk. I W J Moses 

Moses Wm J, hardware e s Yonge, Eg- 
linton, h same 

Moxon John, btchr, h s s Eglinton av, 
Eglinton _ ,. , 

Mull John, shoemkr e s Yonge, Eglinton, 
h same 

Mullins Arthur, shipper, 1 3 Mullins 
Mnllins James, dyer, h s s Balllol, Davis- 

Murchison Janet (wid John), h s s Kensing- 
ton av, Eglinton 

Muston Walter, pres North Toronto Floral 
Co, h n s BaMlol, Davisville 

Nash Hubert F, comp, h s s Merton, Davis- 

Nason Charles F, h s s Victoria av, Eg- 

XasoT Russell F, mngr North Toronto 
Floral Co, h n s Balllol, Davisv le 

Nesblt Peter, bkpr, h s s Eglinton av, 

Norman Addison, electric belts, n s Glen- 
wood av, Davisville 

North Toronto Floral Co Ltd, R F Nason Sanderson Robert H, waggonmkr e s Yonge, 

1 Davisville, h same 
Sanderson Wm, pumpmkr e s Yonge, Davis- 
ville, res Toronto 
Sargent Susan (wid John), 1 J Barwell 
Saul George, bkpr, h s s Eglinton av, 

Saunders George, potter John Davis & 

Sou, h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Saunders Levi, potter John Davis & Son, 

h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Scott Wm T, niach, h n s Woburn av, Bed- 
ford Park 


mngr, florists, u s Balllol, Davisville 
Oliver Wm T, mach, h s s Woburn av, Bed- 
ford Park 

Orange Hall, n s Montgomery av, Eglinton 
Oulcott's Hotel, Wm Martin prop, w s 

Yonge, Eglinton 
Page Charles, lab, h s s Balllol, Davisville 
Page Henry, brickmkr, h n s Merton, 


Page Stephen, lab, h s s Balllol, Davisville 
Palmer Walter, hotel, h w s Yonge, Bed- 

ford Park 

Pearce Richie E, mason, has Merton, Scrace George, h s s Glenwood av, 

Davisville ville 

Pearl John, elk, h w s Yonge, BedfordJi'ai'k Sedwick Albert, florist w s Yonge, Davls- 

PEARS JAMES (Davisville and Carl- ville. h same 

ton Brick Mnfg Co), h n s Eglinton av, Seeviour Thomas, gdnr, h e s Alberta cres, 

Eglinton (See classified Brick Mnfrs) \ „ Davisville 

Pears James jr, eng James Pears, I same Sellers John J, lab, h w s Yonge, Davis 
Pearson Rev Edward A, pastor Davisville 

h w s Yonge, Davls- 
h s s Sherwood av, 

Methodist Church, 

Pearson Robert, lab 

rerrin Stephen A, h n s Soudan av, Davis- 

Phipps Arthur, lab, 1 G Phipps 
Phipps George, carp h e s Yonge, Bedford 

Binder Abraham, dairy n s Glen Grove av, 

Eglinton, h same 
Pinder John, brickmkr James Pears, h n s 

Eglinton av, Eglinton 
Piuniger Thomas, caretkr, h n s Frederick, 


Plant Herbert, china decorator, h e s 
Yonge, Davisville 

Porter Wm. plstr, b T Glaney 

Powell Rev Thomas W, rector St Clement's 
Church, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 

Pratt Miss Delima, gro s s Merton, Davis- 
ville, h same 

Pratt Thomas, moto, 1 Miss D Pratt 

Piitehard Charles, jwlr, 1 G F Piitehard jr 

Pritchard George F jr, carp, h s s Ers- 
kine av, Eglinton 

l'ugsley Arthur, cattle dlr n s Roehamp- 
ton av. Eglinton, h same 

Purcell Patrick, h s s Eglinton av, Davis- 

Rae Robert, bkpr, h s s Ersklne av, Eg- 

Ramsay James, bldr s s Victoria av, Eg- 
linton, h same 

Ramsay Wm. moto Met St Ry, h w 8 
Yonge, Davisville 

Rawlinson Benjamin, gdnr, h s s Merton, 

Jtawlinson Miss Hanna, elk, 1 B Rawllnson 
Ttayner Albert, pntr, 1 S Rayner 
Rayner Samuel, pntr, h e s Alberta cres, 

Readv Joseph, h w s Gordon, Davisville 
Rhodes Benjamin, brickmkr, h s s Broad- 
way av, Eglinton 
Richardson Samuel R, phy w s Yonge, Eg- 

Roache Rev Wm R (Methodist), h s s 
Roehampton av. Eglinton 

Robertson David D, trav. h s s Roehamp- 
ton av. Eglinton 

Robinson Alexander, lab, h n s Broadway 
av, Eglinton 

Robinson George, lab, h n s Castlefleld av, 

Robinson John W, tel opr, h s 8 Merton, 

Robson George, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Rochford Thomas, pdlr, h w s Gordon, 


Senour Lewis, brickmkr James Pears, 1 L. 

R Senour 

Senuur Lewis R, lab A Bryce, h s s Wood- 
ward av, Eglinton 
Senour Newel L, brickmkr, 1 L R Senour 
I Senour Miss Therese, sew mach opr, 1 L, 

I B Senour 

I Sewell Matthew, lab, b Mrs L Brunskill 
Shatkli'ton James, lab N Garland, bus 

Sherwood av, Eglinton 
Shell Richard, brickmkr James Pears, b- 
i Oulcott's Hotel, Eullnton 
Simpson Alfred, bricklyr, h s s Balliol, 

Skerratt Edwin, florist, 1 T Skerratt 
1 Skerratt Thomas, carp, h s a Merton, 

Skirrow Edgar, h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Slight Henry, florist, h n s Sherwood av, 

Smith Wm, mkt gdnr e s Yonge, Bedford 

Spies Frederick F, dairy e s Yonge, Eg- 

j lintou, h same 

Spittel Charles, mason, h s s Albertus av, 

Spittel Harry, carp, h s s Albertus av, 

Stanton Thomas, lab A Bryce, b. w s 

Yonge, Eglinton 
Stephenson Wm, florist, h n s Erskine av, 


Btlbbard Albert, gdnr J S Stibbard, 1 same 

Stibbard John S, mkt gdnr n s Crescent 
av, Eglinton 

Stockdale Joseph, pntr, h n s Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Stocker George, bldr s s Kensington av, 
Eglinton, h same 

Strader Albert, gdnr J Strader, 1 same 

Strader John, mkt gdnr e s Yonge, Davis- 
ville, h same 

Stringer Joseph B, elk, h s s Balliol, Davis- 

.Sutton Edward, dairy n s Roper av, Eg- 
linton, h same 

Taylor Arthur E, jwlr, h s s Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Taylor James, eng, h n s Balliol, Davisville 

Thompson Wm, trav, h s s Glen Grove av, 

Thorn bury Harry, lab, h e s Yonge, Davis- 

Tibb Rev J Campbell, pastor Eglinton 
Presb Church, h s s Briar Hill av, Eg- 

Tomhleson John A, lab, h e s Yonge, Eg- 
linton _ ' 
Tomlinson Wilfred R, pntr e s Yonge, Eg- 
linton, h same 
Tooley Emma (wid John), 1 J Tooley 

Ross Frank, mkt gdnr e s Yonge, Davis- Tooley Ernest, lab, 1 J Tooley 

ville. h same 
Rowllnson John H, glider, h s s Balliol, 


Rutherford Miss Ella, tchr, 1 J C Ruther- 

Rutherford John C, prin Davisville Pub Sch, 

h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Ruthven Albert H, 1 H Ruthven 
Ruthven Harry, confr, b. n s Kensington 

av, Eglinton n 
St Clement's Church, Rev T W Powell 

rector, n s Hawthorne av, Eglinton 
St Germain Andrew H, farmer, h w s 

Yonge. Bedford Park 
Sadler Wm. hostler Davisville Hotel 
Sanderson James, whol btchr s s Ersklne 

av, Eglinton, h same 
Sanderson John, whol btchr s s Ersklne av, 

Eglinton. h same 

Tooley John, lab, h 8 s Kensington av, 


Produce Co Ltd, J M Wilson Manager. 
Produce, Poultry, Butter and Eggs, s s 
Eglinton av. Davisville 
Triplow Wm, lab, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 
Turner Edward C, elk, 1 Mrs S Turner 
Turner Sarah (wid Thomas), h s s Merton, 

llrnuhart PeteT. elk. b J Logic 
Reliance Loan & Savings Co, h n s Vic- 
toria av ~ . 
Walmsley James, varnish rakr, h s s uavls- 

vllle av, Davisville 
Ward Charles H, jwlr, h e s Yonge, Eglln- 

Tobehadofo.ny Printer, 

COMPANY. Limited. | 

PH0T0B00K PAPERi c P ffls u f£ 



Telephone 2413. 

ARCH. CAMPBELL, M.P., President. 

THOS. CRAWFORD, M.P.P.i Vice-President. 
WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, General Manager. 
PAHA MAM C(\ Selects risks in fire protected places, 
UnnnUInn UU. an d gives rates accordingly. 


North Toronto. 


Warde Miss Agnes, tchr Eglinton Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 
Warden Edward B, florist, n s Sherwood 

av, Eglinton, li same 
■Warner Wm, Ashing rod nikr, n s Eglln- 

ton av, Eglinton, h same 
Warren Algernon, elk, 1 R Warren 
Warren Francis, tlr, 1 R Warren 
Warreu Robert, poultry dlr, n s Snerwood 

av, Eglinton, h same 
Washington George, shoemkr, h e s Yonge, 

Bedford Park 
Watts George, tlr, h s s Balliol, Davisvllle 
Waugh Spencer, h n s Roehampton av, 


West Ebenezer, elk, h s s Broadway av, 

West Wm, ins agt, h s s Broadway av, Eg- 

Whaley John, tax collector, h s s Smith 

av. Eglinton 
White Alexander S. ruler, h s s Merton. 


White Wm T, nursery agt, h n s Erskine 
av. Eglinton 

Whitfield John, lab, h n s .Merton, Davis- 

Whittingham Agnes (wid Robert), b H 

Wilcox Catherine E (wid Simon E), h s s 

Glen Grove av, Eglinton 
Wilkinson Arthur, lab, b R Edwards 
Wilkinson Mary (wid George), h end of 

Frederick, Davisvllle 
Williams Thomas, mkt gdnr, W s Yonge, 


Wilson George, lab A Bryce, h n s Sher- 
wood av, Eglinton 

Wilson John M, mngr Toronto Poultry & 
Garden Produce Co Ltd, Eglinton av, 
Davisville, and 86 D'Arey, Toronto 

Wiltshire Edward, farmer, U s s Eglinton 
av, Davisville 

Wiltshire Henry, farmer, lies Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park 

Winters Francis, dairy, s s Broadway av, 

Eglinton, h same 
Wood Miss Emily E, sew mach opr, 1 Mrs 

M Wood 

Wood Mary (wid James), h n s Merton, 

Woods Hill H, fireman, h e s Yonge, Eg- 

Worth Arthur, elk, h n s Broadway av, 

York Masonic Lodge, Thomas Armstrong. 
Sec, w a Yonge, Eglinton 

Zeagman John, mkt gdnr, o s 1'onge, Bed- 
ford Park 

JCion Baptist Church, w s Yonge, Eglinton 


(Four miles east of P.O.) 

Aldrldge Alfred, insp health dept. h Cox- 
well av 

Allan Margaret (wid Wm), h Kingston id 
Allan Wm A, elk, 1 Mrs M Allan 
Armstrong Miss Mamie, tchr Norway Pub 

Sch, res East Toronto 
Arnold Samuel, brick mkr, h Coxwell av 
Ayland Amos, elk F H Schmidt, b same 
Barras Joseph W, lab, h Cassels av 
Bates tra, road commr Co York, h Kings- 
ton rd 

Belham George, mkt gdnr, Coxwell av, h 

Belham George H, lab, h Coxwell av 
Bell Wm, teamstr, h Elmer av 
Hezer Wm C, pntr, h Coxwell av 
Boles John, gardener, h Kingston rd 
Bolton Ernest, h Kingston rd 
Booth Joseph, lab, h Cassels av 
Broughton Frederick, mach, h Coxwel' av 
Brown James, poultry dlr, Coxwell av 
Buckner Charles, lab, 1 S Buekner 
Buckner Samuel, lab, h Coxwell av 
Burns Robert, Co Constable, h Mary's Lane 
Campbell John, designer, h Norway pi 
Chambers Thomas, bartender A J Tymon, 

res Toronto 
Charlton Wm, uphol, h Coxwell av 
Chester Mathew, wagoumkr Kingston 

rd. b Mrs A Darnborough 
Clark John W, mldr, h Coxwell av 
Clarke James, mariner, b A Aldrldge 
Clay James, dairy Coxwell av, h same 
Cornell Wm, carp, h Burgess av 
Cornell Wm, carp, h Woodbine av 
Craven Henry L. bkr Woodbine av. h same 

Darnborough Annie (wid Peter), h Kings- 
ton rd 

L>arnborough Joseph, woodwkr M Chester, 

1 Mrs A Darnborough 
Davidson George, lab, b D Leslie 
Davie Robert, carp, h Maughan av 
Davis Thomas, foreman, h Berkeley av 
Dobson Mrs Alice, h Cassels av 
Dodd George F, carver, h Cassels av 
Down John, plmbr, 1 Mrs M Down 
Down Mary (wid Richard), h Woodbine av 
Duggan Joseph, b E Bolton 
Dunn Abraham, mkt gdnr, Woodbine av 
Elliott John, lab, h Hemlock Grove 
Etheriugton George, mkt gdnr, h Kingston 


Etheriugton Mrs Mary, b J W Graver 
Ferguson James, poultry dlr, h Kingston rd 
Flatt Zephaniah, core mkr, h Herbert av 
Fox Alsey T, brick mkr, h Berkeley av 
Freeman John W, paper cutter, h Wood- 
bine av 

Gallagher John, whol btchr, Coxwell av 
Galley Charles, bricklyr, h Coxwell av 
Gorman Hugh, tmstr, h Coxwell av 
Graver John W, horse trainer, h Coxwell 

Gray George R. hide dlr, Coxwell av, h 

Groves Julia (wid David), 1 W O Hiteshue 
Guthrie James, polisher A Handy, 1 Rob- 
ert Guthrie 
Guthrie Robert, stonecutter, h Cassels av 
HANDY ALFRED, Marble Works, 
Kingstou rd, li Woodbine av (See card 
classified Marble Works) 
Henderson Wm II, mestsr, h Berkeley av 
Hess Harrison, lab, h Burgess av 
Hess Samuel R, engr, h Burgess av 
Hewitt Isaac, bldr, Coxwell av, h same 
Hewitt Wm, carp, 1 I Hewitt 
Hilts Wm, gateman GTR, h Kingston rd 
Hines Emily (wid Wm), h Kingston rd 
Hines John, mgr Norway House, Kingston 

Hines Thomas, stmftr, 1 Mrs E Hines 
Hines Win, photo, 1 Mrs E Hines 
Hiteshue Johanna (wid Jhon), 1 S R Hess 
Hiteshue Wm O, carp, h Burgess av 
Hobson Wm, stone cutter, h Cassels av 
Holman Richard E, whol btchr, Kingston 

rd, h same 
Holness Wm. carp, h Kingston rd 
Howard Art bur, lab, h Coxwell av 
Jackson James W, trav, h Berkeley av 
Jifkius Henry A, whol btchr, Coswell av, 

h same 

Johnston Miss Elizabeth J, cook, 1 R John- 

Johnston Robert, gro, Gerrard, h same 
Johnston Robert J, dairy, Gerrard, h same, 
Joselin Wm H, carp, h Herbert av 
Joyce Samuel, lab H A Jlfkins, b same 
Jury Ernest, elk, h Kingston rd 
Keffer Sarah (wid Benjamin), h Gerrard 
King Theodore, horse trainer, h Coxwell av 
Leslie David, lab, h Herbert av 
Llscombe Susan (wid George), mkt gdnr, 

Berkeley av, h same 
Liscombe Walter, photo, 1 Mrs S Llscombe 
Long John, h Kingston rd 
Long John K, tlr, 1 John Long 
Maclean Isabella (wid John), 1 W Maclean 
Maclean Wallace, journalist, h Woodbine av 
Mander Henry, japanner, h Berkeley av 
Maughan Harry, ins agt, h Hemlock Grove 
Meade Wm R, elk, h Kingston rd 
Millar James W, h Kingston rd 
Miller Michael, glue mkr, b Gerrard 
Mills Alfred J, jwlr Kingstou rd, h same 
Mundell Wm, marble cutter A Handy, res 


Nicholson Wm, lab, h Kingston rd 
Norway House, Johu Hines mngr, Kingston 

nor Postmaster, Kingston lioad. 
Norway Public School, Josiah Palmer prln, 

Kingston rd 
O'CONNOR DENIS, Blacksmith nn«l 

Postmaster, Kingston Road, h same. 
O'Connor Denis, lab. h Woodbine av 
Over George E A, elk, 1 W R Over 
Over Spencer H, acct, 1 W R Over 
Over Walter R, trav, h Woodbine av 
Paddon Wm H, vainisber. h Coxwell av 
Paget Wm P, h Berkeley av 
Palmer Josiah, prln Norway Public Sch, h 

Kingston rd 
Parson Henry, pntr, h Coxwell av 
Perkins Henry, mach, 1 J W Perkins 

Perkins Johu W, carp, h Coxwell av 
Perkins Miss Louie, elk, 1 J W Perkins 
Potter Alfred, trav, h Herbert av 
Powell Alfred, lab, h Cassels av 
Prest Thomas, cricket and football mfr, 

Mary's lane, h same 
Rattray Jane A (wid Robert), h Coxwell ay 
Rigby Wm, mach, h Burgess av 
Rose Richard, football mkr T Prest, h 

Kingston rd 
Ross Catherine (wid Alexander), h Herbert 


St John's Church (Anglican), Woodbine av 
Schmidt Frederick H, hotel Kingston rd 
Sharrard Wesley, jockey, h Kingston rd 
Sheppard Charles, h Berkeley av 
Simpson John M, h Elmer av 
Sleeth John, express Kingston rd, h same 
Smith Richard, driver J Clay, h Coxwell av 
Smith Robert, driver, h Coxwell av 
Stockdale Frank, elk Norway House 
Thompson James, lab GTR, h Burgess av 
Thorne Alan O. elk, 1 R Thorne 
Thorne Richard, h Kingston rd 
Thorne Sidney L, elk, 1 R Thorne 
Tompkins Johanna (wid Thomas), h Kings- 
ton rd 

Toronto Golf Assn Ltd. Wm Troughton 

steward, Coxwell av 
Troughton Win, steward Toronto Golf Assn 

Ltd, h same 
Tyler Samuel W, pdlr, h Woodbine av 
Tymon Andrew J, hotel 1G80 Queen e 
Vivian Edward T, mkt gdnr Kingston rd 
Webber John, florist Kingston rd, h same 
Weir John, mkt gdnr Woodbine av, h same 
West Charles, bkpr, h Herbert av 
West Ernest, elk I C West 
West Harry, musician, 1 C West 
Wheat ley Thomas, lab, h Elmer av 
Whitewood George, broker, h Herbert av 
White wood James L, 1 G Whitewood 
Wilson Charles, gdnr, h Coxwell av 
Wilson George, gdnr," 1 C Wilson 
Wilsou Richard, lab, h Herbert av 
Wilson Samuel, paint mkr, h Kingston rd 
Wood John, knitter, h Woodbine av 
Woodward Robert, trav, h Berkeley av 


(Four miles west of PO) 

Adams Joseph, lab, h Windermere av 
Addison George E, paperhngr and caretkr 

High Park Golf Club, h Bloor 
Aikens Robert J, mngr Grenadier Ice & 

Coal Co, res Toronto 
Aikens Samuel, elk Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co. res Toronto 
Ballantyne Rev Win D. h Thompson 
Bastow Harry, inach Swansea Forging Co, 

res Toronto 
Batstone Thomas, wks Humber Swinery, 1 

I Warner 

Bethan Frank, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

( '„. res Toronto 
Blackwell Frederick J, shipper Swansea 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Bray Charles, blksmth Swansea Forging Co, 

re's Toronto 
Brydson David, florist Wm Rennle, 1 James 


Brjdson James, blkhsmth. h Thompson 
Brydson James, foreman Grenadier lee & 

Coal Co. h Ellis av 
Brydson John, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co, res Mimieo 
Carless Edmund, lab. h Bertha 
Carr Matthias J, lab. h Windermere av 
Casey Wm, piano wkr, h Thompson 
Christie Margaret (wid James), 1 Jas Bryd- 

Churchward Robert, mach Swansea Forging 

Co, res Humber Bay 
Clayton Alfred C, plmbr, h Park rd 
Clavton Miss Elizabeth, bkpr, 1 J Ellis 
Cla'jton Frances G (wid Joseph), 1 J Ellis 
Clayton Frederick, hingemkr Swansea Forg- 
ing Co, res Toronto 
Coe Ann (wid Mark), h Lavinia 
Coe Charles, mkt gdnr, h Lavinia 
Coe Wm A, lab, h Windermere av 
Coe Zacharlah. 1 Mrs A Coe 
Cox Robert, lab, h Windermere av 
Crowe Thomas, mach Swansea Forging Co, 
res Toronto 


53 Richmond St. JSast. 





THE TEMPERANCE AND GENERAL LIFE is unquestionably the best Company for the best 
lives, as it gives them advant ages no other Company can give. 




Curtis Howard, mach Swansea Forging Co, 

res Toronto 
Dewsbury Frank, inach Swansea Forging 

Co. res Toronto 
Doyle Ellen G twill Edward), h Craig 
Dovle Homer S, elk, I Mrs E G Doyle 
Ellis John, h Ellis av 

Fell Henry, eng Tor June \V W, res Tor- 
onto Junction 
Fentou Frederick, lab, li Windermere av 
Fleming Joseph, blksmtli, h Windermere av 
Freeman Alfred, electrician Swausea Forg- 
ing Co, res Toronto 
Geminell John, architect, h Ellis av 
Giles Isaac, tmstr Grenadier ire & Coal 

Co, 1 \\ Giles 
Giles Win, lab Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, res 

Humber Bay 
GILLIES GEORGE, Postmaster, res 

Glenny Koberl. boltmkr, h Thompson 
Graham John, driver Wm Uennle, L Win- 
dermere av 
Graham Johnston, 1 J C Graham 
Grant John, elk Swansea Forging Co, res 

Grenadier Ice & Coal Co. R J Aikens mug.-, 

Lake Shore rd 
Hnggas John supt Tor June W W pumping 

station, res Toronto Junction 
Hall Johu J, lab, h Windermere av 
Halliday James, lab, h Windermere av 
Hansford Wm, lab Grenadier lee & .Coal 

Co, res Humber Bay 
Hardie Wm, inaeh Swansea Forging Co, res 

Toronto _ . 

Hawke Fredrick, foreman Swansea r orging 

Co. res Toronto 
High 1'ark Golf Club. G E Addisou care- 
taker, s s Bloor, 1 w High l'ark 
Hill Charles, tmstr. 1 G W Sproule 
Ililsdon James, eng Tor June W W res 


Hnrwood Frank, driver K B Johnson, res 
Humber Bay * , 

Howard A'frcd W. grocer Lake Shore rd. 
h same 

Howard Heber. lab, 1 A \\ Howard 

Howard Lome, maeh Swansea I'orging Co 
1 A W Howard _ 

Howard Hicbard T, foreman Swansea Forg- 
ing Co, res Toronto 

Humber Swinery, I Warner ningr, Jane 

Hvslop James K, journalist, h Thompson 

Johnson Itichard B. pickle mfr Lake shore 
/ rd, cor Jane, h same 
,Xeir John, journalist, h Craig 

Kyle Wm, trav Swansea Forcing Co, re» 
Toronto „ . .. 

Leigh Albert, inach Swansea rorging ( o. 
res Toronto _ 

Lindsay Johu. niach Swansea Forging Co. 
ics Toronto . _ 

Long George, mngr Wm Rennie, b Thomp- 

McCutcheou Wm, tlr, h Windermere av 
Mackintosh Itev Donald M, h College st 

extension , anVl 

Macnamara James J.prin Swansea 1 ub Sen, 

res Toronto Junction 
Marehment Wm, tmstr Grenadier Ice .V 

Coal Co, res Toronto _ „. r „ 

Martin Henry, mach Swansea h orging Co, 

res Toronto , _, _ M 

Medland Charles P. agt, h ^l 101 5,P!» n n „ 
Motfatt Robert, maeh Swansea Forging Co, 

McTringside 10 Presbyterian Church, College 

st extension 
Morris Charles J. lab, h Windermer e ay 
Musson Henry S, pastor St Olave s Church, 

res Islington k 
Nightingale Wm. tmstr Grenadier Ice A- 

Coal Co res Toronto „, 
O'Brien Bridget fwid Patrick), h Bloor 
O'Brien James. 1 Mrs B O Brieu 
oster Hnery. lab, h Windermere av 
Oster Robert, tmstr Grenadier Ice & <-O.U 

Co, 1 Wm Oster ., 
Ogilvie Alex, blksmth Swansea Forging Co, 

OUver^oseph J. timekeeper Swansea Forg- 

inc Co, res Toronto „ 
Parkes Samuel, mach Swansea Forging Co, 

FalneThaHes, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

PefirloK b a co„ege st extension 
Pennal John R. roach Swansea Forging Co, 
res Toronto 

Phair Jason, farmer, h Bloor 

Presley Alfred, watchman Swansea Forg 

ing Co, res Humber Ra> 
Price Angus, mkt gdur Craig 
Price Angus jr, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co. 1 A Price 
Pall Wm F, sec Swansea Forging Co, res 


Quin Wm H, inach, h Windermere av 
ltae David, tinsmith, h Thompson 
Uennie Thomas, h Ellis av 
Rennie Wm, seed trial grounds, Ellis av 
Roberts Miss Fannie L, 1 J Ellis 
Robertson Archibald, snipper Swansea 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Rowland Alexander, elk Swansea Forging 

Co, res Toronto 
Rule Johu, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, 

res Toronto 
Russell Henry, rivetmkr, h Windermere av 
St I Have's Church, H S Musson pastor, 

Windermere av 
Shelley Joseph, pat nikr Swansea Forging 

Co. res Toronto 
Shiunauian Thomas, lab Grenadier Ice A: 

Coal Co, res Toronto 
Smith Robert, lab, 1 T Smith 
Smith Robert C, adv agt, h Thompson 
Smith Thomas, lab, h Windermere av 
Smith Thomas J, lab, 1 T Smith 
Smith Win, h Park rd , 
Somerville John, carp Swansea Forging Co, 

res Toronto 
Spence Brvden. motorman, h Craig 
Spicule George W, eng Swansea Forging 

Co. h Windermere av 
Stafford Frederick, stenog Swansea Forging 

Co, res Toronto 
Stephens John, supt Swansea Forging to. 

res Toronto 
Stevenson John mach Swansea Forging 

Co, res Toronto _ ■ _ 

Stinson Joseph, mach Swansea Forging Co, 

res Toronto 
Sutton George, mach Swansea Forging Co, 

res Toronto 
Swansea Forging Co Limited, X H Watson 

mngr. Windermere av 

lies Postmaster, Windermere av 
Swansea Public School. James J Macnam- 
ara prin. e s Windermere av 
Taylor J Heurv, florist, h Thompson 
Taylor J Henry, florist Wm Rennie, h 


Todd Clive L. tinsmith, h College st exten- 

Toronto Junction W W pumping station, 

John Haggas supt. Ellis av 
Vaisey Win. mach Swansea Forging Co, res 

Toronto , . . 

Vaughan Frederick, nut mkr, h Wmdei- 

inere av , , 

Vaugnan Philip, lab, h Lavinia 
Warner Isaiah, mgr Humber Swinery, n 

Watson Thomas H, mgr Swansea Forging 

Co, res Toronto 
Wenham Albert T, station agt GTR, h 

Thompson _, „ 

Wesley Charles, mach Swansea Forging Co, 

Wilkinson George, mach Swansea Forging 
Co. res Toronto ' ' 4 

Wilkinson George, tmstr Grenadier Ice A. 

Coal Co, res Toronto 
Wilkinson George T, mach, h Thompson 
Worthingtou Harry J. elk, 1 H Oster 
Wyse George, maeh Swansea I orging Co, 
res Toronto 


(Four and a half miles n e of P.O.) 
Aitchison David, lab Taylor Bros, h Bee 
Aitchisou Frederick, shipper Taylor Bros, 

Anderson St'lwart, lab Taylor Bros, res To- 

Araold George, pulp eng Taylor Bros, res 

Ash^Cmyton F, foreman Taylor Bros, h 

As D hhv John? lab Taylor Bros, 1 Wm Ashby 

a£}nfm\t B Snr i Don Mills rd 

^SSNSSt*^. bVSTi ■ Crozier 
Bater Miss Agnes, elk G Bater, 1 same 

BATER GEORGE, Grocer and Poet- 
master. Don Mills rd, h same 
Baters Hall, Don Mills rd 
Beaver Thomas G, carp, h Bee 
Bell James, brklyr, h Logan av 
Bellamv Clarke, tmstr, h Hawthorne ar 
Bellamy Miss Emily, bag mkr, 1 C Bellamy 
Bellamy John, tmstr Taylor Bros, 1 C Bel- 

Beuns Arthur, blksmith Taylor Bros, h 
Torrence av 

Benns Thomas, burner Taylor Bros, h Ches- 

Blnv Wm. eng Taylor Bros, u Don Valley 
Bolderson Win J. lab. h Woodvilte av 
Bryce Win. lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Burgess James, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Burgess John, carp, 1 J Burgess 
Burgess Win. carp Taylor Bros, h Bee 
Burns Samuel R, potter, Don Valley, h 

Burton Samuel, lab. h Don Mills rd 
Carsoadden Wm. lab Taylor Bros, res North 


Catterall Wm. niach opr Taylor Bros, res 

Ohamberlane Richard, shipper, h William 
Colborne Edward, lab Taylor Bros, res 

North Toronto 
Collins Joseph, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Coshurn Albert, gdnr, 1 R Cohburn 
Cosburn Charles, gdnr, h Gowan av 
Cosburn Richard, market gdnr. Leslie 
Cranio David, gro. Don Mills rd. h same 
Creightou Joseph G. foreman Taylor Bros, 

res Toronto 
Crozier Edward, tmstr Taylor Bros, h Haw- 
thorne av 

Dallimore John, flnshr Taylor Bros, h 

Woodvllle av 
Dart John, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Dart John jr, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Dart Joseph, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Dart Miss Sarah, bag mkr. 1 J Dart 
Davey George F. elk, 1 H Davey 
Davev Miss Henrietta, drsmkr, Don Mine 

rd. 1 H Davey 

Davey Henry, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Davies Robert, JP. brewer, h Don MUM rd 
Deiavlgne Frederick, lab. h Bee 
Donald Thomas J, blksmith, Don Mills 

rd. h same 
Dulinage Mills, tmstr Taylor Bros, res Cnes- 

Dundas Charles, lab Taylor Bros, I J Dun- 

Dumlas John, lab Taylor Bros, h Don Mills 
roa d 

Dunn Thomas, h Don Mills rd 
Dymond Wm. lab Taylor Bros, 1 J Pedlar 
Einmorv Walter, barber, h Don Miills rd 
Flummerfelt Washington, lab Taylor Bros, 

1 J Monroe 
Ford Frederick, burner Taylor Bros. re» 

Toronto _ _ 

Fox Frank, lab Taylor Bros, h Don Mills 

road „. 
Fox Thomas, plstr Taylor Bros, res Chester 
Gamble John, hotel, Don Mills r.d 
Gamble John jr. elk. 1 J Gamble 
Gibb Joseph, brkmkr Taylor Bros, res To- 

QUmonr David, lab Taylor Bros, res To- 

GUmour David jr. lab Taylor Bros, b H 

Gnmo 3 u°r U Henry, lab Taylor Bros, res Chee- 

GUmonr Robert, lab Taylor Bros, 1 H GH- 
mour „ - ... 

Goodson Robert B, gdnr. 1 J A Macdonald 
Graham Thomas, potter, h Don Mills rd 


•»""" "• Hater jh^ " 8 un, ■ mm 


TORONTO POTTERY CO., 73-81 Cottlngham St. Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents. 

26 Wellington St. East. 

Tel. No. 423. 




Guyatt Thomas, lab Taylor Bros, res Ches- 

Hallat Charles, gdnr A Davles, 1 Thorncllffe 

Hanna Will, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Hart Edward, potter S It Burns, 1 same 
Harvey John G, mfg chemist, h Don Mills 
road . 

Hayes Win, burner Taylor Bros, res To- 

Hazleton Robert, druggist, h Gamble av 
Helm Robert, setter Taylor Bros, res Ches- 

Hibbitt Henry, whol btchr, Gamble av, h 

Hodge James, burner Taylor Bros, res 

Howson Robert H, driver, h Don Mills rd 
Humphries George, lab, 1 W G Humphries 
Humphries Wm G. tmstr. h Gowan av 
Hurst Moses, lab Taylor Bros, rea Chester 
Jenkins James H, horse trainer, h Don 
Mills rd 

Reams Harry, lab Taylor Bros, res Chester 
Keliher John, tmstr Taylor Bros, res To- 

Kelley Wm, lab Taylor Bros, h Woodville 

Kellv James, lab Taylor Bros, 1 Wm Kelly 
Kelly Wm, mach tndr Taylor Bros, 1 J Ped- 

Klmberley John, brass flnshr, h Gamble av 
KIrkpatrick Thomas. fireman Taylor 

Bros, h Don Mills rd 
Lea John T, tmstr Taylor Bros, res Ches 


Longhurst Edward, bvklyr. I\ Don Mills rd 
Mcintosh George, pntr, h Gamble av 
Mcintosh Mrs Mary, dairy. Gamble av, h 

Macdonald Helen (wid Simon), h Don Mills 

Macdonald John A. cutter, h Bee 
Martin John W, dairy. Gamble av. h same 
Maynard Mark, brklvr. h Hawthorne av 
Meacbam Thomas, eng Taylor Bros, h Don 
Mills rd 

Millar John B, foreman Taylor Bros, h Don 

Millov John, lab Tavlor Bros, res Chester 
Mitchell Wm, tmstr Taylor Bros, res To- 

Monroe Eardley, lab Taylor Bros, 1 J Mon- 

Monroe John, gdnr, h Don Mills rd 
Monroe Wm, fireman Taylor Bros, 1 J Mon- 

Moore Wm, slsmn, h William 
Moses George A, brklyr, h Bee 
Moses George H, lab Taylor Bros, 1 G A 

Mountain Albert, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Murray Wm, lab Taylor Bros, b J Monroe 
Nichol John, blksmith Taylor Bros, res To- 

Ostrom Daniel, mach tender Taylor Bros. 

res Chester 
Page Charles, lab Taylor Bros, res North 


Page Henry, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Pedlar Albert, lab Taylor Bros, h Torrens 

Pedlar Charles, dairy, Torrens av, h same 
Pedlar Charles, mach opr Tavlor Bros, 1 J 

Pedlar Philip, shader Taylor Bros, h Haw- 
thorne av 

Pestell Alfred, lab Taylor Bros, h Don 

Mills rd 
Pestell Wm, Jwlr, 1 A Pestell 
Plater Henry B, shoemkr, h Bee 
Plater Henry E. shoemkr, 1 H B Plater 
Pledger Walter, pressor Taylor Bros, b 

Don Valley 
Qulnn Denis, blksmith T J Donald, res To 


Reld Frederick, tmstr Taylor Bros, h Lo- 
gan av 

Rice Charlotte (wld George), h Don Mills 

Rice George, setter Taylor Bros, h Haw- 
thorne av 

Roberts Thomas, lab Tavlor Bros, h Don 

Robinson Charles, tmstr. h Hawthorne av 
Robinson Frederick, tmstr, h Hawthorne av 
Robinson Frederick, shader Taylor Bros. I 

Hawthorne av 
Rose George, mach opr Taylor Bros, res 


Self Gilbert, brklyr, h Gamble av 

Sheppard Samuel J, pulp eng Taylor Bros, 

h Don Valley 
Sheridan George, gdnr W T Taylor, h Don 

Mills rd 

Sheridan Robert, tmstr Taylor Bros, 1 Geo 

Shipp Frank, paper mkr Taylor Bros, h 

Torrens av 
Simpson George S, barber, h William 
Simpson John, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Smith David, litho, h Don Mills rd 
Smith James, eng, h Don Mills rd 
Smith Wm A. groom R Davies, h Don Mills 


Spafford George, lab Taylor Bros, h Don 

Storey Wm, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Taylor Anne (wid George), h Don Mills rd 
Taylor Bros (John F, George A and Wm T), 

paper, paper bag and brick mfrs, Don 


Taylor George A (Taylor Bros), h Don 
Mills rd 

Tavlor John F (Taylor Bros), h Don Mills rd 
Taylor John H, h Don Mills rd 
Taylor Wm T (Taylor Bros), h Don Mills rd 
Terry John, lab Tavlor Bros, res Chester 
Thor'ne Miss Mary G, h Don Mills rd 
Todmorden House, John Gamble prop, Don 
Mills rd 


Bater Postmaster, Don Mills rd 
Vanluvan George, lab Taylor Bros, h Don 

Vanluvan Wm, eng Taylor Bros, h Don 

Walker John, tmstr Taylor Bros, h Don 


Westwood John, mkt gdnr Don Mills rd 
Whyte Elizabeth (wld Alexander), 1 Mrs C 

Wilson Henry, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Wilson John, fireman Taylor Bros, h Don 

Woods Andrew, papermkr Taylor Bros, res 
York Co 

Wright Wm, eng, h Don Mills rd 


(Four miles northwest of P O) 

Mayor and Councillors. 

Will lie found at end of book. See index. 

Town Clerk, Wm J Conron 
Treasurer, J T Jackson 
Solicitor, Charles C Going 

Water Works. 
John Haggas engineer and superintendent 
Henry Fell, 2nd engineer 
Asst Engineer, James Hilsden 

Electric Light Plant. 

Electrician, James Hardy 
Engineer. Walter Burgess 
Medical Health Officer, Dr Mavety 
Chief of Police, Josiah R Boyce 
I Sanitary Inspector, Josiah R Royce 
Chief of Fire Department, John Robinson 
Street Commissioner, Peter Moon 

Abbev John, car repr CPR, h 61 Vine av 
. Abbott Bvron, h 236 Louisa 
I Abbs Frederick W, cond CPR, h 59 Wes- 
tern av 

Abernethy John W, eng CPR, h 47 Dun- 
das e 

Abrey George S. insp, b 264 Wllloughby av 
Adams Annie (wid Sidney), h 67 Hook av 
Adams Frederick, toolmkr C C & M Co, h 

125 Mulock av 
Adams Frederick Jr, toolmkr, h 64 King's rd 
Adams Joseph, grinder C C & M Co, res 


Adamson Matthew, toolmkr C C & M Co, 

res Toronto 
Adamson Robert M, mach CPR, h 133 

Mulock av 
Addison George J, elk, h 393 Weston rd 
Addison John, 1 393 Weston rd 
Adie John, driver Kemp & Whetter, 1 2 

Pacific av s 
Agin Barber, barber 18 Dnndas e, h 49 

Vine av 

Agnew John H. tir 29 Dundas e, h 24 An : 

nette e 

Aitchison Marshall, tir J H Agnew, b 5 

Wilson pi 
Alder Wm, h 223 Pacific av 8 
Alderson Wm T, brkmkr G S Townsley, h 

21 Albany rd 
Aldom Marlon (wld James), h 34 Fairvlew 


Allen Elizabeth (wid Charles H), h 57 

Western av 
Allen Samuel, tinsmith CPR, h 58 Pacific 

ter. Solicitor, Etc, 6 Dundas e, h 188 

Anderson Arthur, ftr CPR, b 144 Vine av 
Anderson Frederick, cabtmkr, h 39 Wes- 
tern av 

Anderson George, gluer Dodge Mnfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Anderson John, hostler Heydon House 
Anderson John E, Ins agt, h 62 King's rd 
Anderson Miss Lena, elk, 1 62 King's rd 
Anderson Manlv J H, driver J T McGlen- 

ning, 1 02 King's rd 
Anderson Samuel, boilermkrs hlpr CPR, b 

344 Vine flv 
Andrews Arthur H, slsmn R G Andrews, 1 

20 Dundas w 
Andrews James, eng CPR, h 54 Union n 
Andrews James McL, 1 54 Union n 
Andrews Miss Jennie, bkpr R G Andrews, 1 

20 Dundas w 
Andrews Robert G, grocer 20 Dundas w, h 


Annette St Baptist Church, Rev W J Pady 
pastor, Annette w, n e cor High Park av 

Annette St Meth Church, Rev Wm R 
Parker pastor, Annette w, bet High Park 

av and Quebec av 
Anning Charles, lab A Campbell, h 20 
Ethel av 

Anthony Robert, tinner E R Rogers, res 

Lambton, Ont 
Archer James, car repr CPR, res York tp 
Archer Thomas, stone mason, h 3 Elm 
Aris Thomas, bldr 55 Western av, h same 
Armltage Charles S, bicyclemkr, h 62 Hook 

avenue _ 
Armitage David, driver Standard Fuel Co, h 

63 Vine av 
Armitage Douglas, woodwkr, I 62 Hook av 
Armitage Herbert, brkmkr, 1 62 Hook av 
Armltage Wm J N, clnr CPR, h 299 Maria 
Armstrong Miss Anna, boxmkr, b 49 Wes- 
tern av 

Armstrong George, gro 500 Dundas w, a 


Armstrong Jane (wld John), h 157 Clen- 

denan av 

Armstrong Joseph, wks Pugsley, DIngman 

& Co. 1 00 Campbell av 
Armstrong Reuben, dry gds 32 Dundas w, 

h same 

Armstrong Thomas, grinder Wilkinson 
Plough Co, h 60 Campbell av 

Arnold George, plshr C C & M Co, res To- 

Arnold Harry, furrier, h 193 Keele 8 
Arnold John." fireman CPR, h 61 Hoskln av 
Arthur W Henry, fireman CPR, 1 142 Vine 


Arthurs Joseph, brk setter Ont Pav Brick 

Co, h Weston rd 
Ashton Elmer, b Peacock Hotel 
Atcheson Ellen (wid John), h 60 McMur- 

ray av 

Atkin Frederick H, provs 256 Dundas w, a 


Atkinson Thomas J, tmstr Heintzman *: 

Co, h 115 Annette e 
Atton Frank E, trunkmkr, 1 175 Vine av 
Atton George W, action fnshr Heintzman 

& Co, h 65 May 
Atton Margaret (wid James), h 175 Vine av 
Atton Thomas J. action fnshr Heintzman & 
1 Co, 1 175 Vine av 

' Austin Mary (wld Henry), h 302 Pacific av 
I south 

1 Austin Win J, fireman CPR, 1 302 Pacific av 

Auston I.neien E. h 45 Medland 
! Avenue Hotel, Mrs A J Smith prop, 205 
Dnndas w 

Avery Thomas A, mach hd Heintzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Ayllng Frederick, bicycle lnsp, 1 40 Frank- 
lin av 

Avling John, brkmkr. i 40 Franklin av 
Ayllng Robert, driller, 1 40 Franklin av 
Ay ling Wm. brkmkr G S Townsley, 1 Wes- 
ton rd 



Member of the Standard Mjniijg Exchange 

TeL and Cable address, 

Codes: Bedford Mc- 
Neill's. Clough's, 
Moreing and NeaL 


12 Adelaide St. E. Phone 1842 


Toronto J unction. 


Bach Edwnrd S, carriage pntr, h 57 Hook 

Backus John, stone cutter, h 40 McMur- 
ray av 

Bagsley Wm A, eng, b 203 Pacific av s 
Bafn Francis, leading hd CPR, h 26 Pacific 
avenue s 

Bain Francis jr, fireman CPR, 1 26 Pacific 

Baine Albert E, car repr CPR, h 51 Ar- 
gyle rd 

Baine George T, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Baird John, stn agt GTR, res Toronto 
Baker Charles, sectlonman, h 127 Churchill 


Baker Edward, lab CPR, b 18 May 
Baker Harry, helper CPR, h 20 Clendenan 

Baker Jared, tlr J C Willard, b 286 Dun- 
das w - _ 

Baldock Albert, cond CPR, b Subway House 

Baldwin Wm, brkmkr, h 2U6 Davenport rd 

Bamber Rev Robert J. pastor Disciples of 
Christ Church, b 124 Laws 

Banks George, mach CPR, h 179 Clenden- 
an av . 

Banks James E, eng Tor Sub St Ry, h 44 
St Clair av w ' ' 

Barbour Ephraim, produce 129 Dundas e, 
b same 

Barclay Alexander, gro 90 Annette e, h 82 

Barclav Wm A, cond CPR, h 80 Annette e 
Barefoot George R. ftr, h 157 Vine av 
Barker Earl S, studt G S Martin, res To- 
ronto . _ 
Barker Frank, buffer C C & M Co, res 

Weston, Ont 
Barnes Allan, brkmn CPR, b 50 Annette w 
Barnes Charles L, studt, 1 148 Clendenan 

Barnes David G. cond CPR, h 50 Annette w 
Barnes John J, cond CPR, h 75 Edmund 
Barnes Miss Rachael, tchr Model Sch, 1 116 

Western av „, 
Barnes Sidney T (Barnes & Padget), h 82 

Davenport rd _ . 

Barnes & Paget (Sidney T Barnes, Robert 

Paget), grocers 86 Davenport rd 
Barnnm James, pntr, 1 37 Western av 
Barnum Lorenzo D, eng, h 37 Western av 
Barrett Frederick, tmstr Ont Pav Brick Co, 

res Lambton Mills 
Barrows Walter S, plater C C & M Co, b 

5 Wilson pi 
Barry John, trav, h 61 Willoughby av 
Barvise Jonathan, ftrs' hlpr CPR, h 2o 

Victoria . _, . 

Bassett Alvln J, woodwkr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
Bates Thomas, plshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Bait' r charles H, elk, 1 149 High Park av 
Batt Charles W, contr 149 High Park av, 
h same 

Batt Robert J, elk, 1 149 High Park av 
Batt Sidnev S. slsmn, h 127 Clendenan av 
Batt Thomas W, studt, 1 149 High Park av 
Battve John F, trav, h 81 King 
Battve Sarah A (wld George). 1 81 King 
Bauer Charles A, mldr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h 70 Laughton av 
Bawtlnheimer Wm, driver R Digby, b 18 


Baxter James F, h 38 Uxbrldge av 
Bavlev John, h 43 Union s 
Bean 'Amos, watchman, h 77 Pacific av 
Bean George, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co, h 

74 Edmund 
Beard Thomas. lab. h 33 May 
Beasley Wm, cabtmkr, h 82 Uxbrldge av 
Beattie Isaac L, prln St Clair Av Sch, h 

142 Annette w 
Beattle John, farmer, 1 142 Annette w 
Beatty Gay, action fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto _ . 

Beatty Matthew H, dairy 92 Dundas w, h 

Begley Annie S (wld Alexander), h 34 Hos- 
kln av 

Beglev John E. action fnshr Heintzman & 
Co, 'l 34 Hoskln av , 

Behan David W, ftr CPR. h 29 Dundas w 

Behan Samuel, loco foreman CPR, h b5 
Pacific av s 

Bell David R, trainmaster CPR, res To- 

Bell George, foreman C C & M Co, res 

Bell George, tinsmith CPR, h 55 Edmund 
Bell James, bkpr, b 292 Willoughby av 
Bell Telephone Co, 9 Keele s 
Bell Wm, h 177 Clendenan av 
Bell Wm J, studt, 1 177 Clendenan av 
Bennett Caroline (wld George), h 293 Lake- 
view av 

Bennett Charles, yardman CPR, h cor 

Elizabeth and Dundas 
Bennett George, call boy CPR, 1 cor Eliza- 
beth and Dundas 
Bennett George A, tone reg Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Bennett Harry, brkman CPR, 1 cor Eliza- 
beth and Dundas 
Bennett Harry, lab, b 29 May 
Bennett John, wks CPR, h 11 Lindner 
Bennett J Elsworth, elk C R Rogers, 1 59 

McMurray av 
Bennett Robert, carp, h 59 McMurray av 
Bennett Thomas, screwmkr, h 30 Western 

Bennett Wm. lab, h 113 Queen 

Bergin Rev Wm, pastor St Cecilias (RC) 

Church, h 111 Annette w 
Berry Wm H, switchman CPR, h 47 Vine 


Best James, grinder C C & M Co, res To- 

Best Thomas, filer C C & M Co, res Weston 
Bevington Thomas, foreman Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, h 2.31 Keele s 
Beynon John, woodwkr Wilkinson Piough 

Co, h 336 Davenport rd 
Bigham George, h 38 Union n 
Bigham George J, brklyr, 1 67 May 
Bigham James, slsmn T E Hoar & Co, 1 

38 Union n 
Bigham John, brklyr, h 67 May 
Bigham J Clayton, slsmn, 1 38 Union n 
Billinghurst Alexander, bartndr Peacock 

Billings George W W, cigars, 25 Dundas e, 

res Toronto 
Bilton Alfred, blksmth Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h 42 Laughton av 
Bilton John, pntr 58 Quebec av, h same 
Bilton Malcolm C, coremkr Wilkinson 

Plough Co, 1 42 Laughton av 
Binch Reese, toohukr C C & M Co, res Tor- 


Elnnigton Fred, yard foreman CER, 1 46 

Western av 
Binnington Robert J. lab, 1 46 Western av 
Bir.ns Stanley, fireman CPK, b Avenue 


Bint John, plstr, h 75 Hoskln av 
Bird Margaret (wld James), hsekpr 194 

Bird Wm, carp CPR, h 101 Quebec av 
Bird Wm E, pulleymkr Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Birrell Miss Christina A. drsmkr, 1 73 Paci- 
fic av s 
Birrell James, h 78 Pacific av s 
Birrell Wm E. elk. 1 78 Pacific av s 
Bishop Henry R, asst supt Met Life Ins 

Co, 5 Dundas e, b Occidental Hotel 
Black Miss Clara, studt. b 35 Lakeview av 
Black Wm, pdlr, h 44 Edmund 
Blackstock George, tooltukr C C & M Co, 

h 32 Whitney av 
Blackstock George, produce, h 252 Keele n 
Blackstock Henry M, shipper, 1 232 Keele 

Blackstock Herbert, driller C C & M Co, 1 

2:>2 Keele n 
Blackstock Miss Margaret A, I 252 Keele n 
Blain James, forger C C & M Co, res Tor- 

Blainey John, cooper A Campbell, b 67 
Hook av , , _ . „ 

Blake Joseph, lab Ont Pav Brick Co, h 9>> 
Charles . 

Blakey Jefferson, plshr Heintzman & Co, 
res Toronto . 

Blandford Sarah (wld Daniel). 1 343 Quebec 

Blea Wm, slsmn R T Smith, h 24 Dundas e 
Blencoe George, eng CPR, h 50 Clendenan 

Blewett Wm H. car repr CPR, res Tork tp 

Bloor Thomas, lab, h 104 Louisa 

Blund.ill Knocn. maen hd Heintzman & Co, 

h 117 Qncbec av 
Blundall Frank, cabtmkr Heintzman & Co, 

b Heydon House 
Bodtcher Charles, easemkr Heintzman & 
Co. h w s Albany rd 

Bogart Miss Zelma, tchr Carlton St S h. res 

Bolton John M, pntr, h 140 Muiock av 
Bolton John, mach Wilkinson Plough Co, 1 

140 Muiock av 
Bond Miss Alice M, stenog, 1 23 Western av 
Bond Charles A. easemkr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Bond Miss Georgina, tlrs J R Chisholm, 1 

210 Dundas w 
Bond James, elev opr, h 2! Western av 
Bond James, grocer 210 Dundas w, h same 
Bond Miss Maisie. drsmkr Miss A J Clarke, 

1 23 Dundas e 
Bond Richard, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Bond Richard G, app Heintzman & Co, 1 

210 Dundas w 
Bonbam Miss Lottie, 1 138 St Clair av w 
Bonhain Owen, grocer 138 St Clair av w, U 


Boon Charles J, car repr CPR, h 117 Laws 
Booth George, elk, h 94 Pelhani 
Booth George S, hotelkpr, h 396 Annette w 
Booth John, lab CPR, b 128 Annette e 
Borland Charles B, druggist 44 Dundas w, 
h same 

Boston Frederick, brkmn CPR, b 01 May 
Bott James H. cond CPR, h 73 Vine av 
Boucher David R, staty 204 Dundas w, h 


Bourdon Arthur J, action fnshr Heintsman 
& Co, 1 188 Louisa 
! Bourdon Wm, 1 188 Louisa 
Bowden James, patmkr, h 30 Edmund 
Bowden James Jr, 1 30 Edmund 
Bo wins John, brkmn C P R, 1 74 Annette e 
Bowles George M, tobacconist. 1 35 Van 

Bowles John., h 35 Van Horne 
Bowles Myron L, trav, 1 35 Van Horne 
Bowsfleld Allan N, carp CPR, h 61 Dun- 
das w 

Boxall Harry, plshr Heintzman & Co, res 


Boyce Jacob, lab CPR, 1 24 Albany rd 
Boyce Jacob jr, car oiler CPR, h 24 Albany 

Boylan John, mkt gdnr Keele, s-w cor An- 
nette w 

Boylan Wm, press boy Ont Pav Brick Co, 
1 York Co 

Boylan Wm, yardman CPR, cor Annette 
and Keele 

Boyies J Malcolm, vet surg 348 Dundas w, 

h same 

I'.ovles Leonard S, h 103 Pacific av s 
BoVnton David, h 33 Edmund 
Boynton Win, millwright C C & M Co, res 

Brackenridge Archibald, lab, h 249 Clen- 
denan av 

Brndshaw Charles H, turner CFR. li 2t> Al- 
bany rd 

Bray Oscar E. trav Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

24 Woodside av 
Breaker Percy A, elk C C & M Co, res 


Breen Ferris, mach hd Heintzman & Co, t> 
29 May 

Briar Paul W L, trav Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Brice James, cond CPR. b 29 May 
Brickell Sidney, elk Wm Davies Co Ltd, 

res Toronto 
Bricker Ervin, 14 Annette w. h same 
Brimer John. tlr. h 134 Davenport rd 
Brittain Alfred, eng CPR, h 40 May 
Brocklebank Carrie R (wld James), h J03 

Brocklebank Towniey J, tile setter, 1 20*. 

H B Kent, h 

Quebec av 
Brooks Edward, mngr B 

23 Dundas _ . 

Brooks Frederick A. h 28 Medland 
Broom James, pro med 252 Dundas m, h 

ss\ Die 

Broughton Daniel A, filer C C & M Co 
Brown Cecil, lab. h 57 Medland 
Brown David A. trav. h 73 Clendenan av 
Brown Edgar J. brickmkr, h loO Cawthra 

Brown De Eliza (wid Thomas W). h 18 Mc- 
Murray av „. 

Brown Miss Emily R, tchr Model Sch, I 37 

Brown George A, mldr, h 022 Weston rd 
Brown Henry, carp, h 115 Clendenan av 
Brown Irvln A. 1 73 Clendenan av 


Typewriters Rented. Ribbons, Carbons, Papers, Etc. Wore 2iB1 J. J. SEITZ, IKmger. 



Toronto Junction 


Brown John, lab, h 035 Weston rd 
Brown John, plstr, h 423 Weston id 
Brown Leonard, mail carrier, I 115 C'len 
denan av 

Brown Mary (wid John), h 352 Weston rd 
Brown Thomas, porter Ueydon House 
Brown Win, brkmkr, 1 352 Weston rd 
Brown Wm J, hotel 630 Weston rd 
Brown Wm O. 1 Carlton Hotel 
Brum James H, plshr C C & M Co, res 

Bryant Albert E, casemkr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Bryee James, cond CPR, b 29 May 
Buckley Miss May, inach opr, b 49 Western 


Bull Miss Carrie, tchr Carlton St Seb, res 

Weston, Ont 
Bull Joseph It, carriagemkr 367 Weston rd, 

res York tp 
Bunt John, boilermkr CPK, h 83 Quebec av 
Burbidge Robert, casemkr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Bureher Charles, pntr Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Bureher Wm, pntr Dodge Mfg Co, res Tor- 

Burford Miss Grace, drsmkr Mrs H Bur- 
ford, 1 276 Annette w 

Burford Harriet (wid Wm B), drsmkr 2.0 
Annette w, h same 

Burgess Miss Ellen, h 18 Laws 

Burgess Thomas J, pianomkr Helntzuiau & 
Co. h 178 Ontario 

Burgess Walter, eng Electric Light Sta- 
tion, b 120 Edmund 

Burk Thomas, brazier C C & M Co, res 

Burke Thomas, woodwkr Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Burke John, enameller C C & M Co, res 


Burke Joseph, app Heintzman & Co, 1 136 

Franklin av 
Burke Wm, watchman Dodge Mfg Co 
Burkholder Alfred, washing machines 135 

Dundas e, h same 
Burns Daniel, lab Cl'R, res Weston 
Burns Henry J, mach CPU, b 36 McMurray 


Burt David, lireman CPR, b 97 High Park 
avenue An 

Burt Miss Frances, tlrs J R Chisholm, b 46 
Union n 

Burt Moses C, trav, 1 21S Annette w 

Burt Wm, wks Pugsley, Dingman ft Co, 

1 63 Hoskin av 
Burt Wm, wiper CPR, h 03 Hoskin av 
Burton George, sectionman CPR, h 12S An- 
nette e 

Burton Thomas, brkmn CPR, b 31 Hook av 
Burvill James, brk burner Out Pav Brick 

Co. h 100 Edmund 
Bushell Albert, macli Gasoline Engine Co, 

1 215 St Clair av 
Boshell Edmund, miller, h 215 St Clair av 
Bushell Edmund jr, florist, 1 215 St Clair 

Bushell Edward, lab A Campbell, h 215 St 

Clair av e „, 
Bushell Wm, brkmkr, 1 215 St Clair av e 
Butchard Wm, brkmn CPR. b 97 High Park 

avenue , , 

Batcbart Charles, real est agt, h 113 Que- 
bec ay _ „ 
Butler Wm H, fitr CPR, b 2.) May 
Button Wm, waggonmkr 32 Keele s, h 45 

Uyrd Walter, foreman CPR, h 284 Pacific 

Cain Daniel, yard foreman CPR, b 112 

Dundas e 
Calder John, toolmkr. b 64 Union s 
Calder John, frame bldr C C & M Co, res 

Toronto _ . 

Cameron Malcolm, brickmkr, h 43 Edmund 
Cameron Michael, yardman Dodge Mfg Co 
Campbell Archibald, prop Queen City Flour 

Mills, ft Cawthra av,. h 333 Annette w 
Campbell Archibald jr, with A Campbell, 1 

333 Annette w „ „ 

Campbell Archibald W, with A Campbell, 

1 333 Annette w ■- 
Campbell A M (br), real estate 66 Dundas 

w, res Toronto 
Campbell Donald, plshr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Campbell Edgar A. foreman sdlr C C Si, M 

Co, h 15 Keele s 

Campbell Edward O, foreman C C & M Co, 
h Keele s 

Campbell Edwin T, eashiej; C C ft M Co. 

res Toronto 
Campbell Enos M, mngr A Campbell, h 145 

Mulock av 

Campbell Francis J, fly fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, h 13 Union n 
Campbell Frank, app Heintzman ft Co, 1 13 

Union n 

Campbell George J, sdlr C C & M Co, J E () 

Campbell James, elk, 1 13 Union n 
Campbell Kate, tlrs. 1 64 McMurray av 
Campbell Mis-s Lizzie, stenog A Campbell. 

1 ur> Mulock av 
Campbell Neil, bridge, 73 Brighton 

nl. h same 

Campbell Peter, jrard foreman CPR, h 101 
Annette e 

Campbell Wm. eng CPR, b McMurray av 
Campbell Wm C, h 174 Pacific av s 
Camplin Albert C. app CPR, 1 40 Pacific n 
Camplin Charles, eng Cl'R, h 40 Pacific av 

av d. 


Robert C Jennings manager, 38 Dundas e 
Canadian Express Co, H W West agt, 116 
Dundas w 

Canadian Pacific Railway Station. J S Hill 

agt, e s Weston rd 
Canavan Edward. blksmlth Wilkinson 

Plough Co, h 117 Churchill av 
Canavan Wm B, woodwkr S May & Co, h 

117 Churchill av 
Canning Win S. iisst elec Tor Sub St Ry, 

h 76 Edmund 
Carberry Miss Lizzie, tlrs .1 It Clilsbolm. 1 

22 Hook av 
Carberry John, h 32 Hook av 
Carlton Hotel. Wm J Brown prop, 630 

Weston rd 

Carlton James, brkburner Ont Pav Brick 

Co. b Keele n 
Carlton St Public School, S E Jewitt prin, 

s s Carlton, 1 e King 
Carmiehael Edward, fireman CPR, rms 

Dundas w 

Carney Edward, forger C C & M Co, res 

Carrier Charles .1. wd carver Heintzman ft 

Co. res Toronto 
Carrnthers Walter, fireman CPR, b 97 High 

Park av 

Carscadden Robert, h 238 Annette w 
Carson David J, brkmn CPR. h 72 An- 
nette e _ ... 
Carson H Edwin, call boy CPR. 1 139 \ me 

Carson Joseph, brkmn Cl'R. 1 70 Annette e 
Carson Margaret E (wid Henry), bdg hse, 

139 Vine av _„ , 

Carson Samuel S, brkmn CPR, 1 70 An- 
nette e 

Carson Wm, cond CPR, h 111 Mulock av 
Carson Win .1. mrkmn CPU, h 70 Annette e 
Casev Edward, foreman Laces & Braid Co, 

b Heydon House „ _ , 

Cassan John A, fireman CPR, h 50 Union s 
Caasldy Wm, trav. h 123 Clendenan av 
Cast Henry, bit', h 52 Edmund 
Cates Benjamin D. wks C C & M Co, b Mrs 

E Lake 

Cathcart Robert A, grocer, loo Dundas w. 

h same , 
Chalk Miss Maude, bkpr Wm Davies Co 

Ltd. res Toronto 

Chandler Frederick, brkmn CPR, b 119 

Quebec av 

Chapman George, btchr T Chapman, 1 55 

Davenport rd ' 
Chapman Henry, sdlr C C & M Co, res 


Chapman Thomas, btchr, 5i> Davenport rd, 

h same , ~ ,. ~. 

Charlton Miss Armenia, tchr Carlton St 

Sch. 1 108 Wlllooghby av 
Charlton Richard M, civ eng, h 10o Wil- 

Charfton 7 Sarah (wid Thomas), 1 88 Pacific 

Chatterson Charles, ftr CPR, 1) 44 Med land 
Cherry Lorne, studt. b 5 Wilson pi 
Cherry Margaret (wid Wm), h 70 Dundas e 
Cherry Miss Mary E, tchr Carlton St Sch, 

1 70 Dundas e 
Chesley Arthur W, fireman CPR, h 32 Al- 
bany rd 

Chldley Edward D, trav A Campbell, res 

Chisholm Alexander, mngr Fegan & Me- 

Diarmid, li 20 Dundas w 
Chisholm George, toolmkr C C & M <Jo, b 

.Mrs E Lake 
Chisholm John R, tlr, 16 Dundas w, h 1 14 

Annette w 

Chrysler Mintln A, tchr High Sch, b 232 

Lakeview av 
Chubb John A, watch mkr, 1 49 May 
Chubb Samuel J, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. h 49 May 
Churchill Joseph, action reg Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Clark Alexander H. motorman Tor Sub St 

Ry Do, h 90 Clendenan av 
Clark Charles, brkmn Cl'R, h 19 Victoria 
Clark Robert, lab, h 182 Ontario 
Clark Samuel, porter Dodge Mfg Co, h 1H4 

Pelham av 

Clarke Miss Annie ,7, drsmkr, 23 Dundas 

e, 1 19 Victoria 
Clarke John, carp. I) 41 Dundas e 
Clay Harry, fireman CPR, b 29 May 
Clayton James S. barber, 83 Dundas av. I 

Alexander av 
Clelaud Archibald, carp, h 33 Hoskin av 
Cleland Ernest, app C C & M Co, 1 35 Hos 

kin av 

Clemmer Abram H, trav, h 232 Lakeview 


130 Dundas w, h same 

CTtne Peter, wood wkr Wilkinson Plough 
Co. h 08 Uxbridge av 

Close James, lab Ont Pav Brick Co, 1 Wes- 
ton rd 

Close Win li, manager Toronto Suburban 
St Railway Co Ltd 

Coakwell Charles, elk Postoffice, 1 17 Dun- 
das w 

Cochrane John, eng CPR. h 124 Pacific av s 
Coe Mrs Elizabeth, nurse. 653 Annette w, 
b same 

Coe Richard, constable, h 055 Annette w 
Coker Henry, cond Cl'R. h 50 Edmund 
Colbeek Franklin C, prin High Sch, h 142 

Coleman Edwin A, miller A Campbell, b 

Occidental Hotel 
Colhoun Wm, wks Pugsley, Dingman ft Co, 

h 17 Western av 
Colley John T. bricklyr, b 137 Dundas e 
Collins Arthur H. checker CPR. b 04 Pa 

cific av s 

Collins Henry J. varnisher Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
Collins John, tlr A A Ives, b Elizabeth 
Collins Robert J, miller A Campbell, b Suli- 

wav Hotel 

Colvin Mrs Elizabeth, tlrs, 1 20 Victoria 
Colvin John, carp CPR. h 20 Victoria 
Coivln John H, studt. 1 20 Victoria 
Colvin Miss Mary E, tlrs. 1 20 Victoria 
Colvin Wm N, tchr. I 20 Victoria 
Col well Miss Clara, stenog Heintzman ft 

Co, 1 117 Annette e 
Conger Coal Co (br), W E Hoge mngr, 22 

Dundas e 

Connel Alexander, brkmn CPR, 1 18 Mc- 
Murrav av 

Connel John, eond CPR, 1 18 McMurray av 
Connel I'eter, barber. 3 Dundas e, h same 
Connell Anastatla (wid John), 1 51 Van 

Connell Edward, eng CPR. h 51 Van Home 
Connolly Edward, lab. h 54 Carlton 
Connolly Edward jr. elk. I 54 Carlton 
Connors Charles, eng CPR, 1 Laws 
CONRON WM J. Town Clerk Town 

Hall. 10-18 Keele s, h 22 May 
Conroy John J, mldr Wilkinson riovigh Co, 

res Toronto 
Conroy Timothy, bicycle mkr, h 29 Ed- 

Constantino Arthur, piano mkr, h 90 

Laughton av 
Constantino John, architect, h 181 Keele s 
Constantine Joseph A, elk, 1 181 Keele s 
Constantino Miss Susan, asst directress 

Model Sch. 1 181 Keele s 
Consterdine Arthur S. plshr Heiutzman tt 

Co. h 90 Laughton 
Consterdine Joseph E. pulley mkr Dodge 

Mfg Co. h 90 Pelham av 
Cook Miss Annie, stenog. 1 40 Annette e 
Cook Elsie (wid John), h 76 Evelyn cres 
Cook James F, brkmn CPR, h 10 Hook av 
Cook Mrs Mary, li 40 Annette e 
Cook Nicholas, polisher C C & M Co, h 71 


Union Assurance Society. 

Instituted in the Reign of Queen Anne, A. D. 1714 


W. & E. A. BADEN ACH, General Agents. 
Telephones: - Office, 2288; Residence, 3516. 

Government Municipal -7 H. O'HARA & CO, 24 TOTOntO. 
and other Debentures 



Toronto J unction. 


Cook Thomas, foreman C C & M Co, res 

Cook Wm, action fiushr, Helntzman & Co, 

1 40 Annette e 
Cook Wm J, eabt mkr Helntzman & Co, h 

17 Laughton 
Cooksey Henry, elk. 1 233 Keele s 
Cooksey Thomas, lab, h 233 Keele s 
Cooper Alexander J, Ur J C Wiliard, b 280 

Dundas w 

Cooper Wm, fireman CPR, h US Maria 
Copping George E, inaeh Gasoline Engine 

Co. res Toronto 
Cordlngley James B, mach CTR, h 37 St 

Clair av e 

Cornoek Aubrey, brkniu CPR. 1 10 Clen- 
denan ar 

Cornoek James L, ear repr CPR, h 10 Clen- 
denan av 

Cornoek John, brknin CPR. h 112 
Cotterell Margaret (wld Thomas), fey gds, 

69 Dundas w, h same 
Coulson Wm, helper Dodge Mfg Co, res To- 

Coulter George, bollermakrs hlpr CPU, h 31 

Coulter Miss Margaret L, tchr Model Sch, I 
190 Louisa 

Coulter Richard A, checker CPR, h 35 Vine 

Coulter Wm J, yard foreman Helntzman A 

Co, res Toronto 
Cousins Charles E. carter. 30 May. h same 
Cox Wm. lab Dodge Mfg Co, res Toronto 
Coyne Wm, porter. Subway Hotel 
Crabh Charles, plshr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 57 Edmund 
Crabb Charles M. wks CPR. 1 57 Edmund 
Crabtree Clara (wld Joseph), odg hse, 18 


Crabtree Harold, helper CPR. 1 18 May 
Craig Robert, yardman CPR. b Heydon 

Crawford Frank W, carp, h 79 Elizabeth 
Crockett John, carp CPR. h 81 Quebec av 
Croft George H. mach Gasoline Engine Co, 

res Toronto 
Crosson Leona (wld Robert), 1 100 Dundas 


Crowe Wm. fireman CPR, h 61 McMurray 

Cnlham John W, carp, h 14 Charles 
Cnllen Thoma.s flnshr Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
( ullerton Thomas, pntr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. b 25 Medland 
Cnlross David R, action reg Helntzman. & 

Co. h 70 Daws 
Cummlng George R (Cummlng & Co), h 55 

Dundas w 

< DHMING * CO (George H Cam- 
ming), undertakers. 55 Dundas w 

Cunimlngs R Charles, carriage trimmer, h 
11 Humberslde av e 

Curlett Harrv G. foreman plshr C C & M 
Co, res Weston, Ont 

rurlett John C, plshr C C & M Co, res 
Weston. Ont 

Curran Thomas, sectlonman CPR, h 06 Mc 
Murray av 

Cnrrle Barbara (wld Robert), carpet weav- 
er. 110 Dundas e. h same 
Currle James, wks Pugsley. Dlngman 

Co. 1 116 Dundas e , 

Custom House. Wesley Pearson Collector, 

10 Van Home 
Cntler Walter, elk. b 215 Pacific av s 
Cuyler Miss Louisa, nurse. 6 Dundas w. 

rins same , , . „ , , 

Dalby James, brkmkr. M Wakefield estate, 

h 310 Weston rd . , 

Dalton Wm J. founder. 112 Edmund, h same 
Dalv Jeremiah J. polisher, h 78 Dxbridire av 
Damhrook John H, driller, b 58 Campbell 

Daniels Edward, car repr CPR, h 19* 

nette w , 
Daniels Francis, lab, h 3 Carlton pi 
Daniels George, switchman CPR, h 
Annette w 

Daniels Thomas, caretkr Annette St Metn 
Ch. h 194 Annette w 

Dauchton Arthur, poultry dir. h 59 Eliza- 

Danghton Thomas B, 1 59 Elizabeth 
Davenport Methodist Church. Rev H S 

Matthews pastor, Davenport rd, opp 

Churchill av 
Davenport Post Office, Wm Rowntree pm, 

319 Davenport rd 
Davey Frederick C. watchmkr, b 32 May 




Davey John, carp, h 266 Dundas w 
Davey Samuel J, driver, h 32 Carlton pi 
Davey Wm J, pntr, 1 206 Dundas w 
Davidge Frederick, fireman CPR, h 38 May 
Davidge George, tmstr A Campbell, h 90 

Davidge Thomas J, fushr Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Davidge Wm H, janitor Carlton st sch, 

h 27 King 
Davidge Wm H jr, 1 27 King 
Davidson Hugh, eng CPR, h 180 High Park 

Davidson Jennie, wearer, 1 23 Hosklii av 
Davidson Thomas, turner, b 239 Keele n 
Davies Wm Co Ltd (br), F Irwin mngr, 

provs, 10-12 Dundas w 
Davis Bros (Richard J and George S), ex- 
press, 01 Hook av 
Davis Carllngton, lab, rms 15 Dundas e 
Davis Davis, eond Tor Sub St Ry Co, 1 

73 McMurray av 
Davis George I Davis Bros), 1 01 Hook av 
Davis George F, app Helntzman & Co, res 

Davis George S (Davis Bros), 1 61 Hook av 
Davis Harry R (MacDonald & Davis), b 

113 Dundas w 
Davis James, agt Met Life Ins Co, res 

Davis John, h 61 Hook av 
Davis John, lab CPR, h 77 McMurray v 
Davis John Jr, casemkr Helntzman & Co, 

1 77 McMurray av 
Davis Richard J (Davis Bros), h 101 Dun- 
das e 

Davis Wm. eond CPR, h 78 Annette e 
Davis Wm, show casemkr, h 96 Queen's rd 
Davison J Harcourt, brkmn CPR, 1 57 

Western av 
Dazell John, eond CPR, b 97 High Park av 
Deacon Frederick B, elk Can Bank of Com- 
merce, rms 38 Dundas e 
Dean Miss Gertrude, slsldy, 1 38 Van Home 
Dean John, farmer, h 38 Van Home 
Dean Wm, brkmn CPU, h 66 Hook av 
Dempster James, packer A Campbell, I 
Dundas w 

Dennis Mrs Mary, drsmkr 118 Dundas e, h 

Dennis Thomas, wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, h 118 Dundas e 
Despond John H, barber 51 Dundas w, b 

Subwav House 
D'Esterre Annie (wid Robert), h 207 Que- 
bec av 

Dettman George, action reg Helntzman & 

Co, h 52 Laws 
Devenv John, lab, b 263 St Clair av e 
Devereux John, lab, h 58 Cooper av 
Devlns Daniel H, elk, 1 45 Lakeview av 
Devins James B, lab, h 45 Lakeview av 
Devlns Leta, tiemkr, 1 45 Lakeview av 
Devlin James, lab, 1 Mrs S J Devlin 
Devlin Sarah, dom 274 High Park av 
Devlin Sarah J (wid James), li n s St 

Clair av, 1 w of Ry crossing 
Dew Wm, brklyr, h 41 Vine av 
Dewar Stewart R, wd carver Helntzman 

& Co, res Toronto 
D'Eye Henrietta (wid George H R), h 136 

Mulock av 
D'Eye Henry, elk CPR, 1 136 Mulock av 
D'Eve Wm. elk, 1 136 Mulock av 
Dickie John R, brkmn CPR, h 41 Victoria 
DIgbv Jarvls, lab, h 17 Hoskin av 
Digby Richard, brkmkr M Wakefield est, h 

Dlgbv Robert, exp 18 Medland, h same 
Dill John C, patmkr C C & M Co, res To- 

Dlll Them**, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res To- 
ronto .„ „. 
Dill Wm, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res To- 

ofngman Archibald W (Pugsley, Dlngman 

& Co), res Toronto . _ 

Disciples of Christ Church, R J Bamber 

pastor, s s Annette e, cor Keele s 
Doane Percy E, time kpr C C & M Co, 

i*£s Toronto 
Doble Miss Ethel, drsmkr Miss A J Clark, 

res Toronto . .. _ 

Dodd Richard J, fnshr Helntzman & Co, 
. res Toronto 

Dodds John W (Hillock & Dodds), h 39 
Dundas e 

Dodge Mnfg Co Ltd, Samuel May pres 
Charles F Wheaton sec-treas . H I S May 
vice-pres. pulley mnfrs, s s Pelham av, 1 
e Edmund 

Dodson Mark, mldr W J Dalton, h 7 Carl- 
ton pi 

Dodson Richard, carp Ont Pav Brick Co, 

res Toronto 
Dolby Robert, lab, h 86 Charles 
Dominion Express Co, T R Townsend agt, 

CPR Station 
Doner John H, mach CPR, h 183 Pacific 

av south 

Doubleday John, clnr CPR, h 190 Maria 
Douglas Edward, lab, 150 St Clair av e 
Douglas John, eng CPR, h 57 May 
Dove A J, agt Met Life Ins Co, res Toronto 
Dove Matthew, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Downey Eliza (wid James), h 103 Mulock av 
Downey Miss Maud, drsmkr, 1 103 Mulock 


Dowson John, brlckmkr, h 178 Maria 
Doyle Homer, driver MacDonald & Davis, 

res Swansea, Ont 
Doyle James A, plater C C & M Co, 1 258 

Doyle James J, car repr CPR, h 258 Maria 
Doyle John M, plshr Helntzman & Co, res 


Dovle Julia (wid James), li 93 King 
Diaper Miss Nancy, drsmkr, rms 117 An- 
nette e _ , „, 
Dray Richard, lab Ont Pav Brick Co, li 64 

Franklin av 
Drewltt Wm, eng CPR, h 30 Annette e 
Drinkle Mrs Sophia, 1 77 Charles 
Driscoll James, woodwkr Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto „ 
Dmding John F, plshr C C & M Co, res 

Weston, Ont .„ _ 

Druery Walter, helper Dodge Mfg Co. res 

Drummoud Jane (wid James), 1 57 Western 

*l V II lit? 

Dufflll Alfred, stm ftra hlpr CPR, 1 88 

Duffm" Robert J, cabtmkr CPR, h 88 
Queen's rd „ ' M 

Duffy Wm, mach hd A Campbell, res To- 
ronto n , „ _ , 

Duncan Adam, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, h 
93 Edmund 

Duncan Miss Alice, elk W J Duncan, res 

Duncan Miss Nellie, elk W J Duncan, res 

Duncan ^Thomas A, carp CPR, h 300 Wll- 
loughbv av ~ 

Duncan Wm J. confy and cigars Dundas, 
cor Humberslde av, res Toronto 

Duncombe Nelson A C, barber, rms 6 Dun- 
das w 

Dundas Frank, h 54 Western av 

Dundas James, eond Tor Ry Co, 1 o4 \\ es- 

Dun'das^John, motorman Tor Ry Co, I 54 

Dundln Henry, yardman CPR, 1 72 Hoskin 

Dundln Wm, yardmaster CPR, h 72 Hoskin 


D union Wm, shoemkr 61 Edmund, u same 
Dunlop Wm J. lab CPR, 1 61 Edmund 
Dunn George M, foreman C C & M Co, res 

Dnnn° Henry, enameller C C & M Co, res 

Toronto ' 
Durrani Henry, b 37 Queen s rd 
Durrant Wm, car repr CPR, b 37 Queen s 

Dumnn Miss Ellen J, b 112 Dundas e 
Du Vemet Rev Frederick H, rector bt 
John (Anglican) Church, h 258 Lakeview 


Dwyer James, grinder C C & M Co. res 

Weston. Out ____ 

Store and Window Fittings, 
Special Builders' Hardware. 


of all kinds. 

Topontojpass Manufacturing Co. 

93 RICHMOND ST. W. "Phone 814. 

The Confederation Life 1 

issues a. Policy which has NO 
CONDITIONS, and guarantees 
after two years. 


Toronto Junction. 


Dyer Richard W, carp CPE, h 108 An- 
nette e 

Eades Miss Elizabeth, tlrs, 1 36 McMurray 

Eades George, fireman CPR, h 45 Hoskin av 
Eades Richard W, fireman CPR, h 38 Mc- 
Murray ay 

Eades Ruth E (wid Wm), h 36 McMurray av 
Eadie George, lab, h 57 Churchill av 
Eadie John, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 1 57 

Churchill av 
Eadie Samuel, 1 57 Churchill av 
Eagen Thomas H, supt Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Earls Frances (wid Robert), h 15 Victoria 
Earls James G, tlr, 1 15 Victoria 
Earls James S, elk, h 116 Annette e 
Earls John, mldr, 1 15 Victoria 
Earls Thomas E, fireman, 1 15 Victoria 
Eastwood Miss Gertrude L, tchr High Sch, 

1 290 Pacific av 

Eaton Albert E, fireman CPR, 1 123 An- 
nette e 

Eaton Annie (wld George), h 123 Annette e 
Eaton Miss Jessie, bkpr, 1 123 Annette e 
Ecciestone Alfred N, action fnshr Heintz- 
man & Co, res Toronto 
Ecciestone Robert C, stock kpr C C & M 

Co, h 253 Clendenan av 
Edgar George W, sec, h 372 Annette w 
Edgington James, plstr, h 186 Maria 
Edmonds Louis, fireman CPR, b 148 Dun- 
das w 

Edwards Sarah A (wld Edward), h 99 Wil- 

loughby av 
Electric Light Station, James Hardy supt, 

w s Weston rd, 1 n of CPR track 
Elliott George, boiler washer CPR, h 17 

Lambert av 
Elliott Rev Joshua, h 114 Quebec av 
Elliott Simon T, lab, h 22 Western av 
Elliott Wm, lab, h 21 Lambert av 
Elliott W George, lab, h 17 Lambert av 
Ellis Miss Annie B, tchr Model Sch, 1 183 

Pacific av 

Bills George, mach Wilkinson Plough Co 1 

10 Kingsley av 
Bills Hannah (wld Robert), h 10 Kingslev 


Ellis James L, architect, h 220 Clendenan 

Ellis Wm, blksmith Wilkinson Plough Co 
h o5 Churchill av 

English Arthur W, elk Can Bank of Com- 
merce, res Toronto 

Evans A, lab Ont Pav Brick Co, h Weston 

Evans Jesse, lab, h 166 Pacific av s 
Evans John M, fruits 85 Dundas, h same 
Evans Russell, toolmkr, ] 04 King's rd 
Everson John, ftrs' hlpr CPR, h 244 Keele 

Ezard Matilda (wld Richard), h 35 

Queen s rd 
Fair Joseph, eng CPR, h 41 Medland 
Fan-less George H, trucker C C & M Co, h 

198 Maria 

Fan Albert G. slsmn J B Robertson, b 7 
Dundas e 

Farr Leslie W, mach Heintzman & Co, b 
60 Hook av 

Farr Joseph, bicycle mkr, h 32G Daven- 
port rd 

Fan- Wm, h 250 Davenport rd 

Farrell Ann (wid Martin), h e s Keele n 

2 i) St Clair av 

Farrell John, carter f'PR. h 109 Western av 
Farrell Wm. stock hlpr C C & M Co. 1 Mrs 
A Farrell 


and Proprietor Lender and Recorder, rms 

6 Dundas w 
Fawkes Charles W, fly fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Fawkes Ernest, fireman CPR, h 139 Vine 
Fearnley James, brkmn CPU, b 29 May 
Fee Ann (wld James), h 224 Clendenan av 
Fegan & McDiarmid ib-anch), A Cliisholra 

mngr, shoes, 26 Dundas w 
Fell Henry, eng waterworks, b 41 Hoskin 


Fell Henry, plshr Heintzman & Co, l 41 
Hoskin av 

Fennell Abram H. bkpr. h 211 Lakeview av 
Fennell Wm. driver J W Waters. 1 231 I.nke- 
view av 

Fenwick Ernest M, I 312 Lakeview av 
Feuwlck Murray, publisher, h 312. Lakeview 

Ferguson Thos. carp CPR. h 53 A»pt'p -d 

Ferrier James W, confy 65 Dundas w, h 



Wilkinson Plough Co Ltd, Toronto Junc- 
tion, b 420 Indian rd 
Field Florence (wid Wm), h 74 Annette e 
Flnan Michael, lab, 111 Annette w 
Finch James, wood carver, h 124 Cooper av 
Flndlay Frank M, eng CPR, h 88 Pacific 
av s 

Finerty John, lab, h 49 Hoskin av 
Flulay Edward, fireman CPR, I) 2:i May 
Finlay John R, pianomkr, h 50 King ' 
Finlayson Miss Ida, elk Tor Sub St Ry Co. 
1 163 Vine 

Finlayson .Miss r.ulu M, bkpr Standard Fuel 

Co, 1 163 Vine 
Finlayson Neil .1. vessel .-apt, h 163 Vine av 
Finlayson Wm. elk, 1 163 Vine av 
Fire Hall No 1, John Robinson chief. 16-16 

Keele s 

Fire Hall No 2, George Mason foreman, 71 

Fisher Albert S. pianomkr, h 141 Vine av 
Fisher David, yardman CPR, b 29 Vine ai 
Fisher James A. shoemkr, h 114 Annette e 
Fit kin Henry .1. harness 210 lunulas e. h 

595 Weston rd 
Fit/henry James, driller C C & M Co, res 


Fitzpatrick Edward, eng CPR, h 30 Union n 
Flaherty Martha (wid John), bdg bse 
Hook av 

Fleming George E, carp T Fleming. 1 2 i.'l 

Fleming John, piano case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. h 5 Elm 
Fleming Thomas, carp 293 Maria, li same 
Fleming Thomas A, c-arp T Fleming. 1 293 


Fleming Wm, tmstr, h '■'•■> Queen's rd 
Fletcher Henry, driver G Robirison, b 21 
Dundas w 

Flint Richard, fireman CPU, b :17 Hoskin 

Flintoff George C, police constable h 81 

Pacific av s 
Flowers Wm H, bkpr. h 34 King 
Forbes Angus, brkmn CPU, b 239 Keele n 
Forbes James, action fnshr Heintzinan & 

Co. res Toronto 
Ford George T, action reg Heintzman & Co 

res Toronto 
Forester Fred, miller A Campbell I 238 

Keele n 

Forfar Eleetta E (wid Win], li 76 Fxbridge 

Forfar Jane (wid John), 1 76 Uxbridge av 
Forret Wm, stone cutter, b 333 Cooper av 
Forster Frederick C H. fireman CPU. h 
174 Maria 

Foster Hugh C. blksmth, h 12 Kingsley av 
Foster James, brkmkr, h 223 St Clair av w 
Foster Sarah A (wid Francis), 1 34 King 
Foster Stephen, lab, b 128 Annette e 
Fowler Henry W. bicycle mkr. li 41 I Wes- 
ton rd 

Fowler Joshua, pressman Ont Pav Brick 

Co. 1 Weston rd 
Fowler Richard, brkmkr, h 043 Weston id 
Fox Edward H, cattle dlr 16 Western av, h 

sa mo 

Francis Isaac, ftrs hlpr, h 50 Queen's rd 
Franks George E. packer A Campbell, h 33 
Vine av 

Eraser Angus, fireman CPU, b 18 Mav 
Eraser Laird S. sec Ontario Paving Briek 

Co. res Toronto 
Eraser Margaret (wid John), h 144 Vine av 
Eraser Sarah (wid James), I 33 Hoskin av 
Fraser Win J. brkmn CPU, h 33 Hoskin av 
French George W, clnr CPU, h 28 King's 


Froats M. patmkr Dodge Mfg Co, res Tor- 

Frost Edward, brkburner Ont Pav Brick 

Co. h 287 Maria 
Frost George H, brkmkr. h 207 St Clair 

av e 

Frond F, plshr C C & M Co, res Toronto 
Fry Sebastian, carp CPU, h 40 Van Horne 
Fiymirc Henry C, gro 27 Dundas w, b 20 

Fuiford John, bicycle mkr, 164 St Clair av 
west "> 

Fullerton Wm J, blksmth 30 Keele s, h 

12 Annette w 
Fulton Joseph, pntr. h 90 Queen's rd 

Furse Wm, supt Dodge Mfg Co, h 113 

Churchill av 
Gabel August M, tlr 53 Dundas w, h same 
Gafiney J, filer C C & M Co. res Toronto 
Gaibraith George, mldr, li 122 Maria 
Galbraith Harry, clothing cutter, I 124 


Galbraith Hobert, stmftr CPU, 1 124 Maria 
Galbraith Sarah A (wid John), h 12t Maria 
Gallagher Farrell M, foreman brazier re 

&. M Co. b Heydon House 
Gainsby Sidney S, artist, h 37 Medland 
Gardner Frank t baker James Firie, res Tor- 


Gasoline Engine Co Ltd The, Uobert Hun- 
ter pies, Joseph Murchoy vice-pres, A H 
Perfect see-treas, gasoline engines, Wes- 
ton rd. nr GTU stn 

Gassion Frank P, tinsmith 48 Annette w, h 

Gavin Wm jr, mach hd A Campbell, res 

Gaynor Wm J, driver, h 62 Campbell av 
Geddes Uebecca (wid Richard), h 2S8 Paci- 
fic av s 

Gells Henry, bkpr, b 137 Dundas e 
George Charles, dairy 13 McMuprray av, 1 

German George, motor Tor Sub St Uy Co, 
b Union n 

German Josiah D, cond CPU, h 36 Union n 
Gerry Thomas J, foreman Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Gibson Catherine (wid James), 1 140 An- 
nette e 

Gibson Charles F, ry contr 120 Western av. 
It same 

Gibson James ('. fireman CPR, li 140 An- 
nette e 

Gibson James P. carp CPU, h 49 Victoria 
Gibson James li, mach CPU, h 130 Pacific 
av s 

Glckles George, lab Ont Pav Brick Co, b 
Weston rd 

Gleve li Medford. brkmn CPU. h 104 Ed- 

Gilford Thomas, coupler CPU, h 27 Hoskin 

Gilbert Miss Annie (Misses Gilbert), 1 314 

I 'avenport rd 

G.lbert Frank, grinder C C & M Co, les 
V\ eston 

Gilbert George J, 1 100 Dundas w 

Gilbert Miss Isabel (Misses Gilbert), 1 314 

Davenport rd 
Gilbert Jane (wid Thomas), h 100 Dundas w 
Gilbert Joseph C, elk H W West, 1 100 

Dundas w 

Gilbert Misses (Annie and Isabel), school 

314 Davenport rd 
Gilbert Thomas, elk. 1 100 Dundas w 
Gilbert Wm A, elk, 1 100 Dundas w 
Gilchrist Wm J, cond CPR. h 22 Albany rd 
GUgan Michael, lab. h 242 Pacific av s 
Gill Frank, pressman C C & M Co. 1 1SI 


Gill James, coachman, h 54 Hoskin av 
Gill Joseph, bricklyr, h 184 Maria 
Glllan Charles, earp. h 34 Whitney av 
Gillein Joseph J. h 51 Mav 
Gillies Alfred J, prop Laces & Braid Co. 1 

120 Queen 
Gillies .Miss Ida, bkpr. 1 120 Queen 
Gllmore John, grocer 262 Dundas w, h same 
Gilmour Alexander, boltcutter CPU, h 4S 

Queen's rd 

Glassford Win. swtehmn CPU, b 52 Union s 
Glenn James T, mach, h 300 Davenport rd 
Godbold Benjamin, mngr Mrs E Godbold, 

b 11 Dundas e 
Godbold Miss Clara, bkpr Mrs E Godbold, 1 

II Dundas e 

Godbold Mrs Elmira, lndry 11 Dundas e, h 

Godfrey Thomas, eng. h 40 Whitney av 
Godwin Thomas G, elk H E Snell, h 62 

Goedike Frederick B, boxmkr, 1 134 Frank- 
lin av 

Goedike John F, checker CPU, h 134 Frank- 
lin av 

Goedike Miss Mary O, mlnr, 1 134 Franklin 

Going Charles C. town solicitor 7 Keele s, h 
185 High Park av 

Goldlng Andrew J, bicycle mkr, h 59 Ux- 
bridge av 

Golding Wm H, bicycle mkr, h 93 Wll- 
loughby av 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 


Cable Address, 




National Trust Company, 




G *Co rh ?e m S & tt to Wh PUSS1 ^ D1 ™ 

Goodmuu Prank B, collector, h 43 Van 
Home * 

£f or * e ' tm «f. b Carlton Hotel 
Gordon \\ m, eug CPB, b 44 Union n 

Clair " a ™ oraas ' ,ab ' n 3 8 Keele, cor St 

'"STf t%SSu j ' motor Tor Sub st Ry 

^vrejf" Wm H ' sectlonman GTE, 1 T Qor- 
Gourdler Amos, confy 15 Dundas e, h same 
<;Ourdler Louis, driller, 1 15 Dundas e 
'.ourlny Richard, tchr High Sch, res Tor- 

Graeey Alexander J, car repr CPR, h 251 

Clendenan av 
Grucey James, brk setter Ont Tav Brick Co 

res Toronto ' 
Gracey Win, car repr CPB, h 166 Maria 
■ rraham Albert J, maeh CPR, h 108 Pacific 

av « 

Graham Miss Gertrude, stenog C C & M Co 

b Itoyee av 
Qraham John J. trav, h 21 Hoskin av 
Graham Percy M, news agt CPR, 1 21 Hos- 
kin av 

Graham Mrs Rachel, u 44 Uttley r-' 
Graham Samuel R, mngr Molsous Bank. 2 
Dundas w 

Grainger Geo J, bicycle mkr, 1 76 Charles 
Grainger James, eng Wilkinson Plough Co. 

h 76 Charles 
«.*TR Station (Carlton), John Baird agt, 

Weston rd 

GTR Station (Davenport), J M Irvine agt, 

n s Davenport rd, e Campbell av 
Gray Robert, driver R Gray, 1 4 Western av 
Gray Robert, tmstr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h Dundas w 
Gray Robert jr, tmstr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

1 Dundas w 
Gray Bobinson, express 107 Dundas e, h 4 

Western av 
Gray Thomas S, tmstr, 1 4 Western av 
Gray Win. packer Gutta Pcrcha Bubber Co, 

h 103 Annette e 
Gray Wm P, blksmith CFR, h 39 Victoria 
Graydon Frederick W, bicvele assembler, 1 

101 Mulock av 
Graydon James E, pedal mkr, 1 101 Mulock 


Graydon Wm, miller, h 101 Mulock av 
G N W Tel Co (br), J F HoJden agt, 22 
Dundas e 

Green Frederick, brkmkr M Wakefield es- 
tate, b Queen's rd 
Greenly Miss Dorothy, h 205 Maria 
Greenly Miss Esther, drsmkr, 205 Maria, 1 

Greeniaiis David L, case mkr Heintzinau 
& Co, h 88 Quebec av 

Greenwood Gage, shipping elk, 1 115 An- 
nette av 

Greenwood Wm. real est. h 115 Annette w 
Greer Wm B, eng CPR, h 30 Carlton pi 
Greig George A, eng CPB, h 169 Vine av 
Greig James, express, 21% Dundas e, h 125 

Pacific av s 
Grieves Medford, brkmn CPB, h 43 Charles 
Griffin George, brickmkr, h 40!) Weston rd 
Griffin Robert, h 140 Edmund 
Griffin Wm S, piano tuner Heiutzman & 

Co, b 74 Annette e 
Griffiths Miss Bertha, tlrs J H Agnew, 1 

219 Churchill av 
Orlgg Charles, bicycle mkr. h 1:5 Hoskin av 
Grlggsby Charles T, brazier, h 90 Charles 
Grimes George, brkmn CPB, b 21) May 
Grimes Matthew, cond CPR. b 29 Mnv 
Groulx Frank, lab, b 29 May 
Grumbell Thomas, upholsterer CPR, h 149 


Gnindler George J, foreman Helntzman 

& Co. h 43 Clendenan av 
Guest Wm, baker, h 54 Campbell av 
Gunn Albert, driver Conger Coal Co, h 29 


Gunn Miss Minnie, weaver, I 29 Victoria 
Gunn Wm A, landing wtr, h 96 Gilmour av 
Gunning John, fireman CPR, b Annette c 
Gunyo Miss Mnhala, 1 48 Franklin av 
Gustar George, driver, h 27 Dundas w 
Habart Benjamin, baker G Robinson, res 

Hackett Joseph, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 
h 28 Western av 

Hadder Richard, brkmkr M Wakefield es- 
tate, res Toronto 

Toronto Junction. 


H Co ga b rt { 2 J Lt n dne , r kS Di ° Sman * 

H»gja» John, waterworks supt, li 63 Hook 

Haggas Silas fitter CPB, b Subway Hotel 
Ha n Alexander, dairy, 3 Edmund, h same 
° e » ,l) , llll i "very 34 Medland, li 30 same 
Ha e Frederick, lab, b 40 Western av 

S ££ ar Ji 00 ' mkr > b Mrs E Lake 
iK ( h har ,'l 8 I 1 ' artlst ' n 45 Quebec av 
gal] David, stonemason, h 126 Maria 

Ha Edmund H. timekpr CPR, 1 126 Maria 
Ha Mrs Elizabeth, 1 149 Pacific av s 
Ha Elmer, cooper A Campbell, 1 50 Laws 

Toronto Manufacturing Co), res 

Hall Jane (wid Eobert S). 1 69 Lakeview av 
Hall John, pntrs' hlpr CPB, res Toronto 
H iSi w 0hn S - blc ycle repr, 26 Keele s, 1 

126 Maria 

Hall Lucius i M (Hall Manlfacturlng Co), b 
-Kennedy Fark 
Hall Manufacturing Co (Robert P, Harry C 
and Lucius M), picture frame mfrs, e s 
>v illoughby av, 1 s of 109 
Hall Bobert E. timekpr Cnt, 1 126 Maria 
Hall Robert P (Hall Manufacturing Co), I 
L M Hall 

Hall Robert P. die mkr, 1 L M Hali 
Halpany Joseph A, plshr Helntzman & Co, 
h 17 Laws 

Hamilton Arthur, miller A Campbell, res 

Hamilton George, maeh, b 252 Keele n 
Hamilton Herbert, fireman CPR, b 139 Vine 

Hninmel Miss Viola, 1 280 Pacific av g 
Hammett Wm H, carp C C & M Co, res 

Hancock Bert, electrician. 1 107 Churchill 

avenue , 
Hancock John A, eng Dodge Mfg Co, h 107 

Churchill av 
Hand Charles, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

1 92 Pclbani av 
Hand Edward, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

95 Edmund 
Hand Mrs Ellen, h 92 Pelham 
Hand Henry, maeh, h 46 Campbell av 
Hand James, eng CPR. b Avenue Hotel 
Hauley Thomas, car repr CPR, h 147 Vine 


Hanly Wm, driver Conger Coal Co, res 

Hardy James, supt Electric Light Station. 

h 44 Van Home 
Hnruian Ellen (wid Ellis), h 40 Western av 
Harper Edmund, wks Pugsley, Dingmnn & 

Co, 1 134 Annette e 
Harper Henry W, maeh Dodge Mfg Co, 1 

95 Hook ay 
Harper Joseph, foreman A Campbell, h 95 

Hook av 

Harper Robert, rioliceman, h 134 Annette e 
Harper Robert L, mldr, 1 95 Hook av 
Harper Wm J, appr, 1 95 Hook av 
Harrington Christopher, carp CPR, h 26 
Argyie rd 

Harrington John, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 
h 30 May 

Harris John W, lab, h 300 Davenport rd . 
Harris Michael J, electrician Tor Sub St 

By, res Weston, Ont 
Harris Samuel, 1 58 Campbell av 
Harris Stuart G W, bkpr T Chapman, 1 86 


Harris Thomas, maeh Wilkinson Plough Co. 

h 58 Campbell av 
Harris Tiffin, carp CPR. h 32 Falrview av 
Harris Wm, sec School Board, h 9fl Ed- 

Harrison Andrew, car repr CPB, h 35 Lake- 
view av 

Harrison James, pntrs' hlpr CPE, h 52 I n 
ion n 

Harrisou John, cond CPB, h 24 May 
Harrison Richard, tmstr, h 175 St Clair 
av e 

Harshaw Miss Fanny, millinery, 75 Dun- 
das w, 1 36 Annette e 
Harshaw Miss Fanny, mlnr, I 36 Annette e 
Hnrsbaw Thomas, eontr, 36 Annette e, h 

Hart Daniel, woodwkr Wilkinson riough 

Co, h 66 Campbell av 
Hart Joseph E. foreman asmblr C C & M 

Co. n 217 Pacific av s 
Hartman Frederick, maeh Helntzman & Co. 

h 307 Willoughby av 

Hartman Sabastlan agt, h Hi Edmund 
Co t TerT A oront t o P ' t0temm Hplnt *™ a » & 

H sJ'n?l SViSS 1 ' WeSt ° n * ° PP UTR 
Hartrick Augustus A, eng, Helntzman & 
Co, h 48 Van Home 

road** 1 Henry ' car reDr CPK . h 24 King's 

Haskin Norman, brkmn CPE, b 23S Keele n 

m S „, C ^? rl , es R ' clk C C & M Co, 1 274 
High Park av - 

H Hlgh H p™k'av' " Pt C ° & * C °' 1 274 
Hass John F, foreman Dodge Mfg Co, h 274 

High Park av 
Hatch Henry, woodwkr Dodge Mfg Co 
res Toronto V ■ 

Hat** John A, turner Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Hayerley George, lnsp C C & M Co, b 5 

\\ llson pi ' 
Hay Alexander, lab, h 40 Carlton 
Hay Henry, brkmn CPE, h 106 Annette e 
Hay John, steam fitr CPE, ] 53 Quebec av 
Hay Bobert J, brkmn CPE, h 76 King's rd 
Hayes Miss Helen, wks Pugsley, Dlngman 

& Co, 1 131 Mulock av 
Hayes James, lab Standard Fuel Co, h 131 

Mulock av 
Head Emma (wid George H), !i 20 May 
Heaslip John, lab, 1 82 Charles 
Heaslip Eobert, lab CPR, h 38 Uttler 
Heddon Thomas B, inach CPR, b 144 Vine 

Heimrod Ernest, h 134 Cawthra av 
Heintzrann George C (Helntzman & Co), h 

288 Annette w 
Helntzman Herman (Helntzman & Co), h 

294 High Park av 
Heiutzman Mary J (wid Charles T), h 96 

Evelyn cres 
Helntzman & Co (Herman and George C), 
piano mfrs. Van Home, 1 s of CPR 

Henderson George, cond CPR, h 211 Pa- 
cific av 

Henderson John, carp CPR, h 44 Franklin 

Henderson Madge (wid Francis), h 288 

Willoughby av 
Henderson Stainer, finshr Heiutzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Henderson Wm A, helper CPE. h 42 Frank- 
lin av 

Hendry James, eng CPR, b Avenue Hotel 
Henry Joseph, varnisher Heiutzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Henry Nelson, cond CPR, h Frnnkiin av 
Herbert Charles, h 113 Edmund 
Heron George, lab. h 297 Maria 
Herrington Miss Annie, wks Pugsley, Dlug- 

man & Co. 1 30 May 
Hertzburg Anton L, civ eng, h 251 Lake- 
view av 

Hessln Walter, screwmkr C C & M Co 
Heydon Alexander J, hotel, Keele n, s-w 

cor Vine av 
Heydon Charles M, physician, 48 Daven- 
port rd. 1 same 
Heydon Francis, h 48 Davenport rd 
Heydon House, J H Lellar prop, Weston rd, 

cor St Clair av 
Hevdon Thomas, toolmkr C C & M Co 
Heynes Herbert, storekpr CPE, h 55 Pa- 
cific av. 

Hickey Adrian J. sound board mkr Helntz- 
man & Co. 1 15 Hoskin av 
Hiekey Patrick, carp, h 15 Hoskin av 
Hleks James, blksmlth. h ';91 Maria 
Hicks John H, elk J T McGlennlng, h 47 
Union s 

Hicks John S, cutter J E Chlshoiin, b Wil- 
son pi 

Hiirglnson Wm. porter Avenue Hotel 
Hilborn Joseph, carp CPB. res York tp 
Hill Alfred, tinner Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Hill Chnries E. opr CPE. 1 50 Laws 
Hill Elmer, 1 50 Laws 
Hill Frederick T, casemkr Helntzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
Hill George S, cooper A Campbell, h 50 

Hill John S, station agt CPE, h 59 An- 
nette e 

Hill Beuben H. app. 1 46 Queen's rd 
Hill Bobert J. eng Ont Tav Brick Co, h 195 

Hill Wm, brk mkr M Wakefield eslate, res 
York To 


Manufacturers and Contractors. 



'Phone 54*1. Cos*. King and Dufferin St*. 



Telephone 2274 


s. w. CORNER 



Toronto Junction. 


Hill Wm H. helper CPR, u 46 Queen's rd 
Hillock James A, car repr CI'R, I) 9" High 
Park av 

Hillock Wm (Hillock & Dodds), 1 39 Dun- 
das e 

Hillock & Dodds (Wm Hillock, John W 

Dodds), btchrs, 39 Dundas e 
Hilsden James, asst- eng waterworks, res 


Hilts George T, plshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Hilyer Wm, mldr, 1 300 Davenport rd 
Hilyer Zenas, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

126 Cooper av 
Hlnde Arthur R, bicyelemkr, 1 209 St Clair 

av w 

Hinde James H, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

1 209 St Clair av w 
Hinde Richard, boilermkrs' hlpr CPR, h 209 

St Clair av 
Hinde Wm, caretkr Campbell's Block, h 66 

Argyle rd 
Hinde Wm H, cond CPR, b 29 May 
Hinds George S, mach Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
Hlnton Frederick, mach hd Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Hinton Miss Florence, elk, 1 64 Laughton av 
Hinton Mary A (wid John), h 64 Laughton 


Hlrons Thomas, cond CPR, h 140 St Clair 
av w 

Hoar John, soapmkr Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Hoar Thomas E (Thoraas E Hoar & Co), h 

159 Pacific av 

Hoar), Hardwire 14 Dundas w 
Hockridge Albert W, baitndr Occidental 


Hoefner Archibald, artist. 1 33 Carlton pi 
Hoefner Frederick, cooper, h 33 Carlton pi 
Hoefner Joshua, cooper A Campbell, 1 33 
Carlton pi 

Hoefner Miss Lillian, confr, 1 33 Carlton pi 
Hogan James, enameller C C & M Co, 1 20 

Hogan John, blksmith, h 40 Laughton av 
Hoge Walter E, mngr Conger Coal Co, b 

Occidental Hotel 
Holden John F, agt GNW Tel Co, h 81 


Holden Oscar B, elk C C & M Co, 1 81 

Holdsworth Alfred T, soap cutter, h 9 

Holley Joseph J, filer C C & M Co, res 

Weston, Ont 
Holliday Miss Edith. 1 20 Carlton pi 
Hollingshead Herbert O, buffer Wilkinson 

Plough Co. 1 239 Keele n 
Holllngshead Wm, lab, h 15 Union s 
Hollingshead Wm H. bartndr Peacock Hotel 
Holloway Edwin, turner CPR, h 53 Victoria 
Holloway George, eng CPR. h 129 Pacific 

avenue s 

Holloway James S, app CPR, 1 53 Victoria 
Holman Joseph, grocer 264 Dundas w, h 

Hoover Miss Augusta E, tchr Model Sch, 1 

74 Hook av 
Hoover Egorton, driver, 1 497 Campbell av 
Hoover Ethelbert, driver, 1 497 Campbell 


Hoover Jacob H, ins agt, h 497 Campbell av 
Hoover John R, ins insp. 1 106 Davenport rd 
Hoover Joseph B, h 74 Hook av 
Hoover Wm E, mach CPR, h 34 Laws 
Hopesnn John, crater C C & M Co, res 

Hopper Eli, woodwkr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

. h 68 Campbell av 

Hopper Herbert, brkmn CPR, h 149 Vine av 
Hopper John, ear repr CPR, h 236 Maria 
Hopper Samuel, mach hd Wilkinson Plough 

Co, b 40 Western av 
Home George, carp CPR, h 176 Maria 
Horner Austin P. trnv. I 171 Louisa 
Horner Joseph A, elk, h 21 Lansdowne av 
Horner Joshua C, trav, h 171 Louisa 
Horner Leslie O, elk, 1 171 Louisa 
Horner Wiber H, elk. 1 171 Louisa 
Horsley Isaac, cond CPR, 1 24 Hook av 
Housnell Albert H, action fnshr Heintzman 

& Co, 1 70 Hook av 
Hounsell John, plshr Heintzman & Co, n 

70 Hook av 
House Henry, briekmkr, h 308 Weston rd 
Houston Janet (wid Alexander), h 37 

Queens w 

Howard George H, foreman tool rm C C & 

M Co, h 93 High Park av 
Howard Henry C, insp C C & M Co, res 


Howell John J C, elk Howell & Co, 1 236 
Annette w 

Howell Wm W (Howell & Co), h 236 An- 
nette w 

Howell & Co (Wm W Howell), druggists 8 
Dundas w 

Howes Henry W B, brkmn CPR, rms 70 
Dundas e 

Howey Emily J (wid Mark), h 30 Hoskin av 
Howland Robert, trackman Tor Sub St Ry 

Co, h 113 Maria 
Howson John A, carp C C & M Co, h 69 

Lakeview av 
Hozack Miss Annie, tchr, 1 180 High Park 


Hubbard Henry, brk sorter Ont Pav Brick 

Co, res Toronto 
Hube Rowland O, mach, b. 97 Willoughby av 
Hubert John H, eng CPR, h 150 Clendenan 


Hudson Richard A, cabtmkr, h 106 Pelbam 

Hughes Joseph, head eng A Campbell, res 

Humphries Miss Harriet K, nurse 223 Pa- 
cific av s, 1 same 
Hunt Charles G, bkpr, h 176 Ontario 
Hunter George, wiper CPR, b 103 Mulock 

Hunter Robert, pres The Gasoline Engine 

Co, h 146 Mulock av 
Hunter Wm, fireman CPR, b 31 Hook av 
Hurd Kilborn, h 77 Willoughby av 
Husted Silas, lab CPR, h 1 Elm 
Hutchinson James, truck repr CPR, h 18 

Hook av 

Hyland Frank, fireman CPR, 1 302 Pacific 
av south 

Imrie Ebenezer, eond CPR, h 58 Hook av 
Ineson Farrar, car repr CPR, h 56 Edmund 
Ineson Fred, h 19 Charles 
Ineson Henrv, wks CPR, h 37 Charles 
Ineson Wm, lab CPR, h 15 Charles 
Iredale Wm, h 23 King 
Ireland Wm, brass fnshr, h 14 Western av 
Irvine Alexander, fireman CPR, 1 39 Hoskin 

Irvine Andrew, shoemkr 63 Dundas w, b 

Irvine Edward, shoemkr A Irvine, 1 63 
Dundas w 

Irvine John, truck repr CPR, h 39 Hoskin 

Irvine John M, agt Davenport station GTR, 
res same 

Irvine Miss Susan, mlnr. 1 63 Dundas w 
Irvine Miss Violet, drsmkr 63 Dundas w, 1 

Irwin Bruce, wks Pugsley, Dingman & Co, 

1 208 Dundas w 
Irwin Charles F, tmstr, h 56 McMurray av 
Irwin Frank H, mngr Wm Davies Co Ltd, 

h 14 Law 
Irwin Gordon, lab. 1 468 Quebec av 
Irwin Hamilton, lab, h 468 Quebec av 
Irwin Robert, lab, 1 468 Quebec av 
Irwin Wm, lab CPR, 1 468 Quebec av 
Irwin Wm J, brklyr, h 208 Dundas w 
Irwin Wm M, carp, h 31 Hoskin av 
Isby Thomas, brkmkr, b Carlton Hotel 
Ives Alexander A, dry gds 115 Dundas w, 

h same 

Ives Wm H, slsmn A A Ives, 1 115 Dundas 

Iveson Edward, appr D Sanders, 1 57 Mc- 
Murray av 

Iveson James, driver Conger Coal Co, h 57 

Jackson Alfred, brkmn CPR, h 32 Pacific 
av n 

Jackson George, cond CPR, h 22 Carlton pi 
Jackson George R, mach Gasoline Engine 

Co. 1 62 Annette w 
JACKSON JAMES T, Town Treasurer 

Town Hall, 16-18 Keele s, h 230 High Park 


Jackson Michael, foreman Conger Coal Co, 

h 62 Annette w 
Jacob John J, fnshr Heintzman & Co, h 57 

TJxbridge av 
James Albert L, blksmith W J Fullerton, b 

45 Keele s 

Jarvis James, brkmn CPR, b 74 Annette e 
Jarvis John T, carp CPR, h 559 St Clair av 
Jarvis Wm, 1 559 St Clair av w 
Jecks Herbert F, elk, h 121 Annette e 
Jell Harry C. elk CPR, b 137 Dundas e 

Jennings John, barr, 1 143 Lakeview av 
Jennings Leslie, elk, 1 143 Lakeview av 
adian Bank of Commerce, h 143 Lake- 
view av 

Jerome Alfred, pntr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Jessop Samuel, real est 64 Dundas, h same 
Jewitt Samuel E, prln Carlton st sch, h 77 


Jobbitt Thomas J. b 72 Pacific av s 
Joedicke Thomas, pianomkr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Johnson Albert, woodwkr S May & Co, h 

321 St Clair av e 
Johnson Alexander, 1 46 Van Horne 
Johnson George, shipper, b 252 Keele n 
Johnson Lewis S, appr Gasoline Engine Co, 

1 48 Van Home 
Johnson Wm, h 46 Van Home 
Johnson Wm H, blksmith 631 Weston rd. 

h 644 same 

Johnston Miss Alice M, slsldv, 1 104 Con- 

Johnston Edward, brkmkr, h 433 Weston rd 
Johnston Frank M, boarding stable kpr, n 

441 Quebec av 
Johnston John, fireman CPR, rms 20 Hook 


Johnston John, tmstr Ont Pav Brick Co, 1 

Weston rd 

Johnston Miss Maggie M, mlnr, I 104 Con- 

Johnston Nelson, carp, h 41 Western av 
Johnston Noble, carp CPR, h 34 Albany rd 
Johnston Oscar P, slsmn. 1 104 Conduit 
Johnston Sarah (wid Wm), h 104 Conduit 
Johnston Wm I, cashier CPR station, res 

Johnston Wm J, eng CPR, h 28 Laws 

Johnston Wm W, eng CPR, h 58 Union s 

Johnstone Charles, casemkr Heintzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Jolly James, car repr CPR 

Jones Charles, caretkr St Clair av sch, h 
381 St Clair av w 

Jones Clarkson, pres Wilkinson Plough Co 
Ltd, res Toronto 

Jones David W, blksmith Wilkinson Plough 
Co, h 48 Campbell av 

Jones Frederick, filer C C & M Co, res To- 

Jones Jonas, carp, h 136 Annette e 
Jones Robert, brkmn CPR, b 74 Annette e 
Jones Wm, eng CPR, b Dundas 
Jones Wm J, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Joy Miss Minnie, drsmkr, 1 28 Fairview av 

Joy Robert B, 1 28 Fairview av 

Joy Wm L, head miller A Campbell, h 75 

High Park av 
Joy Wm T, brklyr, h 28 Fairview av 
Joyce George A, yard agt CPR, res Toronto 
Junction Guide (weekly), J K Keefler prop, 

16 Van Horne 
Kaiser Benjamin, lumber dlr, h 5 Wilson pi 
Kaiser Daniel, carp, 1 5 Wilson pi 
Kaiser Mrs Elizabeth, bdg hse 5-7 Wilson pi 
Kaiser tleorge. tchr, b Heydon House 
Kainm Fred AV, action fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Kane Mrs Mary, h 35 Argyle rd 
Kane Thomas H, agt Met Life Ins Co, res 


Batterer John A, elk Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Kave George, fireman. 1 24 Medland 

Keeber Wm, lab, h 82 Charles 

Keener Joseph K, prop Junction Guide, 16 

Van Horne, res Weston 
Krele Augusta A (wid Charles C), h 146 

Keele a 

Kehoe James J, wdwkr Heintzman & Co, 
res Toronto 

Kdcher Henry, bolteutter CPR, h 72 Pa- 
cific av s 

Keietier Miss Lena, elk, 1 71 Pacific av s 
Kelcher Wm II, bkpr. 1 72 raciflc «t • 
Kells Win J, macli CPR, h 57 Hoskin av 
Kelly Andrew, helper C C & M Co. b 299 

Kelly Charles A, hotel, Dundas e. cor Va» 

Kelly Denis, signalman GTR, res Toronto 
Kelly John, bicycle mkr, 1 295 Maria 
Kelly Mabel (v*id Charles), opr Bell Tel Co, 
h 32 Law 

Kelly Michael, bicycle mkr, 1 295 Maria 
Kellv Thomas J. lab, h 295 Maria 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. 


20,000 in use. Strictly High Grade. 


1 /I O VOM^E CT PIANOS TO RENT $2.00 and 

■ i Ul'UC 9 1* S2.50 pen month. 


Toionto Junction. 


Co, 1 

Kelsey Robert J C, brkmn CTR, h 25 Dun- 
das w 

Kelso Ezra, car repr CPR, l> Mrs E Lake 
Kemp George, wks Wm Kemp, 1 226 Keele 8 
Kemp Robert (Kemp & Wlietter), h 2 Pa- 
etfle av s 

Kemp Wm. dairy 22" Keele s. h same 
Kemp & Whetter (Robert Kemp, Frank 

Wbetter), btcbrs 139 Dundas w 
Kendall J unes, woodwkr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h 107 Edmund 
Kendall Jobn F, supt Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 28 Edmund 
Kennedy Hugh, mach Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 32 Kdmund 
Kennelly John, action fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Kenney Hilary Q, app Heintzman & Co, 1 

40 Van Home 
Kenny Charles A, app Heintzman & Co. 

res Toronto 
Kent B & H B (br), jwlrs, Edward Brooks 

mngr, 23 L>undas w 
Kerr James E, piano keyboard fnshr, h loo 

Quebec av 
Kerr James I. h 196 Louisa 
Kerr Laird O, keyboard mkr, h 59 Quebec 

avenue ■ _ 

Kerr Wm. cond CPR, b 38 Van Home 
Kerslake Joseph F, wd carver, h 167 Clen- 

denan av , 

Keyes Wm J, car repr CPR, h i5 McMur- 

KMa Wm, fireman CPR, b §7 Hook av 
Klmmls George H, car repr CPR, h 108 

Louisa _ . 

King James J. boilermkr, h 72 Quebec av 
King Robert, caretkr Model Sch, Annette 

w, h same 
Klngsley Thomas, h 84 Cooper av 
Kinnear Adam T, carp, h 529 'Annette w 
Kinsman Daniel, motorman Tor Sub St «y 

Co, h 51 Western av 
Kinsman Herbert, driller C C & M 

51 Western av 
Kipping Albert, foreman CPR, h 1. 

Kl'ppinir Albert E, wks CPR, h 21 Lam- 

Klrby Richard, pntr CPR. h 49 Western av 
Klrkb.nd Mrs Ellen, h 88 i Laughton 
Klrkhv Mrs Martha J. h 54 Medtand 
Kirkby Reuben, eng CPR, h 148 Mulock av 
Kirkby Theodore, ftr CPR, h 181 Clen- 

KIRkVoOD JOHN 8, Po»tmait«, 17 

KUchenVm. car^r CPR. h 667 Weston 

Klfnek Ellas, lab CPR. h 33 Hook av 
Kline Miss Helena, drsmkr. 1 86 Lxbrldge 

Kline Peter, carp, h 86 Uxbridge av 
Knapp Kbenezer C. brkmn CPR. 1 59 May 
Knapp Jane (wld Charles ; Jl h 59 May 
Knapp Louis, cond Sub St Ry, n loS Mu- 

Knloley Miss Maud, tlrs, 1 92 PjjelSc »v ■ 
Knights Arthur, stringer Heintzman & Co, 

Kn7ght Cha t r°les, fruits 148 Dundas w. h 

Knight Ephralm, car repr CPR. h 30 Mo- 
Murray av 
Knight Jobn, lab, h 399 Weston rd 
Knox Wm, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, res 

Kronsberger Edward J, drop forger, b 142 

Kyle Hugh n G aV eng CPR. h 142 Vine av 
L^ke "mma (wld g Myron), bdg hse Weston 

Lnib Albert, plshr C C & M Co, res Wes- 

Lamb Miss Bertha, drsmkr, I 246 Keele n 
Lamb James, polisher, 1 246 Keele n 
Lamb Miss Mabel weaver l. 2 ^ Keele n 
Lamb Margaret wld James), h 246 Keele n 
Lambert Robert, lab h 117 Edmund 
Lambert Wesley, packer A Campbell, 1 1TJ 

Landrevllle John T, plmbr, h e s Jane. 1 u 
of Bloor 

Lane Ann (wld Wm). h 240 Pacific av s 
Lang Isaac, pulley mkr Dodge Mfg ' 

res Toronto 
Lang Miss Olive, tlrs J C Wlltard, 


Lang Miss Sarah, tlrs J C Willard, res Tor- 

Langrlll Francis, h 33 King 
Langrlll Francis jr. electrician, 1 33 King 
Lankin Wm, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res To- 

Lansing Arthur W, brk mkr R Rattledge, 
b 40 King 

Lansing Leonard, brk mkr R Rattledge, b 
40 King 

Lappage Wm, car oiler CPR, h 23 Victoria 
Lappin Joseph N, cond CPR, h 34 May 
Large George H, frame mkr H*eintzman & 

Co. h 116 Western av 
Large John J, carp CPR, h 114 Western »v 
Larock Bernard, cond CPR. h 143 Vine 
Lascelles Arthur, brkmkr Wakefield es- 
tate, b 43 St Clair av e 
Lascelles Frederick plshr Heintzman & Co, 

1 110 Queen 
Lascelles Miss Harriet, wks Laces & Braid 

Co, 1 110 Queen 
Lascelles Miss Jane, wks Laces & Braid Co, 

1 110 Queen 
Lascelles Richard, lab. h 110 Queen 
Lauder James, helper CPR, b 103 Muloek av 
Laugherin Patrick J, h 90 Edmund 
Laughton Frank S, 1 232 Davenport rd 
Laughton Peter, mkt gdnr, 232 Davenport 

road, h same 
La Venture Wm. carp CPR, h 213 Pacific 

Law Austin, carriage trimmer, 1 13 Hum- 

berside av e 
Law Benjamin R. carriage trimmer, h 100 

Humberside av e 
Law Emma (wid Levi), rms 9.S Humberside 

av e 

Law Miss Rose, elk, 1 13 Humberside av e 
Law Mrs Sarah, 1 24 Annette e 
Lawr Addison, eng CPR, h 22 Hook av 
Lawrence Wm, wks CPR, h 615 Weston rd 
Lawson Harry, driver G Robinson, h 53 

Leachman Robert, mach CPR, h 40 Queen's 


(branch) (weekly), A R Fawcett proprie- 
tor, 3-5 Keele s 
Leamon Miss Emma, elk, 1 127 Dundas e 
Leamon John, eng G S Towns'ey, h 127 
Dundas e 

Leamon Miss Lizzie, confy, 45 Dundas e, h 


Leamon Miss Maud, wks Pugsley, Ding- 
man & Co, 1 127 Dundas e 

Lebar Nicholas, eng CPR. h 133 Pacific av 

Lee Hlng. lndry. 90 Dundas w 

Lee Irwin M. packer, h 79 Hoskin av 

Leeming Miss Jade, tchr, 1 140 Cawthra 
avenue - m ■ 

Leeming John X. mach CPR, h 140 Cawthra 
avenue ■ 

Leflar Joseph H. hotel, Weston rd. cor St 
Clair av 

I Leigh John. 1 49 May ■ 
Leonard Catherine (wid Thiinas), 1 22 Pa- 
cific av n , „ _ 
Leonard Thomas, eng CPR. h 22 Pacific av 

north . . 

Le Roy Albert, boilermkr CPR, h 73 Pacific 

Leslie Arnot. baker O Robins-Mi, b 21 Dun- 
das w , , 

Lester Robert, brk burner Out Pav Brick 
Co. h Weston rd _, . „ 

Levi Joseph, pntr Wilkinson Plough Co. 
res York Tp . „ . 

Lewis Lewis W. caretkr. h 24 Medland 

Lewis Wm, app Heintzman & Co. res Mount 
Dennis . 

Libbv Herbert J, piano mkr Heintzman & 
Co. res Toronto 

Libbv Matthew, lab. h 159 Clendemm av 

Lille'w George, mach CPR, h 21o St Clair 
a v enue 

Lillew John, eng CPR. h 65 Hook av 
Lillevv Wm, ear repr CPR, h 13 Franklin 

Lmv^Texander. driver, h 20 Pacific av n 
LillV Wm. fireman CPR. h 142 Mulock av 
Lindsav Alexander, blksmiths - hlpr CPR. h 

77 Hoskin av 
Lindsav Amos W. blksmith CPR. h 37 

Hoskin av 

| Lindsay Douglas, lab Wilkinson Plough Co. 
1 67 Hook av 
Lindsav Wesley, blksmith, h 37 Hoskin av 
Linfoot Frederick W, brkman CPR, h 62 
Pacific av s 

Linfoot Albert, brkman CPR, 1 62 Pacific 


Linton Alfred J, foreman Heintzman & Co. 

res Toronto 
Linton Hannah (wid John), h 165 Vine av 
Linton John J, casemkr, Heintzman & Co, 

1 165 Vine av 
Linton Lewis L, bicycle mkr, 1 165 Vine av 
Liuton Wilfrid E, fly fnshr, Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Liseum Jeremiah D, carp CPR, res York tp 
Llston James H, fitter Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
Little Charles, clnr CPR, h 72 McMurrny 


Little Christopher G, slsmn A Campbell, h 

50 Hook av 
Little John, wringer mkr, h 115 Churchill 


Little John P, picture frame mkr, 1 39 Hook 

Little Joseph W, eng CPR, h 122 Quebec 

Littlejohn John, brkmkr, h 357 Weston rd 
lattlejohn J C, rms 24 Dundas w 
Livingston Albert, boilermkrs hlpr CPR. h 

172 Maria . _ 

Lloyd Arthur E, carver Heintzman 4 Co, 

h 36 King _, 
Lloyd George A, shipper Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
Locke Frederick, driver Wm Davies Co. 

Ltd, res Toronto 
Locke Louis, h 145 Pacific av a 
Lockhart George A, sound board mkr 

Heintzman & Co, 1 15 Laws 
Lockhart James A, patternmkr CPR, h 1» 


Lockhart John C, store foreman CPR, h 
567 Dundas w „ 

Logan Miss Hilda, bkpr T E Hoar * Co, 1 
159 Pacific av 

Long Frederick R, wks CPR, b 63 Pacific 
av s 

Lcng James, eng M Wakefield estate, res 

Lortz George, oaretkr High Sch, h 138 Clen- 

denan av • . 

Love George, cutter, h 20 Hook av 
Lovell George J, incubator mnfr, 240 St 

Clair av e, h same . „ _ 

Lowden Stuart C, glassmkr, h 15 Laughton 

Lowe Robert H. ftr CPR, h 37 Edmund 
Lowe Wm, mach Gasoline Engine Co, 1 ST 

Edmund . . 

Lowndes Wm, plmbr, 41 Dundas e, h same 
Luxton John, cabt mkr, Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto _ ^ 

Lyons Miss Ann J, 1 288 Pacific av s 
Lyons George, h 98 High Park av 
Lyons James T, piano mkr, Heintzman & 

Co. 1 11 Charles . „ 

Lyons John, wks Pugsley, Dingman * Co. 

1 XI dinrlGS 
Lvons Mary A (wid Thomas), h 11 Charles 
Lvons Miss Mary A, 1 288 Pacific av s 
Lvons Wm C, 1 11 Charles 
McAllister Daniel, carp CPR, h 80 Hoskin 

McAnennv R Andrew, boilermkr CPR. h 

171 Vine av 
McBrlde John G. 1 510 High Park av 
McBride John G. gro, 218 Annette w, B 


McBrlde Miss Laura, stenog A J Anderson, 

1 510 High Park av 
McBrlde Margaret (wid Wm J). 1 510 High 

Tark av 

McBride Mary (wid James), 1 93 King 


111 U n 11 ft I W REVISED EDITION. 

Most Complete Tables In thelMarket. 
4" 5 5u 6 6« 7 7« and 8 per cent. Prom 1 day 
to 368%n$1.00 toi $10,000,00. PRICE SIO.OO, 
Apply to B. W. MURRAY, 

Accountant's Office, Supreme Court of OnUno, Toronto. 


*■■ 26. 

Tel. No. 423. 


Toronto J unction. 


McBunle Archibald, appr J Paterson & Co, 

1 7 Charles 
McBurnie John, eabtrnkr S May & Co, res 


McBurnie John jr, foreman S May & Co, 

h 7 Charles 
McCallum Miss Elizabeth W, librarian, 1 

45 Union s 
McCann Bernard, trav, A Campbell, res 


McCann John, fireman CPR, h 47 Van 

McCartney John, lab, h 38 Western av 
McCartney Robert, lab, 1 38 Western av 
McCaul John D, elk Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
McClure Johnston, carp, h 39 Uxbrldge av 
McClure Lome, filer C C & M Co, b 7 Wil- 
son pi 

McClure Thomas, truer C C & M Co, res 

McConnell Arthur A, 1 72 Queen's rd 
McConnell Ernest N, eng CPR, h 94 High 
Park av 

McConnell John, 1 72 Queen's rd 
McCormack Nellie, dom, Occident Hotel 
McCormack Robert L, Conger Coal Co, h 
43 Keele s 

McCormack Wm N, wood carver, rms 6 
Dundas w 

McCrudden John, helper CPR, h 43 Charles 
McDermott Archibald, forman driller C C 

& M Co, res Toronto 
McDermott George, blksmith, h 180 On- 

McDevltt Miss Gertrude, tlrs, 1 36 Pacific 
av s 

McDevitt John, bartndr Subway Hotel 
McDonald Dennis, lab, h 89 King 
McDonald Frank, brkman CPR, 61 An- 
nette e 

McDonald Henry T, sectlonman CPR, h 64 
McMurray av 

McEnaney Miss Alice, mus tchr, 36 Pacific 
av s, 1 same 

McEnaney Dugald T, cond CPR, 1 36 Pa- 
cific av 

McEnaney Joseph, brkman CRP, 1 36 Pa- 
cific av 

McEnaney Miss Lizzie (Misses McEnaney), 

drsmkrs, 36 Pacific av s 
McEnanev Miss Mary (Misses McEnaney), 

1 36 Pacific av s 
McEnaney Misses (Lizzie and Mary), drs- 
mkrs, 36 Pacific av s 
McEown John M, trav, h 114 Conduit 
McFarlane Miss Agnes, h 47 Western av 
McFarlane James, wood turnr S May & Co, 

b 113 Churchill 
McFarlane John, studt. 1 47 Western av 
McFarlane Walter T, studt, 1 47 Western av 
McFarlane Wm, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, 

h 68 Pacific av s 
McGibbon George, wks Helntzman & Co, 

b Subway Hotel 
McGill John, cond CPR. b 82 Uxbrldge av 
McGillan Charles, car repr CPR, h 34 Whit- 
ney av 

McGillan John, ftrs hlpr CPR, b 34 Whit- 
ney av 

McGlenning John T, grocer, 9 Dundas e, h 

McGovern Albert, cond CPR, h 64 Hook av 
McGraw James, brkman CPR, b 29 May 
McGregor Alexander, h 80 Uxbrldge av 
McGregor Duncan, lathe hd, b 29 May 
McGregor George B, tinsmith CPR, h 97 
Hook av 

Mclnerney Bernard, I 63 Annette e 
Mclnerney John, eng CPR, h 63 Annette e 
Mclnerney Thomas, fireman CPR, 1 63 An- 
nette e 

Mclnnls Wm, stoves, 26 Dundas e. h same 
McKay George W, drill hd Helntzman & 

Co, b 41 Hoskin av 
McKay John A, eng CPR, h 72 Hook av 
McKay Robert, mach Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
McKeand James, mach Dodge Mnfg Co, 

res Toronto 
McKee James, blksmith CPR, h 123 Mniclck 


McKeen Wm, sawyer Dodge Mnfg Co, h 
50 Union 

McKinlev James C, filer, h 92 Pacific av s 
McKinnon Archibald, blksmith, h 138 Caw- 
thra av 

McKinnon Archibald, flier C C & M Co, b 
BO May 

McKnight John, lab, h 443 Quebec av 

McLachlan John, blksmith CPR, h 72 

Queen's rd 
McLaughlin Robert J, ftr CPR, 1 24 Clen- 

denan av 

McLaughlin Wm, h 24 Clendenan av 
McLaughlin Wm J, slsmn, 1 24 Clendenan 


McLean Richard F H, lab, h 265 St Clair 

av e 

McLean Robert, brkman CPR, h 55 Vine 
McMahon James J, plshr Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
McManus Herbert, brkman CPR, b 29 May 
McMaster David A, string spinner Helntz- 
man & Co, res Toronto 
McMillan Archibald, agt, h 52 Medland 
McMillan Duncan, fireman CPR, Kings 

McMulkin Edward, toolmkr C C & M Co, 

res Toronto 
McMulkin John T, asst supt C C & M Co, 

h 44 Annette e 
McMullen David H, saddlemkr C C & M Co, 

1 238 Keele n 
McMullen John, flier, 1 256 Maria 
McMullen Thomas, helper, h 238 Keele n 
McNamara John J, fireman CPR, h 58 Mc- 
Murray av 

McNeely Alexander, cond CPR, h 56 Union 
McNeil Wm, fireman CPR, b 97 High Park 

McPhall Alexander, yardsman CPR, 1 31 

Western av 
McRae John, fireman CPR, 1 72 McMurray 


McTaggart Wm, fireman CPR, b 29 May 
McVeah Ellen (wld Patrick), 1 100 Hum- 
berside- av 

Mabey John, car repr CPR, b Mrs E Lake 
Mabley Frederick M, app Heintzman & Co, 

1 41 Clendenan av 
Macdonald Frank, brkman CPR, h 61 An- 
nette e 

MacDonald F Boyer (MacDonald & Davis), 
h 113 Tmndas w 

MacDonald James E H, artist, h 512 Que- 
bec av 

MacDonald & Davis (F Boyer MacDonald, 

Harry R Davis), grocers, 113 Dundas w 
Maclntyre John A, elk Molsons Bank, b 

Occidental Hotel 
Maclntvre Wm, elk, b Occidental Hotel 
MacKinnon Archibald, blksmith CPR, h 

138 Cawthra av 
MacMillan Christina (wid Charles), h 43 

High Park av 
MacMillan Miss Via, directress Toronto 

Junction College of Music, 1 43 High Park 


MacNab Rev Alexander W, pastor St Mar- 
tin's Ang Ch, h 52 Campbell av 

Macnamara Albert T, physician, 106 Daven- 
port rd, h same 

MacNamara James J, tchr, h 56 Hoskin av 

Maddocks Kdward, frame lnsp C C & M Co, 
res Toronto 

Maddocks Philip, mldr Wilkinson Plough 
Co, b Peacock Hotel 

Madget Wm. sectlonman GTR, h 24 Whit- 
ney av 

Magnlre Charles A J. switchman GTR, h 
30 Whitney av 

Maher Wm. livery, 22 Keele s, res Toronto 
Mahonev Edward J, casemkr Heintzman & 

Co, 1 Keele n, 1 n St Clair av 
Mahoney James, eng CPR, h 121 Quebec av 
Mahonev James, sound board mkr, Heintz- 
man & Co, h 123 Dundas e 
Mahoney Miss Maggie, mlnr, Mrs F Har- 

ahaw, 1 123 Dundas e 
Mahoney Margaret (wld Cornelius), h 123 
Dundas e 

Mahoney Michael, lumber lnsp CPR, h 161 

Weston rd 

Mahoney Myles, ftrs app CPR, 1.161 Wes- 
ton rd 

Mahoney Patrick, section foreman GTR, h 

e s Keele n. 1 n St Clair av 
Mallaby Frederick, app Heintzman & Co, 

1 679' Weston rd 
Mallaby Peter, blksmith J R Bull, h 679 

Weston rd 

Manning Edwin F, assembler C C & M Co, 

h 201 Quebec av 
Manning James, 1 202 High Park av 
Mapes Abraham, lab, h 4 Lindner 
Mapes Jesse, tmstr G S Townsley, h 607 

Weston rd 
Marett Wm. shoemkr, 12 May, h same 
Marr Oordon, 1 57 Dundas e 

Marr James, furrier, 1 57 Dundas e 
Marr John, bldr, 57 Dundas e, h same 
Marr John jr, slsmn, rms 27 Dundas e 
Marsh Lewis E, reporter, 1 108 Pacific av s 
Marshall Albert, brk sorter Out Pav Brick 

Co, 1 Weston rd 
Marshall Arthur, stock hlpr C C & M Co, 

res Toronto 
Marshall Miss Fanny, elk John Gilmore, 1 

262 Dundas w 
Marshall James, pntr S May & Co, 1 123 


Marshall James, fnshr, b 33 Hook av 
Marshall John, brksetter Ont Pav Brick 

Co, h Lambton av 
Marshall John, pntr, h 260 Maria 
Marshall John H, checker CPR, h 43 Que- 
bec av 

Marshall Matthew, ftrs hlpr CPR, h 327 

Franklin av 
Marshall Thomas, lab, 1 233 Keele s 
Ms.rsland Clement B, acct Molsons Bank, 

res Toronto 
Martin Alfred W, baker, 290 Dundas w, h 

31 Clendenan av 
Martin Miss Ethel, wks Pugsley, Dingman 

& Co, 1 231 Keele s 
Martin George S, dentist, 6 Dundas w, h 

237 Annette w 
Martin James, cooper A Campbell, res 


Martin James E, ftrs app CPR, 1 153 Vine 


Martin Samuel G, eng CPR, h 153 Vine av 
Martin Thomas, screwmkr C C & M Co, 

res Toronto 
Maseear John R, mngr Pugsley, Dingman 

& Co, h 120 Quebec av 
Mason Arthur, bicycle mkr, 1 207 Quebec 


Mason Charles, brick mfr, w s Weston rd, 
h same 

Mason Frederick, lnsp C C & M Co, res 

Mason George, foreman No 2 Fire Hall, 

h 44 King 
Mason John, lab C Mason, 1 same 
Mason Wm W, brkmkr C Mason, 1 same 
Massey Herbert E, elk Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
Masson David, collector CPR, h 35 West- 
ern av 

Masterman George, brkman CPR, h 78 
Hoskin av 

Masters Wm, gro, 72 Dundas E, h same 
Matheson Angus, brkman CPR, 1 185 Pa- 
cific av 

Matheson Carrie C (wld Angus), h 185 Pa- 
cific av s 

Matthews Harry, tlr A M Gabel, h 447 
Quebec av 

Matthews Rev Henry S, pastor Davenport 

Melh Ch, h 344 Davenport rd 
Maughan Norah (wld Lawrence), h 50 

Keele s 


69 May, h same. 
Maw James, riveter Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 31 Vine av 
Maw Mark, lab, h 38 Whitney av 
Mawhinney Charles P, elk CPR station, res 


Masted Stephen, mkt gdnr, 235 St Clair 
av e, h same 

Maxwell Richard S, sound board mkr, 
Heintzman & Co, 1 20 King's rd 

Maxwell Wm, lab C C & M Co, h 8 Fer- 
guson av 

Maxwell Wm J, casemkr Heintman & Co, 

1 8 Ferguson av 
May Albert D, cuemkr S May & Co, res 


May Henry S, vice-pres Dodge Mnfg Co, 

res Toronto 
May Richard, eabtmkr Heintzman & Co, 

h'36 Laws 

May Samuel (Samuel May & Co), res To- 
ron to 

May Samuel & Co (Samuel May), billiard 

table innfrs, s s Pelham, 1 e Edmund 
Medlev Cornelius, 1 50 Keele s 
Medley R J, blksmith C C & M Co, res 

Mental Charles J, enameler C C & M Co, 

li 11'^ Annette e 
Mercer Albert E, carp, h 502 Campbell av 
Mercer Wm A, h 179 Keele s 
Meron Isaac, melter Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Merrick Isaac P, carp, h 44 Medland 

iupeps of 


Highest Grade 



The Jas. Morrison Brass Mfg. Co. 

89-97 ADELAIDE ST. W. Limited - 


and REPUBLIC (Wash.) 

Mines and Stoeks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 


Telephone 1842 12 ADELAIDE ST. E. 


Toronto Junction. 


Merrick Reuben, brkman CPB, h 122 Queen 
Merritt George, wu worker Heintznian 

& Co, b 135 Vine 
Merrv Mrs Martha, h 121 Mulock av 
Metcalf Robert, ftr CPR, h 288 Dundas w 
Metropolitan Life Ins Co (br), H K Bishop 

asst supt, 5 Dundas e. 
Middleton Kliznbetb (wid Thomas J), h S00 

Pacific av s 
Middleton Wm J, 1 300 Pacific av s 
Millard John, fireman CPR, h 72 Laws 
Miller Conrad, gro 38 Carlton pi, h same 
Miller Frederick A, pntr, h 55 Argyle rd 
Miller George W, barber, 1 68 Quebec av 
Miller James B, switchman CPR, h 86 

Queen's rd 
Miller Kenneth A, elk, h 144 Gothic av 
Miller Richard T, slsman H K Sneall, 1 131 

Dundas w 
Miller Robert, pntr, b 31 Hook av 
Miller Walter, carp, h 68 Quebec av 
Miler Walter W, roofer J Hall, h 52 May 
Mlllett Thomas, lab, h 23 Carlton pi 
Millgate Henrv. carp, h 116 Quebec av 
Mtlligan Samuel M, tel opr GTR, 1 179 Pa- 
cific av s - 
Mllllngton James, boilermkr, h 15 Huniber- 

side av e 

Mills Kdward. flv fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

h 128 Fairvlew av 
Milne Bert, prtr Tribune, 1 239 Annette w 
Milne John, cond CPR. b Avenue Hotel 
Milne John, cond CPU, h 239 Annette w 
Minns James S, wd carver Heintzman & 

Co. b 166 Annette w 
Mtntern Walton, pntr, h 117 Maria 
Mlnto Wm. tea mer. b 110 Conduit 
Mitchell George, driver J Haines, b 30 

Medland _ , 

Mllehell James, hostler, Carlton Hotel 
Mitchell Robert J, plshr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Mitchell Wm, cond CPR, h 58 Annette w 
Model School. Wm Wilson prin, Annette 

w, cor Clendenan av 

Moffatt James L, carp CPR, h 103 Horn- 

berslde av * n . 
Mole Frederick A, elk CPU, I 12.) Clen- 
denan av 

Mole John, carp CPR. h 125 Clendenan av 
Mole John R, driver, 1 125 Clendenan av 
Mole Joseph S. app Heintzman & Co, 1 

125 Clendenan av . _ , 

Mole Walter J, app Heintzman & Co, 1 1^5 

Clendenan av 
Molsons Bank The, S R Graham mngr, 2 

Dundas w „ 

Monck J Frank, fireman CPR, h Ii3 Pa- 
cific av s „ , 
Monkhouse Samuel, lab, h 82 Edmund 
Montgomery Wm J, ftr CPR. b 112 Que- 

Moon Peter, street commissioner, h 136 

Clendenan av 
Moonen Wm, car repr CPR, b 33 Hook av 
Mooney John. carp, h 53 Churchill av 
Moonev Newberry, wks C C >* M Co, l 

53 Churchill av 
Moore Henry, brkman CPR, h 4o \ ictorla 
Moore Wm, brkman CPR, b 66 Hook av 
Moore Wm J. staty, 72 Dundas w. h same 
Morley Brock F, boot and shoe dlr, h lil 

Evelyn ores 
Morphy Miss Edith, stenog, I or Western 

Morrison F. brkman CPR, h 60 King's rd 
Morrison Henry N, tailor, 24 Dundas w, 

b Occidental Hotel 
Morrison John E. cutter H N Morrison, h 

123 Annette w , 

Morrison Scott B, brkman CPR. h <>0 King s 

Morrison Wm. eng CPR. h 79Vine av 
Morton Charles, mkt gdnr, 281 St Clair 
" e, h same . 

ma oh. b 61 May 

Mowat Bessie, dom, Mrs E Lake 
Mowat George, elk Rice Lewis & Son, 1 

31 Medland 
Mowat James, lab, Ont Pav Brick Co, h 


Mowat James W, eng Tor Sub St Ry, h 

31 Medland 
Moyer Harvey M, wiper CPR, a 112 Louisa 
Muii David W, luach, h 89 Edmund 
Mummery Arthur E, boilermkr CPR, h 66 

Queen's rd 
Munro David, tmstr, h 646 Weston rd 
Munshaw Frank, grinder C C & M Co, res 

Weston, Ont 
Murch Cecil J, signalman GTR, h 28 Whit- 
ney av 

Murch George, fireman CPR, b 61 May 
Murch Lewis, fireman CPR, b 61 May 
Murchey Joseph, vice-pres The Gasoline 

Engine Co, h 43 May 
Murdoch Archibald, fireman CPR, h 19 
Hoskln av 

Muiuty Henrv J, patmkr Dodge Mfg Co, h 

32 Edmund 
Murphy Wm. striper C & M Co, res 


Murray Wm, eng CPR, h 75 Clendenan av 
Murray Wm. lab, h 19 Carlton pi 
Musson Charles J, staty 17 Dundas w, res 

Musson Kdward T, foreman C C & M Co, 

res Weston, Ont 
Musson Ernest H, stenog, 1 110 Annette e 
Musson John G, elk C J Musson, res Is- 

Musson Percy, ropr (' (' & M Co, res Wes- 
ton, Ont 

Musson Thomas C, bkpr, h 110 Annette e 
Mutart Charles, elk CPR, rms 45 Dundas e 
Neil Wm T, driver, 1 28 Fairvlew 
Neilands Gregory, bollermkra hlpr CPR, b 

28 Franklin av 
Neilson John T, eng CPR, h 71 Pacific av s 
Nelles John H, lab, h 59 Medland 
Nelson Mrs Emma, bdg hse 44 Union n 
Ness Annie (wid James), h 63 Pacific av s 
Nevin Wm, leading hd, h 57 Vine av 
Newman Ernest, call boy CPR, 1 39 Med- 

Newman John, eng CPR, b 139 Vine av 
Newman Victor, fireman, b 190 Maria 
Newman Wm, eng CPR, b 39 Medland 
Newson Charles, slater, 1 36 Fairvlew av 
Xewson Henry E, brklyr, h 29 Hoskin av 
Newson John G, key board plshr, h 36 

Falrview av 
Newson Reginald .7, app Heintzman & Co, 
b 46 May 

Nlcholl Paul, pulley mkr, b 112 Dundas e 
Nieholls Andrew, case hardener C C & M 

Co, res Toronto 
Nieholls Arthur, blksmlth CPR, h 68 Hos- 
kin av _„ „ , 
Nieholls George, foreman CPR, h 96 Fair- 
view av 

Nicholls John, mldr, 1 124 Queen 
Nieholls Richard, carp CPR, 1 68 Hoskin av 
Nieholls Richard, tmstr, h 124 Queen 
Nichols Miss Essie, tlrs A M Gabel, b 

Medland , 
Nichols Florence (wid Thomas), 1 127 Mu- 
lock av 

Nichols Miss Mabel, mlnr Miss F Harshaw, 

1 408 Pacific av 
Nixon Edward, pntr, h 298 Davenport rd 
Nixon Miss Hattie. drsmkr, 1 102 Clen- 
denan av . 
Noble Wm, dairy 13 Elizabeth, h same 
Northcote John, brazier, b 252 Keele a 
Northey Wm, blksmith's hlpr CPR, b Ave- 
nue Hotel . . ... „ 
Norton Thomas, bricklyr, h 116 Queen 
Nunn Benjamin, wks Pugsley, Dlngman & 

Co, h 103 Quebec av 
Nunn John jr, plshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Nustjaum John, mach hd Heintzman & Co, 
res Toronto 

Morton James, i 

Morton James, mkt gdnr, 289 St Clair av 

e. h same _ ,_ A-p rtnnnP fhnrlps ene CPR, h 56 Laws 

Moses Andrew, mldr C C & M Co, res To- g.gojjnor ^2k%rir«r W Noble, 1 15 EH- 

Mos?ey James, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 50 Campbell av ■ 
Moss Henry, action reg Heintzman & Co 

h 406 Pacific av s 
Moss John R. watchman Heintzman & Co 

h 236 Keele 

O'DelTFrederick, brkman CPR. b 29 May 
O'Donnell Joseph P, bicycle connecter, h 

379 St Claii av w 
O'Hara Francis, ftrs ar,p CPU. b 97 High 
Park av 

1) 236 Keele n ram . 

Moss Wm mach hd CPR, h 26 King's rd o'Leary Peter, action reg Heintzman & Co, 

Mould George, driver T Chapman, 1 78 ^J ™^ wks Pugsley . Dlngnllin * 
MouTdWm. bricklyr, h 78 Charles Go. 1 237 Franklin av 

O'Neill Miss Jettie, lndrs Mrs E Godbold, 

1 11 Dundas e 
O'Neill Thomas, fireman CPR, Kranklacj av 
O'Reilly James, lab C C & M Co, res To- 

Oaten Julian T, hlpr CPR, h 28 Albany rd 
Oatt Charles, brkman CPR, b 29 May 
Occidental Hotel, C A Kelly prop, Dundas, 

cor Van Home 
Olton George, lab, h 2(;1 St Clair av e 
Ontario Paving Brick Co, Ltd, A E Kemp 
pres, W J Gage vice-pres, S G Beatty 
treas, L S Fraser sec, Weston rd s 
Ortlt Jonathan, h 181 Elizabeth 
Ovens. Kerman, elk Dodge Mnfg Co, 1 123 

Churchill av 
Ovens Robert D, slsman, h 123 Churchill av 
Oxlev John, lab, h 121 Churchill av 
Paddon Thomas, fly fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Budget Robert (Barnes & Padget), b 118 

Padget Thomas P, trav, h 41 Pacific av s 
Pady Rev Walter J, pastor Annette St 

Baptist Ch, b 39 Medland 
Page Ellen (wid Thomas), 1 339 Quebec av 
Page Kolph B, tchr High Sch, h 339 Que- 

be av _ , , 

Palmer Miss Alice (Palmer Shoe Co), 1 37 
Dundas e 

Palmer Charlotte (wid Richard), h 37 Dun- 
das e 

Palmer David F, wks GTR, h 5 Charles 
Palmer Miss Elizabeth (Palmer Shoe Co), 

1 :S7 Dundas e 
Palmer Richard T, barber, 35 Dundas e, 
h same 

Palmer Shoe Co (Misses Elizabeth and 

AMce Palmer), shoes 37 Dundas e 
Panter Miss Fanny, elk Standard Fuel Co, 

1 48 Medland ,„ . 

Panter Miss Jennie, weaver, 1 48 Medland 
Panter Joseph, brkman CPR, 1 48 Medland 
Panter Marv (wid George), h 48 Medland 
Pappiatt Philip G, barber, h 127 Mulock av 
Park Thomas, carp, h 444 Quebec ay 
Parker George H, brkman CPR, h 159 Vine 

avenue „ 

Annette St Methodist Church, h 1 Que- 
bec av • 
Parker Win I! P, barr, 1 1 Quebec av 
Parkes Wm, mldr, h 37 McMurray av 
Parkin Robert, wks CPR, h 13 Carlton pi 
Parsons James, shipper A Campbell, h »4 

King's rd , _ 

Partington Mrs Henrietta, h 137 Dundas e 
Patchett Henry, agt, h 125 Humberside 

Paterson John (J Paterson & Co), h 167 

Louisa , , . 

Paterson J & Co (John Paterson), plmbrs, 

31 Dundas e _ , 

Paterson Robert, plmbr, 1 167 Louisa 
Paterson Thomas, baker, 95 Dundas w, h 

same „. ' , 

Patterson Frank, billiards, b t>4 Union s 
Patterson Hugh, bicycle mkr, h 191 Que- 
bec av 

Patterson John, mach CPR, h 77 Vine av 
Patterson John, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Patterson Miss Mabel, elk, 1 191 Quebec av 
Paul John A, eng CPE, h 97 Mulock av 
PEACOCK HOTEL, Francis Watts 

Proprietor, 23 Dundas e 
Pearcy George W, brkman CPR, b Subway 

House _ „ 

Pears Robert, lab C C & M Co 
Pearson Arthur, driver Wm Rowntree, res 

PearsoiT'Augustus, wd carver Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto ' 
Pearson Oetuvhis W, piano mkr Heintzman 

,V Co, I 423 Weston rd 
Pearson Wesley, coll of customs 100 van 

Home, res Toronto „_„.,„ 
Pennnll F G, chief insp C C & M Co, res 

Penrice* James, car repr CPR, 100 Pelbam 

Pepplatt Ellen (wid Philip), .1 74 Annette e 
Percy Fred W, casemkr Heintzman Co, 

Percy James, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co, h 

Perfect" Alfred H. pby 66 Annette w. h 

i'en'in Harry, tool mkr CPR, h 161 Vine av 
Tetersen James, mach, 12 Dundas c. b 
73 Hoskin av 

Mould Wm. bricklyr, h 78 Charles — 





Toronto Offices : 


J. W. KERR, Cashier. 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 

Low Rates and Large Profits 
on Endowments 


Toronto Junction. 


Peterson Itichard, lab, h 23 Argyle rd 
Phillips Abraham, carp P Phillips, h 192 

Annette w 
Phillips Alfred, eng CPR, h 45 Argyle rd 
Phillips Frederick, carp, h 168 Maria 
Phillips Oscar F, foreman carp CPR, h 126 

Vine av 

Phillips Peter, planing mill 50 Pacific av 
s, h Law s 

Phillips Kichard, mach hd Heintzman & Co, 
h 46 Union n 

Phillips Solomon, planing mill 9 Keele n, 
h 203 Maria 

Phipps Miss Annie, elk, 1 144 Clendenan ay 

Phipps Arthur B, fireman CPR, 1 144 Clen- 
denan av 

Phipps Mrs Mary, h 144 Clendenan av 
Phoenix P,ert, mach, h 170 Pacific av s 
PIckard Miss Clara, 1 62 Campbell av 
Plggott Charles, porter R G Andrews, h 28 

Pacific av 
Piggott John, brick mkr, h 131 Queen 
Plggott John, brick mkr, h 112 Queen 
Plggott Samuel, sorewmkr C C & M Co, 

b 40 Western av 
Pillar Charles M, brkmn CPR, h 26 Carlton 


Pirn Edward, carp, h Bloor w, bet Quebec 

av and Clendenan av 
Pinder Bennlson, elk, 1 108 Quebec av 
Pinder John C, turner CPR, h 108 Que- 
bec av 

Pinkney George J, car prepr CPR, h 95 Ar- 
gyle rd 

Pinkney John, clnr CPR, b 62 Pacific av 
Plrle James, baker, 293 Dundas w, h same 
Pirle John, brkman CPR, b 38 Van Horne 
Piatt Wm, engine turner, h 148 Cawthra av 
Playter Henry M, fireman No 1, h 26 Union 

Pletzer George, carp, h 11 Union n 
Pokornav Henrv, mach, b 20 May 

Ellis magistrate. Joshua R Royce chief, 
rear of town hall, 16-18 Keele s 
Pooler Walter H, carp CPR, h 74 McMur- 
ray av 

Pordage John, mkt gdnr, 217 St Clair av e, 
h same 

Port Wm H, leading hd CrR, h 120 Pa 
clfic av 

Porter Wm, fireman CPR, h 37 Vine av 
Post Nathaniel, carp CPR, h 77 Louisa 
Post Mrs H, journalist, h 163 Clendenan av 
Povey Henry, boiler mkr CPF, h 21 Vic- 

Powell Frank R, barr, h 117 Evelyn cres 
Powell Thomas, shoes, 2.8 Dundas w, h 

Powell Walter C, with Thomas Powell, h 
Quebec av 

Powell Wm, screwmkr C C & M Co, res 

Prettv Alfred, lab, h 263 St Clair av e 
Price Mrs Mary, h 1672 Bloor w 
Prince Albert, pntr, 1 56 Hook av 
Prince Herbert, fnshr S May & Co, res 

Prince Thomas, carp CPU, h 50 Hook a» 
Prince Wm T, mach CPR, 1 56 Hook av 
Pritchard Charles, ftrs hlpr CPR 
Pritchard John J jr, produce, 105 Dunda» 
e, h same 

Proctor Charles E, car repr CPR, h 60 Med- 

Prout Annie, housekpr. 111 Annnette w 
Pugh Joseph, plshr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 78 Edmund 
Pugh Richard, mldr W J Dalton, h 78 Ed- 

PBgsley, Dingman & Co (John Pugsley, 

Archibald W Dlngman), soaps and blues, 

ft Caw T thra av 
Pugsley John (Pugsley, Dlngman & Co), 

res Toronto 
Purtle John, lab, h 56 Van Horne 
Purtle Joseph, mach hd A Campbell, 1 56 

Van Horne 
Quantz Alfred, millwright, h 109 Willough- 

by av 

Qr.antz Walter, mach hd, 1 109 Willoughby 

Queen City Flour Mills, Archibald Camp- 
bell proprietor, ft Cawthra av 

Queen David, coll York Co L L & S Co, h 
45 Van Horne 

Queen James E, eng Pugsley, Dlngman & 
Co, h 42 Van Horne 

Quennell James, driver W P Hartney. h 
100 Charles 

Quennell Wm W, carp, 1 75 Charles 

Quigley John J, cooper, h 124 Annette c 
Quigley John J jr, brush mkr, 1 124 An- 
nette e 

Quinlan Peter, pulley mkr Dodge Mnfg Co, 

res Toronto . 
Qulnn James, brkmkr M Wakefield estate, 

res- York tp 
Quinn Wm, eng CPR, h 135 Pacific av 
ltadburn Wm, porter Peacock Hotel 
Radford Charles, marker Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Rae David, tinsmith CPR, res Swansea 
Rae Rev James W, pastor Victoria Presby- 
terian Church, h 177 High Park av 
Rae Wm, elk Barnes & Padget, 1 82 Dav- 
enport rd 

Kafferty Edward, brkman CPR, 1 67 Mc- 
Murray av 

Rafferty James P, brkman CPR, h 37 Clen- 
denan av 

Rafferty James P, mason, h 67 McMur- 

ray av 

Rafferty Miss Jessie C, corset mkr, 1 67 

M 'Murray av 
Rafferty Miss Maud, fur fnshr, 1 67 Mc- 

Murray av 

Rafferty Wm F, news agt, 1 67 McMur- 

ray av 

Rand Thomas T, varnlsher Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Rankine Charles A, bkpr R G Andrews, b 

31 Hook av 
Rattledge Richard, brk mnfr, 56 St Clair 

av e, h same 
Rattledge Richard jr, brk mkr R Rattledge, 

h 26 Whitney av 
Raven John A, carp CPR, h 226 Franklin 


Raw son Hannah (wid David), 1 55 Hos- 
kin av 

Rawson Walter, lab, h 55 Hoskin av 
Raybould Bros (Harry W and Joseph N), 

btchrs, 25 Dundas w 
Raybould Harry W (Raybould Bros), h 25 

Dundas w 

Raybould Joseph, pntrs' hlpr CPR, res York 

Raybould Joseph N (Raybould Bros), h 25 
Dundas w 

Raymer Henry B, mach hd Heintzman & 

Co, h 91 Willoughby av 
Rending A J, draughtsman C C & M Co, res 


Reavie Archibald, 1 123 Dundas e 
Redmond Hannah (wid Edward), h 195 

Reed Charles, filer C C & M Co, res To- 

Reeves Frank W, fireman CPR, h 142 

Cawthra av 
Re'.d Jackson, h 46 Franklin av 
Reid R Cortlandt, elk, 1 78 Pacific av s 
Renahan Michael, brazier C C & M Co, res 


Reynolds Henry, driver Conger Coal Co, h 

37 Keele s 
Reynolds Wm, prtr Tribune, b 29 May 
Rhodes Thomas A, blksmith, 28 Dundas e, 

h 94 Pacific av s 
RICE ALLAN B, Manager The Tri- 
bune, 216 Clendenan av 
Rice Gilbert, carp, h 67 Willoughby av 
Rice Gordon, elk Tribune, 1 216 Glen- 
denan av 

Richards Edward J, pntrs' hlpr CPR, h 46 
Argyle rd 

Richardson Charles A, bkpr A Campbell, h 
17 King 

Richardson Frederick, fireman No 1, b 29 

Richardson John A, pntr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. res Toronto 
Rlddell John, brkman CPR, 1 173 Pacific 

av s 

Itiddell Wm C, prtr Junction Guide, res 


Riley George, eng CPR, h 17 Victoria 
Riley lames, lathe lid. b 29 May 
Riley Wm. lab. h 107 Pacific av s 
Rlstow John, yardman S May & Co, res 

Rlstow Philip, cabt mkr S May & Co, h 138 
Annette e 

Richie George n, eng CPR, h 102 Clen- 
denan av 

Ritchie John E, eng CPR, h 16 Laws 
Robb James, tmstr, h 30 Hook av 
Robb Win C, elev foreman A Campbell, h 

39 Van Horne 
Roberts Frederick, wks C C & M Co, 1 .113 

Muloek nv 

Roberts George, 1 113 Mulock av 
Roberts John, brick mkr, h 113 Mulock ai 
Roberts Miss Lizzie, tlrs J H Agnew, re» 

Roberts Wm, ear repr CPR, h 50 Uttley 
Roberts Wm F, brickmkr, h 82 Queen's rd 
Robertson Miss Jennie, drsmkr, 1 181 Clen- 
denan av 

Robertson John, mldr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
Robertson John, varnisher Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Robertson John B, provisions, 7 Dundas e, 

li same 

Robertson Thomas G, brick mkr, h 308 Wes- 

ton rd 

Robinson Alexander W, jwlr BiHB Kent. 
1 -1 May 

Robinson Miss Bella, tlrs A M Gabel, b 48 
Union n 

Robinson George, baker 21 Dundas w. h 

Robinson Harvey, stock receiver C C & M 

Co, res Toronto 
Robinson John, chief fire brigade, h 2 May 
Robinson John R, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, 

li Weston rd 
Robinson Joseph A, carp CPR, 51 Pacific ay 
Robinson Louis H, bkpr, 1 2 May 
Robinson Thomas A, farmer, h 532 Camp- 
bell av 

Robinson Clarences M, mach, 1 138 Pa- 
cific av s 

Robson Frank G, mach, 1 138 Pacific av s 
Robson. Matthew G, broker, 5 Dundas e, 

h 138 Pacific av 
Robson Wm J, photo, 27 Dundas e, I 138 

Pacific av 

Rodwell Henry, eng CPR, h 37 Victoria 
Rogers Edwin R, hardware, 2 Dundas e 

cor Keele, h 137 Lakeview av 
Rogers James, h 32 Western av 
Rolls Arthur, foreman C C & M Co, h 73 


Romain John W, gdnr, h 15 Uxbrldge av 
Rome Charlotte (wid George), h 59 Hos- 
kin av 

Rome George A, bicycle mkr, 1 59 Hos- 
kin av 

Ronald W Sidney, bkpr C C & M Co, res 


Roome Ontario, action fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Rooney Alexander, lab, 1 43 Edmund 
Rork Miss Jennie, tehr St Clair Av Sea, 1 

232 Lakeview av 
Rork Miss Mary, tchr Model Sell, 1 232 

Lakeview av 
Rose George, lab, h 233 Pacific av s 
Rose Hugh F, steamftr CPR, h 437 An- 
nette w 

Rose James gilder, 1 233 Pacific av s 

Rose Wm, I 233 Pacific av s 

Rosevear James M, motorman Tor Sub St 
Ry Co, h 23 Medland 

Rosevear Matthew C, roadmaster Tor Sub 
St Ry Co, h 45 Union s 

Ross Alexander, brkman CPR, h 81 Ed- 

Ross Capt John, h 166 Louisa 

Rowden Thomas, switchman CPR, I: 49 

Van Horne 
Rowell John T B, gro, 13 Dundas e. h 


Rowntree David, farmer, h es Weston rd, 

1 s of Westminster av 
Rowntree George, lab, h 96 Pelham 
Rowntree Miss Hattie, tchr, I 164 Cooper 


Rowntree Henry, elk Wm Rowntree, 1 
164 Cooper av 

Rowntree Miss Sarah, bkpr Wm Rowntree, 
1 164 Cooper av 

Rowntree Wm, grocer and postmaster, 319 
Davenport rd, h 164 Cooper av 

Royce Joslah R, chief of police and sani- 
tary insp, h 435 Annette w 

Rumble Frederick J, mach CPR, h 40 King 

Rumble Frederick J, ftrs' app CPR. 1 40 

Rushbrook Wm. pntr Wilkinson Plough 
Co, res Toronto 

Russell Miss Aimee, tchr St Clair Av Sch, 
1 35 Victoria 

Russell Andrew, blksmith CPR, h 35 Vic- 

Russell Percy G, insp. h 343 Quebec av 
Rutherford John W, eng CPR, h 46 Laws 
Ryan Mary (wid Arthur), h 26 Laws 
Ryding Samuel, plmbr. 206 Dundas w, b 

Universal Key Board. Modern Improvements. 155 Bay St. " * 

BENGOUGH s T h ; p rt ewrr«C d BUREAU 


79 Adelaide St. E. 

Staff of SKILLED STENOGRAPHERS A -on .„ . . 

and typewriters on call. THOMAS BENGOUGH, C. S. R., Official Court Stenographer, MANACER. 


Toronto J unction. 

St Cecilia's Church (RC), Pacific av, s e 

cor Annette w 
St Clair Av School, I L Beattie prin, St 

Clair av w 

St John's Church (Anglican), Rev F H Dn 
Vernet rector, s s Duudas w, w of Louisa 

St Mark s Church (Anglican), Rev C E 
Thomson rector, Carlton n e cor King 

Sabln John, insp C C & M Co, res Toronto 

Salmon Miss Ada M, mach opr, 1 29 Carl- 
ton pi 

Salmon Miss Alice E, mach opr, 1 29 Carl- 
ton pi 

Salmon Frederick, call boy CPR, 1 29 Carl- 
ton pi 

Salmon Richard J, checker CPR, 1 29 Carl- 
ton pi 

Salmon Susan (wid Richard), h 29 Carlton pi 
StmMOII Wm A, barber J H Despond, b 
9 Victoria 

Sanders David, furniture, 10 Dundas e, h 

Sanders Wm F, brkman CPR, h 37 Pa- 
cific av 8 

Sattuok Charles, millwright Dodge Mnfg 

Co, res Toronto 
Saunders Charles, yardman CPR, h 62 

Union s 

Savage Andrew, ftr CPR, h 45 Pacific av s 
Saville Henry, eng C C & M Co, h 111 

Churchill av 
Saville John W, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

1 111 Churchill av 
Saxon Wllloughbv, mldr W J Dalton, res 


Scales Wm, lab, h 128 Cooper av 
Scanlou Patrick J, cond CPR, h 90 Dun- 
das w 

Schmidt Henry, tlr, A M Gabel, 1 53 Dun- 
das w 

Schraeder Christopher, lab C C & M Co, 

res Toronto 
Schreiber Thomas O. storeman CPR, h 2-1 

Carlton pi 
Schultz John, bricklyr. h 58 Medland 
Schwenker Charles H, foreman Helntzman 

ft Co, h 40 Laws 
Scott James, dairy, 351 High Park av, h 


Scott John, mach CPR, h 20 McMurray ov 
Scott John C, elk, 1 351 High Park av 
Scott John D, rd foreman CPR. h 54 Clen- 
denan av 

Scott Robert J, elk J Sheppard, 1 121 Dun- 
das w 

Scott Walter, pntr, h 45 Charles 
Scott Wm (Scott & Co), h 99 Dundas e 
Scott Wm E, gravel, 04 St Clair av w, n 

Scott Wm H, eng A Campbell, h 38 Frank- 
lin av 

Sc..u Wm J, elk, 1 351 High Park av 
Scott & Co (Wm Scott), gro, 99 Dundas e 
Segniu James S, yardman CPR. h 31 Wes- 
tern av . 
Seymour Alfred W, polisher Helntzman & 

Co. b 50 King 
Shannon Martin, lab, b 29 May 
Shannon Michael, tmstr Ont Pav Brick Co, 

h Weston rd 
Sharpe Frank, elk, 1 39 Lakeview av 
Sharpe Fred G, fireman CPR, h iO Mc- 
Murray av 

Sharpe Ingham N, auctioneer. 133 Dundas 
e, h same , 

Sharpe Lemuel, boiler mkr CPR, b 39 Lake- 
view av „ ~ 

Sharpe Wm M. stringer Heintzman & Co, 
1 70 McMurray av „„„ „, 

Sharrard Frederick, brkman CPR, h 34 
Western av . „. 

Shaw John, blksmlth's hlpr CPR, h 74 
King's rd . 

Shaw John A, mngr Standard Fuel Co, n 
47 Medland 

Shaw Walter, elk, b 31 Medland 

Shaw Wm J, leading hd CPR, h 28 Frank- 

Sh'eaf^Johh, fitter Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 37 Carlton pi , 
Shell Miss Cinderella, 1 2 Lindner 
Shell Eliza (wid John), h 2 Lindner 
Shell Miss Jennie, tlrs A M Gabel, b 46 

Sheppard 11 Miss Helen A, tchr, 1 230 High 

Sheppard John, dry goods, 121 Dundas w, 

Sheppard John, fireman CPR, b 139 Vine av 
Sheppard Stanley, driver Kemp & W het- 
ler, 1 2 Pacific av s 

Sheppard Wm H W, 1 2.10 High Park av 
Sheppard Wm J, jwlr, 49 Dundas w, h 230 

High Park av 
Sheppard Wm R, elk J Sheppard, 1 121 


Sherwin Charles H, sound board mkr 

Heintzman & Co, res Toronto 
Shields Alexander, foreman CPR, h 122 

Western av 
Shields Lillian, seamstress, 1 262 Maria 
Shields Thomas, lab, h 262 Maria 
Short Charles R, mach Gasoline Engine Co, 

rms 6 Dundas w 
Short James R, toolmkr C C & M Co, h 

144 Maria 
Short W, balancer Dodge Mnfg Co 
Siddall Edward, woodwkr, h 109 Churchhlll 


Siddall Wm, lab, Dodge Mnfg Co, 1 109 
Churchill av 

Sim Samuel J, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 
res Toronto 

Simpson George A, japanner Heintzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Slmyson Joseph C, foreman screw dept C 
C & M Co, h 56 Campbell av 

Simpson Robert, brick mkr, h 80 Queen's rd 

Simpson Wm J, brick mkr, 1 80 Queen's rd 

Sims Charles W, upholsterer, 1 120 An- 
nette e 

Sims Wm, clothing cutter, h 120 Annette e 
Sinclair Arthur W, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, 1 62 McMurray av 
Sinclair Maria (wid Duncan), 1 179 Clen- 

denan av 

Sinclair Wm P, yard foreman CPR, h 62 
McMurray av 

Sisson Gordon, foreman cooper A Camp- 
bell, h 48 Union n 

Slack David, mach, h 78 King's rd 

Slack Thomas, tool mkr C C & M Co, res 

Smith Alice J (wid Archibald), hotel, 205 
Dundas w 

Smith Miss Annie, elk, 1 169 Pacific av s ! 

Smith Charles, lab, h 155 Vine av 

Smith Charles W. mach, h 66 Laughton av 

Smith Miss Clara. 1 169 Pacific av s 

Smith Frank, b 115 Edmund 

Smith Frank S, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, h 264 Maria 
Smith Frederick, mach CPR, h 47 Victoria 
Smith Gerald, elk. 1 239 Annette w 
Smith Hannah (wid Thomas), 1 39 May 
Smith Harrv, b 115 Edmund 
Smith James, brick mkr, h 109 Queen 
Smith Jesse, grain buyer, 1 145 Pacific av s 
Smith John, blksmlth Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 130 Cooper av 
Smith Joseph, grain, 2 Western rd, h 289 

Annette w 
Smith Miss Laura, 1 169 Pacific av s 
Smith Louise (wid Frank), h 15 Union n 
Smith Lvdia (wid James F), h 120 Queen 
Smith Lydla (wid John), h 169 Pacific av s 
Smith Richard T, liquors, 74 Dundas e, 

h 2 Union av 
Smith R Wilson, pres Tor Sub St Ry, res 

Montreal. PQ 
Smith Samuel, tmstr, h Weston rd s 
Smith Miss Sarah A, tchr Carlton St Sen, 

res Toronto 
Smith Thomas, watchman, h 250 Keele n 
Smith Thomas H. chemist, h 68 Dundas w 
Smith Waiter, bicycle mkr, 1 39 May 
Smith Wm. mach Dodge Mnfg Co, res 

Smith Wm, roofer, h 39 May 
Smith Wm J, eng CPR, h 139 Pacific av s 
Smithson Elizabeth (wid John), h 4o0 A\ es- 

Smvth'George H, drill hd Heintzman & Co, 

1 "15 Franklin av 

Smvth Thomas J, mach h 63 Willoughby av 
Sm'vth Wm S. storeman, h 15 Franklin ay 
Sne'ath Robert, stoker A Campbell, h 71 

SneU S Howard E, grocer, 131 Dundas w, h 

Snider Edward, lab, h 8 Lindner 
Snoddon Eltsha W, tmstr, h 17 Franklin av 
Somorvnie Richard, filer CC & M Co, res 

Scfm'ervme Thomas, lab. h 58 Edmund 
Southby Henry J, brass fnshr CPR,h 48 

Sotithhorn d Edward, filer, 1 110 St Clair av e 
Southhorn Eli, brick mkr, h 110 St Clair av 


filer C C & M Co, a 44 

Southwell Charles, elk, 1 44 Western av 

Southwell John, 

Western av 
Spacey Edwin J, mach hd Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Spafford Edward B, slsmn, h 79 Edmund 
Sparks Charles R, bolt cutter CPR, h 39 

Sparrow Arthur J, mldr W J Dalton, res 

Spicer Harry, car repr CPR, h 83 Elizabeth 
Spicer Wm, lab, h 1:18 Franklin av 
Spink Elizabeth (wid Wm), h 50 McMur- 
ray av 

Spink James A, jwlr, 1 50 McMurray av 
Spink Wm S. fnshr, 1 50 McMurray av 
Spring Charles, wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Springford Richard, filer C C & M Co, h 23 
Hoskln av 

Sproule Frederick A, eng CPR, h 77 Louisa 
Sproule Thomas J, carp CPR, res York tp 
Sproule Wilfred, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res York tp 
Sprowl Arthur T. pntr, 1 130 Annette e 
Sprowl Hannah (wid Ellett), h 130 An- 
nette e 

Snurr John B, reporter, h 202 High Park av 
Srigley Joel. carp, h 39 Vine av 
Siigley Joseph, driver Standard Fuel Co, 

1 39 Vine av 
Siigley Robert J, fireman No 1, h 27 Vine 

Standard Fuel Co (branch), J A Shaw mngr, 

37 Duudas w 
Standish Philip J, bkpr C C & M Co, res 


Stanford Wm, fireman CPR, 1 82 Annette e 
Stanley George, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 
res Toronto 
, Staples John A, carp CPR, li 120 Maria 
1 Steeles Peter, brkman CPR, h 77 Edmund 
1 Steiner Eugene, mach CPR, h 68 Queen's rd 
Stephens Wm. packer A Campbell, U 241 
Keele n 

: Stephenson Henry, brkman CPR, h 47 Hos- 

| kin av 

I Stepnes Wm F, packer, h 241 Keele n 
! Sternberg Miss Marv, elk, 1 6 Dundas w 
Stevenson John H, brkman CPR, h 26 Ed- 

Stevenson Wm. blksmlth Wilkinson Plough 
Co, h 76 Laughton av 
i Stewart Allan, carp CPR. h 53 Quebec av 
I Stewart Emma, elk, 1 209 Pacific av s 
Stewart John, bicycle repr, h 194 Lake- 
view av 

; Stewart Miss Laura, tchr Model Sch, 1 194 
i Lakeview av 
Stewart Miss Lydia, 1 92 Pacific av s 
I Stewart Sar'ah A (wid Thomas). 1\ 209 Pa- 
cific av s 

! Stewart Wilfrid A. fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

i 1 53 Quebec av 

! Stocks Miss Jessie, kindergarten directress 
Model Sch. res Toronto 
Stokes John A, photo, 6 Dundas w. I 6 

Dundas e . _ 

Stokes Robert A. appr Heintzman & Co, 

b 5 Wilson pi 
Stolte Frank H. foreman enameller L (. & 

M Co, h 229 Keele s * 
Stoneman David, cond Tor Sub St Ry Cc, 

h 36 Carlton pi „ _ 

Stoneman Isaac, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co, 

h 28 Carlton pi 
Stoneman Wm. signalman C PR. h 239 
Keele n 

Stong Joseph, h 149 Pacific av f 
Storer George, ftr CPR. b 44 Medland 
Storev James, mach CPR, h 56 Pacific av s 
Storey Thomas, car repr CPR. n 1» carl- 
ton' place 


and WIRE 


ANY DESIGN. Manufactured by 

117 KING ST. W. 



lLVAl A \JU llV JJl XX| Te | <8351> Bank of Commerce Bldg. 


Toronto Junction. 


Stover John, pntr, rms 57 Hook av 
Strachan James L, eng, h 69 McMurray av 
Stretton Robert, farmer, h w s Keele s, 1 

s of 226 „ , 

Stretton Robert, tmstr A Campbell, 1 w 8 

Keele s, 1st s of 226 «. . 

Streight Miss Maud, tchr Model Sen, b 

246 Annette 
Stubbins James, lab, h 506 Dundas w 
Stump Jesse, yardman CPR, h 112 Que- 
bec av _ , 
Subway Hotel, A J Heydon prop, Keele n, 

8-w cor Vine av 
Suggitt Francis, lab, h 59 Albany rd 
Suggitt George, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res York tp _ _ , , 

Surridge Frederick, tmstr Ont Pav Brick 

Co, 1 319 Weston rd 
Surridge James, tmstr Out Pav Brick Co, 

h 319 Weston rd , ,, ,_ 

Sutherland John, slsman A Campbell, h 

130 Cawthra av 
Tait Elizabeth (wid James), 1 65 Dundas w 
Tumblyn Arthur S P. carp, h 3'.» Cien- 

denan av • . 

Tansley Rose (wld George), h 25 Western rd 
Tasker James, hlpr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Tassell Wm J, eng. h 30 King's rd 
Taylor Miss Annie, pattern fldr, 1 98 Hum- 
berside av e . , 
Tavlor Archibald, pntr, b Peacock Hotel 
Taylor Charles S, plshr Heintzman & Co, 

h 48 Franklin av 
Taylor Daniel, fireman CPR, b 13b MC 

Murray av „ 
Taylor Frederick, filer C C & M Co, res 


Taylor Henry, lab, h 29 May 

Taylor Jeremiah T, yardman Heintzman & 

Co, h 117 Annette e 
Tavlor Lancelot W, spring mattress mnfr, 

286 Dundas, h same 
Taylor Margaret (wid John E), h 98 Hum- 

berside av e „ 
Taylor Richard, car insp CPR, h 69 Uttley 
Tavlor Mrs Sarah, bdg hse, 29 May 
Taylor Wm, enameler, b 29 May 
Teasdale Marion (wid Anthony), h 70 Pa- 
cific av s 

Telford Norman, fireman CPR, b 136 Mc- 

Murrav av 
Telford Wm, eng CPR, h 241 Annette w 
Temple Frederick, foreman Tribune, n 30 

Fafrview av 
Temple Wm. shoemkr, 51 Medland, h same 
Thackeray Ethan, piano tuner Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto ' 
Thomas Mrs Hannah, bdg hse. 64 Union s 
Thomas Miss Lucy, wks Pugsley, Dlngman 

& Co. 1 32 Hook av 
Thomas Miss Ola, elk H E Snell, 1 64 Union 

south . „ _ . 

Thomas Orion F, auditor C C & M Co, h 

67 Annette e 
Thomas Wm D, wd turner Heintzman * 

Co. h 130 Clendenan av 
Thompson Ann (wld Atcheson), 1 20 Carl- 
Thompson David, signalman GTR, h 808 

Davenport rd 
Thompson Harry, pntr, 1 96 Marie 
Thompson Henry, watchman Ont Pav Brick 

Co. h 96 Maria _ , 

Thompson John D, cond CPR, h 20 Carl- 
ton pi _ , 
Thompson John J, cond Tor Ry Co. 1 20 

Western av 
Thompson Robert, 1 20 Western av 
Thompson Thomas C, cond Tor Sub St Ry 

Co. 1 96 Maria 
Thompson Thomas H, motorman Tor Ry 

Co, h 20 Western av 
Thompson Wm H. cond Tor Ry Co, 1 20 

Western av 
Thomson Rev Charles E. rector St Mark's 

Church, b 142 Churchill av 
Thomson Charles T, prtr 61 Dundas w. 1 

142 Churchill av 
Thomson Kenneth G C, elk Howell & Co. 

1 142 Churchill av 
Thomson Miss Sarah B tchr Model Si h, 

1 52 Medland 
Thomson Wm C, artist, 1 142 Churchill av 
Thorndyke Edward, 1 44 Queen's rd 
Thorndyke Robert, lab, h 44 Queen's rd 
Thorndyke Robert jr, lab, 1 44 Queen's rd 
Thorndyke Wm G, lab, 1 44 Queen's rd 

Tighe Albert, case mkr Heintzman & Co, 

h 134 Clendenan av 
Tindle Clifford, cooper, h 60 Hook av 
Tinline Benjamin, pntr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, 1 368 Davenport rd 
Tinline James, h 368 Davenport rd 
Tinline Thomas C, bkpr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, 1 368 Davenport rd 
Titley Rupert, car repr CPR, h 121 Queen 
Titus Fernando E, barr, 42 Dundas w, h 

222 Clendenan av 
Toase Arthur, baker, 1 579 Weston rd 
Toase Henry, brick mkr, h 579 Weston rd 
Toll Peter, brkman CPR, h Subway House 
Tomlinson John L, wood wkr CPR, h 449 

Quebec av 

Tonkin Edward R, appr Heintzman & Co, 
425 High Park av 

Tonkin J Wm, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, 
h 425 High Park av 

Toomey Frank, eng CPR, Pacific av 

Topping Charles, wood wkr Dodge Mnfg 
Co, h 43 Vine av 

Topping Edward, gluer Dodge Mnfg Co, 
res Toronto 

Music and School of Art, Miss Via Mac- 
Millan Directress, 43 High Park av (See 
classified Music Teachers) 

Toronto Junction High School, FCC Col- 
beck prin, Quebec av opp Humberside av 

John S Kirk wood Postmaster, 18 Dun- 


wav Co, Ltd, R Wilson Smith president, 
Wm B Close manager, 1 Dundas e 
Torpey Michael, eng CPR, b 139 Vine av 
Toronto Junction Public Library, Miss E 
W McCallum librarian, 34 Dundas e 



Estates Managed, Houses Rented, Col- 
lections Made, Insurance Effected 



TOWN HALL, Wm J Conron Clerk, 

J T Jackson Treasurer, 16-18 Keele s 
Townsend Miss Annie, mlnr, 1 171 Western 

Townsend Thomas R, Dom Express agent 
and baggagemaster CPR, h 171 West- 
ern av 

Townsley George H, pottery 514 Weston 
rd, 1 same 

Townsley George S, brk mnfr 514 Weston 

rd, h same 
Townslev Miss Lillie, stenog C C & M Co, 

1 514 Weston rd 
Train George E, flour and feed 202 Dun- 
i das w, h same 
Travis George, lab CPR, h 52 Argyle rd 
Travis Mary J (wid Thomas). 1 24 King's rd 
Travis Miss Rachel, 1 24 King's rd 
Travis Thomas, lab. h 197 Maria 
TRIBUNE, THE (Weekly), A. B. Rice 

Manager, 24 Dundas w 
I Trimble George D, barber R T Palmer, h 
I 45 Hoskln av 

Trimble Herbert J, case mkr Heintzman & 
! Co, res Toronto 
Trimble Joseph, fireman CPR, b 29 May 
Trimble Thomas, lab, h 63 May 
Trimble Thomas J, barber, 1 63 May 
Trott Albert G, car repr CPR, h 28 Hook av 
Trump Edwin, gdnr, h 39 McMurray av 
Tuustead George H, appr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Turnbull Alexander, pat mkr CPR, h 99 Mu- 

lock av 

Tutty Philip, eng turner CPR, h 32 Pa- 
cific av s _ 
Tutty Thomas A. tir. man CPR, h 5< Charles 
Tutty Walter, ease fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Tyson Wm H, turner CPR, b 73 Pacific av s 
Upperton Charles E, lab, h 149 Vine av 
Urquhart John, fireman CPR, b 139 Vine av 
Vance Alfred H, jwlr, 1 68 Laughton av 
Vance David N, bkpr. h 68 Laughton av 

Vance John A, yardman Heintzman & Co, 

b 155 Vine a v 
Vance Rupert J, jwlr, 1 68 Laughton av 
Vanderberg Wm, h 119 Churchill av 
Van Horn Wm H, moto, h 115 Edmund 
Veal Henry, brick lyr, h 67 Edmund 
Veal Wm, brick lyr, h 92 Charles 
Venables Charles, filer, 1 76 Annette e 
Venables Frederick, slsmn R G Andrews, 1 

76 Annette e 
Venables John H, eng C C & M Co, h 76 

Annette e 

Venables John G, maeh Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
Vernon Albert, bartndr Heydon House 
dickers & Parker (br), barrs, 64 Dundas w 
Victoria Church (Presbyterian), Rev J W 

Rae pastor, Annette w, cor Medland 
Vivian Priscilla (wid Wm E), h 13 Hum- 
berside av e 
Vodden Norman, btchr Hillock & Dodds, 

res Toronto 
Volk Frederick C, polr, h 16 Kingsley av 
Volk John W, plshr Heintzman & Co, b 

Occidental Hotel 
Wadsworth Wm J, carp CPR, h 82 Hoskln 

Wainvvright Hastings, lab Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res York tp 
Wakefield Edward, brkmkr M Wakefield, 

res Toronto 
Wakefield Frederick, mngr M Wakefield est, 

h r 56 St Clair av e 
Wakefield George, brkmkr M Wakefield est, 

1 r 56 St Clair av e 
Wakefield M (est of), brk mfrs r 56 St 

Clair av e 

Wakefield Philip, brkmkr M Wakefield , I 

r 56 St Clair av e 
Wakefield Walter R, brkmkr M Wakefield 

est, h 100 St Clair av w 
Wakelin Arthur, stringer Heintzman & Co, 

h 52 King 

Walden Edward, car repr CPR, 1 35 Hook 


Walker Albert H, springmkr, 1 96 Humber- 
side av e 

Walker Arthur, screwmkr C C & M Co, 

res Toronto 
Walker Arthur T, tinsmith, h 97 High 

Park av 

Walker George, cond CPR, b 29 May 
Walker Isaac B, brkmn CPR, b 18 May 
Walker Leverton, brkmn CPR. 1 97 High 

Park av 

Walker Robert A, brkmn CPR, b 40 Mc- 
Murray av 

Walker Robert S, stone cutter, r 165 Dav- 
enport rd 

Walker Samuel, car repr CPR, h 63 Al- 
bany rd 

Walker Samuel, lab, h 96 Humberside av e 
Walker Wm J, cond CPR, h 167 Vine av 
Wallace Frank, wks C C & M Co, re* 

Wallace John W, wheelsman, h 42 Edmund 
Wallace Mary A (wld Patrick), 1 42 Ed- 

Wallace Thomas B, lab, 1 115 Maria 
Wallace Wm, bldr 115 Maria, h same 
Walls Miss Agnes, 1 43 High Park av 
Walls Andrew, lab Ont Pav Brick Co 
Walls George, lab, 1 153 Elizabeth 
Walls Wm, lab, h 153 Elizabeth 
Walters James W, carp, h 102 Humberside 
av east 

Walters Joseph, filer, b 92 Pacific av s 
Walters Wm. I 102 Humberside av c 
Walton David C, contr 28 Lindner, h same 
Wanless Duncan M, carp CPR, h 87 Ed- 

Wansbrough Edward, brkmn CPR, h 20 
Whitney av 

Wansbrough James W, night opr CPR sta- 
tion, h 26 Western av 

Wansbrough Mary (wid Thomas), h 22 
Whitnev av 

Ward Albert E, eng CPR, h 37 Van Home 

Ward Alfred, rms 70 Dundas e 

Ward Enoch, h St Clair av w 

Ward George, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co, h 
73 McMurray av 

Ward Henry I, pntr, h 140 Maria 

Ward Herbert, driver G E Train, 1 73 Mc- 
Murray av 

Ward Herbert B, studt, 1 21 Pacific av n 
Ward Margaret (wld James), 1 43 Victoria 
Ward Isaac C, helper CPR, h 134 Cooper sav 
Ward Jennie (wid Thomas), h 37 Van Home 



5 KING ST. W. 

'Phone 1424. 

445 YONGE ST. 

'Phone 4192 

Lansdowne Avenue and 
Bloor St. West. 
Telephone 5125. 


(Cash and Mutual Plans), CAPITAL, fttOO.OOO 


Managing Director, 

J. A. MACFADDEN, fien'E Agent, Toronto, 

Manning Bldg.. 24 King St. W. TEL. 165 

W a a v rd noruf y A (W ' d Tboma8)> n 21 Pacific 
Ward Michael, ear repr CPR, h 270 Maria 
"• 2 K .? bcrt *• slsnin, h 190 Annette w 

torfa flreman CPR, h 43 Vic- 

Wardell Mrs Ellen, h 74 Lawton av • 

gyle r^" 1 ""-' 1 J ' flreman CPR, h 49 Ar- 
W'arren Alfred, car repr CPR, res York tp 
Warren frederiek, h §36 Annette w 
Wasdale Thomas H, h 78 Queen's rd 
Maters Francis C, fitter CPR, h 508 Dun- 
das w 

Waters James W, flour 77 Dundas w h 
same ' 

Waterworth Wm, buffer C C & M Co, res 
Weston, Out 

Watklns Samuel, lab Ont Pav Brick Co. h 
Franklin av 

Watkinson Mrs Agnes W, sec hd gds 32 
Dundas e, 1 same 

Watkinson Henry, stone cutter, h 32 Dun- 
das e 

Watson Alexander, brkmn CPR, b 31 Hook 

Watson Christian W, trav, h 251 High Park 

Watson James S, h 13 Laughton av 
W atson Lyman, brkmn CPR, b 31 Hook av 
Watson Wesley D (Watt & Watson), b 35 
Hook av 

}T a ll Jon-n (Watt & Watson), res Toronto 
Watt Miss Maud, 1 286 Pacific av s 
Watt & Watson (John Watt, Wesley D 
Watson), whol feed Weston rd, nr Dundas 
Watts Abraham, brkmkr G S Townsley h 

Gil Weston rd 
w.'i^a 8 ^ 1 " ''oilermkr CPR, h 42 Maria 
WATTS FRANCIS, Proprietor Pea- 
cock Hotel, 23 Dundas e 
Weaver Lorenzo M, foreman, h 45 May 
Webb Edward, lab Wilkinson Plough Co 

b 02 Pacific av 
Webb George H, pntr 35 Medland, h same 
W ebster A R, lathe hd C C & M Co, res 

Webster Charles, ftr CPR, h 70 Queen's rd 
Webster John, bicycle rpr. b Hevdon Houso 
Webster Wm W, mach CPR, h 126 Pacific 
av south 

Weeks James W, tmstr G S Townsley, h 589 

W est on rd 
Weeks Norman, carp, h 66 Hoskln av 
Weeks Thomas, tmstr G S Townsley, 1 589 

Weston rd 

Weese Oscar B, night storeman CPR, h 44 

Weidman Jacob, pntr, h 101 Wiloughby av 
Weir Miss Christina, drsmkr, 1 27 Western 

Weir Miss Emma, drsmkr, 1 27 Western av 
We r James, fitter CPR, h 27 Western av 
Weisser Frederick W, fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Wells David, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 1 76 

Queen's rd 
Wells David E, pntr, h 75 Vine av 
Wells Wm, chemist, h 74 Queen's rd 
Wells Wm C, stenog, 1 74 Queen's rd 
Wellwood Wm, fly fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

h Dundas w 
Welsh James, toolmkr, h 146 Cawthra av 
W elsh Wm E, plshr Heintzman & Co, b 63 

Pacific av s 
JOHNSON . %B.. %6.. e 

W VorkTp Frank (KeUlp & Whetter), res 
™u e av red J ' ° pr CPE 8tatl0n ' " 53 West- 
White James, carp, h 40 Uxbridge av 

^avenue' 88 L ° UiSa * drsmkr ' 1 74 Hoskln 

yffissgifs* drsmkr Mrs a j ci " ke - 

While ? ar T , eDr CPR - b 1W Maria 

jagg 1 Aarsss n v:i^ 

WStM-w 1 ^ clk R « Andrew., 
W 22 y May Herbert W G ' Hk c B Borland, b 
W tolaV r thUr " WkS C C * $ Co ' b 31 Carl 

^ Toronto"*' Sand b ' aSt Co, 
W icks David, bicycle mkr, h 31 Carlton dI 
wesf n ESther ,Wld Samiel >' ' » Annette 
Wjckson Isaac, bicycle mkr, h 53 Hoskin av 
WtaSS? ] a ?»\ 3amDDer - h 20 Annette w 
\\ \f,i\nl J T° hn A ' pntr ' h 26 Hook av 
*"SS"S i ose Ph. watchman Pugsley Din"- 
man & Co, h 107 Quebec av , Ul "° 

cSfS'sf^S? c ' cond Tor Sub St Rv 

W c i ific r av" n s " le8 ' b0 " er mkr ^ b 53 Pa - 
w!! ber r, Frank ' brkmn CPR, 1 53 Pacific av 

W /5"5S? J oh £ H > marriage licenses, 66 
' Dundas w, h same 


Man"™?.? Ma S Pres ' d ent. E G E Ffolkes 
*rr,tf. ' ,, Manuf acturers of Ploughs. 
Scrapers Barrows, etc.. Brandon av, cor 
Campbell av (See card classified Plough 

W Pa "flc M av* Abble J ' tcbr Mod el Sch, 1 51 

wil&S J T^?f C '^ Ir ' 15 Dundas w. h same 
rnls sauTe ' deDtlSt ' 3 Dundas e - 

W Ann°ette Va v lter Jl yardmaster CPR, h 599 
Williams Mrs Adelia, h 13 Union s 

Co Ua h m 27 C Medir n d tinSmlth T E Hoar & 
^dAc ay Edward ' car lDS P CPR, h 47 p a - 
^"Sifir 1 ' sWPPM Dodge Mfg Co, b 

W?m52! o Sten ' b , kpr ' b 23 Lansdowne av 
Wimams George B, elk CPR, 1 47 Pacific 

Welsinan Charles, mldr, 1 213 Annette w 
Welsman Frederick, appr, 1 213 Annette w 
Welsman George, pantrs' hlpr CPR, h 213 
Annette w 

Welsman George F C, mldr Wilkinson 

Plough Co. 1 213 Annette w 
Wensley George A, case mkr Heintzman 

* Co, res Toronto 
West Henry W, fruits, 116 Dundas w, h 


West Mary M (wld Isaac), 1 116 Dundas w 

Wheadon Wm E, trav Wilkinson Plough 
Co, res Toronto 

Wheaton Charles F, sec-treas Dodge Mfg 
Co, res Toronto 

Wheeler Guy L, insp C C & M Co, b 5 Wil- 
son pi 

Whetham Thomas cone grinder C C & M I 
Co. h w s Elizabeth. 9 n CPR 

Williams Jemima C (wld George), h 124 

j Williams Thomas, action Anshr Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 
i Williamson Henry D, assembler C C & M 
Co, h 205 Quebec av 
Williamson Herbert, grinder C C & M Co, 
I h 205 Quebec av 
Willis John, car foreman CPR, h 158 Louisa 
Willmot Dr J Wheaton, Ins agt, h 125 

Churchill av 
Willson Wellington, cond Tor Ry, h 161 

Clendenan av 
Wilson Allan, bridge and building master 

CPR, res Toronto 
Wilson Andrew M, ins agt, h 201 Pacific av 

Wilson Henry, brkmn CPR, h 41 May 
Wilson Isaac, h 143 Pacific av s 
Wilson James H, brkmn CPR, h 41 May 
Wilson Josephus, brkmn GTR, h 99 Hook 

Wilson Miss Margaret E, 1 172 Pacific av s 
Wilson Robert B, foreman Ont Pav Brick 
Co, res York Tp 

Wilson Sarah A (wld David), h 172 Pacific 

W ^Zj h ° maS - brick mkr ' b «6 Cawthra 
Wilson Walter, brkmn CPR h ft7 
WUaon Wllmot H. c^d^Vh^nVte- 

™eue w' m - Prln Model Scb ' b 888 An- 
™'fiTav V s m B ' Car CPK ' b HO Pa- 

tail'; re's Toronto* ^ Wakefleld es " 
W parkTv R ° bm - brkmD CPR ' b 9 7 High 
W mS KosaDna <™ d Pnilip), bdg hse. 61 
W lWto EmIi J ' Plshr Helntemw, & Co, res 
^ng's'ra C3r °" er CPR - b »> 

^re " 11 Wa " er G ' Stove mntr ' b *» 
^isl Cooper f? nder WllkIn «oa Plough Co, 
"el* l KU l b 2 er Coo C p°er ^ P1 ^ b 
Ho a sk d n g av nriSt ° Pher W ' brknm CPR, h 58 
W avenue Ke J ° hn ' fireman CFR - 1 5 « Hoaktn 
w ^? ?S?t lndry - 17 Dundas e, h same 

-?orUo r> ' athe bd C C & M STm 
Wood Arthur, oUs, 21 Dundas e, res York 

Wood Harry, signalman GTR, h 24 Hook av 
Wood Irving, trav A Wood, 1 York To 
WoojW S, elk E R R<^s,'resPr£peet 

Wood burn Christopher, sound board mkr 
Heintzman & Co. h 46 King Kr 
bee ames ' car ^P 1, CPR , h 86 Que- 

wSfk! Ad , a ,', n ' papeT na nger, 1 36 Albany rd 
Co 8 h A n di r° n ' Wilkinson Plough 

w-?', h „'° Campbell av 

h ?« VrSii 1 C ' fly flnsbr Heintzman & Co, 

56 Pacific av s ' 

Dunda^ 1 e U ' Ie8, ° Wrigbt & €o ' " 83 

Wright C & Co (Mrs Louisa M Wright) 
druggists, 33 Dundas e ""K"H, 
wh kW Edward, prtr Leader and Recorder 

1 33 Dundas. e "~V 
WrUtt* George E, barber, 62 Dundas w 
Wright James M, fly fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Wright Jesse G, 1 33 Dundas e 
Wright John, pntrs hlpr CPR, h 25 Laws 
Wright Joseph, blksmlth's hlpr Wilkinson 
Plough Co, res Toronto 

•5*1?! Louls a M (C Wright & Co). 1 

33 Dundas e 

Wright Reuben, gro, 504 Dundas w, h same 
Wright Robert, brkmn CPR, h 36 Albany rd 
Wright Thomas P, contr, 106 Evelyn cres, 

h same 

Wyatt Wm E, cond CPR, h 55 May 
Wyllie James A, flreman CPR, 1 70 Dun- 

WylHe Robert K, flreman CPR, 1 70 Dun- 
das e 

Wyllie Wm, rms 70 Dundas w 

Wyllie Wm A, piano tuner Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Wynn Isaac, lab, h 147 Elizabeth 
Wynn Lex, brkmn CPR, 1 55 May 
Yallop W 7 m G, yardmaster CPR, h 42 

Queen's rd 
Yokom Walter S, carp, h 14 Kingsley av 
Young David A, wiper CPR, b 20 May 
Young Elizabeth (wld Andrew), 1 63 Pa- 
cific av s 

Young Etta, dom, 251 High Park av . 
Young Frank, bkpr Dodge Mfg Co, res To- 

Y'oung Jacob, h 51 Pacific av s 

Young Thomas S, mldr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, h 34 Union n 
Young Wm, tool mkr C C & M Co, res To- 

Zavitz Edward M, trav, 286 Pacific av s 


21 QUEEN EAST. 'Phone 1694. 




80-S2 suburbs. 



Ward No. 1. — AH that portion of the city of Toronto lying to the east- 
ward of the centre line of Cherry street produced southerly to the waters of the 
Bay ; thence northerly along said production and along the centre line of 
Cherry street to the centre line of Eastern avenue ; thence south-easterly along 
the centre line of Eastern axenue to the centre line of Sumach street ; thence 
northerly along the centre line of Sumach street to the centre line of Wellesley 
street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Wellesley street, to the centre 
line of Park View avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of Park View 
avenue and production thereof to the north city limit, and including all the 
marsh lands and islands south of the above-described point. 

Ward No. 2. — All that portion of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No. 1, and to the eastward of the centre line of Jarvis 
street produced southerly to the Bay ; thence northerly along said production 
and along the centre line of Jarvis street to the centre line of Bloor street ; 
thence westerly along the centre line of Bloor street to the centre line of 
Yonge street ; thence northerly along the centre line of Yonge street to the 
north city limit. 

Ward No. 3. — All that part of the city lying to the westward of the 
west; limit of Ward No. 2, and to the eastward of the centre line of Simcoe 
street, produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along 
said production and along the centre line of Simcoe street to the centre line 
of Queen street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Queen street to the 
centre line of Queen street avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of 
Queen street avenue and production thereof to the centre line of Avenue road ; 
thence northerly along the centre line of Avenue road to the north city limit. 

Ward No. 4. — All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of Ward No. 3, and to the eastward of the centre line of Bathurst street 
produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Bathurst street to the north city limit ; 
together with the Island lying in front of said city. The Parliament buildings, 
Queen's Park, are also included in this ward. 

Ward No. 5. — All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
-limit of Ward No. 4, and to the eastward of the centre line of Atlantic avenue 
produced southerly to the waters of Lake Ontario ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Atlantic avenue to the centre line of 
Dovercourt road, thence northerly along the centre line of Dovercourt road to 
the north city limit. 

Ward No. 6. — Being all that part of the city of Toronto lying to the west- 
ward of the west limit of Ward No. 5. 


■■■ a I . ■ Stand in their own light When they INSURE without 

I ftf O I A hQlO I n f^O consulting a representative of 

IUUU nUdXaillCIO The Temperance and General Life. 


acct. accountant, 
adv. advertisement, 
agt. agent. 

agrl. impts. agricultural Imple- 
app. apprentice, 
appr. appraiser, 
arcb. architect, 
assn. association, 
asst. assistant, 
attdt. attendant 
atty. attorney, 
av. avenue, 
bgemn. baggageman, 
bkr. baker, 
barr. liarrister. 
b. boards, 
bdg. boarding, 
bet. between, 
blksmtb, blacksmith, 
blrmkr. boiler maker, 
bkbndr, book binder, 
bkpr. bookkeeper, 
btlr. bottler, 
br. branch, 
brklyr. bricklayer 
brkr. broker 
brkmn. brakeman. 
bldr. lmiltier. 
Md>. building, 
btchr. butcher, 
cabt. mkr. cnbinet maker. 
C.A.R. Canada Atlantic Ry. 
Can. Ex. Canadian Express. 
C.P.R. Canadian rnciflc Ry. 
carp, carpenter. 
C. P. Central Trison. 
chkr. checker, 
civ. ser. civil service, 
elk. clerk, 
coll. collector. 

com. mer. commission mer- 
comp. compositor, 
comr. commissioner, 
cond. conductor, 
confr. confectioner, 
confy. confectionery. 

contr. contractor, 
cor. corner. 
Corp. corporation, 
co. county, 
cres. crescent, 
ctr. cutter. 
C. H. Custom House, 
dir. dealer, 
dept. department, 
depy. deputy, 
dom. domestic. 
Dom. Dominion. 
Dom. Ex. Co. Dominion Ex- 
press Co. 
drsmkr. dressmaker, 
e. east. 

e. s. east side. 

elect, electrician. 

electro, electrotyper. 

elev. opr. elevator operator. 

eng. engineer. 

engr. engraver. 

exam, examiner. 

fnshr. finisher. 

ft. foot of. 

furn. furniture. 

gdnr. gardener. 

genl. general. 

G. T.R. Grand Trunk Ry. 
gro. grocer. 

hdware. hardware, 
hlpr. helper, 
h. house. 

hsekpr. housekeeper. 

H. of C. House of Commons. 
In. Rev. Inland Revenne. 
Insp. inspector. 

1wlr. jeweller or watchmaker, 
lab. laborer. 

Idg. wtr. landing waiter. 

In. lane. 

lndrs. laundress. 

Indry. laundry. 

Ltd. limited. 

lith. lithographer. 

I. lives. 

mach. machinist. 

macb. hd. machine hand. 

mkr. maker. 

mlstr, maltster. 

mngr. manager. 

mng. dir. managing director. 

mfr. manufacturer. 

mfg. manufacturing. 

mkt. gdnr. market gardener. 

mech. mechanic. 

mcssr. messenger. 

mlnr. milliner. 

moto. motorman 

mldr. moulder. 

mntr. mounter. 

mus. tchr. music teacher. 

n. north. 

n. e. northeast. 

n. s. north side. 

n. w. northwest. 

nr. near. 

opp. opposite. 

opr. operator. 

pntr. painter. 

Parlt. Parliament. 

pdlr. peddler. 

photo, photographer. 

phy. physician. 

pi. place. 

plstr. plasterer. 

plmbr. plumber. 

p. c. police constable. 

plshr. polisher. 

P. O. Post Office. 

pres. president. 

prin. principal. 

prop, proprietor. 

prtr. printer. 

pro. mod. proprietary medicine 

provs. provisions. 

publr. publisher. 

r. rear. 

res. resides. 

ry. railway. 

Ry.M.S. Railway Mail Ser- 
rep. reporter, 
repr. repairer, 
ret. retail. 
Rev. Reverend. 
R. C. Roman Catholic. 

R. C. D. Royal Canadian Dra- 

It. C. U. I. Royal Canadian 

Regiment Infantry, 
rms. rooms. 
S. A. Salvation Army, 
sdlr. saddh r or harness maker, 
slsldy. saleslady, 
slsmn. salesman, 
smstrs. seamstress, 
s. e. side entrance, 
s.-e. southeast. 
b. s. south side, 
s.-w. southwest 
sec. hd. gds. second hand 

sec. secretary. 

sew. maeh. sewing machine*. 

sq. square. 

stn. station. 

S. S. steamship. 

stenog. stenographer. 

stereo, stereotyper. 

studt. student. 

supt. superintendent. 

switch, switchman. 

tlr. tailor. 

tlrs. tailoress. 

tchr. teacher. 

tmstr. teamster. 

tel. telegraph or telephone. 

ter. terrace. 

tinner, tinsmith. 

T.W.W. Toronto Water Works 

tp. township. 

trans, transportation. 

treas. treasurer. 

uphol. upholsterer. 

vet. surg. veterinary surgeon. 

wtr. waiter. 

w. west. 

w. s. west side. 

whol. wholesale. 

wld. widow. 

Wm. William. 

wd wkr. wood worker. 

wks. works. 

The word "street" Is always understood. 




f^rThe profession, business, etc., of individuals and firms is only given at their respective places 
of business ; to find the occupation of householders, refer to the Alphabetical List of Names. ^ 


ABBEY LANE, e from 37 
Sherbourne to Princess, 
ward 2. 

Rear entrances 

ABBS, w from 16 Brock av 
to r of O'Hara av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Harris Miss W. drsmkr 

Harris Mrs Mary 
8 Bowley George I 

Vacant lot 
12 O'Brien Mrs Nettle 
14 Meldrum Wm 
16 McBrlde George S 
20 Johnston Walker 

22 Moberly Wm W 
24 Laughran Frank 

South Side 

1 Coulter Andrew 

Vacant lots 
9 Stewardson Samuel 
11 Cameron James 
13 Ginn Ernest 

Vacant lot 
23 Vacant 
27 Heaslin Thomas 

ABELL, n from Armour to 
opp 1140 Queen w, ward G. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

48 Abell John, Engine & Ma- 
chine Works Co 
Skating Rink, s e 

ABERDEEN AV. e from 483 
Ontario to Parliament, ward 


North Side 

2 Clarke Mrs Agnes 
6 Learn John W 
8 Stone Matthew I 
8% Fulton Mrs Hannah 
10 Durham John H C 
12 Hocking Wm 
14 McDonald Mrs Elizabeth 

Aberdeen A v. 83 


■ton Walker — ~~ 


TORONTO POTTERY CO., 73-81 Cottingham St. 'Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada, $6,567,079.94 

84 Aberdeen Av. 


16 Phleeger Henrv L 
18 Walden Charles H 

20 Sandell Mrs Marv H 

22 White Esli T 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Maguire Mrs Lydia 
3 Gray Mrs Sarah 
5 Ollerhead Mrs Mary 
7 Devean Nathan M 
9 Hansford Jeffrey E 
11 Clay George 
13 Stanhury Dr R B J 

21 Starr Mrs Jessie 

23 Baeon Wm N 
25 Allen John T 

House, s e 

ATDDISON AV, iv from 440 
Perth av, ward 0. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Tasker James 
3 Spratt Frederick 
5 Mack Mrs Frances 

111 Yonge to Jarvis, ward 

North Side 

Andrews Capt W D, news 
2 Vokes Hardware Co 
4 Mitchell Thos, mnfrs agt 
414 Bateman John, tlr 
Parkinson James, engr 
Franklin Press, printers 
Williams F, showcases 
6 A'kenhead Hardware Co 
Tisdale Iron Stable Fit- 
Unas Co 
8 Strand Hotel 
10 Lee Wm A & Son, rl est 
10% Code James It, barr 
Victoria Financial Loan 

Blashford W A, papr ruler 
Dudgeon & Thornton, prtrs 
Once a Week 
Travel & Recreation 

Virtue & Co. publrs 
Boustead J B, real est 
Birney J & J L, brokers 
Parsons Wm, broker 
Cummings J A & Co, 

Maple Leaf Council, Royal 

12 Parker E G, mining broker 
14 Copeland & Fairbairn, 

real estate 
People's Bldg & Loan 


Freehold Loan Bldg 
16-18 Smith F J & Co, real 

estate, loans and ins 
20 Small Sydney, real est 

Victoria st intersects 
22 Equitable Savings Loan & 
Bide Assn 
Carswell Co (Ltd), prtrs 
22-24 Equity Chambers 
Rooms — 

3-4 Fisher & Co, brokers 
Hector Fred T D, barr 

5 Denovan Joshua, barr 
Church H W, barr 

6 Grote G W, barr 
Proctor J A, barr 

7 Murphy Nicholas, barr 
8-9 Vacant 

10-11-12 Henderson, Small 
& Griffin, barristers 
Postlethwalte C R W, 

13 15 Henderson & David- 
son, barrs 
Brotherhood of St An- 
16 Vacant 

17 Vacant 

18 Penton Ed, barr 

19 Vacant 

20 Canadian Legal Pub 

Co, F I Fox see 
Canadian Law List 
Ontario Legal Chart 
Quebec Legal Chart 

21 Vacant 

22 Wardrobe J jr, caretkr 

23 Vacant 

24 Vacant 

25 Vacant 

20 Savigny R A, mer tlr 
28-30 Carswell Co, law books 
Canadian Law Times 
Nova Scotia Reports 
New Brunswick Reports 
Revised Reports 
Lawyers Annual 
Ruling Cases (English) 
London Law Monthly 
Law Journal Reports 
Encyclopedia of the Laws 

of England 
Law Reports 
32-34 Imperial Chambers 
Quigley M E & Co, brkrs 
Russell & Woodyard, real 

McCleary Thompson, acct 
Rooms — 
1 Rolph & Brown, barrs 

3 Imperial Loan & In- 

vestment Co 

4 Moylett & Co. brkrs 

5 Vacant 

6 Vacant 

7 Rolph & Brown, barrs 

8 Vacant 

10 Choate A P, journalist 
11-12 Vacant 

13 Vacant 

14 Banks J L, artist 

15 Vacant 

16 Vacant 

17 Haines Fred, artist 

18 Vacant 

19 Morris E M. artist 
Huff Walter, elev opr 
Moore John, caretkr 

30-42 Postoflice Building 
Customs Postal Package 

Postoffiee Inspector's Of- 
fice. .Tames Henderson 
Postoffiee. T C Patteson 
P M, John Carruthers 
asst P M 
44 Rennardspn & Co, real est 
Bentley W B & Co, barrs 
44% Vacant. 

46 Brilliant Sign Letters 
48 Ryckmnn S S Medicine Co 
Crown Mfg Co. essences 
Pitcher Talbot Co, pro med 
50 Troy John L, fin agt 

Kavanagh Win A. broker 
Simpson L M & Co, toilet 
52 Canadian Mining Invest- 
ment Co 
Lyon F H B. broker 
Sandham Alfred, publr 
54 Champion T E, journalist 
Fawcett Alex R. publr 
Leader & Recorder (week- 

Jenkins A R. stenogr 

Bruce John, barr 

Bruce & Co, law reporters 

Queen City Portrait Co 

Thomson Jas S 
56 Duke's Hotel 

McGarry Mrs Maria F 
58 Doust Jos, law staty 
00 Don Valley Pressed Brick 

60% Adelaide Chambers 

Underwood & Underwood, 
stereo views 

Office Supply Co, staty 

Armstrong A E. mfrs agt 

Rooms — 

1-2 Aid Savings &. Loan 

Lloyd B, real estate 
3 Smead-Dowd Warming 

and Ventilating Co 
4-5 6 Ont Sewer Pipe Co 
7 Vacant 

8-9-10 Vacant 
11 Vacant 

14 Pepler E E. artist 

15 McMaster Wm, stamps 
Johnston John, caretkr 

16-17-lS Vacant 
62 Anderson J P. cigars 
64-66 Ritchie John Plumbing 

& Heating Co 
68 Kennedy B L Co, shoes 
Mullin T H. clothing mfr 
Sexsmith L A, clothing 

Williams Mrs Nora V, 
70 Smith Sydney, polish mfr 

Curtis Thomas W 
72 Charlton A A. nntr 
74 Vacant 
76 Vacant 

Church st intersects 

Public Library Building 
78 Nelson George, caretkr 
80 Public Library Reference 

82-4 Anglo-American Novelty 

Oldfield A G, engraver 

Odium Albert E 
86 Shea Andrew, junk 
88-90 Scott Wm. barber 
92-94 Shuttleworth E B 

Chemical Co 
96-98 Vacant 

100 Fleming & McTamney, 

102 Fleming & McTamney, 
Fleming John 
104 Ward David, pawnbrkr 
108 Vacant 

110 Earsman Alex & Son, 

brass founders 
112 Fralick & Sinclair, car- 
riage mfrs 
120-22 Schiller House 
124 Allen W J, restr 
126 Campbell A, harness 

Bedson Wm J 
128 Toronto Salt Works 
130-2 Todhunter, Mitchell & 
■Co, spice mill 
Utterson Lumber Co 
134-6 Rennie Wm, seeds 

South Side 

Massey-Harris, s e 
1 Brown & Burton, tlrs 
Cook Wm, barr 
Canniff & Cannlff, barrs 
Canniff Fred M, barr 
Wright Jos A, barr 
Young C G, rubber stamps 
Corin Wm J. nntr 
3 Vacant 

5 Brown W J, real estate 
Washington T E, real est 

7 Hodgson Mrs M A, type- 
Hicks R S, ry freight agt 

9 Higgins J D, real estate 
Higgins David, ins agt 
Edinburgh Life Assce Co 
Nesbltt J A, real estate 

9% Snowdon Chambers 
Rooms — 

1 Hislop Thomas, barr 

2 Sinclair & Cameron, 

real est 

3 McCann & Campbell, 

mfrs' agts 

4 R-adam Wm, Microbe 

L.ean Edward ('. acct 
Petley & Co, brokers 

5 Vacant 

6 McGhie & Keeier, ban's 

7 Tytler John, barr 
McCabe Charles J, barr 

8 Eddls & Sherman, accts 
New John, broker 

9 Ellis J A, architect 
Turner David E, agt 

10 Vacant 
U Vacant 

12 Nichols J Lister & Co, 

mfrs' agents 

13 Maegregor Angus & Co, 


14 Vacant 

15 Jackson J H & Co. en- 


16 Simpson H, archit&ct 

17 Provincial Map Pub Co 

18 Laugher Nora, adv 


19 Dowdell J O, agt 
20-21-22 Tisdall Supply Co, 

23-24 Burgess A E & Co. 
mfg jwlrs 

25 Macphail Hector, care- 


26 Knaggs Wm, violin inkr 
27-28 Capp T W Co, mfg 


11 Martin V J, mer taiior 
13 Tarbox Bros, wire gds 

Nleoi & Nicol, barrs 
11-15 City Directory Ofiiee. 
The Might Directory Co 
of Toronto Ltd, general 
directory and map pub- 
lishers, J C Gardner 
President and Managing 
Director, Tel 2229 
Toronto City Directory 
Toronto Business Direc- 

London City Directory 

Ottawa City Directory 

St John's (NF) City Di- 

Provincial Business Di- 
rectory of Ontario 

Five Cities Classified Busi- 
ness Directory 

Hamilton Business Di- 

Montreal Business Di- 

Ontario Gazetteer and 
Business Directory 

Dominion of Canada Ga- 
zetteer and Business Dl- 

Directory Office Libraiy. 
containing directories of 
all important cities, 
towns and suites 
15 Creelman Bros Typewriter 

17 Pearson Chambers 
Pearson Bros, real est 
Northern Assce Co 
Pearson E P, ins agt 
Connecticut Fire Ins Co 
Pearson & MeNaught, ins 

1 Sloan J W. real est 
McKibbon George, loan 

2 Vacant 

3 Vacant 

4 Parsons Wm, real est 

5 Vacant 

6 Vacant 

7 Morrey Wm H, pblshrs' 


8 Swavzle B E, barr 
Sheppard L C & Co, 


Peake T J L, real est 

Lonev J E, real est 
19-21 Fox'& Ross, brukers 
Mines Selection Co 
Frontenac Lead Mining * 

Smelting Co 
Sailor Consolidated Miring 

& Milling Co 
Toronto Lillooet Gold 


23 Land Security Chambers 
British Can L & I Co, s 8 

Victoria st intersects 

33 Sun Life Assce Co 
35 Aberdeen Chambers 
Rooms — 

1 Hoffman J Hilton, barr 
Carey F H. barr 

2 Symons J T, est broker 
Elmsley Remy, office 

3 Vacant 

4 Hannah W G, barr 

5 Credit Exchange, The 
Mutual Mercantile Ag- 

6 Osier A E & Co. rl est 

7 Vacant 

8 Sun Life Assce Co 
9-10 Helghington J, barr 


11 Richmond 



Hember of the Standard MJinltlg Exchange 

TeL and Cable address. 
" GARTLY. ■ 

Codes: Bedford Mc- 
Neill's, Clough's, 
Moreing and NeaL 



12 A delaide St. E. 'Pho^e 1842 


12 Saskatchewan L & H 

13 Aqueduct Construction 

Co Ud 

14 Vacant 

15 Strickland W R. arch 

16 Symona ft Rae. archs 
Symons Harry, Imrr 

17 Goululock John, Ing 

18 Vacant 

19 Careenllen, Hall ft 

rayne, barra 
Hall & Payne, barra 

20 Cane J G & Co. whol 


21 Security Gold Mining & 

Development Co 
25 Clougher J P, publr 
Presbyterian Review 

Co, Dublrs 
Presbyterian Review 
Presbyterian Review 

Church of Eng Year 


Hennessey J, caretkr 
37 Newaome ft Co. stnrs 
93 Canadian Order of For 
MrArtliur Donald, sol 
People's Bldg ft Loan A;su 
Gilday Richard, roofer 
Gavin R C. real estate 
Graham H ft Son. rl est 
De Beauharnals Mrs G H, 

Ont Permanent Bldg ft 
Loan Assn 
41 People's Loan & Deposit 

43 Cavell ft Gibson, barrs 
Taylor ft McConnell, barrs 
Evans Lewis C. barr 
Challener F S. artist 
Martin H J. barr 
Burgess B II. broker 
Wrinch C. typewriters 
Can Typewriter Exchange 
Donovan J A, barr 
45 Archbald Chns E, agent 
Remington typewriters 
and Edison's Mimeo- 

47 Beeton Ed, watehmkr 

Wood F A. real est 
49 Tache J P & Co, brokers 

Toronto st ends 

Public Lavatory 

Smith R I, caretkr 

Trust ft Loan Bldg, s e 
57 Court House 

County Council Office, 
Jolm A Ramsden clerk 

Ramsden John A. mar- 
riage licenses 

McDougall Jas. civ eng 

County Engineer's Office, 
James McDougall eng 

McFarlen G W, surveyor 

Surrogate Court Office. J 
E Macdougall Judge, Jo- 
seph Tait registrar 

County Treasurer's Office, 
J K Macdonald treaso^r 

Clerk of the Peace Office, 
Herbert E Irwin elk 

Irwin II E. barr 

Sheriff's Office Countv of 
York." J H Widdlfieid 

Sheriff's Office, City of 
Toronto. Frederick Mow- 
at sheriff 

First Division Court. F M 
Morson and Edwavd 
Morgan Judges, A MeL 
Howard clerk 

County Conrt. J E Mnc- 
dongall senior Judge, Ed- 
ward Morgan Junior 
Judge, F M Morson sec- 
ond Junior Judge, Hon A 
M Ross clerk 

NIcol G B, elk of assize 

County Crown Attorney's 
office, H H Dewart at- 

Wingfield James M, JP 

Lackle N H, bailiff 

Lawrie Wm D. caretkr 

Adelaide West. 85 

07 Acme Loan ft Savings Cm 
C9 CInuss Shear Co, cutlery 
Cleveland Stone Co 
Mussey Stone Co 
Purdy W A ft Co, agts 
Canadian Advertising & 

Distributing Co 
Crescent Banjo & Guitar 

Tuxedo Pedro Club 
Hudson Frederick 
Turner It 
Macdonald P 
Young Wm F 
Catholic Club 
71 Maclean A G ft Co, rl est 
73 Day G H ft Son. brokers 
75 Cornell Building 
Milllgan J 
Bennett J H 
Clark J 
Bowey John H 
77 Canadian Savings Loan ft 

Bidg Assn (br) 
79 Court Chambers 

County Court Chambers, J 
E Macdougall and Ed- 
ward Morgan Judges 
Exchequer Court (Admir- 
alty Division) J E Mac- 
dougall Judffe,' Jno Bruce 
registrar. Wm Bovd mar- 
shall, Alex Downey offl- 
clal reporter 
Nield Ernest, stenog 

Church st Intersects 
St Jnincs School, s e 
135 Shelter of the Children's 
Aid Society 
Bustard John H 
Crammer Robt 
141 Forsyth Geo 

Allward John, bldr, r 
143 Moses Andrew 
145-47 Lumbers John, flour 

Francis st ends 
159 Gilchrist George 

118 Yonge to Bathurst, 
wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
6 Ballard Electric and Ma- 
chine Co Ltd 
McDonough A J, mfrs' agt 
8 Temple H P. dental sup- 

10 Jones J L Engraving Co 
12-14 National Electrotype 

Stereo Co 
1VA Thompklns Horace, prtr 
10 Eaton Wm H, pntr 

Moore ft Alexander, engrs 
Bartlett Wm. shade mnfr 
IB Paton J W. nnints 
20 Saunders H ft A. Iwlrs 
Davis Dental Mfg Co 
Macdonald Wm C, tlr 
22 Jones ft Moore Electric 
Co, motors, dynamos, 
24 Vacant 

26-28 Saturday Night Bldg 
Shepnard Pub Co L»d 
Toronto Saturday Night 
Star Printing & Publish- 
ing Co 
The Evening Star 
The Weekly Sun 
Elliott Wm J. harr 
United States Consulate 
Sewell Wm L, consul 
Christian Messenger 
Montreal Gazette 
Martin Wm T. agt 
Liquor Journal & Hotel 

Gold Coin Mining Co of 

Ont Ltd 
Sentinel Ptg Co 
The Sentinel 
Bicycle Mfrs Assn 
Howell Rook Co, books, etc 
Grip Printing ft Pub Co 
Sun Printing Co 
Canadian Cigar and To- 
bacco Journal 

Gagnler Harold T. publr 
Money ft Risks Ptg ft Pub 

30 Fountain Wm. tailor 

Clothes Pressing Co Ltd 
32 Tunstead John, hatter 
34 Johnston W S ft Co. prtrs 
Independent Oddfellow 
Cohen Bros, opticians 
Collins G M. real est 
Bryan ft Bedingfield, pub- 

Zock J J ft Co, mnfg Jwlrs 
Dominion Distributing Co 
36 Gibson S R. confr 
38-42 Dom Paper Box Co 
40-42 Toronto Electrical Wks 
Co Ltd 

42 Mltehener J G ft Co, man- 

Challenger Leather Goods 
Co Ltd 

44 Hubbard C H. dental gds 
40 Purdy. Mansell ft Co, 
Standard Fashion Co, pa- 
per patterns 
The -Deslener 
48 Douglas Bros, prtrs 
50 Barker Wlnsor Co Ltd, 

52 Lyons ft Marks, hdware 

54 Brnsh ft Co. corsets 
56 Miller C ft Co, prtrs 
58 Metcalfe F A. nntr 
GO Stewart W T & Co, roof- 

Grant A ft Co. eontrs 

Bay st Intersects 
G2 Side entrance 

Vacant lots 
72 Vokes John, cut stone 
74-76 Vacant 

78 Matthews Asa, gal Iron 

80 Morrison ft McDerinott, 

S2 Vacant 

84 Maguire Bros, builders' 
Credit Forks Mining ft 
Mfg Co 
86 Jackson Henry 
88 Vennor Alfred H 
90 Vacant 

92 Toronto Show Case Co 
94 McLachlan Electric ft 
Gasoline Motor Co Ltd 
Bull Wm J. patternmkr 

Sheppard st commences 
Vacant lot 
102 8 Wells A G Mfg Co, sus- 
pensory bandages 
Joselln J S. patternmkr 
Crossin E ft Co. piano 

mnf rs 
Dominion Rung Co 
Young James D, carp 
104 Smith W P ft Co, wood 

106 Toronto Show Case Co 
108 B'anfleld W H ft Sons, 

110 Bicet J. contr 

Ames Walter, dlemkr 
Mendelssohn Piano Co 
Can Peat Fuel Co (inach 

Heys Thomas ft Son, 
112 Myers Israel 
114 Jenkins John 
116 O'Leary Patrick 
j 118 Harris Harris H 
120 Fletcher Dennis, plstr 
122 Vacant 

124 Douglas Bros, roofers 
126 Hlng Quong, laundry 
128 Jones Richard, tailor 
Store, s e 

York st Intersects 
Store, s e 
132%. Meredith Mrs Margt 

134 Jacobs Albert 

136 Phillips A E, bicycle liv- 

135 French Mrs Mary 
Vacant lots 

142 Feder Louis 

140 Kerr John 
148 Vacant 

150 Peaker Mrs Susannah 
152 McGafnn James W 

Mack J W. vocalist 
156 Antlpitzky Mrs Clara, junk 
162-166 Toronto Hat Mfg Co 
164 Boeckh Bros ft Co. brush 

and broom mfrs 
108 Vacant 
170 Cale Miss Maggie 
172 Vlekers Mrs C M 

Private grounds 
ISO McGregor Archibald, bdg 
182 Vacant * 
184 Fawcett Miss M A. bdg 
186 Flelschmann ft Co. yeast 

Electine Medicine Co, pro 

188 Nuttall Edward, gro 
190 Sherrin James, tlr 
Hotel, a e 

Simeoe st Intersects 

194 McCulley James 

196 Kent Joseph 

198 Archibald Mrs Drusllla 
Beatty John, cabs . 

200 Brlggs Mrs Annie 

202 O'Leary Michael 

204 Dawson Alice 

206 Hunter Thomas M 

208 Carr Emily J 

210 Young Hiram 

212 Potter George 

214 Duff Miss A M. bdg 

216 Sumner Mrs Mary, bdg 

218 Robson Wm H 

218V4 Cross Wm G 

220 Smith Wm 

222 Zetter Mrs Caroline R 

224 Campltn Richard 

226 Camplin Isaac 

O'Keefe Miss Maggie, 

228 Jackson Peter 

230 Case George D 

232 Cooper Louis, optician 

234 Robinson Esther 

236 Kirby James 

238 Armstrong Geo, bailiff 

240 Johnston Mrs Jane 

242 Puddy Mrs Thlrza. gro 
Duncan st commences 

244 Downs Patrick 

246 Farley Mrs Nettie 

248 Burkardt Peter 

250 Robertson Alexander 

252 Millward Wm 

254 Charbott Mrs Minnie 

256-8 Brown Thomas W, car- 
riage mkr 

260 McCarty James 

202 Howard Mrs Flora 

264 Hamilton Mrs A 

260 Matthews Mrs Isabella 

20§ Dovle Mrs Mary A 

270 Bill Robert A. nntr 

272 Tepler Wm H, ohy 

John st intersects 
Store, s e 
2S0 McDonald Lauchle, shoe- 

282 Chung Lee, laundry 
2S4 Gilchriese Albert. E 
286-88 Kerr James, blksmith 
290 Gallagher Mrs Marr 

Roberts Mrs Annie, r 

Maxwell Wm, r 
292 Scott Abraham 

Camnton Genree T, r 
294 Lester Mrs Marie 

Private grounds 
300 Moore Isaac 
302 O'Grady John A 
304 McGuire Mrs Marv 
306 Gillespie George 
308 Levi Moses 
310 Cass Mrs Hannah 

WIdmer st intersects 
312 Tobln Mrs Margaret 
314 Cunningham Wm H 
316 Munn Robert 
318 Henderson Thomas 
320 Brunet Peter 
322 Wright George 
324 Montone Louis 
326 Bertl Lonls A 

Drummond ol commences 
328 Mollen John 


15 Adelaide E. 'Ph,one 2251 J. J. SEITZ, tyanager. 




86 Adelaide West. 







Murphy Win 
Kenmare Robert 
Mitchell E W 
Hawkins George 
Coffey Mrs Mary 
Moran Wm, bldr 
Moran Mrs A. drsmkr 

Peter st intersects 
Meade Mrs Emma, hdg 
Private grounds 
Wilby Wm G, bldr 
Love Win H 
Free John F, r 
Craig Wm, r 
Muirhead Frank, r 
Troyer Jacob 
Parrett Mrs Isabella 
Moore John K 
Ross James F 
Rule Wru 
Clegg Thomas 
Barker Mrs Sarah J 
Fryer Robert 
Shelter Noah 
Watson Wm 
Murphy Wm 
Playter Thomas H 
Warner Christopher 

Orpen Abram M 
Dluwoodle Mrs Ellen 
Usher Mrs Elizabeth 
T'sher Miss M, drsmkr 
Richardson Jaines 
Store, s e 

Spadina av interests 
390 Vacant store 
394 Mitchell Henry 
396 Bakewell Wm H 
398 Hermann Charles 
400 Morris Sidney 
402 Murphv Thomas 
404 Can- Wm J 
400 Spilsbury Cornelius 
408 Latimer James 
410 Urquhart Alexander R 
4)2 White Mrs Emily 
414 MacLeay Roderick D 
418 Meadows Harrv 
420 Hall Philip H 
422-2-i Walker E C & Song, 

hat mfrs 
420 Cowan James 
428 Meadows Isaac 
430 Cozens Joseph G 
432 Maiming Jofip M 

Vacant lot 
440 Durand Mrs Mary 
442 Ferguson Mrs Bridget 

Store, a e 

Brant st Intersects 

St Andrew's sq 

Maud st commences 

Vacant lot 
490 Whelan John 
402 Weale Mrs M. confy 
494 Rainsbottom Richard 
496 Vacant 
498 Riddell Wm 
500 Vacant 

502 Wade Martin, liquors 

Portland st Intersects 
504 Firman Mrs S A, gro 
506 Taylor John 
DOS Woodward Richard 
510 Brennan John, hse trnr 
512 Howe Wm A 
514 Rosenberg Philip 
516 MeClymont Wm 

Yule Miss Janet, nurse 
518 McDonald Edward 
520 Clementson George 
522 Finlay Armand 
524 Gibson Mrs Mary 

Seoales Matthew, r 
520 Hendry Edwin A 
526U Hanson Thomas 
528 'Mains Archibald 
530 Stoneham Joseph D 
532 Gibson Jamos B 
534 Martin Alexander S 
536 Wchrle Frank 
538 Moore Mrs Anastasla 
5-10 Wad.- Martin 

Clarke Wm. builder, r 
542 Howard Wm 
544 Roe Charles 
540 Pale Wm R 

548 Fraser Robert 

550 Clarke Mrs Catherine 

Clarke John P, bldr 
552 McLaughlin James 
554 Huggard John 
556 Ferry Mrs Annie 

House, s e 

South Side 

1 Store, s e 

Grand Opera la commences 
H1H E C &Co, bicycle Hv- 

Lyon Mfg Co, typewriters 
9M> Curran Wm, hatter 
Thompson George, barb 
lirown Mrs Isabella 
11 Grand Opera House 
13-15 Grand Opera Hotel 

Johnston st ends 

17-19 Worden House 

21 Booth G & Son, putrs 

23 Vacant 

•J.'j'-j Ward James, confy 
25-27 Toronto Opera House 

Petty Frederick, caretkr 
29 Rogers Alex, cigars 
29V4 Fell I C & Co, stencils 
Dominion Watch Case Re- 
pairing Co 
31 Jones Bros & Co, cutlrs 
33 Parker George, printer 
35 McLaren H & Son, dental 

37 Anglo-American News Ag- 

39 Honevford H, bicycle rept 
43 Derrick M R, blacksmith 
Hotel, s e 

Bay st intersects 

Hotel, s e 
53-59 Smith W stables 
Watson Isaac, horse dlr 
Grand's Repository, sale 

61-05 Sanderson Pearcy & Co, 

paints, oils and glass 
07 Parisian Steam Laundry 
Crowley & Loekwood, pic- 

ture frames 
Anderson & Co, picture 

Shepard Bros ft Co, prtrs 
73 Wilson Pub Co 
Truth The (weekly) 
Ladies' Journal (monthly) 
Canada Jewellery Case Co 
Sentinel Job Print 
Davis Bernard, tlr 
Williams J S, printer 
National Lithograph Co 
Imperial Paper Box Co 
Flock H M & Co, brass 

Toronto Shirt & Overall 

Love R B, clothing contr 
Levy Henry.elolhing contr 
Troman Harry, clothing 

Robson W H, clothing 

77 Pendrith G T & Co, maeh 
81 Membery E, electro plater 
87 Munro Wm & Son, bldrs 
89-97 American Copper Co 
Morrison James, Brass 

Mfg Co 
MasMntor W ft Co. plnibrl 
99 Dorrien Plating & Mnfg 

Enterprise Mfg Co, hard- 
ware specialties 
101 Wyness Plating Co 

Martin Geo, wire gds 
10m Hughes & Jones, hats 
103-109 Owen Frank, bamboo 

Brass & Steel Engraving 

Gorrle G T. show cards 
109% Toronto Machine Screw 

Firth Joseph, cutler 
MacDonald Mfg Co, fac- 

lit Coatev A E. piano string 

Anderson R ft Co, machs 

Standard Piano Co 

Merchants' Counter Check 
Book Co Ltd 
115117 Maguire T M & Son, 
ma one 

Vacant lot 
125 Cwlleran J J, horseshr 

Jennings Jas, brass fndr 
127 Marks Harris 
129 Wilks Harris 
131 ltotkin Benjamin 
133-135 Hotel, s e 

York st intersects 
Store, s e 

138 Vacant 

141 Mete Mandel 

143 Leather Mrs Mary 

145 Hellam Thomas 
Hellam Herbert 

147 Ferris Robert 

119 Mclnmis Neal M 

155 Palmer Mrs Mary 

157 Framingham Henry 
Taggart Mrs Clara, r 
Duranit Benjamin, r 
Heeney Mrs Ellen, r 
Boyle Henry, r 

159 Sweezey S S, gro 

101 Davis Mrs Matilda 

163 Hanford John 

165-69 Brown S. carriages 

171 Robertson David D 

173 Samuels Solomon 

175 Clayman Moses 

177 Pollon Harris 
Bernstein Harris 

181 Crane George 

183 Woods Archibald 

185 Green Jacob 

1S7 LIsgrove Mark 

189 Coots Joseph 

191 Coots Simon 

193 Pollakoff Bernard 

195 Graham Wm A 

199 Strathy Building 
Fraser Alexander 
Francis Charles H 
Carpenter Mrs Minnie 
Humphrey James 
P.arr Patrick F 
Woodhouse Harry E 
Pennylrgion Charles 
Seaver Francis J R 
Forrester Jaines 
Webber Edwin 
MoXeilledgc Rapelje 
Eaton O E 

McConachy Mrs Sarah 
Wlnkleman George 
Townley Mrs E. caretkr 

Simcoe st Intersects 

House, s e 

Rear entrances 
223 Rogerson Charles 

Old II C College, r e 
231-237 Dawson Milling Co. 

flour mill 
239 Ormerod Fletcher 

Old College grounds 

John st Intersects 

House, s e 
295 Bates Jas C 
297 Graham Mrs Fannie 
299 Taylor Mrs Isabella 
301 House, s e 
303 Headman M F, gro 

Widmer st Intersects 

Office, s e 
313 Tooker Wm H 
315 McLean Nell 

327 Long Wm 

Teter st -intersects 

House, s e 
331 Ward Charles, gro 
333 Sneddon Wesley, flour 
335 McNabb Mrs Mlllicent 

Munro Mrs Janet, r 

MeGraw Joseph, r 

Larmer Lewis, r 

Scatter James, r 
337 Feldstein Samuel 
339 Roberts Thomas 

341 Walsh Robert II 

Vacant lots 

Charlotte st ends 

House, s e 
.151 Harding Robt B 
355 Morrison Robert C 
357 Charlton Mrs Mary A 
359 Potter Wm 

Potter Miss L, mus tchr 
363 Phelps Frank H 
305 Coutie Andrew 


307 Little Thomas H. phy 

Spadina av intersects 
Hotel, s e 
371 Tavlor Mrs Margaret 
373 Twible Robert 
375 Keech Fred W 
377 Thompson Jaines H 
379 Vacant 

381 Cronln Bartholomew J 
383 Lindsay James C 
385 McGirr Edward 
387 Trudelle Hercules 
389 Parent Amahle 
391 Mattery John 
393-97 Vacant (3) 
399 Crottie Mrs Ann 
401 Smyth Hugh 
403 WyHe Wm 

421 Maloney Michael 
423 Cain Thomas 
425 Lvng James 
427 Duff John 
429 Hay John, grocer 

Brant st intersect! 

Public School 
439 Edwards Richard 
441 McDonald Mrs Eliza 
443 McVlcar Dugald 

Morrison st ends 

445 Guy Wm J 
477-453 Vacant (4) 

459 Gingras Telesphore 
461 Miine Wm 

Norihey Mrs Louisa, r 

Enrigbt Joseph, r 

Watts John, r 

Tavlor Peter J. r 
463 McQuillan Harry 
41;.". Dougherty Mrs Mary 
467 Blnnie Wm. grocer 

Hiekev Mrs Ann, r 
409 Blnnie Wm jr, dairy 
473 MeCullv George 

Casev Michael 
475 Long Howard 
477 Richards Arthur 

Ouinliven Daniel, r 
479-81 Crawford Mrs Susan 

Portland st Intersects 

483 Kane John 

487 Amsbery Francis 
Vacant lots 

497 Gregg Henrv 

199 Marvvn Felix 

501 Bather Jaines 
Bryers John, r 
Loach Francis A, r 

503 Hnaklngs George 

505 Sloe Richard 

507 Donovan Patrick 

509 Kirk Wm 

511 Conway John P 

Adelaide pi commences 
521 Jamieson John 
525 McClean Wm J 
527 Lvneh Dennin 
529 L0112 Frederick 
531 Connor Michael 
533 McMahon T F, MD 

ADELAIDE PL, s from 811 
Adelaide w. Ward 4. 

East Side < 

1 Murphv Patrick 
3 Champion Charles T B 
5 Kennedv Henry M 
7 Champion Alfred H B> 
9 Walkinsbaw Wm 
11 Williamson Edwin H Q 
House, s e 

W. & E. A. BADEN ACH, 




OF ENGLAND, A.D. 1714. 

H O'HARA&GO brokers and financial agents 

W I r\ II 11 \A wWi 24 _ TOEONTO ST. 




West Side 

Lumber yard 

ADMIRAL ROAD, n from opp 
Tl Lowther av to Bernajjl 
av, ward 4 . 

Bast Side 

Vacant lots 
9 Jnckes Mrs Polly 

11 Clark Rol>ert S 

13 Bastedo Samuel T 

15 Ince Wm Jr 

17 Clarke C H Stanley 
19 Lloyd Benjamin 

Vacant lots 
25 Wlllmott Arthur B 

Vacant lots 

61 Swabey Charles 

63 Rolph Frank A 
House, a e 

West Side 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

12 Simpson Ernest A 

14 Vacant 

16 Price James 
Vacant lot 

28 Hall Thomas II 

Vacant lots 
46 Jones Col Charles S 
48 Barnett Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
58 Apted Wm n 
60 O'Hara Wm J 

62 Robertson Rev James 

64 Rayh-y Wm B 
66 Bally William 

Vacant lot 
72 Johnston Mrs Amelia 
74 Page Charles J 
76 Duggan Edmund H 

AFTON AV. w from 21fi LIs- 
gar to Northcote av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Macdonnld John 
4 Jones J Wesley 
Vacant lots 
12 Dollery Mrs E. fey gds 
14 Tout George P. ero 

Llssar st recommences 

16 Taterson George 
18 Sutton Edward 
20 Reid David V 
22 Ballantyne Robert 
24 Tlale Thomas J 
26 Couzens Charles " 
28 Moffatt Charles L 
SO Brldel Francis B 
82 Fisher John L 
S4 Milne Wm G 
36 Saunders George A 
24 Male Thomas J 
40 Emerson Frederick 
42 Purves Ernest L 
44 Callander Mrs Katherlne 
46 Nolan Harry J 
48 Sparling W H 
80 Jessop Walter O 
62 Praser PhiHn 
Beaconsfleld av intersects 

56 Snider Nelson 

58 Nye Wm 

Private grounds 

68 Taylor Neil 

70 Westwood S S 

72 Stephens Robert 

74 Taylor Arehiha'd 

South Side 

1 WItmer A M. gro 
3 Van Fleet Wm 
5 Robertson Thomas 
7 Brrant Frederick 
9 Glover Adam M 
11 Pollard Richard F 
13 Hamilton George 
15 McCurdy James 
17 Robertson Lewis 
19 Gillespie Wm 
21 Watson James A 
23 Nlchol James 
25 Gilliam John H 
27 Swanton Wm J 

29 Harris John W 
31 Breen Robert 

Vacant lot 
Beaeonsneld av intersects 

Store, s e 
39 Atkinson Henry 
41 Fawcett John 
43 Rutherford Thomas 
45 Rut ledge Robert 
47 Hoyer Marcus 
49 Kent Wm 
51 Baldwin S D 
53 Blackinore George 
55 Scaliey Mrs Catherine 
61 Kingdom James 

Store, s e 

Northcote av ends 

House, s e 

AGNES, w from 302 Yom 
University, ward 3 

North Side 

2 Barker A F 
Williamson Robert 11 
8 Blake Wm 
10 Dear George C 
12 Wadsworth Mrs S E 
Albert Hiram F« r 
Taylor John L, t 
Love David, r 

14 Thompson Fr i-Jk 
16 Doyle Mrs Ellen 

Ward Miss Susan, r 
McCallum George, r 

15 Culbert Mrs Catherine 
Taylor Walter 

20 Adamson John G 

22 liiggs Abana H 

24 Nitholls Herhert L 

20 Muirhead James A 

28 Haire Mrs Annie 

30 Atkinson Ro*er H 

32 Palmer Richard 

34 Pritchett George, paper 

36 Jacobs George 
38 Metcalfe James H 
40 Harris Wm, express 
42-4 Brown Mrs Eliza 
46 Atley Wm 
48 Atley Mrs Mary A 
30 Saunders Albert E 

Martin Mrs Eliza 
52 Morris Miss Sarah 

Doughty Mrs Susan, r 
54 Satterley John 

Fhlllips Obadlab, r 

Smith Wm, r 
56 Goldstein Wm 

Methodist Church 

Teraulay st Intersects 
64 Levack S A. btchr 
66 Owen George D 

Owen Mrs Jane, gro 
68 Lunev Mrs Margaret 
70 Stacey Mrs Matilda 
72 Nesbitt James, dairy 

74 S A Home for Working 

76 Moore Alexander, exp 

75 Patterson John 
80 Pope George 

Stewart Thomas, r 
82 Swain Albert 
84 Tnrvey Joseoh 
86 Gallaher Richard 
92-4 Harrington E, stoves 

Elizabeth st intersects 

96-8 Star Hotel 
100 Vacant 
102 Vacant 

104 McConnell Mrs E, gro 
106 Drake Wm 
108 Harrison Robert 
110 English Mrs Rachel 
112 Conder Mrs M. grocer 

Conder T H 

Mason John 

Chestnut st intersects 

114 O'Reilly James 
116 Cadesky Charles 
118 Dillon Frank 
120 Whitley Miss Mary 
122 Harrington Mrs Eliz 
124 Sullivan James 
\2X Granatstein Mendel. 

130 Page Mrs Ellen 
132 Jeffers Wm 
134 Martin Miss K J 
136 Brody Moses 

Brody Mrs Sarah, gro 
Centre av intersects 
138-40 Walker Mrs M C. gro 
142 Mumford Bros, btchrs 
144 White Albert 
146 Breckell Wm 
148 Vacant 
130 Vacant 

156 McKague James W, coal 

South Side 

Store, s e 
5-11 Unfinished factory 
13 Marko Joseoh 

Butt H J W. wagonmkr, r 
Van Wyck R A, blksmith, 

15 Graham Robert 
15U Devlin Patrick 
Thompson Fred 
17 Moran Thomas 
17% Whittaker John 
19 Luccaro Guiseppe 
21 Fanelli Joseoh 
23 Davis Miss Frances 
25 Halfhead E B L 
27 Oldham Samuel, exn 
29-31 Hunter W J, carriages 
31 Gooder Garnet 
35 D'Alesandro D Co. mus 

37 Bertram Wm 
39 Glockling Robert 
41 Atley James 
43 Henderson James 
45 Muckle Mrs Julia 
47 Uawlin Frank 
49 O'Byrne Geor«e 

Ashton James 
51 Hales Henry G 
53 Jackson Mrs Martha 
55 Thomas John H 
57-9 Police Station No 2 
61 Thompson Lewis 

Glionna J B. mus tehr 
63 Miller Miss L M 

Teraulay st luterseets 
65 Ooates Mrs A, sec hd gds 
67 Scarlett George 

69 Hider Wm G 

71 Cranfield Charles 

73 Graham Wm S 

75 Schwartz Samuel 

77 Reynolds Robert 

79 Haskin Louis B 

81 Thomas Wm 

83 Cullen Miss M. gro 
Custaloe John, r 

85 Aitchison Wm H 

87 Livingstone Mrs Annie 

89 Stewart John 

91 Vacant 

93 Vacant 

93 Clegg Joseoh 

07 Keyfetz Natban 

Elizabeth st intersects 
House, s e 

Chestnut st intersects 

107 Somers Charles 
109 Metzger Wm 
111 Perkins Michael H 
113 Wilis Robert 
115 Jewhurst Mrs Marv 
117 Fortune James 
119 Abbott James 
121 Frilech Samuel 
123 Brody Sigmund 
House, s e 

Centre av intersects 
127 Tinsley Alfred 
129 Downey Alonzo J 
133 White George 
135 Campbell James 
137 Tarker Miss Sarah 
139 Pothier Mrs Sophia 

ALBANY AV. n from Bloor, 
first e of Bathurst, ward 4. 


East Side 

Vacant lots 
53 Barrett Frederick A 
57 White Alfred 
59 Porter Frederick D 

61 Jones Mrs Georglna S 
63 Brown Mrs Caroline A 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
46 Mollard John T 
48 Hanson George F 
50 Pope Mrs Delia 
52 Brown Mrs Ann 

Vacant lots 

Barton av intersects 

Vacant lots 
134 Parmlev Henry 
130 Harris Chiistnpber G 

Wells st intersects 

House, s e 
160 Sues Adolpbe 
162 Edgar Miss Margaret 
164 Evis Alfred 
106 Griersou James F 
168 Jarrett Edwin 
170 Prior Richard 
172 Browne Frederick It 
174 Ledger Walter 

Vacant lots 
194 Ward George 
196 McCoy Rev Joseph 
198 Raiird Henry 
200 Roe Wm 
202 Parry John J 
204 Carmoody Mrs Matilda 
208 Gilkiuson Mrs Alice A 


Vacant tots 
222 Stothers George 
224 Kennedy Joseph II 
226 Nickleson E John 
228 Martin Wm G 

Vacant lots to end 

ALBERT, w from 218 Yoiige 
to Chestnut, ward 3 . 

North Side 

Store, s e 
4 Culbert E E, dentist 

Banes John H 
6-8 Workshop 

Albert lane commences 

16-24 S A Temple 
S A Printing House 
Young Soldier (weekly) 
War Cry Official Gazette 
All the World (monthly) 

18 Liddle James, caretkr 

James st intersects 

26 Pearce Benjamin W 

28 Parkinson George 

30 Graham Wm 

32 Calesttiui Gaetano 

34 Croley Mrs M, Indry 

36 Gamble Joshua 

38 Wilson Mrs Margaret 

40 Ritchie W J, express 

42 Wright Frederick F. 

44 Bruce John 

46 Baker John 

48 Collinson Harry 'I 

50 Hunter Wm H 

54 Croucher Thomas 

58 Vacant 

Teraulay st iniers.cts 

60 Hill Wm 

66 Niedrauer Thos A 

Barnard Frederick, r 

Gray Samuel, r 
68 Pritehard John J 


" 6 Adelaide St. E. "Phones 6 and 104 

Cear&lillmg Cutters, 



Scales and Valves. 



Head Office, - Toronto. 

J. K. MAC DONALD, Managing Director. 

W. C. MAC DONALD, Actuary. 

88 Albert. 


70 Wilkinson Frederick 
72 Pollard Henry 

Pollard Mrs L, bdg 
76 Wheeler Thomas F 
78 Kelly Charles 
80 Vacant shop 
82 O'Reilly Win, blksmth 
84 Stephenson Mrs Mary F. 
90 Grossl Oliver 

Elizabeth st intersects 
9G Spath Frederick J 
92-94 Simmons Charles, turn- 
98 Lang Wm 
100 Hill Harry 

102 Ferris John F, 
104 Turley Wm J 

106 Halpern Isaac, btehr 

South Side 

Store, s e 
7 Gudsbv Frederick W 
9 Lambert J W 
11-13 Munyon's Homeopathic 

Home Remedy Co 
15-19 Store, r e 
21 Collins George, rest 
23 Store, r e 

James st intersects 
Court House, r e 

Teraulay st intersects 

Store, s e 
53 Johnson Mrs Emma 
55 Gallagher Robt J 
59 Crowe Martin 

Vacant lots 

O'Donnell M J. carriages 
House, s e 
"Elizabeth st intersects 

103 Hillock Frank, lumber 

ALBERT AV. n from s of 
Paton lo city limits, first w 
ot Lansdowne av, ward fi. 

East Side 

31 Thompson Thomas 

West Side 

Xot built ou 

ALBERT LANE, runs n from 
8 Albert to Alice, first w of 
Yonge, ward 3. 

ALEXANDER, o from 493 
Yonge to McMillan, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 
• i Christian Science Assn 

Kilby Miss L, shorthand 

Second Church of Christ 

10 Daly John J 
14 McClelland Samuel 
16 Boake Mrs Annie, nurse 
18 Mortley Randolph S 
20 Jackson JoseDh 
22 Clifton Mrs Sarah 
24 Weston Mrs Jane 
20 Hartwell Mrs Isabella 
28 Brown John W 
30 Skinner Alfred E 
32 Hall Mrs Elizabeth 
34 Bell David 
36 Glover Lewis 
88 Magson Christopher II 

Brivate grounds 
41 Mldgley Mrs Mary A 
46 Hay ward E R B 
48 Lowry Robert A 
50 Keffer Thomas D. nhy 
52 Robertson Mrs Anuie 
54 Priest Francis Tl 

Scott Mrs A, nurse 
50 Willcox Mrs C S, bdg 
58 Jury Alfred B. mus tchr 

Jury Mrs A E. mus tchr 
CO Graham Mrs Helen 
02 Mitchell Mrs Emma 
64 Mason Percival L 
66 Falrty Josenh J 
68 Conger Rodger D 
72 House, s e 

Church st intersects 
House, s e 
88 Rymal Marshall P, 

Gould Miss K, drsmkr 
90 Garrison Charles J, bdg 
Boyd Miss F M L, mus 

A lane 
92 Costeljo Mrs L E 
Reid Wm H. r 

94 Everist Alfred H 
96 Edmonds Albert J 

95 Steward Mrs J C 
Private grounds 

108 Little Harrison II 
Playter E, phy 

South Side 

Hotel, s e 

7 Cronin John 

9 Gibson Mrs Eliza, bdg 
11 Duke Henry 
13 Thomas Greeuwood 
15 Thomas Francis M 
17 Jackson Frank W, bldr 
19 Crysler J II, nntr 
21 Switzer Mrs M. bdg 
23 Stoddart Mrs Mary J 

Private grounds 
27 Fawceft Michael 
29 Turk Rev Geo R 
31-39 Toronto Church Sch 
41 Hastings Markland 
43 Wood John 
45 Kester James 
47 Passmore Miss Maria L 
49 Coleman Arthur, bldr 
51 Saunders Mrs E 

58 Miller Mrs A A 
55 Thornton E. carp 
57 Pirn George 

59 flanna Mrs Mary 
61 Bonter C R 

63 Braybon Walter X 
G5 Alien Josenh W 
House, s e 

Church st intersects 



School, s e 
Lyle Wm H 
Allen Miss Ellen 
Allen Miss S, drsmkr 
Jeffery Frank P 
Xord Mrs Sarah 
JefJerv Mrs Ellen 
.Toselin II W, bldr 
Hndely E -T 
Marston Wm P 
ITootp Wm R 

ALHAMBRA. a from Bou- 
stead av to Bloor w. first w 
of Dundas, ward 6. 

Easit Side 

Byrnell George C 
West Side 

Xot built on 

ALICE, w from 2S0 'Yonge to 
Teraulay. ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Hugill Joseph, violin mkr 
il Avery Thomas, blksmith 

Naplev Felix, r 
8 Vacant 
10 12 Rudil Geo A & Co, har- 
ness mfrs 
Ackerman G L 

14 Gray Edwin 

10 Leavens Hiram II 

15 Avery Thomas 
Davis Mrs Sarah M, r 

20 Buie John 

Bule Mrs M A, bdg 

22 Weir Mrs Frances 
Bell Horace, mus tchr 
Voqnon Frederic, mus tchr 

22% Shaw Wm J 

24 Watson Slingsbv 

20 Jackson Edward II 

28 Scott Mrs Jane G 

30 Blng Edward 

32 Robinson F R 

34 Burton Xeil McD 

36 Farley Wm J 

38 Willson Ferdinand C 

40 Hart Mrs Margaret 
Sheridan Wm r 

42 McLellan Malcolm J 
Ryan Mrs Sarah, r 

44 Lanigan Miss Annie 
Cullum Walter, r 

40 Cowan Richard II 
Erickson Mrs B, r 

45 Strong John 
Stone John, r 

50 Gamble Davfd 
Robertson James, r 

52 Smith Frederick M 

56 Goodman Adglhert 
Kaake Archibald, r 

58 I'inkerton Wm 
Matthews Alfred, r 

CO Lamont Mrs Agnes 
Doyle John, r 
Store, s e 

South Side .-. 

1 McGahe.v Robt J, dentist 
Anderson David 
Adams Alex W 
Horner Miss M, drsmkr 
Trlnear Miss Kate 
Kilby Mrs Sarah 
Wllkie Edward 
3 St John's Hall 

Albert lane ends 
5 Forsyth Alonzo, dairy 
7 Livingstone David G 
9 Anderson ,T I>, mus tchr 
11 Millar Wm 
13 Cuthhert John 
15 Dominion Show Case Co 
19 Crowley & Lockwood, 
Millar Wm & Co, show 

case mfrs 
Tweedie W, cabinetmaker 
Carroll Thos, wood wkr 
19-23 Cameron Mfg Co, key 
board mnfrs 
Queen City Chewing Gum 

& Otto Vending Co 
Smith J Hungerford Co, 
mfg chemists 
25 Hollowav Benjamin 
27 Smith Samuel E 
29 Lapierre Thomas 
31 Beckett Mrs Sarah 
33 Sebastian Joseph 
35 McDowell H E 
37 Day Charles E 
39 McKillop Duncan 

41 Holman Harry 

43 Millard Georee .V 
4.1 Maioney Martin J 
47 Vacant 

49 Honeywell John 

51 Christie Charles 

53 Leslie Mrs Susan 
55 Crow Mrs Ann 

57 "Wilson Mrs Sarah 

59 Meyerhnffer Julius A 

Downey lane ends 
67 Bradley John J 

ALLEX AV. e from 263 
Broadview av to Bolton av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Scott Mrs Margaret 
10 Scott Joseph 
12 Matthews A, potatoes 

Vacant lots 
16 Buckler Albert E 
18 Brines Robert 
20 Young James A 
22 Tatton Joseph 
24 Foden David 
26 Cassldy Frank J 

Private grounds 
32 Robinson George, contr 
84 Philcox James 
36 Macdonald John- A 
38 Dixon Wm ,1r 
40 Thompson David 
42 Constable Charles R 
44 Good Joseph 
46 Ferry John 
48 Ashbury Jackson 
50 Prettv James 
52 Chestnut Frederick C 
54 Talliot Edward C 

54% Taggart Thomas B 
56 Simons Andrew F 
58 Smith Edward J 
60 Parnal L George 
62 Townsend Charles F 
64 Stevens Walter 
66 Powell George 

68 McCartney Matthew 
70 Tice J Henry 

72 Constable Mrs Sarah 
Fire Hall, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

7 Bedley Henry 

9 White Wm T 
11 Tumalty John 
13 Bedley Emanuel 
15 Chandler George A 
17 Dancy Henry A 
19 Atchison Wm 
21 Brodie John H 
23 Coulter Frederick 
25 Miller John S 
27 Heffering John 
31 Brooks James 
33 Death George 
37 Glover R. express 
39 Chown Thomas E 
41 Xorris Daniel 
43 Collett Charles R 
45 Holden John 
47 Stolliker John E 
49 Grelg Wm 
51 Greig Charles E 
53 Howell Bryce 

Vacant lot 
03 Wales Mrs Agnes 
or. Hawker Thomas W 
07 Smith John F 

69 Gorton Mrs Charlotte 

73 Prest Max 

77 Dolson George 
79 Brough John G 
81 Barriball Alfred 
83 Devonshire Alfred J 

ALMA AV. w from 78 Glad- 
stone av, to Dufferln, ward 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

8 Johnston Thomas 
10 Russell John 
12 Hurst Walter J 
14 Winters Emery O 
16 Stevenson Robert 
18 Radey Michael J 
20 Greenwood James 
22 Hicks Mrs Annie 
24 Lillie James 
26 Muldoon James 
28 Eagleson Thomas S 
30 Algate Mrs Eliza 
32 Lea Thomas 

South Side 

Store, s e 

7 Huber Conrad 

9 Hawkins Henry 
11 Henry George 
13 Crlffeth Eli 

Wilkin Miss L, drsmkr 
15 Abbott Joseph 
17 White Robert S 
19 Collins John 
21 Crosson Jacob 
23 Mclvor Wm 
25 Gray Wm G 
27 Leber Thomas 
29 Gray Wm 
31 Carter Bros, gros 
Carter Norman 

ALPHA AV. w from head of 
Sackville, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Chinn Meshack 
4 McComb George W 
6 Tu tt George H 
8 Pettlgrew Wm 
10 Goss Mrs Jessie E 
12 Couch Wm 
14 Maltman C W 
16 Maclea Mrs Annie 
18 McGlade David S 

Sherman E. Townsend 

Publie Aeeountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 








Argy.e. 69 

South Side 

1 Clewes Wm 

8 Alderdice John 
5 Fitzpatrick Wm 
7 Knight John II 

9 Carley Mrs Elizabeth 
11 Daniel Edwin 

13 Wilson James W 
15 Potter Harriet 
17 King Charles 

AMELIA, e from opp 562 
Parliament to Don river, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, 8 e 
12 Flint Ralph 
14 Muirhead James 
16 Mulkins Wm H 
18 Monagban John 
20 Gaden George W 
22 Long Albert E 
28 Yexley Sutton 
30 Smart Ell 

Private grounds 
86 McMillan Evan D 
38 O'Brien John J 
40 Mcintosh Mrs Ann 

Vicars E J S 
42 Vacant 

48 Shawcross Albert 
50 Collard Walter O 
52 Muirhead Daniel 
54 Arbuthnot Thomas 
56 Allen Wm 

Allen Mrs M R. drsmkr 
58 Patterson George A 
62 Hedges Benjamin 
64 Fraser Andrew 
66 Pearce Wm 
68 Coker John T 
70 Cullen Henry 
72 Lepper Frederick H 
74 Rouse Israel G 
76 Dean Edward T 

Sackvllle st Intersects 
78 Cranfleld E S. drugs 
80 Robeson John H 
82 Gibson Mrs Elizabeh 
84 Wilson Wm J C 
86 Smith Henry W 
88 Bird Edmund J 
90 Duffv Frederick C 
92 Lewis Walter F 
94 Somers Frank 

Private grounds 
100 Foget Herman H W 
102 Mitchell Mrs Maria 

Mitchell Miss L. mus tchr 
104 Dowdell George C 
106 Cooper Charles R 
108 McPherson Allan 
110 Ashenhurst Alexander 
112 Fortner C H C 
114 Goss Henry A 
116 Bilby Wm 
120 Caldwell John R 
124 Macklln John 
126 Elford Wm H 
128 Hannah James E 
130 Knowlton Joseph 
132 Gorrie James 
134 Beck Thomas W 
136 Green Joseph 
138 Dixon Charles R 
140 Scott Francis G 
142 Scott Francis G 
144 Baker Albert 
146 Era John 
148 Brown Mrs Catharine 
152 Vacant 

Sumach intersects 

Vacant lots 
154 Hutton John W 
156 O'Donohue John J 
158 Wright Thomas 
160 Lewis Samuel M 
162 Fleming Joseph 

South Side 

Wood yard, s e 
9 Rnssell Mrs Esther E 
11 Corrigan Richard 
13 Avmong Rock A 
15 Sears Jeremiah 
17 Nusrent Wm J k 
19 Chandler Albert E 
Private grounds 

Metcalfe st ends 
House, s e 
35 Stephenson John E 
37 Lee Alfred H 
39 Thomas Philip J 
41 Ward Wm E 
43 Martin Frederick 
45 Stiles Edwin F 
47 Busteed John J 

49 Post Charles W 

51 Hltchlnson Joseph S 
House, s e 

Sackvllle st Intersects 
Store, s e 

85 Speers Robert M 

87 Kahn Ferdinand L 

89 Cohen Jacob S 

91 Ibbotson Jarvls 

93 Hayball Robert F 

95 Minns George E 

97 Dack Frederick 

99 Rapkln Harry 
101 Lee Richard 
103 Gibson John 
105 Rowlatt Mrs Ada 
107 Campbell George F 
109 Price John F 
111 Senger Mrs Elizabeth A 
Seager Miss B, mus tchr 
113 Lucas John J 
115 Chevne William 
119 Harry Joseph 
121 Sutherland Christopher 
123 McDonald John 

127 Jones Mrs Elizabeth 

128 Wolfe Mrs M, grocer 
Wolfe Alfred E, baker 

133 Dewe George 
135 Anderson Mrs Jennie 
137 Gearon Edward 
139 Brock Thomas E 
141 Allen Mrs Margaret 
143 Mulligan James 

Sumach st Intersects 
Necropolis grounds 
164 Graham Samuel W 

Sherbourne n, first s of 

Maple av, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

3 Davles Mrs Emllle T P 
Davles Miss E L, mus tchr 

5 Henderson James 

ANDERSON, w from opp 113 
University av to McCaul, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Hargreaves John 

4 Green .Wm S 

6 Stokes Mrs Sarah 
8 Carr Maxwell 

10 Fournier Cagetan 

OfTlce, s e 
• Simcoe st Intersects 

Toronto B & M Co, s e 

Lumber yard 
28 Hygienic Carpet Cleaning 
William st intersects 

House, s e 
40 Sanderson Wm W 
42 Adauis Thomas 
44 Reade Thomas 
46 Lewis James 
48 Freeman Charles 
50 Summers Sebran 
52 Vacant 

Store, s e 

South Side 1 

3 Black Mrs Margaret B 
House, s e 

Simcoe st intersects 

House, s e 
21 Johnston Mrs Harriet 
23 Grogan Mrs Nellie 
25 Murphy Patrick 
27 Devine Frank, bkr 
29 Fogler Morris 

Store, s e 

William st Intersects 

Store, s e 
39 Snowdon Rev Wm H 
41 Kenny Wm 
43 Shouldice Samuel 
45 Brooksteln Sinai 
47 Douglas Walter S 
49 Shearns Mrs Hannah 

Shearns Thomas 
51 Mullalv Michael 
53 Gilford Mrs Elizabeth 
55 Tobln C James 
57 Colebran Thomas 
59 Barnard James C 

ANNE, e from 431 Tonge to 
Mutual, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Riggs James 

Methodist Church, r e 
24 Anderson Mrs R W, bdg 

Private grounds 
40 Robinson T E 
42 Dowswell Thomas 
42V4 Fitzpatrick John P 

Fitzpatrick Miss M.drsmk 
44 Emery Mrs Barbara 
46 Vanzant Ellas 
48 Dunning Charles A 
50 Robinson John 
52 Snell Oliver J 
54 Hewnrd Emmanuel W 
56 Vodden Robert 
58 Krieger Herman 
60 Climpson Mrs S J 
64 Hobbs Frederick 
66 McGllI Mrs Margaret 

72 Shapter Frank 
74 Roden George 
78 Sullivan Patrick 

House, s e 

Church st intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 
98 McSweeney Dennis 
100 Bnien Mrs Margaret 
102 Cruickshank Alex R 
106 Detcher Wm J 
108 Kenney John J 

Kenney J E, drsmkr 

Kennev M A, drsmkr 
110 Stewart Wm 
112 Grant John B 
114 Middleton John 
116 Ravson James A 
118 Stewart Mrs Helen 
129 Martin Alexander 

South Side 

Store, s e 

1 Schorl Elgin 

3 Buckingham & Boyle.reg- 
istrv office 

5 Deguerre Walter B 

7 Graves Wm J 

9 Martin Miss Lottie 
11 Good Harry J P 
13 Marks Ira 
15 Routledge Charles J 
17-19 Vacant 
21 McKeown Mrs Emma 
25Warden Mrs Elizabeth 
29 Partridge Wm G, pntr 
33 Bonner Joseph 
37 Brown H P 
39 Hodee Wm 
41 Gorrlll Louis E 
43 Norton Lester N 
47 Crotty Henry A 
49 Nealy Edward 
51 Bell John H 
53 Gillespie James 
55 Pierce Miss Fanny 
57 Tait Wm C 
59 English G Nelson 
61 Mlln Robert 
63 Sherlock Robert 
65 Vacant 

67 Hofland Sidney B 
71 Take Abraham 
73 Barry Jane 
75 Evans Mrs Helen 
77 Dovle Bernard J 
79 Stark John 
81 Ross Alex G 
Store, s e 

Church st Intersects 
Store, s e 

95 Dadson Mark 

97 Cox John H 

99 Rennle Alfred 
101 Trempe Mrs Jane 
103 Trott Albert J 
105 Rice Mayland A 
107 Wade Ralph 
107% Gilpin Richard 
109 Fraser James G 
111 Manning John 
113 Swaffleld Mrs Ann 
115 Beech Mrs Hannah 

Beech Agnes, drsmkr 
117 Wensley James C 
119 Madill Aaron 
121 Clawson Mrs Emma 

ARGTLE, w from 194 Shaw 
to Gladstone av, wards 5 
and 6. 

North Side 

2 Clayson Alfred 
4 Wiggins Nicholas 
6 Hewat Mrs Mary 
8 Austin George 
10 Gibson Frank L 
12 Curtis Edward J 
14 McElwain Samuel C 
16 Pickett Thomas 
18 MacCallum Archibald 
20 Morrison John 
22 Trowern Peter T 
26 Peterman Alfred ■ 
28 Clark John 
30 Peav Walter W 
32 Broad Wm H 

Givens st intersect* 
34 Bonsdale Charles 
36 Bedell George 
38 Bell Andrew R 
40 Steen Samuel 
42 Small Thomas 
44 Sangster A M 
46 Wray Thomas 
48 Bailey Joseph 
50 Hurst Joseph E 
52 Muckclston Mrs Annie 

Morgan Sirs Jane 
54 Kellv Charles 
58 Store, s e 

Dundas st intersects 

Store, s e 
60 Blcknell George A 
62 Waddell George D 
04 Smith Henry 
66 Burroughes James H 
68 Klngdon Arthur H 
H\ Mot orkrie John A 
72 Frince Herbert 
74 Armstrong Samuel 
76 Holmes John 
78 Eaton Benjamin R 
80 Manderson Alexander A 
82 Ryves Thomas G 
86 O'Byrne Bernard 
88 Memory Miss AM 

Memory T A, mus t»hr 
90 Watts Charles 
92 Smith James A 
94 Brown James 
96 Ford Henry 
98 Courtenay EH 
100 Whlllans James, bldr 

Whillans & Co, contrs 

Vacant lots 
106 Ingleson George 
110 Harris George 
112 Bell Joseph R 
114 Havward Mrs Eliza 
116 Gill John, dairy 
118 Tew Henry 
120 Barrett Arthur H 
122 Murray Charles W 
124 Hibbert John C 
126 Wilson Patrick T 
128 Campbell Richard 
130 Stevens George 
132 Copeland Henry 
134 Balrd Mrs J N 
136 Chilton Charles 
138 Dempster John 

Dovercoort rd Intersects 

Baptist Church 
142 Crookshnnk Mrs Ell* 
144 Robinson George 

Metallic Ceilings. 

Metallic Roofing Co., m m. 

'Phone 5481. Cor. KINC and DUFFERIN STS. 



Telephone 2274 







146 Craig Robert F 

148 Behan Jeremiah 

150 Legg Gilbert 

152 Snowdon Thomas W 

154 Qulnn Mrs Ann 

156 Wilson George, dairy 

Lisgar st intersects 
158 Bell Henry C 
160 Phenix Ebenezer N A 
164 Houser Wm M 
166 McRae D R, wire goods 

McRae Miss J A,mus tchr 
170 Workman W J 
172 Corbett Win 
176 Smuek James W, phy 
178 Kurtz John N 

Beaconsfleld av Intersects 
180 McQuillen Edward J 
182 MeFarlane Donald 
184 Mitchell Mrs Margaret 
186 Norman Thomas N 
188 Terrell Wm T 
100 Pettet Joseph C 
192 Campbell George 
194 Cunnington Matthew 
196 Perry Henry F 
198 MacPherson Mrs C 
200 Rodgers Philip 
202 Ketfer Miss Sarah A 
204 Birch George A T 
206-8 Durie David, btchr 

Northcote av intersects 

Store, s e 
212 Vacant shop 

Store, s e 

South Side 

1 Nelson Samuel 
1% Wesley John 
3 Ablett Josiah H 
5 Porter Charles 
7 Butt Elam 
9 Emerson Thomas 
11 Pollard Mrs Frances 
13 Thompson Wm J 
Public school, s e 

Givens st intersects 
Store, s e 
35 White Charles 

Argyle pi ends 
89 McMurray S S, hosiery 
41 Seventh Day Adventists' 

43 Jordan John 
61 Store, s e 

Dundas st intersects 
Store, s e 
55 Taylor Henry, express 
57 Scriver Robert J 
59 Lever John 
61 Stuart James 
63 Matson John B, bldr 
65 Poole James 
67 Parker Charles S 
69 Cook Hugh M 
71 Mclldoon Thomas 
73 Taylor John S 
75 Soules Wajter 
77 Avlett Thomas 
77% Gibson Robert 
79 Walker Edward H 
79% Learmonth John F 
81 Verral John H 
83 McManus John 
85 Whitelv Richard 
87 Walker Wm T 
89 Booty Robert H 
91 Thomas Frederick 
93 Nicholas Mrs Harriet 
95 Emmett Charles L 
97 Dunnan John 
99 Gray Mrs Maria 
103 Bone H Albery 
105 Reld George 
107 Scott Adam W 
109 Hughes Mrs C, nurse 
113 Vacant 

117 Levi Mrs Sophia, coal 
121 Clifford Jesse 
125 Eastley Mrs M A 
127 Faragher James 
129 Loney Mrs Elizabeth 
131 Heffer James E 
133 Louie Charles, lndry 
135 Heffer James E, fey gds 

Glanelll L F 

Lang? tuff Robert M. r 

FIvnn Joseph, r 

Britlon Robert, r 

Store, s e 
Dovercourt rd Intersects 

House, s e 
147 Malcolmson Henry 
149 Hill Frank I 
151 Scollen Frederick 
153 Robb George 
155 Brum John H 
157 Chapman T E 
159 Hughston James 
161 Stickells G T, express 

Lisgar st intersects 
103 Orr Robert, gro 
168% Fewtrell H J, shoes 
165 Richardson Thomas 
167 Trimble Mrs Wilhelmina 
1C9 Marsh Wm 
171 McNichol John 
173 Alexander S Remte 
175 Graham Mrs Margaret L 
177 Little James 

House, s e 
Beaconsfleld av Intersects 

House, s e 
179 Gilchrist John C 
181 Halloran Patrick J 
183 Smith Wm 
185 Armstrong Mrs Mary 
187 Webb Henry, coal oil 
189 Nelson Robert 
191 Burgess George V 
193 Wheeler Robert 
195 Stover Edgar, gro 
197 McGarvin J E, drugs 

Northcote av intersects 
199 Titterington Jas, gro 
205 Vacant 

Store, s e 

ARGYLE PL, n from 24 Bruce 
to Argyle, ward 5. 

East Side 

Slaughter house 
31 Webster Robert 
33 Mcllroy Samuel 
35 Berrv Thomas 
37 Bell ' Joseph R 

West Side 

House, s e 
Not built on 

ARMORY, w from Chestnut 
to University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Rosen Samuel 
4 Culbert Edgar E 
6 Waldman Joseph 
8 Teich David 
10 Brand Louis 
House, s e 

Centre av commences 

House, s e 
32 Crouden Wm 
34 Gelber Leo 
36 House, s e 

South Side 

Armory, s e 

ARMOUR, n w from King w 
to Abell, first e of the sub- 
way, wards 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Asylum grounds 


South Side 

Unfinished bldg 
Toronto Glass Co (Ltd) 

Dufferin to Emmerson av, 2 
n of Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
46 Guest Francis 
64 Luder Robert J 

82 Roberts George 
108 Vale George W 
11G Moule R F, dairy 

South Side 

47 Robinson Henry R 

51 Righton Miss Elizabeth 

93 Sheehan Daniel 

103 Gains John 

105 Sheppard James 

107 Thompson Miss Lottie 

ARMY TERRACE, s from a 
lane, between 37 and 39 
McMurrich, ward 3. 

East Side 

Not built on 
West Side 

1 Hurst Samuel 

2 Armstrong Robert H 

3 Ferguson Charles 

4 Giroux Louis 

5 Summers Henry 

ARNOLD AV, n from 54 
Sydenham to Wilton av, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

Regent av commences 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

St David st intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

49 Triestly Wm 

51 Webber Mrs Mary 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Williams Philip 
4 West Wm 
6 Row Albert 
Vacant lots 
28 Boddy James 
30 Ford George 
32 Beamish Mrs Mary 
House, s e 

St David st intersects 
House, s e 
40 Muir Frederick B 
42 Arnold George 
44 Muir Mrs Elizabeth 
46 Armstrong Robert 
48 Steele Mrs Agnes 

50 Johnston Wm N 

52 Smith Wm 

54 Newland Frederick 
56 Stevenson David 
58 Pellow John 
60 Swain Wm E 
62 Costello Michael 
House, s e 

ARTHUR, w from opp 341 
Bathurst to Dundas, ward 

North Side 

Store, s e 
6 Lappage George 
8 Lyall Henry S 
10 Kennedy James 
12 Parrlngton Wm 
14 KIdd Henrv 
16 McGinn Francis 
18 Mansell J G, btchr 

Markham st Intersects 
20 Walker John, gro 
22 Mitchell Michael, fruits 
24 Licence Mrs E M 
28 McKeand Wm G 
80 Jackson Wm 
32 Dalton Wm 
34 McHenry Henry J 
36 Baillle Campbell 
38 Anderson Wm 

Anderson V J E, mus 
40 Lee John P 

42 Wilson Robert H 

44 Dolen Edward, bldr 
46 Brackstone Thomas 
48 Hymus Stephen 

Palmerston av iutesects 
50 Luttrell Mrs Esther, gro 
52 Adamson Alex, btchr 
54 Whittem Wm 
58 Clark David, plmbr 

Private grounds 
62 Bennett Mrs A. dry gds 
64 Mansell Richard 

Mansell Mrs C A. gro 
66-68 Elmes C McF. gro 

Grenfell J W, watch repr 
72 Adamson Mrs Elizabeth 
Euclid av Intersects 
74 Barron Henry, wines 
76 Bertram George 
78 Brown Milton W 
SO Grav Samuel J 
82 Carey Walter 
84 Johnston Wm 
86 Geering Henry G 
88 Stanlev James 
90 Defoa Charles F 
92 Rilev Wm B 
94 Johnston Wm F 
98 Johnston F & Co. coal 
Mannlngt av Intersects 
Store, s e 
100 Coulter Wm J. flour 
102 Topping Mrs E. ennfy 
Topping Nicholas 
Store, s e 
Claremont st Intersects 
104 McDonald Mrs M .7 
110 Sharpe Wm J 
112 Durle Wm 
118 Boddy Charles F 
Store, s e 
Bellwoods av Intersects 
120-22 Henderson John T 
Vacant lots 

Grace st commences 
Vacant lots 
154 McClelland W J. cattle 
156 McComb Samuel H 
158 Dingle Frank E 
Vacant lots 

Beatrice av commences 
174 Mcllwnin Thomas, bldr 
176 Norrle Rev Frederick B 
180 Wallace David 

Vacant lots 
190 Rix Frank, gro 

Rix Miss Eliz. drsmkr 
Sully st commences 

Vacant lots 
Crawford st intersects 

Vacant lots 

Shaw st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
260 Moonev Richard 
262 Macklin Sarah A 
204 McLean George 
266 Ludlow Edward J 
268 Woolsey Charles A 
270 Riches Wm H 
272 Clark James H 

Givens st intersects 

Private grounds 
296 Hudgins J R, horseshoer 

Vacant lots 
300 Vacant 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Noxon A, phy and drugs 
5 Gerow John C 
7 Goodwin Mrs Jane 
9 Johnson Chas. shoemkr 
15 McConnell John, gro 
McConnell A E, drsmkr 
Store, s e 

Markham st intersects 
21 Temple Mrs Mary, shoes 
23 Davenport David, barber 
25 Weston Walter, bkr 
29 Hagarty Mrs Abigail 
33 Hall Thomas 
35 Larose Arthur, tlr 
37 Ryan John J, tinsmith 
39 Anderson Mrs Annie E 
41 Ross Miss M R, confy 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. 


20,000 in use* Strictly High Grade. 


143 YONGE ST. '^StfAVZSttZr* 


Avenue Rd. 91 

43 Summers David H 

45 Mitchell E M. fanev gels 

Mitchell Charles 
47 Gallaher Charles D 
49 Reld Mrs Elizabeth 
51 Robb Win, bldr 
Palraerston av Intersects 

Store, s e 
53 Tollock James W 

Pollock John A 
57 Drohan Mrs Mary C 
59 Bos well Wm C 
59% Cohen A. sec hd gds 
61 Summerville S. shoemkr 

Cnmmlngs Mrs Margaret 
03 Elliott Wm A 
65 Hurling C E. pictures 
69 Gardiner Pavid 
71 Cottenden Mrs Maria 

Store, s e 

Euclid av intersects 
73 Anted Edwin 
79 Song Kee, lndry 
81 McCarten John 
83 Brennan James 
83% Brennan Mrs M. conf 
85 Stewart Mrs L, nurse 
87 Algar Wm. barber 
89 O'Brien John D 
91 Ponghtv James 
98 Bennet Wm, gro 

Manning av Intersects 
95 Stoba Mrs Ellen 
95K. Walsh Wm. shoemkr 
97 Clark John W, barber 
Claremont st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
113 Collier Thomas 
115 Turner Wm J 

Vacant lots 

Bellwoods av intersects 
Bellwoods Park 
Crawford st Intersects 
Bellwoods Park 
Shaw st Intersects 
255 Morrison John 
259 Henderson James 
261 Huckle Thos S 

Private grounds 
279 Dalv John J 
281 Hurd Albert J 
283 Wells Albert 
285 Thornton Mrs Vesta 
287 Butler John S 

ASHBY PL, n from 498 King 
e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Aiken Mrs Kate 

2 Leo John A 

3 Wisdom Arthur J 

4 Vacant 

6 Hoskin Cephas W 

6 Poole Mrs Mary A 

7 Adams James 

8 Hughes Wm 

9 Beaton Mrs Christina 

10 McGurn John 

11 Stokes Edward P 

12 Clark Charles W 

West Side 

Private grounds 

ASHPORT AV, n from near 
1400 Queen e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 
West Side 

Meth Church, s e 

Capps F D.tallow factory 

ATKIN' AV. w from rear of 
154 Sheridan av to Brock 
av, ward 6. 

North Side 

10 FInkle Philip H 
12 Robertson James 
14 Buyers John 

16 Callan Norman 

18 Hall John P 

20 McNichol Felix 

22 Remnant George 
24 Cullen James L 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Hannah Wm 
3 Roberts James 
5 Todd Francis W 
7 Gallagher Wm J 
9 McNelee Robert 
11 Corrlgan Wm 
13 Heflfron Wm 
15 Bailey Alfred A 

17 Whale Thomas 

19 Cook Wm C 

21 Cook John 

23 Carter Daniel 
House, s e 

ATLANTIC AV. n from G T 
R tracks to King w, first w 
of Subway, wards 5 and 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Factory, s e 

Liberty st intersects 
60 St David's Wine Growers' 

Co, wines 
112 Clarke John Jr 

Pape av, 

AV, e from 
ward 1. 


North Side 

House, s e 
24 Rouse Samuel J 
26 Vacant 

South Side 

House, s e 

AUGUSTA AV, n from 180 
St Patrick to College, ward 

East Side 

1 Dow A M, drugs 

3 McSweeny James D 

5 Hawtin Wm J 

7 Chatham James 

9 Gardner Wm 
11 Guthrie James 
13 Boomer Joseph B 
15 Williamson Henry W . 

Oke James H, r 
17 Williamson Mrs Mary 

Rodger John, r 
19 Tanner Mrs Mary 
21 Smith David G 
23 Richardson Wm J 
25 Patterson Samuel 

Paterson Miss M, drsmkr 
27 Cowley John 
29 Steward Wm T 
33 Havlland Samuel 
35 Grant Thomas S 
37 Smvth James F 
39 Ellott Wm M 
41 Simpson Henry 
43 Davis Charles 
45 Holden Mrs Harriet 
47 Paterson Joseph O 
49 Bunker George 

Bnnker Miss S. drsmkr 
51 Chenoweth Richard 

Chenoweth C, mus tchr 
53 Howard George 
57 Stuart Edward R 
59 Lynch Wm 
61 Davidson Mrs Margaret 
65 Spcng Charles E 
67 Brockbank Wm 
69 Scott Henry C 
71 MePherson James 
73 Plumb James 
75 Bottomley S J. bldr 
77 Gilchrist Wm J T 
79 Lnkeman James M 
81 Gadsby Wm B 
81% McKague A P, coal 

Baldwin st ends 

83 Brennand George 
85 Robinson Robert T 

87 Holltnger John W 

89 Smith Wm J 

91 Sherman Thomas 

93 Clarke Mrs Annie M 

95 Parton Richard 

97 Malloy James J 

99 Deverloaux John J 

101 Grant Alexander 

103 Robinson John, gro 

Nassau st Intersects 
105 Sneath Fred S. gro 

107 Robertson David E 

109 Blair Frank J 

111 Kekewich George B 

113 Morris Mrs Charlotte 

115 Taylor Leonard H 

117 Montsomery John W 

119 Foulds Mrs Eleanor 
121 Allen David 

123 Willoughby Charles 
125-7 Dent Mrs Bessie I, gro 

Oxford st intersects 
129-31 Factorv, s e 
133 McKnight George 
135 Walls Thomas H 
137 Henderson John 
139 Holman Charles L 
141 Auchlncloss W Andrew 
143 Acheson James 
145 Fre'eston Mrs Margaret 
147 Kennedy Robert 
149 Pre-<oott Mrs Elizabeth 
151 French Hugh 
153 Kelly Samuel J 
155 Sheppard John 
157 Dalby George C 
159 Conley James W 
161 Barmim James F 
Ccal office, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
14 Svkes James 
16 Eastman Charles A 
18 Kelly Henry J 
20 Hudson Charles 
22 Stalker Colin J 
24 Koster Matthew J ft 

House, s e 

Bellevue pi commences 

Denison sq 

House, s e 
50 Fiegehen Charles H 

Parsons Jabez. dairy 

Bracewell A A. r 
52 Porter George A 
54 Chapman Stephen H 
56 Malone James 
58 Ablltt George W 
60 McDougall Miss Janet 
62 McCuIloch Henry W 
64 Smith James A 
66 Gale Wm J 
68 Wilkle George 
70 Wilson Mrs Eliza 
72 Giles Mrs Blanche 

Corner Edward, contr 
76 Bennett Samuel 
78 Moore Eugene 
80 Clark Wm. bldr 

84 McKee Alexander 

88 Vacant store 

Fleet Frederick, express 
Nasan st Intersects 

90 Wright Henry, shoemkr 

92 Dunn Miss Mary 

94 Bablngton E R 

96 Corti Caesar 

98 Sloper Thomas M 

100 Lockhart Miss Annie 

102 Chandler Frederick S 

104 Peter August J, baker 

108 Ramsden J A 

110 Forsyth John K 
House, s e 

Oxford st intersects 
House, s e 

112 Le Bar Wm F 

114 Moir James 

116 Dancy Arthur H 
Forbes James, r 

118 Jex Harry P 

120 Steele Wm H 

124 Menzies Mrs Janet 
126 Stafford Mrs Ann 

128 Fletcher Rev W Percy 
130 Rupert Charles E 

132 Marshall John R, bldr 
134 Ashlee Wm 
136 Dallas Mrs Hannah 
138 Watt Thos, blksmith 
Store, s e 

AUSTIN AV, e from 305 Pape 
av to Jones av, ward L 

North Side 

2 Gray Walter, gro 
4 Lowman Edwin C 
6 Overdale Christian S 
8 Booth Albert 
10 Mulheron Mrs Sarah 
12 Crawford Walter L 

14 Llley Henry 

16 Simmonds Alfred 
18 Boyd Wm, contr 

24 Strugnell James H 

26 Davidson Walter 

32 Green Alfred 

40 Dell John A 

42 Durston Robert 
44 Howell Wm 
48 St Denis Wm 

50 Wellings George 'Ir 

54 Smith Edward 

56 Richelieu John P 

South Side 

Store, s e 

15 Clifford Mrs Caroline 

17 Welllngs George 

25 White Wm 

27 Bryant Herbert W 
29 Irving Wm 

31 Love Thomas 

33 Elliott Robert 11 
35 Sparks Wm A 
37 Smith Edward J 

41 Lynch Jeremiah 

51 Lynch Miss Nora 
53 Plumb George L 

55 Saunders Wm H 

57 Nash George 
59 Hayball Edwin 

PL, w from 104 
av to Av»o«e rd. 

ward 3. 

North Side 

House, s e 
K> Noble Thomas H 
12 Chant Wm A 
1'4 Scott John P 
16 Kerr Wilbur E 
18 Honeysett James S 
20 Shaw James 
22 Watson James A 
24 Clarke Robert 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Horwood Harry S 
11 Brown Rev Alfred 

Si Paul's Meth Ch, s e 

AVENUE RD, n from 170 
Bloor w to city limits, 
wards 3 and 4. 

East Side 

Church, s e 
15 Robertson Wm J 
17 Bell Andrew J 
19 Gillespie Alexander 

Cumberland st ends 

th e iwbsf^QM plete Murray's Tables. 

INTEREST TAB LES are revised edition. 

2</ 2 . 8, 3X, 4, 4X. 6. 6M. 6, 6Ji. 7, 7M and 8 
per cent. From 1 day to 368, on $1.00 
to $10,000. PRICE SIO.OO. Apply to 
B. W. MURRAY, Osgoode Hall, TORONTO. 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

Telephone No. 423. 


■ ■ -> 2 6 ■ ■ ■ 


92 Avenue Kd. 


25 Clark Peter M 

31 Finch Franklin 
33 Davis R Berkley 

35 Dnrle Mrs Anna 

37 Powers Edward W, bldr 

Torkvllle av ends 
41 Umbach Philip 
47 Dowden J J 

53 Murray Alexander 

57 Duffett Frederick B 

59 Wodehouse T F 

63 Cartwright John R 

67 Banld Ebenezer H 

71 Clarkson Edward R C 
81 Doel Rev John 

87 Keys David H 

89 Bnrwash Rev John 
97 Wood Hon Samuel C 

103 Armonr E Douglas 
107 Rogers Samuel 
111 Spink John 
115 McLennan Roderick 
St Paul's Meth Ch 

Avenue pi ends 
131 Dixon A Button 
133 Cubitt Woolmer C 
135 Smith Wm B 
137 Thompson J Henry 
141 Ritchie Charles H 

Canada Lawn Tennis and 
Bowling Club 
173 Leggott S R. btchr 

Davenport rd Intersects 
Store, s e 
175 Pears Leonard 
177 Webster James S 
179 Noble John C 
181 Stead John G 
183 Watts Albert G 
185 Bessev Wm B 
187 Slee Elizabeth 
18!) McKee Joseph W 
191 Meehan Francis 
193 Bell John 

Pears av intersects 
195 narbottle Mrs Euphemia 

Vacant lots 
227 Tew Wm 

Roxborough st w ends 
Vacant lots 
247 Rne John 
249 Pinsmore Robert S 
255 Vacant 
Macpherson av w Intersects 
Store, s e 

Marlborough av ends 
C r R crossing 
Smith S H, cattle dlr 
Cottingham st intersects 
Macdonald Mrs Annie 

West Side 

Private grounds 
28 Jacob! Philip 

Prince Arthur av commences 
30 McDermid Donald, contt 

32 Somers Francis 
84 Smellie Robert S 

36 Maule Mrs Hannah E 

38 Somers James W 
40 Trick John 

46 Bull Wm Perkins 

50 Rose Daniel 

52 Needier George H 

54 Wilkin George F 
56 Wilson Frank L 

58 Brough Theodore G 
Lowther av commences 

60 Torrance Wm P 
62 Mowat Joseph F 

64 Clarke Wm A 

68 Symons John 

72 George Thomas H 
76 Perkins Thomas E 
78 Aikens John R 

80 Campbell Charles J 

Elgin av commences 
House, s e 
84 Morrison Curran McK 
86 Inglls Rev Wm 

88 Vacant 

90 Conley Bros, express 
Conley Edward 

94 Tetrie Gordon M, drugs 
Boswell av commences 





Broughall George 
Badglcy Rev Erastus I 
Darling Frank 
Lawrence John W 
Lawrence- Willson Mrs, 

Clark Levi J 
Burwash Rev Nathaniel 
Allan A Graham 

Tranby av commences 
Alexander Wm J 
Williams Richard S jr 
Robinson Henry 
Smith John M 
Gallow Edward 
Hitchcock Mrs Huldah L 
Buckley Maurice J 
Smith Henry 

Bernard av commences 
126 Jones Mrs Helen A 
128 Henderson Dugald A 
130 Tonkin Charles H 
138 Home for Incurable Chil- 

140 Lyman Mrs Helen 
142 Macintosh John A 
144 Queneau Mrs Jane M 
•146 Robinson Charles, gro 

Davenport rd intersects 
148 Ellis Wm A, drugs 
150 Ellis Norman G 
152 Bayly Mrs C B 
154 Stevenson James 
156 Gibb Laurence 
158 McCuaig Harold C 

Vacant lots 

Tears av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Chicora av commences 

Gillespie Rev John 

Church of the Messiah 
Dupont st commences 

Vacant lots 

C P R Crossing 

Vacant lots 
Macpherson av w intersects 
260 Wilson John A 
262 Kormann Francis X 
264 Malion John F 
266 Boys Thomas R 
268 Hunter Henry 
270 Windever RichartS 
272 Neill James H 
274 Isaac James 
276 Simpson C S 
278 McCaul Rev James 
280 Boone Edward 
282 Darrach John 
284 Lester Mrs Marion. 
286 Bastedo David H 

McMaster av commences 
300 Gillespie Albert C 
302 Pangman Charles C 
308 Farmer Edward 

Cottingham st intersects 
310 Gibson Thomas W 
312 Capeweil Herbert 
314 Shields Robert 
316 Gordon Henry B 

Vacant lots 
Rathnelly cres commences 
350 Mackenzie Wm 

Baker John 
Clarendon av commences 

Edwards Charles H 

Stephens Walter G 

Alexander Benson P 

Saunders Dyce 

Balmoral av commences 
Webb T Frederick 
Henderson James B 

AVONDALE AV. n from Park 
rd to Rosedale rd, ward 2.. 
Not built on 

AVONDALE PL, s from 63 
Yorkville av, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Grant David 
4 McWilliams John 
6 Grant James 
8 Rogers Alfred 
10 Pike John 

12 King Mrs M E, mus tchr 
Page Mrs Sarah, nurse 
14 Parmiter James S 
16 Lappin Mrs Rebecca 

BADGEROW AV. e from 263 
Pape av, ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
4 Heakes Samuel R 

Vacant lots 
30 Davison Joseph H 
32 MeDonagh Robert 
34 Buck John 
40 Hoskins Mrs Margaret 
42 Towns Wm 
44 Maunder M Luther 
46 Swanston Robert 
48 Walkev Wm E 
50 Best Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 

BAIN AV, runs e from Broad- 
view av to Tape av, first n 
of Withrow av, ward 1. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
Winchester drive commences 

Vacant lots 

Logan av intersects 

Vacant lots 
190 Hancock James R 
192 Maher Patrick J 
210 Bullock Albert E 
212 Wilson Charles W 
214 Thompson Chas H 
216 Swanson Charles 

Vacant lots 
Carlaw av intersects 
244 JefTeries Edward 
250 Wilson Wm 
200 Caskie John 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

Logan av intersects 
203 Wlndt Henry T 

Carlaw av intersects 
231 Vacant 

233 Robertson Duncan C 
235 Summers George 
237 Marshall Frederick 
239 Stewart Miss Annie 
241 Hewitt Jacob F 

Vacant lots 
259 Sturdy George 
261 Hamilton Malcolm 
263 Rowles Ernest H 

House, s e 

BAIRD AV (formerly Fen- 
nings), e from Jones av to 
Leslie, first s of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 

Not built on 

BALDWIN, w from 182 Mc- 
Caul to Augusta av, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Gadway Frank, gro 

4 Mitchell Mrs Fanny M 

6 Stark Wm 

8 Downing Mrs M J 
Downing Wm 
10 Ferriman Mrs Elizabeth 
12 Butchart W A 
14 McGovern John 
16 Reid J W 
18 Tompkins Horace 
20 Riddell Robert W 
22 Mather Mrs Margaret 

24 Ross David 

26 Copp Mrs Annie 

Henry st commences 

28 Sullivan Miss A. drsmkr 

30 Mullins Mrs Catherine 

34 Geddes Mrs Martha 
Geddes Miss J, nurse 

36 Dill Henrv 

38 Milllgan Miss Bessie 
House, s e 

Beverley st intersects 
House, s e 

70 Sehadel Charles 

72 Cadow Algernon S 

74 Johnson Thomas B 

76 Carson Henry P 

78 Tatterson Geo H 

80 Carey Patrick F 

82 Lovevs George C 

84 Duthie George 

86 Don,elle James H 

88 Templeinan John 

00 Bassett Mrs Amv 

92 Swallow John T 

94 Swalwell Thomas 

,16 Curliss John 

98 Baker Richard A 
10) Taylor Arthur 

Huron st intersects 
102 Graham Wm J 
104 Birch Edward 
106 Morel! Mrs Georgina 
108 Eltton H W 
110 Whenton Charles F 
112 Diane Mrs S M 
114 MimniK Joseph 
116 Pa-sons Eugene 

Bocth Mrs Jane 
118 Trii.der Charles 

Willis Joseph, r 
120 McDonnell Tn. mas C 
122 Clark? Mrs Jane 
124 O'Connor John 

Sims Hiss J, mus tchr 
126 Rea Mrs Mary 
128 Oampbtll Robert W 
J30 McCall Harry 
House, s e 

Spadha av intersects 

Store, s e 
144 Sanford Itrnmas 
146 Lovegrove George W 
148 Duke John W 
150 Tavlor Henrv W 
152 Wilson Mrs Charlotte 
154 New Stepuei 
156 Allen Robert 
158 Hodgins Alfred 
160 Strowger Frederick 
162 Jewell John F 
164 Cox Arthur E 
166 Hughes Arthnr 
168 Magill George 
170 Reed Mrs Lonlsit 
172 Tnshlnghnm .foseih 

Private grounds 
176 Shoebridgc Mrs Augusta 
178 Bilton George 
ISO Nolan James 
1S2 MeOarry Frank 
184 Legroue Joseph 
186 McKillop John 
188 Hamilton Alex 
1fi0 Legasslcke Benjamin J 
192 Clark John 
194 Johnson Albert 
196 Hughes Henry E 
198 Carmody Michael 

House, s e 

South Side 

1 Mumford J & Son, btehr.3 
Mumford James 

3 Cosgrove Michael 

5 Goodson David 

9 Heath Robert 
11 Howe Mrs Mav 
13 Brown Frank .7 
15 McMillan John 
17 Milllgan Robert J 
19 Force Edwin 
21 Elliott George 
23 Moore Wm J 

25 Geary Wm H 

27 Little Wm H 

29 Irvine Albert H 

31 Plddington Samuel 
33 Hleks Bros, gro 

35 Miller Mrs Mary 

37 Hopkins Harry H 


lectric and Gas Fixtures 

Fixtures Made to Special Designs. 




American Copper Co. 


and REPUBLIC (Wash.) 

Mines and Stoeks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 


Telephone 1842 12 ADELAIDE ST. E. 




89 Whltewood George 
41 KInsey Charles F 
43 McGookln James 
43 Harris Alexander 
47 Edgar Alexander 
49 Qulgley Joseph 
51 Dixon Frederick 
Mar Richard It, r 
Mav Mrs J, r 
Walker Wm H. pntr, r 
Lindsay Thomas, r 
Buckle Joseph, r 
House, s e 

Beverley st Intersects 
69 Orphanage of the Sisters 
of the Church 
School of the Sisters of 
the Church 
77 Bennett Archibald M 
79 Kerr Wm C 
81 Gilchrist Charles 
83 Wlnsor Henry 
85 Woodlev Wm 
87 Revnolds Mrs Eliza 
89 Jackson Mrs Alice 
91 Ferguson Hugh 
93 Itadcllffe James H 
95 Simpson Joseph 
97 Jones Henry 
99 Spink Mrs A, drsmkr 
101 McGregor John H 
103 Kirby John B 
105 Learn Enoch S 
107 Koberts Rev J L P 

Huron st intersects 
109 Overton Mrs M A. gro 
111 Ferguson David 
115 Walsh Michael 
119 Brown George 
121 Gibson Wm 
123 Ireland Mrs Lydla 
125 Emery Mrs Sarah 
127 Mimnis George 
129 McCleary Wm J 
131 Summers Robert 
133 Semple Robert W 
13." Foster Mrs Ellen 
137 Ball Albert E 
139 Allen Thomas 
Store, s e 
Spadlna av intersetcs 
147 Rook Samuel 

149 Vacant 

151 Fyfe James 
153 Beeken Samuel 
155 Griggs Alfred 
157 Outhet Joseph 
159 Campbell Alex 
161 Corker G H 

Corker Miss M E. drsmikr 
163 Smith James 

Martin H J. r 
165 Easton A A 

Vacant, r 
167 Mavbee J W 
169 Parker Henry 
171 Mowrr Richard 
173 Park Wm 
175 Wilklns Miss Julia 
177 Johnston Mrs Marion 
179 Smith Wm P 
1S1 Stewart Mrs Lizzie 

Kensington av ends 

House, s e 
18fl Fenender Carl 
187 Sherman Wilson 

150 Evans Wm R 
180ft Ma lone John 
IB] King Jos H 
191 W. Cnrr Gordon 

193 MoEa'-hori Mrs D T.i 
195 Macrlll John 
House, s e 

29 McDonald Charles 
31 Blackmau Alfred J 
33 McAuley Mrs Margaret 
MeAuley Miss F, mus 

35 Geddes Walter A 
37 Price Joseph 
39 Rainer L H, piano tuner 
41 Northcote Heury 
House, s e 

West Side 

2 Mosgrove Robert M 

Mosgrove Mrs L, bdg 
4 Bredin Mark 
6 Reld John 
8 Stacey Mrs Kate 
10 Mannerlng Mrs Colomba 
12 Amer Felt Hat Co 

Out Straw Cds Mfg Co 
12-1S Dunnet, Crean & Co, 

20 Lackey Robert A 
22 Cox Wm H 
24 McLennan Miss S F 
26 Matthews Chas A 
28 Sheard Henry 
30 Coles Mrs Mary 
32 Bilkey Rev R A 
34 Vacant 

House, s e 

BALSAM, w from 24 Char- 
lotte to Spadlna av, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 
2 Dawson Thomas 
4 Stewart John 
6 Martin Thomas 
8 Anderson James 

BALMTTO. n from opp 19 
Czar to Bloor w, ward 3. 

East Side ; 

5 Donges Charles v 
7 Hepton Robert 

Private grounds 
13 Vale Wm W 
15 Mortimer John S 
17 McKenna Felix 
19 Purcell Mrs Christina 
21 Pickett Mrs Annie 
23 Bailey Matthew 
25 Mnnro Major G G G 
27 Kingswood George S 

41 Palln Charles J 
Store, s e 

BARNABT PL, n from opp 
So Edward, ward 3. 

South Side 

7 Sturzaker Miss Lillian 
House, s e 

BALSAM AV. n from the 
lake to Queen, first e of Lee 
ar, ward 1. 

East Side 

Vacant lot 
Vacant house 
Dunstan Kenneth J 
Moreland Albert J 
Graham Robert H 
Seal Wm 
Robarts F W 
Lang James 
Vacant house 

West Side 

2 Coatsworth Emerson jr 

Coatsworth Charles B 
6 Haldenby Charles 
8 Vacant 

10 Vernon H E H 
12 Trotter Robt G 

Reld John B 

Vacant house 

Lyonde Frederick 

Oakley Geo D 

BANK, w from 554 Dufferin 
to Sheridan av, ward 6. 

North Side 

House, s e 

10 Donovan Harry B 
20 Bovell Howard 

22 Wood David O 

26 Johnson Daniel 

28 Price Samuel A 

32 Crottie James J 

South Side 

1 Schofleld Henry 
9 Bennett John R 

11 Birch Edward 

Vacant lots 
25 Pascoe Lewis J 

27 Griffin John 

29 Ritchie Duncan 
31 Harney James P 

33 Montmogery John 
35 Hogg John 

37 Jordan John P 
39 Yearsley Robert F 

East Side- 

1 Newman Charles 
3 Black Isaac 
5 Saugh Abraham 
7 Kalisher Samuel 

9 Kerr Alexander 

11 Fitchett Denis 

15 Elliott John 
17 Nelson John 

House, s e 

Elm st. intersects 
House, s e 

West Side 

Mission Hall, s e 
Vacant lots 

10 Fright Max 

12 French James 
14 Sheds 

16 Levinsky Levi 

Grace Church, s e 

Elm st Intersects 
House, s e 
Bell Tel Co's stores 
34 Linke Wm H 

BARRETT, n from Soho av 
to Conduit, first w of Sin- 
clair av, ward 6. 
Not built on 

BARTLETT AV, n from Bloor 
w to city limits, second e 
of Dufferin, ward 6. 

East Side 

7 Whitney Edwin 

II Hunter George W 
15 Mould Charles 

Vacant lots 
21 Hamp Benjamin 
23 Mole Wm M 

Vacant lots 

47 Becttam Harry G 
49 Bishop Walter S 

51 Hughes Joseph 

53 Maddocks Mrs Martha 
55 Prear Alexander 
57 Brown Thomas J 

Vacant lots 
69 McGowan John 
71 Lowry James 

Vacant lots 

Shanly st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
107 Butehart Mrs Rhoda 
109 Howard Charles 

III Xason John W 
113 Vacant 

115 McFarlane John 

Carson Wm. express 

117 Oag James jr 

119 Lamont Allan N 
Vacant lots 

Hallam st intersects 

Store, s e 
227 Price John J 
231 Julian Wm 

Private grounds 
265 Burgess Alexander S 
267 Adnmson Alexander 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Twine mill, s e 
38 Mason Jabez 
40 Ewlngs Alexander 
42 Gill James 
44 Baird Alexander 
46 Kerr Mrs Jeannette 

48 Malone Wm 

Twine mill, r c 

52 Vacant 
Vacant lots 

Shanly st intersects 
Vacant lots 
12S Smith James 
Vacant lots 

Hallam st intersects 
Vacant lots 
School, s e 
Vacant lots 
268 Marcum John D 
Vacant lots to end 

BARTON AV. w from 378 
Brunswick av to Christie, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

St Paul's Pres Ch 

Vacant lots 

Markham st intersects 

Store, s e 
28 Bundy Alfred C 
30 Murless J, shoemkr 
32 Towell John 
34 Courage Mrs Lucy 
36 Powell Charles A 

Private grounds 

Palmerston av intersects 
54 Harton Joshua J 
56 Valiant U J, gro 
58 Valiant Mrs A E, baker 
60 Valiant Arthur, dairy 
62 Baker Frederick 
64 Fletcher Mrs Rose 
66 Marshall Albert T 
68 Levy Mrs Jane 
70 Lark In Win J 
72 Broderlck Wm J 
74-76 Ooft & Co. gros 
78 Croft David H 

Euclid av intersects 
84 Herdsman Josrph W 
86 Gordon T R 
88 King John 

90 Attwood Frederick 
92 Wvse James 

Private grounds 
100 Cameron Malcolm 
102 Davis John 
104 Nicholis Owen 

Manning av Intersects 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

1 Wenman Charles 

Markham st Intersects 
31 Ham Percy 
33 Buck George 

ralmerston av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
75 Smith Arthur E 

Euclid av intersects 

Vacant lots 

91 Mitchell Thomas 
McMaster Edward, r 
Brown George, r 

Manning av Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

BASEBALL TL, s from 665 
Qneen e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Bourne John 

2 Cracknell Mrs Annie 

3 Miller Wm 

4 Johnston Wm 

5 Harvey Mrs Mary A 

6 Watts Wm G 

West Side 

Not built on 

BATHl'RST. n from the 
Queen's Wharf to city lim- 
its, intersecting King w at 
667, wards 4 and 5. 

East Side 

Tennant James & Co 
(est of) whol lumber 
Hetherington W J, whol lum- 
ber » . , , _ 
Peters & Cain, whol lum- 

Teople's Coal Co (br) 

27 Klngswooa oeorge o .»» - . 

INSURE BritistTAmerica Assurance Co. 

g«-Losses Paid Since Organization, $17,983,159.11. 


FIRE and 

Standard Life 





Chas Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 



Martin Herbert, boats 

CPK elevator, vacant 

Queen's Wharf and 

Hall Capt Wm 

National Yacht and Sail- 
ing Skiff Club 

Bauekham Alexander 

Millgate Philip 

Elliott J W, whol lum- 

Front st w ends 
1 Bertram Eng Works, s e 
Niagara st Intersects 
29-31 Brittain H, gro 

38 Matthews E, coal oil 
35 Noland Patrick 

37 Clifford Adam 

39 Hemstead Fred, exp 
41 Donnellv John 

43 Bavin Michael 

McLean Mrs M, drsmkr 

45 Richardson Norman T 

49 Tunnicliffe Sampson 
Wellington av intersects 

51 Hubbard Wm P 

53 Glady John 

57 Brittain Herbert 

59 Van Dyke Delos 

61 Fletcher Win 

63 Humphrey Mrs Annie 
Stewart st ends 
Vacant lots 
King st w intersects 

85 Monro B D 

87 Gillett Richard 

89 Maclntyre John 

91 Rainev John A 

93 O'Connor John 

95 Newman Joseph 

97 Dalton John 

99 Sullivan Mrs Ellen 
Browne's lane commences 
101 Campbell Elsworth 
103 Wilson George 
105 Phillips Joseph M 
107 Walton James 
109 Lince James 
111 Carter Richard 
113 Byrne Sylvester 
115 MeCue Mrs James 
117 Fitzgerald John N 
119 Bart holmes Mrs Sarah 
121 McMahon Thos F, phy 

Adelaide st w ends 

125 Vacant 
129 Millar David 
131 Eichhorn August 
133 Crowther George 
135 Taylor Albert W 

Taylor Miss A, drsmkr 
137 Caldwell Andrew 
139 Christie James 
141 Denning Wm 
143 Gates Henry W 
145 Parker George 
147 Bryant Mrs Ann 
149 Moore Charles R 
151 White Stuart 
153 Young James 
155 Reddie Hugh 

Harvey A E, vocalist 
159 Embury Samuel E 
161 Vacant 

Farley av Intersects 

168 Caddick Mrs E. gro 
165 Burton Richard J H 

Campbell E S, mus tch 
167 Mitchell John 

169 Allison John 

171 Christian Temperance 

Ruff Mrs M, caretaker 
IOGT. Prince of Wales 
No 130 

AOF, Abstinence No 7135 

RTT, No 480 Euclid 

Brotherhood of Train- 
men (ladies), Maple 
Leaf No 9 

S of T. Excelsior Divi- 
sion No 8 

Ladles' Auxiliary to Or- 
der of Railway Conduc- 
tors. 1st Canadian No 

Canadian Assn of Sta- 
tionary Engineers, To- 
ronto No 2 
Daughters of Eng Bene- 
volent Society, Grace 
Darling No 19 
AOF. Juvenile br, Ab- 
stinence No 33 

173 Brooks Dodwell T 

175 Occident Hall 
Store, s e 

Queen st w intersects 
Store, s e 

181 Holmes Wm H 

183 Hull John 

185 Collins Frank S, pntr 

187 Cook Wm J, shoemkr 
Cox Francis, r 

189 Scaletta Frank, fruits 
House, s e 
Woolsley st Intersects 

197 Linton Ernest, coal 

199 Gourlev James 

201 Hinkelman Julius W 

203 Rossney James 

205 Kemp Mrs Elizabeth 

207 Gordon Mrs Harriet J 

209 Bradshaw Mrs Elizabeth 
Mackinnon A L, dry gds 

211 Lines Thomas 

Fraser Miss C, drsmkr 

213 McQuillan Mrs Mary 

215 Mclnerney Misses, dress- 
Mclnerney Miss Marcclla 

217 Burns Charles J 

Eden pi commences 

219 Callis Edward 

221 Long Samuel J St J, pntr 

223 MeWatters Matthew J 

225 Thompson Thomas 

227 Rudd Mrs Julia 

229 Jones John 

231 McCarty Thomas, bldr 
Mccarty Miss E A, dress- 

233 Turton Robert W 

235 Lawrence Miss Sarah 

237 Murchison Richard 

239 Elmdale Skating Rink 

241 Murchison Mrs C J 

243 Gardner Robert 

245 White John 

247 Payne Albert E 

249 McEaehren Neil 

251 Hamilton Noah E 
Private grounils 

279 Gzowskl Lady Maria 

297 Gardiner George 
Gore Robert 
Private grounds 

St Patrick st ends 
311 Sing Low. lndry 
313 Barnes Mrs E. cigars 
315 Howard Henry H 
317 Moss Wm. bldr 
319 Richmond James H 
321 Wood Peter M, dairy 
323 Chalkley Richard, bldr 
325 Thompson Wm 
327 Martin Patrick B 
329 Southwick Vernon E 
331 Brown John W 
333 Robinson George A 
R:ir> Dyment Lemuel 
337 Gee Lee, laundry 

Thompson James 
339 Tnthill R M, drugs 
839% Collaton Joseph P 
341 Stanton Thomas 
343 Carter James 
345 Ruickbie Robert 
347 Peaker John W. phy 
349 Cummings John A 
351 Ball John 

Ball Wm A, phy 

Vacant lots 

Roseberry av commences 

Vacant lots 
381-419 Toronto Western Hos- 

Nassau st ends 
421 Procter Henry, shoemkr 
423 Michaud Wm H 
425 Leake Benlamln 

Leake Wm W 
427 Sanderson Maxwell R 
429 English James A 

431 Smillie John 
433 King Alexander 
437 Hambly Charles 
439 Ross Robert 
441 McLeod Donald D, bldr 
443 Mole Wm, vet surg 
445 Milling James, shoemkr 
447 Eccles Daniel 
449 Scbeurer Augustine 
451 Witchall George, bldr 
453 Clarke Joseph 
455 Henderson Wm P 
457 Crelghton Thomas, oil 
459 Lee Jonas T B 
461 Jex Wm C 
463 Barnett David I 
465 Crombie Alexander 
467 Johnson Wm N 
469 McLean Donald C, lum- 

Mcrherson Mrs D, dress- 
471 Hargrave Edward 
473 Ambler John 
475 Schreiner Joseph 
477 West George W 
479 Bawden Wm J 
481 Moore Wm D 
483 Doty Mrs M E C, dress- 
Vacant lots 

College st intersects 
Store, s e 
495 French Isaac 

Pease Edward, whips 
Vacant lots 
Antelope Skating Rink 
599 Tibbits Wm E 
601 Taylor Wm 
Vacant lots 

Ulster st intersects 
Vacant lots 
679 Evans Caleb, bldr 
681 Copeland Miss S E, school 
Harbord st intersects 
Store, s e 
689 Strain Mrs Alice, coal 

Private grounds 
695 Wright Win 
699 Gale George, hardware 
701 Barnett Shaw, tlr 

Cradick Robert H 
703 Turner Wm G 

Vacant lots 
715 Topping Chas. fruit 
717 Steel Herbert G L 
719 Coffin John 
72i Sendell Mrs A. confy 

Herrlck st intersects 
Vacant lots 
743 Webster Wm. contr 
745 Irving Mrs Sarah 
747 Isard Charles R 
749 Alcock Thomas 
751 Smith Charles 
753 Hale Thomas W 
Vacant lots 
Lennox st Intersects 
767 Kelly Win 
769 Prear Alex, barber 

Private grounds 
775 Harvev John 

St Peter's (ltd School 
St Peter's (RC) Church 

Bloor st w Intersects 

Douglas Block, s e 
799 Harmony Union Mission 
801 Chong Sing, lndry 
803 Rover Athletic Club 
805 Stroud R H, harness 

807 Llewellyn Mrs M, prtr 
809 McKay Miss M, confy 
811 Cunningham A, sew mach 

Vacant lots 
837 Orifflth Wm 
839 Godfrey Henry H 
841 Stone John F 
843 Bryce Reuben J 
845 Harrington A .7, phy 
847 Wilcox Milford A 

Vacant lot 

Barton av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
905 Dunn James R 

Vacant lots 
915 Dunn Wallis 
917 Esten John P 

Vacant lot 
925 White Walter 
927 Perry Selby D 

Vacant lots 

Wells st ends 
Private grounds 
1001 McCollum Rev J H 

Private grounds 
1011 Butler John J 
1013 Houston Thomas 
1015 Forbes AYm 
1017 Hope John 
Vacant lots 
1053 Collins Andrew E 
1055 Schack Charles C 
1057 Allen Thomas 
1059 Saunders Arthur J 
1061 Lindsay Mrs Margaret 
1067 Fell W T, hardware 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

McFarren A & Co, flour 
Vacant sheds 
CPR storehouses 
Park, Blackwell Co. pork 
packers and provisions 
Gas tank 
28 Rogers Elias Co, coal 
Leonard Patrick 
House, s e 

Niagara st intersects 
40-42 May Flower Hotel 
44 Williams Mrs Sarah 
46 Wynne F L, barber 
48 Williams James 
52-54 Vacant (2) 

Vacant lot 
60 Trenor Miss Rose 
62 Brack Wm, gro 

Wellington st intersects 
64 Kennellv Andrew 
66 Neild Mrs Harriet 

Private grounds 
70 Finlav Wm 
72 Cusack Michael 
74 Fletcher George, gro 
76 Fletcher George, btchr 
Cooper Henry 
Henderson Miss Lizzie, r 
78 Tate Edward 

Miller Sidney H, r 
Goldsworthy Mrs Cordelia 
Spencer Mrs E A. r 
SO McKeon John 
82 Bradshaw James S 

Vacant (31. r 
84 Flaherty Mrs Julia 
86 Mulqueen Mrs Ellen 
88 Curran Nicholas J 
90 Lavln Wm 

Letray George 
92 Loney Joseph 
100 Hotel, s e 

King st w Intersects 
Tor LIth Co. s e 
Private grounds 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
St Mary's (RC) Church 
St Mary's (RC) School 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
140-148 St Mary's Convent 
152 Donaldson Mrs Eliza 
154 Corbett Wm J 

Wood yard 
160 McGill Wm R 
162 O'Leary Miss K. drsmkr 

Sullivan Miss Mary J 
164-66 Union Hotel 

Farley av intersects 
168 McGill Wm & Co, coal 
178 Adams John, cigars 
180 Summers Martin, barber 
Hotel, s e 

Queen st w intersects 

Store, s e 
186 Loftus James J, dentist 
188 Richardson B. watchmkr 
190-92 Robinson James, pntr 

Sheppard lane commences 

194 Logan Francis 

196 Marshall Charles W 

198 Miller Napoleon M 

200 Brown Wm A 

202 Solomon Solomon 

20-1 Armstrong Christopher 


Unrivalled for TOUCH, TONE, ACTION, 


1 1O Adelaide St. W. 11 Queen St. E., Toronto. 

Reporting in Shorthand 



Tel. 421. Res. 28 Leonard Ave. Tel. 8090. 


Woolsley st intersects 
206 Rosevear Charles L 

205 Xeale John H, pntr 
210 Vacant 

212 Davles Mrs Rosena, tlr 
214 Llbby Martin 
216 Donovan Mrs Hannah 
218 Graham Samuel 
220 Turner John J 
222 Irish Catholic Benevolent 

Kinch John 
224 Hill Mrs Maria, drsmkr 
226 Watson James 
228 Winterbottom H, fruit 

Robinson st commences 
230 Burgess Win, gro 
232 Moore John 

234 Ernst Peter 
236 Ewlng Robert 

235 Laldlaw Wm F 
238M Alderman James 
240 Thomson Wm 
242 Brent Wm J 

244 McPherson D A, phy 

246 Elder James 

248 Way James 

250 Cain Robert 

252 Haskayne Richard 

254 Henry Robert 

256 Smith Frank 

258 Ward Fred C 

260 Watkins Mrs Fannie 

262 Rowe Mrs Amelia 

264 Pole James G 

206 Koopmann Henry 
268 Onw James 

270 Stuart Isaac C 
2T2 Gillespie John 

Murphy John, r 
274 McCormaek Wm H 

Private grounds 
2S0 N'lramo John 
2S2 Morton Mrs F. mus tchr 

Morton G E, mus tchr 

Morton Miss Ida, artist 
284 Henlev Wm 
286 Saunders Mark 
288 Sevmour Samuel J 
290 Benson John R. dairv 
202 Thorpe Henrv W 
204 Adams Wm M 
206 Waite George F 
208 Robertson James M 
300 Montgomery Mrs Sarah 
302 Bourne John 
304 Cottenden Charles 
306 Walker John 
308 Bland John T) 

McTaggart Alex, phy 
310 Rogers Wm D 
312 Sklppon Arthur 
314 Morley George J 
316 Turnbull Rev John A 
818 Burton Mrs Emma 
320 Hueston Thomas 
322 Millward John 
324 Millward C W. corsets 
326 Fieldhnuse Mrs Mary 

Fieldhouse Miss M A. 
328 Parolan Mrs Jane 
330 Ellis Miss Caroline M 
332 McDonald Mrs Jessie 
334 Hewetson John W 
336 Kidd Samuel 
338 Meek Wm E 
840 Nixon F J. plmbr 
342 Durham W H. btchr 
344 Noxon Allan, phy 

Arthur st commences 

346 MacDonald D J, gro 
348 Carter Henrv, pntr 
350 Johnston Alfred W 

Johnston Mrs Mary, dress- 
352 Wilson Rowland G 
354 Hayden James M, plmbr 
356 Hazelton Joseph E 
358 Duncan Lytle 
360 Kirkendale Wm 
362 Hazlitt Samuel 

364 Leckey Robert 
366 Burns Mrs Sarah 

Cruickshank Jean, phy 

365 Burns Michael 
370 Higglns Michael J 
372 West George E 
374 Findlay John G 
376 See Wm H 

378 Beam Andrew 
3S0 Cuthbertson George J 
382 Kennedy Albert E 
384 Grelg Wm 

Private grounds 
396 Browne Philip 

Private grounds 
408 Tomlin Henry C 
410 De Ceu Robert G 
412 Burton Wm 
414 Rea Thomas 
418 Batters Wm 
420 Tomlin H C, baker 

Vacant lots 
448 Jackson Robert 

4o0 Collins Abraham 

452 Robertson David W, tlr 

454 Dee Richard H 

456 Sklppon Thomas G 

458 Solomon Samuel 

462 Tresidder Mrs Sarah 

464 Morrow Arch, livery 

466 Brown Wm J 

468 Oakeshott Joshua, statv 

Robinson James 
470 Collie Mrs Annie, gro 
Public school 

College st Intersects 
Presbyterian Ch, s e 
506 Bentlev Wm H 
508 Bradley Wm H 
510 Woodyard Charles 
512 Price Wm W 
Vacant lots 
520 Sharpe Svlvester J 
522 florrle George T 
524 Turnbull James 
526 Sampson Mrs Julia E 
528 Aitken John 
530 I.arkin Peter C 

Vacant lots 
540 Kipp Herbert M 
548 Loadlay Allanson 

Oakley Albert 
350 Bennett Josiah 

Vacant lots 
566 Vnkes James L 
568 Johnston Wm 
570 Davy John 
572 Thompson Fred W 
Vacant lots 

Ulster st intersects 
Vacant lots 
618 Roach Mrs Susan 
620 Scott James T 
622 Smith John M 
624 Turdy Alexander S 
626 May Samuel A 
628 Hunter John D 
630 Mennle John G. phv 
632 Gallowar Wm O 
634 Hooper E R, phy 
636 Chamberlain W P, phv 
638 Bell Walter 
640 Grav Wm M 
642 King James H 
644 Ford Frank 
646 Thompson George S 
648 Hamilton Thomas H 
650 Wedd Wm 

Harbord st intersects 
Vacant lots 
690 Ballagh Mrs Eliza J 
692 Davidge & Lunn, bldrs 
Davldge Wm J 

A lane 

696 Ayling Charles, sec hd gds 
698 Jordan Robert, cabs 
700 Vacant 

Private grounds 
714 Vacant 

Herrick st intersects 

Vacant lots 
722 Mowat James 
724 Waters James 
726 May John 
728 Mitchell Mrs Jane E 
730 Williams R T, tlr 
732 Linfleld James 

Linfleld Mrs R, drsmkr 

Linfleld Miss L, drsmkr 

Vacant lots 

Methodist Church 

Lennox st intersects 

758 Hall John J. carpet clnr 

700 Jones Wm. flour 

762 Finch George, real est 

York Co L & S Co 
Finch's Fuel Co 
764 Vacant store 
Tooze Mark 
766 Vacant Store 
Bolton Wm J 
770 Mllner Rev Jonathan 
772 West Mrs Marlon 
774 Ball Mrs Mary J 
776 McKim Joshua, gro 
778 Clark Henry B 

Clark Misses E & L, em- 
7S0 Atlas Bicycle Works 
Holmes George A 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 
802 St Alban's Hotel, s e 
804 Urquhart Miss J, drsmkr 
806 Cole David A, barber 
808 Urquhart Miss May, mus 
Hotel stables 
810 McKelvie George, blksmth 

Vacant lots 
S22 Kidd George, shoemkr 
824 Walker Harry F 
826 Dempster Mrs M, dry gds 
828 Adare Wm J. stoves 
830 Jones Arthur 
832 McDonough Joseph 

Private grounds 
852 Wright Charles 

London st commences 
Private grounds 
860 Vandmark Dell 
862 Yates James A 
864 McDonald Mrs Elizabeth 
866 Magee Wm, dairy 
868 Jordan Joseph, shoemkr 
870 Love/ James 
874 Vacant store 
876 Knight George 
Private gronnds 
890 Halson Christian 
892 Vacant 

Private grounds 
008 E nefer Frederick J 
910 Wenman Charles, btchr 

Barton av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

FoIIls av commences 
968 Marks Frederick, btchr 
970 Partridge W H, dry gds 

Partridge Miss A, drsmkr 
972 Tomlinson A M, gro 
974 Forsey Charles P 
976 Le Grow Joshua 
978 Smith James O, stoves 
980 Ryan Thomas 

Ryan Mrs Sarah, dalrv 

Vacant lots 

Olive av commences 

994 Holmes Thomas, gro 
996 Webb Christopher 
90S McKelvie George 
J 000 Calder Wm Jr 

Vacant lots 
1014 Vacant 
1016 Delworth C D 
1026 Cameron Robert H 

Private grounds 
1044 Bailey John 

Vacant lots 

Vermont av commences 
1070 Blackwell Alfred T 

Vacant lots 
1096 Pinkerton Albert J 
1098 Vatcher Eli, gro 

Dupont st intersects 
1104 McCarten Mrs Jane, gro 

Coal yard 
1110 Curzon Robert T 

Railway crossing 

BAXTER, e from 927 Xonge, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

South Side 

Blacksmith shop, s e 
7 Ellis Joseph 
9 Madill Samuel 

BAY, n from the bay to 55 
Queen w, ward 3. 

East Side 

Lake st Intersects 
Railway crossing 
Esplanade st w intersects 
21 Royal Dom Mills 

McLaughlin M & Co, flour 

Warehouse, s e 

Front st w intersects 
Warehouse, s e 
43-47 Barber & Ellis Co, whol 

45 Millichamp, Coyle & Co, 
manufacturers' agents 
Maple Leaf Woolen Mills 

47-49 Tooke Bros, shirts 
Sanford W E Mfg Co. 
whol clothing 
51 Allan A A & Co, whole- 
sale hats and caps 
Toronto Cap Mfg Co 
53 Croft Wm & Sous, Ash- 
ing tackle 
55 Gouldlng G & Sons, whol 

fancy gds 
57 E T Corset Co 
59 Thorpe G A Mfg Co, 
Lincoln Paper Mills Co 
61 Flett, Lowdes & Co, tail- 
ors' trimmings 
W.vld, Grasett. Darling Co 
whol dry gds 

Wellington st w Intersects 

67 Gwatkin & Son, printers' 

69 Dick, Ridout Co, bags 
Sobel Jacob, clothing con- 
Robson W H, clothing 

Helpert Morris, tlr 
Canada Screw Co 
71 Hees George H, Son Sc 

Co, window shades 
73 Allcock, Laight & West- 
wood, fishing tackle 
Threlkeld Wm, mfrs' agt 
Madill James, mfrs' agt 
75 Croven Hotel 
77 Office Specialty Mfg Co, 

office furniture 
81 Telegram Bldg 

Mellnda st ends 
S3 Doucette Joseph, restr 
85 Higglns & Saunders, tlrs 
87 Bunker G & Son, seals 
89 Ramsey J G & Co, photo 

91 Watson John, mer tlr 
93 Tailoring & Repairing 

Acme Printing Co 
Anderson Alex, elec sup- 

Ephralm Samuel, cloth- 
ing contr 
Store, s e 

King st w intersects 
95 97 Molsons Bank 

Campbell F A, vet surg 
97-103 London & Canadian 
Weir Specialty Co, pre- 
pared foods 

LANGLEY & LANGLEY, Architects. 





Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co. Limited 





99 Tutti Frutti Selling Ma- 

101 Hime H L & Co, real est 
London & Canadian Loan 
& Agency Co 
103 Ridout & Maybee, solici- 
tors of patents 
Ridout J G, barrister 
Chipman Willis, civ eng 
Snelling & Segsworth, bar- 
Jones G R, stenog 
Meaney & Co, whol lum- 

Cawthra Victor, ins 
Bristol, Cawthra & Bar- 
ker, barrs 
Arnoldl & Johnston, bar- 

Minerals Exploration & 

Development Co 
Foley Mines Co of Ont 
Hayward G H, barr 
Corlev & Loftus, barrs 
McArthur Bros Co Ltd, 

whol lumber 
Toronto Humane Society 
Thomas John, caretaker 
105 Toronto Genl Hospital, 

Emergency Branch 
109 Titus James, bdg 
111 McKee J H, stamps 
113-117 Wilson D H, vinegar 
119 Hayes Henry, restr 
121 Bay Tree Hotel 

Adelaide st w intersects 
Brush & Co, s e 
125 Vacant 

127 American News Agency, 
F J Roy mngr 

129 Wright T D, electro pltr 
Leltch & Turnbull, ele- 

131 Collins J R, stencils 
Ideal Coin Packet Co 
Canadian Writers' Bureau 
Lindsay Thomas, acet 

133 Wilson George A, tobac- 

Fire Hall No 1 
Temperance st intersects 
145 Dixon John, carriage mfr 
153 Forbes Roofing Co 
155-61 Med Council Chambers 
Retail Merchants Assn of 

The Retailer (monthly) 
Coo H A E, engr 
Manhattan Typewriter Co 
Bradley-Garretson Com- 
pany (Ltd), publishers 
Llnscott Publishing Co 
Drquhart & TJrquhart, 

Winston J C Publishing 

Campbell W B & Co, 

Dalv John J, publr 
York Mutual Fire Ins Co 
Medical Agency of Can 
Canadian Creditors' Agcy 
Toronto General Burying 

Grounds Trustees 
Division Court (western), 

E H Duggan elk 
Ocean Accident and Guar- 
antee Corp 
Downey Alex, stenog 
Medical Registration Of- 
fice, Dr R A Pyne reg 
College of Physicians & 

Ontario Medical Library 

Gordon & Sampson, barrs 
Mackenzie H G, barr 
Jones J G, barr 
Unwln, Murphy & Esten, 

Pinkerton & Cooke, barrs 
Davis, Cook & Smith, 

Thomson T C, barr 
Rose Charles, caretaker 
159 Hogg D H, photo sup- 

Richmond st w intersects 
House, s e 
165 Rear entrances 

167 Breen Robt, shoemkr 
169 Petterson Ole, herbalist 
171 Robinson W J, shoemkr 
173 Davis Louis, cigars 
175 Lalng Walter, barber 
177 Ellacott Geo, shoemkr 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Lake st intersects 
Railway crossing 
Esplanade st Intersects 
2 Tor Coffee & Spice Co 
4 Can Printing Ink Co 
6-8 Sehepp L, prepared co- 
Harris Lithographing Co 
10-12 Hally Bros, whol shoes 
14-18 McClary Mfg Co, stvs 
20 Vacant 

22 Vivian J H, prtg machin- 

Toronto Pharmacal Co 
24 26 Eckardt Casket Co, un- 
dertakers' supplies 
Warehouse, s e 
Front st w intersects 
40 Warehouse, s e 
44 Vacant 

46 Cockburn & Rea, whol 

48 Morrice D, Sons & Co, 

mfrs' agts 
50-54 Merchants' Bldg 
Canada Veiling Co 
Lever Bros Ltd, mfrs 

Sunlight Soap 
Plymouth Binder Twine 

Hamilton J M, whol mlnry 
Thomas L J, mfrs agt 
Paquette Z, furs 
Glover & Brais, gents' 

Kilburn's Stereoscopic 
Views & Saturn Scopes 
Clemmer A H, mfrs' agt 
Lester M T & Co, mfrs' 

Campbell Wm & Co, wall 

Cooch H C, mfrs' agt 
Greenshlelds S, Son & Co, 

whol dry gds 
Lillle John, mfrs' agt 
Simpson, Hall, Miller & 

Co, silversmiths 
Williams. Greene & Rome 

Ltd, shirt mfrs 
Lee J T B Co, commn 
Ryrie Paper Co 
Davis J M, stereoscopic 

Johnston James & Co, 

whol dry gds 
Stevenson, Blackader & 

Co, mfrs' agts 
Bayne T M, whol mlnry 
Jackes J A, mfrs' agt 
Dawn Producing Co, oils 
Carlaw J A, ry supplies 
Adams J & Co, linens 
Hatch A F, mfrs' agt 
Lewis Isaac, caretkr 
56 Green John C & Co, whol 

58 Levenstin George, mfrs' 


Anderson G & Co, whol 

Parke Wm, mfrs' agt 
60 Fisher Mark. Sons & Co, 
whol woollens 
Turner F A, mfrs' agt 
Blackley Wm. com agt 
62 Wilkes, Westwood Co, 

fishing tackle 
64-68 Brock W R Co Ltd, 
whol dry gds 

Wellington st w Intersects 
70 Standard Mica Mfg Co 
McCuiiough J S & Co, 

Fuel & Lumber Co 
Donovan F, mining exp 
72 Regent Mfg Co, novelties 
Frame Andrew, broker 
Leysieffer, Pollack & Co, 

mfrs' agts 
Clark & Ross, mfrs' agts 

Rubery T W, mfrs' agt 
Jagger & Boulter, wins 
Tor Mailing Agency 
Williams Sam & Co, pro 

Dandie Henry, caretkr 
74 Vacant 

76 Garland Mfg Co, cloth- 
78 Vacant 

80 Menzie, Turner & Co, 
window shades 
Jessop Wm & Sons, steel 

82 Mulrhead Andrew, whol 

84 Davis & Henderson, whol 

86 Holman & Pattullo, bar- 


Payne W H & Co, com- 

88 Slater R M & Co, mfrs' 

McLaren D K. belting 
Price Mfg Co, pro med 

90 Canada Paint Co Ltd 
Lewis Wm, plumber 
Frontenac Ink Works 
Toronto Lead & Color Co 
Midland Press, printers 

92 Toronto Engraving Co 
Aylward H J, tlr 

94 Sharpe H F & Co, photo 

96 Ames J H. tlr 

98 National Club 
100-102 Vacant 
Office, s e 

King st w Intersects 
106-110 Mall Building 

Malloy Frank J. barber 
Alexander & Cable Lltb 


Hilton & Woods, barrs 
Rowan & Ross, barrs 
Smallwood John, tlr 
Clarke, Bowes & Swabey, 

Meek Edward, barr 
Laing John M. barr 
Robertson J S Co, pub- 
lishers Rusiness 
Toronto Paper Mfg Co 
RIordan Paper Mills Ltd 
Barber Wm & Bros, paper 

Victoria Dramatic Club 
Robertson J S Advertising 

North Western Miller 
Gold Hills Exploration & 

Development Co 
Challes G E, mfrs' agt 
Mansell C F, mfrs' agt 
Carberrv Jas, caretkr 
110 Mail Job Printing Co 

Pearl st commences 
112 Taylor, Scott & Co, wood- 

114 Rogers Electric Co 

Saunders. Lorle & Co, 
mfg Jwlrs 
116 Steele & Honeysett, whol 

118 Reynolds G N & Co, mfrs' 


Goldie & McCulIoch Co, 

Canadian Office & Sch 

Furniture Co 
Hamilton Bridge Works 
120 Whitworth & Restall, 

mattress mfrs 
122-24 Vacant 

126 Rose Daniel & Son, prtrs 
Craftsman Pub Co 
Canadian Craftsman & 
Masonic Record 
128 Speers A & Co; prtrs 

Smith M E & Co, wash- 
ing compound 
130 Lyon W A Co Ltd, photo 
Siocan Cariboo Mining & 
Development Co Ltd 
132 Crosby & Maver Co, bl- 
cvcle parts . 
Mlllen John & Sons, bi- 
cycle parts 

Fisher A D Co Ltd, skate 

134 Gurney, Tilden Co, stove 

Ross D C & Co, mfrs' 

136 Eureka Mineral Wool & 
Asbestos Co 
Johnson Temperature Re- 
gulating Co 
138 Sparling A W, restr 
140 Golden City Hotel 

Adelaide st w intersects 
142 Jackson P, emp agt 
146 Turff Thomas, carp 
146-154 Peterkin C R, mldgs 

Temperance st Intersects 
158 Vacant 

15S-160 Mee Nam, restr 

162 Cole John, broker 

164 Miller Matthew 

166 Crowther James, barr 
Shaver H H, barr 
Reeve John T, broker 

168 Mounee & Co, real est 
O'Connor Patrick, real est 
Toronto Regalia Co 

170 Ivey Fred, shoemkr 

172 Carrlck A W, baker 

Richmond st w Intersects 
Temple Building 
Temple Cigar Store 
Temple Cafe 

186 Iredale James, tinsmith 
Hotel, s e 

BEACHELL, n from 212 Mill 
to Eastern av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Warehouse, s e 
Davies Wm Co Ltd, pork 

Front st intersects 
CPR crossing 
Factory, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
6 Gordon Wm 

Gordon Mrs Ellen 
8 Vacant 
14 Vacant 

Tate st ends 

18 Vacant 

20 O'Brien James H 
24 Vacant 
Vacant lots 

Front st e intersects 
CPR crossing 
Vacant lot 

1154 Queen w to Dundas, 
ward 6. 

East Side , 

Hotel, s e 
9 Hollyman Samuel 
11 Doty Mrs Amanda 
13 Marmlon Wm H 
15 Orr Wm A 
17 Read Mrs Blanche 
19 Clare Robert J 
Private grounds 
23 Scott Wm, phy 
25 McCuiiough Pheiam 
27 Church John 
29 Knox Thomas H 
31 Quinn Mrs Cecelia 
33 Smith Mrs Lillian 
35 Hunter Thomas 
37 Correvon Mrs Sarah 
39 Walker Joseph 
41 Bates Rev James N 
43 Workman Mrs Rose 
45 Marsh Charles E 
47 Read Frank F 

49 Rathbone C S, bldr 
51 Walker Robert I 
53 Lawrence Albert E 

56 Burrow .Inraps 

57 Kane Thomas H 

50 Black George 

61 Williamson Albert G 

I f% p Lake Simcoe ana Grenadier Lake I f% p 

I t Telephone 217 or 5103, GRENADIER ICE & COAL CO; I \mJ 8L« 


^ Cor. Front and Yonge Sts., Toronto. ^ * I RUBBER BELTING. 


Bellf vue Av. 97 

63 Vollctt Thomas Y 
65 MeMulien James 

67 Hewitt James, bldr 
60 French Ernest K 
Tl Hewitt Robert, bldr 

77 Griffin Mrs Isidore 

Argyle st Intersects 
House, s e 

85 Llghtfoot Robert J 

87 Scott George 

89 Mnedonald Alexander 
89% Meyers Leonard 

91 Galvln Jamea 
93 Johnson George 
95 Johnson Richard A 
97 Spooner Charles H 
99 Barbour J W, bldr 
101 Martin Forgle 
Vacant lot 

Afton av Intersects 

107 Store, 8 e 

113 Galbralth George H Jr 

115 Lockhart Fred R 

117 Little Miss E, drsmkr 

119 Wright Matthew 

121 Hardv Wm R 

123 Johnson Herbert H 

125 McEvoy Dermot 

127 Flight Arthur 

129 Smith Richard, bldr 

131 Till Thomas E 

133 Punchard Charles 

Vacant lot 
139 Forrester George 
141 Savell Robert 
143 Forrester Andrew C 
145 Davidson Wm D 
147 Stltt Wm 

House, s e 

McKenzie eres ends 

House, s e 
159 Shaln Lewis 
161 Jones Mrs Mary 
163 Clarry Mrs Jane 
165 Chestnut Wm G 
167 Doyle James L 
169 Codling Wm M 
171 Fletcher Alfred C 
173 Harvey John H 
175 Macdonald Mrs M, gro 

Vacant lots 

West Side 

Store, s e 
10 McDonald John A 
14 Martin Wm P 
16 Griffith George W 

Griffith G E, pntr 
18 Boye Edward H 
20 Anderson John 
22 Smith James T 
24 Anthnnv James 
26 O'Orndy Stnndlsh G 
28 Lavhurn George 
30 Clarkson Mrs M A 
32 Collins Wllkle 
34 Martin Wm 
38 Farewell John J 
40 Lennox Charles 

Vacant lots 
52 Dalrvmple James S 
54 Rowlln Frank 

Vacant lots 

68 Harris John 

70 Harper Joseph W 
72 Stewart Edmund 
74 Raymore Henry S 

Argyle st Intersects 
House, s e 
76 Renter Ulrleh R 

78 Bullen Arthur B 
80 Kelso John J 

82 Long Gilbert R 

84 Meyers Mrs Amelia 

86 Idenden Frederick J 

88 Ament Wm 

90 Rllev Thomas 

96-98 Bradley John P, gro 

Afton av Intersects 
House, s e 
106 McMurchv John 

Wood Miss E A, nurse 

108 Bowman John M 
110 Howell James 
112 Fraser John 

Cross st commences 

114 Elliott Joseph 

116 Nauffts Wm H 

Nauffts Miss F M, mus 

118 Rankin James 
120 Pugsley BenJ E 
122 Lindner Mrs Mary 
124 Jamieson Mrs Jane 
126 Gray James 
128 Greatrex Christopher 
130 Fowler Charles H 
132 Acton John 
134 Moss J Albert 

Vacant lot 
138 Ross Hector 
140 Martin Percy 
142 Nelson John A 
144 Woolnough Wm W 
146 Wells Gerald A 
148 Ratcliffe Fred A 
150 Wilson Peter R 
152 Rullen George 
154 McMillan James W 
156 Rogers Mrs Mary 
158 Wilson James 
160 Crnwford Robert G 
162 Fitzslmons Thomas H 
164 Rogers Robert 
166 Barrett George T 

Collahle st commences 

168 Miller James 
Vacant lots 

BEATRICE AV, n from Ar- 
thur to College, second w of 
Bellwoods av, ward 5. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

2 Cuttell Charles E 
4 Gaskln Albert 

BEATY AV, n from 1500 King 
w to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

33 Embree Luther E 

Unfinished house 
39 Clark Wm 

Private grounds 
55 Duthle George Jr 

Private grounds 
69 McNeil John J 
71 Wilkinson Walter J 

Private grounds 
81 Bovce James G 
83 Rutherford J W 
85 Thompson Mrs E G 
87 Bell David R 

West Side 

House, s e 
32 Godson Arthur W 

Private grunds 
50 Gall George 
52 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
64 Clokey Wm J 

Vacant lots 
74 MacGregor Marshall 
76 Stlnson Simon D 

Church of Epiphany 

BEAU, n from Elm av to n 
of South Drive, first e of 
Glen rd, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
13 Osier Edmund B 
Holder John, r 

West Side 

12 Jamieson Philip 

BEAUMONT RD, e from Glen 
rd, first over the bridge, 
n of South Drive, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Rosedale Golf Club 

2 Dixon Samuel E 

3 Parsons Wm G 

4 Andrews W S 

5 Wilson Andrew 

South Side 

Not built on 

BEDFORD RD, n from 244 
Bloor w to Davenport rd, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

House, 8 e 
1 May Charles P 
3 Morton Henry R 
5 Palmer Wm j 
7 Madden George F 
9 Clark Frederick 
13 Perry James B 

Vacant lots 
Prince Arthur av intersects 

Vacant lots 
27 Hills Mrs Annie 
29 Masten Cornelius A 

Lowther av Intersects 
House, s e 

87 Campbell Archibald H Jr 

Elgin av ends 
Vacant lots 
93 Cassels Richard S 
95 Wallace Rev Prof F H 
97 Reid Thomas A 
99 Wylle James 
101 Thomson Miss J M 
103 Torrance Mrs B M 
105 Lalng John B 

Boswell av ends 
Vacant lots 

109 Brown Wm G 
Vacant lots 

115 Cassels Walter G 

117 Thomas Wm 

119 Poole John A C 
Larkln George A 

Tranby av ends 
House, s e 

121 Clark Thomas J 

123 Klrkpatrlck Arthur E 
125 Howland Sir Wm P 
127 McConnell Neaven 
129 Middleton Wm 

Bernard av Intersects 
131 Stewart John K 
133 Coulthard Rev Walter 

135 Mercer Malcolm S 

137 Bain James W 

139 Vacant 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, a e 
Prince Arthur av Intersects 
House, 8 e 

Lowther av intersects^ 
House, s e 
80 Courtice Rev A C 
82 Prentice David 
84 Moyle Henry 
86 Wood Edwin R 

88 Horetzky Charles O 
Vacant lot 

92 Doherty Wm K 
Vacant lots 
100 Phillips Wilson 
Vacant lots 

110 Stocks Miss Jessie 
Stocks Miss J. mus tchr 

112 George Hugh M 
114 MeWhinney Wm J 

116 Klrkpatrlck Mrs L Jane 

118 Greenwood Russell 

120 Burrows Acton 

122 Booth Wm 

124 Robinson Titus W 

136 Burton Phineas H 

138 Land Robert E A 

140 Gillies Alexander 
142 Cayley F Osmund 

Bernard av intersects 
House, s e 

track to Smith, second e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 

Carter Charles J 
3 Vacant 

East Side 

1 Egan James, carp 

West Side 

Not built on 

BELL, e from 195 River to 
Don Terrace, ward 1. 

North Side 

Kemp Mfg Co, s e 

South Side 

1 Moylan Patrick 
9 Terry Edwin J 

11 Collgan Mrs Ann 

13 Anderson Thomas 

15 Hutchinson Wm 

17 McEwen Wm J 
17% Nlcholls John 

19 Tomlin John W 

21 McCleary George 

23 Coombs Samuel 

25 Gillespie Mrs Elizabeth 

29 Woods John 

31 Geddes Robert 

33 Lucy Thomas 

35 Gray Mrs Mary A 

37 Pollard Mrs Charlotte 

39 Barstow Edmund L 

BELLAIR, n from 82 Bloor 
w to Yorkvllle av, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 
9 Campbell George B 
Cumberland st Intersects 
11 Collett Martin A 
13 Turner Wm J 
15 Smith Herbert 

17 French Joseph T, exp 

19 Hale Benjamin R 

21 Bobby Mrs M, dairy 

23 Cummings Mrs Mary 

25 Ockenden Wm A 
27 Offord Charles F 
29 Gillespie Wm E 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
8 Gohn Edward H 

Cumberland st intersects 

House, s e 

18 Woods John 

20 Waldon John 

22 Forsyth Wm F 

24 Jones Samuel M 

26 Daniels Mrs Susan 
House, s e 

Queen e. second w of Lee 
av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Douglas George i 
Hewlett Mrs Ellen 
McDonald Wm H 

BELLEVUE AV, n from 42 
Bellevue pi to College, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

Denison sq 
25 Macrae Mrs Maude 
27 Ranney Alexander 
29 Bnrroughes Fred C 
31 Gray Alfred W 
33 Ross Hugh 
35 Brown E Irving 
37 Mains John M 
39 Clements John M 
41 Gemmell Alexander Jr 
43 Sharpe John E 
45 Charlton Mrs J, dry gda 

Charlton Abraham 
47 Phillips Thos, bldr 
49 Baker Samnel 
51 Flett Mrs Emily 

To be had of i ny Printer, 
COMPANY, Limited. 




Price Lists, Etc. 




Telephone 2413. 


CAMPBELL, M.P., President. 

THOS. CRAWFORD, M.P.P., Vice-President. 
WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, General Manager. 

Selects risks in fire protected places, 
and gives rates accordingly. 


98 Bellevue Av. 


53 Smith Frederick J 
Frank Morrison, r 
55 Martin Mrs Helen 
57 Galloway Wm 
59 Galloway John L 
61 Clark D W, gro 

Nassau st intersects 
63 Abernethy James A 
65 Walker Mrs M S 

67 Gibbons Win. shoemkr 
Graham Mrs Margaret, r 
Storey Thomas H, r 

69 Pannabecker O R 

71 Hunt Joseph M 

73 Van Loon Mrs Evelyn 
73V> Crittenden Mrs L H 
75 Lowe George W 
77 Egan Michael 

Morrison Murdock. r 
79 Ferguson Joseph H 
83 I'im Edward J 

Oxford st intersects 

Private grounds 
87 Bellevue House Hospital 
91 Moore Charles F, phy 

95 Machell Henry T, phy 

99 Rroughall Rev A J 
St Stephen's Church 

West Side 

2 Watt James 
4 Cooke Clarence W 
6 Farrance Walter 
8 Hollinger James R 

10 Young James D, bldr 

12 Vacant 

14 Pavne J Webber 

16 McMullen Thomas, pntr 

16M. Phillips Mrs Ellen 

1SV» Wyatt Alfred 

20 Rice L E. phy 

20H Bright Thomas 

22 Davev James N 

24 Hay Wm D 

20 Robertson John 

30 Knox John A 

32 Hodgson Frederick T W 

34 Vacant 

Harris Edward, r 
86 White Mrs Mary A 
38 Johnstone Wm C 
42 O'Brien John 

44 O'Brien David 
4fi Garde John 

45 Wright James 
50 Willson John R 
52 Clinton Joseph 

54 Pearson Sirs Janet 
50 Flint Richard H 
58 Dixon George E 
00 Wilson Thomas G 

68 Hurst Frederick 

Nassau st intersects 

Vacant store 
70 Mitchell James 

72 Mitchell A S 

76 Riddell Mrs Jane 

78 Coutie David 

so Anderson Mrs Catherine 

82 Herdman Joseph F 

84 Martell Thomas, bldr 

86 Carter Walter 

SO Cornnell J Frederick 

94 Carpenter Dexter 

Oxford st intersects 

96 Sheppard Maxfleld 

B8 Mason Mrs Thomaslne 

100 Lovelock Henry 
102 Tipton Richard 

104 Dunsmore Andrew 
106 Wilson George L 

105 Taylor Wm 

110 Grant Archibald 
112 Gibson Barnabas 
114 Flvnn Joseph 
110 Wilson George H 
US Brines Henry 
120 Teeter P T 
122 Black Miss Jane 
Fire Hall No 8 

BELLEVUE PL, w from 24 
Augusta av to Carlyle, ward 


North Side 

Denlson sq 

Bellevue av commences 

House, s e 

46 Durham Charles 
Durham Miss M E, dress- 

4S Brayley John B 

50 Pye Henry A 

52 Byers Mrs Annie S 
Featherston George S 

54 Burkholder Harry R 

56 Young Wm 

58 Jamieson Wm 

60 Bowman John W 

62 Learmonth Andrew T 
64 Clark Thomas J 

66 Johnstone Thomas H 
68 White Mrs A, gro 

White Wm, pntr 

Leonard av commences 
House, s e 

74 Cunningham Charles 
76 Cooper Charles 

South Side 

1 Miller Wm McC 

3 Somers Harry B 

5 Willcocks Mrs Annie 

7 Foster Mrs Mary 

9 Henderson Wm 
11 Paterson James C 
13 Croft George H 
15 Butler Robert J 
17 Delbare Louis 
19 Bedford George R 
21 Peavoy George W 
23 Vacant 

25 Bogart Alonzo A 
27 Whatley Fred L 

Denison av ends 
29 Peterkin Charles R 

Private grounds 
39 Lavery Robert M 
41 Peterkin Charles R jr 
43 Schunck Wm C 
45 Waterhouse Benj A 

47 Gourlie Wm H 
49 King Joseph 

51 Davey Wm 

53 Barker Jesse W 
Barker Mrs A, pro med 

55 Mott Frederick T 

57 Miller Mrs Susannah 

59 Collyer Robt, mus tchr 
01 Hunt Henry G 

63 Walsh John 

67 Auger Michael 

73 Farrance Arthur R 

75 Curran Alfred 
77 Dickey John G 

79 Bell Mrs Margaret 
81 Hills Henry, dairy 
87 Connors Mrs Catherine 

BF.LI.WOODS AV. n from 708 
Queen w to Mansfield av, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Mix Daniel 

Lynch Mis K. drsmkr 
5 Clinkunbroonier James H, 
Vacant h-ts 

Croker av ends 
11 Stewart John 
13 McBretny Wm 
15 Johnson Thomas E 
17 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
31 Smith David S 
33 Beattle Wm 
35 Reid Wm A 

Robinson st ends 

Vacant lots 

St Matthias Church 
61 Jolley Mrs Mary G 

Jolley Miss F H, drsmkr 

Vacant lots 
81 Stanley Mrs Marion 
83 Pretty Alfred 
85 Pepioe Miss C C, nurse 
89 Evans George 
91 She-ton Mrs Emma 
93 Thornton Joseph 
95 Webster James H B 
99 Moynlhan Michael 
101 Vahev Michael 

103 Mumby James A 
105 Vacant 

-07 Bartholomee Mrs A 
10!) May Henry N 
111 Vacant 

113 Westwood George C 
115-19 Newcombe O & Co, 


Bellwoods pi ends 
121-31 Newcombe O & Co, 

piano factory 
135 Trotter James A 
137 McCallum Wm 
139 Yerex Nathaniel 
141 Lindsay Joseph 
143 Morley George W 
145 McLean Richard 
147 Dawson Arthur 
149 Pearson Win T W 
151 Denman Arthur 
153 Whlttingham J W, pntr 
155 Stafford Peter J 

Stafford Mrs C 
157 Thornton Peter S 
159 Mahaffy Wm J 
101 Lee Joseph J 
103 Basket t John, H 
105 Griffiths Mrs E 
167 Oormack James B 
109 Pringle J Howard 

Arthur st Intersects 
175 Boddy T'lysses. gro 
177 Spring James 
179 Tamil n George 
181 Delanv John 
183 McCartney David J 
185 G'trvin Sirs Elizabeth 
187 Forsyth Benjamin 
189 Bavornft Mrs Minnie 
191 McPherson David 
193 Pickering Mrs Jane 

Weber D A. plstr 
195 Main Richard J 
197 Ching Henry H 

Plymouth nv intersects 

199 Lackev Thomas 
201 Bradley John 
203 McGraw George 
207 Harris Edward R 
209 Deacon Win J 
211 Parry Mrs Jane 

Private grounds 
215 Litheo Robert 
217 Deavitt John 
219 Mackay John C 
221 Richtor Wm H 
223 Stepjhenson Adam 
225 Stone Edwin G 
227 Robinson Edgar 
229 HoKson Arthur A 

Hobsnn Mrs E C, gro 

Treford pi ends 

Vacant lots 
235 Honoveombe John 
237 Hickerson Marshall 
239 Piatt John 
241 Langhlln John, dairy 
243-49 Vacant (4^ 
251 Black Mrs Jane 
253 Hurst John 

House, s c 

West Side 

Private grounds 
38-40 Rear entrances 
Private grounds 

Arthur st Intersects 

Store, s e 

184 Haggar Henry 
188 Beasant George 
190 Crawford John 
192 Morrall James 

194 Spicer Alexander 
Bowman James W 

196 Goldring Thomas, pntr 

Plymouth av intersects 

195 Kennedy James 
200 Mose Martin 
202 Goodman Wm J 
204 Townley Wm H 

200 Galloway Win. pro mod 
208 Gilmore Joseph 
210 Pepall George 
212 Wellmaun Edward 
214 MeCullouirh Robert W 

216 Bryan Mrs Jane 

Heeds Joseph 
218 Billingsley Mrs Sarah 
220 Cornish Thomas 
222 Newman Christopher 
224 Sullivan John" 
220 Otter Frank 
228 Knowlcs Benjamin M 
230 Baker Mrs EMen 
234 McMillan John 

Vacant lot 
240 Thompson Robert 
244 Lobban Charles 
246 Rhodes Fred 
248 Lawson Christian 
250 Pinkerton James 
252 Wilson Charles J 
254 Wtllmott Mrs Agnes 
250 Castlor George A 
258 Clemo Joseph F 
200 Braithwalte Wm 
202 Mole John W 
200 McKichan H"nrv F 
20S Dineen Mrs Elizabeth 

r.Ei.r. woods park, w 

from 240 Crawford to Shaw, 
ward 5. 


North Slide 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Hnntincfnrd Roy E 

2 Preston Win T R 

3 Coleman Richard H 
House, s e 

128 Clan m int to Bellwoods 
av, ward 5. 

& Co, 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Riley Robert G 
1211 Newcombe O 
Factory, s e 

South Side 

House, s o 

3 Jeffs Thomas 
5 Wilson Thomas 
7 Harbour Wm G 
Store, s e 

BELMONT, w from 9S2 
longe. ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Gardiner Wm A 
4 Alston George E 
6 Sheppard Peter 
8 Sheppard Wm 
10 Ireland Francis 
12 Choi will Mrs E A 
14 Stuart. David G 
10 Moore George H 
18 Kerr Henry 
22 Sheppard John 
24-28 Vacant houses (3) 
30 Lyons Louis 
32 Young Donald 
34 Hammond John 
30 Sayers F W 
38 Golf John C 
40 Grant Francis W 
42 Menear Joseph 
44 Gillespie George 
40 Carter John 
48 Stewart Henry 
50 Wilson Mrs Eliza J 
52 Moat Albert W 
54 Flay Walter 
50 Field Joseph 
58 Harvey Amos 
00 Webster George 
02 Johnston James 
64 McLaren John 
66 Sheppard Frederick 
08 Sheppard Mrs Jane 
70 Jacobs Mrs S. drsmkr 
72 Holmes Mrs Fannie 
74 Derrv Anson 
76 Brown Robert 
78 Trimble Robert 
80 Sheppard John 


53 Richmond St, East* 





An Unexcelled Record 

The Temperance and General Life 



82 Rversfleld Henry 
84 Ford George 
88 Madill ltulHTt II 
00 Robinson Wm 

04 Smith Jam s 
06 Ruiien Miles 

05 Waldnim Robert 
100 MaJcolm Wm 
102 Morris Walter K 


th Side 

Store, s e 
1-3 Vacant (2) 

Sarah st commences 
7 Pearce John 
Meat Oliver J 
11 Lines Mrs Liter 
13 Th dy Mrs Sarah 
1." JbdrefJ John 
IT Vacant 

19 Ix>vett James 

21 Gandlelie James r 
23 I.edlngham Jam' s 
25 La vert v IV m 
27 Martin Albert 

20 Brvcn Wm E 

SI McClelland Jacob 
33 Brown James 

McMnrrlch st ends 
43 Aged Men's Home 
51 Aged Women's Home 

Lumber rard 
73 7.". Vacant (2) 

Store, s e 

BF.I.SHAW AV. s from 325 
Wilton av. ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Gorham Edward 
3 Bracken Dennis J 
5 Chamberlain Arthur 
7 Vose G H 
King Robert 

11 Lowrv David 

13 Coultler Charles W 

15 Nicol Wm 

17 Johnston Wm W 

19 Pagan Mrs Jennie 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Webber Wm 

4 Andrews Edwin 

6 La Belle Emile 

8 Gagnon John 
10 Corbett David 
12 Coshurn Thomas 
14 Williamson Wm G 
16 Oulton George 
18 Andrews Absalom 
20 McWllllam Alexander 
22 Zock Leopold 
24 Daley John 

BERKELEY, n from the 
Bay to 215 Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

Factory, s e 

K R crossing 

Railway yard 

Gas Co's works, s e 
Front st e Intersects 
So St Lawrence Foundry Co 
King st e intersects 

Store, s e 
55 Flynn John 
57 Graham Wm 
59 Crawford Wm 
61 Vonzuben Frank 
63 Howarth John 
65 Pethick Wm G 
67 Mounce John 
69 Brindle John 
71 Simpson Robert 

Simpson Wm O, phy 
73 MeEaehren Neil D 
75 Wood Peter F 
77 Wright John 
79 Briusmead Thomas H 

Duke st intersects 

Berkeley. 99 

House, 8 e 
89 Beatty Adam, builder 
Beatty Adam A, phy 
Private grounds 
Or Uadcliffe Henry 
99 Moore John A ' 
103 Dale John H, dairy 
10.> Bowden Francis A 
107 Allward Charles H 
109 Bastien Mrs Maud 
111 Smith Mrs Sophia 
113 Holding .lames W 
115 Wilson Frederick 
117 Godwin Mrs Ellen 

Duchess st Intersects 
119 House, s e 
123 Earnest George 
125 Smith John 
127 Williamson Mrs Ellen 
129 Durnan Miss M, drsmkr 
129"/ 2 Elgie Mrs Nora 
131 Gunsell Mrs Cecily 
133 Qulgley Samuel 
13> Oakley George F 
137 Kirkpatriek Wm E 
139 Gilroy Mrs Catherine 
141 Foley Mrs A, confy 
Foley J James 

A lane 

Burns John, r 
Metcalfe Wm, r 
143 St George's Hall 
Collins John 
Store, s e 

Queen st e intersects 
149 Store, s e 

151 Cooper George H, plmbr 
lolu.Rothwell It, shoemkr 
153 Mctjuillen O. blksmith 
Ramsey lane Intersects 

157 Jewell Frederick 

159 MeCarter James 
161 Byrnes Edward 
163 Farley Wm 

165 Wilson Mrs Margaret 
167 Gardiner James 

160 Hoyland G Henry 
171 Cates S M, horse dlr 
173 Salmons James 

177 linrt Mrs Elizabeth. 
179 Simmington John 
181 Nicholson John, contr 
185 Green Mrs Elizabeth A 
187 Wakefield Mrs Jane 
189 Fogarty Wm 

Neligan John, exp 
191 Butterfield Wm 

Sydenham st Intersects 
193 Charlie Sing, Indry 

A lane 

109 Kelly David J 
201 O'SulIlvan Michael J 
203 O'Sullivan Wm 
207 Knapp Wm H 

Woolgar Miss H, drsmkr 
209 Starling Wm S 
211 Kay Miss Agnes 
213 Fleming Wm G 
215 Gledhill E, mus tchr 
217 Armstrong Mrs Catherine 
219 Spottiswood Mrs M A 

Thomson Frederick, r 
221 Cosburn Richd J, dairy 
223 McCabe Michael T 
225 Turner Thomas Mcl 
227 Langton Thomas 
231 Frotherbv Henry A 
235 Carter Wm A 
239 Blair Francis, express 
241 Delaney John 
243 Thompson Miss Jane 
247 Thompson John W 
249 MeBrldeJohn B, exp 
251 Jackman John 
255 Roddy Mrs Isabella 
257 O'Connor Mrs Margaret 
259 Poole Thomas H 
261 Smith Frank 
263 Reith John 
265 Smith Mrs Barbara 
267 De Lesque Mrs Norma 
269 Blacklock Archibald 

Coatsworth lane Intersects 
27" Store, s e 

Wilton av intersects 

House, s e 

A lane 

281 Taylor Mrs M E 
283 Thompson Joseph E 
285 Harris Mrs Grace 
„, " :lrri ? W J. mus tchr 
287 Mapells U G, mus tchr 
289 MeGann Mrs Anne 
291 Perry Alexander 
293 Furze Harry 
295 Clarke Jabez W 
297 Vickery Orlando 
299 Walker Walter J 
301 Wiggins Thomas 
303-25 Dufferin School 
327 Williams Mrs C, confv 

Williams Francis 
329 Winnett John E 
331 nagerman Nicholas 
335 Ockley Rev John F 
337 Felkin Wm D 
339 Wickett Samuel R 
341 Mortimer James 
343 Williams George C 
345 Moss Sydney 
347 McLean Hector 
349 MeCleary Wm J 
351 MaeMillan Mrs Mlnne 
353 McCraw David 
355 Milues James H 

A lane 

357 Weston Wm H 

Colver Miss A, drsmkr 
359 Mansell Charles F 

House, s e 
Gerrard st e Intersects 

House, s e 
365 Hamilton Robert 
367 Gearing Thomas V 

Gearing Edward, bldr 
371 Bain Thomas R 
373 Squarey Wm R 
375 Hynes Mrs Margaret 
377 Scott James C 
381 Johnston Albert 
383 Christie W T m 
385 Ridley James McG 
387 Daniel Mrs K F 
389 Campbell Mrs Ann 
391 Robertson Miss Jessie 
393 Shaw Harry N 

A lane 

House, s e 

West Side 

Lumber yard, s e 

R R crossing 
Heeson Rocking Grate 
Bar Co 
6-8 Treloar, Blashford & Co, 
10-12 Tor Knitting Factory 
Gas Works, s e 

Front st e intersects 
Vacant lot 
44-46 Vacant offices (2) 
Vacant lot 
Office, s e 

King st e Intersects 
56 Greenshields James H 

66 Cronin Walter H 
Cronin Dennis P, r 
Fire Hall No 4 

Duke st Intersects 
72 McAdam Wm 
74 McCrlmmon Daniel 
76 Mathieson Alexander 
78 Heslop Thomas M 
80 Vacant 
82 Vacant 

84 Hunt Thomas H 
86 Hunter George E 
88 Wood James W 
90 Virgin Robert S 
92 McGulre John 
94 Bradley Norman S 
06 Pearsall Benjamin 
98 Johnston Harry 
Jarvis Wm B, r 
102-4 Bacon Wm H 
Kitchen Wm 

Verner J J & Co, bottlers 
106 Jones Robert C 
108 Levy Joseph L 
110 Urquhart Donald 
112 McKav John R 

Duchess st intersects 

House, s e 
118 Graham Robert 
J20 Forsyth Walter 
122 Gardiner Thomas 
£5 Kfchards Frank E 
126 Murphy Mrs Marv 
loo U allln « n Miss J,' drsmkr 
J2S Perry Mrs Sarah 
J52 MeGolpln Wm J 
132 Eyrie Franklin P 

Walsh James, bottler, r 

Church, s e 

Queen st e intersects 

142 Hiiand Wm P 

144 Haight Horace 

146 Hopkins Albert L 

146K, Caswell Wm A 

Ramsey lane intersects 

148 Cooper Mrs Margaret 

150 Fallon John 

l.i2 Van Bnren Mrs Marv B 

154 Howell Wesley 

150 Wyatt James S 

108 Snook John 

100 Vaughan George 

162 Clement John H 

164 Farrall Francis 

166 Greene James 

168 Clarkson John A 

170 Trevers Mrs Elizabeth 

172 Martin John 

174 Martin Wm J 

176 McLaughlin Michael 

178 Curran Mrs Sarah 

ISO Muir Robert S 

182 Scott Mrs Susan, gro 

Sydenham st Intersects 
184 Sheridan John 
186 Mason Mrs Mary 
188 Curran James D 
190 Bain Richard W 

Bain Mrs Alice, confy 
192 Magone R. shoemkr 
194 Carroll Alfred E 
196 Hamilton George B 

Howell Eugene D 
198 Davles Edgar J 
200 Carroll John 
202 Moroney Joseph 
204 McQnillen Owen 
200 Woodstock Wm H 

Houghton Mrs L, nurse 
208 Hall Duncan 
210 Rosar Wm J 
212 Knight John 
214 W'atson Wm J 
216 Lumsden James 
218 Walker Wm 
220 Upton Frederick M 
222 Mason Sirs Susan 
224 Flynn James J 
226 Jackman Frank 
228 Lemon Wm 
230 Stewart James B 
232 Swain John L 
234 Graham Wm H 
236 Gray Robert 
238 Heidmann Henry 
242 Anted Edward 
244 Martin Frederick W 
246 Rogers George 
248 Bretz Aaron 
250 Storm Miss Annie E 
252 May Richard 
254 Vanzant Nelson 
Coatsworth lane Intersects 

House, s e 

Wilton av intersects 

Store, s e 



TORONTO POTTERY CO., 75-81 Cottingham St. 'Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents,: 

26 Wellington St. East. 

Tel. No. 423. 

100 Berkeley. 


274 McGee Mrs Bridget E 

276 McClay James 

278 Mitotan Samuel 

280 Wickens Albert M 

282 Owens Albert 

284 Myers Wm 

286 Buik Win 

288 Pogne John 

290 Hoskin Thomas 

282 Watson Jota 

294 Lynar Peter J 

296 Armstrong Frank jr, bldir 

298 Burns Mrs Sarah 

300 Tomllnson Thomas 

302 Hart Emanuel 

804 Lamoreaux E Alexander 

306 Rogers John F 

308 Wright Wm 

810 Dandy Mrs Sarah 

312 Grlerson Charles 

314 Park Andrew 

816 Boyle David 

318 Patterson Samuel 

820 Street Robert 

322 Smith Wm B 

824 Hagerman Albert H 

326 Bord Alexander 

828 MoCnffrv James R 

330 Fleming Wm F 

332 Oallowav George A 

834 Treb'looek Albert H 

336 Co moron Joihn 

33S Hnmblv Frederick P 

340 Gnb"il George D 

842 O'Connor Wm 

344 Seboley Joseph 

846 Stewart Mrs Lily 

House, s e 
Gerrard st e intersects 

House, s e 
356 Cook Wm J 
358 Roils Henry J 
860 Westman Miss Mary A 
362 Doran James 
864 Herbert Frederick H 
366 McGlffln John S 
368 Cauldwelt Mrs Margaret 

Canldwell Thomas 
870 Sm'th Mrs Isabel 
872 Anderson James I 
374 Leeson Harry 
376 Jackes Price 
378 Ronnie Robert B 

Rennie R & Sen. roofers 
880 LnmheTS .Tames H 
382 Bu=teed John 
384 Barry Mrs Clara 
886 Lanraik James 
388 Blackburn Arthur R 
390 Amos John 

House, s e 

BERNARD AV. w from 128 
Avenue rd to Walmer rd. 
ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Nlenl Mrs Jane 
10 McMullen Mrs Louisa 
14 Dowlcr Rev John A 
20 Piper Edward S 
22 Piper Hiram L 
24 Hall Rev Robert R 
26 Vacant 
28 Vacant 

30 Lnrkln Miss Margaret 
32 Burrows Stuart 
34 T.ncev Juflson C T 
36 Marks John W 
38 Co in obeli Mrs Kate 
40 Moncrleff Wm G 
42 Wicmore Alfred S 
46 Rolivh Alfred J 
48 Brown Mrs Ellen 
50 Ph"!o Edward J 

Booth & Co. carps, r 

Hou^e, s e 

Bedford rd Intersects 
60 Lefroy A Henry F 
62 Campbell Miss E S 

Vacant lots »o end 

South Side 

House, s e 
7 Hook Thomas 
9 Smily Thomas 

Smlly O A, elocutionist 

Private grounds 
19 Murphy E. F 
21 Hall Mrs Martha C 

Hall Miss M, mus tchr 

Hall Miss K, artist 
23 Forster Harvey A 
25 Stewart Joseph O 
27 Murray John I 

Vacant lot 
31 McMaster John K 
33 Anderson Edwin E 
35 Lawson Joseph 
37 Klrvan Win 
39 Badgerow Abram H 
41 Taylor Mrs Tilla H 
43 Jones James E 
45 Chambers Wm T 
47 Green Charles 

Vacant lot 

House, s e 

Bedford rd Intersects 

House, s e 
53 O'Hara Henry R 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished house, s e 

Admiral rd ends 
69 Horsey Mrs Mary 
Vacant lots to end 

BERRYMAN, w from 95 Dav- 
enport rd to Hezelton av, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Nclles Mrs Elizabeth 
12 Chapman Walter 
14 McMaster Thomas 
16 Dwlght Albert F 
18 Vacant 

20 Somers Arthur T 

22 Carter-all Wm 

24 Caldwell Hush 

26 Newby Joseph 

28 Godding Charles 

30 Woods Mrs Annie 

32 Cantwell Wm J 

34 Finch Josenh 

36 Robinson Charles W 

Private grounds 
40 Green Samuel 
42 Eraser Duncan 
44 Cundall Ben1 P 
46 Armour Wm 
48 Murray Davidson M 

House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

7 Benvllle Mrs Catherine 

9 Worthy Joseph 
11 Davis Wm 
13 Johnston Joseph 
15 Dechert John 
17 Tucker George 
19 Carter Mrs Mary A 
21 Richards Albert 
23 Hutchison James 
25 Brace Joseph 
27 Vacant 
31 Lusty Charles 
33 George Wm 
35 Hoedc Joseph 
37 Plowman C W 
39 Ge'lnas Alfreu 
41 Stephenson Arthur 
43 Cambridge John J 
45 Fisher Wm K 
47 Moffat Robert S 
49 Hooper Frederick 
House, s e 

HERTL n from 52 Richmond 
e to Queen e, ward 3. 

East Side , 

1 Registry office 
House, s e 

West Side 

Can Institute, s e 
8 Ent to Lodge Rooms 
10 Shortlss Thomas, confr 
12 Grand Orange Hall 
14 Lee Wm 

Victoria Hall, s e 

Store, s e 

BEST'S PL, e from a lane off 
Bruce, first w of Shaw, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

56 Ferrier Joseph I 
58 Turner Samuel P 

South Side 

52 Sweett Joseph 
54 Brown Henry S 

BEVERLEY, n from 272 
Queen w to College, ward 4. 

ICast Side 

1 Trenwith Wm 

3 Wright Miss Maud 

Hern James 
5 McElroy Mrs Eliza 
7 Dyson Mrs" Margaret 
9 Kerr Daniel 

11 MoGill Janies 

13 Chrrie Wm 

Ross G W & Co, livery, r 

15 Phelan Miss Sarah 

17 Fisher Wm 

19 Power John 

21 Cosgriffe Mrs Ellen 

23 Wilson Thomas 

25 Kelly James, dairy 

29 Walker Wm R 

31 Morrison John 

33 Dyson John T 

35 Walkev John 

37 Geariri Mrs Ellen 

39 Alexander John 

Stephanie st ends 
House, s e 

41 Vacant 

43 Hughes James G 
45 Crowe Thomas 
47 Williamson Robert C 
49 Martin Wm 

Martin Wm M, registry 
51 Kent Joseph 
53 Quirk John 

Onlrk Miss A. mus tchr 
55 Phillips Edmund W 

Grange rd endB 

Private grounds 
109 Bullock Jami s N 

Wintersglll Matthew 

Stilloway James W W 
123 Copeland Robert J 
125 Vacant 

129 Townsend Mrs Alice M 
131 Jarvis Stephen M 

St Patrick st Intersects 
House, s e 
133 Sanson Mrs Alice 
135 Dennis Edmund 
137 McLean Neil 
139 McLeTIn Alexander F 
141 Sampson Alexander 
145 Bingham G A 
147 King John 

D'Arcy st Intersects 

151 Pelrce G Felix 

159 Goodcrham Wm H 

161 Rainbow John 

103 Hawthorne Mrs Susan 

Hawthorne E, drsmkr 

Private grounds 
179 Matthias Charles Z 

Baldwin st Intersects 
185 Vacant 
187 Vacant 
189 Hanlan Edward 
193 Morang George N 
195 MacKellar Mrs Adellna 

MacKellar Misses, school 
197 Vacant 
199 Brandon Janies 
201 Sherds Harry 
203 Balnes Christopher C 

Cecil st intersects 
205 Carrey Matthew 
207 Applegath Jesse 
209 Weller Henry L M 
211 Wilson Robert S 
213 Vacant 

215 Henry Mrs Letitia 
217 Qulgley Robert J 

219 Ruthven Mrs Anua B 
221 Knowles Itev Robert 
223 Wether Charles H 
225 Singer Jacob 
227 Beatty Miss E, drsmkr 
229 Wood Samuel T 
231 McMaster Robert S F 
233 Stewart Mrs Florence E 
235 Muntz Eugene G 
237 Shields Charles 
239 Murray Charles B 
241 Cable Wm 
243 Phillips James 
245 Kew Wm 
247 Whelan Mrs Mary 
House, s e 

West Side 


2-4 Store, s e 
12 CrasMey Cartage Co 
14 Greenway Miss Annie 
16 Amory Wm J, eontr 
18 Lester Wm 
20-34 Elliot & Co, drug mil] 
Phoebe st commences 
40 Fletcher James J 
42 Ca there Charles 
44 Gemmell Robert 
46 Synge Mrs A, drsmkr 

Black Mrs T. mus tchr 
48 Norris Alexander 
50 Flint Richard H 
52 Crispin Wm H 
54 HefTernan Edward F 
56 Harris James 
58 Hill Frederick W 
60 Johnstone J K 
62 wyjjnmson Thomas 
64 Gibson Wm J 
66 Lucas George H 
68 Hughes Mrs Margaret E 
70 Bain John 

Sullivan st commences 
Baptist Church 
76 Banwell Mrs Jane W 
78 McBuriiey Miss Ann J 
80 Langton Thomas 
84 Dover Wm 
90 Cavlev Frank 
98 Caldwell David 

Grange rd commences 

House, s e 
100 Walker Herbert B 
106 Keating Edward H 

Private grounds 
St Patrick st intersects 

Private grounds 
136 Beai-dmore George W 
150 Cawthra Mrs Eliz J 

D'Arcy st intersects 

Private grounds 
174 Beardmore Walter D 

Vacant lots 

Baldwin st intersects 
186 Conlson Duncan 
194 Bethune Henry J 
196 Curry James 
.198 Winnett Henry 
200 Innes Mrs Annie 
202 McMahon John S 
204 Hammond Mrs Maria 

Cecil st intersects 
206 Spragire Edward W, phy 
210 Lee John N 

Hawley Marshall B 
214 Matheson James D 
210 Brock Henry 
218 Swabey Mrs Eliz A 
220 Bertram George H 
222 Mechan Mrs Ann 
224 Haines Mrs Amelia 
226 Carey Johnston 
228 Thompson Chris W 

House, s e 

BINSCARTH RD. e from end 
of Roxborough c, ward 2. 

North Side 


City Iim!t9 
Dnndas Aiex, dairy 
Ritchie cres commences 

11 Richmond 



Number of the Standard' Mining Exchange 

Tol. and Cable address, 

Codks: Bedford Mc- 
Neill's, Clough's. 
Moreingand Neal. 


12 Adelaide St. E. 'Phone 1842 


Blee.cker. 101 

Vacant lots 

Glen rd Intersects 
Despard Francis A 
HO Vacant 
Sale Julian 
Thomson Alexander 

South Side 


City limits 
Pelham pi commences 
Grant Wm Forsyth 

Glen rd intersects 
Townsend Benson J 

BIRCH AV, w from 1196 
Yonge to rear of Avenue rd, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 MacMillan Miss Mary 
10 White James 
12-14 Fair Jos< pu H 
16 Murray Charles 
18 Carmiehai 1 Nell 
20 Martin Edward 
22 Cox George 
24 Holmes David G 
26-28 Baptist Mission * 
30 Hicks Frederick L. 
82 Tonilineon Geo W 
34 Cook T Arthur 
36 Hodson Harry F 
38 Onley Thomas G 

Vacant lot 
46 Moore Arthur H 
48 Farley James 
50 Gillies Robert 
52 Dykes Andrew 

Vacant, r 
CO McBrlde Peter, dairy 
62 Macey Charles 
64 Ross Mrs Ellen 
66 Dodds John J 
68 Dwan Miss Julia 
70 Farris Henry 
74 Cni-p |V "ter Wm H 
76 Wedekamm Albert 
78 Shill Robert 
80 Caldwell Theophllns 
82 Taylor Charles T F 
86 Me'Brirte Alelrbnld 
88 McRrirte Edward 
90 McBr'de John 
92 Hamilton James H 
94 Brookes Thomas 
96 Cobnrn R"V Jnmes 
98 Coss Robert E 
100 Rnner Chnrles J 
VP Will' Mrs Eleanor 
112 Harding Enens 
114 We'ch Wm J 
116 Griffin John 

South Side 

17 Vacant 

19 Breen H L. flour 

21 Russell William 

23 Brvce John 

25 Glbbora Joseph 

27 Banl Wm J 

29 Abbs Miss h A. drsmkr 

Grange av ends 

31 Gibson William 
33 Spencer Wm 
35 Johnson Andrew 
•37 Garvin John 
39 Ford John 
41 Brtges John 
43 Green Wm 
45 Hetishnll Arthur J 

School irronnds 
65 McBr'de Wm 
69 Brartv Terrence H 
75 Davis Edwin • 

TURTLE w from Dnndas, 
tot n of Conduit, ward 6. 

Not built on 

BISHOP, w from 113 Daven 
port rd, ward 3, 

North Side 

Garrett Robert J 
2 Jollow Henry 

4 Hilborn Albert 

6 Hawes Frederick J 

8 McMahon Patrick 

10 Fowler Thomas A 

12 Warner Thomas J 

14 Harrison Wm 
16 Crysler Colin A 

18 Loeffler John F 

20 Blackmore George J 

22 Green Oliver J 

24 Snell Daniel 

26 Madgett Robert J 

South Side 

5 Dryland Harry 

7 Smalley Robert 

9 Tyler Charles 

11 See James 

13 Bolger John J 

15 Ellis John, contr 

19 Muff Alfred A 

21 Hardlnge George M 

23 Elnboden Mrs Hannah 

25 Vacant 

27 Barger Joseph 

29 Meades Edward J 
31 Madill Thomas J 
33 Edwards Ancll 
35 Lawless James J 
37 Adams Wm 
39 Loudon Eleanor 
41 Copping John H 

BISMARCK AV, e from 775 
Yonge, ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
10 Lewis Mont G 
12 Vardon J T, bldr 
14 Flynn John H 
18 Burcher Mrs Ann 
20 Crown Robert, pntr 
22 White Mrs L E, drsmkr 
24 Crown Mrs Mary 
26 Ausman James W 
28 Hubertus Mrs Marie A 
30 Shepherd George H 

Powell Mrs S, nurse 
32 Wilkes Wm H 
34 Davidson Mrs Margaret 
36 Beard Miss Louise 
38 Coombs John 
40 Wilson Abraham H 
42 Fair Mrs Emlllne D 
44 Wright Bryan 

Wright Miss S, drsmkr 
46 Allen Mrs C, bdg hse 

House, s e 

Park rd Intersects 

House, s e 

50 Langford Arthur L 

52 Trent Ernest W 

54 Ashdown Vincent E 

56 Foster Fred C 

58 Mcintosh John 

60 Jackson John 

62 Galbraith Richard 

64 Lowes John M 

66 Keith George A 

68 Rice Mrs Fanny Li 

70 Henderson A J 

72 Bonser Wm 

74 Halford Frank S 

76 Wood Thomas 

78 Gausby George 

Gausby Miss E, nurse 
Gausby Miss A, nurse 

80 Wright John M 

82 Thomas Rev Herbert n 

South Side 

Hotel, s e 
9 French Mrs Elizabeth 

15 Harris Jesse K 

19 Key Wm H 

23 Edwards Mrs S, nurse 

27 Dodsworth Thomas 

29 Stlnson Mrs Mary 

33 Jouffret Mrs K A 

85 Dorgan Timothy 
Burns Miss Ann, r 
Moulton College, r e 

Park rd Intersects 

House, s e 

BLACKBURN, n from Mount- 
Stephen to Gerrard e, first 1 
e of Don River, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Pearce Richard 

3 Bacon Reuben S 

5 Bacon Samuel E 

7 Petry Thomas 

9 White Capt Wm 
11 Morse James 
13 Allendorf Mrs Emma 
15 Curry Hugh 
17 Marchment Sidney A 
19 Hicks Wm H 
21 Brown John W 
23 Graham Albert E 

West Side 

Not built on 

70 Davenport rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Dale John 
4 Crowley Richard 
6 Mead Sarah 
8 Connelly Patrick 
10 Graham Thomas 
12 Raymer Mrs Mary H 
Store, s e 

South Side , 

Not built on 

BLAIR AV, n from 92 Syd- 
enham to Wilton av, ward 

East Side 

House, s e 

Currie pi commences 
House, s e 

Regent av Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

St David st Intersects 
41 Clayton Robert 
43 Thomas Daniel 
Vacant lots 

53 Evans Mrs Catherine 
55 McCurry James J 

57 Thompson James C 

59 Hynes Richard 

61 Millson David 
63 Field John W 

65 O'Donneli Mrs Alice 
67 Matthews John 

69 Blncette Frank 

71 Hunter Wm L 

73 Wright Robert 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Burley Richard 
4 Roberts James 
6 Mission Hall 
8 Franks John 

Regent av Intersects 
House, s e 
House, s e 

St David st Intersects 
House, s e 
46 James Walter 
48 Gordon Wm 
50 Faulkner Ford 
52 Banks John 

54 Sheehan Mrs Mary 
56 Deerlng Henry F 

58 Cowan Mrs Nellie 

60 Maodonald Wm J 

62 Corln Mitchell J 

70 Openshaw Alexander 

72 Garrett Edward T 
Garrett Mrs S. confr 

74 Le Bar Joseph A 

BLAKE, n from GTR track, 
first w of Jones av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

2 Peake Oliver 

Vacant lots 
20 Reed George R 
22 Craeknell E George 

BLAKE AV, w from Christie 
first n of Bloor w, ward 5*. 

Not built on. 

BLEECKER, n from 186 
Carlton to Howard, ward 

East Side 

St Peter's Church, s e 
9 Alexander Mrs Edith 

II Thomson Wm 
13 Stewart Wm 

15 Brooke Charles E 

17 Beatty Alexander 

19 Ashcroft Rev Richard " 

21 Meredith Mrs Florence 

23 Noble Wm 

25 Cowle Hedley V 

27 Haynes George 

31 Nesbitt John A 

37 Bruce John 

39 Dowsley Mrs Jane O 

41 Ashby Wm 

45 Cutts Wm, artist 

47 Greenwood Wm H 

49 Vannevar James 

Pollard L, florist, r 
51 Chapman Alfred 
55 Winters John R E 
59 Faircioth Mrs Sarak 
61 Chattoe Joseph 
63 Webb John W 
65 Norris Henry 
67 Lumbers Wm 

69 Frearson John, coal oil 
71 Sinclair Alexander 

Lamb Charles, r 
71% Purvis Charles V 
73 Ellisson Harry W 

Bell Edward, r 
75 Barclay Henry M 
77 Hurst Aubrey O 

70 Jeffries Wm J 

81 Hawley Herbert L 
as Brown Wm 
85 Macdonald Mrs Jane 
87 Vacant 

91 Loan Edward, lndry 
93 Wigham Cuthbert 
97 Brown Wm 
99 Tompkins Albert 
101 Withrow Wm J 
101V& Forrester Edward 
103 Creighton Mrs Adelaide 
105 Kirk Benjamin 
107 Roy Reuben, pntr 
Store, s e 

Wellesley st Intersects 
Store, s e 
109 Hyde Benjamin T 

III Scott John 

113 Allward Walter S 

Fagan Hugh, r 
115 Sparrow Joseph W 
117 Burfoot Mrs Jane 
119 Adams Wm, bldr 
121 Moore Henry 
125 Fowler Edwin 
127 Flynn Daniel 
129 Dolan Joseph F 
129V4 Stemmans George 
135 Perrin A P, mus tchr 
137 Jamieson Charles 
139 Gardner Charles E 
139% Weeks Thomas W 

Buck John F, r 
141 Jackson Mrs Charlotte 

Buck John F, r 
143 Statham Wm 
145 Andrews Wm D 

Bleecker pi commence* 
149 Boyes Nelson 
151 Hamill John A 
153 Paton Hugh 
155 Blunt Henry 

Vacant lot 
159 Siddall John W 
161 O'Brien Alfred C B. 
163 Porter Orlando 
165 Anderson John 


rpopirn^rT^ros. Typewriter Co. m %"o^ m 

,£ Adelaide E 'Pk one 2&fl Typewriters Rented. J. J. SEITZ, Manager. 





167 Hallam John 

167% Johnston Alex L 

169 Lalor Thomas 

171 Moore James K, carp 

Donovan Mi's Joanna 
173 Broom Frank D 
175 Broom Mrs Mary- 
Broom Miss E, drsmkr 
177 Bates Thos, shoemkr 

Swatheridge Mrs Annie 
181 Hunter Wm 
183 Dover Wm A 
183i/o Parker Wm H 
185 Perry Frederick E 
185y 2 Grav Richard B 
187 Lawson Mrs Elizabeth 
189 Kerr Charles W 
191 Reynolds Henry 
19iy 2 Coleman Rev Robert J 
193 Anderson Wm 
195 Bell Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
201 Davis Bldwell N 
203 Moffat Thomas B 
205 Gould Leumas 
207 Muir John 
209 Stewart Bernard 
211 Bingham Mrs Carrie 
213 Nickels George W 
215 Tozer Matthew 
215% Banks Deforest M 
217 Calvert Frederick W 
219 Robertson Neil M 

Robertson H D. carp 
221 Granger Miss Carrie 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 
6 Bovd Mrs Jane M 
8 Dalton Joseph M 
10 Wilson Mrs Mary L 
12 Anderson Wm 
14 Blakely John H 
Private grounds 
44 Jackson Douiiniek O 
46 McCaffrey Wm 
48 Brandon Kinney 
50 Charlton John A 
52 Pritehard Mrs Mary J 
54 Kinzinger Wm P 
56 Spears John J 
58 Weir Robert A 
60 Moore Rev Win I 
62 Robsou John 
64 Hallan Thomas J 
C6 Blaekmore Arthur 

Wellesley sit Intersects 
House, s e 
110 Ellis David O 
112 Foots Oliver E 
114 Lye John G 

Jones Mrs Mary, nurse 
116 Cashman Richard 
118 Carney Edward 
120 Fox Wm D 
122 Davidson Robert h 
124 Vacant 
126 Mills Francis 
128 Naylor George W 
130 Patterson Wilson S 
132 McMaster Wm 
134 Clark Mrs A 
130 Wilson Charles, r e 

156 McDonald John A 
158 Davidson John L 
160 Fleming James 

Fleming Miss C, mus tchr 
162 Brodie Francis A 
164 Rolph Nathaniel 
166 Mitchell Wm A 
168 Deacon Edward J 
170 Mayberry Wm 
172 MeGoyern John J 
174 Jillard Frank, plmbr 
176 Vacant 

178 Walsh John, dairy 
180 Patterson Tliomas 
182 Coulter Lotitia 
184 Saunders John W, pntr 

Vacant lots 
190 Dnffield Robert 
192 Wlnlow Charles J 
194 Coates John 
196 Dusk Charles P 
198 Balfour A K bldr 
200 Kivell Wm J 
202 Oamnl>ell Wm R 
204 Monkmnn Alfred H 

200 Boyd Mrs Jane 
20S Vacant 
214 Hopkins John 
216 Sanderson Mrs Sarah 
218 Cooper Wm 
220 Macdonald Archibald 
222 Vacant 
224 Greer Thomas 
226 Horsman Mrs Maria 
230 Greer Janus 
Store, s e 

BLEECKER PL, e from 119 
Bleeoker, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Steet David B 

2 Cressell Joseph 

3 McCarthy Mrs Catherine 

4 Walden Herbert 

South Side 

Not built on 

BI/BVINS PL, e from 143 
Sumach, ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
Dillon John 
Dougherty Wm 
Gleason Thomas 
Banks Alexander 
Hanna John 
Mackay Angus 
Fleming Rouert 
Minns Frank 
Thompson James H 
Walker John S 
IMehman Samuel 
Mirks Heber 
Moody Mrs Elizabeth 
Urwich Israel 
Ferrier David W 
Speeht Arthur 
Dillon James 
SeweH George 



South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Darby Win G 
3 Sheridan Peter 
5 McCoy Thomas 
7 Martin Wm H 
9 Hine Henry 
11 Robinson MrsJEllen 
13 Ryan Edward J 
15 Vanhorne Richard 
17 Daughen Janu s 
19 Griftitus lshmael 
21 Burnett George 
23 Foster John 
25 Lawson John 
27 Saunders Thomas 
29 Dillon Mrs Ellen 
31 Keboe Michael 
33 Davis Charles J 
35 Mills Nathaniel 
37 Capell John J 

BLONG AV, e from Pape av 
to w of Brooklyn av, second 
n of Queen e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Bee Wm 

4 Carrette George F 

6 Kirkup Robert 
. Vacant lots 

14 Mellmurray Henry 
If, Head Julius 
18 Aikenhead Wm 
20 Pickprd James S 
22 Dudley Mrs Mary 

24 Thlrsk Charles E 

26 Smith Stephen 
28 Craig Joseph S 

South Side 

1 Ensminger G W, butter 

7 Foley 'fhomas 
9 Boves Wm F 

11 Chandler George, baker 
13 Lee Harry 

25 Foley John 

27 Richmond Wm A 

1JLOOR EAST, e from 737 
Yonge to Sherbourne, wards 
2 and 3, 

North Side 

Rose D Albert, phy 
Tait James 
Spencer Bertram, phy 
Kormann Mrs Mary E 
Toronto Orthopi die Ho J p 
Galloway Herbert V H 
MeKenzie Bart E 
Carr Mrs Sarah 
Gooch Robert N 
Warwick Guy F 
Moulton Toadies' College 
Central Meth Church 
Park nl commences 
48 Bawn F J H 
64 Strother Lancelot 
66 Thorne Win H 
90 Simpson Mrs Mary A 
102 Smith Hon Sir Frank 
118 Wilkes Mrs Martha 
134 Graham Mrs Mary J 
114 KHgouT Robert 
152 Thomson Mrs Eliz 
164 Walker John H 
172 Thomson McDowell 
176 Orr William II 
180 Rowland Tliomas M 
182 Vacant 

Huntley st Intersects 
184 Foillett Joseph J 
188 Catto John 
194 Ansley Alfred 
2:10, Reside R J. dentist 

South Side 

1 Eastwood John P, barr 
Bell Telephone Co (br) 
Ogg Miss J, underwear 
Richardson G A. dentist 
7 Pofflev .lames A, lndry 
9 Lett}) Wm 
11 Dutton Benjamin 
13 Bell Dougald 
Walsh John J 
15 Wilson Mrs Martha 
17 Robertson Alexander 
19-25 Maher P, livery 
25 Garland Edward 
29 Pringle John 
31 Wilson Mrs A E 
33 MaeMillan Mrs J 
37 Murdoch Wm 
39 Duncan Mrs A ,7. bdg 

Duwan J T. phy 
43 Maher Patrick 
45 Harvey Wm V. dairy 
. -Westminster Pros Ch 
57 Rooue Charles S, contr 
65 Annett Pli'lip J 
Lndfi.rd EM ward 
67 Potts Edwin 
Crystal Case Co 
Potts Mrs E, fancy gds 
(59 Cnssidv John J. phy 
71 Ireland Alexander H 

Church st ends 
Rl Wood Tliomas R 
S5 EngPsh E Taylor 
87-11.5 St Paul's Ch (Aug) 
117 Sheppard Mrs Eliza 
119 Bovd Hon John A 
129 Stnithers Archibald T 
131 Wells Pearson 
133 Whittomoro Francis B 
House, s e 

Jarvis st ends 
139 Reed I.e Grand 
145 Stevenson It A, phy 
155 Caldecott Stapleton 
150 Ferguson Mrs S B, bilg 
165 Ruehan Miss Jane 
Buehan Miss Maria 
Freeland Mrs Margaret 
Huntley st Intersects 
167 Burnham G Herbert, phy 
171 Suckling Wilbam J 
175 Jopling Joseph 

Jopllng Miss J, languages 
Jopling Miss T M, artist 
Jopling Miss E A, mus tchr 
177 Read Mrs Mary A H 
181 Boyd Wm T 
187 Barrett Robert G 
189 Church Miss S E. bdg 

193 Weetwood Benjamin 

195 Robertson Thomas 

199 Haworth George F 

201 Crawford Mrs Catherine 

205 Ontario College of Music 

Farringer Charles 
207 Nasmith John D 

BLOOR WEST, w from 794 
> onge to city limits, wards 
rf, 4, 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Bank, s e 

A lane 

14 Henderson Edward J 

lit I lain James l! 

18 Ellis Matthew C 

20 Wilson Robert J. phy 

24 Brown Frederick D 

26 Christie Rolieit 

30 Eaton H E. dentist 

32 Webster A F, dentist 

40 Foy John 

Hi Watson James 

52 Johnson A J. phy 

62 Miller Daniel 

64 Donald Mis Elizabeth 

66 Hewitt John 

08 BJckford Edward H 

72, McLaughlin Michael 

SO Scaolon Mark 

S2 Hodgson John E 

Hodgson Miss G, nurse 

Bellair st commences 
86 Bull Thomas H 
92 Pearcy Sanderson 
104 Gillespie Mrs Laura 
108 Robertson Llowellvn H 
110 Jones Mrs Charlotte S 
,„ Armstrong & Co, dremkrs 
112 East on Robert 

Fasten Miss F, mus tchr 
114 BeH Alexander 
116 Snanner Charles 
lis Matti.e Wm 
120 Faulkner Missis, dremkrs 

Faulkner Miss Clara 
122 East bury Wm 

Robinson Mrs M, drsmkr 
124 Hodges Wm 
126 Havter Ross W 
128 Tatlersall Rh-linrd R 
131 Ebv Joseph F 
142 Bradley RI« hard S 
144 iTrwat Alexander 
146 Foster Tom G 
152 Presby Lad'es' College 

Maolntvre Mrs Sophia 
160 Jones Ttev Septimus 

Church of Redeemer 

Avenue rd commences 

170 Neville Mrs E, school 

182 S. -aditing Crawford, phy 

192 Clnte Roger C 

194 Johnston Mrs Agnes, bdg 

206 Rowan Thomas A 

208 Vacant 

210 Porter George D 

222 Shaw John 

232 Ptigh Mrs Rachel 

234 Perrv George D 

236 Shnrtreed Mrs Mary 

238 Walker James 

240 Clark .Arthur D 

242 McLaughlin Thomas 

244 Small Arthur A. phy 

Bedford rd commences 
240 Dunn Orlando 
266 Mead Mrs Mary A, bdg 
House, s e 

St George st Intersects 
House, s e 
340 Crowther James 
Lan^mutr Matthew 

Huron st Intersects 
Bloor St Pros Church 
400 McArthur Mrs Margaret 
Madison av commences 
402 Bounell Mrs Mary A 
412 Trotter W C, dentist 
414 Milner Beverley Z 
418 Thorburn James, phy 

Spadina nl rommenees 

Union Assurance Society 

Toronto Office, 15-17 Leader Lane. 


W. & E. A. BADEN ACH, 

Tel's: Office, 2288. Residence, 3516. 

H. O'HARA & CO., 24 Toronto Street, 

Carry Stocks on Margins. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 

Bolton Av. 103 

428 Hamilton George R 
434 Gage Wui J 

Wnlmer rd commences 
Vacant lots 
4C2 Stirling C James B 

Brunswick av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Howland av commences 
Vacant lots 
Albany av commences 

Vacant lots 
536 McDonnell Alex, restr 
538 Brook Alfred, flour 
540 Hague C H, btchr 
542 Rushbmok Geo, tailor 
544 Sloan Th os W, plmbr 
546 Ma>o JnliD W, baker 

Froglov Mis Martha 
548 Burfoot George, gro 
550 Green Mrs A, dry gds 

5b2 Rogers David J, shoes 
554 Sykos Benjamin 

Douglass Hall 
556 Moyer Allan B. drugs 

GN o Teltgraph Co tbr) 

Postof;.c-- ibr) 

Bathurst st Intersects 

B58 St Alban's Hotel 

560 Case John, shoemkr 

672 Minehan ltev Launcclot 
Marklinm it intersects 
Vacant lets , 

600-610 S- ott. Cross & Co. 
bu' Inns 
Pnlmerstcu av intersects 

612 Stanwvrtli & Smith, bi- 

620 Davies Charles J 

622 Court-u iy Stephen H 

630 Butler Wui, express 

634-36 Pad Jon Mrs K A. gro 
Padilo.i Fr< doi Ick E 

Euclid av intersects 

638 Hagon John P. gro 

640 Coop, r Herb' rt E 

C42 Hart WMso* S 

646 Clements S H. hse fngs 

648 Davis Wm J 

654 Wild James M 

656 Hill J A'bert 

662 Powell It I", carpet clnr 

Manm'ing av intersects 
664 Wright Mrs Catherine 
Vacant lots 

Clinton st Intersects 
094 Drover Mrs M A, gro 
Drover J E. btchr 
Vacant lots 
720 Butwell Henry 
722 Tinsloy James 
724 Ford John A 

Chldley Miss J. drsnikr 
726 Pentland Wm, floor 

Christie st commences 
Vacant lots 

Crawford st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Shaw st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Carting st commences 
876 Welllnger P W, real est 

Vacant lots 
Ossington av intersects 

Vacant lots . 
896 Farhall Mrs E A, dry gas 

Preston av commences 
916 Bushtield J W, blksmtb 
920 Reid Thomas, coal 
926 Hop Sing, lndry 
928 Clooney Mrs K, wines 

Cloonoy John 

Kyan Daniel, contr 
930-32 Berridge Richard 
934 Coulter John 
938 Payne Arthur 
944 Richardson Win H 

Butwell Henry 
Delaware av Intersects 

St Mary's Church, s e 
956 Eniery Wm, hardware 

Vacant lots 
968 Vacant 

972 Gregson Samuel, gro 

Gregson Miss L A, mus 

074 Wise Fred, btchr 
976 Wray & Morgan, plmbrs 
978 Foster Richard, shoemkr 
980 Maddocks Root, barber 
982 Stevenson S R. drugs 
Postof flee branch 
Doverconrt rd intersects 
984 Vacant 

986 Wallace George, flour 
988 Dmrv John, grocer 
990 Monekton Wm J. barber 
992 Campbell I) O. gro 
994 Horwood Mrs H. dry gds 
Horwood MI-s J. drsmkr 
Horwood Miss M A. mlnr 
norwood Kh-hard 
996 Woolllngs Co. btehrs 
998 Ramsev Sn*>n, expn ss 

Rose Ml so Clara, drsmkr 
1000 Bowen Gilbert H, baker 
1002 Card well J A, shoos 
1004 Dnmble W C, phy 
Westmoreland av commences 
1006 Whit taker R E. cxp 

Wh'tinker Robert 
1012 Horwoed Wm 

Salem av noMMN 
irc?S-40 Boddlnetou C.shoomfcr 
1042 Tw'dale .1 C. barber 
10r>0 Goodman F J. bldr 

Bartlett av commences 
1078 Dovercourt Twine Mills 
Hamburg av commences 
1128 McKinney John, gro 

Lawrence E, wire wks 
nufferin st Intersects 
1130 Dufferln Hotel 

Russett av commences 
1150 Squire John, whol btchr 
1166 Marshall G H, produce 
1168 Cummlng Jas, shoemkr 
1170 Duncan James 
1172 Dixon Wm H, btchr 
1174 Hager Wm D, gro 

Brock av Intersects 
1190 Williamson George S 

Margueretta st Intersects 
1218 Stevens James 

Emmerson av commences 
St Clarens st Intersects 
Lansdowne av Intersects 
1304 MacKay Hugh, gro 
1306 Shlpman John T, btchr 
1308-12 Vacant stores (3) 
1326 Campbell Robert A 

Railway crossing 
1372 Dougan David, florist 

Private grounds 
1412 Beckett Mrs Mary J 
Symington av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Perth av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Railway crossing 
1496 Huntley G J, mkt gdnr 

Dundas st intersects 
1556 Cole Wm 

1562 Freeman Mrs Elizabeth 

1568 Vacant 

1578 Tracey Thomas 

1584 McNamara John 

1590 Roberts John, mkt gdnr 

Indian rd Intersects 
1672 Warrington Henry 
Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

Store, s e 
11 Henwood J M, pn.y 
13 MacCallum Jas M, phy 
15 Roddv Miss Elizabeth 
17 Nudel Mrs Isabel 
19 Lander John C 

21 Vacant 

Balniuto st ends 
23 Hodgins Thomas, QC 
Baptist Church 

North st ends 
Vacant lots 
71 Rowland Miss S M 
73 Ford Mrs Elizabeth 
75 Tllley Mrs Mary S 
77 Cartwright George A 
79 Brown Edward 
81 Tarberton Christopher 
83 Macdonell Mrs Isabel 

Anderson Norman, phy 
85 Davison John M 
89 Foster Miss Mary L 
91 Smith Mrs Henrietta C 
93 Plunkett Mrs Rose 
95 Starr C L, phy 

St Thomas st ends 
97 Parsons H C, phy 

Prlngle James 
99 Woodsworth Rev R W 
101 Ashworth Wm H 
105 Kennedv Mrs Margaret 
107 Adair Thomas 
109 Ross Mrs Sarah N 
111 Church John T 
113 Edgar Lady Matilda 

Private grounds 
127 Blaikle John L 
131 Bull Bar:le E 
137 Pugsley John 
143 Alcorn Samuel 
147 Kennedy George 
151 McPhedran Alex, phy 
Entrance to Queen's Park 
Private grounds 
McMaster University 
Prltchard John, steward 
Toronto Cricket Grounds 
Devonshire pi ends 
Vacant lots 
319 Boomer Robert C 
House, s e 

St George st intersects 
House, s e 
329 Tliorburn J D, phy 
331 Vogt A S, mus tchr 

Vacant lots 
345 Gordon A R, phy 

Huron st intersects 
Vacant lots 
403 St Margaret's College 
Dickson George 

Spadlna av ends 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Robert st ends 
Trinity Methodist Church 
Major st ends 

Vacant lots 
471-3 Langs kill James, gro 

Mann Henry 
475 Thorne Thomas 
481 Brunswick Hotel 

Brunswick av intersects 
483 McAllister Wm, tobaccos 
485 Allan Wm, barber 

Private grounds 
501 Binnie Mrs A. dry gds 
503 Longshaw Arthur R 
505 Rundstaller Andrew H 
507-9 Marks Daniel, gro 

Cameron Dugald 

Borden st ends 
511 Musgrave James, phy 
513 Reynolds Mrs Margaret 
515 O'Brien Mrs Mary J 
517 MacGregor Alexander 
519 Woltz Arthur E 
521 Leavltt T W H 
525 Vacant 

Ulster av ends 

527 Gillies John 
529 Sturgess James A 
531 Smith Edward J, Jwlr 
533 Cameron John, coal 
537 Brown F B, waggonmkr 
Llpplncott st ends 
539 Urbach C A, florist 

Bathurst st Intersects 

Vacant lots to 721 
721 McClelland James 
723 Vacant 

Butwell H, brick mnfr 
Vacant lots to 851 
851 Giles Wm G 
855 Murphy Mrs M, confy 
Givens st ends 
Vacant lots 
871 Hewitt John 
873 Major Wm, gro 

Vacant lots 
881 Cook John H, btchr 
Vacant lots 
Ossington av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Concord av ends 
927 Cottam James 

Vacant lots 
935 Stevenson T C, gro 
Vacant lots 

Delaware av intersects 
Vacant lots 
969 Stlnson J W, coal 
975 Raynor Mrs E, fey gds 
Raynor Matthew ,bldr 
Raynor Henrv, bldr 
977 Clapp M H, bicycles 
981 Davis F H, gro 

Dovercourt rd intersects 
Vacant lots to 1319 

St Helen av ends 
1319 Griffin Mrs Bridget 

Railway crossing 
Vacant lotr 
1371 Vacant 
1391 Boland Michael 
1393 Boland Edward T 
1403-1411 Lochrle James, rope 
and bicycle mnfr 
Symington av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Perth av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
1457 Baird John 

Vacant lots to end 

BOLTON AV, n from 800 
Queen e to Gerrard o. ward 

East Side 

1 Store, s e 

7-9 Weston F J & Sons 
boot and shoe mnfrs 
15 Weston Frederick W 
23 Hall Mrs Elizabeth, bdg 
25 McDermott George 
29 Tolhurst Thomas G 
35 Glover John J 
39 Wadham Joseph A 
45 Thompson John 
49 Jones James II 
51 Shearer Albert 
53 Prltchard Wm J 
55 Glover Wm J 
57 Irons Frank J 
59 Farrell Frederick F 
63 Shoe George H Jr 
67 Powell Walter 

Powell Mrs T, confy 
71 Pope Cecil 

81 Lowes Edward \ 
83 Chestnut David 
85 Fleury James R 
87 Vacant 


McCabe Ball-Bearing Door Hangers. 

Aikenhead Hardware Co 

6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phone 6 

rVTriinrn IIJAIini linr ora Pa'd-uP policy, is granted after 

EXTENDED INSURANCE "~° ,e r^,r sets sr Aoou 

Con-federation Life Association- 

10+ Bolton Av. 


91 Lamb George A 
93 Rousseau Annie 

95 Amey John D 

97 Chapman Mrs Eliza 
99 McConnell Wm G 

101 Hooey Frederick A 
103 Waterman Win G 

105 Roberts Wm 

107 Copeland Hugh 

109 Harrison George, shoemkr 
111 Harrison J R, gro 

Cumming st Intersects 

Private grounds 
141 Atkln Thomas D 
145 Evoy James 
149 Tugwell Philip 
153 Andrews Wm R 
159 McKinley James 
163 Moffatt Alexander 
165 Taylor John 
167 Dawson James, gro 
169 Sherwood John 
171 Zimmerman George 
173 Horton Wm 
175 Innes George 
177 Jones Wm 
179 Seeker Wm 
181 Murphy Mrs Ellen J 
183 O'Reilley Francis 
185 Farley F C, bkr 

Farley Miss A, drsmkr 
187 Luke Jacob, dairy 
189 McCartney Thomas 
191 Seale Frank H 
193 Thompson Thomas 
199 Gill Mrs Mary 
203 Friend Edwin J 
205 Craig Andrew P 
207 White George J 
209 Rurry Joseph 
211 McDonald Alexander 
217 Rowirs Wm 
219 Hornell David 
221 Scott Abraham 
223 Caskie Allan 
225 McNalr Wm C 
227 Hogg Edward A 
229 Post Mrs Mary 
231 Sinclair Daniel 
233 Clarke Wm J 
23.", Bunnell Wm P, gro 

First av intersects 

Bolton Av Sch 

St John's Pres Ch, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 
4 Masonic Hall 
6 Public Library (br) 
Thompson Mrs Mary 
Booth Robert J 
8 Benson John M 

10 Kirbyson Thomas 

12 Burney Robert 

14 Jarvis Wm G 

16 Ward John, carp 

18 Campbell Alexander 

20 Parker John 

22 Ryan John 

24 Newberry Mrs E A 

Clark st ends 

30 Hill Arthur W 

32 Hughes Wm 

34 McCaffrey James 

36 Hallowes George 

38 Sixsmlth John W 

40 Ayers Wm 

42 Taylor Mrs Selina 

44 Winn F W, liverv 

46 Rannister Arthur W 

48 Sommers John 

50 Shipcott Robert J 

52 Moore Arthur 

Moore Mrs S, drsmkr 

54 Crockett David 
Private grounds 

C2 I 'addon Thomas C 
St Anne's (RC) Sch 

78 Maher Mrs Maria 

80 Haynes Edward C 

82 Graham Henderson 

84 Bowering Mrs Carlotte 

86 Heatlie Thomas 

88 Leason George T 

90 Spragg Arthur H 

96 Taylor Alfred 

98 Youens James 
Private grounds 

106 Worters George W 

108 Garnett Anthony 

110 Taylor Frederick W 

112 Valiant Alfred 
114 Clegg James 
118 Vacant 

Cummings st Intersects 
120 Brend Mrs Annie E, gro 

Brend George 

Private grounds 
132 Vacant 

Vacant lot 

Elliott st ends 
140 Roberts Charles J 

Roberts Mrs Annie, eonfy 

Private grounds 
146 Miller George S 

Vacant lot 

Allen av ends 

Fire Hall No 12 
162 Smithson Wm J 

Smithson Wm J jr, r 

Rrown James, r 
164 Whittaker Robert 
166 Gould Thomas D 
168 Coltart Robert J S 
170 Baxter Wm J 
172 Hinder Samuel, pntr 

Vacant lots 
182 Cashmore Edwin J 
184 Jones John 
186 Field Edward 

Private grounds 
192 Seeds George B 
194 Langstone J J 

Baptist Church, s e 

First av Intersects 
234 Cairns Thomas W H 
236 Cormack Frank H 
238 Butler Thomas 
246 Gould Charles, exp 

BOND, n from 44 Queen e to 
Gould, ward 3. 

East Side 

Metropolitan Church, s e 

Shuter st Intersects 
St Michael's Cathedral 
79 Loretto Kindergarten 
81 Loretto Convent 
83 Loretto Academy 
St Aloysius School 

Wilton av intersects 
Congregational Church 
97 Brlmer Frederick J 
99 McCutchon Miss Nettle 
101 Brown Alexander 
103 Kerr George C 
105 McBride Robert H 
109 Mullen Mrs Mary 

111 Thomas Isaac 

113 Winterberrv Mrs Mary 
115-121 Holy Blossom Syna- 

Geldzaler Marks, caretkr, 

123 Bolton Henry 

Boffton Mrs M J, bdg 
125 Wilson Mrs Annie 

Private grounds 
137 O'Keefe Eugene 

West Side 

2 Clarke Mrs Ellen, bdg 

Clarke Thomas - 
4 Martin Mrs Kate 
6 Gillespie John, contr 
8 O'Conuell Mrs Catherine 
10 Howie Mrs Sophia 
12 Newell James 
14 Hamilton Henry 

Hamilton Mrs E, bdg 
16 Pearce Mrs Minnie 
18-36 St Michael's Hospital 
38 Coady Miss Maria 
40 Cadwell Miss A J, regis- 
try office 
42 Kimball Mrs Rose M 
44 Smedley Mrs Emma 
46 Moore Robert 
48 Foster Misses, drsmkrs 
50 Rurt-Sherratt Dr Ellen 
Sherratt Wm 

Shuter st intersects 
52 Cronk Charles G' 
54 Arnold Mrs Mary, bdg 
60 Barrick Eli J. phy 

66 Murray Wm T 

70-74 Vacant 

76-78 Garbutt Mrs Mary 

80 Ryan Michael 

82 McCarthy Elias A 

84-86 Sanderson S M, Indry 

90 Trumpour Mrs Emma A 

92 Robertson John D 

94 Laughlin Samuel H 

Wilton av Intersects 
House, s e 
98 Smith Wm B 
100 George Robert 
102 Paul Cisterina 
104 Hawthorne Miss M J 
106 Maltby Mrs Mary, bdg 
108 McGrath Mrs M, bdg 
110 Thompson Mrs Mary 
112 Farquharson Mrs Jane 
114 Gummerson Mrs Alice 
116 German Lutheran Ch 
118 McMillan Robert 
120 Pangilly Mrs Harriet 
122 Brown Mrs Euphemia 
124 Eckert George 

Eckert Mrs Ella, bdg 
126 Sleigh Mrs Fannie, bdg 
128 Meehan John, exp 
130 Colwell Charles 
132 Ross Thomas W 
134 Buckley Mrs Annie 
140 Truscott George . 
Trascott Mrs S, bdg 

BOOTH AV. d from Ash- 
bridge's Bay to Jemima, in- 
tersecting Queen e at 84], 
ward 1. 

East Side 

43 Corson Joseph W 

45 Hogg James M 

47 Watts Francis 

49 Ayres Thomas W 

51 Wright Mrs Phyllis 

53 Duncan Wm 

55 Mallindine Frederick C 

57 Pullman John 

59 Kingston Mrs Ellen 

61 Cowan Thomas 
Vacant lots 

71 Beamish George 

73 Beamish Thomas 

75 McCarthy Charles 

77 Routley James 

79 Courtney Wm J 

81 Farm Wm 
Vacant lots 

89 Inch Frederick 

91 Dobson James D 

93 Bailev John A 

95 Dilks John W 

97 Sullivan Michael 
Vacant lots 

Eastern av intersects 
105 Brown Lewis, baker 
107 Lyford Wm 
109 Shlpman Frank A 
111 Lowrey James 
113 Turner Edwin H 
115 Clow Mrs Mary 
117 Gerrard John 
119 Chrysler George J H 
121 Squires Jacob 
125 McDonell Andrew 

Vacant lots 
133 Hamilton John J 
135 Mollmurray John J 

Vacant lots 
145 Watts Wm A 
147 Watson Charles P 
149 McCartney Andrew C 
151 Pearson Robert S 

Vacant lots 
163 Orr Henry 
165 Terry Charles 
167 Vale Bruce 
169 Varey Mrs E J 
171 White Mrs Elizabeth 
173 Small John 
175 Dixon Wm 

Private grounds 

Queen st e Intersects 
Slaughter houses 

Natalie st Intersects 
229 Gillespie Wm 
231 Strickland Wm 
233 Trotter Thomas 

235 Kerr Wm 

237 Turner James 

239 Johnson Thomas 

241 Kyle George T 

243 Curie George 

245 Burnham Benjamin 

247 Weir Robert 

249 Fleury Bryant O 

251 Robinson Charles W 

253 Addy Henry 

255 Freeland Joslas W 

257 Howell Mrs Caroline 

259 Golay Henry S 

261 Wilder James J 

263 Hare Mrs Sarah 

265 Allen John 

267 Brock Silas H 

West Side 

Boat houses 

Athletic grounds 

Eastern av Intersects 

Cricket grounds 

Queen st e intersects 

Vacant lots 
188 Dorgan Daniel W 
190 Brick Wm R 
192 Goulding Joseph 
194 Buckner Alfred, plstr 
196 Orchard Orlando 
198 Buckner Charles, plstr 
200 Buckner Henry 
202 Smith Sidney 
204 White Willis F 

Natalie st intersects 
284 Millward Edwin 
294 Cleland Wm 
296 Wilton James J 

BORDEN, n. from 380 Col 
lege to Bloor w, ward 4. 

East Side 

I Thorley Mrs Jemima 
7 Lowery Mrs Mary 

9 Jewell John H 

II Leslie Alexander 

13 Wedd Matthew de S 

15 Powell John W 

17 Job Henry H 

19 Fleming A Grant 

21 Whlteman Rev A W R 

23 Gundy N F 

25 Powell Wm E M 

27 Carnall Frederick 

29 Rutherford Richard G 

31 Fraser John W 

33 Wolfe George T 

35 McHardy Miss Jane 

37 MacLeod Norman G 

39 Hopwood Wm J 

41 Hind James T 

43 Collins Walter 

45 Greenlaus Robert 

47 Peters Arthur E 

49 Moodie Mrs Caroline 

51 Denton Frank B 

53 Parkinson Robert W 

55 Spence Robert F 

57 Smith Mrs Ann 

59 Coiquhoun A H II 

61 Hambly Wm J 

63 Luke L Herbert 

65 Kennedy Bryon L D 

67 Leslie Joseph 

69 M earns Frank S 

71 James Wm H 

73 Bates Wm Henry 

75 Pearce John S 

77 Dlnnlck Rev John D 

79 Worth Wm 

81 Cummer Edward 8 

83 Leverty Martin 

85 Greig Warren H 

87 Gibson Wellington 
Byers Mrs Mary 

89 Gordon Mrs Elizabeth 

91 Sheppard A G 

93 Paisley Charles 

95 Prenter Hector 

97 Madlll Walter R 

99 Laurie James A 
101 Wood James H 
103 Waltham Edward 
House, s e 

Ulster st Intersects 
House, s e 
103% Sloane Mrs Sarah 

Sherman E. Townsend, 


Cable Address, 

and Financial Agent, 





National Trust Company. I «"S F st 

*Li> | ,JSa£S»SBft- 


105 Anderson Mrs E A 
107 Todd Miss Mary 
109 SaudiJands James 
111 Caldwell S \V 
113 Pillar Wm • 
115 Hess Lawrence 
117 Firth John O 
119 Ham George P 
119% O Brien A W 
121 Atkinson James L 

128 Hickman John 
125 Humbly Wm S 

127 Lalne Phomas Le P 

129 McFarland Thomas 
131 Maxwell Mrs Sarah E 
133 Latimer David 

135 Allison Win 

137 Stevenson F Y 

139 Armour Samuel J 

141 Courtney Samuel exD 

143 Collins Fred ' 

143% Popham E R 

143 Darling Charles H 

147 Bogart Fred C 

151 Terry Franklnnd 

Harbord st intersects 

153 Bowen G H, couiy 
Menzles U T 

157 Skippon Mrs Kate 

159 Martin Robert 

161 Stemmami Albert J 

163 lilakley Bobt W 

165 Toms Wm 

167 MacWillie Thomas R 

169 Hyder Thomas, carp 

171 Eddington Wm 

173 Dodds Wm C 

173U Hare J Harvey 

175 t'nflnlshed house 

177 Riley Robert F 

179 Briar Paul W L 

181 Ivastfon Mrs Emily 

183 Major Robert, shoemkr 

185 Merrier Octave 

187 Osborne Joseph 

189 Atkinson John 

391 Jessop Walter 

193 Brown George 

195 Rowland Wm 

Rowland Mrs E, gro 

197 Phillips Ttnmas 

199 Storey Hugh 

201 STiermnn Wm E 

203 Mend Wm H 

207 Htnohcllffe Benjamin 

Sussex av ends 
209 Miller Mrs Emily E T 
211 Kennedy B R 
213 Gannon P P 
215 Boiton John 
217 Beckett Mrs Esther 
219 Wright R J 
221 Bond Mrs Mary 
223 Teluian Frank C 
223 Telman Frank C 
225 Thomas Charl.'S A 
226% Beney Wm H 
227 Stinsom Alexander 
229 Clark James 
231 O'Connell Miss Kate 
233 Poole Harry 
235 Armstrong John 
237 Chick Henry 
239 Rockhill Mrs Charlotte 
241-7 Stineon Edward, coal 
251 Law Wm 

253 Irvine Henry, cattle dlr 

255 Law Wm. coal 

257 O'Reilly Mrs Elizabeth 

259 Bawden Wm 

261 Bnwden Samuel 

263 Chnter Ernest 

Nleliolls Wm 
265 Meados Mrs Annie 
269 McCnunell John E 
277 Marks Daniel 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Coiling James H 


Private lane 
10 Bmmeli Walter B 
12 Milne John H 
14 Smith Lnfavette 
16 Yates Wm T 
18 Myers John 
20 Culp Mrs Mary H 
22 Gray Mrs Jane H 
26 Jenkins Charles 



28 Kennedy Mrs Maria 

34 Malt by Wm E 

36 Gettum John F 
Larter A W, exp 

40 Manley George W 

44 De Geer Mrs Sarah 

40 Heid Almon P 

48 Taylor James R. pntr 

50 Fewson Albert E 

52 Kennedy Albert E 

54 Burt Joseph 

56 Frazer Charles 

60 Stuart James 

Vankoughnet st commences 

62 Jordan Harry 

64 Stephenson E W 

66 MeLaehlan Archibald 

68 Minims John H 

70 Cameron Rev James 

72 Dalton Miss Harriet 

74 Mudford W Henry 

76 Morrice Adam B 

78 Howard Wm E 

SO McFarlane Miss B.drsmkx 

82 Pyne Miss Sarah 

81 Webster John 

86 Campliell Miss Mary 

88 Moodr James 

92 Flgg Wm. r 

94 Perrv Joseph 

96 Evans C J 

98 Lackie Hamilton T 
300 Phillips David A 
102 Hook Arthur J 

104 McGee George 

106 Forsyth Mrs Mary A H 

105 Johnston Wilson, exp 
110 Scott Dan 

112 Whifelnw Mrs M T 

114 Morflen N S 

136 Woodcock C A 

118 Cowan D-iv ! d K 

122 Miss W, drsrakr 

334 McKinnon Alex 

126 CTinpmnn Charles 

128 Jones James 

130 Stuart Wm 

Ulster st Intersects 
130 Sheeihan Patrick, coal 

Vacant lot 
142 Davles Mrs Margaret 
144 Irwin Mis Mary, uphol 
148 Kerr Edward, exp 
150 Stiff Thomas 
152 Mackny Donald 
154 Hicks William S 
156 Gardliouse James 
158 Reford Lewis 
160 McMicharl James W 
162 Garrett Bruff 
164 Hill George E 
166 Minor Morgan J 

Minor Miss B, mus tclir 
168 Watson Edward M 
170 Crewdson John E 
172 Collins Mrs Mary A 
374 Sexton Wm R 
176 Whttton Isnlah 
178 Sim Mrs Annie 
180 Madden Daniel 
382 Priestman Wm L 
184 G lea son Owpn 
186 Oliver Wm H 
188 Whittlefon John 
390 Kent Walter W 
392 Broplhv Hugh 
194 Frlzzp'll Alb-rt B 
196 Robinson Alex, gro 

Harbord st Intersects 

198 Rogers John G 
202 Wood Thomas 
206 Dunnett James 
208 Porter Wm A 
210 Roulston Thomas, coal 
212 Revnolds H R. dairy 
214 Bromley Albert E 
218 Rimm'ngton Mrs Annie 
220 Ix>ng Frederick 
Public School 

Herrlek st commences 

236 HaHett Samuel 

23$ Mougenel Arthur 

240 Hamilton James 

242 Blackmore Wm 

244 Mougenel Joseph, shoemkr 

246 Bruce Edward W 

248 Lang Archibald 
250 Crowe Flemington 
252 Patterson Richard 
254 Weaver James W 
256 Rozeublott Jacob B 
Turner Mrs Mary, r 
2oS Torravllle George 
260 Carmody Wm J, exp 
264 Clarke Samuel 
906 Thompson George 
268 Vacant 

270 Thompson Mrs Margaret 
272 Wlllmott Mrs Elizi, confy 
274 Smith Wm C, provs 

I.ennox st commences 
276 Duggan John 
278 Railey Joseph D 
280 PIm John 
282 Brit ton 
284 Dawson Wm M 
286 Dean Harrv E 
288 Kitchener Wm J 
290 MaeCillum Norman 
292 Carroll James M 
294 Mill Rendell 
296 Nicholson J T 

Nicholson Mrs M. lndry 
300 Shearer John 
304 Mnrrav Mrs Martha 
308 Malcolm .Tames 
31(1 Stenhens Mrs Margt J 
312 Stewirt Mrs Rnchel 
314 Sleigh Horace H 

House, s e 

BOSTON AV, s from Gerrard 
e, bet Carlaw and Pape avs 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

BOS WELL AV, w from 9U 
Avenue rd to Bidford rd, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 
8 Mcintosh Hugh F 
10 Hlgiubutham Mis Eliza 
12 Armstrong Thomas 
14 Bach James E 
16 Webb Arthur A 
18 Rowland Frank 
20 Matthews Charles R 
22 Catto James" A 
24 Walker James W 
26 Pa ton James W 
28 Forson James 
30 Tisdall Henry W R 
34 Forgham Samuel B 
36 Plaskett John S 
38 Pearen John E 
40 Groves Robert 

Charlton Wm, r 

Thomas Mrs Sarah, r 
42 Wilson Harry J M 
44 Harper George R 
46 Vernon Charles W 
48 Cunningham John W 
50 Watson Adam D 
52 Tortington Joseph 
54 Muldrew Wm J 
56 McBride Charles 
58 Rose Mrs Florence M 
60 Smythe Mrs Jennie 

Rowland Miss Hannah 
62 Hogg Ro!>ert F 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Petrie Gordon M 
15 Ross Mrs Jane, drsmkr 
17 Parker Charles, bldr 
19 Duff Mrs Barbara 
23 Nichols Mrs Ann H 
25 Elliott Frank S 
27 Harvey Henry 
29 Galvin James 
31 Wilcox John 
33 Soper John, tlr 
35 Brown Thomas, carp 
37 Norwich Mrs Mary 
39 Cramp Thomas H 
41 Grandjean Philippe 
45 Willis Charles 
47 Martin Albert J 
49 Kirklnnd Stephen J 
51 Willis Matthew 

55 Teaglc Edward, bldr 
House, s e 

BOULTBEE AV, e from Mac- 
donald to Jones av. first a 
of GTR track, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Hayes Wm 
4 Crocker Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 

BOUSTEAD AV, w from 
Roneesralles av, opp Dun- 
das to Indian rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

, Gardens 

Alhambra st commences 
Vacant lots 
Watson Thomas J 
Howard School 
76 Ewing Robert, dairy 

South Side 

Not built on 

BOWDEN, u from Hogarth 
av to Danforth av. ward 1. 

Not built on 

BOWMAN, n from 330 Carl- 
ton to Sackville p!, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

3 Passmore Simeon 

7 Godfrey Mrs Grace 
9 Chlsholm James 

11 McLeod John N. 

13 Ross Wm 
15 Muir Wm 

17 Whyman Miss Annie 

West Side 

2 Culross Charles 

4 Lepper Arthur 
6 Lewis L A 

8 Woodley Mrs Ann E 
10 Thain Joseon 

12 Thain James 
Stansfield Mrs Jane, -r 

14 Metge Alexander, carp 

BRAMPTON PL. w from rear 
of Dufferin Driving Park to 
475 Brock av, ward 6. 

Worth Side 

Not built on 

Soutn Side 

1 Dickey John ' 
fl Price Thomas 
13 King Henry W 

Brighton pi ends 
House, s e 

BRANT, n from 534 King w 
to Farley av, ward 4. 

East STde • 

Factory, s e 
17 McCarthy Mrs Mary A 
39 Morrison Murdoch 
21 Farquharson J C 
23 Alcock Massey 
25 Powell John 

Shannahan John, r 

Store, s o 

Adelaide st w Intersects 
35 Molse Wm E. gro 
37 HImmer John 
39 Armstrong John S 

Sharp Robert J 
41 Smith Henry 

Carlisle Mark 
43 Tobln Timothy 
45 Kennedy Joseph D 
47 Dawson Thomas 





Telephone 2274 







49 Arnott Henry 

Camden st ends 
51 Hope George R 
53 Bird Sylvester H 
55 Depew Jerome, vet. surg 
57 Stewart Mrs Margaret 
61 house, s e 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
8 Keating John 
10 Bouregard John 

Bouregard Joseph 
12 Kinsella Richard 
14 Allen James 
16 Walsh John J 

Brady James, r 
18 Pearsall James A 
20 Dunnett Peter 
22 Harrington Charles F 
24 Tout Edwin 
20 Bird Win 
28 Spence John J 
30 Walker Mrs Sarah 

School, s e 

Adelaide st w intersects 
St Andrew's so. 

BRANT PL, s from 520 King 
w, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Kidd Charles H 

3 Cooper George 

5 Forester Wm H 

7 Ling Georce H 
9 Bushy John 

11 Vandewater Wm 

13 Gibson Wm H 

15 Jennings Thomas U 

West Side 

Store, s e 

2 Morrison Mrs Eliza 

4 Lavelle John 

6 Shoemaker David C 

8 Livingston Wm 

10 Cameron Frederick 

12 McDavitt Edward W 

14 Einegan James 

16 Warren Frederick W 

BREAD ALB AXE. w from 530 
Yonge to Surrey pi, >vard 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Burgess Mrs Caroline 
14 Edgecombe Win T 
16 Smyth Harry 
18 Ward John A 
20 Hunter Hugh 
22 Green George, dairy 
24 Boyd Robert 
26 Mulholland Mrs M A 
28 Samo Mrs Jennie 
30 Kincade Robert 

Kineade M M, music tchr 
32 McLaughlin Richard G 
34 Ryan James 
36 Regan James, bldr 
38 Meyer Henw F 
40 Read David B. QC 

Read Walter J 
42 Davis Henry N 
46 Catto Charles J 

St Vineem st intersects 

Lash Miss M. nurse 
33 Barber Hiram R, arch 
35 MacEwen John 

a lane 

37 Langtry Rev Dr John 
House, s e 

St Vincent st Intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 

A iane 

89 Douglas John 
91 Woods James W 
93 Vacant 
95 House, s e 

BRIGGS AV, s from Taylor, 
first w of Sumach, ward 2. 

St Basil's School, s e 

St Joseph's Convent, 8 e 

South Side 

1 Hutty James H 
9 Vacant 
11 Coulter Charles 
13 Burke Mrs M D 
1314 Munro Mrs Elizabeth 
15 Downey Mrs E L 
17 Martin Miss E. drsmkr 
19 Pearson Mrs Annabel 
21 Wilson Mrs Elizabeth A 
23 Pitman John 
25 Dovino Mrs Anne 

Meyers Mrs E W, nurse 
27 Thomson James 
29 Cooper Mrs Mary 
31 Lash John F 

East Side 

1 Mann Wm C 

3 Kilpatriek Robert <i 

5 Cracknel! George 

7 Corr Matthew 
9 Johnston Wm 

West Side 

2 Wolfe Richard 

4 Price "Win 

6 Meffan James 

8 McPhee James 

no HelHker .Mrs Eliza 
12 Fraser Mrs Mary 
14 Mullen Wm 
16 Torbett Robert 

BRIGHT, n from 460 King e 
to Queen e. ward 2. 

. East Side 

House, s e 
11 Crute Samuel 
13 Smith Charles 

Carmiehael Peter 
15 McLennan John 
17 Sproule Win 
21 Pearson Wm 

Curran Thomas, exn 
23 Collis Thomas 
25 Lorns'on John 

House, s e 

West Side 

Methodist Cli, s e 
10 Chariton Robert 
12 Simpson A L 
14 Angus Wm 
16 Burrell Charles H 
18 Perkins John jr 
20 Young James 
22 Marks John 
24 Williams John 
20 McDomJd Duncan 
28 Clarke Thomas 
30 Herbert George 
32 Costigan Matthew 

Costigan Joseph 
34 Johnston John 
36 Robinson carles 
88 Mafcon Wm J 
40 Armstrong Jehu 
42 MeGroel James 
44 McDonald Ronald 
46 Newton Mrs Lavina 
48 Pardee Mrs Mary A 
50 Rose Henry 

House, s e 

BRIGHTON AV, e from 181 
Pape av, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
2 Vacant 
4 Gray Charles 
8 Shamacy Wm 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
1 Young Wm J 
3 Hobiuson Albert G 
5 Hertfelder Henry 
Vacant lots 
19 Warren Arthur R 
21 Pearson Wfn 
2'i Bell Frederick A 
25 Ross Mrs Alta M 

BRIGHTON PL, n from Co- 
bourg av to 13 Brampton pi, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

BRITAIN, e from 149 George 
to Sherbourne, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Beck Adam, cigar boxes 

Factory, s e 
Stone Cutter la Intersects 
Store, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
9 Ross Rol*rt S 
11 Jones Robert 
13 Johnson Arthur 
17 Harnett Timothy 
19 McConnoll Archibald 
21 Raker Richard 
23 Vacant 
29 OT.eary Daniel 
31 Kellv James 
33 Healey John 
35 Dowling Mrs Jane 
37 Thompson Edward 
45 Kelly John 
47 Rushton John 
51 Wallace Wm 

Stone Cutter la intersects 
53 Wlialen John 
55 Casey John 

Eastern av to Danforth av, 
crossing Queen at 712, ward 

East Side 

1 Weir Win 

5 Guest George, btchr 

Il'ivaiie grounds 
11 Boyes Richard 
13 Taylor Samuel R 
15 Sloman Henry.. 
17 O'Connor Thomas 
19 Parm Peter H A 

Private grounds 
27 Bailey Wm 
29 Ryan Mrs Eliza 
31 Parm Mrs Charlotte 
33 Tremp Arthur 

Vacant lots 
51 Lackey Mis Margaret 
53 McAvov Owen J 
55 Mitchell Thomas 
57 Diekev Alfred H 
59 Hafran Win 
61 Oarnagban Jos T 

Vacant lots 
73 Fahey Michael 
77 Vacant 

79 Rcnnardson George W 

81 Barnes Joseph A 

83 Fltzpatrick Margaret 

85 Minns Wm 

87 Murray Wiri J 

Private grounds 
97 Harris Henry 

Store, 9 e 

Queen st e Intersects 

Store, s e 
109 Jay Thomas L 

Jay Mrs Jennie, confy 
111 Hine Samuel 

Hlne V E. inns tchr 
119 Hill Thomas, dairy 

Private grounds 
137 Kellev Robert 

Kellev Miss E C, drsmkr 
139 Jupp James W 
141 Loudwell George 
143 Watson T J 
145 Milne Alexander 
147 Irwin Mrs Martha 

Vneaiit lots 

Kitttyre av commences 
161 Fleming Robert 
103 Lavery Robert 
165 Moses Joseph 
107 Leslie Mrs Mary A 
109 Patton Mrs. Marg h 
171 Mason George J jr 

179 Maedonaid Peter 
199 Gardner Joseph, gdnr 
221 Defries Samuel H 
229 Hanua James 
231 Carthy Charles 
233 Harbutt Thomas H 
235 Grinnell Thomas 

Grinnell T & Son, coal 
Elliott st intersects 
239 Shields Joseph, gr > 
i 241 Armstrong George, i inner 
243-43% Hind W K, provs 
245 Bible Frank II. gro 
247 Selway David 

Selway Miss E. mnfl tchr 
251 Seamen R G 
257 Coomlic Robert H 
259 Coombe R H, wines 

Allen av commences 
203 Frankland H R. btehjr 
205 Madder Fred, baker 
207 Barrett Wm 

Vacant lots 

Second av commences 

Vacant lots 

First av commences 
, Vacant lots 
355 Hyde George 
357 Green Henry 
359 Vacant store 

Vacant lets 
Gerrard st c intersects 
363 McLean & Van Loon, grog 
365 McLean Donald 

Van Loon Richard 
367 Sneatb C R. MD. drugs 

Postoffice (be) 
369 Boyd W J 

Bovd Mrs E J. dry gds 
371 Gibson John W 
373 Gibson John 

Vacant lots 
Simpson av commences 

Vacant lots 
425 Evans Noah 
427 Armstrong Joseph F, 
429 Parker Rev Peter C 

Victor av commences 
433 Green Mrs II, lndry 

Private grounds 
441 I/flngley Benjamin 

Langley av commences 
443 Yule Robert 

Private grounds 
409 Davidson James, dairy 
Smith st commences 

Private grounds 
483 Zarfass G F, baker 

Vacant lots 

Withrow av commences 
Vacant lots 

Bain av commences 
Vacant lots 

Sparkhall av commences 

Vacant lots 
583 Vine Mrs Frances 
585 Cameron Robert 

633 Hogarth Thomas 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Baseball grounds, s e 
104 Store, s e 

Queen st e intersects 

Bank of Commerce, s e 
108 Store, s e 

Dlngman's Hall, s e 
110 Vacant store 
110% Maddock Charles 
112 Royal Can Bicycle Club 
114 Bainford Jos, fruits 
110 Brodie Alexander 
118 Howarl Mrs L M 
120 Mlllward John 
122 Thompson John jr 
124 Farr Terrence 
126 Haynes John W 
128 Hallburton James 
134 Ruckler Frederick 
130 MacMillan Win 
140 Maxwell Francis 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. 


20,000 in use* Strictly High Grade* 


143 YONGE ST. " AN £^% N ZZZXr* 


Broadway Pi. 107 

142 Wilson Thomas 
144 Sparks Robert 
150 Sparks Mrs Ann 

Paul st ends 

192 Allen Robert 
198 Vacant 
200 Unfinished house 
202 Solomon Joshua 
Vacant lots 

224 Free Methodist Church 
220 McGovern E A 

225 Redford John W 
230 Parkinson James 
232 Gilbert John 

234 Berrle Thomas, btchr 

Elliott st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
246 Laurie Donald 

Private grounds 
272 Ormerod J W, flour 
276 Kennedy Mfg Co, black- 

Kennedy Robert 
280 Lyons Trueman 
282 Foster Arlington 
284 Emo Wm 
286 Wilcock Stephen J 
288 Barrett Christopher G 
290 Buckley George P 

Vacant lot 
294 Hllland James 

Congregational Church 

Mountstephen st ends 

802-4 Smith G D. books 
306 MeKenzie John R 
308 Belvea John W 
310 Routley C W 
312 S A Rarracks 

Vacant lot 
354 Cordwell James, bkr 
356 Coniam Frederick C 
858 Sheppard Wm C 
860 Scott A. blksmith 

Gerrard st e intersects 

Toronto Jail, s e 
380 McMillan John 

■Wilson Thomas H, r 

Allen Dennis, r 

Lowry John, r 

Norrls John, r 

Riverside Park 

Isolation Hospital, r e 
712 White George K, dairy 

Vacant lot 
742 Watson Hugh 
744 Wise Wm H 
746 Wheeler Robert 
748 Evans Walter 
750 Richards George A 
752 Oaten Robert, gro 

Browne J A, artist 

BROADWAY PL, w from 268 
Spadina av, ward 4. 

North Side 

2-8 Store, s e 
12-14 Warehouse 
20 Hunt James 
22 Kvle James 
26 Collier J A 
28 Markey John 
30 Hatley Thomas 
82 Dowson Mrs Clara 
84 Lee Daniel F 
36 Griffith Mrs Matilda 
38 Allen Wm 
40 Perkins Wm A 
42 Long Charles B 
44 Scott Wm 
44% Barkworth Charles A 
46 Loeklngton Mark 
48 Walsh David 

A lane 

60 Jones Thomas 

52 King Hiram D 

54 Hasland Thomas W 

South Side 

Store, s e 
7 Ritter Philip E 
9 Dearie T R, pntr 

BROCK AV, n from 1352 
Queen w to n of Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Office, s e 
5-7 McQuillen J, blksmith 
9-11 Brown W J, carriage- 
Vacant lots 
17 McMullan J, sboemkr 

Noble st ends 
19 Rolston John 
21 Taylor A E, vet surg 
23 Atkinson Mrs S J 

Atkinson Miss E A, mus 

25 Johnston Oeirge, pntr 

Vacant lots 
35 Kinnear Philip 

Private grounds 
45 Campbell Alexander 

Earnbrldge st ends 
47 Warnock Charles 
49 Gray Frank A 
51 Moodev Albert J 
53 Stoneham Wm H 
55 Lawson John, carp 
57-9 Harrison J A, coal 
63 Menzies George 
65 Eveleigh Wm 

Vacant lot 
71-83 I.aldlaw R & Co, 1cm 
85 Mortson Henry 
87 Hamilton Wm 

Railway crossing 
117 Beattle John J 

Florence st ends 
123 Stewart John J W 
125 Thornley John 

Thornley Miss E, drsmkr 
127 Gunn John 
129 Duck Frank 
131 Anderson James 
133 Horner Wm 
135 Fames Charles H 
137 Wensley Walter 
139 Langley Patrick 
141 Fleming Alexander 
143 Clark Harva 
145 Slack Thomas 
147 Campbell Richard 
149 Malone George 
151 Wilson John, gro 

Mlddleton st ends 
153 Grand National Rink 

Franklsh av ends 
203 Querrie G J, butcher 
205 Roberts Hugh, gro 
207 Vacant 
209 Pollard A T, tlr 

Vacant lot 
215 Snider Charles 
217 Morrow Robert 
219 Summers Alexander C 
221 Mottram Pryce 

Mottram M, mus tchr 
223 Doherty George C 
225 Marshall John 
227 Murray Hugh 

Muir Miss E, drsmkr 
227% Liddiard George, gro 

Marshall st ends 
229 Marshall Mrs Mary 
233 Marshall Wm 
235 Smith John H 
237 Montgomery J A 
239 Chambers Edward 

Brockton av ends 

241 Marshall John, btchr 
243 Hopper John T 
245 Cunnington Wm J 
247 Warwood James, mus 

249 Scott James, bldr 

251 Miller Adam 

253 Edwards Rev Thomas 

255 Stretton George A 

257 Wharton Thomas A 

259 Adams Walter 

261 Hutchins Wm 

Plymouth Brethren CD. 

Store, s e 

Dundas st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

293 Stephens Mrs A, drsmkr 
295 Moffatt George, pntr 

Atkin av ends 
Vacant lots 

Moutray st ends 
335 Murton J J, whol btchr 

Murton Miss J, mus tchr 
339 Seager John 

College st intersects 
House, s e 
355 Levack A, whol btchr 
357 McKee James 
359 Doyle John 
361 Hammond George 
303 F.wing Mrs Margaret 
365 Blalnev James A P 
367 Perkins Sidney C 
Vacant lots 

Lindsay av ends 
369 Varey Joseph J, gro 

Vacant lots 
379 Milne Theodore 
381 Shepherd Louis 
383 Varey John B 
385 Hishon Daniel 
387 Wilcox Daniel J 
389-91 Whetstone Daniel, gro 
Mulr av ends 
Unfinished building 
Booth John J 
Petrle Andrew 
Mottram George H 
Hynes Michael E 
Bishop Edward A 
Perrln Richard 
Clarry Harvey E 
Dickson John W 
Wheeler Louis 
O'Neill Michael J 
Stanley Edmund 
Tanner Alexander 
Cumming Charles F 

Chesley av ends 
Vacant lots 
Bush Wm H 
Pretty John, shoemkr 
Peacock Fred W 
Vacant lots 

Cobourg av ends 
Jameson James P 
Vacant lots 
Blckle George B 
Kneeshaw John 
Tullock Peter 
Vacant lots 
Bernard James 

Brampton pi ends 
Market garden 
Llghtfoot C, mkt gdnr 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
Deacon John T 
McCann John S 
Charters David 
McDonald Donald 
McDonald Duncan D 
Wice John 
Saniger George 
Young John 
Vacant lots 
Boddlngton Charles T 
Mission Hall 
Groat Albert 
Corhett Robert 
Thompson John S 
Moxon Thomas W 
Seeley Thomas H 
Wallace Frank 

Bnile* Thomas 
Catterall John 
McCann Felix 









West Side 

Store, s e 
8 O r acey John 
10 McQuillan James 
12 Large Miss A C. drsmkr 
14 Cottier Mrs Isabella 

Abbs st commences 

House, s e 
16 Meyer Joseph 
18 Caldwell Miles 
20 Lacey Martin 

22 Travers James 

Crews Mrs Eva, drsuiki 
24 Walker James 
26 Leek Watson 
28 Eymaun Henry 
30 Worsnop Tb' mas 
32 Stone Edward C 

Stone Mrs Jane, Jrsnkr 
34 Dukelaw Peter 
30 Trt'gaskis George 

Maple Grove commi uces 
Congregational Church 
56 Todd Thomas W 

Todd Miss A, music tchr 
58 MoKinlay Duncan 
60 Spence David 

Seaforth av commences 
02 Medd Sidney T 

04 Anderson Mrs Mary J 
06 Npill John X 

05 Fm-ber John 

70 Mihell George A 
72 Mtisselnmn Jacob 

74 Oarbutt Richard, exp 

75 Ontii Thomas J 
80 Brown Mrs Susan 
S4 Irwin John J 

86 Vacant 

Cunningham av commences 
Railway crossing 
Vacant lot 
122 Melnnls John 
138-40 Vacant houses (2) 
146 Westover C J. cpt lyr 
150 Hlli'hps Wm W 
152 Walker James B 
Vacant l» r s 

Delaney eres commences 
104 Rankin Robert 

Private grounds 
174 Price Thomas 
176 Dalton Richard 
178 Taylor Adam 

Vacant lots 
190 Green Andrew W 
192 Schroeder Christian 
194 Knapp M W, nntr 
196 Ostrom George F 
198 Burns Wm J J 

Private grounds 





Wyndham st commences 
McN'amara Mrs Mary 
Ouinn Martin J 
Baird Josenh H 
Holden Mrs Annie 
Holden Robert, pntr 
Datilt Antolne 
Baird Charles S 
Kllnatrick A C 
Private grounds 
Corp Walter 
Haslett Thomas J 
Kent George 

Shirley st comm.' s 

Poole Mrs Clara, gro 
ftry'o-er Reuben 
Lee Frederick 
Gallagher Wm F 
Cawthorn Albert R 
Hughes James A 
Scott Andrew 
Payne George 
Brock James 
Scobell Alfred G 
Robinson James 
Gordon James 
Craig Mrs Ann J 
Atkinson Samuel G 
Vacant lots 

~ „ n ur WTTDP A V For the Most Complete Interest Tables. 

Call Oil D. W. 1V1 U XlXlA I 9 a*. S, 8*. 4. *K. 5, 5*. ft 6*. 7. 7K and 8 per cent, 

OSGOODE HAUL, TORONTO, Fro. 1 day to 368. o* $1.00 to $10,000. Price SIO.OO. 


Tel. No. 423. 

108 Broadway Pc 

ft Ar 


271 Warehouse 
276 St Mark's Hall 
278 Store, s e 

Dundas st Intersects 

Office, s e 
282 Moroney John, livery 

Vacant lots 
292 Vacant store 
■298 Abbs Robert, 'florist 

Vacant lots 
318 Gannon C, whol btchr 

Private grounds 
332 Nightingale Stephen 

Vacant lots 

College st Intersects 
344 Macdonald Wm H 
346 Marriatt Alfred 
350 Brennan James J 

Vacant lots 
370 Campbell Neil M 
372 Dennie Thomas B 
374 Williams Wm H 
376 Stubbs Frank 
378 Martin George 

Vacant lots 
3S0-4O0 Rrock Av School 
404 Maloney John 

Vacant lots 
416 Newton Edmund D 

Vacant lots 
446 Maloney Michael 

Private grounds 
4L6 Rae Albert 
468 Stott Wm G 
470 Crosbie James 
472 Brown Rev Hugh 
474 Cameron Hugh 
476 Skinner George W 
478 Mitchell S, pntr 

Vacant lots 
568 Boland T J, mkt gdnr 

Bloor st w Intersects 

Vacant lots 
628 Marshal Georsre J 
630 Campbell Alexander 
€32 Blake Peter 
634 McPherson Mrs Mary J 
636 McCarthy Daniel 
638 Reeves Anson 
640 Kelsev John 
642 Vacant 

BROCKTON AV, w from 112 
Sheridan av to Brock ay, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 
8 Grossman Abraham 
10 Plunkett Samuel, contr 
12 Verral Robert J 
Store, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

BROOKE AV, e from How- 
land rd to Logan av, first n 
of Gerrard e. ward 1. 

North Side 

4 Dorman Wm J 

6 Bruekshaw Georire 

8 Monk Wm A 
JO Drurv George R 

12 Small Mrs Emily M 
14 Collins Wm H 
16 Gairns Edward W 
18 Cunningham Albert E 
20 McCulloch David 

24 Leslie Alexander C 
20 Fltzslmons Henry 
28 Crawford Freuerlek 
80 TVatkins James H 

South Side 

7 Mulholland George 

9 Care Wm 
Vacant lots 

25 Vacant 

25 Care Henry 
2!) C.rartv John 
31 John 
35 Jones Franklin 
37 Coulson Angus 
39 Clarke Wm J 
41 Spence Samuel J 
43 Duff Thomas A 

BROOKFIEXD, n from 1032 
Queen w to Humbert av, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 McComb Mrs Laura 

7 Rolston James 

9 Sharland Gilbert 

11 Welbourn Wm A 
Welbourn A J, drsmkr 

13 Stover Abraham H 

15 Bard George A 

17 Brown Mrs Rachel 
19 Maguire Edward A 

21 Bayliss H W, mus tchr 

23 Jones Herman A 

25 Black Harw 

27 Smith Mrs Ellen M 

31 Wise Robert 

33 Griffin John C 

35 Vacant 

37 O'Leary George 

39 Clarke Charles H 

41 Shepherd Alfred 
43 Young Sandford 
45 Carson John 

47 Reld Wm T 

49 Hansch Charles J 

51 Kelly James 
53 Reld James B 
55 Martin Louis 
57 Barber Thomas 

59 Slaght Wm H 
61 Wisdom Henry 

63 Smith John & Son, bldrs 

Smith John 
65 McCreary Wm 

McArthur Mrs M, nurse 

67 McBain Mrs Sarah 

West Side 

Store, s e 

8 Stevenson Septimus 

10 Mcf.'ay James L 

12 Park Andrew 

14 Carter Mrs Sophia 

16 Brown John 

18 Edward Charles 

22 Taylor Christopher 

24 Dance Mrs Sarah 

26 Stephens J A dairy 

28 Madden Martin 
Greens'ides John 

30 Oliver John H 

32 Dance John 

34 Banger Henry 

36 Johnson Oliver E 

38 Britton Mrs Margaret 

40 Hark Henry, bldr 

42 Gllbreath John 

44 Woodall Frederick P 
46 Warren Frederick W 

50 Treston Albert R 

52 Frond Francis T 
54 Smrt George H 
56 Oah.H1 Edward 
58 MMiie George T 

60 Abbott Wm J 
62 Graham John 

64 Grnydon Miss Charlotte 
66 Anderson Thomas 

68 Lillie Frank G 

70 Rattray Mrs Johanna 

BROOKLYN AV, n from 1098 
Queen e to Dagmar av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

St Clements (Aug) Church 
43 Young James 

Vacant lots 
55 Hlnklev John 
57 Cullen Francis N 
59 Ldnton Wm 
Vatont lots 
73 Ibbetson Wm 
75 McLachlan Hugh J 

Vacant lots 
83 Drummond John 
85 Gillespie John 

Vacant lots 
107 Carter Joseph 

Vacant lots 
115 Edwards Charles W 

Vacant lots 
121 Oxley Wm B 
123 Morgan Wm 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Tyndall G R, cartage 
4 Murphy Daniel 
Private grounds 
10 Moffatt Mrs Mary C 

Vacant lots 
18 Edwards Wm 

Vacant lots 
26 Morgan Wm H 
30 Howarth John J 

Vacant lots 
50 Le Roy Francis E 
52 Montgomery George 
54 Fitzgerald Lewis „ 

Private grounds 
60 Hogarth Thomas J, exp 
Vacant lots 

Brighton av ends 
80 Collard Charles 
Vacant lots 
124 KImberlev Wm 
126 Schmidt Adolph E 
128 Daley Albert W 
130 Millov Israel W 
132 Holland Patrick, cattle 

Queen e. third e of Kingston 
rd, ward 1. 
Not built on 

BROWN LANE, e from 99 
Bathurst, ward 4 . 

North Side 

House, s e 

14 Heinrleh George 

South Side 

House, s e 
3 Burns Mrs Mary 
13 Byrne Thomas 

15 Hicks John 

BRUCE, w from 150 Shaw to 
Dundas, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Nicholl Mrs Sarah 

4 Price James 

6 Beasley Mrs Elizabeth. 

8 Hosier Mrs Annie 
House, s e 

Givens st intersects 
Slaughter house 

Argyle pi commences 
24 Hudson Mrs Ann 
26 Hudson Charles 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

I Brown James 

3 Free James 

Free Miss E, drsmkr 

5 Douglas John 

7 Richmond Charles 

9 Elliott Wm M 
House, s e 

Givens st Intersects 
House, s e 
47-9 Lambert Mis Mary 
Store, s e 

354 College to Wells, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 McBean's Hall 

Baker George, caretkr 
Felton Clement, gunsmith 
Manning Mrs E, tobacco 
Gardiner \V II, dry gds 
Central Gospel Hall 
3 Hooper Ehenezer, pliy 
5 Lookhart Reginald R 
7 Winter V W 
9 Jubb Mrs Margaret 

II Hamilton Rev Christopher 
13 Riddell R R 

15 Wedd John C 

17 Garland Richard 

19 Bertram John H 

21 Penfold A D 

23 Robb Wm Doig 

25 Jewett Mrs Catherine 

27 Walsh James W B 

31 Price Lewis A 

33 Wilson Wm A 

35 Cochrane Mrs Mary A 

37 Walter Mrs Annie C E 

39 Baggs Allan 

41 Heford Mrs Elizabeth W 

43 Duthie John B 

45 Alexander Wm W 

Alexander Jessle.elacutlon 

47 Seatt .1 Fairbairn 

49 Macrae George E 

51 Moore Thomas D S 

53 Saunders S P 

55 Hamilton Col R It 

57 Mulholland Robert 

59 White W Thomas 

61 Reid Al. x T 

63 McMurrieh J aim D 

65 Batty Wm 

Ratty Miss Alice, nurse 

67 Taylor Miss S L 

69-71 Vacant (2) 

Unfinished houses 

79 Joyce Charles G 
Vacant lots 

Ulster st intersects 

85 Bastow F W, gro 

87 Vaughan Mrs Eliza 

Vaughnn Miss Ii, drsmkr 

89 Ball Wm H 

91 McCullough Wm J 

93 Downard Mrs Mary 

95 Baggs Wm 

97 Downs Edmond S 

99 Knight Svdncv W 
101 Williams W J, plmbr 
103 Ironside George D 
105 Berry Wm 
Vacant lots 
121 Little Mrs E M 
123 Murphy Matthew 
125-29 Jones Br .s, bldrs 

Jones Wm C 
131 Parkinson Charles P 
133 Robertson Alexander 
135 Bower Fred H 
137 Green Mi's Mary A 
139 Downey M J. dairy 
141 Hath way E 0, litehr 

Harbord st intersects 

143 Cobb G W T , barber 

145 Krumrayh Henry, baker 

147 Mali Jim. lndry 

149 Caddell Walter 

151 Farthing Robert 

153-55 Lewis John 

157 Robinson Mrs B 

159 Campbell Thomas 

161 Foresters' Hall 

Church of Christ 
165 Alexander Mrs .7. fey gds 

Davev Mi's Georglna I, r 
167 Reggin John 
171 Vacant 
173 Box George W 
175 Bain Donald 
177 S' ovens Geo .ir. florist 
179 Alexander James, bldr 
181 Rromlov John 
1R3 Martin Hugh W 
1R5 Collins John N 
187 Corin Jolin T, 
191 Williamson Thomas 
193 Rasion Charles W 
197 Amsden Mrs Caroline 
199 Cheatlev Mrs M. gro 

Cheatley Patterson 

Sussex av intersects 

201 Jackson diaries E 

203 Appleton Harry C Y 

205 Scott Charles W 

207 Browrlow Wm 

209 LangrlO Wm J 

211 Mcintosh James, pntr 

213 Pearee Thomas H 

215 Kennedy James, florist 

Kennedy Mrs J, drsmkr 
219 Sherwood John M 
223 Walsh Frank 
225 Gardner John P 

Vacant lot 




©3 .A.JDET-.-^.IT-)^; ST. "W- Limited. 


and REPUBLIC (Wash.) 

Mines and Stoeks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 


Telephone 1842 12 ADELAIDE ST. E. 


Caer Howell PI. 109 

231 Mcrhorson Mis Jaue 

233 KTans JosLah J 

235 Milne Alexander S 

239 Milne George 

241 Holme Mrs Roberta 

243 Bond Go rge- 

243% Hanew* Mrs Mary A I 

245 WBltams Alfred 

247 Davidson li< v John 
247V. Smith George 

248 Adams Alfred 
261 Fox Win W 
253 Henry Wm 

255 Pefriez Archibald T 

257 Ashford Thomas 

269 Rodecr* James, dairy 

Hotel, a e 

Bloor st w intersects 

Private grounds 
817 Dalton Mrs Ophelia H 

Vacant lots 

Lowther av ends 

Vacant lots 
833 Ma gee Ignatius W 
835 Williams David 
837 Simpson Win J 

We6t Side 

Store, s e 
2 Hewitt Mrs Eliz 
Tresham Mrs Eliza 
Beaton D H. dentist 
Nicholson Win B, barber 
4 Brines Henry, uphol 
6 Short Ernest 
2a Witzd Theodore A 
4a Grigg Alfred R 
4% Levee Louis S 
6a Hobherlln M A 
8 Rnddork John 
10 Milllmrn Thomas 
12 Walker John 
14 Peterson J Harry 
16 Howson Mrs Rebecca A 

Howson Miss A J. artist 
18 Boyd John 
20 Kennedy John G 
22 Llghtbound George 
24 Hannah Wm G 
26 MeArthur Mrs Margaret 
28 Craufurd Miss Mary 
30 Chapman Mrs B L 
32 Nixon Mrs Mary J 
34 Conlln Mrs Julia A 
36 Hay Mrs Mary E 
88 Kennedv Lyman A 
40 Williams R T 
42 Rogers Asa C 
44 Duncan Lytle J 
46 Bartlam James L 

Bartlam Mrs E O, school 
48 Feer James N 
50 Dale Mrs Hannah 

Tates Miss Lilly, music 
52 Browne Wm A 

54 Helltwell Frank 
56 Took Wm 

58 Oderv Rev Joseph 
60 Fox Wm C 
62 Rubidge Walter B 
64 Grand Mrs Susan J 
66 Breckenrldge Mrs Agnes 
68 Giles David A 
70 Brlgham John E 
72 Bower Joseph W 
74 Hllborn Ell H 
Forfar Charles 
76 Dunning Charles W 
78 Gregg Maxwell R 
80 Readv John A 
82 Patteson Godfrey 
84 Murton Arthur W 
86 Millar Lindsay F, phy 

Ulster st Intersects 

55 Grafter Mrs S M 
92 Hunter Lawrence 

94 Flynn Miss Bertha H 

96 Freer Orry St G 

98 Good Samuel 
100 Woltz George 
100W. Slevert John A 
102 Benjamin Merritt A 

104 Keefler Mrs A V 
106 Daniel J Wm 

105 Spink John 
110 Mitchell Fred 

112 Jackson Frederick D 
114 Bastedo Harry 

116 Bowers Ablel S 
118 Morris Wm J 
120 Hull Cyrus A, bldr 
122 McKeown Charles O 
124 Du Pre Cornelius S 
126 Nazler Joseph 
128 Bromley James 
130 Hedge George 
132 Slattery H J 
134 Pattenden Mrs Harriet 
136 Farwell Frederick 
138 Coffin Ernest A 
140 Hannaford Mrs Ellen 
142 Gates Archibald A 
144 Pinkney Joseph, dairy 
146 Atkinson W J, coal oil 
148 Brunswick Av Pharmacy 
Sanders Fred J 

Harbord st intersects 
150 Enright Lawrence 
152 Vacant store 
154 Schubart Wm. btchr 
156 Warren Mrs Annie 

158 Bambrldge George F 

160 Saulter Wm J 

162 Plncombe John L. plmbr 

164 Counery Joseph, bldr 

166 Price Leonard G 

160% Howell Richard 

168 Amory Alfred H 

172 Mulr Wm, exp 

174 Baldwin Mrs Eden 

Jones Mrs M E, nurse 

176 Phillips George C 

178 Lumbers Thomas 

180 Bradshaw John H 

182 Crookenden R P 

184 Steele John W 

186 Purves Thomas R 

188 McCrea Mrs A E 

190 Rockliffe-Knight Mrs M 

192 Rupg Arthur 

194 Pettit Ebenezer T 

196 Penkivll Wm N 

198 Parry Mrs Susan 

200 Morrison James N 

202 Ward Wm H 

Sussex av Intersects 

204 Wray Alex, grocer 

206 Brlnsmead Hugh 

208 Hillock James 

210 Hanna Thomas 

212 Sexton Wm . 

214 Parks Robert 

216 Mclntyre John 

218 Harding Wm 

220 Olson Magnus 

222 Durno Robert A C 

224 Ferrey Wm H, plstr 

226 Robinson Geo H, upbol 

228 Conway Wm J 

232 Wvthe Mrs Sarah 
234 Leeour Mrs Eliza 
236 Conner Carlton W 
238 Sheppard Miss Mary J 
240 Credicott Richard 
242 Bland Lancelot 
244 Honey Arthur J 
246 Bolton Martin 

Bolton Mrs Elizabeth H, 

Dawson Mrs J, nnrse 

Mnnns Miss J, nurse 
248 Richards Frederick W 
250 Yoiston James A 
252 Ward Tom 
254 Gourlay Mrs Sarah 
256 Vaughan A A. lndry 
260 Vaughan Alfred A 
262 McCIoy Henry, blksmlth 

Summervllle A, pntr 

Store, s e 

Bloor st intersects 

Vacant lots 
306 McKnlght Mrs A 
308 Cull Arthur G 
310 Ussher John F C 
312 Watson Joseph 
314 Callander Andrew 
316 Taylor J Ferguson 

Vacant lots 
330 Goodspeed Rev Calvin 
332 Borrett James W 
334 Sumner Mrs Loretta 
336 McKee Mrs Eliza 
338 Simpson Mrs Sarah 
340 Caston Harry E 
342 Thompson Wm S 
344 HutTman M P 
346 Allen Edward 

348 Newton George J 

Vacant lots 
372 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

Barton av commences 
378 Nlddrle Wm H 
3S0 Brumell Mrs Emily 

Carter Miss M, mus tchr 

Vacant lots 
408 McGee Harry 
410 Lloyd Henry H 

BUCHANAN, w from 424 
Yonge to Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, 8 e 
2 Hanna Samuel R 
4 McLean Miss Elizabeth 
6 Prestwlck J W 
6% Blackgrove Mrs Marg 
8 Porritt Miss Fatlma J 
Porrltt Miss E, mns tchr 
10 Stoodley Mrs Mary 

Stoodley Miss M M, artist 
12 Abram Harry 
14 Buchanan F H 
16 Robertson Mrs F 
18 Taber Wm 
20 Hutchison George 
22 Baker Wm 

North Side 

House, s e 
Lumber yard, s e 
4 Stewart Mrs A, drsmkr 
6 Hopkins Edward 
8 Adams George 
10 Vacant 
12 Gibbons George 
14 Lorsch David 
16 Murphv John 
18 Corbett Mrs Catherine 
20 McCarthy Mrs Honora 
22 Coulter Andrew 

Travnor James, coal oil 
24 Lap'at Wulfert 

Snvder Wm 
26 Judge Wm 
28 Mavnard Charles 
30 Smith Oliver 
School grounds 
Rear entrance 
Corbett Christopher 
Cowle James 
Scott Wm A 
Toyne George 


South Side 

House, s e 
1-3 Storehouse 

Planing mill, r e 

15 Brown Thomas 
15% Webb Harry 
17 Vacant 
19 Mowat James 
21 Vacant 

Private grounds 

25 Bailey Mrs Janet 
27 Dorrington Joseph 

Rear entrance 
31 Curry John G 
35 Bell James W 
37-39 Vacant (2) 
41 Drake Lewis 
43 Bishop Richard E 
45 Davies Samuel 
49 Davies David J 
51-53 Vacant (2) 
55 Malone Mrs Rose 
57 Bannan John 
59 Barker John J 

House, s e 

1066 Shaw to Osslngton av, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

2G Carter Daniel 
House, s e 

South Side 

33 Keith John C 

South Side 

1-7 Store, s e 

Vacant lots 
13 Henry Ernest A 
15 Tomlinson Mrs Annie E 
17 Bonner Miss Ida 
19 Adams Benjamin, pntr 

Allan Mrs Barbara, r 
21 Glockllng Wm 
23-29 Webb's bakerv 
31 Sluman Wm 
33 Ardley Albert P 

Ritchie F J, r 
35 Smith George 

Gibbons Patrick, r 
37 Holliday Edward D 
39 Leavens Bruce • 
39% Wiggins Mrs S 
41 Vacant 
43 Emery James 
47 Buchanan St Hall 

Brown Mrs Margaret 

Rushbrook Henry J 
51-59 Thompson D W & Co, 
upholsterers' supplies 

BULWER, w from 12 Soho 
to Spadina av, ward 4. 

BYRON AV, n from Chatham 
to Danforth av, 1 e of Les- 
lie, ward L 

East Side 

3 Bibby James W 
5 Hoskln Edwin 
9 Stone Henry 

West Side 

Not built on 

CAER HOWELL, west from 
head of Slmcoe to 161 Mc- 
Caul, ward 4. 

North Side 

McCaul School 
Erskine Pros Church 

20 Griffin Wm 

22 Yates Wm R 

24 Schell Wm F, gro 

Murray st commences 

26 Buggy Mrs Annie 
28 McCaw Wm 
30 Carpet Cleaning Co 
32 Williams George 
Private grounds 
54 Manning James A 
58 Haywood F W. shoemkx 
Leveque Cyrille 
Woollngs Bros, s e 

South Side 

Church, s e 

Simcoo st ends 
Store, s e 
1 Underbill Win 
3 Fraser Alexander 
5 Jones G H 
7 McAvoy Bernard 
9 Bland Frank 
9% Riley Mrs El'jsabeth 
11 Victoria Hotel 

William st ends 

13 McQueen John A 
15 McLean Miss Annie 
17 Irons Wm 

Irons Miss E T. eJocut 
19 CougbHn Mrs Helen 
21 School, r e 
23 Maxwell John 
25 Pearbnm Mrs Barbara 
27 Phillips James 
29 Dean Thomas 
31 Brodev Isaac, furrier 
33 Coombs Thomas 
35 Best Thomas M 

Best Mrs Maria, staty 
87 Coombs Thos, confy 

s University av, n of (*aer 
Howell, ward 4. 


Gordon & Helliwell, 




Toronto Offices : 


J. W. KERR, Cashier. 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 

Low Rates and Large Profits 
on Endowments. 

110 Callan PJ. 


CALLAN PL, s from 307 Wil- 
ton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Baxter Charles 

2 Pointon H G E, pntr 

3 Nightingale John A 

4 Etherington James 

West Side 

House, s e 

CALLENDAR. n from Queen 
w, first w of Soraoren av, 
ward G. 

Bast Side 

7 Salfhouse Wm 
9 Baron Robert 

Vacant lots 
21 Winter Cecil L 
23 Oliver John, pntr 

25 Rrigns Nelson R 
27 Grant Walker J 
31 Sabiston Robert 

Vacant lots 
45 Mlnch'n Aaron 

Unfinished house 
49 Prleker Wm F 
53 Redman Frederick 
55 Saunders James A 
57 Clare Mrs Mara 
59 Ln'dlaw Alexander 
61 Camnhell John C 
63 Ridont Miss Augusta H 
65 Wood Louis H 
67 Ormiston Mrs Susan 

Harrison Mrs Margaret 

West Side 

26 Graham Mrs M J 

Harvard av commences 
House, s e 

CAMDEN, w from 121 Spa- 
dina av to Brant, ward 4. 

North Side 

Store, 8 e 

4 Hobson -Mrs Margaril 

U \\ lil.ams Albert D 

8 Trac-ey Hebeir S 
10 AyreB James 
12 Roddick David 
14 Bell Mrs Maggie 
10 Jones Lewis M 
18 Hvnds Samuel 
20 Klein Wm M 
2U Moore Robert 
24 Cole Wm F 
26 Follett Hubert 
28 Allan Benjamin 
30 Rot-kail Frederick 
32 Cooper Hubert A 
34 MeCuruiack John 
36 Caldwell Philip 
38 Ford Hugb G 
40 Barker Richard R 
42 Baklns Joseph H 
44 Crawford John 

Crawford Miss M M, nius 
46 Wiseman James R 
48 Hozack Robert 
50 Wardman John H 
54 Murphy Mrs Elizabeth 
56 Howe Dennis 

South Side 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 

Unfinished houses (4) 
15 May Neely B 
17 Ellis George 
19 Young Peter 
21 O'Neill Jeremiah 

Vacant lot 
25 Masted George 
27 Arnott David J 
29 East Harry 

Prest Mrs Elizabeth, r 
31 Hugtrins Mrs Mary 

Johnston Wm, r 
33 Mav Frederick, exp 
35 Smith Richard A 
37 Hagertv Mrs Bridget 

39 Mugford John W 

Vacant r 
41 Maedonald Hugh 
43 Wylie Wm 
45 Hassard Mrs Mary 
47 Bate Wm S 

House, s e 

CAMERON, n from 40 i Queen 
w to Cameron pi, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Adams Wm F 
3 Nokes E'lias, mus insts 
5 Clelaud Daniel 
7 Jentsch Charles O F 
9 Thompson James C 
11 Ma? bee Mrs Rachel 

Maybee Peter, cabs 

Maybee Albert, pntr 

Reld Mrs M, drsmkr 
13 Gould Richard H 
15 Draisey Miss Nellie 
17 Hardy Mrs Isabella 
19 Addison Mrs Mary J 

Freeborn Bruce 
21 Gavin Mrs Julia 
23 Wilson John B 
25 O'Reilly James E 

Brown F L, piano tuner 

Private grounds 
37 Crossman F.dwin A Ir 
39 Levaek Mrs Charlotte 
41 Homer Benjamin 
43 Allin Mrs Mary 

Allin Miss N, drsmkr 
45 Leppar Wm D 
47 Vaughan Mrs Ellen 
49 Turner Henrv W 
51 Wark George K 
53 Reid Harry P 
55 Nugent Mark 
57 Wilson Alexander 
59 Holmes John 
61 Chapman Wm 
63 Crammond Mrs Eliza D 
65 Reaves James 
67 Hanson James 
69 McTague Edward J 
71 O'Brien Mrs Annie E 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
Cameron Hall 
2 Baker Thomas N 
4 Macomb Thomas 
6 Leach Win 
8 Ashfield Mrs Margaret 
10 Carnahan Archibald J 
12 Partlow Howard 
14 Osier Peter L 
10 Creelman Wm 
18 Snrphlis Richard H 
Holmes Charles E 
Holmes S & Son, stairs 

bldrs, r 
Turner Harry W, wood 
turner, r 
20 Klein Wm M 
20'/ 2 Russell Robert C 
22 rainier T It 
24 Best R T 
26 Reid Airs M A 
28 McArfhur John 
30 Dudgeon Mrs Elizabeth 
Dudgeon Miss M J, drs- 

32 Arden Thomas 

34 Stephens NH Margaret 

36 Cameron George 

38 TSrown Walter 

40 King Solomon 

42 Henderson Wm J 

44 Rich Harry AV 

40 Millard C F 

48 O'Toole James 

50 Marks Simon 

52 Lennox Albert 

54 McGraw Joseph 
56 Magowan Hrsh 

55 McCausland Wm J 
60 Armstrong Samuel 
62 Blssett Wm F 

Bissett Mrs L E, memor- 
ial wreaths 
70 Banks John 

Cameron pi commences 

CAMERON PL, w from 70 
Cameron to Vanauley, ward 

North Side 

2 London James N 

South Side 

1 Dalby Wm S 

3 Thompson Wm 

5 Silverthorn Newman 
7 Sturgeon Mrs Mary 
9 Devcreux John 

11 Outhwaite Josesh 

13 Badger Mrs Jane 

15 Dickson Wm H 

CAMPBELL AV, n from Wal- 
lace av to city limits, first 
w of Northern Railway, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots to 253 
253 Wakefield Edward 
255 Lascelles George 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Irving av intersects 

Vacant lots 
310 Hadder Richard M 

Vacant lots to end 

CARLAW AV, n from Ash- 
bridge's Bay to city limitsc, 
crossing Queen e at 943, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

Boat houses 
33 Stewart Wm N 

35 Connell Thomas 

37 Dyer Robert jr 
45 Chanter Wm 
47 Strader John G 
51 Dyer Robert 

Vacant lots 

Eastern av intersects 

Vacant lots 
105 Appleton Walter S 
107 Howe Edgar P 
109 Churchill Charles W 
111 Creighton George W 
113 Harmer John 
115 Bennett James W 
117 Combes Edward 
121 Washington Thomas E 
123 O'Hara P J, dairy 
133 Johnston Thomas H 
135 Wright F J, artist 

Vacant lots 
167 Kilby Daniel, mkt gdnr 
Church, s e 

Queen st e intersects 
Store, s e 

G T R bridge 
Gerrard st e intersects 
Vacant lots to 587 
587 Boyd Wm, contr 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

2 Hendry John, boat bldr 
8 Curtis* Christopher, pntr 
Vacant lots 

36 Fuller George 

38 Thompson John 
Vacant lot 

72 Rose Wm F 
74 McKewen John 
76 McCabe John 
78 Roger Wm 

A lane 

80 Semple Wm 
82 Lefeuvre Charles 
84 Ellis Thomas 
86 Bamford John B 
House, s e 

Eastern av intersects 
Vacant lots 
100 Dobson Wm M 
102 Love Percy F H 
Private grounds 

108 Robinson Henry M 

114 Bright Christopher T 
116 Ford Frederick 

Vacant lots 
124 Newberry Edward 
126 Blake Mrs Ada L 

Vacant lots 
134 Cooper Gavin 
136 Mace George W 
138 Frisby Frank 
140 Stouffer Wm E 
142 Burke Peter 
144 Oke Isaac F 
146 Jamieson Wm 
148 Ambler Alfred A 
150 Ryott Edward C 
152 Barnes George E 
156 Rickard N J B 
158 Stevens Arthur 
160 Harris Jesse M 

Vacant lots 
166 T.e Eoy David J 
168 Norrls Charles C 
172 Flint George C 
174 Leslie John K 
176 Jones John D 

House, s e 

Queen st e Intersects 

Vacant lots to end 

CABLING, n from Bloor w 
opp Givens to city limits, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

2 Gascoyne Thomas 

West Side 

Not built on 

CARLISLE, see Carlyle 

CARLTON, e from 443 Tonge 
to the Don, wards 1, 2 and 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Forster James 

Forster Edwin, dentist 
4 Brooks H H, eabt mkr 

Chapman Mrs Ann, r 

Bell Mrs Ada, r 

Spence Richard, r 

Kennedy Miss Aunie, r 
8 Wiley Miss Charlotte 
10 Thornhill Miss Sophia 

Richardson J B, phys 
12 Dwyer Robert C 
14 Emory Wm J H, phy 
18 Ogden t'zziel, phy 
22 Jtaldwin Mrs E M 
28 Ticehurst Septimus 

Gibson Mrs Martha, nurse 
30 Romeril Mrs Lucy 

Reformed Pres Church, r 
32 McFarlane M, oculist 
34 Bruce Herbert A, phy 
36 Fotheriugham J T, phy 
38 Morison Miss Catherine 
40 Webb Albert E 
42 Nattress Wm, phy 
44 Rlaehford B Thomas 
48 Snider John E 
50 Watson Archer G 
52 Moffatt Mrs Alice 
56 Oolleran John 
60 Greene E Herbert, phy 
62 Coyne Mrs Sarah 

Store, s e 

Church st intersects 
72 Janes Simeon H 

Private grounds 
84 Brown Alexander 
90 Scott Mrs Jessie 

McMillan st commences 
98 McNaught Wm K 
100 Howitt Wm H, phy 
102 Rains Mrs Maria 
108 Allen Norman, phy 
110 Martin Caleb E, phy 
nouse, s e 

Jarvis st intersects 
Store, s e 


Manhattan Typewriter used by thk 
New York Central and Lake Erie Rys. 
" Modern, guaranteed. " 

155 BAY ST., Medical Buildings 

Bengough Reporting- Bureau, 

Tel. 1343. 79 ADELAIDE ST. E 


Offlcial Court Stenographer, Maxaoer. 

Arbitrations, Conventions, Sermons, 
Lectures, etc., Reported Verbatim, and 
Typewritten fcy Experts. 

3K£~C0PYING sent for and delivered promptly. 


Caroline Av. Ill 

114 Haldenbv Wm 
118 Perkins Alvin E 
120 Taylor W M. agent 

Garrioch Miss W.mus tchr 
Taylor Miss M, mus tchr 
Richardson J D, yocalist 
124 Wilmot Mrs Anna 
120 Jones D Ogden, phv 
130 Thomas M Augustus 
132 Dwyer Mrs Florence 
134 Geddes Wni A 
140 McDonagh Geo r, phv 
142 Spiers Mrs Mary J, bdg 
144 Clow Wm 
140 Ames Miss Kmilv. bdg 
148 Williams Mrs Eliza 
150 Fletcher B njaniln 
152 Ivey John D 

Honiewood av commences 
154 Oldrlght Win, phv 
166,! Horace P 
108 Blaehford Charbs E 
172 Keith George 
174 Viicant 

Sherbonrne st Intersects 

Private grounds 
170 nollle Mrs May 
178 Johnston George 

Borrows Miss E, drsmkr 
180 Stewart Mrs Kate 
1X2 1 »imm« Mrs Isabella 
184-1S6 Annls Mervln B.drugs 
Bleecker st commences 

St Peter's Church, 
182 Howard A McLean 
198 Rk-tiardson Mrs Harriet 
Ontario st Intersects 
200 Dewey Mrs L E, grocer 
200 J .j Johnson Jos, shoemkr 
202 Jeandron John E, bkr 
204 Miller Thom:is 
200 Sterling Walter 
208 Coneland Edwanl 
210 Wilson Mrs Louise 
212 Forfar James E, phy 
214 Snider R O, phy 
210 Doan Robert W 
218 Coatsworth Emerson Jr 
220 Henderson James W 
222 Holmes John 
224 Gorrie Miss Margaret 
220 Schofleld Richard 
228 Hume Mrs Ann 

Hume G G. dentist 
230 Champion Mrs Eliza F 
232 Brown Frank N W 
234 Parker Samuel 
230 Anderson Wm 
2S8 Armstrong Mrs Isabella 
240 Turner Ernest W 

Alexander Wm H, phy 
242 Stephany H, barber 
244 Robinson R H, dry gds 

Black Miss R. drsmkr 
240 Byron Edgar, staty 
248 Balch Wm H, baker 

Lovett James H 
200 White Bros, grocers 

White Richard H 
252 Clayton T A, btchr 

Sharratt Mrs Jane 

Parlament st Intersects 

Store, s e 
254 McLean Alex, contr 
258 Husband Cameron 
260 Taylor Rev Geo I 
262 Begg James G 
204 Begg Evan A 
266 Moodey Wm J 
268 Umphrey Robert 
270 Parsons Arthur R 

Metcalfe st commeuces 

House, s e 
274 Manes Thomas 
270 Silver Charles J 
278 Meek Miss Martha 
280 Miller Allan F 
282 Van Norman Charles C 
2S0 Kennedy Daniel 
288 Walker Raymond 
294 Woods Wm S 
296 Miller John 
298 Gendron Adolph 
300 Fowler Mrs Fanny 

Shuttleworth C B, phy 
Sackville st intersects 
308 Brick Benjamin, bldr 

314 Tyrrell Edward N 

Woodley pi commences 
318 Hodgson Samuel H 
320 Crumley Frederick 
324 Fair Charles H 
326 Benson W E 

Bowman st commences 
330 Haas Mrs Elizabeth 
330 Muirhead Robertson 
338 Wlllmot H Lanson 
340 Ingram Alfred E, pntr 
342 Armstrong Robert 
344 Brackenreld Thomas 
340 Ross John 
House, s e 

Sumach st Intersects 
RIverdale Park 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Barker Samuel, barber 

Armand J Trancle 
7 McLellnn Miss Isabella 
Methodist Church 
21 Stark Thomas H, phv 
23 Higglns David 
25 Kent Mrs Ann 
27 Swann G A, dentist 
29 Caven James G, phy 
31 Vacant 

37 Brown Price, phy 

39 Mcllwraith K C, phy 

41 Graham Dermatologlcal 

Institute, Moote & High 


43 Mann Mrs Margaret 

Carr Miss M. nurse 
45 World Mrs Georglna 
47 Boxall Walter G 
49 Fox Wm H, phy 
51 Passmore Mrs Isabel 
53 Hardle Mrs Alice F 
55 McCurdy Mrs Kate 
57 Williamson Mrs E 

Trow Charles, phy 
59 Crosby Albert B 
61 Henderson Miss L G, 

Hotel, s e 

Church st intersects 
Store, s e 
07-09 Vacant 

73 Pettlgrew Robert, bicycle 
Beaton Neil, r 
Lyons Mrs E, nurse, r 
75 Beales Wm, genl repairer 
Gendron J Albert 
Barker Wm 
Ross Mrs Jane 
Cowell Mrs Alice H 
Arnott David 
Bothwell Clemens J 
Stanley Robert J 
Crompton Geo, masseur 
Bell Mrs Elizabeth, gro 

Mutual st ends 
Shaw Wm H 
Private grounds 
Snelgrove C V, dentist 
Jeffrey Andrew 
House, s e 

Jarvis st intersects 
Old St Andrew's Ch, s e 
Marshall Wm 
Lvndon Bros, plnibrs 
Reed Alex H 
McDougall Joseph E 
Horticultural Gardens 
Sherbourne st intersects 
Church, s e 
165 Allen Rev James 
167 Gee John J, phy 
109 Stubbs Frank 
171 Beemer Levi 
173 Shiell R Telfer, phy 
175 Hearn Wm 
177 Fetch Mrs Sarah J 
179 Angus Wm M 

Sea ton st ends 
181 Wills Miss Joanna K 
183 MacLachlan Arch W 
185 White Mrs Annie 

Kindergarten Academy of 

187 Helliwell Mrs Sophie A 
189 Darby George 




191 Westman Samuel J 

193 Wlllfong Emanuel, confy 

193 Smart Eli, btchr 

Ontario st Intersects 
197 McFaul John H, phy 
199 Johnstone Robert C 
201 McPherson James 

McPherson 1) w, phy 
203 Richardson Wm 
205 Mcintosh Mrs Jennie 
207 Corson Phlneas R 
209 Barker Edward 

Oronhyatekha Dr 
211 Bailey John C 
213 Heintzman Gerhard 
215 Fallls John D 

Berkeley st ends 
219 Hurlbert Frederick F 
221 Robertson Alexander 
223 Stewart James A 
225 Dixon Richard B 
227 Butler Edward P 
229 Crawford Wm 
231 Hawthorn Wm T 
233 Turner David W 
235 Parker George N 
237 Walker John 
239 Pew R DeL 
241 Thomas Julia, phy 
243 Bryans Wm F, phys 
245 Henderson R H, dentist 

Parliament st intersects 

Store, g e 
251 Cowen Charles 

Cowen Miss M L, artist 
255 White Robert 
257 Houston Thomas 
259 Rutherford Miss Eliza 
201 Hogg George 
203 Waldron John, mus tchr 

Waldron Mrs A, mns tchr 
205 Cooch Herbert C 
267 Dermitt George G 
209 Emerson George 
271 Jerreat Walter 

Tidy Mrs M J, nurse 
273 Anderson Mrs Jane 
275 Gordon Wm 
277 Harding Mrs Annie 
279 Bourne Wm E 
281 Lepper James 

Dermott pi ends 
283 Cornell David C 
285 Millar Melville 
287 Wilson Robert A 
289 McColl Angus B 
291 Bradford Wm 
295 Nellson Hugh 
297 Brown A J, contr 

Vacant lot 
305 Cooper Robt J, bldr 
307 Fensom John jr 
309 Dixon Robert 
311 Dumas Edward M 
313 Freyseng Edward J 
315 Freyseng Peter 

Sackville st Intersects 
317 Miller Wm M, gro 

Miller Miss E C, mus tchr 
319 Whisker Thomas 
321 Miller James 
323 Caston Frederick 
325 Curry Reuben C, phy 
327 McEachern Peter 
329 Dunnigan Francis J 
331 Moore Mrs Ellen M 
333 Ritchie Wm W 
335 Murray Robert 

Gilford st ends 
337 Ewens Edwin J 
339 Woodbury Wm H 
341 Van Valkenburg M H 
343 Rose George A 
345 Hoare John E 
347 Lyons Mrs Elizabeth 
349 Bruce Walter 
351 Boddy Wm W 
353 Tremble Robert 
355 Martin Frank H 
357 Snell Wm 

Ede John 
359 McKinnon Hugh A 
361 Wade Wm P 
363 Howden John 
305 Hargrave Henry G 
307 Steen Wm 
309 Wright Wm 
371 Priddey Thomas G 

373 Buchanan James 
375 Eesley Albert R 
377 Prouting Wm 
379 Yeats Peter 
381 Smith Miss M A, confy 
Smith Miss M S, drsmkr 
383 Hughes Miss E, gro 

Sumach st Intersects 
385 Mark Mrs Charlotte 
387 Goodrich Wilbur C 
389 Towne W Fremont 
391 Scott James P 
393 Harris Frank S 
395 Oswald Charles A 
397 Reeve James M 
399 Lydiatt James 
401 Quigley James 
403 Brown James J, contr 
405 Russell Frank J 
407 Lawson Wm 
409 Hucklns John M 
411 Bucklee Thomas L 
413 Jewell Charles H 
415 Gorman James 
417 Kane John, bldr 
419 Crawford Abner W 
421 Rvan John J 
423 Hodgson Wm D 

CARLYLE, n from 250 St 
Patrick to Bellevne pi, ward 

East Side 

Store, s e 

5 Jones Thomas 

7 Daley Francis T 

11 Drew John C, lumber 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Pujolas Robert J 

6 Elsley Randall D 

8 Nelson John 

10 Hill Thomas H 

12 Thomas Mrs S A 

14 Reynolds Mrs Matilda 

10 Smith Wm A 

18 McKean Frank E 

20 Stanyon Thomas 

22 Duperow Wm E 

24 Davison Andrew J 

26 Powers Mrs Esther 

Skeath-Smith E, mus tchr 
Skeath-Smlth W, mus tchr 

30 Lillie Frederick W 

32 Penny Wm 

34 White David L 

CAROLINE AV, n from East- 
ern av to Queen e, first e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 
West Side .•. 

Vacant lots 
46 McKenna John J 
48 Carey Wm 
50 Williamson Alexander 
52 Hoose Truman M 
54 Goddard Wm R 
56 Keiller Wm 
58 Jones Wm D 
60 Smith Edward T 
62 Hollingworth James W 
64 Atkins George S 

Vacant lots 


Manufactured by The GEO. B, MEADOWS, Toronto, Wire, Iron and Brass Works Co., Limited, 117 KING ST. W. 

SPRO ATT & ROLPH I Tel. 8351 . Bank of Commerce Bldg, 

112 Caroline Av. 


84 Crighton Wm H 

86 Martin George E 

88 Edkins Albert E 

80 West Joseph 

92 Montgomery Charles A 

94 Morris George H 

CARR, w from 58 Esther to w 
of Hackney, ward 4. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

Store, s e 

A lane 

Denison av intersects 

14 House, s e 

22 Wooton Charles 

24 Gee Charles, carter 

Vacant lots 
38 Boyles John 
40 Casey Thomas 

House, s e 

Hackney st intersects 

44 McGlnty Mrs Mary 

46 Irwin John 

48 Shea Joseph 

50 O'Leary J W, signs 

52 Smith Edward 

54 Davis David 

56 Martin John, express 

58 Tooze F W 

60 McNeill Michael 

South Side 

House, s e 

Denison av Intersects 

17 Bennett Wm K 
19 Cowan Robert, express 
21 Mackln Dennis 
25 Knibbs Frederick 
27 Straehle Frederick J 
31 Stephenson Joseph 
33 McAfee John 
35 Gulliver Michael 
37 Bailey Wm R 
39 McDonald George 
41 McDonough Michael 
Store, s e 

Hackney st intersects 

43 Nicholas Wm F 

45 Kennedy Mrs Johanna 

49 Davenport Walter S 

51 Casey John 

55 Cunerty James 

Cunerty Miss M, drsmkr 
Cunerty Miss K, drsmkr 

CARROLL, n from 644 Queen 
e to Thompson, ward L 

East Side 

1 Gordon R J, blksmlth 
11 Burney Thomas, coal 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
10 Beeten Wm B 
12 Kyle George 
14 Ross Mrs Margaret 
16 Quarrlngton John 
18 Kellher John 
20 Hatt Albert B 

CASIMIR AV, n from 240 St 
Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 
3 Clark A M 
5 Hardman Edward 
7 Lucas Alexander 
9 Gilbert Mrs Margaret 
13 Gibson Robert 

West Side 

House, s e 
4 Wright Mrs Mary L 
6 Brewer Albert E 
8 Pettie Mrs Mary 
12 Bartlett George W 

CASTLE AV, w from Spadina 
rd to Howland av, first n 
of Lowther av, ward 4. 

Not built on 

s across the end of Dale 
av, ward 2. 

East Side 

Jackson Maunsell B 

West Side 

Vacant lot 

Dale av ends 
Carleton Mrs Maria 

forms a circle from com- 
mencement of Castle Frank 
av, wards 1 and 2. 

North Side 

Simeon John H 

East Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

5 Vacant 
West Side 

4 Carroll Robert 

CATHERINE, w from 130 
Peter, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 
8 Mclntyre Wm 
10 Woodcock Allen E 
12 Jordan Henry 
14 Obernier W J 

Obernier Mrs W J, music 
16 Leppard Sandford 
18 Jackson Mrs Minnie 
20 Rosenthal Harris 
22 King Harry 

South Side 

House, s e 
7 Osborne Wm 
9 Zock John J 
11 Thornton David 

McCandlish Mrs M, r 
McCartney George, r 
13 Wells James 
19 Murehison George W 

CAWTHRA SQ, w from 490 
Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

House, s e 

4 Taylor John 

6 West Joseph McD 
8 Bryee Thomas 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Francis Wm G 
3 Crooks Alexander D 

5 McGiflln Samuel 

7 Tilley Charles 

CECIL, w from 34 Henry to 
Spadina av, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

Beverley s intersects 
16 Spragge E W, phy 
20 Baldwin Mrs Susanna 
22 Franks Mrs Louisa J 
24 Delamere Joseph M 
26 Watson Mrs Isabella 

Ross st commences 
28 Winans Mrs Margaret E 
30 Harris vVnj R, acct 
32 Townsend Sherman E 
34 Wilkie Mrs Jessie 

36 Wily Arthur 

38 Barker Robert W 

40 Frazee Mrs Jennie 

42 Merritt Nehemiah 

Huron st intersects 

44 Duggan Miss Mary 

46 Windeat Miss E S, artist 

48 Carrick Wm H 

50 Wright Thomas 

52 Burt Mrs Elizabeth M 

54 Tandy Rechal 

56 Collinet Mrs Frances 

Spadina pi commences 
Church of Christ 

60 Cecil Hall 
Store, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

Beverley st intersects 
House, s e 
23 Duck Henry F 
25 Harman S Bruce 
27 Ryerson C Egerton 
29 Long Wm E 
31 Cassels Hamilton 
33 Cattermole J F, phy 
35 Davies Sydney J 

37 Barnhart Mrs Catherine 

39 McMIchael Alex A 

41 Plpon Charles A 

43 Bolte Auguste 

45 Doward E R, mus tchr 

Huron st Intersects 

53 Clark C Day, phy 

55 Bryce Wm 

57 Tisdell Francis C 
Baker Wm H 

59 Balnes W Baggs 

61 Canniff James F 
63 Dulmage Alpheus 
65 Hand Alfred J 

67 Greenwood Mrs Eliza 
69 Morton Miss Rebecca 
71 Clark Mrs Clara 
73 Hodge James 
House, s e 

CENTRE AV, n from Armory, 
opp Drill Hall, to Chestnut 
pi, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Challis James 

5 Hutchinson Mrs Mary 

Sharaman Jacob, r 
7 Simpson F G, shoemkr 

Goodman Philip, r 
9 Levine Moses J 
11 Glazier Simon 
13 Moroney Joseph J 

Ward Mrs E J, r 
15 Whalen Mrs Annie 

Spring Mrs Annie, r 
17 Greenbaum Samuel 

Ginsberg Moses, r 
19 Macdonald Archibald 
21 Hoffman Samuel 

Lyons Patrick, r 

Steinhardt Simon, r 
23 Sperger Moses 

Cadesky Jacob, r 

Starkman Issard, r 
25 Warren Alexander 
29 Pendrith & Co, founde-s 
33 Centre Av Mission 
35 Downs Thomas 
37 Salamansky Philip, gro 
39 Sutin Robert 
41 Grelsraan Joseph, gro 
43 McGill Benjamin 
45 Rice Miss Mary 
47 O'Flynn Mrs Anne 
49 Conriell James 
51 Gurr Alexander 
53 Sheer Thomas 

Madran George, r 
55 Cohen Benjamin 

Madran Joseph, r 
57 Malone Peter 
59 Epison Thomas 

Store, s e 

Agnes st intersects 
Store, s e 
61 Flavell Mrs Rachael 
63 Shear Max 
65 Boddington Walter E 

67 Marshall George 
69 Dykes James 
71 Dungy Mrs Mary 
73 Dalton Mrs Bridget 
75 Jouffet Salvatore 
77 Sanzone Salvatore 

House, s e 

Edward st intersects 
79 Robinson Wm, plstr 
85 Williamson Francis 
87 Skene George 
89 Georgen Nicholas 

House, s e 

Elm st intersects 
House, s e 
111 Casclato Bousso 
113 Barton Frank 
115 Taylor Alfred 
117 McGroggan John A 

Vacant, r 
119 Gotlin Michael 
121 Kurtz Max 

Greisman Solomon, r 
123 McGann Wm 

Guselle Mlrette 
125 Harris Osceola 

Calllbraclo Frank, r 
127 Banks Mrs Harriet 
129 Jacobs John 
131 Polllgrean James 
Goldstein John, r 
133 Houzer Lepar 
135 Walker Michael 
137 Simon Charles 
139 SOskien Maxwell 
141 Cenzer Harris 

Hamilton Mrs Annie 
143 Sebastian John 
145 Bennett Wm 
147 Brown Henry 
149 McCallum George 
151 McCord Alexander 
153 O'Leary Bernard 
155 Freedman Israel 
157 Vantry Abraham H 
159 Henley Wm 

Atkinson Charles R, r 
161 Stone John 

Fletcher Alfred J, r 
163 Collel Joseph 
165 JIfklns F A, btchr 
167 Lambert Miss H, gro 

Christopher st intersects 
169 Olchlnetsky J, junk 
171-73 Darch Alfred 
175 Hollingsworth George 
177 Scott Edward 
179 Cox Charles 

Smith Mrs Elizabeth, r 
181 McDonald John 
183 Jett Francis, junk 

McDonald Mrs Mary, r 
187 Deas Louis 
189 James Frank 
191 Sharp Frank 
193 Keliey John 

Henry Samuel J, r 
195 Archer Edward 
197 Spearman Mrs Catu 
199 Cannan David 
201 Vaughan John 
203 EIrick Louis 
205 Santillo Salvatore 
207 Vacant 
209 Thompson James 
211 Vacant 
213 Madran Eugene 

West Side 

2 Ryan Anthony 

McDonald Mrs Mary 
4 Levi David 
Hawkins Mark 
Kelly Peter, r 
8 Marks James 

10 Kane Patrick 
Finch Henry, r 
Moran Patrick, r 
Palmer John, r 
Fisher Mrs Annie, r 
Andrews Alfred, r 
GInocchi LIngi 

12 Briekwood John 

14 Roe James 

16 Newrick Levi 

18 Wolfe Benjamin, tlr 

20 Ellis Benjamin 

22 Hnberman P, tlr 

24 Kupman George 

26 Steinberg Morris 

Roses, Carnations, Violets OunlODS 
and Decorative Plants. I W T 

5 KING ST. W. 

'Phone 1424 

445 YONGE ST. 

'Phone 4192 

Conservatories i 
Lansdowne Ave. and 
Bloor St. West. 
Telephone 5125. 


Head Office. 

Cash and Mutual Plans). CAPITAL, $500,000 ' BERLIN, ONT. 

D. HIBNER, President. 3. R. STOUFFER, Vice-President 
F. CLEMENT BROWN, M a „a e in E elector. 

J. A. MAC FAD DEN, Ceneral Agent, TORONTO 
King St. W. TEL. 185 ' 

28 Breckenridge Louis 

30 Sauls Charles 

82 Brodle Joseph 

34-36 Neusbauui Henrv, gro 

38 Fitzgerald Wm 

Sauble Samuel, r 

Brodle Mrs Mary, r 
40 Herenbaum Louis 
42 Goodman Samuel 
44 Spence Johnson 
46 Isenberg Solomon 
48 Jackson Mrs Eliza 
50 Harris Leroy 

Private grounds 
54 Boon John 
56 CarusI Frank 
58 Marlelll Augustlna 

House, s e 

Agnes st Intersects 
Store, 8 e 
64 Schwartz Samuel 
66 Jenkins John E 
68 Jackson John 
70 Morelli Gustave 
72 McKee Wm A 
74 Bertram David 
76 Bevlngton Wm 
House, s e 

Edward st Intersects 
Private grounds 
60 Ewirsky S, junk 
88 Bochuick Abraham 
90 Farrell Edwin 
92 Burns Mrs Sarah 
94 Hornshaw Mrs Sarah J 
96 Christoforo Carmine 
98 Badali Salvatore 
100 Cardorono Frank 
102 Bolllero Frank 
102Mt Store room 
104 Davis Frank, s e 

Elm st intersects 
106 Store, s e 
108 Harrington B W 

Harrington Mrs F H, 
110 Norris Francis 
112 Sheen James 
114 Greenberg Moyer 
116 Bennett Gustave 
118 Levety Moses 
120 Kearslahr Saul 
122 Levlnsky Benjamin 

Libewoltz I, shoemkr, r 
124 McCall Mrs Mary 

Stokes John, shoemkr 
126 Perlmen Joseph 
128 Rushkofsky Louis 
130 Winer Joseph 
132 Luker George 
134 Carey Patrick 

Monticano Lenardo, r 

Aglialoro Salvatore, r 
136 Ponlss Thomas 
138 Taylor George 

Catelonde Andrl 

Neusbaum Isaac, r 
140 Shupara Mrs Mollie 
142 Garrison Samuel 
144-6 Dineen Mrs Annie 
148 Oliver Antony 
150 Smith Alexander 
152 McLaughlin James S 

McLaughlin Mrs Mary, r 
154 Phillips Benjamin B 

Wilson Charles, pntr 
156 Miller James 

Gibson Mrs B, drsmkr 

Nlckson Henry, r 
158 Henderson Wm 
160 Robinson Wm 
162 Perilla Mark 
164 Izzo Pasquale 
166 Cohen Joseph 

Gouldlng Wm, r 
168 Kallsher Samuel 
170 Glucklich Mrs G, gro 
Christopher st Intersects 

172 Hunt George, gro 
174 Taggert W J 
176 Pellgrino Bruno 

Miller Louis, r 
178 Catone Louis 
180 Stone Reuben 
182 Ryan Thomas 

Foggett Mrs J, nurse 
184 McNulty John 
186 Rum Joseph 


1S8 Russell Peter 

, m \\ ole y Mrs Margaret, r 

100 Mead Arthur 

™ McXally Mrs Ann, r 

192 Miville Hospice 

194 Motto Gulseppe 

196 Ersklne Thomas 

198 Gloucester Alfred A 

200 Miville George A 

202 Miville Alfred H 

204 Walsh Mrs Bridget 

206 Arnott Robert J 

208 Townley Robert 

210 Bell Louis 

212-4 Cohen Lonls 

CHAPEL, n from 40 St Jo- 
seph to St Mary, ward S. 

East Side 

Private grounds 

Irwin av ends 
House, s e 

Inkerman st ends 
9 Moore Rollln C 
11 Campbell Wm 
13 Stephens Joseph 
15 O'Connor Jerome F 
17 Bailey Frederick E 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

CHARLES, e from 675 Yonge 
to Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

Vacant lot 
12 Drake Alexander K 
14 Vacant 
16 Child Harold J 
18 Neil Rev John 
20 Davison John L, phy 
30 Roaf James R 

Private grounds 
40 Petrie James 
42 Vacant 

44 Macdougall Alfred 
46 Henderson Charles W 
48 Risebrough John H 
50 Thompson Mrs Marlon 
52 Baker Charles E 
54 Wilkie Thomas J 
56 Evans Mrs Annie 
58 Denstone John 

Private grounds 
62 Ames James H 
64 Livingston L M 
66 Hill Henry J 

Private grounds 

Church st intersects 

House, s e 
76 Sharp Mrs Charlotte 

Campbell Mrs Mary, r 

Graham Adam, r 

Graham Edward, r 
SO Boyle John H 
82 Howe Etna D 
86 Gooch Frederick H 
88 Klllaly Mrs Martha 
90 Bain James jr 
94 Baird Robert S 
96 Walker Miss M L, schl 

House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

1 Van Camp J C 

3-5 Store room 

9 Startup David J 
11 Leworthy Wm T, florist 
13 Lodge James E 
15 Hazza Mark 
17 McNeil Wm, horse dlr 
19 Gamble George 
23 Eddis Wilton C 
25 Davidson Mrs S F 
33 Macdonald John K 
41 Eves Mrs Nettle S 
43 Whatmough F Alice, med 

Williams Miss M L 
45 Joselln Edwin J 
47 Armstrong Henry W D 
49-51 Simpson's stables 

Chestnut. 113 

Delaney Wm B 
53 Millar John 
55 Stibbs Wm J, architect 
59 Fraser Robert L 
61 Fenton Frederick, phy 
65 Bell Mrs Mary 

House, s e 

Church st Intersects 

House, s e 
77 Vigeon Harry W L 
79 Dockray Mrs Margaret 
83 Mcintosh David T 
85 Blackburn Frank J 
87 Kelly Hugh T 
89 Smellie Thomas 
91' Law Alfred W 

Mutch Mrs Annie E 
93 Pringle Alex R 
95 Hallowell Charles G 
97 Pate Wm J 
99 George Wm K 
101 Campbell Sheridan 
103 Provan Alex 

House, s e 

CHARLOTTE, n from 426 
King w to Adelaide w, ward 

East Side 

Blacksmith shop, s e 
11 Jeffs Robert J 
13 Kennedy John 
15 Mooring George C 
17 Ward Albert E 
19 Coulter Wm T 
21 Latra Johann 

23 Steane Frederick 

West Side 

Lumber yard 

Balsam st commences 

24 Brewer Francis J 
26 Gibson Wm R 

28 Shand James 
30 Cherry John 

CHATHAM, e from w of 
Byron av to Greenwood av, 
first s of Danforth av, ward 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

Byron av commences 
Vacant lots 
46 O'Donohoe Patrick 
50 Jobin Arthur 

Vacant lot 
58 Campbell Wm L 

South Side 

1 Jobin Alphonse 
Vacant lots 
49 Renton Thomas 

CHEROKEE. AV (Toronto Is- 
land), n from St Andrew's 
Church, Lake Shore av, 
ward 4. 

8 Darlington Wm H 

CHERRY, n from the bay to 
73 Eastern av, ward 2. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

GTR crossing 
GTR yards 

Standard Fuel Co, s e 
Mill st intersects 

House, s e 
41 Crate John W 
43 Wilkins Matthew 

CPR crossing 

Tate st commences 
53 Kerfoot Thomas 
55 Sharp Mrs Caroline 
57 Corbett Thomas 
59 Robinson Wm 
61-3 Vacant (2) 

Hotel, s e 

Front st e intersects 
Store, s e 
81 Pember Edward J 

53 Williams George 

55 Mutart James 

87 Nugent Wm 

89 Moore Richard 
Beetham James, r 

91 Ashwell Zachariah 
93 Bailev George 

97 Woods Mrs Sarah 
99 Smith Edward 

101 Stanley Edward 
103 KIngsley Thomas 

Worts av commences 
St Lawrence Square 
West Side 

Don Rowing Club House 

The bay 


GTR crossing 
Gooderham & Worts' tank 
Mill s Intersects 

House, s e 

CPR track 
50 Savin Thomas 
52 Stoner Wm 

54 Byron Wm J 

56 Fugler Kichard 

Front st e intersects 

Vacant lots 

88 Stein Philip 

90 Enright Thomas 

112 McCarty Mrs Margaret 

!I4 McLean Wm J 

96 Broomhead John B 

98 Vacant 
House, s e 

CHERRY AV, w from Indian 
rd to High Park, first n of 
GTR crossing, ward 6. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Jones Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 

CHESLEY AV, w from rear 
of Dufferin Driving Park to 
Brock av, third n of Col- 
lege, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Walsh Mrs Eliza 
19 Fuller Henry W 
House, s e 

CHESTNUT, a from 114 
Queen w to Chestnut pi, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

Hotel, s e 
9 Milham David 
11 Beatty Frank 
13 Raffaele Caspar 
15 Capps Mrs Annie 
17 Switzer Mrs A, bdg 
19 Nightswander Henry 

Nightswander Mrs ft, bdg 
21 Bertram James S 
23 Vacant 
25 Blevens Wm 

Lumber yard, s e 

Albert st ends 

Store, s e 
41 Mcintosh Mrs Ida 
43 Roncone Sebastlano 
45 Rosen Harry 
47 Turk Jacob 
49 Phillips Wm J 
51 Melsel Abraham 
53 Brent Jacob 

A yard 
57 Rablnowitz Simon 


21 QUEEN EAST. 'Phone 1694. 



GEO- S. McCONKEY'S Assembly and Reception Rooms 

27., 29, 31, 33 KIHG STEEET WEST. TEL. 646 

114 Chestnut, 











Louisa st ends 
Bomensour Moses, gro 
Iiomensour Moses 
Bested Joseph 
Zipper David 
Breslin Julius 
Greisman Israel 
raperniek David 
Resvinick Jacob, gro 
Rasminsky Solomon 
Aber Jacob 
Rubin Louis 
Townley Mrs Mary 
Grosser Charles 
Breslin Hyman 
Cohen Jacob 
Rabinowitch Isaac 
Solway Joseph 
Llovd Thomas 
Jackson Albert C 
Kneel Hyman 
Kelly John 
Muller Joseph 

Nalborough Charles 
Sharp Charles 
11 Synagogue 
Zeihr George 
Anderson Alexander 
Vacant lot 
Zipper Lonls 

Agnes st intersects 
Store, s e 
Dean Mrs Mary 
Snider Isaac 
Corrigan Mrs Julia J 
Leposki Bernard 
Larose Carl 
Edmunds Elvyn A 
Gold Isaac 
Houzer Jacob 
Belyea Wellington 
Korenfeld Henri, gro 

Edward st Intersects 
Dancy Wm, btchr 
House of Industry, s e 
Elm st intersects 

Store, s e 
Armstrong Wm 
Flynn Mrs Catherine 
Skene Alexander 
Johnson George 
Melchior Anthony 
Fuller Mrs Mary 
Muto James 
I'asquali Barnard 
Cairo Salvatore, fruit 
School grounds 
Leake Joseph 
Gurofskv David 
Sparks John, dairy 
Lewis Wm, r 
Duncan Alexander 
Clark George 

Ingram John A 
Garrick Thomas 
De Coursey Richard 
Hoekridge Richard 
Keelor James 
Gibson Thomas A 
James Herber 
Cook Mrs L, drsmkr 
Smith Mrs Catherine 
Snowden Mrs Sarah 
Cameron Mrs Catherine 
Strong J B, publr 
Canada Customs Hand 


Hayter st ends 

Wood yard 
Torrance James 
Baker J A, grocer 
Brown Matthew 
McMahon Bernard 
Murray Mrs Mary, r 
Mulcahy Michael 
Smith Robert J 
M. Mahon Edward 
Cook P A, shoemkr 
Sehryver Charles 
Gilbert Wm 
Dear James H 
Glionna Donato 
Judge Mrs Julia 
Tweedle Mrs Marg, r 
Turner Charles 





West Side 

Osgoode Hall, s e 
Drill Hall and Armory, r e 
Armory st commences 

72-72V4 Greisman Henry 

74 O'Reilly Wm 

76 Romain John B 

78 Clute Mrs Elizabeth 

80 Pickering Samuel 

82 Sallaway Samuel 

82Y-, Quinlan Matthew 

84 McDonald James 

86 Healey Mrs Mary 

88 Rungona Sebastian 

90 Healey Thomas 

94 British M E Church 

96 Bambrlck Wm 
' 98 Brown Archibald 
100 Higgins Wm 
102 Roscnbes Philip, tlr 

104 Barnes John, cabs 
106 Cohen Philip 

Wright James, r 

105 ETnkelstein Aaron 
Conder Thomas, r 

110 Goriinkel Samson 
112 Gofetr Charles 

114 Lipsie Samuel 

116 Greisman Jacob, gro 
Giacomo Lorenzetti, r 
Pasquale Petruccio, r 
Carmoni Guiseppe, r 
Zampano Vincenzo, r 

118 Spence Thomas 

120 Patterson Mrs F 

122-4 Somers Charles, gro 

Agnes st intersects 

126 O'Reilly James 

128 Landon Wm J 

130 Jackson Samuel 

132 Solte Jacob 

134 Rossi Carlo < 

136 Rocco D'Angelo 

138 Freeman Isaac 

140 Lonsberg David 

140 1 /' Friedman Harris 

142 Glionna Vincenzo gro 

Edward st Intersects 

144 Glionna Francisco, hotel 
146 Cooper Bernard 

Cooper Isaac J 

145 Laraia Rocco 
150 Deas Gilbert A 
152 Muccino George 
154 Levinsky Louis 
156 Rossi Antonio 

Gurofsky Louis 
158 Roabck Isaac 
1C0 Richard Charles 
162 Goodman Benjamin 
Romanello Luigi, r 
164 Moroni Rocco 
Store, s e 

Elm st intersects 
166 Schofleld H, drugs 
168 Darwin Wm 
170 Mossman Robert D 
172 Turnbull Miss Sarah 
174 Scott Charles 
176 Glionna Egidio 
178 Bell Wm A 
180 Branciere Rocco 
182 Terry Mrs Mary A 
184 Virgo George 
186 Parker Mrs Sarah 
188 Stanley Robert H 
Lawrence Mrs Ann, r 
McNally Miss Ann, r 
Hazleton Mrs Delia, r 
190 Robinson George G 
190% Tugendhaft Ivaphthall 
192 Pierce Lafayette 
194 Tiller Ananias 
190 Stanley Robert H 
198 Brain George K T 
200 Glionna Michael A 

Drover George P 
202 Patterson Mrs M 

Patterson Alex T, r 
204 Brown James, gro 
206 Mills John 
208 Adams Mrs Jane 
210 Fleming Mrs Sarah 

Findlay Mrs Marg, r 
212 Weir Wm 
212'i Watson Wm 
214 McCarthy Robert 
216 Coll John 

McBrlen John, r 

218 Knight Wm 

Axton Wm, r 
220 Magee Charles 
222 Lawson Jeremiah 
224 Carson Mrs Eliza 
226 Walker Mrs Mary 

Christopher st commences 
228 Galbialth Herbert, gro 

Tiech Joseph, coal 
232 May Charles, fruit 
234-36 Damele J, sec hd gds 
238 Derwent Frederick G 
240 Barrack Afif 
242 Cnneo Mrs Annie 

Cuneo Joseph, fruits, r 

Birtodatto George, r 

Perdotta George 

244 Farquhar Robert B 
246 Bates Henry 

245 Libero James 
Walsh Wm, r 
Thackray John, r 

250 Wilson George H 
252 Vacant 

254 Glionna Donato A G 
256 Bell Mrs Harriet 

255 Abate John 
200 Jose Joseph H 

Moss Wm II 
262 Matle Paallo 

264 Teregino Michael 
266 Bennett Robert A 

265 Harrison John 

CHESTNUT PL, w from 242 
Elizabeth to University av, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

House, s e 

Rear entrance 
40 Eovnton Edward 
44 Lauder John 
48 McWilliams Archibald 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Huxley Ernest 
iy. Laird Martha 
House, s e 

Chestnut st ends 
House, s e 
23 Harris Mrs Ann 

Mabin Anderson, r 
29 Hill Lewis 
31 Smith Mrs Elizabeth 
House, s e 

Centre av ends 

House, s e 
41 Price James 
43 Kitto John R 
45 Deniord Richard 
47 Meehan Mrs Mary 

House, s e 

CHICORA AV, w from Ave- 
'nue rd, second n of Daven- 
port rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 
2 Bush Everett A 
4 McLean Rev Hugh 
t; Morrison Mrs Annie 
8 Sinclair Frank L 
10 Ross Mrs Margaret 
12 Smith Wm E 

South Side 

Not built on 

CHIPPEWA AV (Toronto Is- 
land), n from Lake Shore av, 
fourth e of Manlton rd, ward 

Chadwick Edward M 
Sproule Chas H 
Candee Chas N 

CHRISTIE, n from 726 Bloor 
w to city limits, ward u. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

Vacant lots 
33 Keyes Thompson 
35 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

Barton av ends 

Vacant lots 
Ml Wood Frederick E G 

Vacant lot 
147 Pippy Levi 
149 Legrow W P, pntr 
151 Dunning James 
153 Gooderham T H 

Private grounds 
161 Melntyre Henry T 
163 Lever Richard 
169 Bruce Miss Martha 
171 Cundall Robert J 
173 Garner Joseph 
175 Dockeray R W, dairy 

Follis av ends 

Vacant lots 
211 Caldecott John 

Vacant lots 
239 Prince Edward 
241 Sherman James 
243 Holvoak John 
245 Rainier Charles F 
247 Barnett Mrs Lucy 
24!) Rainier Philip jr, btchr 

Yarmouth rd intersects 

Epworth Meth Ch 
259 San ford Lewis 
261 Butt Wm C 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Vacant lots • 
16 Mullin John 
18 Kennedy James 
20 Kelcher Wm H 
22 Virtue Charles 
24 White Henry 
26 Vacant house 
Vacant lots 

Blake av commences 
Vacant lots 
138 Badams Wm A 
140 Rownvree David 
142 Bennett John 
146 Sharp Frank 
Vacant lot 

Pendrith av commences 
Vacant lots 
150 Nut tall Mrs Ellen 
15S Waugh J, whol btchr 
16* Sidey Peter 
170 Gibson W H, gro 
House, s e 

Essex st commences 
176 Handcock H W, gro 
178 Colbourn Andrew 
180 BUIB Mrs M A, fey gds 

Ellis Charles 
182 Simpson J B, btchr 
184 Porter Wm J 

Vacant lots 
194 Marchment Wm A 
200 Fisher A E 
Vacant lots 
Garnet av commences 
208-210 Bapt Mission Room 
212 England Wm 
214 Mount Frederick C 

Vacant lot 
218 Ash Henry J. gro 
220 Crowley Thomas 
Vacant lots 

Yarmouth rd intersects 
Vacant lots 

Melville av commences 

Vacant lots 

St Cyprian's Church 
280 Seager Rev Charles A 
Dupont st intersects 

Vacant lots 
2S6 Wilson David 

CHRISTOPHER, w from 228 
Chestnut to University av, 
ward 3 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 
Vacant lot 


Cotton Waste, 

Solder, Babbitt. 
116-130 GEORGE ST. 






10 Leopells John 
A yard 

18 Store, s e 

Centre av Intersects 
Store, 8 e 

26 Morrow Hugh 
Shnnley Frank 

28 Smith Alexander 
80 Murray Robert 

Church, s e 

8outh Side 

House, s e 
9 Dempsey Wm E 

11 Harper Joseph 
13 Smith Albert 

15 Carter Mrs Hattle 

19 Darch Alfred 

Centre av Intersects 
Store, s e 

27 Vacant 

29 Miles Samnel 
House, s e 

CHURCH, n from the Bay to 
Bloor e, crossing King at 
101, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Tymon Andrew J 

City Weigh Scales, Win 
Adamsou supt 
3 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
9-13 Tor Cold Storage Co 
Warehouse, s e 
Front st e intersects 
23 Silver Creek Brewerv 

Vance A: Co, whol fruit 
23% Ontario Chambers 

Queen's Own Bugle Room 
Hamilton Thos, caretkr 
25-27 McWilliani & Kverist, 
whol fruit 
Teterson M H .V: Co, apple 
29 Xorthcote Reginald, brew- 
ers' supplies 

Colborne st intersects 
31 Billinghurst A J, teas 
31A Imrie, Graham & Co, 

33 Bogart, Ballagh & Gll- 

lard, produce 
35 Thompson R & Co, pork 
Wells P J, bus college 
Carr I L, fire extsnr 
Store, s e 

King st e Intersects 
Cathedral grounds 
St James' Sunday School 
St James' Church vestry 
Mlllen Charles E, caretkr 
Adelaide st e intersects 
75 Public Library Bldg 
Nelson George, caretkr 
Public Library, Jas Bain 
Jr, librarian 
81-83 Vacant 

83% Holiday Mrs H, sec hd 

85 Sun Long, lndry 
85% De Lubey Mrs Eliza 

Dupont Charles 
87 Meyer Bros, wash mach3 

Lombard st Intersects 
89-91 Henderson Bicycle Co 
93 Oliver Mrs M E, gro 
95 O'Connor Matthew, pntr 
97 Stoue John, dver 
99 Wlckett A R, barber 
101 Galloway David, baker 
103 Scott Wm R, safes 
Hughes C C, tailor 
Lougheed Mrs May 
105 Johnston Joseph, prtr 

Richmond st e Intersects 
107-9 Xewcombe Oetavlns & 

Co, pianos and organs 
111 Wilson John, shirr mfr 
113 Arnold Henry, shoes 
115 Phillips F E, putr 
119 Gloynes George 
121 Griffiths & Macpherson 
Co, pro med 

121% Mack Mrs Mary 

}S,, Sa ' 1,1 1 " D & J & Co, bks 
123% Smith Mrs Mary M 
125 Xettleton Mrs A, gro 

Queen st e intersects 
129 Store, s e 
129% Fee H S, tlr 
131 Lee Peter, lndry 
131% Vanzant Bros, barbers 
l.« Coots Mrs Eliza, bdg 
133% Wells Henry M 
JJg Authors & Cox, art limbs 
137 Brown John N E, phy 

Cren John F, phy 
}£7% GbMltrey W H, confy 

139 Hicks T L, elec supplies 
J1H. Lyo ? N T - stained glass 

140 Sim & Co, plmbrs 
145% Sim Mrs Mary 

147 Webb Mrs Mlna, bdg 
149 Thompson Mrs Eliz, bdg 
351 Poulton J S. shoemkr 
153 Sam Hing, lndry 
Allen Wm, tlr 
MeXab Michael 
Taylor Mrs Mellnda 
155 Vacant 
157 Vacant 

159 Gander J M, plstr 

Langford Wm J, pro med 

Fraser Mrs Christina 
161 McCutchion Thomas 
163 Wilson Mrs Ella, bdg 
165 Beefsteak Club The 
167-9 Athenaeum Club The, 
of Toronto Ltd 

McGraw Fred, caretkr 

Elliott House , s e 

Shuter st intersects 
179 Sweetnam L M, phy 
1S3 Stuttaford Andrew O 

Stuttaford Mrs C, music 
185 Maxden Frank 
187 Plewes Mrs E, bdg 
189 Kinsey Mrs Eliz, bdg 
191 Armstrong Mrs Eliz, bdg 
193 Lougheed David, bdg 
195 Wheeler Mrs J, bdg 
197 Hatch James C 

Hatch Mrs Marv, bdg 
199 Wellington Richard G 

Wellington Mrs S C, bdg 
201 Lord Alfred 

Lord Mrs M, bdg 
203 Fen ton W J 
205 Hawkins James, contr 
207 Hong Kee, lndrv 
209 Boyd James E 
211 Kirby J R, shoemkr 
213 Breadon John, dairy 
215 Benson Wm, cigars 

Collier Mrs Emma 
217-219 Hawley John, provs 

Irwin Mrs M, drsmkr 
219 Elliott Mrs Alice 
221 Crawford James 
223 Gilbert Mrs Eliz, bdg 

Crawford James Jr 
225 Long Fung, lndry 
227 McXellllle M, staty 
229 Squire T W, gro 

Wilton av Intersects 

Private grounds 
241 Jones Mrs Margaret G 
243 Enright W J, horseshr 
245 Cranston John 
247 Dion Thomas, shoemkr 
249 Charlie Sing 
251-3 Spooner Frank, gro 

Lamb L A, essences 
255 Hawley John 
257 Dancy Bros, btchrs 

Dancv Henry N 
261 Rycroft Thomas W 
263 Deegan Mrs Sophia 
265 Neales Mrs Sarah 
267 Bond John T 

Bond Mrs M A, gro 
269 Rose Jacob 
273 Vacant 
273% Vacant 
275 Rankin Wm, baker 
277 Wilson T H, tlr 
279 Henderson R G, plmbr 
281 Vacant 
287 Vacant 

Gould st Intersects 
2S9 Albright A F, gro 

2S9% Johnson James S 

r57, / Fo T rl ? es Alex - shoemkr 
291% Johnson J S, tlr 
293 Saulter Miss Mary J 
29o Roy Warren 
oot lS oy ¥*! Eunice, bdg 
SJ. French Mrs Hughena, bdg 
299 Cook Mrs Eliza ^ 
301 Bryant Wm H 
303-5 Watk/ns Mrs H 

Watkins L N, mus tchr 

.107 O Brlen Ebby 

309 Kirkpatrick Frederick 

all Waterson Wm 

313 Rose Charles, gro 

31|j Campbell Miss Nellie 

•ill Vacant 

q?I &M?, dlng Edward A 
323 Williams Herbert H 
32o Parkes G Harry 
327 Benson Wm 
329 Hamilton H J, phy 
331 Durnan Mrs D, bde 
333 Goodall Miss B bdg 
5K Ke *gan Mrs Mary, bdg 
337 Fulton Miss Agnes 
341 Anderson Mrs Jane 

Gerrard st e Intersects 
House, s e 
349 Hughes Mrs J, bdg 
351 Boake Mrs M A, bdg 
853 Stewart Mrs E, bdg 
355 Burnham Albert L 

Burnham Mrs S, bdg 
3o( FInnigan Mrs M E, tlrs 
3o9 Ross John, plmbr 
361 Jones Levi, btchr 
363 Bee David, baker 

McGill st intersects 
House, s e 
365 Croot John T 
369 Pickard Wm J, exn 
371 Pickard Wm 
373 Quong Lee, Indrv 
375 Lobralco Nicholas, fruits 
377 Caimcross J H, carp 

Anne st Intersects 
379 Goodchild James 
381 Sheppard Charles E 
383 Allan George 
385 Walker Wm 
387 Guest W X, btchr 

Mills Robert 
389 Pearson B D, gro 
•391 Wlngfleld Wm A 
393 Taber Charles, btchr 

Carlton st Intersects 

House, s e 
411 Hugo Mrs Louisa, bdg 

Hugo Miss S, mus tchr 
413 Brethour F G, dentist- 
415 Clark Mrs Annie, bdg 
417 Brown Alexander 
419 Forde Edwin L 

Forde Mrs Frances, bdg 
421 Munson Clarence 
423 Weaver Levi 

Wood st intersects 
425 McDonagh Miss M J, bdg 
427 Lloyd Rev George E 
429 Clapp Edward M 
431 Banks Mrs Eleanor 
433-443 Public School 

Alexander st Intersects 
445 Henderson Miss Georglna 
447 Snell Mrs A M 
449 Cornwall S W, contr 
451 Peacock James 
453 McKague James, contr 
455 Rice Wm M 
457 Peardon Mrs Rebecca 
459 Woolsey Roland 
461 Burke Oscar 
463 Redfern Robert G 
465 Church John 
467 Sails Seymour E 
469 Hennlng Mrs Janet 
471 Edgar Mrs Mary 
473 Perry Mrs Mary 
473% Fleming Arthur 
475 Booth Alex G, gro 

Maltland st intersects 

477 Clark Amos O 

481 Whatmough Mrs C E 

Xurses' Home 
483 Knowles James Jr 





Dolmage Mrs Sophia 
Stanbury James W 
Scott Wm R, broker 
Gilles Mrs Eliza 
Shepherd Mrs Mary 
Speight Wm B 
Private grounds 
China Inland Mission 
Private grounds 
Wellesley st Intersects 

513 Granite Club 
Granite Bowling Club 
Queen City Curling Club 
Bayley Edward 
Burley John, caretkr 
Granite Curling and Skat- 
ing Club 
Private grounds 
Crawford George S 
Private grounds 

Mulock av commences 
551 Brimstin Mrs Mary A 
553 Sullivan Mrs Nora 
555 Bailey Richard E 

S a i le - V Miss F M, artist 
ao9 Dales I Morton 
561 Saulter Wm G 
563 Boultbee Alfred 

Gloucester st Intersects 
563% Mitchell Miss Eliz A 
565 Kewiu Edwin 
565% Bryant H N W 
567 Watts Edward 
567% Jones Mrs M M 
569 Thompson Miss Mary 
571 Mackenzie Campbell 
573 Parker T Y, contr 
575 Vacant 

577 Bailey Charles H 
579 Macdonald James 
583 McClain Robert 
585 Sylvester G P, phy 

Isabella st Intersects 

House, s e 
589 Sewell Robert 
591 Clarke Mrs Caroline C 
593 MeArthur Wm L 
595 Cole Mrs Agnes 
597 Dann George 
599 Steen Ephraim 
601 Fisher Arthur 
603 Hyland Herbert J 
605 Macnamara Michael J 
607 Asllng Herbert M 
611 Bayles Thomas S 

Charles st Intersects 

613 Thompson J Enoch 

615 Hubbard A I Jr 

617 Saunders Misses, school 
Saunders Miss H 
Saunders Miss Julia 

619 Wrinch Warwick 

621 Speers Miss Margaret 

623 Jackson Edwin J 

Gladstone Miss S, nurse 
Lennox Miss A, nnrse 

625 Cathron Mrs Caroline A 
Private grounds 

631 Farini G A 

Farini Mme A, mus tchr 

633 Cringan Alex T 

Hayden st intersects 

639 Dalton Wm, contr 

641 White Wm 

643 Falrgrleve Arthur 

645 Jenner Edward 

647 Roberts J Edward 



TORONTO POTTERY CO., 75-81 Cottingham St. 'Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada, $6,567,079.94 

116 Church. 

649 Pringle Mrs Lucy V 
651 O'Higgins Mrs Isabella 

West Side 

2-8 Greey Win & J G, mill 
12 Cameron Hugh, blksmith 
14-16 Vacant 

18-22 Galbraith Wm, storage 
Hughes D W, wool 
Harrison F H, storage 
Warehouse, s e 

Front st e intersects 
Gooderham building 
Wellington st e ends 
28 Bank of Toronto, s e 

Hyslop J C, caretkr 
30 Walkerville Brewing Co 
32 Queen City Chambers 
Scott & Walmsley, un- 
derwriters • 
Queen City Fire Ins Co 
Haud-in-Hand Ins Co 
Fire Ins Exchange Cor- 
British & Foreign Marine 

Insurance Co 
Reliance Marine Ins Co 
Hand-In-Hand Plate Glass 

Norwich & London Acci- 
dent Ins Assn 
Millers & Manufacturers' 

Ins Co 
Scott W I, underwriter 
National Mining & De- 
velopment Co 
Imperial Trusts Co of 

Lowenthal Hugo & Co, 

Faro W H, fruit broker 
Runclman K, ins appr 
Malcolm J, caretkr 
Dawson Thomas, elcv opr 
34 Douglas & Ratcliff, pa- 

Bark R J, rnfrs' agt 
Blrge M H & Sons, wall 

36 East India Tea & Coffee 

Colborne st intersects 
38 Smith W H, produce 
40 Vacant 

42 Bon Accord Building 
Byford G R, bookbinder 
Lambe A B, broker 
McGinn Thomas, caretkr 

44 Detchon S G, pro med 

46 Mackle Produce & Com- 
mission Co 

48 Montgomery R O, leather 

50 Hotel, s e 

King st e intersects 

54 Tor Ry Office, s e 

66 Vacant 

56% Vacant 

68 Cashmore E J, guns 

60 Phillips & Smith, printers 

Court st ends 
62 Monetary Times, Trade 
Review and Insurance 
Chronicle (weekly) 
Monetary Times Printing 

Co of Canada 
Canadian Journal of Fab- 

Canadian Engineer 
Canadian Textile Direc- 

Biggar, Samuel & Co, pub- 
Toronto Paper Mfg Co 
Trout J K, phy 
64 Rowlinson J H, picture 

66 Hoffman J H, barber 
68 Swift C & Co, shoes 
70 King Dangerfleld 
Campbell R J, pntr 
Campbell & Son, artists 
72 McDougall Horace, leas 
74 Gibson & Defrles, barrs 

Redford G S, caretaker 
76 Western Canada Loan & 

Savings Co 
78 Home Savings & Loan Co 

80 Foy & Kelly, barrs 

Whelan James 
82 Ontario Laundry Supply 

Irwin John 
84 Vacant 

86 Guest & Co, plmbrs 
88 Vacant 

Bowey John H, caretkr 
90-92 Canadian Savings Loan 
& Building Assn 

Adelaide st e intersects 
94 Store, s e 
96 Brown Henry 
98 Hamilton Mfg Co, engrav- 
ers' supplies 
100 Dufferin Chambers 

O'Donohoe & Co, barrs 
102 Highway Advertising Co 
104 Bretz Jacob, cigars 
106 Ashdown Geo, eating hse 
108 Hogarth E C, eating hse 
110 Houghton John, mach 
Kirvan & Barnard, elec- 
trical contrs 

Lombard st Intersects 

114 Bishopric & Co, contrs 
114% Downer Pattern Works 
116 Schell Erasmus, gro 
118 Sheahan J J, btehr 
Barthau Peter, r 
Grimdler Mrs J, r 
120 Maedonald Peter, gro 
120% Shambrook John 
122 Ont Engine & Mach Co 
124 Windsor Hotel 

Richmond st e Intersects 
126 Mowbray T, sculptor 
128 Palmer John, barber 
130-1.12 Godwin R C, rest 
134 Southam T L. bicycles 
136 Ferguson Matthew 
Store, s e 

Queen st e Intersects 
Metropolitan Church, s e 

Shuter st Intersects 
St Michaels Cathedral, r e 
St John's Chapel 
300 St Michael's Palace 
Rohleder Rev F F 
Ryan Rev Francis 
Tracey Rev James P 
Healy Rev Thomas 
202 St Vincent's Chapel 
240 Thompson Henry 
242 Woodhouse J Joseph 
244 O'Connor Miss K, dress- 
240 McLean Albert 
248- Townsend Charles 
250 Archer Genis C 
252 McGibbon Miss Margaret 
254 Williams Isaac V 
256 Hernon A T. btchr 
258 Shaw H J, liquors 
260 Stewart John, pntr 
262 Curry Isaac, • drugs 

Wilton av intersects 
264 Aikins H W, phy 
266 Kineade Alexander 
268 Clarke George 
270 Hudgln Mrs Lydia, drsmkr 
272 Dunn Mrs Ellen 
274 Hepburn Mrs Mary A 
276 Hall John 

278 Flannley Miss J, dairy 
280 Dillon Mrs Ann 
282 Smith John, grainer 
284 Archer Edward 
286 Evans Alfred, costumer 
288 Murphy James 
290 Howells Miss A H, dress- 

Howells Miss C, drsmkr 

Howells Miss N, nurse 
292 Plewes Frederick 
294 Rucker Presley H 
296 Smith Mrs E, drsmkr 

Smith Wm J 
298 McNenly Vincent 

McNenly Mrs M, drsmkr 
300 Shumer Louis 
302-6 Standard-Star Laundry 
Co Ltd 

Holland Walter E 
308 Kplndler Mrs A E, dress- 

Stevenson Arthur 
310 Cassidy James 
312 Dear Mrs Jane 
322 Benner W G, artist 

Benner Mrs M, bdg 

Gould st Intersects 

St James sq 

Normal School, s e 

Model School (boys) 
Gerrard st e intersects 

Store, s e 
390 Bell Robert J 
392 Leonard George N 
396 Sui Wan, laundry 
398 Ledley Miss Mary 
400 Boucher Albert E 
402 Harvey Walter B, pntr 
404 Collett G T, staty 

McGill st intersects 
406 Craig Robert, shoemkr 
408 McCartney James, coal 

Vacant lots 
414 Marshall Mrs C, bdg 
416 Pexton Albert G 

Pexton Mrs Ruth, bdg 
418 Blood Jabez, grocer 

Anne st Intersects 
420 Lean Edward C 
422 Gordon Miss Agnes, bdg 
424 Ileaman Nicholas S 

Reaman Mrs S, bdg 
426 Phair Mrs Eliza, bdg 
428 Cornwell Alfred 
434-6 Somerset House 

Carlton st Intersects 
438 Armitage W H, gro 
444 Hitch Wm H 
446 Alley Tobias 
448 Evans Mrs Eliza 
450 Robins Herbert 
452 Carter Mrs Elizabeth 
454 Stephens Wm 
456 Dent Mrs L, bdg 
458 Iiothwell Wm E 
460 Walker Joseph H 

Fairweather Miss Nettle 
464 Ferguson Archibald 
466 Thompson Robert 

Private grounds 

Wood st intersects 
468 House, s e 
470 Naftel Mrs Caroline 

Northern Cong Church 
488 Howarth Samuel 
490 Richardson Louis J R 
494 Buchner John L 

Armstrong Thomas 
Alexander st Intersects 
496 Elliott J Ephraim, phy 
498 Nicholson Andrew 
500 Lelghton John S 
502 Warner A F, phy 
504 Coates Mrs Mary 
506 How Mrs Catherine J 
508 MacDowell Henry 
510 Walker John B 

Walker Mrs C, bdg 
512 Damp John, bldr 
514 Simpson Wm 

Simpson Mrs M, bdg 
516 Wong Chong, laundry 
518 Brown Wm L, gro 

Jennison Reuben R 

Maitland st Intersects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
522 Lawrence Wm 
524 Lobb James 
526 Ham Dr Albert 
528 Hutton Mrs Mary 
530 Dunstan Mrs Eliza A J 

Martin Miss H M, music 

532 Merrick Mrs Mary P 
534 Bengough John 
536 Bindon Mrs Ann 
,538 Scovell George 
540 Ewart Woman's Mission- 
ary Training Home 

Livingston Mrs Elizabeth 
542 Lund James 
544 Haliey James L 
546 Ford Mrs Annie 
548 Lee Wm H 

Wellesley st Intersects 
."..".2 Kelso Mrs Janet 







Walker Mrs Elizabeth F 
Lawler Mrs Isabella 
Miller James L 
Berkinshaw Edwin T 
Sutherland Mrs Helena A 
Goodman Rec S C 
Hartman Cany W 
Centra] Lyceum Bureau 

Whealey Wm H 

White Wm E 

Adamson Mrs B D, inus 

Adamson Miss E, music 

Adamson Miss L D, vio- 

Graham James 

Scott Wm 


Lee Ephraim 

Crysler Mrs Sarah 

Hemming Miss B, artist 

Chung Kee, laundry 

Burley John 

Millichamp Wallace 

Milllchamp G E, phy 

Oille John L 

Gloucester st intersects 

598 Knowles Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
60S Coleman Mrs Amauda 
Isabella st intersects 

House, s e 
612 Bleasdell Wm H 
614 Gait Thomas P 
618 Gamble Mrs Matilda 
620 Malcolm Wm B 
622 Armour Mrs Mary 
624 Stock H Edward 
626 Willson Alfred 

Charles st intersects 
632 Vacant 
634 Frost Henry W 
636 Gausby Robert, acct 
638 Carrier Wm F 
640 Hachborn Edward G 
642 Paton Robert G A 

644 Vacant 

Hayden st intersects 

645 Juukin Robert 
650 Hume James G 

House, s e 

CHURCHILL AV, e and w 
across Lakeview av to Dov- 
ercourt rd, ward 5. 

North Side 

2 Coulter Joseph 

4 Day Wm R 

6 McQuay George W 

8 Collins Frank S 

10 Smith Hugh J 
Vacant lot 

14 Murchison Wm 

16 Burns Robert 

18 Seager Percy 

20 Knott John A 

22 Colville Robert J 

Vacant lots 
36 Arnold Samuel S 

Vacant lot 
48 Reid John W 
50 Freeman Robert K 
52 Langton Thomas 
54 Hustwltt Ernest E 

Private grounds 
58 Lasher Amos W 
60 Silvester Mrs Emma 
62 Lasher George 
64 Morris Mrs Maria L 
66 Cuthbertson Allen S 
68 Nixon James B 

House, s e 

South Side 

1 Colville John B 

3 Dale Thomas 

5 Cralgmyle James M 

7 Henderson Thomas J 

9 Stocks John 

11 Cameron Wm M 

13 Smith Alexander H 

15 Stephens John P, dairy 

17 French Daniel E, bldr 

19 Rae James D 

21 Wright Henry W 


11 Richmond 



*l ember °* the Standard fining Exchange 

23 Amlmry George 
House, s e 

Lakevtew av ends 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
45 Leemlng Thomas 
47 Mason Tobias H 

Vacant lots 
63 Sumner George W 
55 Rason Charles W 

House, s e 

CIBOLA AV (Toronto Island), 
w from centre of Chlppawa 
av to Clandeboye av, ward 4 
Not built on 

Island), n from Lake Shore 
av, first e of Manltou rd, 
ward 4. 

1 Oldfleld Joseph 
3 Monro Mrs Mary 
5 Cowan Sirs Lets? E 
7 Samuel J Hughes 
McMurray Mrs Elizabeth 
17 Petrie Henry W 

CLARA, n from 31 Orford to 
Oak, ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Wallace Wellington 

1 Hoare James C 

5 Morphy Wm T 

7 Quinton John 
9 Martin George 

11 Fowler Walter G 
House, s e 

West Side 

2 Bolan Wm P 

4 Allingham Michael 

6 Dallimore Edward 

8 Cooper Robert J 
10 Oake Henry W 

12 Robinson Wm C 
House, s e 


*E6tf&2&- „ _ _ W'NES AND STOCK, 
Moretngandfrea l J 12 Adelaide St. E. 'Photje 1842 

Clark Cres. il7 


East Side 

Store, s e 
7 Carey John 
9 King Michael 

13 Bums Miss Elizabeth 

15 Geare Franklin N 

Crocker av intersects 

17 McKnlght Daniel 

21 Cabin Thomas 

23 Barrett Michael 

25 I'uttock Mrs Emily 

27 Brown Mrs Annie 

29 Howe John 

33 Smith Wm J 

35 Crawford Mrs Honora 

37 Roach Michael 

37M. Edwards Mrs Esther 

39 Lambrick Thomas 

Robinson st Intersects 

41 Granery Philip, gro 

43 Leask Wm L 

47 Belmore John 

49 Davis Charles 

51 Field George, exp 

Snedden Thomas 
55 Ney George 
57 Bonnell Frederick 
59 Long James 
61 Blrchall Henry 
63 Britton Mrs Theresa 
65 Pa I ton Peter 

Vacant lots 
77 Nixon Scott 
79 Ash by Wm 
81 Angell Herbert A 
83 Sullivan Thomas 
85 Rogers Wm 
87 Lawson David 
89 McKeown John 
91 Kenney Thomas 
93 Gray Georglna 

CLAREMONT, n from 732 
Queen w, to Mansfleld av, 
ward 5 






Gregory Mrs Sophia, gro 

Lee Edward * 
Kellaher Cornelius 
Scott Nelson 
Carney Mrs Mary A 
Johnston Wm 
Townsend Joseph 
Gartlan Peter 
Johnstone James 
Laughton Mrs Ann 
Mundy Kenneth 
Bryan Joseph 
French Wm J 
Lownsbrough James 
Hickey Thomas 
Reeve Alfred, gro 
Reeve Alfred 
Gertln Charles A 
Botisfield John W 
Bousfleld Mrs A, nurse 
MeCay Wm A 
O'Rlley Edward P 
Wood Albert E 
Westlake Wm T 
Sparks Francis 
Nagle Jerry J 
Broomer John 
Graham John 
Robinson Thomas 
McLean John 
Mclntyre George 
Smith Joseph 
Christie James H 
Cronlu Dennis 
McManns Patrick 
Warnham James E 
Little Robert 
Irvine Robert 
Thornton Robert 
Laughton John B 
Irvine Charles 
Jamleson Samnel J 
NIeholI Albert J 
Splnks John A 
Store, s <* 

Arthur st intersects 
Whytock P B, btchr 
Whytock Peter B 
Coulter Wm J 
Rodden John 
Pullan Mrs Alice 
Vacant lot 
Benson Thomas 

Plymouth av Intersects 
School grounds 
247 Barr George W 
249 Lamb Robert 
251 Hands Albert G 
253 Young David 
255 Weston J H 
257 Low Arthur R 
259 Brown Mrs Mary 
261 Canessa John, fruits 
263 Wortlev Frederick 
2G5 Scott Wm 
269 Callan James 
271 Cito Natale 
273 Garratt James 
275 McGarry Patrick 
277 Lawrence Alfred C 
279 Mathleson Dougal 
281 Irwin Jane A 
283 Wilson George G 
285 Clayburn Samuel 
287 Malley James L, gro 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
6 Welsh John G 
8 Bradshaw Thomas 

12 Rose Miss Grace 

14 Smith Anthony 

16 Ring Jacob 

18 Donnelly Patrick 

Crocker av Intersects 
20 Vacant store 
20% McManns Mrs Norah 
22 Schofleld John 
24 Gimson Mrs Clara 

(Mmson Miss C, drsmkr 
26 Hlnson Joseph 
30 MIddleton Enoch 
32 Ryan David 
34 Moore Wm 
38 Mallaney M J, real est 

Robinson st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
46 Martin Isaiah 
48 Fernley Edward 

50 Atkinson Henrv W 

52 Stockfish George 

o4 Goodes Horatio 

56 Wood Frederick 

58 Lindsey Robert 

00 Hughes John 

62 McAvay James T 

06 Hurd Mrs Ellen 

<>8 Dorward Walter 

74 Ewlng Richard 

76 Noland James 

78 Stephenson John 

84 Crowley Timothy J 

88 McCarthy Patrick 

90 Massey James J 

92 Mitchell David 

94 Keene Charles E 

96 Norrls Wm 

98 McDonough Philip 

Moody George, r 
100 Martin Patrick, exp 
102 Berry George T 
104 Holdsworth Mrs C 
106 FItzroy Joseph 
108 Lennox Hugh 
110 Mundy Henry H 
112 Cobean James 
114 Johnston Samuel 
116 Devereux Mrs Mary 
118 Pickup Thomas 
120 Condle Cameron 
124 Russell Richard 
126 O'Neill Wm E, Ins 

Bellwoods pi commences 

128 Graham Miss A C, gro 
Powell Miss M, drsmkr 

130 Weston John 

132 Aykroyd Maitland 

134 Lewis James 

136 Fountain A Edward 

138 Vacant 

Lumber yard 

148 Cox John J 

150 Dempsev Thomas, gro 

152 Spellman Patrick 

154 O'Brien James 

160 Pres Mission Ch 

162 Mission Savings Bank 
Boyles James, r 

164 McCarron Owen 

106 Blair James 

170 Vacant shop 

Claremont pi commences 
Arthur st intersects 

182 Fraleigh Wm S, MD, 

184 Jenkins Isaac 

186 Oswin Richard J 

188 Lowndes Henry 

190 Thornton Aison 

192 McMillan Thomas 

194 Shuttle Joseph 

196 McMillan John 

198 Bayl is Thomas 

200 McPherson Frank 

202 Whiter Wm J 

204 Webster Thomas 

Plymouth av Intersects 

206 Wright John G 

208 Frank Christopher 

210 Higginbottom Robert W 

212 McBeth Andrew 

214 McGinnis Michael 
216 Browning Walter H 
218 Beaumont John C 
220 Crowle Wm 
222 Foster Mrs Jane 
224 Swift W John 
228 O'Ronrke John 

Unfinished houses (2) 
Vacant lot 
242 Lennox Wm J 
244 Salmon Mrs Edward C 
Treford pi commences 
House, s e 
246 Aldrlch Homer M 
248 Herbert Dennis 
250 Donnelly John 
252 Fyfe John S 
254 Hamner Joshua 
256 Pretty Thomas 
258 Gourley James 
262 Montgomery James 
264 Sills Mrs Lena 

170 Claremont, ward 5. 

2 Wilcox Hebron, plstr 
4 Wright George 
6 Hames John H 
8 Enright James 
10 Flett Thomas 
12 Curran Frank J 
U Rooney Edward 
16 Brambles Thomas 
18 Vacant 
20 Vacant 

CLARENCE, n from 122 Wel- 
lington w, ward 3. 

East Side 

Rear entrances 

West Side 

Factory, s e 

Gold Medal Furn Mfg Co 

CLARENCE SQ, e side of 
bpadina av, at the head of 
Wellington w, ward 4. 

North Side 

1 Graham Wm H, MD 

2 McMurtry Frank 
Froats Myron 

3 Braund Wm 

4 Jackson Miss Maggie 

5 Kirk John McM 
Nurse's Home 

6 Pickard James 

Pickard W F, mus tchr 

7 Smith John 

8 Taylor Mrs Minnie 

9 Leslie Henry 

10 Milne David F 
Brittain Mrs Annie 

11 Robertson Donald M 

12 Anderson Rev Wm 

13 Little James 

14 Parker Mrs Emma 

15 Fisher Wm 

16 Chalmers Mrs Agnes 

South Side 

17 Moore Robert 

18 Nellove Miss Muriel 
Gray Mrs Florence 

19 Wilkinson Daniel 

20 Defoe Daniel M 

21 Martin John M 

22 McCartney James 

23 Vacant 

24 Reddick Andrew bldr 

25 Grainger Mrs Vlole* 

26 Dowdell James R 

27 Lay Henry A, lndry 

28 Silverthorne Mrs L 

29 Jones Willis, real estate 

CLARK, e from 25 Grant to 
Bolton av, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Vncant lots 

Howie av commences 
House, s e 

32 Cowling Peter W 

34 Quigley John 
House, s e 

South Side 

Private grounds 
11 Carter Henry W 
13 Stevens Wm 
15 Fredenburg George A 

McKeown Jesse 
17 Bloomer Mrs Lillle 
21 Perry Wm 
23 SIdey Mrs Rhoda 
27 Ellis Mrs Mary A 

33 Boyd Mrs Elizabeth A 

35 Graham Robert 
37 McCrea Mrs Ann 

In rear of 68 Edwin av, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Duncan Wm J 
3 Vacant 

5 Costerdlne Joseph 


Sole dealers in "Underwood " Typewriters. Headquarters for Supplies. 'Typewriters Rented. 

118 Classic A v. 


CLASSIC AV, w from 308 
Huron to Spadina av, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Stratton Wm C 

4 Roger Mrs Elizabeth 

6 Gibson Robert L 
8 Camp Lewis C 

10 Paton Peter P 

12 Davies Charles A 

14 Clark John 

16 Noble Mrs Emma 

18 Hall John 

20 Alexander Joseph 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Travers Fergus J 

3 Strickland Walter R 

5 Baillie Wm 

7 Nelles Robert L 
Gale James W 

Gale George C 

11 Boyd George 

13 Vaughan Robert C 

15 I'hair Thomas H 

17 Kelly John D 

19 Christie Wm 

21 Adair John G 

23 Chapman Joseph W 
House, s e 

CLASSIC PL, runs e from 301 
Huron, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 
4 Halcro Mrs Ella 
6 Thompson John 
8 Nutt George 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Gregory Joseph 
3 Laidlaw Wm 
5 Crysler Norman D 
7 Tapstield Wm G 
Webb Mrs Sarah 

CLIFFORD, w from 277 Ni- 
agara to Strachan av, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Private grounds 

Brewery, r e 
Stanley ter intersects 

Vacant lots 
10 Daniels John 
12 Cook Robert 
14 Daniels David 
16 Donnell John 
18 Titherington Richard 
20 Carnegie James 
22 Simpson Wm G 
24 Monaghan James 
26 Callan Wellington 
28 Winterfleld Jonathan 
80 Defoe Oscar 
32 Foreman Mrs Mary 
34 Glacken Wm J 
SO Sherer Robert I 
86 Marshall Wm 
40 Austin James 
42 Cowan Robert 
44 Widgery James 

House, s e 

South Side , 

House, s e 
Stanley Park 

Stanley ter Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Stafford st ends 

House, s e 
3 Christie Wm C 
5 Pay Walter 
7 Cosgrave Patrick 

Wellington la ends 

Richardson James 
13 Marshall Robert 

CLINTON, n from 40 Mans- 
field av to city limits, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Browne Ephralm 

Vacant lots 
11 Ford Mrs Mary, gro 

Henderson av intersects 
15 Jones Michael 
21 Eraser Wm, quantity sur- 
Carroll Mrs Isabella 
23 Imrie John 
25 Patterson Wm 
27 Moore Alexander 
29 Kinsala James 
31 Kirkland S B 
33 Bingham A W 
35 Linn James 

45 Topp Frederick G 

College st intersects 
Store, s e 
49 Gregor Mrs Margaret 
53 Mann Frederick 
55 Turner Mrs E 

Courtney pi commences 
59 Reece Thomas 
01 Nicholson & Pettlgrew, 
Nicholson R A 
63 Tomlin Wm R 
65 Tooley Warren 
67 Hopkins R E 
69 Worsdall Mrs C, gro 
71 Lougheed George 
73 Stinson Wm 
75 Blackball Mrs Jane 
77 Carpenter Christopher 
79 Summers Edwin 
81 Oliver Rev J H 
83 Dixon George E 
85 McFaul Henderson, phy 

Vacant lot 
89 Lobban John 
91 Smallwood George 
93 Smallwood Miss E 
95 Smallwood Charles 
97 Smallwood Wm 

Smallwood Bros, contrs 
107 Smith Mrs Louise 

Private grounds 
115 Nixon Mrs Mary 
117 Campbell Angus 
119 McDonald George S 

McDonald Miss M S, drs- 

121 Fletcher Hugh, candy 
123 Swaffleld Henry 

Swaffield Miss A, lndry 
125 Walker Wm J 
127 Burrows Charles 
129 McGuire John 

McGuire A, mus tchr 
131 Atkinson Arthur E 
133 Cassidy Wm J 
135 Wray Walter 
137 Baron George 
139 Belbin George E 
141 Saunders Joseph H 

Public School 
159 Rrnwn Merritt A 
161 Morrow Wm 
163 Carter Charles, barber 
165 Fewson D M 
167 Spade Frederick 
169 Anderson George A 
171 Bruce Wm 
173 Neal Thomas 
175 Bucher Hermann 
177 Ketchin James 
179 Paddon Charles 
181 Turner John 
183 Turn«r George 
185 Grlbble George A 
187 Smith Henry J 
189 Sheats Nelson . 
191 Brash James 
193 Weston Wm D 
195 Bailey Wm 
197 Cooper Mrs S C 
199 Brock Charles H 
201 Penstone H F 
203 Hutcheson T H, plmbr 
205 Bickard Joseph 
207 Malone James 
209 Adams Thomas , baker 
211 Saunders John, exp 
213 Nixon Thomas C 

215 Powley George 

217 Jeffs Isaac 

219 Hussey B W 

221 Robinson Edwin, roofer 

223 Joedicke Charles 

225 Weir Robert S 

227 Hamlv Mrs Ann 

229 Lightfoot Wm 

231 Hamlv James E 

233 McMahon Thomas 

235 Whytock P, btchr 

Harbord st ends 
237 McClelland T H, gro 
239 Mayes Charles 
241 Ford John J 
243 Hurst Walter, exp 
245 Garrett George A 
247 Laister James 
249 Broderlck A A 
251 Mumby Henry 
253 Moore Mrs Rosa 
255 Freakley Henry J 
257 Boyes Samuel D 
259 McCaul Thomas W 
261 Forward Wm 
263 Saunders H J 
265 Taylor Edward A 
207 Hirlehey Charles 
269 Tolkien Daniel W 
271 Coulman E P 
273 Lyons Hugh D 
275 Shaw James 
277 Vanzandt Jonas, lndry 
279 Bavington George W 
281 Wiggins Wm 
283 Cuthbertson Hugh 
285 Jardiue Wm H 
287 Ford Wm J 
289 Wood Thomas W 
291 Walmisley H W F 
293 Aitchison Thomas M 

Aitchison Mrs E, drsmkr 
295 Whitney W B 
297 Young Win L 
299 McKay Hugh 
301 Ruck Wm 
303 Irvine Geo E, coal oil 

Vacant lots 
321 Hendry R F 
323 Clough Tom 

Clough Mrs M, nurse 
325 Long Frank 
327 Ross Thomas W 
329 McLaren Hugh 

Vacant lots 
343 Eldon Robert H 
345 Adams David S 
347 Burton George 
349 Jones John W L 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
373 Long F W, btchr 
377 Hammond H G 
381 Falvev Daniel 
383 Ash Thomas, btchr 

Vacant lots 

Barton av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
481 Rawlinson H, dairy 
483 Yates George W, exp 

Vacant lot 
487 Yates John 
489 Millgate Robert 
493 Loveday James 
495 Thompson F G 

Private grounds 
503 Studholme Wm J 
505 Long Robert 
507 Norris Wm 
509 Ivor Mrs K 
511 Sharp Thomas 
513 Wake Herbert R 
515 Joliffe Mrs E 
517 Raymond Charles 

Follls av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
531 Steed Wm J, exp 
533 Froud Mrs M A 
535 Nichols Robert' 
537 Russell Wm 
539 Leith John 

West Side 

2 Store, s e 
4 McCaslln Wm 
6 Martin Philip 
8 Atkinson John H 
10 Culp Byron 













Osbaidlston Henry 

Hollinger Robert 

Hollinger Mrs E J, gro 

Henderson av Intersects 

Kaiser Lome 

Browning Charles 

Gardiner Mrs Maria 

Lee Mrs Laura 

Worfolk Wm R, pntr 

Walker Wm S 

Nightingale John 

McNamara Mrs Ellen 

Wray Wm S, plmbr 

Hedges J G, tinsmith, r 

Vacant lots 

College st intersects 

Fralelgh Wm S, phy 

liowerman Bennett H 

Hope Cong Church 

Gunimerson A W 

Vacant lots 

Beal Wm F 

Richards Sims, vocalist 

Samuelson John 

Watts Wm R 

Woolley Edward H 

100 Methodist Church 

Gray don J C, bldr 

Prummond Wm 

Drummond Miss H D, 

Calvert James E 

Hall Nelson, dairy 

Hall Herbert F 

Vacant lots 

Spencer Walter J 

Maunder John, bldr, r 

Held Nicholas 

Hatton John 

Allingham Wm 

Smith Andrew 

Lake John M 

Mawhinney Wm 

McPherson Oscar M 

Patterson Frank 

Harris James H 

Grandin John, plstr 

Booth Harvey R 

Mason Thomas W 

McRonald T A 

Wardell Jacob, waggon- 

Warden Wm, house mover 
Warden Miss G, artist 
Wardell John C 
Private grounds 
Donville W J, mus tchr 
Donville Mrs L, mus tchr 
Egles Wm 
De Mara A II, gro 
Thompson John H, confy 
Darner Warnett 
Steer Stephen, gro 
Mowat Isaac 
Cuff Robert C 
Wilson Wm 
Jones John B 
Nicholson A 1) 
Hughes Joseph 
Whetstone Thomas 
Rudman H W 

Evans av commences 
Harper John E 
Mason John 
Low Joseph H 
Worn worth Mrs M J, 

Moulton Daniel 
Crawford R, pntr 
Watson Joseph H 
Bevis Alfred 
Craggs Wm, dairy 
Taggart Robert 
Bertie James, bicycle 
Lennox J W, gro 
Roesel Wm 
Hewitt George 
Hedges Joseph J 
Phillips Charles 
Gore Robert 
Medland Wm G 
Bate Walter 
Silvester E C 
Laird Joseph C 
McFarland James C 
Mitchell Charles W 
Hussey James 
Srigley Wm B 
Collis Miss Mary 
Clark Alfred W 



Offices, NOS. 15-17 LEADER LANE, 

Telephone 2288. 
Residence, No. 66 ST. MARY ST. Telephone 3516. 

H. O'HARA & GO. 

24 Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Toronto St. Stocks for Clients. 


Col borne. 119 

238 Elliott Andrew J, dairy 

240 Mitchell John H 

242 House John L 

244 luglls Walter F 

246 Butler Alfred 

248 Butler George 

250 Caniplln Mrs E J 

252 Rlshworth Mrs H. drsmkr 

254 MeCallum J A * 
256 Iredale Thomas B 

255 McLean John H 
260 Wright Wm J 
262 (fuller John 

264 Garrett George S C 
266 Bralthwalte Joseph 
268 Heffron James J 
270 West wood L J 
272 Rogers Geo M, pntr 
276 Matthews Reuben 
278 Cull Henry 
280 Wood Mrs Ellen 
282 Sibley & Son, uphols 

Sibley Edward 
284 Hickerson R, bicycles 
286 Benson Kingsborongh 
288 Russell Mrs M A, gro 
280 Treloar Wm 

Vacant lots 
830 Bowden J W 
882 Letinox C D 

Vacant lots 

Clinton pi commences 

Vacant lots 
854 Vacant 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 

Store, s e 
872 Newborn S, whol btchr 
876 Attwell George E 

Private grounds 
382 Cheadle Benj, btchr 

Private grounds 
888 Jlfklns Wm L, btchr 

Vacant lots 

Barton av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
490 Crowhurst G D, dairy 

Crowhurst W H, dairy 
492 Boston Thomas 
494 Brown John R 
496 Enright Cornelius 
498 Westerby F, excavator 
600 Turner John 
602 Broomhead John 

Vacant lots 
608 Watson George 
612 Barnes W K, btchr 

Follls av Intersects 

Private grounds 
616 Moore George 
618 Neate Charles 
624 Henry Charles 
626 Brown Benjamin 
528 Miller Thomas 
630 Manuel Peter 
532 Cook John 
634 Elliott John 

Vacant lots 
680 Cole Alfred T 

CLINTON PL, w from 350 
Clinton, ward 3. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

Vacant lot 
1 Hadley Thomas 

8 Llttlejohn James J 
5 Gibson Stephen 

7 Skinner Mrs Jane 

9 Skinner Wm 

11 Conroy George T 
13 Hnrst George 
15 Monro David 

CLOSE AV, n from GTR to 
Queen w, first w of Dunn 
av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Robinson Mrs Jane 
3 Cadenhead Alexander 
5 Dupcrow N'orman 

7 Moe James 
11 Stotesbury Chas A 
13 Presant Charles F 

Vacant lots 
21 Smallpelce H E 

Home for Ineurahles, r e 
95 Godfrey Rev Robert 
97 Asher Alexander 
99 McMaugh James 
101 Crews Rev Albert C 
105 Harris G E, grocer 

Harris Edwin G 
109 Inglis Wm S B 
club house, s e 

King st w Intersects 

Irving Wm J 

Parkdale Rink, s e 
143 Williams Samuel 
145 Smith James 
151 Gain Thomas 
153 Shaw Herbert A 
155 Parish Robert S 
157 McConneil Alex C 
15.9 Brady Francis A 
161 Corey F Truman 
163 Stovel Ebenezer 
165 Chlsholm Wm C 
167 Hatch Arthur F 
169 Somervllle Miss Mary 

Vacant lots 
181 Lester Mrs M C 
183 Hamilton Wm 
185 Mayfleld Alfred 
187 O'Leary Denis 
189 Irving James R 
191 Dunklev Wm 
193 Earl Wm 
195 Little David C 
199 Matthews Hnrrv E 
201 Mearns Robert, florist 

207 Bailey George 
209 McDonald Caleb S 
209% Beattle Wm A 
211 Godson Arthur F 
211% Snence Edwin A 
213 Adams Wm 

West Side 

House, s e 
6 Nash Patrick M 
8 Downey Thomas, bldr 
10 Stockwell Francis T 
12 Pearce Arthur V 
14 Rlack David 
16 Micks Wm J 
18 Rupert Mrs Agnes 
20 MJngay Frank G 
22 Moe Charles H 

Vacant lots 
30 Keeler Percy A 
32 Thomson Bryce A 
34 Malcolm T G 
36 Rosser Harry P 
40 Vacant 
42 Reld Armour I) 
44 Schelhe Georee T 

Vacant lots 
58 Ritchie Freder'ck A 
60 Hunter Wm H 
62 Day Egerton W 
64 Foote Miss Jean 
66 Watson den C. hidr 
68 Emery J Gordon 
70 Scripture Thomas N 
72 Harris G E 
74 Hunter Samuel B 
<« Neff Arthur O 

Vacant lots 
82 French Sheldon Y 
84 Cook James A 
Sfl Leslie George H 

Queen Victoria School 

House, s e 

King st w Intersects 

Vacant lots 
1?6 Smith Robert 
138 Tripp Jacob D 
142 Vacant 

144 Harris Andrew D 
146 Threlkeld Wm 
160 Southcott G W 
162 Arland Wm H 
164 Bailey Charles L 
166 Goodfellow James 
168 Ecclestone Walter V 
1~0 Mll'er Thomas W 

Collegiate Institute, r e 
206 Laws Wm 

Oneen City Rink. « c 

COATSWORTH, s from 457 
King e, ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Store, s e 

3 Churchill F G 

5 Marlatt Wm H 

7 Johnstone Robert 
9 Hay Thomas 

11 Can- Alfred H 

13 Hyland Mrs Catherine 

15 Burns Charles 

17 Benson Thomas 

19 Bowen Albert 

West Side 

2 House, s e 

4 Black James 

6 Foster Francis 

8 Hetuen Louis 

10 Rooney Mrs Nora 

12 Biladeau L, barber 

14 Gibson Ell 

16 Hyland Thomas 

18 Finch Henrv 

20 White John" 

from 277 Ontario to Parlia- 
ment, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

House, s e 
11 Russell Charles 

House, s e 

COBOURG AV. w from rear 
of Dufferin Driving Park to 
Brock av, fourth n of Col- 
lege, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 GrlfBu Thomas 
4 Daltry Osborne E 

10 Steels P. art limbs 

Brighton pi commences 
House, s e 
South Side 

11 Johnson Wm J 

13 Watters Thomas M 

COLBOHNE, e from 61 Yonge 
to West Market, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Traders' Bank BMg. s e 
6-8 Nordheimer Piano & 
Music Co Ltd, r e 

10-16 Murray W A & Co, i e 

18-22 Vacant 

26 Colville W K, cartage 

Webber ,7 H. mnfrs' agt 

Radnor Water Co 
28 Lochore Alex, mrr tir 
28% Nasmith Co, r e 
30 New J H & Co. mfre' agts 

Hamilton & Tor Sewer 
Pipe Co 

Greene W W & Co, whol 

32 McConneil M & Co, whol 

Playle J S, i-mbr Idery 
32% McPherson George, whol 

Merchants' Mantle Mfg Co 
34 Vacant 

36 Hayhoe R R & Co, teas 
38 Torrance H A, signs 

Leader lane in!ersecti 

40 Fulton Jewel Mfg Co 

Fielder Mfg Co, jewel 
42 Hub Hotel 

Laurie J A, restr 
44 Dewdney A H & Bros, 

mfg jwlrs 
46 Eichhorn A, cigar mfr 
Canadian * Imperial Com- 
mi^s'on Agency Ltd 

European Exporters' and 

Importers' Assn 
Dods P D & Co. paints 
Island City Varnish, Paint 
„ ,, & Color Works 
48 Vac-ant 

50 McLaren J C Belting Co 

MacArthur A D, nifrs' agt 

Ideal Mfg Co 

Star Iron Co 
52 Wells S C & Co, pro med 

Emerson G E. mirs' agt 
04 Imperial Extract Co ' 

Blight T & G Co, wines 
r „ Niagara Falls Wine Co 
56 \ acant 
58-60 Turtle Hall 

Store, s e 

Church st intersects 
62 Ferrur & Co, com mers 
64 McVean F & Co, rlnegar 
Baltimore Ovster Co 
Macdonald Mfg Co, tin- 

Richmond Mark, tir 
64% Ryan J J. com mer 
66-68 Vacant 

70 Smith T H & Co, produce 
72-74 Vacant 

76 Andrews George, provs 
Peters Herbert, whol fruit 
Moyer S K, whol fruit 

78 Williams X Son, pickles 
Barrett T F 

80 Collyer John, bdg hse 
Kimpton Chas, whol fruit 

82 Husband Bros & Co, fruit 

84 Coutts J & Co, frnlt 

86 Store, s e 

88 Brownlow J W & Co, 
Store, s e 

South Side 

Trust Building, s e 
11 Wilcocks A L, whol Itlir 
Tooze Mark, nphol 
Woodward Medicine Co 
Dudley & Burns, prtrs 
Canadian Horticulturist 
McMaster TJniv Monthly 
Guild Gazette 
Missionary Link 
Rankin Court 
MeCormick Harvesting 

Machine Co 
Warehouse, s e 

Scott st ends 

21 Store, s e 

21% Beleher F A, rest 

23 Cochran Robert, broker 

25 Mclnlyre. Son & Co, who! 

dry goods 
27 Tuckahoe Li thin Water 

Co. storehouse 
29 Frame G, elec supplies 
31 Dog and Duck H >tel 
33 Sparrow Geo & Co, hotel 

35 Vacant 

37 McConneil George & Co, 
whol liquors 

Leader lane Intersects 
39 Vacant 

41 Griffin G R, nifrs" agt 

Davis S J, mfrs" agt 
43 Lyman, Knox & Co, whol 

45 Vacant 

47 B Ifc A. brewers' sup- 

Iron Stable Fittings, 

Oat Cleaners, Feed Boxes, 

Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co., Limited, 

Office : 6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones 6 & 104. 

The Confederation Life 


Guarantees Extended Insurance or a Paid-up 
Policy after two years, or a Cash Value 
after five years. 
See the Unconditional Accumulative Policy. 

120 Uol borne. 


49 Woodbridge T & Co, sad 

dlery hardware 
51 Wright Hy & Co, mfrs' 


MaeLaren A F & Co, 
cheese mfrs 
53 Atteaux F li & Co, dye 

53-5 Milburn T & Co, pro 

57 German Chemical Co 

59 Diamond Glass Co, Jolin 

Lowdeu agent 
61 Asih H J, com iner 
Store, s e 

Church st intersects 
Store, s e 
G3 Tilley & Kirb.v. produce 
65 Bacon Win H, cartage 
67-71 Copp, Clark Co, mfg 

sta tioners 
73 Minto Bros, whol teas 
75 Vacant 

77 McLean J A, produce 
79 Fox Bros, provs 
81 Barrett Wm, produce 
83 Gibb L, provisions 
Store, s e 

COLIXA, n from 950 Eastern 
av, ward 1. 

Not built on 

COLDAHIE, w from 166 Bea- 
constield av to Gladstone av, 
ward C. 

North Side 

House, s e 

6 Shortt Joseph F 

8 Shortt Wm J 

10 Shepard Mrs Henrietta 

12 Hasl. m Fnd T 

14 Binch Rev Samuel 

Binch Miss A G, urns tebr 

10 Field George 

18 Pivscou Charles F 
20 Singer Wm F 

Cochrane James M 

24 Vacant 

20 Doyle Wm F 

28 Schlemmi r Charles 

30 Fogal Archibald 

32 Haslam George 

34 Simpson Miss P, drsmkr 

36 Robgon Wm E 
38 Grogan Wm 

South Side 

House, s e 
3 Ross Donald M 
5 Gregory George W 

7 Michael John 

9 Taylor John F 

11 Woodland Mrs Mary 

13 Rogers John 

]»> Osterhout Herbert G 
17 Brown Harvey M 

19 Hart Charles 

21 Thorneloe W O, mus tehr 
23 Welburn Wm J 

A lane 

25 Mitchell Ah xamler C 
27 Attridge Iidwaid 

29 Cahlll Patrick C 

31 Gower John 

33 Taylor John 

35 Coulter Miss Jane 

37 Butler Aaron N 

COLLEGE, w from 418 Yonge 
to w of Indian rd. wards 3. 
4, 5 and 6. 

North Side 

2 Oddfellows' Hall Bldg 
Bayne Vlni-ent, janitor 
I O O F Hall and I ,dge 

1-2 Roper Fred 
3 Dockray A, nvaa tehr 
4-5 Ross J F. dentist 
6-7 Nimnio & Harrison, 
business college 

2 Continued — 

8 Caldwell Hugh 

9 Academic do Brisay 

10 Cooper George E 

11 Storeroom 
12-13-14 Vacant 

15-17 Nlmmo & Harrison 
10 Vacant 

17 Sydney Ada, mus tehr 
MaeMillan Via, mus 


18 Gonzalez R, mus tehr 
19-20 Vacant 

21 Abbott E E. dentist 
22-23 Foster G B, phy 
24 Morrison L N 
25-6 Carrie T A, dentist 

27 Shnnktin Miss E B F, 

Christian scientist 

28 Plummer Miss L, dress- 


29 Harper Wm E 

30 McKav Mrs Goorgin.i. 
Chr stian s lent' ft 

31 Faking W G 

.12 Pimnmer M ss L'zzio 
33 Hendei shott Miss L R, 
china pntr 
Cutter C, W. eavetkr 
Ground floor- 
Stamper Fred 
Robertson Mrs J, work 
ro m 

4-0 Robertson Mrs J, ladles' 

8 Rouse I B. optician 
10 Carveth .7 A & Co. books 
12 Thomson R L, tailor 

Elvins Andrew, tailor, r 
10 Ardagh Arthur 
18 Capon F J. dentist 
20 O'Brien Lucius R, artist 
40 Palmer L Loran, phy 
r,n Alklns w n B. phy 
52 Belanger Joseph A 

Relanger Mde, drsmkr 
54 Vacant 

56 Pearson Nathaniel, dentist 

Pearson C E. dentist 
58 Goldle Wm. phy 
60 Rverson G Sterling, phy 
72 Wilson John 
74 Paterson Mrs Matilda 
70 Sullivan Miss M, drsmkr 
78 Wilson Samuel 
80 Grantham Mrs Linda 
82 Dallas Harry 
84 McPhedran Alex, phy 
Elizabeth st intersects 
Zlon Cong Ch 
90 Cook Edgar M. phy 
02 Smith G B, phy 
96 Willmott J B. dentist 
Wlllmott W E, dentist 
100 Primrose Alex, phy 
102 Peters G A. phy 
110 Tor Bible Train School 

MacWllllam Rev Win 
112 McGee Mrs Mary A 
110 Henry Mrs Louisa 

Ent to Queen's Park 
142 Worts Mrs Mary 

University cres commences 
184 Bethnnc Miss Fanny 
198 Leach Hugh 
200 Cosby A Morgan 

St George st commences 
216 Perkins Edward J 
236 Dawson Mrs Elizabeth 
238 Robb Mrs Isabella 
240 Kllner Charles 
242 Suckling Isaac 

Huron st intersects 
244-252 Grace Hospital 
262 Krauss Mrs Charlotte 
204 Ferguson John, phy 
266 Sweeny Rev Canon J F 
Broadway Meth Ch 
Spadlnn av Intersects 
208 Can Bank of Commerce 
270 Tangent Cycle Co 
272 Copeland Isaac, music 
274 Avenue Chambers 

Morson Alfred E, rl est 
Rooms — 
1 Brown Miss B McM 
2-3 Peacock R M, dentist 

274 Continued— 

4 Burnham Mrs Eliza- 


5 McNab Miss J, vocal 


6 Gooding Thomas J 

7 Innes Miss Isabel, 

dressmaking school 

8 Junor Miss C. artist 

9 Betzner Jacob 

10 Smyth Mrs A I 

11 Nolan Mrs Marguerite 

12 W T ilson Marmaduke 

13 Cruickshank Mrs Eu- 

genia, artist 

14 Toronto Theosophieal 

15-10 Helnrich Mrs M B, 
music teacher 

17 Crewe Harry 
Alley Mrs Amelia 

18 Lodge room 
20 Lodge room 

19-21 International Busi- 
ness College 
22-24 Metropolitan Sell of 
Sage M J 
Avenue Hall 
270 Joss & Co. hardware 
278 Bryce Alex, dairy 
280 Murphv & Co. teas 
282 Kllner T B, flour 
284 MeKerrighan .7. florist 
286 Newlove F H. staty 
Parkin .7 W. photo 
288 Stotesbury It C. cigars 
200 Orr J F & W E. bicycles 

Green Mrs Susan M 
292 Newton Charles, shoes 
294 Hislop R W, baker 
296 Swiss Steam I,aundry (br) 
Brit Am Dyeing Co (br) 
Ravnor Allan 
298 Micklethwaito F W, 

300 McGill J D. undertkr 

McGill W J. nurse 
302 Nichols A J. btchr 

Robert st commences 
304 Purvis A M. millinery 
306 Milligan Miss B. dressmkr 
308 Coghill .7 M. confy 
310 Maedonald W. sew niaeh 
312 Clark Mrs Jane, btehr 
314 Redlcan Frank 

Redican Mrs S. fey gds 
310 Tvrrell Melvin. barber 
318 Wicks T H. jwlr 
320 Gray Wm. baker 
322 Palmer Charles, staty 
324 Chard E W, hardware 
320 Gilpin Wm H, drugs 

Major st commences 
330 Shields Miss Agnes 
340 Queen George, tlr 
342 Alpha Bicycle Livery 

Lun a n David .7 
344 7(ravlev & Co, btchrs 

ChaDin C G 
346 Sykes Wm J. gro 
348 Esling Mrs E. confy 
350 Brayley & Co, mlnrs 

Brayley James E 
352-54 Dann Thomas, shoes 
Brunswick av commences 
350 Lapatnikoff Louis, gro 
358 Cum Chong, laundry 
360 Clark Alex, stoves 
362 Lapatnikoff Aaron, tlr 

Lapatnikoff Miss C, Ger- 
man teachei 
364 McLachlan .7 F, shoes 
366 Tucker Mrs E, provs 

Tucker Walter 
368 Birmingham Henry, baker 
370 Vacant store 
370% Central Machine Works 
372 Doel Wm H. jr 
374 Jones Mrs Louisa 
370 Brldgland C B. gro 
378 Currle Wm. tailor 
380 Taylor Bros Co, provs 

Borden st commences 
382 Colling James II. drugs 
384 Habart Fred, btchr 
386 Blumbergh N. plinbr 
388 Riley Misses J & M, fey 

Riley Miss Jane 
390 Vacant 

392 Clarke Mrs Isabella 
396 Stacey Charles E, phy 
Ulster st commences 

Vacant lots 

Christ Church, r e 

Lippincott st Intersects 
414 Mason Arthur 
416 Cowles Mrs Emma 

Vacant lots 
422 McLeod O B, printer 
424 Reynolds H R, barber 
420 Houston ,1 W, drugs 

<5 N W Tel Co (br) 
42S-30 French Edwin, baker 
432 Irving Wm, shoes 
434 Hooper Jonathan, dry gds 
436-8 White Abraham, gro 

White Samuel S 
440 French Isaac, flour 

I'ease Edward, whips 

Bathurst st Intersects 
Presbyterian Church 
Vacant lots 
40S Clouse Ellas, phy 
470 Bentley Lafayette, phy 
472 Gilpin Wm H, drugs 

Markham st intersects 
474 Mott J J. hardware 
476 Jamieson Mrs L 
478 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
Palmerston av Intersects 
Baptist Church 
Vacant lots 

Euclid av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Manning av intersects 
Vacant lots 
5S0 84 Johnston W F & Co, 

Wright Wm. shoemkr 
586 Hilt R A, btchr 

Parkhlll Alexander 
588 Hudson Wm. confr 
590 Glbbard G E, drugs 

Clinton st P O 

Armstrong Simon 
590'/, JubUee Hall 
592 Bawn Albert V, btchr 
594 Grlgor John, gro 

Clinton st intersects 
590 Fraleigh Wm S, phy 
598 McRae Charles A, phy 

Vacant lots 
010 Xasmyth Alexander 

Vacant lots 

Sully st intersects 

Vacant lots 
Crawford st intersects 

Vacant lots 

Shaw st intersects 

Vacant lots 

Glvens st intersects 

Vacant lots 
810 Grier Samuel, gro 
812 Fehlhaber Itlehard 
814 Scott J Nelson, drugs 

Cockburn George 

Vacant lots 
822 Chapman F W. gro 
824 Thornton Miss M. gro 
826 Chlsholm W G, btchr 

Vacant lot 

Osslngton av Intersects 

834 Kennedy C G, bicycles 

Vacant lots 
8G0 Lucas Henrv, b'dr 

Concord av commences 

Vacant lots 

Delaware av commences 
Unfinished stores fS) 
liovercourt rd Intersects 
Vacant lots 
966 Wood Rev Lyman II 
Private grounds 
Rusholme rd intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 







Securities for Money Collected. 


Columbus. 121 

Havelock st n jaimcncos 
Vacant lots 

Mcltonald A &■ Co, ccal 
Gladstone av intersects 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Dufferin st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Sheridan av Intersects 
1158 Woods Wn J 
1160 Woods Mrs Susan 
1162 Pym Albert V 
1164 Cox John 
1166 Martin Arthur 4 
1168 Burns Eugene K 
1172 Brown Robert 15 
1180 McLean John B 
1182 Harrison Miss Bertha 
1186 Crealock Stephen J 

Brock av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Margueretta st intersects 
1232 Newall Robert 

Newoll Mrs M, ecutf 
1234 O'Connor John, gio 
1236 Kaiues Samuel 
1238 Arnold Henry C 
1240 Meliulre liichard 
1242 Pratt Wm 1* 
1244 Johnson Edward E 
1246 Emery Thomas 

Emery Miss E, drsmkr 
1248 Moroney John 

Vacant lots 

St Clarens st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
127S Sanderson Robert H 
Vacant lots 
Lansdowne av intersects 
Not open for two blocks 
Sorauren av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Lynd av commences 
Vacant lots 
Roncesvalles av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Pierce Mrs Mary M 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 McLaughlin R G, dentist 

Proudfoot Thomas 
3 Wood Henry T, dentist 
5 Anderson J N, phy 
7 Harrington E A, dentist 
9 Sanderson Thomas 

II Sanderson John 
Private grounds 

31 Bishop Strachan School 
Stocks James R, caretkr 
Ternnlay st ends 
Unfinished Uouse 
Vacant lots 

Mission av ends 
Hos for Sick Children 
Elizabeth st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
83 Forster Mrs Martha 
85 Morrison Miss Ellen M 
87 O'Connor Mrs Elizabeth 
93' College of Dental 
Jones Thomas B 
SO Swankey Bicycle Club 
103 Croker Edward M 
105 Gray Miss Jane 
107 Bloomer James t_ 
109 Arnoldl Mrs Agnes 

III Morse W Pitman 
115 Fletcher Robert A 
117 Seymour Sirs Mary 

Seymour Miss T. imis tchr 
119 Cooper Frederick 
125 Osier Hon Featherston 
133 Wallls Charles H 

University av ends 
-7 Tor Conservatory of 
Music, Edward Fisher 
musical director 
Tor Conservatory Sch of 
Elocution, n X Shaw 


141 Wilson Wm 

143 Simpson H E, photo 

145 Young W A, phy 

Jennings James 

Canadian Journal of Medi- 
cine and Surgery 
149 Vacant club house 

Brown Thomas 

Private grounds 
159 Wilson Wm J, phy 
161 Horwood Mrs Faunv 
163 McDonald Thomas 
165 Todd James A, phy 

McCaul st ends 
167 Powell N Albert, phy 
169 Patterson Elijah, dentist 
171 Thistle W B, phy 
173 Thompson Mrs H R 
175 Dickson Matthew C 
177 Bayly Miss Jennie 

Bayly Miss E, nurse 

Bnrwlck Miss M C. nurse 

Playter Miss M, nurse 

Drysdale Miss E, nurse 
179 Coombe ^Irs Emma 
1S1 Evans Wm B 
183 Darts Leila A, phy 
185 Thorn Charles A 
187 Mclntyre A D. dentist 

Henry st ends 
189 Hodgetts C A, phy 
191 Clarke John T, phy 
193 Srlgley Mrs M J 
195 Milligan Mrs Catherine 

Clarke W O, massage 
197 Bayley John, mus tchr 
199 Dvmond Bertha, phy 
201 Pratt Frank M 
203 Wnnder Wm M. dentist 
207 Davidson Alex, phy 

Beverley st ends 
211 Cawthra Henry 

Ross st ends 
223 Alison Thomas 
229 Green Miss Ellen F 

Vacant lor 
233 Meacham & Co. drugs 
235-237 Davison J B. ZTO 

Bowman Arthur M 

Huron st intersects 
239 Carveth G H, phy 
243 Edwards Joseph 
249 Godson Thomas 
255 Jerniyn Mrs Anna 

Dawson F J. phy 
257 Johnston Misses M & E, 

Johnston Miss M M 
259 Hamilton Miss X. drsmkr 
161 Hoare H G. denti <t 
263 Alison Matthew B 

Bank, 8 e 

Soadina av intersects 
Store, s e 
167-9 Steward Block 
Conger -Coal Co ioi) 
Rooms — 

A Richardson S A 

1-4 Mills J A. dentist 

5 Johnstone J F, music 

6-7 Perry Miss M J, dress- 
8 Nordheimer Albert 
9-10 Thomson George, 
11 Hallett J H 
12-13 Elder Charles 

14 Smart Wm 

15 Morrison Wm 

16 Vacant 

17 Murray Daniel 

18 Wright W. caretkr 
Christian Brethren 
Steward's Hall 

271 Wright Wm. tlr 
273 Asquith John, shoenikr 
275 Readman H E, bicycles 
277 Davles C & Co, pntrs 
279 Hickman John, gro 
281 Acheson Wm II, tlr 
2S3 Ellis Harry, undertaker 
285 Bush M E & Co, gros 

Bush Martin E 
287 Frogley C J, baker 

Beld Charles 
289 Smith J B. Jwlr 



291 Robinson Daniel, restr 
293 O'Leary J J, livery 
295 Fairgrieve Mfg Co, 

Fairgrieve Archibald 
303 Salmon Lumber Co 
311 Charlie Lung. Indry 

Wntkins C, locksmith 
313-15 Puritan Laundry Co 

McMullen C W 

Private grounds 
321 Keefor Edwin, dentist 
323 Smith D King, phv 
325 Adams J Frank, dentist 
327 Malloch J W O, phy 
329 Macdonald O F. phy 
331 Bryan Matthew 
333 O'Leary John J 
335 Lackey John G 
335Mi Delany Thos, teas 
337 Moss Sigismund S 
343 Dalby Georee E, coal 

Dalby Miss M, elocutionist 
Augusta av ends 
345 Wallls George, plmbr 
347 Singer Mfg Co (br) 

McXei^e John 
349 Good James, indry 
351 Knight George, pntr 
353 Hngerinan J L, produce 
35.1-55M, Vacant (2J 
357 Riddell Thomas 

St Stephen's Ch reading 
room, r 

St Stephen's Church, s e 

Bellevne av ends 

Fire Hall No 8, s e 
381 Christian Workers' Ch 

Shaw Richard 
391 Fuller T Richard 
393 Hunter Mrs A I 

Vacant lots 
399 Wright Mrs E J 
403 Sanderson John 
407 Roberton Wm. earpt clnr 

Lippineott st intersects 
409 Cleary John F, gro 
411-13 Baxter George, china 
415 Allen J R. upholsterer 
417 Sproule Robt T, btchr 
419 Low J T W, harness 

Tiernev Mrs E, drsmkr 
421 Harraden Alfred, crockery 

Vacant I"ts 

Batburst st Intersects 

Public School, s e 

College pi commences 

457 Price Arthur, btchr 
459-61 Lohlaw T P. gro 

Adams David 
4153 Iloney Edward S, tlr 
465 Wong Foo, ludry 
467 Ritchie H A Cycle Co 

Patton Edward J 

Ritchie Mrs Maria 
469 Dale Mrs C. confy 

Weldon Wm 
471 Starr Fred X G, phy 

Vacant lots to Manning av 
593 Greaves Wm, gro 
595 Topp F G, btchr 

Vacant lots to Dufferin 
1113 McGinnls Robert C 
1115 Whaley John A 
1117 Rogers Georse 
1119 Breakey Charles 1' 
1121 Farrants Edwin 
1123 Mefinhon Wnltqr 

Vacant lots to Marguer- 

12"53 Bond Charles 
House, s e 

Sf Clarens st intersects 

Vacant lots 
li'59 Elriek Charles 1; 
1261 Ellard Hugh E 
1263 Levack Wm B 
12t3 Griffin Peter 

\ acant lots to end 

follige, ward ; 

East Sde 

School yard 

Ves* tvde 

store, s e 
2 ;>ove James 

Oi-LIER, e from £07 Yunge 
io last of Park rJ. ward 2. 

X .n!i fc de 

House, s e 

6 Taylor Robert 
8 Taylor Edgar 

Severn lane commences 
10 Hunt Thomas 
14 D w an Michael J 
16 Crysler Colin A 
18 Smalluian fttono 
20 Abbott Edward 

Emerson Mrs L B, nurse 
22 McDougall Hector 
24 Norris Mrs Jane 
26 Barrett James 
28 Sanderson Wm 
30 Hewlett James 

Reynolds st commences 

32 Laird Kdith O 
34 Robins Samuel 

36 McCauley Alexander 
38 Uossage Charles A 

40 Bethune Miss Jane 

42 Williams Walter H 
44 Xewton Francis H 
46 Dobson Mrs Sarah A 

Park rd intersects 

52 Elliott James W 

54 Stewart Mrs Emily 

56 Kerr John M 

08 Forsayeth Bremner G P 
60 Lewis Albert T 

62 Hutchinson Frederick W 

64 Richards James 
66 Boulter Henry C 

68 Armstrong Frederick W 

70 Brown Alexander 
"2 Brown Georire 

74 Sydney Earnest C 

76 Turner Wm A 

South Side 

1-3 Store, s e 

7 Finlayson W J, dairy 
9 Hembrow Henry 

13 Hartshorne Thi mas 
15 Fiegehen J, blksmith 

Mills Mrs Ellen, r 
17 Fiegehen Jaiues 
21 Smith James G 
23 Curtis Mrs Mary 
25 Jones Charles G 
29 Crook George 

33 White Robert H 
3" Banks Greenhow 

41 Murphy Alex R 

43 Murpfoy Archibald J R 

Park rd inters 'ctt 
51 Wills Edgar A 

55 Mortimer Thnmas 

57 Bishop Charles H 
59 Bootne Albert E 
61 Bootb Wm E 

63 Dnlmage Sidney D 

65 McBride Harry R 
07 Ruston Fred'Tlck 

69 Giles James S 

71 Heves Svdney A 

73 Jacob! Frederick W 

75 Watson James C 

77 Fraser Wm J 
79 BartHtt Wm 
81 J(Jhnstene Wm 

83 Tettlt Mrs Helen C 
85 Calger Charles 

COLTJMBtJS, w from opp 339 
Sorauren av, ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Dixon John 
16 Hunter James P 
18 Pratt Nathaniel A 
32 Duff Andrew, plstr 
34 Woodman Frederick B 
36 Meed Alfred 

South Side 

Not built on 

Metallic Ceilings. 

Metallic Roofing Co., mm* 

■Phone 5481. Cor. K'NC and DUFFERIN STS. 



Telephone 2274 




122 Commercial. 


COMMERCIAL, w from 54 
Jarvls to w of Francis, ward 

North Hide 

Hotel, s e 

Francis st intersects 
Store, s e 
12-16 Pink M C & Co, junk 
Pink Michael C 

South Side 

Hotel, s e 

Frauds St Intersects 
Barber shop, s e 
21 Frame G. brass fndr 
23 Vacant building 

CONCORD AV, n from 860 
College to Bloor w, ward 5. 

East Side 

House, s e 

Vacant houses (3) 

School grounds 

Dewson st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
107 Macorquodale Duncan 

Vacant lots 

191 Bennett Wm 

193 MeCully John W 

195 Ward Michael 

197 Hunter Alfred T 
199 Nicholson F D 
201 Oheyne David A 
203 FIndlay John 

Hepbourne st Intersects 

Vacant l it 
213 Anson Harvey 

Rowen Mrs M, nurse 
215 Shlaoh John 
217 Crouch Thomas 

219 Hollingshcad Herbert C 
221 Kennedv Mrs Bridget 
223 Hclt> Clemens 

225 Clin nick Win 
227 Vacant 

220 Wolfram George 

231 Fotterlv Nathaniel F 
233 Rnwhone Wm H 
235 Parker Miss Mary 
237 Hotchkin Eaekfa] 
239 Clark John 
243 Ball Famuel G 

247 Jennings Jos, florist 

Vacant lots 
257 Henry Thomas 

Private grounds 
263 Loognoed Overend J W 
267 Hunt Wm 
269 Dunning Richard 
271 Dunning Robert 
275 Brown .7 oil in W 
277 Squires John 
279 Brown John W. shoe mkr 

West Side , 

Vacant lots 
22 Spencer Rupert 
24 Robinson Wm 

Vacant lots 
T2 Vacant 
74 Wattnm Wm J 
76 Bonn ell W Herbert 
78 Eag<r John B 
80 LInctaav George L 
82 Wan! Benjamin 

House, s e 

Dewson st Intersect* 

House, s e 
84 Watson Henry 
86 Cockbnrn James A 
88 Spenee Wm 
90 Shurly Raymond 
92 Vacant 

94 Sinclair Donald L 

98 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
184 Ireflale John C 
186 Steven* Wm 
188 Crane Wm 
190 Bunker Amos 

192 Laurence Henry A 

194 Wilson J G T 

196 Colloton Wm 

198 Adair David P C 

200 Auchlncloss Alexander 
202 Riches Charles H 

Hepbourne st Intersects 

Congregational Church 
222 Burns Joseph R 
224 Moulthrop Allison B 
220 Hammett Wm G 

Vacant lots 
240 Dodds Wm L 
248 McTaggart Wellington O 
250 Hepburn Rol>crt 
250 Cathcart Mrs S, gio 
258 Burk John W 
260 Vacant 
262 Bell Richard H 
264 Esten Henry L 

Vacant lots 

CONDTIIT. w from Dundas to 
city limits, third n of B'oor 
w, ward 6. 

Not built on 

CONSTANCE, w from Ronces- 
valies ay to Sunnyslde ay, 
second s of Howard Park ay, 
ward 6. 

Not built on. 

COOL-MINE AV, d from 324 
Dundas to St Anne's rd, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 
5 Mill ward John 
7 Logan John 
9 McLachlan George 
11 Lawrle James 
13 Stephens Harry R 
15 Robinson Hiram E 

A lane 

17 Ford Henry J 
19 Graham Wm J 
21 Boyle David 
23 Sparrow Thomas 
25 Harris Wm J 
27 Smith Wtn 
29 Forbes Juhn 
31 Mamhard Lewis E 
Orphan's Home, r e 

West Side 

8 Klrkpatrick Geo B 
Private grounds 

34 Tilston Geo W S 
36 McCranev Frank G 

35 Mackenzie Alexander 
40 MoDougall Wm J 

42 Bicketll Gei»rge 

Vacant lots 
52 Dydon .Ins, musician 
54 Seyler August J 

Vacant lot 
62 Baillle John 
64 Holland John H 
66 Vanderhoef John B 
68 Morrlsh John 
70 Hunter A J, phj 
72 Turner John 

CORNWALL, e from 157 
River to the Don, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
8 Stratlon Alfred 
10 Stratton John 
12 Trotter Wm 
14 Pender Wm 
10 Snell Robert 
18 King Charles H 
20 Weir John 
22 Taylor Thomas 
24 Gibbard Mrs Susan 
26 Hepburn John 
28 Major Robert 
30 Fox H E, artist 
32 Labelle Anthony 

Va ca nt lot 
38 Labelle Joseph 
40 Christy Henry 

42 Curtis John 

44 Sheridan Edward S 

46 Forest Louis 

48 Discumb Jonathan 

50 Stevenson Wm J 

South Side 

1 Fenwick Win. exp 

A lane 

5 Walls Thomas C 

7 Walden Alfred 

9 Hulmc Albert E 

9% Finlay Thomas 
11 Richardson John 
11% Beck John 
13 Rennie Mrs Mary E 
15 White George 
17 Lafontaine Alphonse 
19 Fleury James 
21 Reid Robert 
23 Peterman Samuel H 
25 Lafontaine Mrs Delvlna 
27 Bltschy Wm J 
29 Dock Wm C 
31 Joelin Samuel 
33 Fenney Henry G 
35 Maynard John C 
37 Nuthall Samuel 
39 Waring David 
41 Nugent Jasper 

COTTINGHAM, w from 1178 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
3 and 4. 

North Side 

4 Niblock James 
Private grounds 

18 Denham James 

20 Stephenson Frederick 

22 Crawford Alex H 

Gange av commences 
26 Gange Mrs E, bdg hse 
30 Marshall Frederick W 
32 Dove Arthur J 
34 Davis Wm . 

Public School 
50 Gillespie Jonathan 
52 Grant John 
54 Brooks John 
56 Farris Joseph A 
58 Truax Henry 
60 Daniels Walter 
62 Williams Joseph 
Vacant lots 

Avenue rd Intersects 
House, s e' 
176 Smith Mrs M T 
178 Lea Joseph 
180 Hudson Oscar M 
182 Holt Herbert R 
184 Schoenchen Conrad 
186 Shepard J H, elocutionist 
188 Smith Prof W R 

Vacant lots 
194 Jeffrey Charles F 
196 Milne Wm A 
198 Ritchie Hugh 
200 Bell Duncan 

204 Evans Wm J 
206 Crossin Albert L 

205 Taylor George C 
210 Davis Joseph 
212 Brown Henry T 
214 Dunning John P 
216 Peace John 

Rathnelly av intersects 

Private grounds 
228 Duff Mrs Isabella R 

Vacant lots 
234 Brodigan Mrs Emma 
236 Sneddon Wm 

South Side 

Store, s e 

Crown st commences 

5 Cuttell James, prtr 
Private grounds 

11 Argue Uriah 

CPR depot 

CPR freight sheds 
75-81 Toronto Pottery Co 
83 Lewis Walter 
85 Coles Frederick W H 

McClelland Mrs Eva, r 

87 Dawson Edward 
Sanderson Richard, r 

89 Judd Mrs Elizabeth 

91 Clarke Charles 

95 Edworthy Henry 

Cunnington Mrs M, dress- 

99 Edworthy Mrs Mahala 

Lynn Robert 
101 Gough Alfred J, lndry 
103 Edington James A 
105 Hackett Mrs Eliza J 
107 Green Frederick W 
109 Ireland Nat Food Co 

Vacant lots 

Avenue rd Intersects 
House, s e 
177 Sutton R T 
179 Sewell Charles I 
181 Vacant 

183 Church Mrs Emily A 
1S5 Neville Richard W 
187 Mackenzie James H 
Vacant lots to end 

COURT, e from 13 Toronto to 
Church, ward 3. 

North Side 

Bldg & Loan Assn, s e 
2 Stamper Fred, house agt 
4 Vacant 

Vacant office, r 
6 Ambulance Mounted Po- 
lice and Patrol Wagon 

8-10 Police Court, Lt-Col 
George T Denison, police 

Davenport E C, issuer of 

municipal licenses 
Police Headquarters, Lt-, 

Col Henry J Gra-ett 


Police Station No 1, John 

Hall Inspector 
Detectives' Headquarters, 

Wm Stark inspector 
14 Scbofleld Richard, ptg 

18 Jackes & Jackes, bai rs 
Beaton A H, barr 
Canadian Churchman 
Wootten Frank, pub 

South Side 

1 York Chambers, s e 
3 Eggert & Rowland, min- 
ing eng 
Grant Arthur L, assayer 
5-9 Brown Bros, r e 
11 Vacant store 
13 Rowsell & Hutchison, r e 
15 St Lawrence Coffee Hse, 
r e 

Vacant store, s e 

COURTNEY PL, e 'rom 55 
Clinton, ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
2 McFarlane James H 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Halligan Wm 

COWAN AV, n from GTR to 
1311 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

Huxley st intersects 
Vacant lot 
7 Mace.v Wm J 
9 Morrison Charles R 
11 McAlister Joseph F 
13 Taylor Adam 
Vacant lots 
Vacant lots 
37 Ross George 
Vacant lots 
43 Bryce Mrs Anna 
45 Howe Robert 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. 


20,000 in use* Strrctty High Grade. 

1/14 Vf\IU/*Cr CT PIANOS TO RENT $2.00 and 
I40 I VjIMVjiC Ol« $2.50 PER MONTH. 


Crescent Rd. 123 

47 Vacant 

49 Davis Magnus S 
51 Drysdale Win P 

Private grounds 
83 Smith Samuel J 
85 Parker James H 
87 McKeehuie Frank R 
80 Folwell Philip C 
91 Dailey Edward W 
93 Stewart Wm B 
95 Breckon George P 
97 Greatrex Wm R 
99 Alderson W T m 
101 Caselle Henry 
103 Kent Thomas P 
105 Smith Wm H 
107 Gerrell John W 
109 McCabe James W 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

King st w Intersects 

Vacant lots 
147 Orr Rowland B, phy 
149 Kirby Christopher 
151 Scott Mrs Carrie 

Boyd Miss M B, nurse 
153 Brown Charles 
155 Corcoran James 
157 Thomas Mrs Rebecca 
159 Bohne Wm 
163 Hendrv Andrew 
165 Blake John 
19T Barker W R J 
169 Tullocn Jesse, bldr 

House, s e 

Melbourne av ends 
House, s e 
183 Abel Herman H 
187 Hopkirk Mrs Margaret 
189 Neilson John 
191 Chapman Robert E 
193 Matheson Wm 
195 Jull Orange 

St Mark's Church 
207 Vacant 

Bell Telephone Co Ltd 
Wood yard, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Huxley st intersects 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Trenton ter commences 
4 McFadyen Hugh 

A lane 

16 Ewart James 
18 Scott Wm H 
20 Slemln Charles 
22 Speirs Daniel M 

Vacant lots 
28 Vacant 
80 Sinclair John 

Vacant lots 
54 Scott Wm, bldr 

Wolf Henry 
B8 Woodward L J, pro med 
60 Mackid Alex A 
62 Helliwell Alfred A 

Vacant lots 
86 Rolston John A 
88 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
100 McKay Peter T 
102 Sutherland Alexander 
. 104 Douglas John 
106 Baker Ichabod 
108 Clarke Thomas B 
110 Oxley Alex M 

Vacant lots 

King st w intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
146 Doran Wm W 
148 McGregor Peter 
150 Schofield Wm G 

Schofleld F C, watch repr 
152 Barton Alex I 
154 Rothermel J E, bldr 
156 Calder John 
158 Walker James » 
160 Morton Mrs Charlotte R 
162 Welsmlller David 
164 Brown George 
166 Bailey Frederick W 
170 Bloxham Wm H 
172 Grant Kenneth 
174 Henderson Charles 
176 Mullen Rev Ellas 

178 Telfer Frederick J 
180 Pringle George A 
182-88 Presbyterian Church 
190 Redmond James M 
192 Homuth John 
194 Day Richard J 
196 Kyle John 
198 Cameron Miss Annie I 
200 Stevens Edward A 
202 Macklnuon George S 
204 Kirby Charles M 
208 Jackson Samuel 
210 Everett John 
Curling Rink 
Fire Hall No 15 
Police station, s e 

COXWELL AV, n from opp 
1609 Queen e to city limits, 
ward 1. 

East- Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

14 Wilson Charles, mkt gdnr 

CRAWFORD, n from King w 
to Bloor, ward 5. 

East Side 

Massey-Harris Co yard 
Defoe st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
69 Madill Benjamin 
71 Hurd Henry E 
73 Preston Robert 

Vacant lot 
91 Jones Andrew 
93 Roberts Edward 
95 Meehan John D 
97 Gallaher Robert C 
99 Hutchison Robert 
Vacant lots 

Queen st w Intersects 
Store, s e 
College grounds 
179 Metcalfe George 
Private grounds 
183 Fiudley Thomas 
185 Hay Robert 
187 Smyth Mrs S H 
189 Henry Mrs Ellen 
193 Clark Rev Wm 
195 Morgan Charles E 
197 Taylor Charles 
203 Atkinson Wm T 
205 Creller Hiram 
213 Scott Wm L 

Scott Miss E S, vocalist 
215 Wesley John 

Vacant lot 
225 Webster George J 
227 De Grouchy Charles H 
241 Wheler George 
Bellwoods Park 

Arthur st intersects 
Vacant lots 
269 Aldridge John 
271 Mackenzie Michael A 

Vacant lots 
279 Riddle Wm 
281 Phillips Harry 
287 Till Edwin 
289 Schoneld Alfred J 
291 Dunlop WJB 
293 Bonisteel PhiUp J 

Vacant lots 
299 Lackie Wm H 
301 Baker Herbert 
303 Andrews Herbert B 
303Mi Gilpin James 
305 Jardlne J G 
307 Tighe Wm E D 
309 DeGruchy Johu 
311 Vacant 
313 Hardy Wm H 

Rose Miss Agnes, nurse 
315 Vacant . 
317 Drummond Alex A 
319 Wright Edgar V 
321 Fleming Thomas A 
323 Gorman David 

Vacant lots 
333 Calvert Josenh H 
335 Needham Harry 
339 Malcolm Andrew 
Vacant lots 

345 Hewitt Arthur 
347 Fidler Walter M 

Vacant lots 
361 Harklns John A 

Vacant lots 
387 Gilbert Wm 
389 Sinclair John 
391 Atkin Frank F 
393 Moody Isaac 
395 Bell Harry F 
397 McEnroe Owen 
399 Burnett George F 
401 Mick Herbert 
403 Magner Mi If red F 
405 Holmes Thomas 

Sully cres intersects 
Vacant lots 

College st Intersects 
515 McKenzle James 
517 Boothroyd Friend 
521 Sawdon Miss Sarah 
523 Kelso Alex R 
525 Courtney Thomas F 
527 Davidson John W 
529 Stanley John 
531 Clark Mrs Cath, nurse 

Vacant lots 
537 Dillon John R 
539 Davis James 
541 Le Roy Eugene 
543 Sktrving John 

Vacant lots 
553 Townsend John 
555 Jones James 
Vacant lots 
661 Travers W F 
665 Armstrong Win 
667 White Wm 
Vacant lot 
671 Spragge Mrs Elizabeth 
673 Parke George 
675 Vacant 
677 Asqtiith John 
679 Dunbar John J 
681 Robb Richard 
683 Wood John C 

Vacant lot 
691 Havlland Samuel 
693 Haviland Wm 

West Side 

Massey-Harris Co's wood 

Defoe st intersects 
Public School 
Crawford St Meth Ch 
100 Wright Peter A 

Queen st w Intersects 
House, 8 e 

Leadlay E & Co, tannery 
Logle pi ends 
108 Mankey Wm J, Jr 
110-MeGowan Samuel 
J12 Toiler Wm J 
114 Stagg Wm 
116 Huber Carlos 
118 Schulte Mrs Eleanor 
122 Morris Charles 
124 Wilson Charles 
126 Laker Rev K C 
128 Stewart Alex R 
130 Thompson John T 
132 Dennlson Mrs Fanny 
134 Scott Walter 
136 Scully Mrs Annie 
138 Love Charles J 
140 NeiU John 
142 Macdonald Charles L 
144 Williams Henry N 
146 Barker Robert 
148 Hodges George L 
150 Maeoomh Albert 
152 Wark John 
154 Dlneen Wm F 
156 Orr Robert J 
158 Sanderson George 
160 Tuthlll Christopher J 
162 Parkhlll Wm 
164 Williams Mrs Eliza J 
166 Huston Willlnm 
168 Brown Robert 
170 Gallagher Mrs Mary A 
172 Lang James 
174 Lowry Wm H 
176 Cole Mrs Elizabeth 

Lohb nv commences 
178 Hunnisett Frank 
Vacant lot 

19S Kinnear Mrs Ellen 

Vacant l"t 
202 Cowan John J 

Vacant lot 
208 Lemon Wm E 
210 Gordon John 
212 Cunningham Wm C 
214 Halltgan Sylvester 
216 Finlay Josenh 
220 Duncan Wm 
222 Rodger Wm 
224 Davis Joseph R 
226 McNair Alexander K 

Private grounds 
232 Lake Wm H 
234 Price Frederick 
236 Simpson Robert 

Simpson Miss M I, drsiukr 
238 Cayley Rev Edward C 
240 Churchill Edward J 
House, 8 e 

Arthur st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
262 Moffati Robert 
264 Hinton Geo H. dairy 
266 Hergert Heury S 
268 Stubhs Harry G 

Vacant lots 
276 Russell John W 
278 Russell John 
2S0 Meredith Charles H 
282 Petry Frederick A 
284 Braime Thomas F. 

Vacant lots 
294 Tate Robert F 

Vacant lot 
302 Hossack Mrs Mary 
304 Smlllie Wm H 
306 Tuthlll John V 

Harrison st commences 
Vacant lots 
332 Hardy Wm H 
334 Shields John R 
336 Woods Frank H 
338 Vacant 
340 Hills Benjamin H 

Vacant lots 
35S House Edward G 

Vacant lots 
382 Anderson John 
384 Burkell R B, dairy 
386 McGowan Wm J 
388 Foord Loftus E 
390 Henderson Stalner 
392 Baker Robert 1 
394 Vacant 
398 Smith Silvester 
398 Jory Franklin P 
400 Bell Frederick 
402 Herdman Samuel 
404 Stalnsby Jo^in w 

Sully cres intersect* 
Vacant lots 

College st Intersect" 
Vacant lots- 
Duff Frederick S 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersect-! 


Vacant 'n*s 
720 Suddaby Mrs 

CRESCENT RD, e from Tons* 
to South Drive, first 3 
of Roxborough av, ward 2. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

Rosedale rd intersects 
Vacant lots 

170 aiuiieu ive> 


Giving 2*/ 2 % are F rom2Kto8%atM%rate S ,fromiaayto368,on?1.00to410.000. 

Revised Edition, $10.00. 
Apply to B. W. MURRAY, 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

Telephone No. 423. 


■ ■ a 2 6i ■ ■ 


124 Crescent Rd. 


78 Rolph Frank 
80 Harvey Arthur 

Vacant lots 
88 Vacant 

92 Davies Robert li 
Vacant lots 
110 Martin T Mower 

Martin Miss E K, music 

Bcarth rd Intersects 
Vacant lots 
142 Morris Massey 

Vacant lots 
1C2 Vacant 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
Unfinished houses (2) 
35 Boulthee Alfred 
Vacant lots 

Rosedale rd intersects 
Vacant lots 
99 Turner Peter 

■CROCKER AV, w from e of 

15 Claremont to Bellwoodj 
av, ward 5. 

North Side 

2 Reid Mrs Mary A 
4 Fox Robert 
6 Crowe Patrick 
House, s e 

Claremont sit intersects 
8 Store, s e 
10 McGarrtgle Hugih 
12 Yerrf Wm J 
14 O'Connor Maurice 

A lane 

16 Marriott Edmond 
18 MeKeand David 
22 Mitchell Ira A 
24 Ford Edward 

House, s e 

■South Side 

Vacant lots 
8 Insoll Thomas 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Claremont sit intersects 

House, s e 
11 Brum Wm 
13 Thompson Philip 
15 Thomas Edward 
IT Hind John W 
19 McMuTTay Fred G 
23 Gibson .lames R 
25 Fteher Michael 

Lester Henry, carp 
27 Jewell J dm T 
29 Hupple Henry 
31 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

CROSS, w from 114 B. aeons 
field ay to Gladstone av, 
ward 6. 

North Side .'. 

House, s e 

6 McMahcn B rnard 

8 Taylor Wm A 

10 Dillon Arthur 

12 Johnston Arthur 

14 FnreeH Michael .7 

South Side 

House, s e 
5 McAdam Mrs Sarah 

7 Medforth Charles J 

9 Packer Alfred 

11 Muldonn James 

13 McGee Thomas, gro 

15 Kelly James 

17 Craig David J, dairy 

CROWN, s from 5 Cutting 
ham, ward 3. 

East Side 

Rear entrances 

West Side 

House, s e 
4 West Samuel 

West Miss L A, mus tchr 
Taylor James 

CUMBERLAND. * from 820 
Yonge to Avenue rd, ward 3. 

Not-th Side 

2 Charters John 

12 Rowell Wm ¥ 
18 Gianville John 
20 Kivell Fri-doriek 

22 MnoDonnell Miss L 

24 Shafer Miss Lilly 

90 Pearson Mrs Margaret 

28 Carter George H 

30 Songer Elijah 

32 Freer James, 

34 Bond John 

86 MeCann Peter 

40 Patterson Geoirge 

42 P.risbiu Henry 

44 McGregor Henry 

40 Cross Levi 

48 Newman James 

50 Ov>ss John 

52 Cloland Thomas 

54 White George 

50 Hurst Jam's 

50V. Ilnd^en George A 

58 FewSter Mrs Elizabeth 

(10 Moody Mrs Ti!l T e 

02 Ton- Mrs Sarin 

04 Mareho'ent George 

T/ewis Frederick W 
00 Wregget Oliver 
08 W(^ekes James 
70 Sparks Wm 
72 Lawrence J'mrs 
74 Hart-on H"gh J 
70 Shepherd George 

Mnveook John H 
78 Upton n "ii'-v 
80 King Alfr'd 
82 White Ttmm'ns 
84 RrBWV Wm U 
SO Currle Albert F 
88 PwmpHn G l'>ert 
90 Collott Mrs M A. gro 

Bellair st intersects 

98 Castle Richardson 
100 Quirk Frederick T 
102 Sinclair James 
104 Rolvrlsnn Mrs Isabella 
100 Crooko Wm 
108 Morrow James J 
110 liandail Wm H 
112 Orozicr Mrs Annie 
114 Godding Wm 
110 Wood Robert Jr 
118 Wood Robert 
120 Wavte Robert 

Wavte M1--S M. drsmkr 
122 Hewlev Isaac S 
124 Scott Nathaniel K 
120 Richards Phil'p 
132 Sellers Robert L 
134 Kidsdal" Robert 
138 Bocgs Miss H arret 
140 Dunkerloy Alfred 
142 Seagram Mrs Martha 

A la no 

140 JoliiiTe George H 

148 Smellle Davd 

150 Treehy John 

152 McGlltlvray Mrs Mary 

154 McDermott Mrs Cath 

150 Thomson John H 

158 Hamilton Mrs Isabella 

100 Chapman Wm 

104 Thompson Mrs Ann J 

100 Toms Wm 

Private gr tin (Is 

House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

3-5 Cumberland Hall 
Klondike Club 
Cumberland Hall Ch 

7 HasseHon Joseph, cabs 

9 Vacant 

11 Mitchell Mrs Sophie 

13 Allen Mrs Elizabeth 

17 Grainger Christopher H 

23 Raiue Jacob 

25 Scott Thomas J 

21 Arno Harry F 

29 Burgess Mrs Mary 

31 Davis James 

33 Thomas Henry 

35 Scott Thomas 

Rredin Wm J 
37 Bogffis James R 
39 Fuller Samuel 
41 Grace Patrick 
43 Marshall Horace L 
47 Baud ham Frederick 
49 Kirkpatrlek Wm J 
51 Morris Walter 
53 Tolliver Mrs Josephine 

Riddiford Miss Helen, r 
55 GibHKins George 
57 linden George 
59 Eaton Llewellyn W 
01 Dough I y Thomas J 
03 1 Sinclair Magnus 
05 White Walter S 
07 Francis Frank 
71 Booth John 
73 Toiilnen F, mns tchr 
75 Cooper Mrs Grace 
77 Mills Price 
79 Dntton Thomas 
81 Vacant 

83 Maedonald Mrs Mary 

85 Colls John 

Coils Miss M. drsmkr 

87 Worthy Robert P 

89 Grlmshaw Joseph B 

91 Worthy John 

93 Beasley James E 

Bellair st Intersects 

97 Gohn Mrs J. gro 
Gohn Edward H 

99 Evans George B 
101 Pitneid George 
103 Millignn Frederick 
105 Lytle Jamis 
107 Deegan James 
103 l'ilfold Wm II 
111 Eluor Herbert 
113 Devlne Mrs Mary A 
115 WnrlWngton Edmund 
117 Keating Peter ■ 
119 Bland George 
121 Smith John 
123 Gilchrist Mrs Sarah 
125 Potter Richard 
127 Gladman George J 
129 Reid Mrs Jane 
131 Smith Mrs M A 
133 Briggs Henry A 
135 Newton Thomas 
137 Scott David J 
139 King Miss C«ra 
141 Robinson A E 
113 Cant well Wm 
145 Steele John C 
147 Edmand Wm P. 
149 Elliott J. seph 
151 Huteh'sou Robert 
153 Beare Roltert 
155 Sondoll Cu'libert 
157 Glenister George T 

Private grounds 
105 Willniof Mrs Eliza 

Private grounds 
183 Wallace John 
185 Hall Jehu G 
House, s e 

CtJMMINOS, e from w of Bol- 
ton av, bet 118 and 120. to 
Warden, ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

Bolton av intersects 
10 Murray John J 
Private grounds 
20 O'Reilly Thomas E 
22 McDonald John, ero 
24 Buxton Thomas, shoemkr 
De Grnssi st intersects 
Sunday School 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

Bolton av intersects 
Store, s e 
13-17 Tidliy Wm B, baker 

Store, s e 
Dp Grass! st intersects 

House, s e 
35 Towell Charles W 

Private grounds 
39 Wheat Leonard 

Private grounds 
45 Cracknell Richard 
47 Thompson John H 
49 Kingsmill Jesse J 
51 Kingsmill Mrs E P 

SG Brock av, ward 6. 

North Side 

12 MoLaohlan John B 

Trivate grounds 
20 MeLaehlan John II 

South Side 

House, s e 
7 Knowltnn John 

Knowlfoii Miss A, drsmkr 
9 Tunnicliffe Mrs Eleanor 
11 Boddr Wm A 
15 Vernon Mrs Eliza 
17 Abercromble Wm 
19 Manning Albert E 
25 Le Page Henry T 

Le Page Door Check Mfg 

CURRIE PL. e from Blair av, 
first n of Sydenham, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Evans Mrs Abbev S 

2 Booth David 

3 Jordan Moses 

4 Henderson Charles B 

5 Vacant 

South Side 

Rear entrances 

CURZON, n from 1192 Queen 
e to Myrtle av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Private grounds 
23 Taylor Samuel S 

Private grounds 
43 McGlue John, contr 
47 Stone Taple 
51 Best Henry 
55 Simpson Wm 

Catholic Church, r e 

Doel av Intersects 

Private grounds 
139 Norton I'eter 
141 Kirby Thomas J 

St Joseph (RCI School 

Slaughter House 
155 Holland T, whol btchr 

Private grounds 

103 Wilds Mrs Johanna 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side .' 

Store, s e 
2 Daldry Charles 
20 Costello Thomas 
22-24 Vacant 
Vacant lot 
30 Preston John 
32 Burns David M 
44 Gavnor Patrick 
66 Holland P jr, whol btchr 
S4 Sharkey John 

104 Vacant 

120 Nolan J. whol btchr 
132 Cook Robert 

Doel av intersects 
146 West Wm D, mkt gdnr 
Vacant lots to end 

109 Elizabeth, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

South Side 

3 Rolling Frederick 


Increases Productive Power— Saves Steam. 


The Jas. Morrison Brass W(f g. Co. Limited 


and REPUBLIC (Wash.) 

Mines and Stoeks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 


Telephone 1842 12 ADELAIDE ST. E. 


D'Arcy. 125 

5 Powell Thomas A 
7 Bowman Aaron 
Sosklns Morris 
House, s e 

CYPRESS, u from Front e to 
Eastern nv, first w at the 
Don, ward L 

East Side 

1-13 Bickell & Wickett 

West Side 

12 Biekell & 

Wiekett store 

South Side 

Store, s e 
3 Barron Robert 
5 Vanzandt Mrs Catharine 

Morton E F. mus tchr 
7 Moseley Charles 
9 Back Win E 
11 Evans Geo W, »ntr 

Evans Mrs J, drsmkr 
13 Farrow Wm • 

St Nicholas st ends 

17 Lee Hiram 

19 Whalen Mrs Catherine 

21 McKay John 

23 Read Mrs Isabella 

25 Wral Thomas 

Wray Miss B, drsmkr 
27 Mcintosh Mrs Janet 

Mcintosh M C. mus tchr 
29 Palmer George 
31 Charlton George T 
83 Dunn Mrs S E 
35 Mitchell Alexander 
37 Madden Joseph J 
39 Ferguson Mrs Mary 

Ferguson Miss M G, mu 

41 Knott J W. putr 
43 C.nrr Abel 
45 Woods Charles C 
Honse, s e 

North st intersects 

CZAR, w from 728 Youge to 
Queen's Park, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

Balmuto st commences 
18 Barton Wm J 
20 Balding Mrs Jessie 
22 Fisher Thomas S 
24 Hodgson Wm 
26 Mclntyre Mis Elizabeth 
28 Hayes Mrs Elizabeth 
30 Fliun Wm A 
32 C'assidy Mrs Mary 
34 Fraser Mrs <J A 
36 Netherton Wm J 
38 Rutherford John 

Rutherford Miss H. music 
40 Steel Henrc 
42 Laishley Henry 
44 Brown Harry 
46 McCurry James 
48 Canfleld Edfiar 

North s> intersects 
50 Rooney Nicholas 
66 Davidson Frederick L 
68 Oates Mrs Mary 
60 Vacant 

62 Maelennan James J 
64 White Frank 
66 Robertson John C 
68 McBradv L Vincent 
72 Rowlison Wm T 
74 Moylan Wm 
76 Rubbra Alfred 
78 Smith Charles 

St Thomas st commences 
80 Mackie Alexander 
82 Parkinson Joseph H 
84 Pope Mrs Emma, bdg 
86 Payne John 
88 Pettlt Stanley 
90 McEachern Donald 
92 Mueller Rev P W 
94 Carmiehael Frederick 

House, s e 
55 Forbes Mrs Janet 

Forties J M, mus tchr 
57 Paterson John H 
59 Clements Kate 
61 Hornibrook John T 
63 Clowes Charles W 
65 Arbuthnot James 
67 Murray Alex G 
69 Ezard John 
71 Ely Mrs H T 
73 Phillips Wm G 
75 Burns James W 
77 Lloyd Mrs Charlotte 
79 Hillyard Mrs M 
81 Green Mrs Mary A 
83 Robinson James R 
S5 Smith Win 

235 Pape av 
ward 1. 

North Side ... 

e from near 
to Jones av, 

32 James Clarkson W 
34 Humphreys John R 
36 McReath Charles J 

Vacant lots 
66 Jones Edward 

Jones Mrs M, gro 
68 McCartv Mrs Ann 
70 Bell George 
72 Hoge Wm B 
"4 Jennings Charles 
84 Lyons Wm 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

Brooklyn av ends 
57 Smith James 
61 MeKee John 
65 Clemett James 
75 Shields Thomas Jr 
77 Vacant 

79 Shields Miss Julia A 
83 Duffy Mrs Mary A 
93 Moni Glaccomo 

DALE AV, e from Glen rd 
to Castle Frank av, first n 
of Howard, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Darling Robert 

4 Jenkins Mrs Sophia 

Vacant lot 
8 Gray Robert M 
10 Kent John G 
Vacant lots 

Powell st commences 
Vacant lots 
36 Fleming Charles E 

Maple av ends 
Private grounds 
Nanton cres commences 
Vacant lots 
Hawthorne av commences 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Croft John 
5 Burgess Ralph K 
9 Hodgins Frank E 
15 Glithero Charles 
21 Hoskln John, QC 

McKenzie av commences 

DALHOUSIE, n from 72 
Queen e to Gerrard e, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

Factory, s e 
13 Dickson George 
15 Baker Thomas 
17 McCarthy James 

Haines Thomas 
19 Clark Wm 

McDonald Mrs Catherine 
21 Cornfield Samuel 
23 White Joseph 
25 Rowe Mrs Catherine 
27 Corv George 
29 White Joseph H 


Ice House 

31 Beaumont James 
33 Lennox Mrs Rebecca 

Gavigan John, r 
37 McCarthy Patrick 
39 Lanagan John J 

Cooper Harry E, r 
41 Dohoney Stephen 

House, s e 

Shuter st intersects 

House, s e 
81 Picket James 

Skating rink, r e 
97 Clark Thomas 

House, s e 

Wilton av intersects 

House, s e 
125 Darby John J 
127 Adams Isaac 
129 Armstrong Wm 
131 Haisley Hiram 
133 Tinsiey John H 
135 MeLim Wm A 
137 Marks Edward R 
141 Brodie Alexander 
145 Smith James, exp 

Smith Mrs H " 
147-151 O'Keefes 
155 Vacant house 

Gould st Intersects 

House, s e 
189 McNamara John 
191 Murray John 
193 Warren John 
195 Harland F J 
197 O'Leary Charles L 
199 Downev Patrick 
201 Bvrne Michael 
203 Clarke Mrs Mary 
205 Gower Wm B 
207 Quealev Thomas 
207^ Castell Mrs Eliza 
209 Richardson George 
211 Weatherley Wm L 
213 Scott Mrs Eleanor 
215 Crawford Robert J 
217 Enrlght Thomas J 

House, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 
12 Ouderkirk T A. carp 

Rear entrances 
IS Pavne Wm 
26 Clark J & Son, blksmiths 
28 Down Thomas, mach 
Hotel, s e 

Shuter st intersects 
84 Henderson Richard 
House, s e 

Wilton av intersects 
Private grounds 
140 Duggan James C 
Rear entrances 

Gould st Intersects 
House, s e 
168 Brooke D Osborne 
170 Huff Wm J 
172 Allward John 
174 Brown Christopher 
176 Shier Richard 

DAXFORTH AVfnorth limit), 
e from Broadview av to 
east limit, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Wright Wm, blksmith 

Plaskitt H. carriage bldr 
4 Brown Henry F 
6 Benson Thomas 
Danforth Hall 
Ellerbeck st commences 
Playter Bros, mkt gdnrs 
130 Dodds Edward W 
132 Playter J L, dairy 
Vacant lots 

Whituey st commences 
Vacant lots 

Logan av intersects 
Carwardine A R, mkt 


Moscow av commences 
332 Prince John 

Pape av intersects 

Frankland Henry R 
Hamilton Mrs M A, mkt 
420 Warwick Wm 

Langford av commences 
Jackson Wm, dairy 

Leslie st commences 
Jones Shadrack, dairy 
Preston Bros, mkt gdnrs 
Greenwood av intersects 

South Side 

27 Thomas Lucien J 
37 Shales John H 
61 Hallett Joseph S 

Bowden st ends 
131 Cobb George 

Vacant lots 
303 Beesley Henry 

Beesley Mrs R. chlrop 

Logan av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Fenwick av ends 
Vacant lots 

Carlaw av ends 
343 Mills John 

Pape av Intersects 
393 Mills John H, mkt gdnr 
405 Sparkhall G, who] btchr 
407 Hayes Thomas, exp 
415 Vacant 
417 O'Donohoe Wm 

Jones av ends 
461 Aggett John, mkt gdnr 

523 Galbraith F E 

Byrou av ends 
Robinson George 
Farmingham Henry 
Haslam Wm 

Greenwood av ends 

D'ARCY. w from opp 153 
McCaul to Spadina av, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Kenny John H 

4 Waid Charles D 

6 Graham Robert 

8 Kelly Thomas, grocer 
10 King Mrs Bridget 
14 Stronmavr John G 
16 Menton Wm. bldr 
18 Menton Patrick, bldr 

Menton Miss K, drsmkr 
20 Campbell R M 
22 Neville Michael J 
24 McGlenn Hugh 
26 Fraser Mrs M, drsmkr 
28 Covell Alfred, carp 
30 Bradley Mrs Margaret 
32 Wanty Wm, bldr 
34 Drake Herbert 

McConvey Miss D, nurse 
36 Stephen James M 
38 Douglas Robert 
42 Nye Frederick W 
44 Dane Frederick 
46 Bain John 
48 Sauer George 
House, s e 

Beverley st intersects 

68 Brough Mrs Hannah 
80 Thompson Samuel H 
84 Peters Mrs Amelia 
86 Cowan Mrs L E 
88 Robinson S M 
90 Morris Rev John T 
92 Laishlev I.onson C 
94 Hnsklns Frederick H 
96 Graham J D. horse dir 
98 Hamilton Wm A 
100 MacDougall Major J C 
102 Simon Charles 
106 McCall Dngald 
108 Simpson Mrs Annie 
110 Root V Wallace 
112 Moore Mrs Annie 

Huron st Intersects 

FIRE and 

pURE British America Assurance > Co. JJt and 

• IN THE (^Losses Paid Since Organization, $17,983,159.11. 

Standard Life 





Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 

126 D'Arcy. 


114 Lennox Robert J 

116 Hogle John A 

118 Keyes Miss J, drsmkr 

120 Moore James 

122 Montgomery Daniel 

124 Harper George A 

126 Allward Frederick J 

128 Weston George W 

130 McCall Andrew, bldr 

132 Young James 

Young Miss L, mus tchr 
134 MeGill Wm H 

Hazell Charles, r 
136 McBrearty John 
138 Lloyd Mrs Mary 
140 Cameron John 

Maelennan Roderick 

MaeDonaid Mrs Mary, r 

House, s e 

South Side 

1 Parkes Charles M 
3 O'Hcarn James J 
5 Vacant 

7 O'Toole Michael J 

9 Harris Mrs Ann 
11 McCullagh Mrs Anuie 
13 Garrett John 
15 Findlay Wm H, dairy 
19 Street Richard B 
21 Clarksou Mrs Christina 
23 Owen R, piano mfr 

Skiilen Mrs A, mus tchr 
25 Harrison Charles 
27 Owens John 
29 Williams Henry N 
31 Holford John, contr 
33 Crotty Patrick J 
35 Craig John S 
87 Holmes Mrs Isabella 
89 Fox Mrs Caroline 
House, s e 

Beyeri ey st Intersects 
House, s e 
67 Johiisj-n Samuel 
69 Miller Mrs Eliza J 

Miller T A, mus tchr 
71 Wright Alexander A 
73 Purse Wm J 
75 Burns Mrs Sarah J 
77 Griffin Mrs Amelia 
79 Bynater Joseph 
81 Walters James H 
83 Mumford James H 
85 MeBride Mrs Hannah 
87 Smith John S 
89 Gorrie John A. pntr 
91 Eagen Mrs Jennie 
93 Barton Wm H 
95 O'Donogliue Daniel J 
97 Martin Ferdinand 
99 McMillan Thomas 

101 Giblin John 

103 Ovens Win 

105 Walls David G 

107 Seale James 

Todd Davidson, bldr 

Huron st Intersects 

108 Love Walter F 
111 Campbell Joseph 
111% Oakley George W 
113 Burns Thomas 

115 Lyons Charles 
117 Rellly John 

119 Falrbrotlier Edward 
121 Fry Solomon 

123 Arnold George W 
125 Bell Edward G 
127 Leader Johnson F 

Cochrane Miss M, nurse 

120 MeMahon Patrick 
131 Rohertson John L 
133 Alexander John L 
135 Wilson Thomas 
137 Ferris J 4 >hn 

139 Carter Alfred 

Carter F M, drsmkr 
House, s e 

DARLING AV, n from r of 
660 Ontario to r of Howard, 
ward 2. 

Bast Side 

Rear entrances 
17 Walsh Samuel 
19-21 Vacant h uses (2) 
23 Burke Mr- Margaret 

25 Dumbleton Wm H 

27 Blenkhorn Wm 

29 Coburn John 

31 White Charles 

33 Thompson J J 

39 Robins Richard 

41 Richards Albert 

43 Morris John 

45 Williams Frederick 

47 Hoeir Henry 

49 Brooks John 

51 Conroy John 

53 Vacant 

55 Cranston Wm 

57 Mason Frank 

59 Ward Frederick E 

(il Edwards Tennyson W 

03 Laird Thomas 

05 Doyle John 

67 Vacant 

69 Hopper John W 

West Side 

2 Shepherd George 

4 Vacant 

Lee Richard 
10 Ward Richard 

House, r e 
18 Purnes John 
20 Tennyson John 
22 Tennvson Charles L 
24 Moyrick Wm 
26 Howe James 
28 Vacant 
30 Oaklev Richard 
40 Cliff Robert 
44 Stables 
46 Vacant 
48 Douglass James 
50 Howe Amos 

Darling pi commences 
54 Taylor John 
56 Johnstone Miss Jane 
58 Moorhouwe Thomas 
60 Campbell Mrs Margaret 
62 Reagan Dennis 

DARLING PL, w from 54 
Darling av, near Ontario and 
Howard, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Pric e Joseph 
4 Smilb John 

South Side 

House, s e 

DAVENPORT PL, e from 138 
Davenport rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

30 Davis Mrs Anna M 
34 Ford George G 
30 Polkinghoiue Wm 
38 Carman Alfred S 
40 Blake Mrs Elsie 
42 Welch Thomas 
44 Cooper Ebenezer G 
46 Leonard Edward 
48 Sutherland Edward 
50 Anderson John 
52 Hirons John H 
54 Lilly James 

Vacant lot 

South Side 

17 Boynes Charles 

19 Cummer Samuel S 

21 Spence Wm 

23 Robinson George H 

25 Pope Edwin 

27 Cummer Herbert A 

37 Sheppa.rd Jas 

DAVENPORT RD, w and n-W 
from 884 Yonge to city lim- 
its, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

Church, s e 
14 Trimble Jam i s 
16 Johnsm Robert 

Vacant lot 
20 Curran Patrick 

22 Clancy Mrs Catherine 
24 Davis Frederick W 
20 Rocks Terrence 

Vacant lot 

House, s e 

McMurrlch st commences 
32 Tremaine J B, turn 

Manhire Miss A, drsmkr 
34 Renel Carl 
36 Adams John 
38 Kane Charles 
42 Harrington Wilmott 
44 Chatterly Wm, exp 

Vacant lot 
48 Conacher Benjamin 
50 Ryan James J 

Vacant lots 

Blackmore lane commences 
70 HIckenbottom James, gro 
72 Gaston Wm E 

Gaston Mrs E, lndry 

76 Brooks Robert 
78 Goldlng Herbert P 
SO Bannerman Duncan J 
82 Johnson F W, gro 
84 Paniter Benj, gro 

McAlpine st ends 
88 Vacant 

90 Dawson Walter J, bkr 

92 Dowsnn Frederick 

96 Pickett Edward J 
100-106 Vacant mill 
108 Gagan John P 
110 Kirk Wm 

Private grounds 
116 Ewing Mrs Selah 
122 Whisker George H 
124 Vacant store 

Belmont st ends 
126 Prince Wm 
130 Cummins Richard 
138 Gibson Harry, hotel 

Davenport pi commences 
142 Varnell J E, btdhr 

North View tor commences 
144 Spring James A 
148 Kirkpatrick Andrew S 

Vacant lot 
154 Pratt David 
150 Garnett Wm 

Private grounds 
164-6 Ridsdale Mrs Annie 

Private grounds 
186 Forster Charles H 
188 barman >\ m 
190 Douglas Joseph R 
192 Henderson Alexander 
194 Tow Samuel 
196 Page Walter, contr 

Private grounds 
210-212 Pears John T, gro 
214 Vacant 

Avenue rd Intersects 

Store, s e 
224 Alexander James 
226 Begg Robert 

Vacant shop 
240 Chadwick Alfred T 
242 Wiley Wm E 
244 Breen Wm 
240 Conies Frederick J 

Vacant lots 
258 Coulter John 
260 Tomlinson Frank 
262 McMInn Alfred 
264 Henley Wm 
266 Swanson Olaf 
268 Worbolse Mrs Jane 
270 Davles Enoch W 
276 Hees George H, Son & Co, 
window shade mfrs 

Vacant lot 
2S2 Easbv Henry R 
28? McDowell Robert 
286 Jones Mrs Matilda 
288 Wiles Arthur 

Vacant lots 
308 McDowell R. blksmlth 

Private grounds 
328 Lenhardt Christian, wil- 
low worker 
330 Church of the Covenant 
Dnpout st intersects 
CPR orosslna 

South Side 

St "re. s e 
17 Mlddleton Harry 
19 Vacant 
21 Smith Thomas 
23 Thomas Thomas J 
25 Love Mrs Mary A 
27 Goudy James 
29 Owen Charles 
31 Alnsworth Mrs Kate 
33 Wilson Wm B 

Johnston Miss Sydney M 
35 Stanton R, dairy 
37 Thomson Mrs Margaret 
39-13 North End Ch Hall 
45 Callow Arthur 
49 Lawlor Andrew, gro 

Ketehum av ends 
Jesse Ketchnm School 
77 Allen Abraham A 
79 Macey George H 
81 Whimsett Charles T 
S3 Chapman Samuel 
85 Elliott Adrian B 
87 Chapman Robert 
89 Rolls Frederick 
91 Macey Wm 
93 Shunk Frederick M 
95 Fontaine George 

Fontaine Mrs L, fey gds 
Berryman st commences 
97 Nelles Mrs E, genl store 
99 Montgomery C, btehr 
101 Armstrong R, shoemkr 
103 Hamshere Frederick 
Vacant lot 

Bishop st commences 
113 Garrett Rev Robert J 
119 West Mrs Jane A 
121 Palmer Wm 
123 Buck James 
125 Sheppard Frederick 
127 Easby George 
129 Cartwrlght George 

Taylor Stanley 
131 Hewltson Harry M 
133 Williamson Wm, gro 

New st commences 
135-7 West Chas A, gro 

Private grounds 
147 Clegg Charles, barber 

Vacant lnts 
179 Yates Joseph 
181 Atchison Worthy 
183 Bradshaw C A 
187 GIbbs Joel 
189 Yewman Frederick 
191 Shaw Thomas, gro 

Hazeltou av ends 
195 Palin John H, florist 

Private grounds 
209 Agnew John 
211 Page John J. excavator 
213 Woodley E G bldr 

Canada Bowling & Lawn 
Tennis Club, s e 

Stare. 8 e 

Avenue rd intersects 

Store, g e 

223 Fielding Joseph E 
225 Booth J G, bldr 
227 Hewlett James 
229 Carrel] Wm 
231 Bevan Walter H 
233 Rice Edgar H 
235 Forbes Mrs Isabella 

Forbes Miss Minnie, nurse 
237 Peters Mrs Elizabeth J 
239 Gibb Laurence Jr 
241 Walker James 
243 Coles Walter 
245 Johnstone Mrs Jane 
247 Boardman Fred R 

Vacant lots 
281 Merrltt Arthur 

Bedford rd ends 
2S9 Pope James 

Private grounds 
305 Anderson Jacob, mkt gdnr 
307 Wallis Miss A L, gro 

Rarnett John 
321 Wilton Saml, dairy 
343 Kinchen George A 
355 Lewis Bros, mkt gdnrs 

Lewis Mrs Marv G 
361-63 McKay A, dairy 

Vacant lots 
377 Scott James I 


Unrivalled for TOUCH, TONE, ACTION, 


1 10 Adelaide St. W. 11 Queen St. E., Toronto. 


Legal Reporting a Specialty. 




Ground Floor, Bay & Richmond Sts. 

Tel. 421. Res. 28 Leonard Ave. Tel. 8090 


•81 Scott James I, gro 

Dupont st Intersects 
CPR crossing 

DAVIES AV, n from 618 
Queen e to Matilda, ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, s a 

Thompson st commences 
27-31 Moore G, blksmlth 
83 McDonald James 
85 Devane Maurice 
87 Armstrong Samuel 
89 Irving >Vm B 

West Side 

Not built on 

DAWSON AV, e from 23 
Dunedin to Leslie, ward 1. 

North Side 

Bouse, a a 
12 Greene James, bldr 

Greene M A, mus tchr 
14 Andrews Win 

South Side 

Not bnllt on 

DEAN, n from 291 Wilton av. 
ward 2. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Patterson R A 

3 Lawson Robert 

5 Cotterlll Isaac 

7 Wilkinson Mrs Fannie 
9 Leslie Wm 

11 Songhurst Wm 

13 Dempsey Patrick J 

15 Pinel George P 
17 Andrew Wm 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Steele Robert 
2V4 Rayner John 

4 Ireland Joseph F 

6 Snell Robert E 

8 Taylor James 

10 Mossop Samnel H 

12 Enouy George A 

14 Donaldson Wm F 

16 Ebach Frank 

Broadview av to Bowden, 
first s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Woods Geo J, 
South Side 

Not built on 


DEFOE, w from McDonnell 
sq to Shaw, ward 5. 

North Side 

Rogers C & Sons Co, s e 
House, s e 

Tecumseth st Intersects 

Store, a ft 
12 O'Brien John 

Vacant lots 
18 Cooper Peter 
20 Brent James 
22 Emmett Mrs Kate 
24 Moore Edward 
26 Stain Wm A 
28 Fitzgerald Mrs B E 
30 Burnett John G 
32 Sands David 
84 Collier Henry 

Collier Robert 
36 Caddell Samuel, exp 
88 Hlckey Daniel J 
*) McGarry J J 
42 Devaney James 

DeUrassi. (27 

44 McGrath Wm 

46 Edwards Walter 

48 O'Reilly John 

50 Brodle Cornelius 

52 O'Hanley Neil 

54 Armstrong John 

56 Irving J Frank 

58 Marshman Thomas 

58^i Badger Isaac 

60 McCord Mrs Margaret 

McCord Miss M, drsmkr 
GOV2 Quealey John 
62 Hunter Richard J 
64 Hobbs Thomas 
66 Mitchell Wm 
68 Turner Wm J 
70 Conner James 
72 Walker Wm 
74 Yardley George M 
76 Montgomery George H 
78 Johnston James T 
80 Leitch Archibald D 
82 Robbie Frank 
8214 Vacant 

Given Bros, gros 

Niagara st Intersects 

House, a a 
84 Ker Henry 

Stanley Park 
Stanley ter Intersects 
152 Newman Wm G 
154 Walsh Anthony 

House, s a 

Stafford st Intersects 
168 Brawn Hugh P 

Wellington lane intersects 
170 Adams David A 
li2 Cassidy Mrs Esther, dairy 

Strachan av Intersects 
174 Medhurst Nathan 
vacant lots to end 

Sooth Side 

1 White W G, tlr 
3 Burgess John S 
5 Jeffries Eli 
7 Glldner Charles 
House, s e 

Tecumseth st Intersects 
9 House, s e 
11 Bailie Adam, exp 
13 McLeod Neil A 
15 Christie Michael 
17 Kelly Mrs Ellen 
19 Grant Donald 
21 Whittaker Henry 
23 Hinton Albert E 
2,) Mullard Samuel H 
27 Marshman Thomas 
29 McEIroy Thomas 
31 Buchanan Charles 
33 Boyd Archibald 
35 Trenwith George A 
37 Kelly Edward 

Kelly Miss S, drsmkr 
39 Kingsberry Samuel 
41 Judd Mrs Margaret W 
43 Minion John N 
45 Leahy Mrs Annie 
47 Ellis Mrs Mary 

Lumber vard 
65 Taylor Walter 

School grounds 

Niagara st Intersects 
87 Store, s e 
89 Morrison John, exp 
91 Walsh Michael 
93 Blake P J, cattle dealer 
97 Aylett John R 
99 McKinney George 
101 Cahlll Joseph D 

Walnut av ends 
Stanley Park 

Stanley ter Intersects 
151 Morrison Henry 
153 Hammer Louis 
House, s e 

Stafford st Intersects 
155 Dennlck Joseph 
159 Smith Wm E 
161 Crozler John 
163 Tanner Thomas E 
165 Thompson Wm J 
Vacant lots to end 

DEFRIES, n from 18 Raden- 
hurst to Mark, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Durston Wm 

5-9 American Chicle Co 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Pardlngton John H 
4 Doyle John H 

14 Cassidy Patrick 

16 MacPherson Archibald 

DeGRASSI, u from 822 Queen 
e to Gerrard e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Railway grounds 
3-7 Grlnneli T & Son, coal 
13 Heffer Richard 
17 Wise D Hugh 
21 Hull Mrs Victoria 
23 Crldland Mrs Annie 
25 Dean George D 
27 McCabe John 
31 Virgo Wm G 
33 Smith Wm S 

Parker Walter S 
37 Hunter David 
39 Evans George 
41 Orrett Joshua 
45 Richardson Wm J 
47 Brown Wm 
49 Mallindlne Miss Minnie 
Wardell st commences 
57 Crane Barnett J 
59 Woolley Thomas C 
61 Wibby Mrs Jenepher 
63 Titton Lionel 
65 Earl Charles A 
67 Hall David 
69 Roberts Thomas 
71 McCall Henry 
73 Kingston Paul 
75 Allison Wm 
77 Stevens Wm 
85 Taylor J H, whol btchr 
93 Holland T, whol btchr 
101 Whichelio Mrs A A 
103 I'rout Mrs Mary A 
105 Johnston Wm 

Johnston Mrs E, dairy 
107 Thomson Charles 
119 McGrath John 

Cummlng st intersects 
Vacant lots 
137 Brown Mrs Margaret 

Brown Richard, plmbr 
139 Brown Thomas F 
145 Smith Arthur 
147 Catton Mrs Sarah 
149 Crump John R 
151 Matthews Mrs Elizabeth 
157 Beadle Wm 

Fleming John, r 
Medcalf Mrs Sarah, r 
159 Brown George 
165 Black Thompson M 
167 Dowswell Wm 
169 Winford Frederick 
171 Reeves John 
173 Guard John 
177 Hirons Edward 

Vacant lot 
183 Rennie John 
185 Sheahan Thomas W 
189 Baker Samuel 
191 Banks Thomas W 
193 Haney James 

Vacant lot 
205 Dunlop Neil S 
209 Pollock Mrs Margaret 
213 Eberle Gottfried 
Tennis grounds 

First av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
247 Vacant 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 
8 Jones James 
10 Lang Mrs Ellen 
12 Leaman Daniel P 
14 Herrmann Charles 
16 Samler Wm 
18 Chestnut James 

20 Clarke Walter H 

Salisbury Henry G 
22 Clarke Joseph L 
24 Peck John J 
26 Gibson James 
28 Cooper John P R 
30 Crldland Frank F J 
32 Swift Samuel 
36 Bewley David 
38 White Mrs Mary A 
40 Terrell Benjamin 
42 Potter Benjamin 
46 Murdoch James 
Private grounds 
52 Buckley Thomas M 
54 McCandless Mrs Carrie 
56 Harding Harold A 
58 Itobinson Wm H 
5SM> Anning Ernest 
60 Maclver Thomas C 
62 Watson George A C 

Vacant lots 
72 Crocker Wm D 
76 Dickson Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
82 Setchfleld Wm J 

Vacant lots 
90 Gerred Edward 

Gerred Miss Ada, drsmkr 
» acant lots 
96 Taylor R P, whol btchr 
98 Lalng Wm 
! 100 Dobson Francis J 
102 Walton David 
104 McGrath James 
106 Casey Wm 
Vacant lot 
110 Cumming Thomas 
112 Calvert James W 
114 McClelland A M, gro 
Cumming st intersects 
Private grounds 
124 Stevens Henry 
126 Corbett David 

Vacant lot 
138 Ellis Rudolph P 
140 Hodge William 
142 Phillips Wm H 
144 Tarry Albert E 
148 Cordlngley Wm 

Vacant lot 
152 Chapman Henry 
156 Bailie Mrs Annie J 

Vacant lot 
162 Losee Angus 

Private grounds 
170 Ashenden Thomas W 
172 Lemon Alfred J 
174 Pearce John H 

Vacant lot 
180 Smith Alfred J 
182 Makings George 
184 Gilbert Rev John D 
190 Bolton Allan B 
108 Leef Wm H D 
200 Lewis John 
202 Priestly Samuel R 
204 McKenzie Alexander 
206 Davis Thomas 
208 Fletcher Daniel 
210 Thome George A 
212 Whitehead Thomas 
214 Tolhurst Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant lots 
222 Mathewson George 
224 Smith Edward 
226 Atkln Albert 
228 Harris Wm 
230 Harper Frederick W 
Harper Mrs Kate, gro 

First av Intersects 
Public School, r e 
Store, s e 

LANGLEY & LANGLEY, Architects. I 



P A TQTTP j0&E^K. Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co. u^m 


128 Delaney Cres. streets. 

DELANEY CRES, w and n 
from 164 Brock ay to 
Wyndham, ward 6. 

.Vorth Side 

6 Clark Wm 

8 Stone Wm T 

10 Hefner Charles 

12 Lynn Wm G 
14 Longeway John 
16 Hush David 

Mechanics av commences 

18 Smith George 
Vacant lots 

32 West John 

36 Hartnett John, contr 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
52 Fraser Mrs Elizabeth 
House, s e 

South Side 

3 Watson George F 
5 Patterson James W 

7 Ansell Mrs Fanny 

9 Morrissey David 

11 Morris Hugh S 

13 McKinnon Mrs Catherine 

19 Thorpe John 
Private grounds 

27 Jones John 
29 Crosier Wm G 
31 Germaine Lewis E 

33 La Force Hercule A 

West Side 

35 Taylor Edmund 

37 Martin John 

39 Tooley Herbert A 
41 Smith James H 
43 Birch Fred 
45 Packer Alfred J 
47 Cox Wm 
49 Biggar Willard R 
51 Kelly Robert 
55 Carey Francis 
Store, s e 

DELAWARE AV, n from Col- 
lege to CPR, first e of Dov- 
ercourt rd, ward 5. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

Vacant houses (2) 

House, s e 

Dewson st Intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
181 Lawrence Wm C 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Hepbourne st intersects 

Vacant lots 
223 Lyall Charles W B 
225 Commeford James W 

Vacant lots 
235 Rundle Wm J, dairy 
237 Bricknell Charles 

Vacant lots 
253 Bonsall Wm T 
257 Barrett John, baker 

Vacant lots 
271 Allen Mrs S J 
273 Dodson Lendrick T 
275 Buckley Thomas 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 

House, s e 
283 Holmes Conrad W 
285 Urquhart Roderick, teas 
287 Wilson Charles E 
289 Ziher Andrew jr 

Vacant lots 
295 McCarron Joseph 
297 Devlne Walter H 
299 Evans Stephen T 

Northumberland st intersects 
305 Mager Samuel 

Private grounds 
365 Pooler Mrs Sarah 
367 Fletcher Albert 
385 Vacant 

Private grounds 
437 Dixon Robert 
439 Burt Wm 

Vacant lots 
477 Washbrook Mrs E, lndy 
479 Knight Arthur 

Vacant lot 
483 Forward John B 
485 Easson James 
487 McDermott Walter H 
489 Holmes Charles E 
491 Evans Robert 
493 Fryers Mrs Hannah 
495 Bell Wm H 

Vacant lots 
Hallam st intersects 

Vacant lots 
529 Robinson Forest 
533 Peterman Edmund J 

Vacant lots 
539 Fligg George W 

Vacant lots 
557 Kesteven Thomas 
559 Hird James 

Hird Mrs E, dairy 

Vacant lots 
569 Glover Albert D 
573 Stewart George 
575-7 Smart Mrs S A, mrse 
579 Scott Hamilton R 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
14 Turner Wm 
20 Clinkunbroomer C E 

Vacant lots 
36 Hallamore Mrs E C 
38 French Joseph 

Vacant lots 
84 Vacant 
86 Parks Wm J 

Vacant lots 
98 Molesworth Miss E H 
Dewson st intersects 
Vacant lot 
Vacant house 
Vacant lot 
168 Irving Frank D 
170 Burgess Wm C 
Vacant lots 
Hepbourne st intersects 
House, s e 
212 McLeod Norman, dairy 

Vacant lots 
236 Brown Edward J 

Vacant lots 
244 Forester Joseph H 
246 Johnson Benjamin L 
248 Pendleton Syi-anus R 
250 Commeford J W jr, elect 
252 White Octavius, artist 

Vacant lots 
276 Coates Marshall, pntr 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 

Church grounds 

St Mary's (Aug) Ch 

282 Hart Rev Anthony 
Vacant lot 

294 Dawes Edward 

Northumberland st intersects 

306 Vacant 
308 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
314 Bennett Hugh 

Vacant lots 
320 Mawson Charles 
324-328 Carlyle Wm, baker 

Vacant lots 
332 Carlyle Wm 
334 Dalton Wm B 
330 Barker Frederick 
338 Gawley James M 
340 Yates George 
342 Cable Frank H 

Vacant lot 
346 Strachan James A 
348 Rundle Wm Q 
350 Gate Arthur 
352 Wright Herbert W 
352% McQueen Mrs Annie 

Vacant lots 
360 Munn John 

Private grounds 
366 Goodman Charles 
368 Wilson Edward 
370 Murphy James J 
372 Davis Mrs Harriet 
374 Tilsou Andrew 

Vacant lots 

394 Cole Chauncey W 

Shanly st commences 

Vacant lots 
408 Doole John 
410 Dewhurst John J 
412 Clatworthv George 
414 Borrett Wm 
416 Clatworthy Alfred 

Vacant lots 
446 Phyllis James 
448 Butler Homer 
452 Smith Wm 
458 Parker Mrs Regina 
462 Hastings James 
464 Johnson John W 
466 Brie-Knell George 

Bricknell H, mus tchr 
468 Wagner Mrs Rebecca 
470 Long Wm J 

Vacant lots 
480 Plunkett Thos, gro 

Vacant lots 
400 Fryers A E 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st intersects 

Vacant lots 
536 Russell Edwin 

Vacant lots 
540 Richards Wm G 

Vacaat lots 
548 Jones John C 
552 Utting George 
554 Coope John 

Vacant lots 
562 Robinson Thomas, bldr 

Vacant lots 
574 Turner David jr 

Vacant lots 
586 Gooderham Charles 

DENISON AV, n from 484 
Queen w to Bellevue pi, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Lodge rooms 
3 Carroll Wm, shoemkr 

A lane 
7 T'sher W, invalid car- 
9 Wilkinson J E, tlr 
13 Tasker Jonathan 
15 King John E 
17 Hale Mrs Louisa 

Woolsley st intersects 
19 Sheffield Louis, tlr 
21 Wagner Joseph 
23 Murphy Mrs Julia 
25 Carmichael Donald 
27 Curley Mrs Eliza 
29 White Samuel J 
31 Forbes Wm 
33 Dillon Wm J 
35 Mack John 
37 Fitzgerald George S 
39 Deverall Charles 
41 Brown J H C, paper hngr 
43 Castle Mrs Maria 
45 Ferguson J Stuart 
McClusky John 

Carr st intersects 
47 Torpy Daniel, gro 

Vacant lot 
53 McKibbon John 
55 Moore Robert E 
57 O'Rourke Francis 
59 Cummings Robert C 
61 McGuire John 
63 Messenger George C 
65 Carroll Mrs Catherine 
67 Young Stuart 
71 McBride John H 
73 Cadieux Mrs Jerusha 

Cadieux F J A, mus tchr 
75 Keeler John G 
77 Lobb Richard 
79 Mulhall John 
81 Beattv James 
85 McCarter Wm 

McCarter Mrs C, lndry 
87 Rosslter Mrs Anne 
91 Latimer Mrs Emily 
93 Leadlay Edward 

Grange av Intersects 
95 Ross John F 

97 Boyle James 

101 Power Mrs Norah 

103 Tilling Robert W 

105 Brown Harry J 

107 Howard T C 

109 Burnett J Edgar 

111 Banfleld James 

113 Thornton Mrs Elizabeth 

115 Hoare Mrs Elizabeth 

117 Bittle Wm H 

119 Smith Ernest E 

121 Phillips James W 

123 Wilson Robert 

125 Sellers Charles 

Sellers Miss G, mus tchr 
St Patrick st intersects 
129 Manly Mrs Margaret J 
131 McKinnon Neil 
133 Howell John, confy 
137 Dermody John 
139 Galbraith John 
141 Ashfleld Wm F 
147 Jones Mrs Rebecca C 
149 Graham George 
151 Pollick George 
153 Starrette Mrs Harriet 
155 Mighton Samuel J 
157 Mitchell George H 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Joselin A E, dentist 
8 Christian Workers Church 
10 Matthews George 
12 Hatty Charles 

West Pres Church 

Woolsley st intersects 
20 Porter Joseph 
22 Black James 

Vacant lot 
26 Howey Samuel C 
28 Wright Mrs Mary 

Elliott Samuel T, r 

Sigley David, r 
30 Thompson Leigh H 
32 McMartin Elijah, bldr 
34 Watson James 
36 Ferguson Duncan 
38-44 Lawrence Bros, bakers 
46 Huddleston J H 
48 Copp Henry J 

Carr st intersects 
50 Carroll Joseph, bldr 
52 Swinerton Mrs Mary 
54 Sheppard Robert N 
56 Mearns Miss Isabella 

Williamson Henry 
58 Hamlyn John H, bldr 
60 Smith Wm H 
62 Hamlyn John H 
66 Herbert Peter J 

Smith John, r 
70 Sharpe John 

Dunn James, r 
70% Alexander Wm J 
72 Clark Wm 

Clark Mrs H, drsinkr 
74 Cummins Miss Johanna 

McClusky John 
76 Williamson C W 
80 Farrance James 
86 Sheehy Mrs Catherine 
88 Rolls J G 
90 Summers George 
92 Johnston Mrs Jane 
94 Seon Henry S 

Grange av Intersects 
96 Rogers & Wyllie, gros 

Rogers Christopher 
96% Wassam Mrs Mary 

98 Nash Mrs Alice A G 
98% Thompson Mrs Elizabeth 

100 Greer Abraham B 

102 Fincham Alfred 

104 Morrison Mrs M J 

106 Fowler J A 

108 Cole Wm S 

110 O'Brien Charles F 

112 McGuane Frank 

114 Mennev Thomas 

116 Long Charles 

118 Kischel Frederick W 

120 Weiss Louis 

122 Baker Thomas J 

124 Kettle Samuel, bkr 

St Patrick st Intersects 

126 Lindsay John, barber 
128 Mason James M 

jmu >^ « Y /att THE BEST IN THE MARKET. TRY 'Phones I ■ Wmm 

COAL ra'l) | ^sjayri. Stf Co - -r. 1 . ICE 


Cor. Front and Yonge Sts., Toronto. 



130 Stephenson Wm A 
132 Fraser Wm A 
134 Powell John G 
136 Lawrence Charles O 
138 Rowen Charles W 
140 Nichols Wm 

Sharpe Wm T 

House, s e 

DENISON SQ, w from 46 
Augusta av to Bellevue av, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Denton Wm A 

4 Monckton Mrs Catherine 

6 Atherton James W 

8 Hudson Robert H 
10 McCall Robert B 
12 Burroughes H R 
14 Cochenour Mrs M A 
16 Williams Mrs M A 
18 Beavls John C 
20 Casey Daniel 
26 Vacant 

South Side 

Denlson Park 

DERBY, e from 69 Parliament 
to Erin, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Stable 

6 Elsworth Robert 
8 Johnston Robert 

South Side 

Brewery, s e 

DERMOTT PL. n from 28 
Spruce to Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Flynn John 
4 Hall Josiah, 
6 Knapp Wm 
10 Salter Wm 

Balfour John, 
12 Ferran Wm 
14 Barless John 
16 Lawrence Joshua 
House, s e 



Hoskin av to Bloor w, first 
e of St George, ward 4. 

Not built on 

DEWSON, w from 244 Os- 
sington av to Havelock, 
wards 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
32 Eddrup Herbert O H 
34 Rav Hugh 
36 Adam David 

Vacant lots 

Concord av intersects 
44 Cummings Mrs Emily 
46 Van Nostrand George, J 
50 Mackenzie George G 

Delaware av intersects 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

Store, s e 
Dewson St School 
Concord av Intersects 
43 Workman Mrs Mary J 
49 Mackenzie Wm I 

Delaware av intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots to end 

Dovercourt Rd. 12:i 

DICKENS AV, e from Logan 
av to Carlaw av, first s of 
GTR, ward 1. 

Not built on 

DIVISION, w from opp 221 
Huron to Spadina av, ward 

North Side 

2 Robertson Mrs Mary 
4 Jones George B 
6 Gourlay David 
8 Belding Wm W 
10 Charlebols Joseph C 

12 Daniel Wm F 

14 Meredith Wm H 

18 Waddell John 

20 Vacant 

22 Burns James K 
24 Richardson Wm 

2G Bond J P, vet surg 
28 Wright Robert J 
30 Tilly Wm V 
32 Grant Edmund A, bldr 
34 Warne Mrs E A 
36 Ward Wm A 
38 Fraser Mrs Jane 
40 Miln John 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

13 Walton Mrs Mary A 

15 Rees Mrs Anna M 
17 Bannerman Robert 

19 Campton Mrs Margaret 

21 Little Robert 

23 Yellowlees Thomas 
House, s e 

DOEL AV, e from Jones av 
to Leslie, first n of Queen 
e,' ward i. 

North Side 

Private grounds 

Curzon st intersects 

30 Wagstaff Wm 
46 Hopkins John A 

South Side 

7 Lock Wm A 
9 Newberry Thomas H 
House, s e 

Curzon st Intersects 

31 McLaughlin Joseph 

DOMINION, w from Dufferin 
to Dunn av. first n of the 
lake, ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
Fort Rouille st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Tyndall av Intersects 
76 Kennedy David 

Spencer av Intersects 
86 Smith Luther L 
88 Watt J Nelson 

South Side 

Not built on 

DON TERRACE, n along the 
w s of the Don River, from 
Eastern av to Winchester 
st bridge, ward 1. 

Railway tracks and rear 

DORA AV, w from 226 St 
Helen av to GTR, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

House, s e 

9 Riordan Jeremiah 
11 Bryant John A 
13 Clark Henderson 
15 Tracy Mrs Catherine 

DORSET, n from 248 Wel- 
lington w to King w, first 
w of Slmcoe, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 
11 Tamniadge Mrs Eliza 
13 Smith Peter 
15 Hozack James 
17 Sommervllle Wm 
19 Whitehead John 
21 Hennessey Jeremiah 
21^, Thompson Wm 

23 Parish James 

25 Kelsall Mrs Emily C 

27 Cook Samuel 

29 Lynch Joseph 

31 Wells Miss Jessie 
Store, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
18-22 Factorv. s e 

24 Ruse John 

26 Chamberlain Clark 

28 Myers Robert 

30 Macklnson Wm 
Robertson la commences 
Saw works, s e 

bet Bartlett av and West- 
moreland av, of Shanly, s 
of Hallam, ward 6. 

Not built on 

Armour to city limits, cross- 
ing Queen at 1090, wards 5 
and 6. 

East Side 

Factory grounds 
Armour st Intersects 
47 Wilkes George H 
49 Broddy James C 
51 Meakin Wm A 
53 Kelly John 
55 Walker Thomas J 
57 Murphy James 

Vacant lot 
97 Vacant 
99 Schwab Peter 
101 Ward Wm 

YMCA Building, s e 

Mission Hall, 8 e 

Queen st w Intersects 

Store, 8 e 
111 Early Wm, Jjdg 
113 Jackson Mrs M J 
115 Hassall Klchard 
117 Brewes Samuel J 
119 Purvis Robert W 
121 Hunter Mrs Rebecca 
123 Child Aaron 
125 O'Donnell James H 
127 McLean Thomas J 
129 Drew John 
131 Walker Mrs Sarah E 
133 Chapman John 
135 Armstrong Robert J 
137 Fawcett Mrs Martha 
139 Atkinson .Inmes 
141 Cameron Wallace 
143 Nicholas Wm T 

Nicholas Mrs E, mus tchr 
145 Goodall James M 
147 Gallagher Edward O 

Garden Miss A H, drsmkr 
149 Hart Lawrence 
151 Widdlcombe Wm, baker 
153 Skelley J J, btchr 

Humbert av ends 
155 Crawford James, dairy 
157 Wesbroom Wm 
159 Murrav Miss J, nurse 
161 Blair Hugh R 
163 Beatty James, shoemkr 

Beattv Mrs E A, drsmkr 

I 16o Warren Stephen R 
167 Tucker Ambrose M 
169 Rees Alanson 
171 Aldred Charles W, plmbr 
li3 Manser Edwin J 
175 Dunn Mrs Jane 

Reid John 

Vacant lot 
179 Wilson Alexander 
181 Jack John J, gro 

Argyle st Intersects 
183 Dempster John, baker 
187 Larlcks Andrew 
189 Westfeldt Carl G 
191 Smith George J 
193 Stacey James E 

203 McCammon Robert 
205 Seymour John 
207 Huise Wm J 
209 Green Andrew W, tlr 
Foxley st ends 
211 Srlgley Archibald 
213 Davies John B 
215 Markle Walter H 
217 McGeary John 
219 Baker Herbert J 
221 Blair Wm 
223 Lennox E G, phy 
225 Penrice Walter F 
227 Grundy Mrs Emma 
229 Laine John E 
231 Hutchings Charles H 
233 McCraney Mrs Sarah 
235 Brooks Henrv H, dairy 
243 Henderson Elmes 
247-9 Hearn Richard, phy 
251 Malcolmson John C 
253 Chown Rev S D 
265 Witchall & Co, bldrs 

Witchall Christopher C 
269 Harrison Mrs Ellen 
275 Alger Col Wm N 
279 Foster Mrs Elizabeth C 

Foster E M, mus tchr 
281 Armstrong J W, dentist 

Burt Mrs Anna 

House, s e 

Dundas st Intersects 

Store, s e 
297 Gay Robert L 
299 McCullough Wm A 
301 Sharp John 
303 Bentley Joseph 
305 Spence Hugh 

Goodworth Mrs M, nurse 
307 Scott R M, bldr 

Harrison st ends 
Old Orchard Rink, s e 
335 Mcllroy James 
337 Vacant 
339 Gerrans George 
341 Bryant Mrs Annie M 
343 Purvis Arthur 
345 Pentecost Albert B 
347 Loft Frederick O 
349 Walklnshaw John C 
351 Wlnfleld Thomas 
353 Ivory John J 

Churchill av ends 
355 Cozzens Christina 
357 Sanderson George 
359 Byam Fremont R 
361 Bell Wm D 
363 Crossland Joseph A 
365 Pyke Edward W 
367 Inglebv Wm T 
369 Wlllmott John 
371 Avlson George 
373 Reid Mrs Emily S 

Vacant lots 

Shannon st ends 
411 Langton Hugh H 

Langton Wm A 
415 Wright Alfred 

Vacant lots 

College st Intersects 
Unfinished house, s e 
Vacant lots 

457 Minto John 

White Frederick J 

461 Peake Thomas J L 

463 Aird Hugh 

465 Craig Wm J 

467 Payne Wm H 

469 Thorold Mrs Annie 

471 Rogers Joseph W 


is the Best Material for 


See Sample 
at p.»„c 375 


-rnon <vl ftrt CANADA. 



Tel. 2413. 

Authorized Capital, - $1,000,000 
Assets, - $5 20,000 

WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, Cen'l Manager. 

130 Dovercourt Rd. 


473 Matthews Charles 

Vacant lots 
«J5 Barr Walter J 

Vacsftit lots 

Dewson st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
659 Thompson H P 
661 McKee Rev Robert 
663 McAllister Samuel 
665 Carruthers Key Samuel 
667 Kerr Wm 

Kerr Thomas, phy 

Hepbourne st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
687 Carlisle Robert J 

Vacant lots 
695 Humphreys Francis 
697 McAllister George D 

Vacant lots 

Centennial Meth Ch 

Vacant lots 
739 Morrow Hugh, gro and 

dry goods 
741 Evans David 

Store, s e 
Bloor st w Intersects 

Store, s e 
767-0 Chamberlain T F, provs 

Vacant lots 
Northumberland st intersects 

Vacant lots 
805 Smith Wm 
809 Bushfield John W 
811 Yates Walter E 
813 Curtis Colin 
815 Adamson Methven 
817 Beare George 
819 Leech Henry G 

Vacant lots 
825 Richardson Alfred 
827 Kidney Robert W 
829 Taylor Ambrose F 
831 Henderson Wm 

Vacant lots 
839 Marshall Israel T 
841 Price Mrs Eva 

Vacant lots 
847 Hardie Benjamin 

Vacant lots 

Shanly st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
931 Benness Albert 
937 Williams James M 

Vacant lots 
947 Fahey John 

Vacant lots 
!ir>r, Houle Henry 
957 Fullerton Robert F 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st intersects 

Vacant lots 
1037 Crichton Charles A 

West Side 

Glass Works, s e 

Armour st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
€0 Cerswell John 
62 Ritchie M & J, drsmkrs 
64 Moses Mrs Adeline 
66 Ntchol Miss S, drsmkr 
68 McNichol Charles 
70 Sexsmlth Mrs M, bdg 
72 Moran Michael 

Vacant lots 
98 Herod Wm C, bldr 
100 Dodds John 
102 Dickie Alex F 
Office, s e 

Queen st w Intersects 

Store, s e ' 
106 Graham T H, dentist 

Nash John M 

110 Lowens James 
112 Holmes Jonathan J 
114 MaeArthur Donald 

MacArthur Charles 
116 Heggie Wm C, phy 
120 Power Willoughby 
122 Thompson John J 
124 Jones John L 
126 Fairbalrn John K 
128 Alexander Rev John 
130 Johnston James S 
132 Cornock Wm 

134 Bennett Allan S 
136 Alexander John jr 
138 Shipman George 
140 Campbell Mrs C E 
142 Johnston Peter 
144 Shaw James P 
146 McCurdy Alex, bldr 
148 McCausland John A 

McCausland M J, drsmkr 
150 McCallum Mrs Nancy 
152 Meredith Wm E 
134 Billinghurst Alfred J 
156 Van Winckel Billings 
158 McNichol Thomas 
160 Plaxton John A 
162 Paterson Mark J 
164 Greenlv Miss C, drsmkr 
166 Emmett Henry 
168 Kann Julius 
170 Blakeman Thomas 
172 Boyle A R, phy 

Boyle Mrs Fanny L 
174 Matson Harry W 
176 Stephenson Mrs Annie 
178 Howe Mrs Hester J 

Pentland Miss M, nurse 
ISO Hassard Alexander J 
182 Tyrrell R Shawe, phy 
Argyle st Intersects 

Baptist Church, s e 
194 Vacant 

196 Cairns John H, plmbr 
198 Slntzel Thomas 
200 Buckle Henry 
202 Cork Emmanuel, gro 
204 Vacant 

206 Newton Thomas B 
208 Brereton Richard L 
210 Hartmann Albert T 
212 Barrie James 
214 Macorquodale D S 

Private grounds 
218 Groom Mrs Emma 

Miller F S, mining ens 
220 Tennant Francis N 
Private grounds 
McKenzle cres commences 

224 Lynd Wm 

Lynd Mrs Ida, phy 
226 Douglas David G 
228 Richards John 
230 Dale Christopher 
232 Richard Christopher 

Richard E M, vocal tchr 
234 Le Rov Edmund B 
236 Burger John S 

Vacant lots 
202 Auger Mrs Catherine A 
264 Richardson A H 

Vacant lots 
270 Mills Miss Fannie 
274 Morgan Mrs E M A 

Private grounds 
284 Woods John 

Store, s e 

Dundas st intersects 

Church, s e 
300 Gordon Alexander C 
302 Ross Tercy F 
304 Cavanagh Malcolm 
306 Graham John J 
308 McGuire Albert T 
310 Slater David J 
312 Pearce Robert A 
314 Harrington Amos 
316 Davis George F B 
318 Bulman Robert 
320 Portch Albert E 
322 Parsons Wm G 
304 McClelland Matilda M 

Private grounds 
344 Orphans' Home, Miss tt. 
E Deacon matron 

St Anne's rd commences 
Heyden Villa 
Denlson Lt-Col Geo T 
410 Milligan Lt-Col W J L 

College st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
506 Vacant 
508 Holt George E 

Vacant lots 
518 Hutchison George 
520 Petersen Adolph 

Vacant lot 
528 Grant Robert 
530 Holme Eric W 

Vacant lots 

Dewson st intersects 
538 Massey Arthur L 
540 McPherson Wm D 

Vacant lots 
624 Thompson W P, florist 

Vacant lots 

Hepbourne st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 
752 Vacant 

760 Stinson James, coal 

762 Metcalfe Archelaus 

764 Elliott James 

766 Robb Samuel 

768 Hodgson Robert, blksmlth 
Deegan M J, carriage mkr 
Presbyterian Church 

Northumberland st intersects 

Vacant lot 
782 Campbell James A 

Vacant lots 
792 Mackle Patrick A 
794 Hard George 
796 Knight Caleb 
798 Matthews Thomas 
800 Lille Benjamin 
802 Richardson Alfred J 
804 Steele Mrs Maggie 
806 Atchison John W 

Vacant lots 
S24 Toole Eli 
830 Clegg Benjamin 

Vacant lots 
840 Griffiths Edward 
842 Pvatt Wm G 
844 Jones Mrs Susannah 

Jones Miss R, drsmkr 
846 McCurdy David S 
848 McCullough Wm S 
850 North Charlies W 
S.12 Morgan Daniel J 
854 Gosnell George, gro 

Shanly st intersects 

Vacant lots 
954 Gillies Angus 
956 Harcourt Mrs Jane 

Vacant lots 
970 Clarke Robert J 
972 Thompson Wm J 

Vacant lots 
978 Vacant _ 
980 Guest Sidney H 
982 Simpson John 
984 Carter Henry J 
986 Bedford Herbert L 
988 Cavaner John 
990 Price Adolphus B 
992 Hancock John H 

1 Fraser James 
096 Samwell Joseph 
998 Braekley Jas, grocer 

Hallam st Intersects 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 
1026 Snyder Cyrus 

Vacant lots 
1054 Busby Joshua 
Vacant lots 
Van Horne st intersects 
House, se 

DOWLING AV, n from the 
lake to 1487 Queen w, ward 

East Side 

Private grounds 

Laburnam av ends 
Vacant lots 

Empress cres ends 
Grit crossing 

Waller George H 
67 69 Ashdown Wm A 

Vacant lot . 
73 Selater Alexander 
79 Clark Rev John A 

Vacant lots 
97 Cromar Alexander 
99 Dockrlll Wm T 
Vacant lots 
103 Everlst Frank 
109 Robertson Thomas E 
111 Clark Edgar M 
115 Forbes Robert 

117 Corvell Charles S 
119 Roberts Edmond L 

King st w Intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
143 Brown John F 
145 Whitaker Charles H 
147 McCrlmmon Neil 
149 Spiers James J 
151 Verner Thomas 
153 Dixon Rev Hilliard C 
155 Jenkins Thomas W 
157 Merrifleld L L 
159 Sherman Wilson H 
161 Dykes Fhilip 
163 McBean John, contr 

Leopold st ends 

House, s e 
165 Vacant 
167 Tawse Wm D 
169 Wallace Edwin B 
171 Kirby John C 

Vacant lots 

Fife st commences 

173 Robinson Alfred 
175 Walker Wm 

177 Clarke Christopher H 
Vacant lots 
Masonic Hall 
Scott Walter, caretkr 
Alpha Lodge No 384 

West Side 

20 Cook Herman H 
20'/. Williams Robert O 

GTR crossing 
96 Baldwin Mrs Frances E 
98 Peck Wellington J 
100 Vacant 
114 Patteson Thos C 
Vacant lots 

King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
138 Revnolds George 
140 Edmanson Wm J 
142 Brophy James 

Vacant lots 
150 Bryan Rev Bernard 
152 Young Rev Edgerton K 
158 Aspden Thomas , 

Aspden James I, phy s 
160 Campbell Duncan, phy 

Private grounds 
170 Sutton Thomas E P 
172 Davidson John J 

174 Thompson Joseph P 
176 Leckie John 

DOWNEY LANE, n from 46 
Louisa to Alice, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Vacant 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Anderson Frank 
4 Kelley Amos 
6 Caven James 
10 Goulding Mary 
Rear entrances 
30 Robinson George 
36 Foley James 

DRAPER, n from 492 Front 
w to Wellington pi, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Burness Wm 

1% Sitz Charles 

3 Howard Fernando 

5 Walker Frederick 

7 Cross John W 

9 Waldon John H 
11 Florence Hugh 
13 McCaig Samuel 

18 Walker Thomas 
17 Angus James 

19 Burns James 

21 McDonald Matthew 

23 Henderson Mrs Catherine 


53 Richmond St. Bast. 





...... 2!^ u aiS!K^S5^»S5S*' - 


25 Watt Mrs Augusta M 
27 Armstrong Joseph 

29 Hollerl Dominic 

Rollerl Miss C, vocalist 
Cavanagh Mrs R, drsmkr 
House, s e 

West Side 

2 Turrali Thomas 
2% Carruthers Mrs Amy 
4 McCarty John 
iVi Bird George H 
6 Eastwood Robert 
8 Koworth Mrs Annie 

10 Smith John C 

12 Edmand Wm R 

14 Cunningham Wm 

16 Owen Arthur C 

18 Angus Alexander 

20 Broniell Wm 

22 Moris Arthur 

24 Arnold James 

26 Graham Mrs J 

28 Brldgen Alexander 
80 Karn Fred E, pro med 
32 Walsh Hichard B 
House, s e 

DRESDEN AV, e from Car- 
law av to Pape av, second 
s of Danforth av, ward 1. 



Not built on 

Dlil MSIOXD PL, n from 328 
Adelaide w, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, 8 e 

1 Lockhart Joseph 

3 Nunn Walter 

5 Williams George 

7 Currie James 

9 Hastings Edwin 

11 Morrow Thomas 

13 Watson Wm 

15 Holden Jacob 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Ritchie James 

4 Douglas Thomas 

6 Kelner Abraham 

8 Hatwood Columbus 
10 Robertson Wm 

12 Dubrau George 

14 Fenn Frederick 

16 Vacant 

18 Burhart Wm C 

DUCHESS, e from 115 Jar- 
vis to Parliament, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

6 McTiernan Mrs E, gro 
8 Duggan John 

Duggan John P, exp 
10-12 Duggan Bros, carriage 

14 McDonald Mrs Ellen 
18 Corbridge J, horseshoer 
26 Hodgson T, vet surg 

Gill James 

George st Intersects 
30 Store, s c 
36 McCormack Mrs Maria 
38 Oliver Frederick 

Vacant lot 
42 Hartman Henry 
44 Ryan Michael 
46 Gnibord Gustave 
48 Duffy Thomas 
50 Nixon David 
52 Mahoney Mrs Bridget 
54 Pearce James 
56 Fortler Wm J 
58 Harrington Mrs Jane 
60 Sullivan James 
62 Hickey Mrs Julia 
64 Sullivan Michael 

Elliott Mrs Jane 

O'Grady Mrs Mary A 

Morton Henry 

Knox Church Mission 
Stone Cutter lane commences 
82 McMann Thomas 

Store, s e 

Sherbourne st Intersects 
90 Kingston John 
92 Surrell Mrs Mary 
94 Bidwell James 
Vacant lots 

McFarren's lane commences 

100 Hickey Michael 

102 Harrison Mrs Margaret 

104 McMinn James 

100 McDonald James 
Vacant lots 

118 Phillips Wm R 

120 Doley Wm 

122 Day John 

124 Blumhardt Charles 

126 Heiutzman Anthony F 

130 Gibson Wm 

132 Martin Mrs M A 

134 Anderson Wm 

Anderson Miss G, mus thr 

138 Henderson J George 

140 Seaman Thomas 

142 Young Mrs Agnes 

144 Newell Mrs Jane 

146 Henderson Alexander 

148 Gunn Alexander 

150 Veale Samuel P 

152 Cupples Benjamin T 

154 Derosier M, shoemkr 

Outarlo st intersects 

Store, s e 
100 McGinn John 
162 Mason Wm 
164 Gordon Hugh 
166 Burkholder C H, dairy 

Vacant lots 
174 Sinclair 
170 Reeks John H 
176% Suead Wm 

Robbins Wm 
178 Ryan John J 
ISO Colburn Edward O 
182 Noble John 

Berkeley st Intersects 

184 Pudsey Mrs Mary 
186 Robson Mrs Janet 

Robson Miss P, drsmkr 

185 Sawdon George 
190 Dolese Nicholas 
190% O Leary Charles 
192 McDonald John 
194 O'Brien James 

196 Urquhart George W 
198 Philip George I 
200 Winters Robert 
202 Parkes John C 
204 Vacant 

206 Armstrong Mrs Ann 

Farrant Mrs Margaret, r 
Leslie John, r 
Store, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 
5 Straehle John O 
7 Tomllnson Wesley 
9 Cronin Miss Margaret 

11 Kelly Philip 

13 Harman John 

15 Loyer Felix 

George st Intersects 

Factory, s e 

23 Muldoon James 

31 Vacant store 
Hutton John 
Rlchford Patrick, r 

33 Vacant 

35-7 McGurn John, exp 

39 Thompson Mrs Julia 

41 Hamilton George 

43-5 Vacant (2) 

47 Mara James 

49 Kearney Joseoh 

51 Blackstock Edward C 

53 Feeney Thomas 

55 Lewis Henry 

57 Corley Mrs Ann 

59 Steele refer 

61 Harrington Daniel 

63 Lattlmer Thon'its 

65-7 Gallagher Thomas J 

69 Labitzky Wm 

71 McMullen Chas, exp 

73 Lynch Jeremiah 

75 Patterson Wm W 

77 Foley Miss Catherine 

79 D'Arcy John 

81 Carroll John, cab owner 
Hotel, s e 

Sherbourne st intersects 
Blacksmith shop, s e 
9o Gilniore Thomas 
•JJ-103 Kormann Brewery 
101 Kormann Brewery Of- 

103 Carpenter, Schaefer & Co. 

cigar mfrs 

Schaefer Francis 
lOi Casev John 
109 Woodley Johr 
111 Robinson Thomas J 
113 Vacant 
115 Colvllle Wm K 
117 Opelt John 
119 Gunther Henry 
121 Henderson Jac're 
125 Barrett John 
127 Kremer Theodore 
129 Grlmbleby Alfr-.-l 
131 Gubar George, mus tchr 
133-41 Gendron Mfg Co, babv 

137 Cork Co of Canada 

Ontario st intersects 
143 Vacant 
145 Wimbles Adam J 


153 Orr Mrs Margaret 
155 Pennyleglon Albert 
157 Ives Henry 
159 Nealon Mrs Maria 
161 Smith Herbert 
163 Martin James 
165 Thirsk Mrs Elizabeth 
167 Mashinter Thomas 
House, s e 

Berkeley st Intersects 
House, s e 
187 Plews & Scott, scrap Iron 
193 Fisher Joseph 
195 Hayes M, cab owner 
197 Armstrong Henry 
199 O'Brien John 
201 Poole Joseph 

Poole Joseph jr 
302 Pearsall Samuel 
House, s e 

DUFFERIN, n from the lake 
to city limits. Intersecting 
Queen w at subway, ward 6. 

East Side 

Exhibition Park 

Chambers John 

Lightfoot Wm J 

GTR crossing 
159 Downing John H 
161 Dlprose Robert 

Vacant lots 
233 Pearson Albert 

Vacant lots 
237 Thetford Wm H 
City nurseries 
King st w intersects 

Metallic Roofing Co, s e 
293 Graham Nail Works 

Old CPR shops 
319 Hall J H, coal 

Maloney John & Co, build- 
ers' supplies 

CPR yards 

Queen st w subway 
415 McLean Mrs Ellen 
417 Featherston Mrs Hannah 
House, s e 

Peel av ends 
419 Wood Mrs Fannie M 
421 Mathleson Thomas G 
423 White Henry 
425 Le Ber Richard Jr 
427 McKay James 
429 Chater Thomas H 
431 Lougheed John S 
433 Joy Wm 

Store, s e 

Alma av ends 

House, s e 

House, s e 

Waterloo av ends 

House, s e 

House, s e 

Trafalgar av ends 
507-9 Doan Jacob & Son ar- 
tificial limbs 
Doan John J 
Doan Miss E M, mus tchr 
Vacant lots 
o21 Cassidy Frank 
o23 Hughes John P 

Reynolds Mrs Eva 
o2.i Madden John J 
527 Richardson John 
529 Gallagher Wm J 
531 Sharnian Henrv 
">:« Saunders David 
535 Aahbury Mrs Ellen 
537 Thompson Mrs M 

Vacant lots 
SSO Harford Wm F 
5.11 Ball James W 
663 Hitchman John 
565 Spencer James B 
567 Black-lock Robert H 
569 Cummins Win 
571 Vacant lot 
573 Barrett Joseph 
575 Gracey Mrs Catherine 
577 Powers David 
579 Blyth Alex C, bldr 
581 Kirby M J, exp 
583 Roberts Wm 
585 McGrath Peter 
587 Mitchell John 
589 Barlow James 
591 Murphy Richard, plstr 

Vacant lots 
599 Bird John 
601 Shackel Wm G 
603 Wilson John 
605 Peach George 
607 Witheridge Wm C 
609 Hunter Mrs Margaret 
611 Jackson Wm A 
613 Watts Thomas A 
Vacant lots 

Dundas st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

St Anne's (Ang) Church 
661 Ballard Rev J Maclean 

Vacant lots 
711 Cruise John J 

Cuff John J, r 
713 Earl Mrs Jane 
Vacant lots 
College st Intersects 
731 Jones Wm J 
733 Miller John A 
737 Wallace Robert 
Private grounds 
755 Riley Robert 
757 Nottingham John J 

Lindsay av Intersects 
Private grounds 

Sylvan av ends 
Vacant lots 

Lawlor av ends 
Vacant lots 

Falrmount av ends 

Vacant lots 
981 Kernaghan John 
Vacant lots 

Hepbonrne st ends 
AOF Hall 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 
Store, s e 



TORONTO POTTERY CO., 75-81 Cottingham St. 'Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents. 

26 Wellington St. East. 

Tel. No. 423. 


Duff j rin. 


1013 McKinney John 

McKlnney John, flour 

and feed 
Vacant lots 
1045 Glenfield Harry 

Vacant lots 
1053 Deegan Dennis 
1001 Cameron J K 

Vacant lots 
1073 Leslie Robert 

Private grounds 
1077 Chillman Win 
1083 Anderson H, carriage 
Vacant lots 
1113 Page Thomas 

Vacant lots 
1127 Christian Mrs E, gro 

Shanly st ends 
1129 Williamson James 
1133 Phillips Thomas 

Vacant lots 
1141 Eastman Joseph 

Vacant lots 
1171 Coulson Frank 
1173 Foster Richard 

Vacant lots 
1187 O'Brien Patrick 
Vacant lots 

Hallam st ends 
Vacant lots 
1267 Huntley Charles J 

Vacant lots 
1291 Hayes W A, violin mkr 
1297 Richardson Thomas 
1299-1301 Winter Edward, blk- 
Vacant lot 
1305 Rushhy John 
1307 Vacant 
1309 Holdsworth John 
1311 Prain Charles 
1313 Hiscock Frederick E 
1315 Prain Will H 
1317 Brookmyers Wm J 
Vacant lot 

Van Home st ends 
CPR crossing 

West Side 

Vacant lots to 196 
196 Gwynne Miss Anna 

Vacant lots 
248 Jones John 
250 West Richard, bldr 
252 Wanless John 

Vacant lots 

King st w intersects 

Store, s e 
288 Hill Harry F 
290 McDonald Mrs F, bdg 
292 Blair Edward 

Vacant lot 
300 Donahue Mrs Sarah 
302 Egan Frank 
306 Downard James 
308 Doran Robert 
310 Parks Matthew 
312 Sweetman Charles 
810 Barry T J, exp 
318 Dermody John 
S22 Kellv John 
324 Whimbey Fred W 
326 Hinan Michael 
328 Lant John E 
330 Holland James 
332 Ruff Charles 
334 Brldgewater H H 
336 Burleigh James H 
338 Trince Wm 

Melbourne av commences 
340-76 Dom Radiator Co 
Hotel, s e 

Queen st w subway 

390 Moore Robert 
392 Burton Wm T 
394 Vacant 

396 Skimln George E 
398 Friend John W 
400 O'Brien Michael 
402 Sim Samuel 

Vacant lots 
418 Macdonald Duncan 

Vacant lots 
478 Wilson Frank 
480 Tickell Mrs Ann 
482 Donaldson Wm 
484 Collins James H 

486 Finklc Philip 
488 Owers George 
490 Bo.vles Philip 
492 Seddon James, gro 

Florence st commences 
494 Hurst Mrs F, gro 
496 Hurst Levi 
498 Hurst Wm A 
500 Haygarth Thomas 
502-4 Seath Mrs M, confy 

Seath James, shoemkr 
508 Harrington Mrs M, lndry 

Switzer Mrs L, confy 
512 Grainger John 
514 Richardson Peter 
516 Gosling Thomas 
Private grounds 
526 McClelland James 

Gordon st commences 
528 Penney G E, gro 
530 Wensley George A 
532 Pulfer Joseph 
534 McLellan Daniel 
536 Davis John J 
538 Argue James H 
540 Clay Wm T 
542 Tvler Richard H 
544 Bve Mrs Wilhelmina 
046 Wilson Mrs Tamzen 
548 Arnott Wm, bldr 
554 Vacant 

Bank st commences 
558 Doherty Michael P 

Private grounds 
568 Hill R H, bldr 
572 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
636 Glasby W R, blksmlth 
Shop, s e 

Dundas st intersects 
House, s e 
640 Denison Charles L 
646 Spenee James, phy 
Vacant lots 

Fisher st commences 
Vacant lots 
678 Smith Wm H 
680 Newton Wm 
682 Smith Patrick 
684 Blain James W 
686 Robertson John P 
688 Cralgie Alfred 
690 McKee Hugh 
692 Henderson Mrs Sophia 
694 Worman Henry 
696 Patohet John W 

Patchet Mrs Lucy, gro 

Moutray st commences 

Vacant lots 
718 Ewing John, dairy 
720 Mitchell Alexander 
722 Wood Wm. bldr 

Stonier John M 
724 Gilles Chas J, gro 

College st intersects 
Vacant lots 
746 Swannell Mrs Mary 
748 James Frederick T 
750 Thompson Samuel M 
752 Youmans Miss Mary E 
754 Thomson Wm T 
756 Harris Wm F 

Lindsay av intersects 

Private grounds 

Muir av commences 

Vacant lots 
804 McKindley Hugh 
804-80 Dufferin Riding and 

Driving Park Assn 
880 Dwan Dennis 
882 Russell Thomas 

Vacant lots 
918 Redmon Ralph W 
920 Ellis Wm J 
922 Killackey Mrs Eliza 
924 Baker George M 
926 Binnington Charles 
928 Harvey Charles J 
930 Griffin Mrs Sarah 
932 Shields Thomas 
934 Watkins John 
936-38 Legg Philip R 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w intersects 

Hotel, s e 

1014-1016 Vacant offices (2) 
1020 Ashbury Edward, black- 
1024 Shortt John 
1026 Primo John 
1040 Chapman Wm J 
1044 Godkin Francis T 
1046 Thompson George 

Vacant lots 
1058 Deegan Michael J 
1064 Brown Sylvester, flour 
1068 Thompson Robert 

Thompson Thos, dairy 

Vacant lots 
1114 Albert Mrs Emily 

Market gardens 
1138 Grogan Edw, mkt gdnr 

1152 Hill Henry, gro 
Vacant lots 

Wallace av commences 

Vacant lots 
Armstrong av commences 
1182 Ewing Thomas M 

Vacant lots 
1198 Lappin Patrick 

Vacant lots 

Millicent st commences 
Vacant lots 

Lappin av commences 
Market gardens 
1292 Corcoran M & J, mkt 

1322 Vacant 

Market gardens 
1336 MacPherson R D, carp 
CPR crossing 

DTJKE, e from 77 Jarvis to 
Parliament, ward 2 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8-10 Mason Bros, livery 
16 Van TJum Henry A 
18 Shambrook Henry 
ZO-22 Mitchell J (est), livery 
24 Mitchell Mrs Elizabeth 

George st intersects 
28-38 De la Salle Institute 

Seperate School Board 
40-42 St Michael's School 
44 Harris Septimus 

Key Wm. biscuit dlr 

McNamara Thomas, r 

McNamara Arthur, r 
48 Cahill Michael 
50-56 Fensom Elevator Wks 
54 Fensom John 
58 Woodhouse John 
60 Murphv Wm 
62 Woolidge Walter J 
64 Bird Bernard 

Bird Bernard M, poultry 
66-76 Duke St Pub Sch 
78 Stagg George 
SO Piper John 
82 Pethick James, barber 

Pethick Mrs A, drsmkr 

Sherbourne st intersects 

84 Knox Thomas 

80 Reehl John 

88 Bach Mrs Selina 

90 Cohen Joseph 

92 Villiers Wm 

94 McRae Win 

94</> Ellerbv John 

96 Craig James F 

98 Robertson James 
100 Stinson Mrs Eliza, bdg 

Stinson Wm 
102 Medler John T 
104 Arnot Peter 
108 Park James 
110 Gelinas Edward B 
112 McGolpin John 
114 Christie Wm 
116 Markle Wm J 
118 Dominion Mill Stock Co 

Bredannaz Louis, bicycles 
118-122 Reid Geo & Co, wool 
124 Barehard Wm H 
120 Terry Mrs Mary E 
128 Young Wm 
130 Hooker Miss Jane, bdg 
132 Losee Donald E 

134 Davies Thomas 
136 Mahoney Dennis 
138 Lewis Henry 

Lewis Mrs S L, flower 

Cary Miss E, drsmkr 
140 Livingstein Mrs S, gro 

Llvingstein Jacob 

Ontario st intersects 
142 Dowling Patrick 

Dowiing Mrs A, gro 
144 Stalford Wm 
146 Duggan Mrs Catherine 
148 Sullivan Patrick J 
150 Hutchinson Mrs Marg 

Heisey Mrs Eliza, r 

Brown Mrs Matilda, r 

Clark Wm R, r 

Redford Charles, r 
154 Clarke George 

Collan Mrs Mary A 

O'Leary Mrs Ellen 

Thomas Mrs M A 

Doyle Lawrence 
158-62 Vacant factory 

House, s e 

Berkeley st intersects 
172 McDonald James 
174 See Stewart 
176 Edmonds Charles E 
178 Martin Frederick 
1MI Tait John 

Vacant lot 
188 Shone Wm 

House, s e 

South Side 

Store, 8 e 
5 Warehouse 

II Dovle Mrs Margaret 
13 Tumlin G C, livery 

House, s e 

George st intersects 

43 Christie. Brown & Co, 
biscuit mnfrs 

Frederick st ends 
47 Soady Mrs Sarah, bdg 
49 Wilson Mrs J, art flowers 
51 Woodhouse Thomas 
53 Bell Hugh 
55 Davy George 
57 Tasker w V 
61 Beckett Manuel 
63 Gorrie Samuel 
05 Fogarty Mrs Anne 

Store, s e 

Sherbourne st Intersects 
71 Magulre Frank 
75 Lewis Mrs M A, cartage 
81 Clark Wm 

White's pi commences 
83-87 Globe Paper Box Co 
89 Dobie John 
91 Whitfield John 
93 Gunn John 
95 Wright George 

Hulme John 
97 McCrea Mrs Jane 
99 Kelly Mrs Bridget 

Princess st ends 

101 Foley John 
103 .Ma nin Mrs Ann 
105 O'Brien David 
107 Hughes Joseph 
109 Naughtou Michael 

Naughton Michael, jr 

III McCullough Mrs H, drs- 

113 Wilson Henry 
House, s e 

Ontario st intersects 

House, s e 
127 Bovlau Patrick 
129 Morrison Wm 
131 MeCallum John 
133 Gibson James 
135-51 Barehard & Co Ltd, 

packing case mnfrs 
153 Balmer Joseph 
155 Carr Wm 
159 Fire Hall, s e 

Berkeley st Intersects 

House, s e 
171-175 Storehouses 


11 Richmond 



Member of the Standard Hiniqg Exchange 

Tel. and Cable address, 

Codes: Bedford Mc- 
Neill's, dough's, 
Moreing and Neal. 



12 Adelaide St. E. Phone 1842 



179 Walmsley Mrs Maggie 
181 Smith Sidney 
183 Bradbury John 

Carriage works, s e 

DUNBAR UD, n from Elm av 
to South Drive, first e of 
Sherbourne, ward 2. 

East Side 

11 Fuller Mrs Rosamond 

13 Harrison J W F, music 

15 Gwynne Wm D 
21 McCIain Watson 
23 Vacant 

West Side 

House, s e 
6 Blackwood Mrs Eliza 
10 Montgomery Robert J 
12 Holmes G W 
12U Gunn Edmond 
14 Haywood James 
16 Moffat Wm 
20 Kenny Samuel M 
22 Unfinished house 

DUNCAN, n from 24-1 Ade- 
laide w to Queen w, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
IT Reeves Richard 

Nelson st Intersects 
27 Gates Joseph, dairy 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

Nelson st Intersects 
20 Osborn Wm 
22 Rooney Thomas 
House, s e 

Richmond st w intersects 
House, s e 
Gospel Hall 
40 Small Mrs Jennie 
Store, s e 

DUNDAS, n from 1004 Queen 
w to Arthur, thence n w 
to city limits, wards 5 and 

East Side 

Bank, s e 
3 Putlaud Henry 
5 Boomer Mrs M, cigars 

Boomer Wesley 
7 Pike Frank, barber 
9 Reiter F J, tailor 
11 Gilbreath H & Co, fuel 
17 Tracey James, shoemkr 
Vacant lot 

Rebecca st ends 
29 Thompson W W, exp 
33 McKiuuey Benjamin 
35 Charles Mrs Mary A 
35% Hogan W J, pickle wtr 
37 Pollard J A school sup 
39 Toronto Cabinet Co 

Shea Thomas 
41 Vacant 

Bobinson Wm 
43 Muerrle C A, photo 
45 Burke Robert H 
47 Bennett Edward, rattan 

49 Hall George J, gro 

Bruce st ends 
51 Eason Wm O 
53 Harrington Mrs M, confy 
55 Serviss D D, tlr 
57 Hare Mrs E, confy 
59 Baker John 
61 Vacant 

63 Greene Miss Flora M 
65 Guerln Joseph 

Seager Mrs Mary A 
67 Hill Wm 

Hill Mrs H, drsmkr 
69 Allen Mrs M E, lndry 

Allen Samuel P 


71 Melhuish John 

lot, M , C r Carth - v A - nsetnover 
73% Vacant 

75 Pendrel John, sec hd gds 

11 S le y', ns Jas - vegetables 
79 Perkins Henry, confy 
83 McConvey P, cattle 

Private grounds 
87 Bills Stephen H 
89 Fernley Charles R 
91 Woods Cornelius 
95 Bedson Mrs Alice 
97 Vacant 

99 Pugh & Watson, bakers 

Pugh Wm J 

Cheshire Wm H 
101 Robertson Robert, gro 
Argyle st intersects 
103 Hunt Mrs M L, crockery 
... Duncan Mrs M, nurse 
J<£ Payne T E, bicycle livery 
107 Kee Song, lndry 
109 Haywood F (i, barber 
111 Hunt Wm C, bicvclcs 
113 Dowrie James, dairy 
115 Hudgln Albert, gro 

Post Office (hr) 

Tutty Albert, r 
117 Skellington David, whin 
lash mnfr 

Vacant lots 
125 Davis W H, shoemkr 
127 Jones Mrs M, gro 

Smith Wm, r 
133 Beers Henry 


137 S e " £ m * Co, coal 

Bell Wm L 
141 Verral John, btchr 
143 Beck James 
lBl Czerwinski Louis, cattle 
153 Jones Mrs Jane 

Halton st ends 

155 E! u , k ! e JJ, * c °. cartage 

I- Inkle Wilmot 
157 Hawkes F B, plmbr 
J2? Hnmhlyn S, locksmith 
101 Brown J L, prtr 
163 Keen George, pntr 
j£ 5 ou j r ' i, s David, harness 
167 Brodle James, gro 
lfin Smith John, tlr 
171 Shaw John 
173 Tarling Charles F 

Hemsted Edwin. MD 

178 Brennnn J .7, cigars 
177 Bible Truth Depot 

Forster Rev Wm H 

179 Wngborne & Creelman, 

. Waghorne Frederick C 

vacant lots 
June Arthur & Osslngton av i 

Northeast Side 

Metn Church and School I 
216 Barrington T G, plmbr 
218 Shakespeare Mrs J, gro 
220 Leach F C. shoes 
222 Osslngton Hall 

Vacant lots 
254 Edmondson Wm 

Lakeview av commences 

256 Hunter Moses, flour 
258 Dempster James, baker 
260 Eaton H W, gro 
264 Lasher George, flour 
266 Ferris F J. gro 
268 Welsford Albert J, exp 
270 McCutcheon S. npbol 
272 Pollard F H. barber 
274 Hynds Mrs Caroline 
276 Ranney C M, drugs 
278 Grant John A 
282-6 McCraney Coal Co 
288 Savage Wm. shoemkr 
290 Thompson W W, exp 

Vacant lot 
294 Fisher Mrs Annie 
296 Wah Charlie, lndry 
298 Dolan Patrick J, btchr 
Dovercourt rd intersects 
Chalmers Pres Church 
324 Hornby Bros, dairy 
Hornby Mrs A M 
Coolmtne av commences 
Private grounds 
Rusholme rd commences 

Vacant lots 

Gladstone av intersects 
456 Breckon Richard, nursery 

Dufferin st intersects 
500 Clarke George 
512 Sansom Frederick gro 
5" Willitts T A, incubators 
I ol6 Hague Wm, btchr 

McDonell Mrs Hannah 
olS Sutherland Wm, plmbr 
o20 Hambly Matthew C F 
Butehart W J, produce 
Vacant lots 
532-46 Rankin & Co, lumber 
Miles Mrs Ann J, sash 
Toronto Casket Co, coffin 
mnfrs, r 
; 548-50 Burns E R Saw Co 
saw mnfrs 

Sheridan ay intersects 

552 Fairies Milling Co 
: Juries Mrs Margaret 

ao4 Chantler Mrs M M, gro 
I _ Vacant lots 

oCO Campbell Richard, coal 

am \ aciint 

578 McClelland A, fruit 

Vacant lots 
584 Parker Benjamin 
588 Thompson James I D 

Vacant lots 
594-98 Taylor Th.nnas, btchr 
Vacant lots 

Brock ay Intersects 
606 Davies Wm Co, Ltd, prov 
608 Dnggan Stephen 
612 Corner W J, shoemkr 
614 Hern Mrs T, confy 
616 Abbs Thomas, btchr 
620 Abbs Thomas 
624 HIM Mrs Lucv L 
628 Waugh Wm, whol btchr 
Margueretta st commences 
Vacant lots 
648 Smith Benj, whol btchr 
Vacant lots 

St Clarens st intersects 
678 King Thomas J 

Armstrong Mrs M E C, 
680 Woods Mss Mary A 
694 Crealock Wm cattle dlr 
700 Ellard Hugh E, tlr 

Smith James 

Delahaye John 
702 Shea Miss Mary, confy 

Foley John 
704 Campbell G C. barber 
706 O'Ne II Wm, confy 
708-10 Motton & Co, hotel 

Motton Thomas 

Caldwell Albert E 

Lansdowne av intersects 
712 Mallon John 

St Helen av commences 
Bridge oyer railway 
786 Vacant 

788-92 Matthews Bros & Co, 
planing mill 
McKay Hugh, r 

Bridges over railway 

808 Buckwell Miss Lilly 
810 Brake Mrs Catherine 
822 Baylis John 
824 Burns Thomas 
826 Leith Robert 

Marsh Louis E 
828 Hortin Wm D 

Vacant lots 
856 Weston George 
862 Driscoll D. whol btchr 

Vacant lots 
872 Finn Edward F 

Gillies Herbert 

Morrow av commences 

874 Morrow Francis B 

876 Mc e Samuel 

878 Gilroy John 

8S2 Pace Win M, poultry 

Vacant lots 
912 Boyd David, gro 

Golden av commences 

Vacant lots 

Ritchie av commences 
Vacant lots 
100S Andrews Charles 
,„,« fflr?i* p-"uiids 
1036 LIghtfoof W, florist 
Market gardens 

Bloor st w intersects 
Market gardens 

Vincent st ends 
1142 Bennett Joseph 
1150 Robinson Wm J 

Soho av intersects 
CPR tracks 

West Side 

2 gero Vincent T, hotej 
4 Baldwin & Co, lumber 

Hager S A, lumber 
6-8 Public L'brary (br) 
Hamilton Mrs Emily A 
30 Fire Hall No 9 
12 Water Works office 

Corporation yard 
28-30 Wilm tt Charles, pntr 
32 CTinkiinbroomer Miss M,, 

34 Clinkmibroompr J S, exp 
CUnkunbroomer James H 
G ft(ta - lobn - coal, ftmr 

?, }I c E TOy • 7os - °'K aT mfr 
44 McBnrney Mrs Marv A 

MeBnrney Miss E, drsmkr 

Moore John 
46 McBurney Robert J 
48 Brown Wm 

Rlckettg Wm 
50 Shaw Mrs Mary A 
52 Housrhton .Tames 
54 Caswell Samuel 
56 HarHs Thomas 
58 MoKenzle Gen<r»e 
60 Kupltz Edward 
62 BInkelv Mrs Susanna bdg 
64 Ruf ledge I?ob"rt 

Rntledire Miss J, drsmkr 
66 Newton Jnmes \ 
68 Benson John 
70 Onmm f ng A. baker 
72 Blwrlock James, plmbr 
74 Llovd Jos. grocer 
76 Ontario Tailoring Co 

Dewsbnrv Ed^ar 
78 Nolan Mrs s E. confy 

Nolan Michael 
SO rovhear! Miss L. drsmkr 
82 Ferguson Alex, gro 

Humbert av commences 
84 Meyers H C. artist 
86 Giles Wllbert 
88 Pattinson Mrs J, confy 
90 Woods .7 h. btchr 
92 Bailey Elward T, prtr 

Watson Wm M 
94 Godwin Joseph, gro 
96 Asbdown J, willow ware 
98 Vacant 

104 Ouibell John, gro 
106 WIIkcs F W. stoves 
108 Hoe<J Frederick, gro 
110 Calhoun Robert, provs 

Smith Joseph 
112 Young Mrs Eliza 
116 Finn Hugh, liquors 

Argyle st intersects 

11S Smith Wm H gro 
122 McGinn Arthur, btchr 
126 Ross Mrs Helen, confy 

Ross John T 
128 Summers Mrs F B, drsmkr 

Summers Wm J 
130 Martin & Co, tailors 

Martin Caesar A 
132 Lindsay Wm J, shoea 
134 Baruett David, gro 
130 Pritehard H C, dry gds 
138 Vacant 

Lowrv Joseph W 
140-42 Fletcher & Shepherd, 

house furnishings 
144 Passmore Richard, gro 
148-50 Passmore Sam, btehr 
152 Godfrey F L, staty 
154 Hortnn Harry G, drugs 


Typewriters Rented. Ribbons, Carbons, Papers, Etc. 'Phone 2251 J. J. SEITZ, Manager. 




Foxley st commences 
156 Cole T W, gro 
158 Butt-hart D F, tlr 
160 Sherwood C W, gro 
162 Dickeson Frederick, jwlr 

Vacant lots 
170 Warner Maurice W 
174 Donaldson John A 
182 Evans Peter T, dairy 

Watt Fred, bicycle livery 
184 Goddard John A, exp 
186 Graham Nicholas 
188 G-illard Wm, butcher 
190 Home Chemical Co, Ink 

McCrea Thomas 
192 Beam George L. gro 

Rolyat sit commences 
194 Hitchman E F, barber 
196 Pearson S E. dentist 
198 Payne John H 

Porter Mrs C K, mus tchr 

Porter Emllv, mus tchr 
200 Spaulding Wesley 
202 Oakley Francis, phy 
204 Pennal Frederick, gro 
206 Pennal H D. confy 

Smith John W 

208 Evans & Mclntyre, drugs 

Southwest side • • 

209 Laker W J, dentist 
211 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
225 Simpson John, stoves 
227 Cleghorn Alex, tlr 
229 Brodie Bros, shoemkrs 

Brodie Mrs Margaret 
231 Newman Mrs M, fey gds 

Newman Charles H 

Vacant lots 
243 McGowan George W 
247 Mnckrell Henry 

Vacant lots 

Grove av ends 
267 Tally Mrs M. dsmkr 
269 King Mrs Janet, confy 
271 Jeffries H A, lndry 

Vacant lots 
285 Verral Mrs Annie 
287 Clark Miss Catherine 

Vacant lots 
301 Rea Mrs Mary I 

Rowan & Co, drugs 

Rowan Richard, phy 
Dovereourt rd Intersects 
303 Woods Grocery Co 
305-307 Woods John (est), li- 

809 Carroll James J, cigars 

Vacant lot 
325 LilUv Mrs Maria, florist 
329 Rnyner Samuel, pntr 
341 Jones James 
343 Dempster Wm J, bkr 
349 Boyle & Libby, bottlers 

Vacant lots 
361 Burns Alexander 

Lisgar st ends 
363 Armstrong Wm 

Vacant lots 

Beaeonsflold av ends 

Vacant lots , _ 

419 Mncdonell Mrs Pauline R 

Private grounds 
Gladstone av intersects 

Vacant lot 
465 Musson Samuel, pntr 

Stock W Roe 
467 H E, gro 

Vacant lot 
471 Kirby Wm J 

McCraeken Robert A 
473 McCraeken Joseph A 
475 Boissonueau Peter 

Erie st enmmences 
Vacant lots 

Dufferin st intersects 

493-499 Cyclone Woven Wire 
Fence Co 

Private grounds 
603 Collard Joseph 
513 Skene Mrs Eleanor E 

Wells Wm L 

Private grounds 
547 Brockton Club riouse 

Sheridan av intersects 
557 Sampson T N, drugs 
559 Nixon A W, barber 
561 Mlckus George, blaeksmth 
565 Plumb Mrs K M, confy 
567 Dee Chung, lndry 
569 Van Horn Charles F 
571 Brennan R T, bkr 

Hopper Frank 
573 Jones Mrs Emily G, gro 
575 Hnrlbut C M & Son, 

Hurlbut Clinton M 
577 Wallace Andrew, dry gds 

Vacant lots 
5S1 Ward Wm 

Ward Mrs Mary, drsmkr 

Mara John 
583 Earls & Bond, tlrs 

Bond James 

McGraw Wm 
5S5 Douglar Joseph, sec hd 

589 Jackman Saml, barber 
591 Dolan John, btchr 

Vickers Robert, r 
597 Stirrett Geo, hardware 
599 Stirrett A P, drugs 

Hager S A 

Brock av Intersects 
601 Sanderson John W, gro 

Brockton P O 
603 Smith Stabler, btchr 
605-607 Vacant 

625 McConnell Mrs Elizabeth 
McConnell John H, phy 
629 Watson Wm H. gro 
631 Hicks E N, flour 
633 Smith John, btchr 
635 Scvthes Bros, shoes 

Sc'vthes George, bldr 
037 Squire Wm E, gro 
Baker Wm 
Vacant lots 
643 Freeman Hugh, btchr 
645 Sullivan Mrs E, produce 

Private grounds 
653 Grav Mrs Ellen 
655 Fenton Henry 
657 Ebbage Horace, gro 

St Clarens st Intersects 
Fire Hall No 13 
Lansdowne av Intersects 
School, s e 

Bridge over railway 
809 Taylor John 

Bridge over railway 
Sorauren av ends 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Lynd av ends 
Howard Park av commences 
Vacant lots 
High Park av commences 
Vacant lots 
June Boustead and Ronces- 
valles avs 
Vacant lots 
1099 Vacant 
1101 Pines Hotel 

Bloor st w Intersects 

Vacant lots 
1113 Graham Mrs C, gro 

Graham Joseph, btchr 
1117 Andrews Ell 

Edna av commences 

Vacant lots 

Soho av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Conduit st commences 
1333 Shields Wm, mkt gdnr 

DUNEDIN, n from Shudell 
av to Baird av, first e of 
Jones av, ward 1 

East Side 

House, s e 
Dawson av commences 
23 Vacant 
25 Rose James 

27 Robinson Henry 

29 Reid John 

31 Montgomery Charles A 

33 Andrews Wm 

West Side 

6 Reed Wm B 
8 Hughes Henry 

DUNN AV, n from the lake 
to 1347 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Holmes R H, barr 

Dominion st ends 
35 Shannon James N 
37 Ford Thomas J 
39 Smith George 
41 Vandervoort M P 

Empress cres intersects 
House, s e 
57 Harper Edward 
59 Fisher Mrs Bessie 

GTR crossing 
Vacant lots 

Huxley st intersects 
Store, s e 
83 Irving L Homfray 

Vacant lots 
103 Lawson James F 

Vacant lots 
121 Cole F F 
127 Hook Thomas 
133 French Mrs Lucy M 
137 Hall Major Wm B 
131) Bradshaw I D 
141 Merson George O 
143 Kimpton Charles 
145 Northcott B L 
147 Milne Wm S 
149 Acres Charles R 
151 Vacant 

153 Henderson Samuel 
155 Little Wm J 
157 Vacant 
159 Lundy Daniel A 
161 Brown James E 
163 Evanson Wm H 
Methodist Church 

King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
189 Parker Joseph G 
191 Sloan Wm, phy 
198 McSweeny Edward 
195 Buck R A, phy 
197 Vacant 
201 Rvan Cornelius 
203 Thomson Mrs Isabella 
205 Turpin James 

Vacant lots 
217 Thompson James 
219 Tfedger John, bldr 

Tredger C R, architect 
221 Shannon James 
225 Rankin Rev James A 
227 May Wm H 
229 Stewart John J 
231 Sornberger C E 
233 Jones Mrs Jane 
237 Bethell John 
239 Shaw Edward S 
241 Wilson Robert 
243 Thompson Thomas A 
245 Elliott Thomas W 
247 Ford Andrew 
249 Kemp Jesse 

Vacant lots 
257 Leech Rev George 

Leech Miss E A, mus tchr 
259 Carson Hugh 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Weeks' Hall 

Store, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots- 
Starr av commences 

House, s e 
46 Holland Wm H 

Vacant lots 
52 Wilkie M'm 
54 Somerville F L 

Empress cres intersects 

House, s e 

GTR crossing 
Huxley st intersects 
66 McPherson James B 
68 Vacant 
70 Watson Wm J 
72 RIddell Wm D 
74 Billings Charles C 

Vacant lots 
84 Lawrie Willis S B 
86 Hardy Henry R 
92 Pink Robert 

Vacant lots 
98 Martin Mrs Margaret 
100 Scott Wm 
130 Home for Incurables 

Kitchen A Samuel, phy 
146 Geggie Rev A L 
148 MeKellar Alexander 
154 Robinson James G 
156 Hossack Rev Donald C 
160 Bain Wm 
162 Essery Wm H 
164 Arnold T S 
House, s e 

Kiug st w intersects 
Vacant lots 
188 Wynn Marshall R 
190 Smith Gilbert A 
192 Fish Rev Charles 
194 St John Joseph W 
196 East Henry M 
198 Thompson W J, dairy 
202 Palchett Enoch, dairy 
204 Challenger W, leather gds 
208 McKee Wm, jr 

Vacant lot 
216 Beith Wm 
218 Crlchton James 
220 Balfour John P ' 
224 Fenwlck James W 
226 Bellinger Peter 
228 Stevens Holmes C 

Stevens Henry C, bldr 
232 Sutherland Henry 
236 Mackay Rev Robert P 
240 Martin James S 
242-254 Parkdale Pres Ch 
256 Black Hugh C 
258 Hunter James 
260 Dickie Edwin 
262 Lloyd Frank E 
House, s e 

DUPONT, w from opp 251 
Avenue rd to w of Christie, 

wards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Wvlle Miss Lucy 
8 Heal Charles 
10 Laughlin James E 
12 Greenwood Christopher 
14 Dwyi r Mrs Margaret E 
16 Armstrong Samuel W 
MaguiTe Bros, coal 

Davenport rd intersect* 

Vacant lots 
118 Fairwenther A C 
120 Austin John F 
122 Croueher John G 

Croueher M ss S, mus tchr 
124 Gourlie Ernest H 
126 Joselin James S 
128 Lewis Albert E 

Vacant lots to Kendal av 
270 Brewer Mrs Selina 

Vacant lots to Bathurst 

Store, s e 
338 Conger Coal Co. coal 
348 Crawford Robert 
350 Glassey Mrs Mary J 
352 Crozier Joseph 

Vacant lots 
362 Cauehard Alexander 
364 Crawford Wm 
366 Hylton Edward W 
366V, Bruce George 
308 Quantz Wm 

Palmerston av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
386 Da vies Edward 
388 Andrews Edward 
390 Hoidge Silas I 
390V> Hoidge Wm H 
392 Ho'dge Richard J 
394 Hoidge & Sons, plstrs 

Union Assurance Society. 

Instituted in the Reign of Queen Anne, A. D. 1714 


W. & E. A. BAOENACH, General Agents. 
Telephones: - Office, 2288; Residence, 3516. 

^s^ssss's^^.^ co " 24 Toronto - 


Eastern Av. 135 

Holdge John li 

896 Holdge John 
398 Hack Wm G 

Vacant lot 

404 Cook Wm 
Buckler Edmund, r 
Vacant lota 

412 Robin Robert 

Whittard Thomas, r 
414 Elliott Eli 

South Side 

Church, s e 

Davenport rd Intersects 
79 Toole Wm 
81 Arkell Francis H 
83 Blshoprick Allison 

Vacant lots to Osborne 
259 Cimss Daniel 

Vacant lots 

Howland nv intersects 
Vacant lot 
275 Lawrence Robert J 
281 Craik Mrs Elizabeth 
285 Trollope Henry 

Albany av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Bathurst st Intersects 
Store, s e 
835 Smith George T 
837 Ferguson Frank 
841 Guard James 

Markham st ends 
851 Black John 
855 Flnegan Patrick J 
857 Dennis Edward S, exp 

Vacant lot 
863 Turner Wm R 

Palmerston av Intersects 
877 Dainty Arthur T 
879 Coop Andrew P 
881 Sweetman Edward 

Vacant lots 
891 Ellis Warren H 
893 Stovel Joseph 
895 Carter Thomas J 

897 Phillips James 
899 ITUllips Wm C 
401 MMsaUl Herbert 
403 Cox Philp H 

405 Drover David 
407 Churly Obndiah 
409 Harris Edward 

413 A moss George, dairy 
Vacant lots to end 

EARL, e from foot of Hjjnt- 
ley to 526 Sherbourne, ward 

North Side 

2 Anglin Arthur W 

4 Grant Robirt A 

6 Alley Henry R 

8 Melntvre William T 
10 Capon William B 
12 O'Hara Jam's W 
14 Meldrum Henry 
16 Fielding Edward 
18 Thompson William J 
20 Bell Thomas 
22 Anderson George 
24 Campbell Mrs Emily V 
26 Jeffrey Mrs Mary 
28 Moss Wm H 
SO Wlefeens WE 
82 Melntosh Adum K 
84 Rldout John G 
86 Trow Albert E 
38 I/eckle John 
House, s e 

South Side 

St John's Grove 
Church, s e 

EARXBRIDGE. w from ry 
track to 45 Brock av, ward 

North Side 

8 White Mrs Charlotte 
10 Hill Tliomas J 
12 McKeag Joshua 

14 Keutner Erastus 

16 Buck George E 

18 Clarke Lewis 
20 Floody Edward 
22 Hunter Wm D 
24 Bray Thomas L 

House, s e 

South Side 

9 Cole Frank W 
11 Hurst Albert E 
13 Phillips James 

15 Coulter Miss Mercle 

17 Heaslip Elwood 

19 Jackson Herbert E 
House, s e 

EASTERN AV, e from 93 
Trinity to Queen e, wards 
1 and 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Morrisey Mrs Ellen 
8 Senger Ernest 
10 Bailey Tliomas 
12 Hagen John 
14 Short Robert 
16 Sweeney John 

Gilead pi commences 
18 Price Mrs E, gro 
20 Morden Wm C 
22 O'Brien Oennls 
24 Armstrong Henry 

Beamish Mrs Mary E, r 

Fogelman Francis, r 

Beamish George, r 
28 Elliott Wm 
32 PhlH-ps Jas B 
34 Westeott Tliomas L 
38 Burns Ralph A, Ice 

Sackville st commences 

Sackvltle st school, s e 
72 McClay David 
74 McDowe'I Wm A 
76 Fiedler George N 
78 Barton Edward J 
80 Eldridge John, baker 
82 Hang Ell 

84 O'Brien Svlvester 
Bfl Sinclair Arch'bald 

85 Shea Mnrtngh 

Barrett F A, brewers' sup- 
plies, r 
90 Cameron Wwrh 

T,efeb"T Walter, r 

Tavlor Wm E, r 
92 Adams Thorms 
94 Rohson Wm G. nntr 
96 Fras-r G-orge W 
08 Wari ell Wm H 

Vacant lot 

Sumach st commences 
102 Da vies Joseph 
104 Molntrgh John McL 
106 Thompsm Andrew W 

110 Vacant 
112 Harvev John A 
114 Smit-h R : chard. shoemkr 
116 Wllll'imson James S 
190 v n cant 
122 Vacant 
124 Sehroeder Otto 
126 Snencer Job 

Williamson pi commences 
128 Hogarth Mrs S. gro 
130 Davis Mrs Martha 
132 Cane Alfred W 
134 Arnold Ed word J 
138 ibhotson Wm 
14P.14PU Pvham Amos H 
142 MoDona'd James A 

Schmidt pi commences 
144 Springstead Hartman 
146 Rodden James 
148 White Charles _ , 
152 Baptist Ml-s'on Hall 

West Daniel, r 
156 KHther Dennis 
158 Blake Henry G 

Vacant lot 
162 Trempe George 
164 Brown T mothy 
166 Clark Mrs Kate 
St Lawrence st commences 

Vacant lots 
200 Warren-Scharf Asphalt 
Paving Co 
Don terrace commences 
CPR crossing 
Vacant lots 

Belt line crossing 
Don bridge 

Vacant lots 
Broadview av commences 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Lewis st commences 
Vacant lot 
362 Trlbble Thomas H 
Vacant lots 

Saulter st commences 
GTR crossing 
Flagman's switch house 
Vacant lots 
Strange st commences 
400 The James Robertson Co, 

408 Spink Wightman 
Vacant lots 

McGee st commences 
House, s e 
Private grounds 

Booth av Intersects 
466 Hopkings Edward J 
468 Johnston Alexander M 
470 Foote Arthur 
Vacant lots 

Logan av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
494 Johnston Alexander 
496 Gillman Wm F 

Vacant lots 
508 Ayre Charles, hotel 

Morse st Intersects 
510 Hare Wm 
512 Stirling A F A, gro 
514 Apted Stephen J 
516 Lucas Charles R 
518 Knight Thomas S 

Carlaw av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Heward av commences 
Vacant lots 
594 Morgan Wm 

Pape av commences 
Vacant lots 
610 Thompson Wm H 
Ice house 
Vacant lots 

Caroline av commences 
Nursery grounds 

Leslie st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Lalng st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
882 Wheat Wm, mkt gdnr 
884 Cook John 

Vacant lot 

Knox av Intersects 
896 Billings Robert J 
902 Reeves John B 
908 Vacant 
910 Baker Wm 
912 McMulIen Mrs Adeline 

Vacant lots 
920 Blenkhorn John W 
922 Macdonald Frederick S 
924-930 Vacant (4) 
932 Flnucan John 
934 Pickering Henry J 

Vacant lots 

Colina st commences 
950 Macdonald Duncan A 
Vacant lots 
1000 Randall James, whol 
Vacant lot 

South Side 

House, s e 
5 Mooney James 
9 Carter Robert H 
11 Grimes Miss Annie 

Bailey Charles 
13 McCaffrey Frank 

Ayres David 
15 Mulvogue Mrs Margaret 
17 Pilson Mrs Alice 

Mulveyhill Edward 
19 Hall Frederick 

Eastern pi commences 
21 Little Wm 
23 Taylor Charles 
25 Goodfellow Wm 
29 Hobson Richard 
31 Asher James 
33 Steadman John 
35 Tavlor Mrs Ellen 
37 Riley Thomas 
39 Stein Mrs Annie 
41 Cummings John H 
43 Howltt James, tailor 
45 Wright John W 
47 Johnston Wm T 
49 Waring Mrs M E 
51 McDonnell Miss Ellen, 

53 Mclnerney James 
55 Gilmore .Tames E 
57 Hurley Edward J 
59 Payne James A 
61 Batty James 
63 Kennedy Thomas 
71 Boyce Henry 
71-73 Cherry St Mission 

Cherry st ends 

St Lawrence sq 

Worts av ends 

123 Shuart Wm G 

125 Mooney Mrs Ann 

127 Tarney James 

129 Sloan David 

131-37 Hartshorn Stewart Co, 

shade rollers 
139 Hilllard Wm J 
141 Cotey Joseph 
143 Stevens Charles 
145 Davis Mrs Ann, confy 

Water st ends 

171 Oakes John 
Vacant lot 
177 Christy Miss Ellen 

Vine st ends 

Vacant lot 
181 Rowe Wm 
183 Bnnnan John 
185 Carter Sidney H 
187 Coombs Mrs Elizabeth 
189 Clute Lorenzo D 
191 Walker Henry 
193 Harding Albert 

Beachell st ends 
199-209 Clarke A R & Co, Ltd, 
Clarke & Clarke, Ltd, 

CPR crossing 
Cypress st ends 
City Crematory 

Belt line crossing 
Don bridge 
GTR crossing 
Piatt George 

Rooth nv intersects 

Store and Window Fittings, 
Special Builders' Hardware. 


of all kinds. 

Toronto Brass Manufacturing Co. 

93 RICHMOND ST. W. 'Phone 814. 

The Confederation Life J 

ssues a Policy which has NO 
CONDITIONS, and guarantees 
after two years. 

136 Eastern A v. 


483 Quinn Win, express 

Vacant lot 

Logan av intersects 

Taylor John E 

Morse st intersects 
513 Cousins Fred W 
515 Sheppard Frederick 
519 Crowther George 
523 Collins Wm 
525 Bowers Charles 
527 Greenaway Thomas 

Vacant lots 
533 Clarke Richard 
535 Booth David A 
537 Thompson George O 
539 Wright John 

Carlaw av intersects 

Vacant lots 
593-99 Lankln Root, mkt gdnr 

Lankin Frederick C 
601 Bateman Win. jr 
603 Russell Francis 
60o Marsh Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
62-". Murphy Andrew 

Vacant lots 

Leslie st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Laing st intersects 

Vacant lots 
873 Murphy James 
875 Sawden Thomas, jr 

Vacant lots 
887 Dunsford Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant lots 

Knox av intersects 

Vacant lots 
911 Hyde Albert A 
913 Hopkins John 
915 Spence Joseph 

Ice house 
1077 Coleman Charles 
1117 McClelland T, mkt gdnr 

EASTERN PL, s from 21 
Eastern av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Tanahan Patrick 

2 Goldstein Mrs Rachael 

3 Gallagher Hugh 

4 Cassidy James 

5 Gains Emanuel 

6 Croxford .Mrs Mary J 

West Side 

House, s e 

7 Vacant 

9 Carlyle Mrs Ellen 

EDEN PL, e from 219 Bath- 
urst, ward 4. 

North Side 

. House, s e 
Cumin John 
8 Taylor Herbert W 

10 Noble John 
Reynolds Frederick A 

12 Curtin James 

14 Niblett Morris 

16 Harding Patrick 

18 Talt Mrs Isabella 
Millar Mrs Martha, r 

20 Burger Charles H 

22 Cunningham W C 

24 Mallory Frank S 

20 Fou 1st on James 
28 Woodward James 
30 I'engilly Wm 

South Side 

House, s e 
5 Hickey Patrick J 
7 Mellan James 

11 Blythe John 

13 Sindell John T 

15 Cahlll Patrick 

17 Parkes Thomas 

19 Flook Mrs Marv 

21 Steadman Wm 

23 Squirrell Wm 

25 Colby Robert 
27 Killer Wm C 

EDITH AV, w from Frank- 
lin to Edwin, second s of 
CPR, ward 0. 

North Side 

Carlton Park 

South Side 

5 Liston James H 
7 Peters Burton 
9 Squire James 
11 Newton Thomas 
13 French Arthur 
15 McMaster David 
17-19 Bond John S 
25 Drury John 

EDNA AV. w from Duudas 
to city limits, first n of 
Bloor w. ward 0. 

Not built on 

EDWARD, w from 322 Yonge 
to University, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Graham Horace 
4 Griffiths Wm 

6 Peach Mrs Eliza 

8 Farrow C R, blksmith 
Marker Charles 
10 Witz Wm 
12 Vacant 

14 Berg Marcus, exp 

10 Burns James 

18 Spring Jacob 

20 Farmer Edwnrd 

22 Friedman Ellas 

24 Doughty Mrs Mary J 

26 MeMartin Walter 

28 Robinson John 

30 Steinworzel Michael 

.",2 Brydon Stephen F 

34 Barrett Augustus 

36 Robertson James 

38 Cohen Max 

40 Levi Joseph 

42 Watson James 

44 Tavlor James 

46 Ferris Thomas H 

48 Simpson Mrs Mary J 

50 Nelson Frank, mus tchr 

52 Runstedler Mrs 1! W 

54 Swift George 

56 Estress Miss S, Indry 

Ross John, r 
58 Ryan Mrs E T, confy 
60 Cross Thomas 
64 Cross R & T, coal 
66 Eatherley Wm 
08 Bennett Peter 
70 Robertson Mrs Rose 
72 West Henry F 
74 Clay barn John, shoemkr 
Teraulay st intersects 
76-80 Burgess John, gro 
82 Hann A F. dairy 
84 Hunter James 

House, s e 
Barnaby pi commences 
88 African M E Church 
90 Bentley Thomas 
92 Goodman Edward B 
94 lackman Henry, exp 
90 McBride R J, coal 

Elizabeth st intersects 

House of Industry 

Store, s e 

Chestnut st intersects 
110 Hotel, s e 
120 Brugger Abraham 
120V2 Landsberg Abraham 
122 Lubelskv Morris 
124-26 Barber T W, coal 

Vacant lot 
130 Fleming John 1r 
134 Robinson Wm, gro 

Centre av Intersects 
138 Levi 
140 Gains Walter 
House, s e 

South Stde 

1 Vacant 

3 Vacant 

7 Charlton Mrs M 

Cowley Miss Eliz, r 
9 Aziz Gibran 
11 Elliott Mrs Mary A 
13 Stafford Andrew 

Collins Thomas, carp,, r 
15 Llebei-maun Abraham 

Barrack Ferrei, r 

Walsih Waller, r 
17 Wright Alex 
19 Sol way 4; Cohen, junk 
21 Yard 

23 Rtaglmni Robert D 

23-5 Ringiham Geo, tinner 

27 Rashkofsky La Bar 

29 Popham Richard B 

31 Cole Hubert 

33 Goldblatt Samuel 

35 Samuel Henry 

37 WeinStein Samuel 

39 YoMss Lewis 

41 Hutchinson George 

43 Rreakey J E 

45 Break .v Wm, exp 

Breaki y Mrs E, gro 
47 Blake Thomas 

Johnston Edward, r 

O'Brien Edward, r 

tsheehan John, r 
49 Lettv Oh art res 

51 McKi'llzie Will 

53 Robin-on Edward 

MeAlpine Miss Jane, r 
55 Rodgers Mrs I 

Rr.idlvy Joseph, r 
57 Curtis John 
59 Murray Mrs Kate 

Martin John, r 
01 Bpotten Mrs Eliza 

Underdown James, r 
03 Kennedy David 

House, s e 
Teraulay st Intersects 
05 Sparks Albert, shremkr 
07 Logan Charles 
09 Rhndi s John H 
71 Saprito George 
73 Kirbv Daniel V 
75 Mnushaw John 
77 Willis Win 
79 Beesny Albert B 
81 Frims Siimon 
83 Golds* In Morris 

88 Kn.iwlton Robert J 
S7 Thorbnrn 

89 MeRr'en Edward 
91 Slean Wm 

Brigs Stephen, r 
93 F let nil <T Ml '"ha oil 
Gray Loftns, r 
Store, s e 

Elizabeth st intersects 
1(V5 Goodman Gibrirl 
107 Papern'ck Wm 
Sit ore. s e 

Chestnut s.t tatotMCtl 

Store, s e 
117 Archer.) Stanislaus 
119 Twilling Thomas 
121 Greeebers Herman 
123 Richardson Albert 
125 Burns Miss Mary 
127 MeFadden Richard 
129 Cohen Ignatius 

Centre av Intersects 
131 Lrvwe Mrs Mary 
137 Dixon John A 

House, s e 

F.DWIX AV. a from Ruskln 
av to Ethel av, first w of 
Frankiin, ward C. 

East Side 

37 McBumie John 
39 Lillew Ernest 
41 Humphreys Robert 
43 B*rfl Wm E 

Vacant, r 

Vacant lots 

Irving av ends 
53 Turran Edward 
55 Hamlin Thomas L B 
57 Fettes Dav:d M 
59 Irwin George 

Vacant lots 
91 Melntvre Ah xander 

93 Dunn Mrs Emma 

Vacant lots 
107 Drewitt F J 
109 Winkler Emil 
111 O'Brien George 
113 O Prion James 
115 Dodsin Wm 
117 House, s e 

Store, s e 

Royee av iuterseeis 

Baptist Ch, s e 
123 Busehert Mrs Annie 
125 Wagner Jacob 
127 Spain Bartholomew 

House, s e 

West Side 

08 Cave II Wellington 
70 Smith Mrs Catherine 
72 Doyle John, mus tchr 
Vacant lot 
House, s e 
William av commences 
88 MeOullough Joseph 
90 Pve Arthur L 
!>'! Rushibawok Wm A 
98 Hine Henrv 
102 Jewltt George 
104 Dodsoo Richard 
101! Brierly James 
Store, s e 

Royee av intersects 

Vacant lots 
150 Cerry Thomas 
Va cant lot 
St Cecilia School 

ELGIN AV, w from 82 Avenue 
rd to Bedford rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Stehuch Edward W 
Private grounds 

14 Quinu M.clwel 

10 Ten Broeke James 
20 Stollery W111, bldr 

24 Clark John M 

20 Anders m Walter N 

28 McDiarinid Ewcii 

30 Bain Angus U 

32 Gould Richard J 

34 Parmenter Miss Ida E 
Parmeiitex E M, nurse 
Vacant lots 

52 Sydere A H 

South Side 

House, s e 
13 Patterson Joseph 

15 Pardee Avcru 

17 Costello Michael J 
19 Wills John 

21 Greet Mrs Mary 

25 Arcliambnilt Louis A 
27 Nash Robert 

29 Addison Alfred 

31 Ford Harry 

33 Reado Mrs Alice 

35 Beiriister Wm 

37 MeCorinnck John 
39 Brown George 
41 Turner '111 mas H 
45 Bradneo Mrs R M O 
Wrevford Charles D 
17 Dyas Wm J 

ELIZABETH, n from 102 
Queen w to Grenvllle, ward 


East Side ' 

"Store, s e 
9 Vacant 

11-15 Brown Alex & Co, 
props Citizen's Mttilnft 

17 Lyons Mrs Bridget 
Siandish Chas, pntr 

19 Rosen Isaac, tlr 

21 Berkowitz Rev Isaac 
Hamilton John, r 
Bresnen Timothy, r 
Wallace Richard, r 

23 Fallon. James 

25 Walker James 

Sheppard, Edmund, t 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 


Cable Address 




National Trust Company, 



27 Cowie James 

IS Brown Alfred F 

31-33 Cherry y. blacksmith 

O'Donnell M, canlageuikr 
Albert st Intersects 
30 Gross! Oliver, fruits 
37 Kirk Thomas If 
39 Nesbitt 8 C 
41 Searle Wm 

Alnsworth Walter 
43 Corrln John P 
45 Sampson Thomas E 
47 Allen George 

49 Robertson Geo, dairy 
Jones Andrew, hlksmtb, r 

51 Houlgravc Thomas 
Houlgravc .Mrs C, exp 
Shepherd Joseph 
Wiggins Mrs rath, r 

53 Watktns Mrs Aim 

55 Fnwcett Mrs I'nidentia 

57 Spenee Win. gro 

Louisa st intersects 

50 Vacant 

til Allies Robert 

03 Jones Geo B. eon I 

65 Vacant 

07 Douglas James 

69 Houser Moses 

71 Flngeriek Jacob 

73 llochiier Charles, gro 

HngiTiuan st commences 
75 Hamioa THonisj 
77 Kane Thomas 
79 Habbeu Win 

II loom Mrs AnnJe, r 
81 Ircdale IsJhniael 
83 Libby Henry 
85 Smith James 
87 Itoonev Mis Margaret 
89 Levinter Mrs Idia 
91 Sachs Mi-s T >ha, gro 

Wo tt ff t p! commences 
93 Gobel Bennett 
95 Swartz Michael 
97 Messenger Philip 
99 Plant H. ch na decorator 
101 rullan Joseph 
103 Stokes janu-s 
105 Mailt. .n Gcnrge 
107 Banks James. sh>emkr 

Cuttle lane commences 
109 Bower Abraham 

Bower Mrs If, grocer 
li t Harrison Miss M E, dress- 
Harrison Mrs Sarala 
113-113% Mniornna B, macar- 
oni mfr 
115 House, s e 

Agnes st Iwtirsects 
117 Store, s e 
119 McClarv Mrs Mary 
121 Cole Serb. P 
123 Mullen Alexander 
125 Fenrnley Gwrge. plstr 
127 Miller Joseph 
129 Jack in an W II 
131 Vacant 

Edward intersects 

Wood yard, s e 
145 Rc«rhenberg Louis, junk 
147 Nelson Miss Jane 

Snow Moses, r 
149 Glackin J.>lin. exp 

Flannigan Michael, r 
151 Burton James H 
153 Hughes George 

Hughes C A. mus tchr 
US Reld Wm 
157 Sweet Bros, grocers 
159 Sweet D W 

Elm st intersects 
House, s e 
165 Dnnlop John 
169 Ballev Robert 
171 navey Robert 
173 Pickett Joseph, dairy 

Walton st ends 
181 Sheerer Wilfred 
187 Hope John 
189 McClelland Robert 

McClelland Mrs E, gro 
Gerrard st w ends 





191 House, s e 
195 Martin John G 
197 Blakeley Mrs Margaret 
199 Black Mrs J, gro 
201 Dale Mrs Maria 
203 Redwood Charles 
205 Thompson John 
207 Surgenor Mrs Margaret 
209 Harvey Miss L E, gro 
Hayter st intersects 
211 Vacant store 
213 Brooks George 
215 Springer Wm 
217 Bee Robert, express 
219-28 Vacant 
225 Saulter Wm 
227 Morrison John 
229 GUley Isaiah S 
231 Pollard John H 
233 Longbottom Mrs J 
235 Ward Wm R 
237 Haynes Charles G 
239 Jones Mrs Eliza 
211 Chilton Wm 
243 Ames Mrs Charlotte 
247 Moaby Wm 
249 Theakstone Thos H 
251 Phillips Mrs R, drsmkr 
253 Brady James 

College st intersects 
205 House, s e 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
8-10 Vacant (2) 
12 Reynolds Frank 
14 PUUlps Alfred 
16 Ferandez M, cigar mfr 
18 Soul Wm 
20 Gray Edwin 
22 Spever Isaac 
24 Buck J S, uphol 

Lumber yard 
28 Camplin Wm 
30 Sallaway Wm C 
Lumber yard, s e 

Albert st intersects 
Store, s e 
38 Spenee Wm 
40 Vacant 
42 Vacant 

Clune Mrs Ellen, r 
44 Yaflee S, Hebrew tchr 
46 Vacant 

48 Sharp Joseph W 

50 Bacon Edward 

52 Keen Thomas 

54 Small Daniel, liquors 

Louisa st Intersects 
Deall A E, gro 
Mathews W J 
Welton John 
Bolati John 
Coan Mrs Mary 
Jeffers Mrs Mary 
Goodall John 
Tugendhaft Louis 
Todd Samuel 
Rodden Christopher 
Birubaum Harry 
McDonough Mrs M 
Levinsky Morris 
Vacant lots 

Jones Alex, whltewasher 
Smith Mrs Elizabeth 
Gobreak Louis 
Churchill Frank, r 
Baskin Joseph 
Peterson Harris 
Krugel Israel 
Tugenhoff David 
Rogers James, r 
Selagosky Harris 
Levine Mrs Sarah 
Lobraico Michael, r 
Goodman Henry 
Mills Mrs Margaret 
Greenaway Wm 
Clune John 
Thompson George 
Quant/. Jacob 
Ernest Mrs Mary J 
Duffy Patrick 
Brown Alexander 
Ryan J, cab owner 
Hogg James 
Smith Arthur 
Osborne Mrs Mary- 
Harris Miss Mary 

Agnes st intersects 





130 Hotel, s e 
132 Hammerton Wm 
YH P abne .v Henry, barber 
lib Lewis S, Hebrew tchr 
lob Brighton Anthony 
140 Fowls John T 
142 Leathers George 
144 Schamel Jacob 
House, s e 

Edward st intersects 
House of Industry, s e 
Elm st Intersects 
Honse, s e 
166 Bligh Thomas 
168 Brean Robert 
170 Densem Herbert G 
172 Martin Mrs Eliza A 
174 Lowrey Arthur 
176 Fowler George 
178 Little Mrs Marian 
180 Little & Brown, plstrs 

Public School 
186 Mission Church (Pres) 
188 Leonard Frederick 
190 Skelton Miss J, lndry 
192 Rottenberg Louis M 
194 Hodklnson W, gro 
196 Cowan Wm S 
198 Moore Mrs Sarah 
200 Yaetz James 
202 Ellacott John 
204 Edmonds Samuel 
206 Crobitt Wm 
208 Fitzgerald Samuel 
Store, s e 

Hayter st intersects 

Store, s e 
210 Hall Wm H 

Hall S A. phrenologist 
218 Brown James H 
220 DeLanburgh Henrv, pntf 
222 Barrett Michael 
224 Cobev Frederick 
226 Paten Mrs Jane 
228 Cullen Wm 

Culien Miss E, drsmkr 
232 Currle John 
234 Riley Richard 
236 Schrapnell George 
238 Secord John 
240 Smith James J 

Chestnut pi commences 
242 Skilton G C, shoemkr 
244 Smith Samuel 
246 Crowson Daniel 
248 Parker Charles 
250 Organ Michael G 
252 Hehdrlkz Nicholas 
256 Alexander John 

College st intersects 
Church, s e 

ELLIOTT, e from 127 Munro 
to Bolton av, ward 1 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Anderson James H 
6 Goldsmith James 
8 Francis Wm 
10 Davles John R 
Vacant lots 

Hamilton st intersects 
Vacant building 
Vacant lots 

Broadview av intersects 

Store, s e 
48 Culliton Thomas J 
50 Green Edward C 

Vacant lots 
58 McArthur James A 
60 Evans Thomas 
62 McMain Charles S 
64 Ashfield James S 
66 Morrow John M 
68 Moorhead Wm 
70 Beesley Henry jr 
72 Curry Mrs Harriet J 

Vacant lots 
80 Tedd Joseph D 
82 Jeukinson Edwin 
86 Creighton Mrs Anne 

Creighton M A, drsmkr 
88 Jennings Mrs L W 

Smith James F, dairy, r 

Vacant lots 

92 Hill Rev Lewis W 
94 Gee Mrs Emma J 
9b Guest Wm II 
inn M( : Kav Miss Alice 
100 Johnson John P 
102 Sander Albert 
104 Race John F 
100 Howarth Mrs Ellen 
108 Jay A F, contr 
110 Whitehouse Joseph 
112 Morgan Mrs Rosetta A 
114 m eston George H 
116 Honney Robert 
House, s e 

South Side 

1-3 McGuigan Richard.contr 

Private grounds 
9 Thompson James W 

Vacant lots 

Hamilton st intersects 
19 Rice Wm, coufr 
21 Robinson Charles 
23-29 Davis Thomas, coal 
Store, s e 

Broadview av intersects 
55 Dryden Thomas H 
57 Wilson Cromwell H 
59 Long James 
61 Andrew Maxwell 
03 Hunt John 

68 Montroy Robert H 
67 Willis John 

69 Stephenson George F 
71 Birch Henry 

73 Sloan Wm 

75 Baker Levi 

Private grounds 

81 Cowling Mrs Mary 

83 Waddell David W 

87 Burgess Frederick T 

89 Pye Charles A 

01 Riley Peter 

93 Marshall David 

95 Bolton Thomas C 

97 Lunn Walter 

99 Couch John 
101 Vacant 
103 Lightfoot Joseph 
105 Good John 
107 Maidlow John 
109 Lnuibert Abbott M 
111 Mouldey Isaac 

ELLIS, e from 2 Severn la 
to Reynolds, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
8 Cullen Richard G 
12 Bugg Wm 
20 Dodington E. cabtmkr 

South Side 

1 Polley Wm 

3 Hurst Samuel J 
5 Rush George 
7 Mlddleton John R 
House, s e 

ELM, w from 340 Yonge to 
University av, ward 3. 

North Slide 

2 Gourley Mrs Elizabeth 
4 Wiudeie Wm, shoemkr 
6 Bodding'lon W E, plmbr 
8 King, Darrell Produce Co 
King Albert J 
10-12 Davidson W, furniture 
12 Spanner Oliver 
14-10 St George's Hall 
St George's Hall Co 
St George's Sm»lety, J H 

Pell sec 
R A Beaver, No 815 
R A. Canada. No 612 
R A. Maple Leaf, No 867 
C O F. Cone, id, No 420 
C O F. Equity, No 170 
K of M, Fidelity. No 13 
K of P. Amicus, No 20 
S of E. MerenMile, No 81 
Can Home Circles, No 37 
S O E. St Gewrge 
A O U W, Granite 
Toronto Clinical Society 


Manufacturers and Contractors. 



'Phone 54«i. Cor. King and DufFerin Sts. 



Telephone 2274 






Tor Jewish Lit and Social 

City Travellers' Assn 
Gardeners' and Florists' 


Retail Grocers' Assn 
Pell John E 

Wheeler Chas R, caretkr 
18-22 Y W C A, Miss Martha 
Rogers supt 

St George's Rink 
36 Querric Phillip blksantk 

Method:st Church 
•48 Vacant 

50 Quackonbush Wm 
62 Shier W L, bdg 
64 Pickard Robert, bdg 
66 Woman's Christian ' Tem- 
perance Union, Mrs M E 
Crawford supt 
WCTU Shelter for Girls 
Can Temperance League 
Can Home Circle, No 30 
Crawford Mrs M E 

Teraulay at Intersects 
68 Taylor Samuel 
60 Ungaro Angelo 
62 Hastings Alvin 
64 Donofrio E 

Donofrio D S, mas tchr 
.„ Donofrio N D, mus tchr 
66 Norman Mrs Elizabeth 

Norman A B. mu*ic tchr 
68 Meredith Mrs M J 
70 Henderson Wm 

Barnaby pi Intersects 
72 Dandle John T 
74 Cartwright Mrs Ruth 
76 Pike Wm 
78 Gararama Francesco 
80 Zuppo L 

Vacant lot 
84 Mardarino Antonio 

Elizabeth st intersects 
86 Vacant 

88 Trcyaill Mrs Catherine 
00 Klrkpa trick H J 
82 Garrlck Henry 
94 Wilson Thomas 

Vacant lot 
98 Turner Mrs Mary A 
98% Stephenson Lionel 
100 Sam Wing, Indry 

Chestnut st Intersects 
Store, s e 
104 Robinson Clias 
104% Collins Franklin 
106 Pun-ant Frank 
108 Gage Miss Nellie 
110 Prltchard A E 
112 Organ John 
114 Goedike C B 
116 Cnsbman David 
118 Smith Charles 
120 Virgo Thos J 
122 Dowson Alfred 

Centre av intersects 

124 Rynehart J H, pntr 
126 Cuthbert Wm 
128 Ridley Walter 
ISO Urtiuhart Wm J 
132 Taylor Wm 
134 Adams Wm E 
Synagogue, s e 

South Side 

1 Imperial Medicine Co 
Harris J & Co, mining en- 

Brown w Foster, barber 
Hovenden Mrs S 
1% Worley Mrs Catherine 
3 Crouter Miss M, rest 
8% Crowu Silver Plate Co 
5 Colin James S 

MoLe-od J E, shoomkr 
7 Wrenn Miss Margaret 
9 Logan Miss M. drsmkr 
11 Cavanagh F L, phrenol 
13 Napolitano F L, mus tchr 
15 Bell Roland 
17 New Jerusalem Temple 
New Jerusalem rdg rm 
19 Wilson James G 

Wilson Mrs It M. bdg 
21 Storey & Co. pntrs 
Storey Dnvid J 

23 Finney Mrs M A. bdg 
25 MeArthur Charles 
Williams Thomas, r 
Plater Miss Fanny, r 
27 Jerreatt Mrs Mary 
29 Curiie Philip 

Carrie Mrs P, bdg 
31 McNeill John B 
33 Johnston J M, pay 
35 Wright Mrs Letitla 

Ewing Miss M. nurse 
37 Maekie Mrs Mary 
39 Beatty Mrs Elizabeth^ 

Vacant lot 
4S Laurla Rocco, mus tchr 
45-47 Yorkville Laundry 

Falser H D 
49 Labatt John, bottling wks 
49% Good Jntrph 
51 Robinson Mrs M 
53 Armour Archibald 

Teraulay st intersects 
55 Adams J G. dentist 
57 Glionna VIncenzo 

Glionna, Marsicano & Co, 
mus telirs 
511 Burnett Miss Annie 
61 Linton Wm W 
63 Sandham Alfred 
65 Seitz John J 
67 Kennedy Thomas 
69 Genovere Giovanni 
71 Edmunds John F 

ltaviiaby pi Intersects 
Grace Church 
79-81 Sweet Bros, gros 
Sweet George F 
Elizabeth st intersects 
87 House of Industry, Arthur 
Laugh len supt 
Chestnut st intersects 
93 Damato Agostino 
Paolino R, mus tohr 
Paolino Mi s B, gro 
95 Camllli F, fruits 
97 Caleagno Joseph 
99 Rocca Rev Dominlck A 
Lo Stendardo 
101 Brauciere P E, mus tchr 
103 Carto Salvatore 
105 Lasita Lugugio 
107 Jones Robert 
109 Davis James W 
111 Wellwood John 
113 Redmond Mrs Helen 

Centre av Intersects 
115-119 Davis Frank, liquors 
121 Ibbotson John R 
123 Hobson Alfred 
12") Clarke Chas E 
127 Tinslev Mrs Florence 
129 Pettlgrew Miss Sarah 

ELM AV, e from w of Hunt- 
ley to Nanton cres, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Warren Wm A 
8 Ellis Mrs Eliza 

Huntley st intersects 
10 Ryan Mrs Margaret 
14 Johnston Wm R 
16 Alley Wm S 
18 Drayton H L 
20 Davles Mrs Mary E 
Vacant lots 

Sherbourne st intersects 
House, s e 
44 Mace George A 
46 Blaikie George W 
50 O'Hara Henry 
52 Allan Mrs H McC 

Dunbar rd commences 
54 MacAndrew John 
Vacant lots 

Glen rd intersects 
Vacant lots 

Beau st commences 
Private grounds 

South Side 

1 Brodio Mrs Johanna S 

3 Haney Michael J 

Huntley st intersects 
5 Cawthra Mrs Charlotte 
Vacant lots 
Junction of Sherbourne n and 
Maple av 
House, s e 
Rear entrances 
Vacant lots 
51 Collinson Wm H 
53 Gordon Wm 
53 Hay Edward 
57 Lumsden George E 
House, s e 

Glen rd intersects 
House, s e 

ELM GROVE, n from 1286 
King w to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 
5 Jennings Samuel 
7 Vacant 

9 Kidd Cornelius J 
11 Poliwka Emll 

18 Johnson Wm A 
15 Izzard Wm G 

17 Matchett Jonathan 

19 Tough Robert J 
21 Hall Samuel E 
23 Arnett Lewis R 
25 Gilchrist David 

27 Swinarton Albert T 
29 Eaton Robert W 
81 Lennox Isaac 
33 Leslie George B 
House, s e 

Melbourne av intersects 

New Jerusalem Church 
47 Hyatt Rev Edward S 
49 Harwood Mrs Sarah 
51 Wright Lewis 
53 O'Neil James N 
55 Bryee James Q 
57 Adams Richard H 
59 Robinson Edward 
61 Finkle Philip 

Vacant lots 
69 Harris C R, dairy 
71 Barnes James 
73 Jackson George 
75-77 Vacant 
83 Carter Augustus H 

Bank, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
4 Colwell Wm W 
6 Cowle John D 
12 Marter George F 
18 Knox James E 
22 Wilkle John 
24 Duff Alexander 
House, s e 

Melbourne av Intersects 

House, s e 
46 Hughes Wm C 
48 Brodigan Mrs Agnes 
50 Webster G N, dairy 
52 Ross Thomas 
54 Hammond Alfred 
56 Noble Christopher 
58 Maltland James M 
60 Wilcox Thomas A 
62 Clayton Miss E, drsmkr 
64 Pierce Wm E 
66 MeArthur John 
68 Hartley Gilbert 
74 Tooth Wm B 
78 McHardy John, bldr 

88 Crowhurst M, drsmkr 

Turner Miss A, drsmkr 

Store, s e 

ELM PL, e from 163 Terau- 
lay, ward 3. 

North Side 

Rear entrances 
South Side 

1 Hacker Albert E 

2 Balllie Charles H 

3 Caffrey Mrs Mary 

4 Stephens Mrs Mary 

5 Mitchell Henry S 

ELMER AV, n from 1926 
Queen e to city limits, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Wheatley Thomas 
9 Paget Robert II 
13 Houghan John I 

West Side 

Store, s e 
20 Hamilton Mrs Susan 
24 Bell Wm 
26 Reeve Henry J 
28 Tew Richard 

ELMSLEY PL. n from 90 St 
Joseph, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Ross Hon Geo W 
3 Cbalcraft Wm E 
5 Dewart H Hartley 
13 Elmsley Remy 

West Side 

2 Greenshields Miss Julia 
Vacant lot 
10 Patterson A D, artist 

ELSIE AV. n from Ernest 
ay, first w of Perth, ward 

Not built on 

EMILY, n from 152 Welling- 
ton w to King w, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 
11 Warriner George 
21 Harris Miss Mary 
23 Le Roy Mrs Rose 
25 Wilson Mrs Amy 
Store, s e 

West Side 

St Andrew's Church, s e 

EMMERSON AV. n from 
Bloor w to city limits, third 
w of Dufferin, ward 6. 

East Side 

5 Todd Wm V 
Vacant lot 

11 Todd Arthur C 
13 Essex Robert H 

Paton st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
91 Reed Wm 
93 Blaln Wm 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

4 Sanderson Rev Joseph B 
Sanderson Miss M M, 
music teacher 

6 Peoples James 
Vacant lots to end 

EMPRESS CRES, w from e 
of Dunn av to Dowling av, 
first s of ry track, ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
16 Harlson Mrs Susan M 
20 McLaughlin J F 
22 Bennett Burton H 
24 Kirk Mrs Bertha K 

Unfinished houses 

Dunn av intersects 
26 Foy Wm J 
28 Foster Mrs Jemima M 

Foster Miss E, artist 
30 McCarthy Mrs M F 
32 Gross James F 

Vacant lots 
88 Nlcol Mrs Helen 
40 Malone Wm J 
42 Mitchell Samuel D 
44 Fry James 
46 McFeggan David J 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building:, Cor. King: and Bay. 


20,000 in use» Strictly High Grade. 


143 YONGE ST. ""'ggrlVZtt&r* 




Vacant lots 
60 Paull Arthur C 

Paull A E, architect 
Vacant lots 
64 Harrington G T 
66 Atkey Mrs Caroline 

At key Miss L, mus tchr 
70 Roberts Percy 
72 Kerr James G 
Honse, s e 
Jameson av Intersects 
76 Thrush J M, mnfrs' agt 

Vacant lots 
108 McDermott Thomas 

Unfinished house 
114 Glanelll Alfred W H 
116 Gray Wm T 
118 Armltage Wilson 
120 Thompson Fred H 
124 Waller Wm G 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
11 Parker John O 
13 Hodgens George 
Vacant lots 

Dunn ay Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
43 Wllkle Rev John 
House, s e 

Starr ay ends 
Vacant lots 

Jameson ay Intersects 
House, s e 

Pape av to Jones av, sec- 
ond s of Danforth av, ward 

North Side 

118 Cross Thomas A 
138 Parm George 
152 Austin Edward P 
166 Leamen Christopher J 

South Side 

25 Armstrong Alfred J 

27 Deans Samuel 

41 Rabbich Ernest J 

ERIE, s from 473 Dundas to 
r of 461 Dufferiu, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Moore David Y 

West Side 

Not built on 

ERIN, n from 340 Front e 
to King e, ward 2. 

East Side 

Vacant factory, s e 
Church and school, s e 

West Side 

12 Belgue Henry J 
14 Geddes Wm J 

Derby st ends 
House, .s e 

ERNEST AV, w from Sym- 
ington av to GTR, first s 
of Wallace av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

Perth av Intersects 
Methodist Church 

Elsie av commences 

South Side 

Not built on 

foot of Yonge to Don sta- 
tion, wards 2 and 3. 

North Side : 

GTR bonded freight de- 
pot, s e 
Fruit market, s e 

Scott st commences 
32 Santos Joseph 
34 Bradley Henry M 
36-38 Draper Henry 
40 Ryan Mrs Margaret 
42-50 Vacuum Oil Co 
54 Stockwell S, blksmlth 

62 Murphy Wm J, blksmlth 
Greey W & J 6, 8 e 
Church st commences 
80 Tymon A J, hotel 
00 Fiudlay James, mach 
Rodgers George, veter- 
inary Instr mnfr 
Martin Peter, mach 
Farquhar lane commences 
100 Vacant warehouse 
104 CPR freight office 
116 Government Hide Inspec- 
tion store 
Thompson E A, hide 
118 Ontario Lime Association, 
builders' supplies 
West Market st Intersects 
Market extension, r e 

Jarvls st Intersects 
Warehouse, s e 
Vacant lots 
Mcintosh & Son, r e 
George st commences 
158 Vacant building 
162 Benson Wm, leather 
164 Vacant office 
Keith John, r e 
De Laplante & Bowden, 
r e 

176 City Morgue 

Frederick st commences 
Tor Railway buildings, s e 
Vacant storehouse 
Sherbourne st commences 
228 Burns P & Co, coal 

Princess st commences 
Lumber yard 

Queen City Oil Co's yard 
Factory, s e 
Foundry, s e 
Berkeley st commences 

GTR freight sheds 
GTR storehouse 
Parliament st intersects 
Gooderham & Worts, s e 

Trinity st commences 
Gooderham & Worts, s e 

Cherry st commences 
Freight sheds, GTR 
Cattle sheds 
Car shops, GTR 
Customs office, Don stn 
Don station, GTR 

South Side 

Yonge st wharf 
Mllnes James H & Co, 

Foot of Scott 

Tor Electric Light Co 
43 Lake Simcoe Ice Supply 

Northern Ice Co 
Isaac James, stone 
Marchment & Co, yard 
Mica Boiler Covering 

Crystal lee Co 
Niagara District Fruit 

Dickson & Eddy, coal 
Selby Robert 

Foot of Church 

Church st wharf 
Sylvester Bros, wharfage 
Conger Coal Co's wharf 
Coal storehouse 
Rogers Elias & Co, JOttJ 
Grenadier Ice & Coal -o 

Chapman A, wharfinger 
City elevator and wharf 
Ice houses 
67 Wilson C & Son, sca'fs 
West Market st intersects 
Doyle M Fish Co of To- 
ronto, s e 
Vacant warehouse 
Beard's wharf 

Jarvis st intersects 
Britnell & Co, a e 
Vacant lots 
Vacant building 
Brown & Love, stone 
79 Dom Cement Paint Roof- 
ing Co 
Victoria Yeast Co 
Vacant shops 
Ice houses, r 
81 Williams H & Co. ware- 
houses, r 
Knickerbocker Ice Co 
White John 

Vacant office and wharf 
Foot of George 
CPR wharf 
Corporation dock 
Corporation storekpr's of- 

Foot of Frederick 
Poison Iron Works, boil- 

Canadian Heine Safety 

Boiler Co 

Foot of Sherbourne 
Doherty Robt, boat bldr 
Crawley Thomas 
Ashdown Wm H 
Warin George, boat bldr 
Evans A K, boat bldr 
Vacant wharf 
Burns P & Co, stables 

and docks 

Foot of Princess 
Vacant factory 
Vacant dock 
Selby Benjamin L 
Rogers Elias & Co's dock 
Vacant yard and dock 
Medler & Arnot. contrs 
Held & Co, lumber 

Foot of Berkeley 
Paterson Mfg Co 
Beck C Mfg Co Ltd, s e 
Parliament st intersects 
Gooderham & Worts, ele- 
GTR lumber yard 

Foot of Trinity 
GTR lumber yard 

Foot of Cherry 
Don station, GTR 

Yonge to Union Station, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

Customs examining ware- 

Mechanical engineer s of- 
fice for Dom bldgs 
50 Smith Frank A & Co, 

Robarts F W, bldrs' sup- 
plies , 
Ball George B, mnfrs' agt 
Flour mill, s e 

Bay st Intersects 
Tor Coffee and Spice Co, 
s e 

66 GNW Tel Co, storage dept 
Vacant, r 

Dunham J E, chop mill, r 
Vacant lot 

Black Andrew, picture 

frames, r 
Dominion Hat Co, r 
Vacant lot 

Eckardt Casket Co, s e 

Lumber yard 
76 Vacant _ 
78 Drvden T H & A H, ma- 

88 Camm Robert 

Lome st commences 
Dom Trans Co, stables 
Williams A R, r e 
Vacant lots 

York st bridge 

South Side 

Yonge st wharf 
City Park 

Bay st intersects 
Cobban Mfg Co, r e 
Switch house, GTR 

ESSEX, w from Christie, 
third n of Bloor w, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Vacant stable 
10 Brock David 

Vacant lots 
16 Hiillard Ernest H 
18 Calder Miss Margaret 
20 Fraser George A 

Vacant lots 
30 McLeod Frederick 

Vacant lots 
40 Baker Thomas 
42 Robinson John 

Vacant lots 
52 Petrie Alexander, bldr 

Vacant lots 
62 Boles Charles 

South Side 

1 Churly Abel, blksmlth 

Vacant lots 
13 Rutland Sinclair A 

Private grounds 
23 Mcintosh James W 

Vacant lots 
41 Bairstow John 
47 Glass Samuel 
49 Aldous Wm jr 

Vacant lots 
59 Marshall Alexander 

Vacant lot 
63 Garner Joseph 

ESTHER, n from Farley av, 
opp St Andrew's Market, 
to St Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 liuMard J & Co, coal 
Bank, s e 

Queen st w Intersects 

Hotel, s e 
15 Armstrong Wm 
21 Mllligan Samuel R 
23 Braund James E 
25 Leadlay Mrs Mary I 
33 Leadlay John 
35 Caldwell Robert 
37 Taylor Henry R 
39 Lyons George 
43 Le Francois Charles 

Thornton Mrs C, r 

Stone Thomas, r 
45 Roche John H 
47 Dimma Martin 
49 Pembroke Mrs Elizabeth 
51 McLeod Wm D 

Balo John C, r 
53 Wilson Andrew 

Robson Walter, r 
55 Balfour Thomas L 




Most Complete Tables in the'Market. 2H.3, 8^ 4, 
6. 5'A. 6. 6'A. 7, TA and 8 per cent. Prom 1 .day 
to 368, on $1.00 to $10,000,00. PRICE SIO.OO, 
Apply to B. W. MURRAY, 

Accountant's Office, Supreme Court of Ontario, Toronto 


■ •• 26. ■■ 

Tel. No. 423. 

140 Esther. 


Davis Thomas W, r 
55V. Asling Ralph W 

57 McKillop Robert 

59 Dawson A F 

61 Coolahan Joseph 
Seott George R, r 

63 Hawthorn Alexander 
Bennetts George H 

6314 Pearman George 

65 Reardon Wm 
Johnstone John, r 

07 Cooney Thomas, bldr 
RIstow John, r 

69 Langtry Lome A 

71 Flower George L 

73 Reld Samuel G 

75 Heron Thomas 

77 Townsend Mrs Elizabeth 
77% Sorviss David A 

79 Harvey John 

81 Davis Alfred 

83 Kerr Joseph 

85 Bryan Wm C 

87 Hand Edward 

89 Jose Mrs Jane 

91 Bourgard Emll 

93 Cruse P J 

95 Emary Charles 

97 Armstrong James 

99 Mitchell Joshua J 
101 Grant John F 
103 MoCrimmon Mrs J 
105 Williamson A R, gro 

Grange av Intersects 
House, s e 
113 Titherington Mrs S 
115 Currie Alexander 
117 Broreton Joseph E 
119 Balrd Mrs M A 
121 Black John 
123 Irvine Mrs Cath M 
125 McCanley II J, pntr 
127 Lester John 
129 Mannell Mrs Rebecca 
131 Cassie James 
133 Campbell Herbert 
135 Matthews Wm 
137 Webb Mrs Surah 

West Side 

2-6 Balld Samuel, tinner 
8 Ashbv Mrs Elizabeth 

Hotel, s e 

Queen st w intersects 

Store, s e 
12 Ward Samuel P 

Bingham Edgar 

Saunders Charles 

Schell Edmund 
14 Mitchell Mrs Ella 
16 Davis George T 
18 Travllng Albert F 
18% Goddard Win H 
20 "Paul James S 
20'/. McGinn Wm J 
22 Heyd Jacob C 
22% Howell George 

Woolsley st commences 
24 Ferris Henry E 
26 Josslin John B 
28 Oarmody James 
30 Cooper Henry J 

Crawford Mrs M, nurse 
32 Gray Wm A 
34 McCormick James 
36 Campbell Robert 
38 Belvea Isaac 
40 Issell J T 
42 Graham Thomas 
44 Hollowell Do Witt C 
46 Turner Win 
48 Turner Ambrose 
50 Hodgins Thomas 
52 McMahon Joshua 
54 Rounds Mark T 
56 Christopher James 

58 Overend Harry 

Carr st commences 

60 Ryan Thomas, liquors 

62 McCoskerv Duncan 

64 Laird it W 

66 Neal Albert S 

68 McQueen Mrs Margaret 

70 Sherwin John 

72 Hartley Archibald D 

74 Houston James 
Crampton Win 

76 Smith Frederick R 

78 Guthrie Henry C 

80 King A E, exp 
82 I'oyuts George 
84 Myers Wm A 
86 Gilkinson Wm 
88 Phillips Wm H 
90 Cullen Walter 
92 Merrell Frank M 
94 Xewnham George 
96 Thompson Moses 

104 Robinson Samuel 

Grange av intersects 

108 Mission Hall 

108 Vacant factory 

110 Deans Alexander 

112 Clark Mrs Agnes 

114 Wilson Daniel 

116 Tomlin Arthur R 

118 Ball Thomas, dairy 

120 Wood Joseph 

122 Baker Henrv 

124 Smith J L 

126 Quinn Thomas 

128 Breakev Frank 

130 Goulding Wm 

132 I'aterson Joseph O 
Vacant lot 

ETHEL AV, w from Frank- 
lin to G T R, second n of 
Royce av, ward 6. 

Not built on 

EUCLID AV, n from 684 
Queen \v to Follis av, ward 

East Side 

1 Reid George D 

7 Fitzgerald R, shoemkr 

9 Surplls Richard 

II Mundy Mrs Florence 
13 Dentscher Mrs Janet 

Vacant lot 
17 Giles George 

Euclid pi commences 
19 Rolston Win H, bldr 
21 Murphy Daniel 
23 Mcl'herson A A 
25 Hartield Mrs Emma S 

Kerslake Win 
27 Denning John 
29 liowe Rev Elliott S 
;;l Watson Richard H 
33 Preston Robert C 
35 Caswell George C 

Caswell M A. drsmkr 
37 Henderson .1 W, cattle 
39 Furby Mrs Emily 
39'/. Chapman John 
41 Black Wm 

House, s e 

Robinson st intersects 
Store, s e 

(11-63 Bible Jolm E, gro 

67 Simpson R L 

69 Balden George 
Vacant lot. 

75 Ilnymore Mrs E A 

77 Moore David 

79 Slmser Philip 

81 Valentine Thomas A 

83 Vacant 

85 Baiiev Joseph 

87 Rutherford Mrs Catherine 

89 Leahv Patrick A 

91 Clark Frederick 

03 Davis John 

95 Close Arthur 

Ross Mi-s A. embroidery 

97 Taylor Jnnn s 

99 Coplev Stephen 
101 Daly James B 
103 Itoyle Mrs M A 
107 McN'ernev Mrs Nora 
109 Smith Mi-s C E 

III Oswald Mrs Margaret 
113 Montgomery Wm 

115 McDowell Mrs Esther 
117 Pidgeon James J 

Lumber va - d 
123 Jose Thomas 
127 Neiin Win A 
131 Domiine: Isaac 
133 Craig James 
135 Beaton Colin C 
137 McGlnnls John 

139 Goddard John 

143 Stntehbury Mrs Emily 

145 Middleton A G, lumber 

147 Curran A J 

149 Bnrff Miss Ellen 

151 Sinclair E L 

Adshead Tlios R, r 
153 McKonzie John 
155 Carrey H J 

Smith Charles, r 
157 Bnrnsdale T E 
159 Langfleld Fred 
161 Strickland A W, bldr 

Strick'and Miss E G, 
163 Vnrley Patrick 
165 Black Armour J 
107 Kerr James 
171 Forriman Albert 
173 Peer Wm 
175 Tnrville Daniel 
177 Haun Mrs A E 

Private grounds 
1S3 Llndsey 1 W. bldr 
185 Elririilge Wm 
ls.7 Tlill Wm G 
189 Connor Richard 
191 .T..1.11S..11 Mrs A E 
193 Coleman Fred J 
197 Stanley George 
199 Snker Gecge 
199% Cahoon A, pntr 
201 Cannon Joseph Jr 
203 Fletcher W .1, phy 
205 Pattlson J T 

Pnttisou M A. confv 
snr.U Strnthers J W. dregs 
207 Store, s e 

Arthur st intersects 

209 Adamson Alex D, btchr 

211 Giles Joseph 

213 Winfcrtield James 

215 Bantock Mrs Amelia 

217 Clark Mrs Lilly 

219 Caution Frederick 

221 Ferguson David 

223 Berry Wm 

225 Adamson John 

229 Richardson Samuel J 

231 Franks Henry, contr 

235 Frith Wm 

237 Hampton James F 

Hampton L, mus tchr 
241 Troax Mrs Anna 
2+5 Hcwson Win L 
247 McKonzie Thomas 
240 Saunders Charles H 
251 Hill Robert H 
253 Bakewell Henry 
257 Could .lames A, dairy 
2511 Griggs Samuel 
261 Delnhey Wm 

Private grounds 
205 Miller E«ii P 
207 Murray John M 
209 Hinder Frederick R 
271 Phair Thomas 
273 Orange Dall 
275 Colbv Wm 
277 Gilpin Richard S 
279 Could Thomas 
2S1 Corln Frank 
2<<3 Muddooks John 
285 Tavlo- Mrs Emma, gro 

Taylor John 
287 Mepham Waiter 
289 rlrrl- Jehu It 
291 Stent 111 .Tames, arch 
293 Melby Levi J 

1 luoas Emm 1 D. lndry 
295 McMin-'-ay Mrs Barbara 
007 r.lass Ch-irles 
299 Eversfleld Harry 

TfntRon A"thur 
301 Letterer Christopher 
305 Coulter Joseph 
307 Ir*ard Mrs E F 
309 Milne John 
311 DnITiis T W 
311V, Morrison Wm L 
313 Robinson Thomas 
315 Fn'-gravo James 
317 Cole I'obe't 

319 C'-een A"'b ose W 

321 Foo-d Plchard J. pntr 

323 Bush Wm 

325 Random Wm F 

327 V-\"lkner Wm J 

320 MeRno Dii"oan W 
333 Dunn Robert N 

335 Vacant 

339 Nichols John 

Nichols Thomas, mus tchr 
341 Chater John W 
343 Baker Samuel J 
345 Sutherland James B 
347 Durrand Win D 
347% Hall Edwin B 
349 Love James 
349% Clancy Henry J 
351 Wilcox Mrs S J 
353 Swanzcy James 
355 Graham David S 
357 Mackenzie Wm A 
359 Watts Arnndell P 
361 Pudifhi W01. builder 
363 Brooks John 
3<-5 Bailey George L 
367 Linton J Thomas, dairy 

Vacant lots 

College st intersects 

Vacant lots 
417 Williams Wm 
419 Watts A Pryor 
421. Fcrgusson Adam D 
42! Plynn Henrv T 
425 Codden Clarence P 
427 Hickey James J 
429 Fox John J 
431 Robertson John 
433 Porter Miss Jane 
435 Holmes Frederick, bldr 
437 Hollingworth Samuel 
439 Young James 
441 Grew Frank 
445 Moreland A J 
447 Tvorman David T 
449 Pattison Philip M 
451 Mlehle M'-s Catherine 
453 Turner David E 
455 Brown Wm E 
457 Parker E Y. slamp dlr 

Vacant lots 
473 Hayes Mrs Amy 
475 Maybee James E 
477 Brown Peter 
479 Vacant 
47IVU. Tanner John 
481 "O'Brien Jimes 
483 Tenipleton Robert P 
485 Butler F'-ederick T 
487 Cordlngley Arthur B 
4S9 I '.-•!•, I o~ Frank R 

Vacant lots 
495 Wall ice Wellington 
497 Pugh M'-s Sarah 
409 Curren A'fn-d E 
501 Rewoon Frank A 

Vacant lots 
513 Dongla« Richard Y 
515 Marshall George W 
517 Harper Wm 
519 Cam-boll Jot>n 
521 Maefari"ne Malcolm 
523 Brown John G 

Ulster st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
55:: Peterson M II. fruit 
555 Hill Edward C 
557 Meek Edward 

Vacant lots to Bloor 
691 Coatos Nathan W 
093 Vacant 
095 Dnnkin Charles 
697 Benin it Wm 
699 Hamilton Mrs Jane 
701 Seymour Thomas 
703 Hart Albert II 

Vacant lots 
715 Williamson Edward 
717 Sopor Mrs Maria 
719 Wheele' Jonathan 
723 Davcy Robert W 

London st intersects 

House, s e 
725 Fryers James 
727 Syrett M'ss Agnes 
731 Wilson Moses A 

Private grounds 
741 Farrell F H, whol btchr 

Farrell Wm T. whol btchr 

Vacant lots 

Private grounds 

Barton av intersects 

House, s e 
777 Reid Thomas 
779 Helen e» <Ienry. eontr 

Private grounds 

iurers of 


Highest Crade 



The Jas. Morrison Brass Mfg. Co. 

89-97 ADELAIDE ST. W. Limitod - 


and REPUBLIC (Wash.) 

Mines and Stoeks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 

Telephone 1842 




Fainnount Av. HI 






McMillan John U, pntr 
Edwards Mrs L'lizabcth 
Calhoun Charles 
Suter Alfred E 
Burry Fred W, pub 
Vetman Robert 
Fretwell Harry, r 
Hnrdman Henry 
Simpson Win 
Hnrdman Edward 
Wood John, eontr 
Private grounds 

West Side 

Store, s e 
10 Watson Albert D. phy 
12 Cook bum Francis 
14 Lawrence George 
10 Cope Win L 
18 Crowe George 
20 Wrav James 
22-24 Fry 1! & Son. blksniths 
20 Frv Richard 
28 Thompson John W 
32 Klllnckey Alexander 
34 Jackson Mrs Jane 
36 Conlev John 
38 Bovd George E 
40 Podni v Sidn. y 
44 l>ennlng Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
48 Jarrett John E 
50 Swift Mrs Eliza 

Private g onads 
58 Bcddow Alfred 

Dibh Walter 

Bryant Wm 
Hobinson st intersects 

62 Stringer Wm L, gro 

04 Adams Wm 

66 Hurst Joseph E 

68 I Hike Wm 

70 Grove George A 

72 Oliver Wm T 

74 Gray Kiehard M 

76 Kowan Patrick J 

78 Barker Joseph 

80 Cameron James A 

82 Miles John J 

.80 Miles Arthur W, dairy 

Cornyn AV James, r 
90 Carrie Mrs Mary 

Houle Peter, r 
92 Shaw Daniel 
94 I.atimer Wm L 
90 Krettzer J F 
98 Holtze August W 
100 Hallett Wm J 
102 Wvse George 
104 Cunningham Samuel M 
100 Campbell John 
108 I.amont James 

Private grounds 
114 Armstrong Christopher 
110 Mndeland .1 Henry 
118 Kunnett Charles 
120 Adams Courtrlght 
122 Death Thos J. bldr 
124 Itake Adam 
12''. Cunningham George 
128 Bush Win 

Bush Miss E. drsmkr 
130 Miles John B 
132 Harrison Mrs M 
134 O'Reilly Mrs M, oonlY 
130 Shaw Mis Elizabeth 
138 McKcchn'e Hnch 

140 2 Porter Wm H. bkr 

141 Shaw John 

Shaw Miss I. E, artist 
Mnir David, r 
140 Steels Daniel J 
148 Russell John 
150 Ellis John 

Ellis Miss T. d-smkr 
152 Belmont Mrs E 

Cummings Mrs M. drsmkr 
154 Rogers George W 
ISA Hilts George T 
158 McDonald Charles A 
100 Lankin Roi-ert 
102 Hewetson John 
104 Tullv John 
100 Rorrctt Frederick J 
108 Smith A W 

Jones John, r 
170 Warde'I Hi-am. gro 
•Wardell J S. bldr 
Ferguson W'lllam 

174 Quauee Herbert 
170 Spearman Wm J 
178 Stewart John 
ISO Collins John H 

183 Richardson Alexander 

184 Calhoun Walter F 
186 Gearing Thomas G 
188 Fogartv Thomas 
190 Smith John 
1!I2 Barrett Richard W 
1114 Kellv Richard, cxp 
198 Stewart Robert 
200 Silverthorn S H 
202 Curry David 
204 Aptcd Edwin, gro 

Arthur st intersects 

208 Store, s e 
22S Hirst Wm 
230 Fasliv Mark S 
212 Hales Mrs M A 
234 Walsh Mrs Dora 
210 Cnmining John 
238 Cole Wm 
240 Barker Frederick 
212 Claxton James 
214 Kirk John 
240 Caldcr Alexander 
"MS Warrington Henry W 
248Mi Taylor John L 
250 Angus Wm 
252 Dodgson Mark 
254 Stewart Joseph 
250 Stewart Henry 

Stewart Mrs S, gro 
258 Cnoney Wm J 
200 Flaws David 
202 Wood Walter F C 
204 Pinkerton John 
200 Damer John 
MRU Stinson Abraham H 
2"8 Robinson Wm J 
270 Rogcrson John 
274 Dunn Mrs Rebecca 
270 Simpson Sidney 
278 Rennie George 
280 E' lins Divid 
282 Ewing Will G H 
284 Ciiinn Harry 
280 Hungerford Robt 
288 Hammond T, photo 
Brown Thomas M, r 
"00 Fowler Wilson H 
292 like Wm 

nke Wm H T. nma tehr 
294 Rlllinir''urst Mrs Cntll 
290 Vogt Frederick 
298 Wilson John D 
300 Cox George 
•'02 Kiddle James 
304 Male Frederick J 
300 Relllv John 
308 Edgar David 
110 Evans Harry E 
:i14 Hewitt M-s Mary, gro 
SI* Snider Jan-es H 
318 Jones Beulnmln 
•Wl WinterPe'd Wm 
322 Wild Thomas 
"51 Elcle He-bo't 
32'" Stan'on Douglas B 
328 Ross Frank H 
330 Buchanan Thomas 
332 Goodier George, pair 
334 McClnv James 
330 Hill Thomas, shoemkr 
338 Smart Joseph T 
■mo Coieate Wm F 
342 O'Connor Thomas 
344 Mills Wn> L 
348 Tavlor John C 
350 Calow Joha 
350 Wnv Svdney S 
354 Cunningham Mrs Mary 

Osterhwf J- p'nno timer, r 
350 Vernon H H 
358 Pend'ith George T 
Vacant lots 

College st intersects 

Vacant lots 
400 Rundle Albert .1, dairy 
402 McLellan Wm 
404 Melville Rochfort M 

Grace Miss Frances, muse 
400 Johnston Joseph 
408 Miller Wm R 
410 Blllinghurst John 
412 Armstrong C aude 
414 Buley Mrs Caroline 
410 Myers Emerson B 

418 Dunn Herbert L 
420 Eaton Wm H 

Eaton Miss A M, nurse 
422 Highbee Charles 
424 Cockburn M J 
121: Allen John J 
428 Morrison Adam 
430 Higgins James D 
432 Montgomery Albert E 
434 Chater Walter G 
430 Roberts James D 
438 Drquhart Charles E 
440 Tur.ici Frederick A 
442 Loose Joseph M 
444 Baird John 
448 Salmon Hugh C 
150 Somerville J lines M 

Somerville Robert B 
452 Dancy Henry X. bldr 
454 Watson John B 
450 Haverson James 
458 Rordans Mrs C M 

400 Tapper James R 
402 Beeton Wm B 

401 Martin Robert H 
4e0 Allen Alired 

(08 Moore George W 
470 White Henry T 
472 Snelgrove Alfred H 

Vacant lot 
470 Sinclair John R 
478 Fuller Charles H 
480 Cuthbertson Fred H 
482 Moore Mrs Catherine 
484 Thompson Walter S 
480 Law Win H 
488 Bl'd Wm R 
490 Kitchen Mrs Jane 

Kitchen E. inns tehr 
492 Poole John 

Ulster st intersects 
Vacant lots 
502 Wadsworth T Page 
504 Wadsworth Miss S L 

Vacant lots 
514 Fisher Alexander D 
516 Trollev Mrs C E 
518 Mcintosh A K. lumber 
520 Reynolds Miss M G 
Russell Miss Louisa 
522 Webber John H. 
524 Young Mrs Annie 
520 Darrell Henry F 

Vacant lots 
530 Spence Mrs Sarah 
Vacant lots 

Harbord st Intersects 
Collegiate lust grounds 
590 Vine Charles' A 
Vacant lots 

Herrick st intersects 
618 Mitchell John 
620 Husband A J 
022 Lane James M 
624 Harris Walter C 
020 Copeland R Morrell 
628 Crofton John S 
630 Armstrong Win E 
632 Phillips Wesley B 
634 Harris Edward K 

Vacant lot 
030 McCloherty Martin 
638 Grady Mrs Annie 
640 Hvndman Mrs Mary 
64" Leishman AA 111 H 
044 Xnrthey Robert 
646 Perrani Mrs Walter 

Lennox st Intersects 
648 Dixon John H 
650 Irwin Wm J 
652 Lawrence Wm 
654 Leonard Charles J 
056 Sturrock David 
658 Vacant 

000 Elliott George M 
662 Hagarty Edward AA 
664 Goodall Arthur AA 

Kilgour Airs F B 
666 Carat airs J S 
G08 Griffith AVm b 
670 Cross AVm. piano tuner 
072 Cassidv James I 
674 Cooper Joseph P 
Vacant lots 

Bloor st w intersects 

Store, s e 
090 Corner Sidney A 
092 Love Andrew 

A'acant lot 
708 Tumbling Henry 
712 Beck George 
714 LeDrew John M 
716 Power Wm 
718 Price AVm E 

Private grounds 

London st intersects 
732 Thornton AVm, pntr 
Thornton Mrs K, gro 
734 Robertson George 

Robertson M, drsmkr 
736 Smith Frank 
738 Appleton Frederick 
740 Dodds George 
742 Collins James 

A'acant lots 
750 McCouvey P, whol btchr 

A'acant lots 
706 Sutherland John 
768 Cooper Charles G 
Vacant lots 

Barton av intersects 
House, s e 
784 Kemp Beverage Co 

Kemp Pitkin G 
786 Collins Mrs L, drsmkr 

Collins AVm F 
7i»0 Sharp John M 
796 Kenyon John, btchr 
800 Nottley James 
802 Vacant 
804 Pippy George A 
808 Glenday A M 

EUCLID PL, e from 17 Euc- 
lid av, ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Bolaton AV Herbert 

4 Mulholland Isaac 
6 Luby Michael F 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Bklmerton AA'm J 

3 McGowen Edward 

5 Garratt Henry S 

EVANS A A', w from opp 381 
Clinton, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Lane Mrs Mary 
4 Hussey Henry 

A'acant lot 

8 Vacant 

10 Coath Thomas G 

12 Cummins James 

14 Gilmore Alfred 

Jersey av commences 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Moore James 

3 Ward David A 
7 Donne Edward 

9 Cordell Samuel 

11 Daggett Thomas 

13 Hnrdv Fred 

15 Grlmslev AValter 
17 Clarke Thomas 

EXHIBITION BD, w from s 
end of Strachan av to Ex- 
hibition, ward 5. 

Xorth Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Garrison commons 
157 Curran John 

Barff Thomas S 

BBt to Exhibition Park 
173 Langridge John 

of Gladstone av to Dnner- 
In, fourth n of College, 
ward 6. 

Not bnilt on. 





Toronto Offices : 


J. W. KERR, Cashier. 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 

Low Rates and Large Profits 
on Endowments. 

142 Parley A v. 


FARLEY AV, w from 144 
Spadina av to Niagara, 
wards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
4 Brintnell G S, horse shoer 

Hurd Harry E 
6 Brintnell George S 
8 Penneli Henrv 
10 Campbell Wallace P 
12 Holmes Samuel 
14 Packham Charles 
16 Lynn John A 
18 Benham Hedley H 
20 Hacking Harry 
22 Little Jackson L 
24 Price John 
26 Duff David 
28 Llbby Robert 
SO Henderson Herbert 
32 Hamilton Alexander 
34 Colby Walter 
36 Maher John 
38 Gray Frederick 
40 MeKnight James 
42 Rockwood Walter 
44 McGregor Mrs Maude 

McDougall la commences 
46 Morell Adolph 
48 Barber James V 
50 Campbell George 
52 Dent Wm F 
54 Kemp Wm 
66 Little Andrew, coal 
68 Salv Army barracks 

Vacant yard 
74 Rennle Mrs Mary J 
Woodyard, s e 

Esther st commences 
Store, s e 
86 Sawdon John 
88 Harrison Henry 
90 Wilson Wm J 
92 Daly John J 
94 Savage Wm 
96 Morrison John 
98 Culley H T, mus tchr 
100 Gautt Mrs Jane 
102 Rush Edward F 
104 Humphrey James 
106 Feimell Michael 
Private grounds 
112 Mclntyre John 
114 Coombs Arthur A 
116 Liddell Joseph 

Fire Hall No 2, s e 
Portland st intersects 
118 Little Andrew 
124 Killoe James 
126 Kaiser J, spring bed mnfr 
Clark J, mattress mnfr 
Hill Thos, table mnfr 
128 Ellis Horace 
130 Chlsholm Alexander 
132 Maltus Leonard J 
134 Todd Mrs Mary A 
186 Clements Wm 
138 Mitchell Frank 
140 Winfield George, dairy 
Wlnfleld Mrs Eliza, gro 
142 Dwyer Mrs A F 

Lendreville J T, plmbr 
144 Guy Joseph T 
146 Ward Robert 
148 White Frederick 
150 Johnstone Thomas 
152 Carroll Wm K 
154 Wray John C 
156 Colgan John 
160 Enright Michael 
162 Duffy Michael J 
164 Halligan Patrick C 
166 Singleton Walter 
1«8 Brereton Mrs Eliza A 
170 Lavell Wm, exp 
Store, s e 

Bathurst st Intersects 
Wood yard, s e 
184 Gray David 
186 Donnelly James J 
188 McCool James 
190 Boulter Albert 
192 Sturdy George 
194 Pickering Mrs Mary 
196 Ryan Mrs Jessie 
198 Walsh Mrs Rose 

Walsh Miss L. drsmkr 
200 Collins Patrick 
202 Hav Joseph 

206 KIrkness Mrs Elizabeth 
208 Curran John J 
210 Ruddy Wm 
214 Barnardo Home 

Ups and Downs(quarterly) 
216 Hewlett Albert 
220 Pennock John 
222 Huff Samuel C 
226 Banks Mrs M, drsmkr 
228 Jacques James A 
230 Allin James 
232 Theobald Joseph 

Store, s e 

Tecumseth st intersects 

Baptist Church 
238 Hodgkinson J W, phy 

Hodgkinson T, mus tchr 
240 Espie Samuel 
242 O'Leary Dennis 
244 Sheehan Lawrence 
246 Calhoun Wm 
248 McMullen Samuel B 
250 Ryan Jeremiah, exp 
252 Awde John 
254 Cole Mrs Elizabeth 
256 Johnson Wm H 
258 Hodge Richard J 
260 McCormack James 
202 Brandon Alexander 
264 Abraham Mrs Harriet 
266 Brav Wm 
268 McNeill Hector 
270 Clark James 
272 Peake Mrs Anne 
274 McNair Robert 
276 Benson Frederick W 
278 Sanderson George 
280 Watts Henry H 
282 Slean Thomas 
284 Tilley Mrs Eliza 
286 Crackle Wm 
288 Wadsworth Mrs Janet 
290 Flnlav Samuel C 
292 Scott Walter 
294 Capling Henry H 
296 Morrison James 
298 Kaiser Joshua 
300 Boland Wm J 
302 Worth Cleophas 
304 Kelly John 
306 Konecney Andrew 
308 Jones Wm 
310 Vacant 

Rilev Mrs Mary, r 
322 Vacant 

South Side 

Shop, s e 

5 Archer Wm 

7 Borrows John 

9 Pedwell Herbert 
11 Kelly Christopher 
13 Lilley Miss Alice E 
15 Parker Mrs Margaret 
17 Black Wm A 

Private grounds 
21 Ohinn John 
23 Hyams George T 
25 Davidson Douglas 
27 Forster Walter 
29 Parker Thomas 
31 Ddell Wm H 
33 Meier Josenu 
35 Shareman Helen 
39 Fryer George 
41 Brennan John, grocer 

McCabe Mary, r 
43 HIbbert Wm 
45 Chapman John E 
47 Douglas Alexander 
49 Lynn Andrew J 
51 Jones Wm R 
53 Raquin Mrs Mary 

Brant st ends 
St Andrew's Market 
City Weigh Scales 
Hughes James, caretkr 
Police Station No 3 
St Andrew's Arcade 
Public Library (west br) 
St Andrew's Hall 

Maud st ends 
House, s e 

117 Burkharat Oswald 

119 Griffin Wm J 
House, s e 

Portland st Intersects 
House, s e 

127 Hopkins Robert 

129 Col,. man Mrs H S 

Coleman Miss A, mus tchr 
131 Sonirrell Abel 
133 Graham Robert 
135 Buntin Benjamin 
137 Hopkins James 
139 Murphy Michael 
141 O'Leary Fioranee 
14iy 3 O'Connor John 
143 Reddle R J 
145 Floyd Mrs Kate 
147 Wareham Mrs Catherine 
149 Maddigan Thomas 
151 Foley Wm 
153 Murray Patrick 
155 Prince George 
H>7 Canty John 
159-161 Vacant 
163 Macauley Joseph 
165 League of Cross Hall 

House, s e 

Bathurst st intersects 

Hotel, s e 
171 Harrison Walter 

Barnardo Roys' Home, r 
173 Johffston Alex 

Watersen Wm R, r 
175 O'Donohoe James 
177 Paterson George 
179 Fraser J D 
181 MeGill George W 
183 Rocamora Mrs Margaret 
185 Hunter Charles 
187 Flower Wm F 
189 Stevens Wm F 
191 Wyld Mrs Mary 
103 McCabe Phillip 
195 Kelly James 
197 Walsh Ralnh, dairy 
199 Young T R 
201 Villlers Robert J 
203 Hallarn Wm J 
205 Devine John 
207 Doyle John 
209 Weekes George 
211 Brown Frank 
213 Landreville J. cooper 
215 Flnlay John C 
217 McDonald John 
219 Robertson Mrs Lilly 
221 McCrohan Jeremiah 
223 Smith Nelson F 
22.1 McDonald John 
227 Pritchard Wm 
229 Nichols Charles 
231 Milne Mrs J 

Milne Wm 

Tecumseth st intersects 

233 Dunlop Joseph, shoemkr 

235 Valantyne Mrs Margaret 

237 Slattery John R 

239 Marshall John R 

241 Madden Matthew 

243 Herbert Charles 

245 rniacke Maurice 

247 Wortfiington James 

251 Brinkworth Samuel 

253 Mfllotiey Miss Mary A 

255 Rigney John 

257 Ferguson Charles L 

25!) Vacant 

201 Hogan Richard 

203 Marvyn James 

265 Murohy John 

267 Fenton Ira I 

269 MeCann Edward 

271 Scollon Michael 

Callaghan H, shoemkr 
273 Wilson James 
275 Dovle John 
277 Phillips Edward 
279 Baiden George C 
281 Faniuhar Allan 
28? Jordan James 
285 Cochrane Abraham 
£87 McGinnis Samuel 
2S9 Peake John W R 
291 Brown A H 
293 Brown George J 
295 fjraham Samuel 
297 P'nnegan Edward 
21<9 Bavs Samuel 
301 Chesher Alfred J 
303 Fdls Henry 
305 McKlttrick Mrs KHon 
307 Richardson Henry K 

FEE'S TL, e from 57 Summn. 
ward L 

North Side 

House, s e 
South Side 

1 Rhodes John 

2 Squires Lionel 
Mills Anthony 

4 Black James 

5 Brophy Robert J 

FELSTED, e frov> Greenwood 
av, second s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

FENNINGS, n from 1066 
Queen w to Humbert av, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

3 Vacant yard and office 

5 Everett Mrs Anna 

7 Eager Wm H 

9 Binks Oliver T 

Weale Frederick W 
11 Maynard George 

Maynard Mrs D, bdg 
13 Armstrong Wm, phv 
15 Tracey James 
17 Meehan John 
19 McCoy Charles P 
21 Booth Wm I 
23 Finnic Benjamin B B 
25 Trimble David 
27 Harrington Mrs Ann 
29 Patterson Oeorsre H 
31 Liscomb Hiram D 
33 Stewart Wm J 
35 Stewart John J 
37 Evans T Arnold 
39 Matthews John J 
41 Holmes John H 
43 Jones Henry 
45 Bedford Wm T 
47 Sampson Joseph 
49 Gibson Frank S 
51 Humphreys James 
53 Mc Cartney Owen 
55 Williamson George H 
57 McKay Ashel F 
59 mil George A 
61 Wass Charles T. 
63 Hewitt John 

West Side 




Store, s e 
Madden M J 
Wiggins Nicholas 
Smith Mrs Annie 
Brodie Frederick 
Eaton Wm, bldr 
Gilbreath Hugh 
Lock David J 
Mahar Matthew 
Stephens John \V 
Steward James I? 
Hall John J 
Moore Wm H 
Lewis Robert S 
Latchford Joseph W 
Radev John 
St Clnir Edmund 
Verrall Wm H 
Souster John 
Rowbeer Eli A, hldr 
Ewart Janu s 
Osier Wm J 
Pierce Wm H 
Dickinson J H 
Thompson Geortre E 
Wright Samuel J 
Beaumont Win 
Montgomery B D 
Allen Robert 
Simpson Mrs E M 
Cox John J 
Smith W C, gro 

FENNINGS, now Balrd av, 
ward 1. 

FENWICK AV. s from Dan- 
forth av, first e of Logan av, 
ward 1. 

Universal Key Board. Modern Improvements. 155 Bay St. W ■ • 


Staff of SKILLED STENOGRAPHERS _ _ _ , . - 

and typewriters on call. THOMAS BENGOUGH, C. S. R., Official Court Stenographer, MANACER. 


FollisAv. 143 

Bast Side 

10 Kwart James 
12 No it is Joseph 

West Side 

Not built on 

240 Sorauren av to Ronces- 
valles av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

House, s e 

11 Barhite Mrs Nam y M 

13 Dennis Mrs Letitla 

15 Stratford Charles 

17 Rogers Wn» J 

19 Maywood H T 

21 Neale Win 

31 I.aniburn Matthew D 

33 Edmondson Robert 

07 Rough John W 

09 Campbell John 

donell av 
ward 6. 

North Side 
8 Rankin 

w from 194 Mac- 
to Sunnyside av, 

A C 

12 Armstrong Robert 
14 Cmnmlng James 
16 Mearns John 
20 Thompson Robert J 
24 Maywood Wm 
26 Maiks Wm H 
28 Rainey Edward 
30 Ogilvie Alexander 
32 Noble James 
34 PhilMps T Henry 
36 r.evitt Samuel 
38 I'earson John N 
44 Du'lo George 
46 Hubbard John 
48 Groves George 
52 Rndcllve John R 
54 MiGooy Patrick P 
56 Cunningham J J 
58 Weartlek James A 
60 Woort-ock Mrs Jane 
Presbyterian Church 

Sorauren av Intersects 

Store, s e 

74 Coghlun Richard 

76 Gibson Alfred 

78 Harris James 

80 Scott Charles W 

86 Frame Samuel 

94 Rest James W 

96 Brumpton Wm 

98 Clmkunbroomer Wm H 
100 Robertson Mrs Annie 
102 Doig John 
104 Goold James E 
106 Streeter Thomas E 
108 O'Connor Jeremiah 
110 Ashbury Frederick J 
116 Collard Mrs Maria J 
122 Baker Joseph 
Public School 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Donnelly Alex P 
3 Hughes Thomas J 
7 Gray Albert A 
11 Read Charles A 
13 Sherlock Richard T 
15 Ogilvie Jnmps M 
Hamin Henry A 
17 Sherlock Robert J 

Vacant lots 
31 Manser Robert 
33 Fentnn Frederick A 
35 Black Walter 

Vacant lots 
49 McDonald John J 
51 Booth Wm 
53 Duncan Ii J 
59 Graham Thomas 
fll Rnbjohns George 
Store, s e 
Sorauren av intersects 

House, s e 
83 Stewart Kennedy 

Vacant lots 
101 Tait Walter 
103 Bell James S 
105 Koyce Thomas J 
107 Nash Albert E 
109 Nlcholls Edward 
111 Weir Richard 
113 Watson Huttson 
115 Sedgwick R F 
117 Nesbitt Wm A 
123 Mackie Robert, dairy 

FIFE, e from 173 Dowllng nv 
to r of Jamleson av, ward 0. 

Not built on 

FIRST AV, e from Broadview 
nv to GTR, Brst s of Ger- 
rard e, ward 1. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
2 JelTerles Wm O 
4 Moyer Aaron S 

Vacant lots 
14 McGill Thomas 
16 Moorehouse George W 

Moorehouse Bertram H 
18 McFadden Win A 
20 Harrison Win 

Williamson Miss R, dress- 
22 Lees Richard D 
24 Jones Alonzo W 
26 Preston Bvron 
28 Twlgg John 
30 Trail. James 
32 Smith Thomas 
34 Duncan Alfred 
36 Bible Henry T 

Vacant lots 
52 McFarlane George 
54 Weston Mrs Maria 
56 Murray Daniel 

Murray Miss H, drsmkr 
58 Russell John, bag mkr 
60 Stevenson Wm J 

Vacant lots 
74 Graham Adam 
76 Browning Rev Arthur 
78 Tatton Mrs Nancy 
80 TTnsworth Rev Joseph 

Store, s e 

Bolton av Intersects 
Bolton av school, s e 
De Grassl st intersects 

Builders' yard 
132 l'eake Thomas B 
134 Crawford John W 
136 Rust Ernest G 
138 Dawson Alexander 
140 Bate -Wm L 
142 Jamieson Mrs Mary 
344 Hubbard Joseph 
146 Copp Wm J 
148 Asinus Charles H 
150 Barker John 

Vacant lot 
156 Aiken Wm H 
158 Pollock James S . 
160 162 Unfinished houses (2) 
166 Weston Richard C 
168 Huffman John B 

Vacant lot 
172 Rust Arthur F 
174 Wilson Charles 
176 Preston Jonathan 
178 Borthwiek Adam J 
180 Donnelly Leslie 
182 Stevenson S J 
184 Knight Harry A 
186 Johnston Samuel 
188 Adams Edward J 
190 Smith Jesse 

Vacant lot 
194 Jollv J S, bldr 
196 Elson George 
198 Allison Andrew 
200 Care Frnest O 
202 Stewart Ernest J 
204 Allison Wm H 
206 Hunter Wm 

Logan ay intersects 

South Side 

13 Maxwell Robert 
Baptist Church 

Bolton av Intersects 
Store, s e 

De Grassl st. Intersects 
Lawn Tennis grounds 
St Matthew's Church 
137 Mann Albert C 
139 Mance Mrs Martha 
141 Halford Frederick L 

West av ends 
151 Broomhall F C, mus tehr 
155 Hunt James B 
157 Slade Simon T 
163 Kidd Frederick 
165 Weston Edmond O 
171 Summerhaves Wm F 
173 Thomas Frederick 

Tiverton av ends 
177 Cahoon Robert, gro 
179 Rretz Adam 
181 Flesher John N 
183 Ham Jesse 
1S5 Fettes David 
187 Domelle George T 
189 Banks John L 
191 Wells John 
103 Pearson John C 
193% Davis James W 

Logan av intersects 
195 King James A 
197 Pearson Thomas F 
201 Bell George 
211 Vincent Thomas 
213 Wallace Stewart J 
215 Joslin Wm 
217 Gardiner Wm J 
219 Riehl George 

FISHER, w from 646 Duf- 
ferin to Sheridan av, ward 6. 

North Side 

26 Redman Mrs Annie 
28 Relf Wm J 
36 Hall George 
38 Williams Wm H 
40 Packer Alfred 
42 Morton Mrs Nellie 
Gospel Mission 

South Side 

9 Webb John E, bldr 
15 Glohe Paint Co 
House, s e 

side of eastern gap of To- 
ronto Bay, and s from 
Cherry street, ward 1. 

Martin Frederick 

Pearsall Benjamin 

Penrsall George 

Townsend John 

Foreman James 

Fleming David 

Martin Frederick 

Fensom John 

McKay Arthur 

McMuliin Wm 

Sparrow Wm 

Pickering Charles 

Montgomery Wm, 
light house 


Ramsden Mrs Annie (per- 

Ramsden Henry (perman- 

Macdonald Hector 
Morley Thomas 
Ramsden Wm- E (perman- 
Smith Thomas 
Ratalle Joseph (permanent) 

John (per- 

24 Kensington av, ward 4. 

1 Nosworthy Richard 

3 Wakeford Henry, florist 

4 Newman Wm F 

5 White Wm 

6 O' Donne 11 James 

7 Garland Samuel H 

8 Wilson Alexander P 

FLORENCE, w from 492 Duf- 
ferin to Brock av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

6 McAleer John 

8 May Charles VV, pntr 

10 Nuttall George 

12 Spurgeon Mrs Elizabeth 
14 Richards Charles 

16 Maloney James 

20 Burnes Frederick 
24 Molloy George 
26 Allen Joseph E 

28 Wallace Laughlln J 
30 Wolfe Wm J 

32 Henderson Gavin 
34 Paterson Samuel E 
36 Cates Edward R 

Sheridan av commences 
House, s e 
50 Jones James 

52 Baldwin George 
54 Wilson Henrv 
56 Bright Albert E 
58 Smith Charles 

60 Abernethy Edward 

62 Tutton Frederick 

64 Plercy Wm 

66 Bramhall James 
68 Jaffray James 

House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

7 Burns Samuel 

9 Mulhall John 

11 Fortune John 

13 Bertram Andrew 

17 Dearborn Wm 

21 Voss Edward J 
Fredenburg Mrs Carrie, r 

23 Frs-er John 

29 Cotts John, coal 
Wood vard 

31 Hillson Wm 

33 Burrows George 
35 Kragg David 

Vacant lots 
51 Skeeles Richard W 

53 Tutt Mrs Harriet 
57 Grunwell Samuel 
59 Brown Richard 

63 Morton Hugh 

65 Armstrong Samuel 

67 Richmond Christopher J 
71 Ramsay George A 

Lake Siineoe Ice & Coal 
Co, storehouse, r 
77 Lougthorne John 
79 Gadsby James O 

House, s e 

FOLLIS AV, w from 968 
Bathurst to Christie, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s c 
4 Smith Mrs Marv 
6 Goddard Arthur S 

Neate Mrs Nellie 
8 McCoy John R . 
10 Morton Mrs F. mus tenr 
12 Feast Richmond T 
14 Harniman Mrs Jane 
16 Thorns John 



Slid WIRE ANYDESICN. Manufactured by 


117 KING ST. W. 



144 Follis Av. STREETS. 

18 Sinclair Malcolm 

20 Hales Edward 

22 Hammond Mrs Emily 

24 McCounell Win 

20 Hewlett Henry .1 

28 Ashcroft Joseph 

30 Mitchell Mrs Eliza 

32 Wilson Peter 

34 Cross John R 

36 Sullivan Mrs Caroline 

38 Kin* Edward 

40 Jones Mrs Margaret 

42 Quigley Edward 

Markham st intersects 

Vacant lots 
54 Greie Alexander 
58 Ballard Charles J, gro 

Palmerston av intersects 

Vacant lots 
70 St John's Mission House 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

15 Donovan Albert E 

Vacant lots to Euclid av 
95 Kenyon J H, whol btchr 
Vacant lots to end 

FORT ROUILLE, n from the 
lake to Mississauga, first w 
of Dufferin, ward 6. 

Not built on 

FOSTER AV, e from 03 Eliza- 
beth, ward 3 . 

North Side 

2 Foster Jonas 

4 Goldman Henry 

6 Eeves Mrs Ann" J 

8 Smith John 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Foster Thomas 

3 Cohn Samuel . 
3% Selverts Joseph 

5 Harris Osceola 

7 Shafsky Kopa 

9 Hoinberg Mrs Sarah 
11 Greenberg Rebecca 
13 Store, s e 

FOXLEY, w from 154 Dun- 
das to Dovercourt rd, ward 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Cole Thomas W 
8 Green George 
10 Hedingfield George 
12 Bedingfield James 
14 Nibleit Francis 
10 Bell George A 
18 Hurrell John 
22 Charles Richard, plstr 

Plaster yard 
28 Crealock Mrs Elizabeth 
30 Ward Walter 

Private grounds 
40 Gartlan Patrick 
42 Hamilton Wm J 
44 Dodds Mrs Ellen 
48 Curtis John 
48 Hall Mrs Matilda D 
50 Maharg Clark S 

Grove av commences 
52 Maddocks Wm 
54 Stanton Charles 
56 Bond John T 
58 Dalv Nicholas 
60 Ward Wm 
62 Outhet John 
64 Rutledge Mrs Ellen 
66 Carson James 
68 Thompson R D 
70 Stuart Wm 
72 Clarke Thomas 
74 Bow Wm 
70 Burns Frank 

House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

5 Irvine James 

7 Kenney John J 

9 Sullivan Charles 
11 Steele James 
13 Wallace Robert 
15 Nelson James 
17 Meadows Alfred H 
19 Chivers Alfred P 
21 Cracknell John, plstr 
23 Nesbltt James D 
25 Potter James 
27 Mutch George 
29 Emmett Robert H 
31 Geary Bartholomew 
33 Belford James A, pntr 
35 Emmett Wm 
37 Blair Andrew 
39 O'Brien Andrew 
41 Friers John 
43 Dickson David J 
45 Shaw Matthew, bldr 
47 Clarkson James 
49 Chambers Thomas 
51 Cowan Arthur W, exp 
53 Windsor Robert 
55 Bell James H 
57 Saville Harry 
59 Tuck James J 
61 Hunter Robert H 
63 Livingston Alexander 
65 Nolan Martin 
67 Toovey Frederick W 
69 Hobbs Hugh 
71 Chapman J B 
73 Hamilton John 
75 Chapman James S 
77 Beaton Alexander 
79 Simpson Hugh 
81 Donovan James, bldr 
83 Birney John L. real estate 
85 Ling Charles E, dairv 
89 Tolen Miss Elizabeth 
Store, s e 

FOYLE AV, w from Logan 
av, first s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

FRANCIS, n from 136 King 
e to Adelaide e, ward 3. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
9 Eudo Mineral Water Co 

11 National Cigar Co Ltd 
Commercial st intersects 

Hotel, r e 

The Nasmith Co, r e 

West Side 

2 Herring S, taxidermist 
4 Donald R, s e 
8 Vacant 
10 Spain Abraham 

Forhan John, barber 
10M> Vacant 

12 Ibbotson G & Son, cutlers 
Ibbotson George 

14 Taylor A P, barber 

Commercial st intersects 
16-18 Rogers John F, com 
20 Bamford Joseph, store 

22 Pink M C & Co, junk 
Dominion Fibre Works 
24 Olshanezky Abraham, bar- 

26 Summers D H, harness 
28 Nasmith Co stables 
30 Vacant 

FRANKISH AV, w from 76 
Sheridan av to Brock av, 
ward 0. 

North Side 

2 Clark Michael 

4 Donohue John 

6 Perry George A 

8 Piatt Frederick G 
10 McLaughlin James 
14 Sweet Henry 
16 Ferguson Wm H 
18 Mav Thomas 
20 Port Robert E 

Port Miss J M, nurse 
22 Johnston Benjamin H 
24 Driscoll James H 
20 Bartlett Wm C, coal oil 
28 Gamble Charles B 

Vacant lot 
34 Carruth Mrs Mary 
36 Durnford James H 

Store, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
5 Vacant 

7 Kelly Miss Anne 

FRANKLAND, e from Car- 
law av to Pape av, first s 
of Gerrard e, ward 1. 

Not built on 

FRANKLIN AV. n from Rus- 
kin av to city limits, first 
w of Perth, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

Irving av intersects 
130 Coppiethorne Luke 
149 Long James 

151 Knox Wm 

153 Mackey Arthur A 

155 Nicholls Andrew 

157 Lewis Wm H, shoemkr 

159 Baine George 
101 Rice Mrs May 
163 Denno George 
165 Blain James 
197 Vacant 

■House, s e 

Royce av Intersects 

Store, s e 

Vacant lots 
207 Burke James 
209 Gibson James 
211 Luxton John 
213 Roberts Mrs Louisa C 
215 Cruickshank Wm 
217 Burke John 

Vacant lots 
225 Dwan Patrick 
227 Mooney Ephraim 
229 McKeand James 
231 Ashdown Charles 
233 Basse tt Alvin J 
235 Harrington Wm 
237 O'Neill Felix 
239 Nusbaun John 
241 Ware John J 

Vacant lots 
253 Lea Amos, coal oil 
255 Brown Arthur 
257 Swan John McC 
259 Blackie James R 
261 Wright Joseph J 
263 Avery Thomas 

Vacant lot 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
104 Thornbeck Robert 

Irving av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

152 Doane Ira 

154 Miller Frederick A 

156 Burke Wm 
Vacant lots 

160 Stewart Adam 
Vacant lots 

172 O'Brien Daniel 
174 Coleman Owen 
170 McMaster Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
186 Hatch Henry 
188 Mallaby Wm C 

Store, s e 

Royce av intersects 

Store, s e 
200 Watkins Samuel 
202 Simpson George A 
204 Lister Mrs Mary 

FRASER AV, n from GTR to 
King w, second e of Duf- 
ferin, ward 6. 
Not built on 

FREDERICK, u from 17S Es- 
planade e to Duke, ward 2. 

East Side 

Tor Ry stores dept 

Tor Ry repair shops 
11-17 Tomlinsou & Son, fndrs 

Tor Ry power house, s e 
Front st e intersects 

Vacant lots 
59 Working Boys' Home 

Smith S George 

Store, s e 

King st e intersect? 

West Side 

City Morgue, s e 
Safe Works, s e 

Front st e intersects 
Tor Ry shops, s e 

King st e intersects 
Store, s e 
78 O'Reilly Robert 
80 Mulligan Patrick J 
82 Vacant 

Biscuit factory, s e 

FRICHOT, w from 950 Yonge 
to McMurrich, ward 3. 

North Side 

Albery John C 

6 Howes Robert 

8 Lawless Matthevv 
10 Palter Epbraim 
12 Hill Herbert E 
14 Nicholson John G 
10 Ross Thomas 
18 McWhlrter Wm 
20 Ronnie Albert E 
22 Middleton Albert 
24 Guscott Frederick W 
26 Carter Chas II 
28 Ellard James H 
30 Harwood John J 
32 Brown George 
34 Coulson Mrs Catheriue 
36 Foster George 
38 Moore Mrs Amanda 
40 Mason David 

South Side 

Not built on 

FRIZZELL AV, e from 587 
Carlaw av to Pape av, ward 

North Side 

House, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 

Bain Neil K, mkt gdnr 

FRONT EAST, e from 31 
Yonge to the Don, wards 1, 
2 and 3. 

North Side 

2-8 Board of Trade Bldg 
Thomas Phosphate Co 
Crickmore Edwin, broker 
Consolidated Phosphate 

Victoria-Montreal Fire Ins 

10 Vacant 

12 Gait G F & J, teas 

Blue Ribbon Tea Co 
14-16 Go wans, Kent & Co, 

whol crockery 
18 Thompson & Thompson, 
Cloak Mfg Co Ltd 

20 Empire Cloak Co 
Fleming F A, mfrs' agt 

22 British America Assur- 
ance Co 
Barnard Fred, caretkr 

21 Mclndoe II S. mfrs' agt 
Wilson Wm C & Co, oils 

Scott st Intersects 
20-2S Pacific Buildings 
Vacuum Oil Co 

Lansdowne Avenue and 
Bloor St. West. 
Telephone 5125. 



5 KING ST. W. 

'Phone 1424 

445 YONGE ST. 

'Phone 4192 


(Cash and Mutual Plans), CAPITAL, SbOO,000 


Mauaging Director, 

A Cash Mutual Fire las. Co with Stock- r»nit«i 
Foil Government Deposit. For rites, call up^ 1 "* 1 - 

J. A. MACFADDEN, Cen'l Agent, Toronto, 

Manning Bldg.. 24 King St. W. TEL. 165 


Bernard C M, tens 
Dominion Transport Co 
Clarke A R ft Co Ltd, 

Clarke & Clarke Ltd. 

30 Hose m Cartage Co 

Hudson R S, soaps 
32-30 Macdona'.d John ft Co, 

wholesale dry goods 
38 Vacant 

40-44 Ellis P W & Co, manu- 
facturing jewellers 

4C Stanwny Geo & Co, com 
Leask A O, broker 
Dalley F F Co, chemicals 
Eze Mfg Co, washing 

48 Iudia & Ceylon Tea Co 

DO Janus Buildings 

Donaldson J S. broker 
Mason 1' L & Co, com 
Mussou Geo & Co, com 
Grant \V F & Co, contrs 
Grant Robert, contr 
May G H, accountant 
Nlven John K ft Co, brok- 

Nivcn Malcolm, com 
Anderson C H. broker 
Nightingale Albert, mfrs' 

Ewou John, plumber 
Adams J C. mfrs' agt 
Doirias R Y & Co. mfrs - 

a "tii 

Thompson Edward 
Roberts George, earetkr 
Gooderham & Worts, s e 
Church st intersects 
GO Rae Robert, acct 

Imperial Produce Co Ltd 
GOV- Brnd'ey W J & Sons, 

02 Fee John J, produce 
62!4 Ontario Chambers 
Queen's Own Mess 
64 White ft Co, produce 
60 Baillie J P., whol provs 
68 Rutherford. Marshall & 

Co, whol produce 
70-72 Ryan Wm Co Ltd, whol 

74 Ramsav R H & Son, whol 

76-78 Gunn I> Bros & Co. 

whol provisions 
82 De Laporte A V & Co, 

wNn grnin and flour 
84 Goodall James, grain 
80 WiUard & Co. whol prod 
88 Skeans J H & Co. whol 
Hotel, s e 
West Market st intersects 
St Lawrence Market ifor 
occupants see St Law- 
rence Mkl) 

Jarvis st intersects 
92 Hotel, s e 
64 Market Hotel 
96 Caldwell C & Co, flour 
98 Brown C A. rest 
100 Canadian Consumers' 
Packing Co 
Standard Mfg Co, tinware 
102 Speight Wagon Co 
104 Ontario Brush Factory 
100 Hutchinson ft Peterson, 

bottlers' supplies 
108 Vacant 
110-32 Central Hotel 

George st intersects 
114-20 Black Horse Hotel 
Tor Ry repair shop 
Frederick st intersects 

Vacant lots 
152 Mahaffy Wm S, blksmth 
150 Vacant 

100 Vacant 
162 Morrison George 
104 Little Aaron S 
166 Shields Mrs Susan 

Sherbourne st Intersects 

Shop, s e 
174-6 Dominion Chain Works 

Front East. 145 

178 Vacant 

^-!l!!' ,ms £ & Co - Pickles 
182 Williams Daniel 
184-90 Sneddon Co, storage 
Princess st intersects 
Lumber fard 
208-12 Storehouse 

Ontario st commences 
222 Vacant 

228-38 Ont B & M Co, malt- 

242 Thompson Wm J 

244 Sehrutu Wm C 

246 Forman George 

248 Spence John 

250 McGllt David 

232 Hi!' Edtvard D 

254 Kelly Daniel 
Vacant lot 

Berkeley st Intersects 

262-00 St Lawrence Fndry Co 
Parliament st intersects 

292-308 Unfinished bldg 

310 Vacant 

312 Vacant 

314 Vacant 
Vacant lot 

318 Matthews Thomas 

320 Batt Wm H 

322 Thomas Wm 

324 Hill George E 

326 Hunt Robert S 

328 Bailey Samuel E 

330 Schoenfeldt Lewis 

332 English Hugh 

334 Outhwalte Thomas J 

336 Martin Robert 

Erin st commences 

340-42 Vacant factory 

344-40 Maginn John 

348 Latham Robert H 

350 Lancaster Joseph H 

Trinity st intersects 
332 Store, s e 
354 Xorris Michael J 
33S Mann Wm 
300 Vacant 

362 Humphrey George 
304 Pearson George 
300 Mines Thomas 
308 Donovan Sirs Julia 
370 Hoult George 
372 Mason George H 

Johson John H. r 
376 O'Connor John 

Xeely David, r 
378 Hlckllng Charles 
380 Hickling Charles, liquors 
3S2 Bryant JoseDh 
384 Hicks Richard 
386 Quinn Patrick 

Vacant lots 
398 Arnold Alfred A 

Vacant lots 

Cherry st intersects 
414 Blackburn Mrs M, gro 

Blackburn Joseph 
416 Steer Wm H 
416V, Banane Mrs Ellen 
422 Fitzhenry Mrs M A 

Gooderham ft Worts, 
cooper shop 
432 Webber Thomas 
440 Storehouse 

Vacant lets 

Water st Intersects 
482 O'Connor Mrs A, gro 

O'Connor Henry J 
486 Collius Miss Mary, dairy 

Vacant lot 

Vine st commences 
508 McCarthy David, exp 
510 O'Connor John 
512 Archibald Alexander 
514 Ramsden Thomas L 

CPR crossing 
Beachell st Intersects 
Graham ter commences 
526 Mahoney Thomas 
528 Gale Thomas 
530 Boddy Robert 
532 Liscum George W 
534 Shirlow Mrs Margaret A 

Cypress st commences 
Tan yards 
542 Hull Wm H 

Eastern city stables 

South Side 

1 Canadian Rubber Co 
Johnstou A T, mnfrs' agt 
Dominion Oil Cloth Co 
3 Adams ft Burns, liquors 
5 Elliot ft Co, whol drugs 
7 Tor Bisicuit ft Confv t o 
9 Lumsden Bros, whol gros 
11-13 Rothschild Bros ft Co 
mnfrs' agents 
■Cragg F H, com mcr 
Crown Chemical Co 
Scott James, teas 
Consolidated Tea & Lands 

Niehol W J & Co, teas 
International Wine Co 
15-17 Hamilton Wm B, Son 

& Co, whol boots 
19 Eckardt H P & Co, gros 
Scott st Intersects 
21-23 Eby, Blain Co. whol gro 
25 Samnson. McCuaig ft Co. 
whol teas 
Linton Sir Thomas, whol 

27 Dom Line Steamships 
Torrance G W, wines 
Irving John, agent 
Montreal Rolling Mills Co 
Acadia Sugar Relluiag Co 

Dixon Storage Co 
Lighthound Geo. broker 
29 Howard R H ft Co. liquors 
31-33 Pure Gold Mfg Co 
35-37 Wirrcn Bros ft Co. 
whol grocers 
Imperial Lumber Co 
Metropolitan St Ry Co 
39 Beard more A Co. leather 

Beardmore Belting Co 
41-43 Perkins. Ince & Co, 

whol grocers 
45 Sloan John ft Co. grocers 
47 Foy G J. whol Honors 
49 Klnnear T ft Co. grocers 
51 Clemes Bros, whol fruit 
53 Edwardshurg Starch Co 
Graham Charles P. agt 
Meekle Wm H. cartage 
55 Bickel] ft Wlckett, tanners 
57 Canning A H, whol gro 
59-63 Payley W B ft Co. com 
^sHfon R H. com mer 
Wcsfnn * Patterson, drug- 
gists' sundries 
Clancy George J ft Co, 

gros* specialties 
Robinson Mfg Co. flavor- 
ing extracts 

Church st Intersects 
65 Carrie Robert, storage 
Zonesn Chemical Co 
Calvert Jos H. mfrs' agt 
Dominion Wire Mfg Co 
Tanners' Association 
07 Lumbers James, whol gro 
69 Humphrey F W. whol gro 

Farquhar lane "nds 
71-73 Lvman Bros & Co, 

75 Watson Robert Co, :nufg 

77 Taylor John ft Co, soap 
Morse Snap Works 
Dominion Dvewood and 

Chemical Co 
Rnserinle Golf Club 
79 Parsons C ft Son. whol 
Morton J A. hops 
81 Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co 

8iy; Lamb W ft Co. provs 
83-85 Fatlam John, wool 
87 Leadlay 1? ft Co. hides 

West Market st intersects 
Old City Hall 

Jarvis st Intersects 
105-7 Steele, Briggs Seed Co 
109 Partt ft Co. whol confrs 
111 Hallam James & Sons, 

113-125 Mcintosh P & Son 
flour * 

George st intersects 
Store, s e 
131 Vacant 

133-137 Keith John, coal 
139-141 DeLaplante & Bowden 

whol lumber 
145-147 Taylor J & J. safes 

Frederick st intersects 
,r.„ Toronto Ry power house 
lijii l ewis Robert M 
171 Walls Michael 
173 t'mpleby John 
175 Griffiths Mrs Charlotte 

Sherbourne st intersects 
177 Nelson Frank 
}™-J88 Tor Chemical Works 

Tot vv't " Bros - s P |o e mil's 
197 Levlck Patrick 

Princess st intersects 
201-5 Perkins J ft Co. maeus 
207 Coles Alfred G 

209 Williams Henrv 
2U Boyd James 
233 McSnerry James 

210 Miller James 
217 Vacant 

219 Smith Wool Stock Co 
221 Vacant 

223-37 ^Standard Woolen Mills 
239 Beglev John 

Gas Co's purifying house 
Berkeley st Intersects 
269 Consumers' Has Co 

Economical Gas Apparatus 

Construction Co Ltd 
Parliament st intersects 

295 Michigan Ammonia Works 

« °* Detroit 
29,-303 Side entrance 

Gas Co's yards 

House, s e 

Trinity st intersects 
House, s e 
Conlin Mrs Abigail 

Foley Patrick G 
Harnden Robert 
White Wm J 
Rubin David 
Rubin David, junk 
Crowne Thomas W 
377 Dee Mrs E C, gro 
Dee John s 
Crosbie James 
Foot John 
Brown James 
Campbell John 
Hare Wm 

Shedden Co's stables 
Hartlgan Mrs Sarah, conf 
Rutledge James 
Beber Mrs Jennie, junk 
Beber Max 

Cherry st Intersects 
405-15 D'Arcy J J. hotel 
437-19 McGrath Mrs B, gro 
421 Legassick Frederick 
423 McLellan John J 
425 Graham Henry 
427 Hawkes Tom M 
429 Duggan Augustin 
431 Jessop Charles E 
433 May James 
435 Stewart David 
437 O'Connor James 
439 Fletcher Watson 
441 Miles George 
443 Power Miss A E, gro 
445 Fletcher George 
447 Clark Patrick 

Clark John, dairy 
449 Pepper Robert 
453 Boyce Wm A 
455 Booth Mrs Mary 
457 Ridley Joseph 
459 Arthurs Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
467 Grogan Charles 
469 Lavden James 
471 O'Toole Patrick 

Store, s e 





21 QUEEN EAST. 'Phone 1694. 




and Men's Restaurant 


146 From East. 


Water st intersects 

475 Liston Will 
477 Scott Richard 
470 Smvth Edward 
481 Gordon Roderick 
483 Lambert George W 
485 Ampnlett Robert 
487 Bell James 
489 Goodrich Theodore 
491 Nuthall John H 
493 Weeks Alexander 
495 Rame James 
497 Gamble Mrs Hester 
499 Rame Charles 
501 Stone Daniel 
603 Gallagher Thomas 
Vacant lot 

CPR crossing 
Beachell st intersects 

521 Davies Win Co, pork 
packers and wholesale 

531 Morse Soap Works 

FRONT WEST, w from 30 
Youge to Bathurst, wards 3 
and 4. 

North Side 

Bank of Montreal 
Sutherland Gilbert L 
10 Mickleborough, Muldrew 
& Co, whol woollens 
Levison Bros & Co, whol 
dress materials 
12 Minerva Mfg Co, ladies' 

14-10 Weston F J & Sons, 
whol boots and shoes 
Standard Cap Co 
Standard Cloak Co 
Thomas Albert, caretkr 
16 Stanbury James & Co, 

innfrs' agts 
18 Continental Costume Co 

Hamillon Powder Co 
20 Trew T E P, acct 

Irving Umbrella Co Ltd 
Robertson F & Co, whoi 
22 Prime & Rankin, whol 

dry goods 
24 Jenner, Sauer & Banner- 
man, whol fey dry gds 
Rochester Lamp Co 
Braiuie T E & Co, shirts 
Hall Wm & Co, Ink mfrs 
Stewart, Howe & May 
Co, skirt binder mfrs 
28 Maclean Pub Co 
Can Grocer (weekly) 
Hardware and Metal Mer- 
chant (weekly) 
Canadian Dry Goods Re- 
view (monthly) 
Canada Military Gazette 

Printer and Publisher 

Bookseller and Stationer 

Montreal Life (weekly) 
38 Carter-Crume Co, counter 
check books 
Morrison J L Co, book 

binders' machinery 
Wilson, Mnnroe & Cas- 
• sidy, bndrs 
Klelnert I B Rubber Co, 
dress shields 
26-30 Samuel M & L, Benja- 
min & Co, metals 
32 Henderson E J, assignee 
Slmousky. Levlnsky & 
Co, whol dry goods 
32 Lowe Geo W Paste Co 
34 Gillett E W, yeast 

Barber E & Co, prtrs 
36 MoMahon, Brondfleld & 

Co, whol crockery 
38 Eddv The E B Co Ltd, 
woodenware and paper 
42 Merchants' Dyeing & 

Finishing Co Ltd 
44 Darling Robt & Co, whol 

Bay st Intersects 

48-50 Gordon, Mackay & Co, 

whol dry goods 
52 Brereton & Manning, whol 


54-58 Gage W J Co Ltd, whol 
books and staty 
Educational Book Co 
56-8 Nelson H A & Sons Co, 

whol fancy goods 
60 Ames, Holden Co Ltd, 
whol hoots and shoos 
Granby Rubber Co 
62 Chalcraft \V E & Co, 

whol clothing 
68-70 Warwick Bros & Rut- 
ter, whol staty 
Ontario Gazette (weekly) 
Bovs' Own Paper (month- 

Girls' Own Taper (month- 

Sunday at Home (monthly) 

Leisure Hour (monthly) 
78-92 Queen's Hotel 

Nicholson And. news dlr 

Conroy Joseph, barber 
100 Eclipse Whitewear Co 
102 Wilson & Co. wool 

Vacant lots 
118 Tor Ry waiting room 

D'Arcy James 

Venn J W, cigars 

York st intersects 

120 Walker House annex 

122 Calder Alex & Co, emp 

121 Vacant 
Vacant lots 

174 North American Fence 
Supply Co Ltd 
Vacant lot 

180 Grand Union Hotel 
Huston J W, barber 
Nelson Frank, billiards 

Simcoe st intersects 
Old Parliament bldgs 
Dept of Immigration 
Chase Charles H, r 

25S Simscr John 

Burtchaell Miss Rate, r 
John st commences 

282 Scott Mrs Elizabeth 

2S4 Dodo's Mrs Jessie 

286 Butwell James H 

292 Carlisle Mrs Jane • 

294 A'acant 

296 Vanuch James, cigars 

Private grounds 
304 Calms Hugh 
310 Rathbun Co, lumber 
312 Freeman Benjamin 
Fisher Eva. phy 
Windsor st commences 
314 Piper N L & Son, railway 
Peter st commences 

314 Vacant 

Private grounds 
352 Hand Patrick 
354 Burr Henry 
356 Hendry John R 
358-60 Vacant (2) 

Private grounds 
368 Johnston James 
372-74 Crawford A, hotel 

Vacant lots 
3S4-92 Wilson, Lytle, Badg- 
erow Co Ltd. vinegar 

Spadlna av commences 

House, s e 
416 Jones Richard A 

Loretto Abbey grounds 
478 Burns Patrick 

House, s e 

Draper st commences 

House, s e 
512 Carruthers Richard H 

Moore Mrs Sarah 
514 Byers Raymond M, gro 
516 Prentice Mrs Isabela 
518 Barker John 
520 McClure Matthew 
522 Mitchell Robert A 
524 Mllllgan Mrs Margaret 
526 McNabb Miss Ann, bdg 
528-30 Vacant 

532 Miller Mrs Jane 

Miller Wm H, piano dir 
Portland st commences 
534 Kennedy Reuben J 
536 Nelles Jacob 
538 Elliott Joseph 
540 Lewis Wm H 
542 Thompson Henry P 
544 Reid James 
546 McGoun Lachlan 
548 Lynch Dennis 

Maplewood pi commences 
550 Wav Robert B 
552 Morgan Charles 
554 Woods John 
556 Owen Thomas 
558-78 Burns P & Co, coal 

South Side 

Custom House, John 
Small collector 

Steamboat Inspection Of- 

McMichael Solon W, chief 

insp of customs 
Slemin Charles, caretkr 
9 Copp, Clark Co, bkbndrs 
11 McKellar & Dallas, shoes 
13 Boulter & Stewart, ladies' 

15 Canada Paper Co 
17 Caulfeild, Henderson & 
Burns, whol men's 
, furns i , 

Asher & Leeson, pdlrs 
21 Northrop & Lyman Co, 

pro medicines 
23 Evans & Sons, whol drugs 
25 Vacant basement 

McLaren J A & Co, shoes 
Mercantile Mfg Co 
Cuthbertson, McCunn & 
Co, mfrs' agents 
27 Mitchell C J & Co, mfrs 

Walsh E H & Co, mfrs' 


Stewart W B, mfrs agt 
Mortimer Thos, mfrs' agt 
Sims A H & Co, shirt 

Millar C A, clothing contr 
Toronto Wine Co, Ltd 
29 Toronto Rubber Shoe Mfg 

Co, Ltd 
31 Bryce Wm, fancy gods 

Young Canada 
33 Garside & White, shoes 
35 Nerlich & Co, fancy 

37-39 Howland H S Sons & 

Co, whol hardware 
41 Vacant „ 
43 Canada Cycle & Motor 
Co, bicycles and motor 

Bay st intersects 
45-47 Johnston W R & Co, 

whol clothing 
49 Gutta Perclia Rubber 
Mfg Co 
. 51-53 Lailey, Watson & Bond 
whol clothing 
55 Booth G W, mfrs' agt 

Scott & Bowne, chemists 
57-59 Cockshutt Charles & Co 

whol woollens 
61-63 Gutta Percha & Rub- 
ber Mfg Co of Tor 
65-67 Hachborn & Sheridan, 

whol clothing 
69 Boulter & Boyd, whol 

rubber goods 
71 Hawthorne D W * co, 
whol boots and shoes 
Smith J Sproule, mfrs 

Private grounds 
83 Gartshore J J, ry sup- 

Flood Miss S A, stenog 
Lome st ends 
87 Harvey, Van Norman Co, 
whol boots and shoes 
i 89-93 Dominion Transport 
Rodda Thomas 

95-97 Williams A R Mach 

Vacant lots 

York st intersects 
Walker House 
131 Vacant 

137 Montoni Dominico, frts 

Vacant lots 
141-5 Petrie H W.machlnlst 
Union Station (for occu- 
pants see Union Station) 
Daly House 

Simcoe st intersects 
GTR freight sheds, s e 

John st ry bridge 
Ry grounds 

Brock ry bridge 
Prince of Wales' walk 
Bathurst -st ry bridge 

FULLER, n from 1514 Queen 
w to Pearson av, ward 6 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
11 Mcintosh Charles 
13 Fenwich A H 
17 Mark Alex J 

A lane 

19 Quinn John 

21 Donnelly Michael A 

23 Blackwell F J 

25 Lawrence Fred J 

27 Richardson James 

29 Scott Samuel 

31 Jenkins Charles 

33 King Horace M, dairy 

35 Macdonald H N 

37 Kiug G H S 

39 Duulop George P 

43 Ecclestone Wm B 

45 Fisk John 

47 Tipping John 

51 Downing Godfrey T 

53 Henderson Mrs Ellz 

Vacant lotes 
59 Adamson George J 
65 Bowman A J, lndry 
67 Osborne Thomas H 
69 Ross Lockhart 
71 Harris Archibald 
75 Tyler Edward 
77 Cole Alfred A 
79 Flnan Wm 
81 Young Henry AV 
83 Baker Augustus 
85 Weller Wm M 
87 Bray John 
89 Higel Otto 
91 Hallett John G 
93 Vacant 
95 Sullivan Wm T 
97 Giles Mrs Harriet 
99 Wludle Wilson 
103 Baker Geo T, pntr 
105 Clark Hector McD 
107 Herod James S 
109 Hallett Henry J G 

West Side 

Woodyard, s e 
8 Westcott John 

Vacant, r 

Vacant lots 
U2 Westcott W J, contr 
24 Fullail John 

Vacant lots 
30 Vanzant Clarence N 
32 Duncan John T, phys 
34 Gibson Wm G 
36 McLcllan R G 
38 McKellar Robert 
40 Herbert Mrs Emma, bdg 
42 Summerville Thomas 
44 McKay John 
48 Blackhall James 

Vacant lots 
56 Scott Abraham 
58 Langstaff Frederick 
60 Flatten Thomas A 
62 Jarv Samuel W 
64 Bray Charles 
66 Stevenson John 
G8 Cottrell Wm W 
70 Jennings F J 
72 Grant Daniel 


Solder, Babbitt, 
Cotton Waste. 
| 116-130 CEOaCE ST. 


Total Abstainers 

Stand in their own light When they INSURE w.thout 
consulting: a representative of 

The ^ remperance an< * General Life. 

74 Applegath F C 
76 Jeffers Isaac 

Marlon st Intersects 
80 Durston Frederick W 
82 Garrlck Frederick J 
86 Harris Bros, excavators 

Harris Alfred 
80 Pane W James 
92 Dunn Edward A 
94 Cadden John 

FUNSTON, e from 15 Su- 
mach, ward 1 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Cooper George 
10 Harvey James 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

House, s e 
7-9 Vacant shop 
11 Melhtilsh James M 
13 Robertson George 
15 Onley Thomas 
17 Newton Wm L 
19 Cable Henry J 

Williamson pi ends 
House, s e 

GALLEY AV, «r from 146 
sorauren av to Sunnyslde 
av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, 8 e 
6 Wright Win 

Methodist church 
16 Ockley Mrs C K 

Fltzpatrick Kev John D 
Vacant lots 
86 Edy Mrs Mary li 

House, s e 
Koucesvalles av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Not built on 

GALT AV, u from Gerrard e, 
first w of Jones av, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Kice Edward, mkt gdnr 

41 White Wm A 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
38 Laughlen Wm 

42 White Thomas A 
46 Plnkerton James A 
48 Henthorn Adam 

50 Kane Francis J 
Kane Mrs F G, gro 

GANGE AV, n from 22 Cot- 
tlngham to Birch av, first 
w of Yonge, ward 3. 

Side entrances 

GARDEN AV, w from opp 

169 Macdonell av to Indian 

rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Saul George H 

4 Irvine Alexander C, pntr 

6 Cook Marshall E 

8 Portch Mrs Annie 
10 Kogers Joseph 
12 Hails Mrs M T 
14 Patterson L L 
16 Symons Alfred It 
18 Hall Daniel A 
20 Vacant 

22 Ogilvie Alexander 
24 Lee Charles B 
26 Rome Wm L, pntr 
28 Brown Wm, shoemkr 
30-32 Pearson George 
34 Bradley Mrs Eliza 



36 Shepard Albert E 
38 Forbes Disney 

Vacant lots 
44 McKay Rev N T C 
46 Barsottie Wm 
48 Snyder Wm 
52 McLennan Roderick 

Vacant loit 

00 Lister James I 
House, s e 

Sorauren av Intersects 
House, s e 

68 Malborough George L 

72 Walsh Alexander 

74 Haines Albert 

76 Newman George B 
Private grounds 

84 Stewart Thomas A 

86 Oliver Joseph J 

90 Houlahan Denis 

94 Cox John 

96 Hoxar Alexander 
100 Hamilton Adam 
104 Kelly Frederick 
110 Beethnm Francis E 
112 Bullock Edwin S 
116 Davey George 
116% Stewart James 
118 Crevler Napoleon 
120 Buck Robert H 
122 Rule Charles F 
126 Edwards J, leather grs 

Private grounds 
144 Kirdsall George, dairy 

Vacant lots 
184 Wilder Mrs G H, nurse 
186 Martin Harry 
188 McPherson Alexander L 
190 Dixon James 

Roncesvalles av intersects 
House, s e 
222 Hoey David N 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

House, s e 

1 Mason Ambrose W 
3 Mason John H 

7 May George 

Vacant lots 
11 Duckworth David 

Vacant lots 
15 Campbell Hugh A 
17 Torrance Peter 
19 Slater Richard C 
21 Lawson Robert 
25 Sharpe Wm A, exp 

Vacant lot 
29 Coles John M 
31 Dixon Wm 

Vacant lots 
37 Sherlock Richard 
39 Barfield Joseph 
41 Regan John F 
43 Humphreys James 
47 McCausIand Edward 
49 Silk Charles F 
51 Thompson Thomas H 
53 Howson John E 
55 Beemer John W, pntr 
57 Lilburn James 

Store, s e 

Sorauren av intersects 

Vacant lots 

69 Mitchell John 

71 Wlngfleld Albert B 

73 Kidd Wm 

75 Hedderson Thomas 

77 Pearce George B 

81 Phillips John 

83 Clarke John 

85 McFarland Win 

S7 Chaiiener Frederick S 

89 Hamilton Hugh 

91 McCarter Frank 

95 Walker Mrs Sarah 

99 McCarroii Patrick J 
103 Hughes Henry J 
107 Day Wm 
113 Collyer George 

Vacant lots 
103 Bongard Conrad 
165 Weaver Samuel S 
167 Tossell John 

Vacant lots to end 

GARDEN PL, e from 119 
Pape av, ward 1. 


North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Lea son Wm H 
3 Ralner Charles 
5 Itadcliffe Laughlin 
7 McLean John 
9 Harrison Franklin 

GARNET AV, w from 202 
Christie, ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Scott Wm J 

10 Dones George 

14 Kesteven Hector C 

24 Bowcock John 

46 Stocks James R 
50 Hamett Thomas 
52 Sewell Thomas C 
54 Petty Wm O 

58 Churchill Stephen 

South Side 

1 Field Mrs Elizabeth 
3 Donnan James 

11 Steels Thomas 
19 Boyne Edward P 

21 Knowlton Walter, pntr 

25 Winslow David 
27 Smith Wm L 
37 Austin Peter 

47 Sewell Adam J 
49 Stoner Robert 

GARNOCH AV, w from Lo- 
gan av, second s of Dnn- 
forth av, ward 1. 

Not built on 

GEOFFREY, w from Soraur- 
en av to Indian rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
87 Orr James 
89 Kinghorn Mrs E I 
Vacant lots to end 

GEORGE, n from 158 Esplan- 
ade e to Gerrard e, ward 

East Side 

1-7 Vacant bidgs 
9 Vacant 

11-13 Collins C G, bldrs sup- 
15-17 Vacant 
19 Vacant 

21-23 Mitchell Michael 
25 Gadsby & MeCann, hay 
29 Hiekey Mrs Catherine D 
31-41 Terry F G, bldrs sup- 

Front st e intersects 
Hotel, s e and yards 
Hotel, s e 

King st e intersects 
67 Vacant bldg, s e 
69 Vacant 

71 Kearns Wm P, harness 
73 Kirby Wm 
75 Townson Henry, cutler 
77 Langston A V, shoemkr 
79 Vacant 

81 Hamilton & Co, coal 

Duke st Intersects 
De La Salle Inst, s e 

109-111 Tor Mill Stock and 
Metal Co 

113 Garnett John 

George St Mission 

115 Bunce H T, pro med 

117 Cronln Jeremiah 

119 Walker Thos, blksmth 

121 McKinnon John 

123 Hooper James 

125-27 O'Connor T, bottler 
Duchess st Intersects 
129 Foster Mrs E, gro 
131 Taylor Charles 
133 Abraham Joseph 
135 Tyner Wm E 
137 Sweetnam Miss Jane 
139 Brown Mrs Annie 
141 Kelly Patrick 
143 Callaghan Mrs Elizabeth 

146 Brown Bobert T 

147 Strachan Neil 

149 Simmons Mrs Mary J 
151 Hudan Moses 

Britain st commences 
155 Coulter & Campbell, cop- 
Stonehouse, Smith & Co, 
wire gds and whip mfr» 
Farls Wm 
Todd James F 
Palmer Jacob C 

Queen st e intersects 
Hotel, s e 

Sheridan J, cattle dealer 
Ramsay James 
Crone Walter S 
Persse Richard M 
Watson Thos A, exp 
Blong Robert 
Burns Mrs Mary A 
Hodgson Thomas 
Bates Wm H 
Whltebread Mrs Jemima 
Finlay John 



Shuter st intersects 

207 Tong-Ho, lndry 
209 Dunnigan John 
211 Dawson Falconer 
213 Thauburn Christopher 
221 Gordon W H Lockhart 
227 Wattle George 
227% Holmes John J 
229 Kinsey James A 

Gray Wm H 
231 Reid Henry 
233 Tock Mrs Josle 
235 CuCT Arthur E 

Public School 
Wilton cres commences 

House, s e 
279% West Mrs Matilda B 
281 Harvey James H 
281% Philio Joseph N 
283 Pelletier Miss Eva, dr»- 

2S3% Crysdale Arthur G 
285 Herson James 
289 Freeman Wm S 
293 McBean Henry 
295 Fegan Boys' Home 

Greenway George 
297 Salvation Army Men'* 
Training Home 

Archibald Walter P 
301 Brown John W 
305 Meredith Mrs Susanna 
309 Lock Ernest A 
311 Wiman Horace H 
339 Boys' Home 

Mackay Miss S S 
Glenholme p! commence* 
351 Hlncks Mrs Anne 
353 Johnson Mrs Ellen 
355 McCaui John S, bldr 

House, s e 

West Side 

Mcintosh P & Son. floor 

TORONTO POTTERY CO., 75-81 Cottingham St. 'Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada, $6,567,079.94 

1 48 George. 


Front st e intersects 
40 Hotel, s v 
48 Bolton Ernest, pntr 
58 Stonehouse, Smith & Co, 

whip infrs 
60 Hawes & Co, varnish 

mf rs 

62 Southgate W W, barber 
64 Thompson T, harness 
66 Thompson Thomas 

Store, s e 

King st e intersects 

Hotel, s e 
82 Phillips Albert 

Tor Railway Co stables 
84-86 Brown Asa, vet surg 
88-92 Smith Thomas, bdg 

Duke st Intersects 

House, s e 
108 Wheeler & Bain, factorv 
116-30 Franke] Bros, iron 

Duchess st intersects 
138 Vacant 
140 Smith James 
142 Buchanan R L 
144 Ryan Mrs Mary 
146 Macfarlane George 
148 Johnston Joseph 

Factory, s e 

Queen st e Intersects 
166 Wallace Matthew, phv 
168 Johnston D Scott 

Johnston Mrs C, bdg 
170 Mills Thomas B 
172 Griggs Mrs Florence 

Harrison Mrs Isabella A 
174 Chisholm Henry M 
176 O'Connor Miss Mary 

Murphy Miss E, miis tchr 
178 Callaghan James 
180 Kenney Patrick J 
182 Wheaton Edward F 
184 Crosby Frank II 

Private grounds 
190 Lang John W 
192 Buchanan Robert J 

Buchanan A D, nurse 

Buchanan M D, nurse 
194 Thompson Robert 
196 Mullin James H 
198 Storey Joseph 
200 Creaghe Richard S 
202 Blackball Wm B 
204 Young Albert 
206 Eastman George P 
208 Warner John H 
210 Flynn Miss Maria 
212 Flynn Thomas 
214 Organ Win S 
216 Martin Frederick 
218 Doyle Thomas 
220 Vacant 

Shntor st intersects 

Store, s e 
222 McNeill Rev Donald 
230 Vacant 
232 Penfound Isaac 
234 Crapper Fred R B, pntr 

Crapper Mrs Jennle,confy 
236 Strain Wm 

Strain Mrs Mary, bdg 
238 Morrison Mrs Ruth 
240 Nye George, express 
242 O'Connell John 
244 Pennylegion Mrs C 
248 Colby Marshall F 
254 Cuff Henry W 
556 Smith Mrs Mary A 
258 Claxton Thomas 
260 Conley Edwin 
262 Farrell James J 
264 Cooper Mrs Mary 
266 Reece Richard S 
268 Ormsbv Mrs Eleanor 
270 Doust Joseph 
272 Shore Rev T E Egerton 
274 Bennett John H 
276 Barber Robert 
278 Hallett Mrs Allison, bdg 

Wilton av intersects 

House, s e 
290 Brown Charles T 
202 Newell John, livery 
294 Redpath Walter 
296 Buggy Miss A, drsmkr 
298 nouston Thomas F 

300 McDonald Peter 

Rear entrances 
318 Grainey Mrs Ann J 
320 Hoban Thomas 
322 Talbot Daniel 
324 Rebstock Joseph S 

Rear entrances 
330 Salomon Rev Moses 
332 Sterling Frederick 

Finch Edgar 
334 Bates Alfred E 
336 Brown Thomas 
338 Bleecker Charles W 
340 Cluff James T 
342 McMillan Mrs Ellen 
344 McKinney David 
346 Harris Mrs Margaret 
348 Leary Mrs Elizabeth 

House, s e 

GERRARD EAST, e from 397 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
1, 2 and 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Wolseley Hall 

4 Littleford W O & Son, 
china riveters 

6 Kempthorne Wm, shoe- 

8 Weaver James W 
10 Berry Isaac H, pntr 
14 Wright Andrew 

Graham John 
16 Stephenson Mrs Charlotte 

Fenwiek George W 
18 Agnew Mrs Carrie 
22 Bannerman Mrs Margaret 
26 Chambers Graham, phy 
30 Wright Adam H, phy 
38 Seholtield Mrs Luta 
40 Bilton Frank D 
42 St James' sq Pres en 
44 Ont Coll Pharmacy 
46 Myers Alfred 
50 Henderson Mrs Magaret 
56-8 Constant inides P C, phy 
60 62 Vacant house 
64 Fisher Alfred E 
66 Wood AV Lloyd, drugs 
Church st intersects 
70 Caven Wm P, phy 
74 Silverthorn Gideon, phy 
76 Finch Mrs Amelia 
78 Hinchev Mrs Agnes 
80 Cash Mrs Sarah 
84 Ratcliff Joseph 
86 Love Mrs Martha 
90 Currie Mrs Ellen 
92 Caswell Thomas 
94 Kester James 
98 McQuillan Miss Cecila 
100 Snuggs Alfred, gro 

Mutual st intersects 
102 Sutherland Donald 
104 Lyons Mrs Josephine 
106 Streamer Marcus 
108 Kowe Mrs Minnie A, bdg 
110 Stubbs Joseph P 
112 Heath Miss Mary 

House, s e 

Jarvis st intersects 

Baptist Church, a e 
158 Watkins Alonzo J M 

Horticultural Gardens 

Sherbourne st intersects 

House, s e 
202 Markle Miss Elizabeth 
204 Tugman Mrs Eliza 
200 Cresswell R W 
208 Brooks J B, livery 
210 Wood Mrs Emma 
212 Cameron George 
214 Defries Mrs Isabel 
216 Rogers John 
218 Vacant 

220 Bond John S, gro 

Seaton st Intersects 
222 Scott Thomas W, drugs 

CPR Tel Co (br) 
224 Gillespie Mrs Mary 
220 Cameron Andrew C 
228 Dalv Mrs Eleanor 
230 Blashford Mrs Lucy 
232 Kennedy Wisdom 
230 Pearson Wm T 

238 Burns John. 

238% Pearson Hannah, tlrs 

240 Bee David H, gro 

Ontario st intersects 
242 Gates Wm 

244 Collard Mrs Margaret A 

246 Sole Mrs Annie 

248 Spun- Miss G E, artist 

Spurr Mrs Laura 
250 Hill Joseph H 
252 Brand Wm. bldr 
254 Brownlow Wm 
256 New Thomas 
258 Knox Edward E 
260 Kerrison Mrs Eliza 
262 Howard Mrs Elizabeth 
264 Steele Mrs Harriet G 
266 Timleck George 

Berkeley st intersects 
268 Dobson William E 
270 McVeau Wm 
272 Bourne Edward 
274 Raines Frank N 
278 Bond George D, contr 
276 Stark Mrs Wilhelmina 
280 French Mrs Sarah 
282 Macdonald C Henry 
284 Miller Wm, pntr 
286 Patterson George C 
888 Bray James, phy 
290 Lamb Wm 
292 Beavis C H, plmbr 
294 Cameron Wm J 
296 Coon Mrs Mary 

Parliment st Intersects 
Hotel, s e 
300 Jones Mrs Elizabeth J 
302 Gearing Mrs Emma 
300 Wright Miss Mary E 

Gerrard pi commences 
310 Cook Joseph H 
312 MacMurchy Mrs Amelia 
314 Falconer John, carp 
320 lioden Ephraim P 
324 Webster Mrs Mary 
326 Watson Mrs Deborah 
330 Smith Mrs Ellen 
332 Brandon Charles 
334 Cameron Lauchlin D 
340 Stephenson Stephenson 
342 Nicholl George F 
342'/' Shaw John, coal 
344 Walford Miss Mildred 
348 Pushner Mrs Susan 
350 Baker Mrs Susannah 
352 Shaw John 
354 Nixon Emery G 
356 Alexander Robert G 
358 Aveline Haley L 
360 Kelly Morgan J. wines 
362 Stewart R II, gro 

Sackville st Intersects 

Hospital grounds 

Burnside Lying In Hosp 

Tor General Hospital 

Eye and Ear Infirmary 
Sumach st intersects 
434-6 Cruttenden Thos, drugs 
438 Dwan Peter J 
440 Chambers Rev A B 

Chambers J, music tchr 
442 Jeukinson Joseph 
444 Lawson Stephen 
446 Lelean Nicholas 
448 Buchanan T, shoemkr 

Clarke Mrs Eliza 
450 Clarke Milnes 
452 Montgomery Mrs Ellen 
456 Simpson James, gro 

Sword st commences 
458 Rogers C K, bldr 
460 Purcell Richard, lumber 
462 McLaren Wm 
464 Thompson Andrew 
460 Veltch Robert 
470 Shatter James, flour 
474-0 McColl Bros & Co, oils 
478 Whltham Henry 
480 Metcaif Edward 
482 Plater H B, shoes 

River st intersects 

Methodist Church 

Don River Bridge 

Isolation Hospital 

Toronto Jail 

550 Ewan Teter 
502 Green John 

Broadview av intersects 

Store, s e 
588 Boyd Robert 
590 Maffev Francis G 
592 Phillips Wm H 

Private grounds 
598 Walkem Wm J 
600 Taylor Alfred T E 

604 Cross Leonard 
606 Graydon James 

605 Graham Osborne A 
Private grounds 

618 Allan Frederick M 
622 Hitchcock Frederick 
624 Williams Ernest 

Private grounds 
634 Allin Mrs Maria 
636 Kelly Henrv 
638 Allan Alfred A 
640 Dowson George W 
642 Blackburn W, shoemkr 
644 Glenn Hugh 
646 Patterson James 
648 Rogers Mrs E L 
650 Lynn James 
652 Drohan Michael 

Private grounds 
658 Hamilton George E 

Private grounds 
664 Langstone John 
666 Lowe Wm 
670 Cook James 
072 Lee Charles E 
074 Flnucan James 
070 Cross C & Son. pntrs 

Cross Christopher 
678 Cross Christopher jr 
684 White Benjamin A 
086 Robertson Alexander 
686% Conlam Charles 
688 Martin Louis L 
090 Trotter Mrs Hannah 
692 Clindinnlng Wm H 
694 Ramsey Wm J 

Vacant lot 
702 Brickell Charles H 
704 Penney Charles 
700 Dimond Arthur 
708 Fenwich Joseph A 
710 Caskie James 

Private grounds 
714 Jarvis Henry 

Vacant lot 
720 Anderson Mrs Agnes 
722 Hubbard Wm 
724 Vacant 
726 Fleming Thomas 
728 Henthorn Mrs Cecilia 
730 MacMlllan Mrs Janet 
732 Peck Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
746 Crowe John, gro 

Howland rd commences 
Vacant lots 

Logan av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Carlaw av intersects 
GTR crossing 
930 Pape John, florist 

Pape av Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Entrance to Arcade 
3 Store 
5 Store, s e 

Entrance to Arcade 
7 Store, s e 
9 Felkin W D, uphol 
11 Gorrill Lewis E, tlr 

O'Keefe lane ends 
15 Townsend S H, arch 
19 Wagner Wm J, phy 

Victoria st ends 
Normal School grounds 
Church st Intersects 
House, s e 

Dalhousle st ends 

88 Vacant 

89 Brown John H 

91 Patterson Mrs Eliza J 
93 Ford Mrs Jennie 


11 Richmond 



Member of the Standard fining Exchange 

Tel. and Cable address, 

Codes: Bedford Mc- 
Neill's, Clough's. 
Moreing and NeaL 


12 Adelaide St. E. 'Phon,e 1842 




95 Valleau Stanley 

99 Dill Charles A, bdg 

Mutual st ends 
101 Westman Eldon 
103 Coleman Mrs Sophia 
105 MeCann Thomas 
107 Rlddell Miss Margaret 
109 Bennett Mrs Jane 
113 Sutherland Alexander 
House, s e 

Jarvls st intersects 
House, s e 
135 Brown Thomas M 
137 Dancy Mrs Isabella S 
139 Yokom David 
141 Carnaby Mrs Emma 
143 Reid George 
145 Wright Matthew 

George st ends 
147 East Mrs Jane 
149 Rutherford Mrs E 
151 Butland Mrs Ellen 
153 Pennington Virgil 
155 Gudgeon Robert 
157 Fee Joseph 
House, s e 

Pembroke st ends 
179 Gurney Edward 
183 Wellington Wm E 
185 Matthews James 
187 Carlyle James, phy 
189 Patton J Churchill, phy 
191 Adams Charles 
193 Slpes Melvin, dentist 
Sherbourne st intersects 
House, s e 
Lloyd Mrs Cecilia 
Vale Wm T 

A lane 












Warren Dr George 
Cox Mrs Fanny 
Greer Mrs Martha J 
Holman J W, btchr 
Lee J Hip, lndry 
Ferguson F, shoemkr 
Taverner Miss M A, 

Sinclair John, confy 

Seaton st intersects 
Girls' Home 

Ontario st intersects 
Taylor Oliver, gro 
McCarthy P J, pntr 
Lawrence Reuben 
Vacant store 
Cot Frederick W 
LeConr P J, plmbr 
Puccini Abramo, baker 
Broadfoot David, dairy 
Bowman Matthew, barber 
Greer Thomas, tlr 
Thompson Thomas G 
Blevins John 
Swait John C 
Pyne Albert R, phy 
Pyne Robert A, phy 

Berkeley st intersects 
Pickering Latimer, phy 
Buchner Henry 
Earl Theophilus R 
White Aubrey 
Stephenson Wm 
Tingle Andrew 
Gilfoy Wm, baker 
Force Thomas, shoemkr 
Swiss Laundry (or) 
Roder Wm A 
Coutts John, gro 
Parliament st Intersects 

Bank, s e 

McBurney Orwell 

Van Dusen Miss A, drs- 

Eclipse Oil Co 
Preston Wm, pntr 
Rooney Wm L 
Flynn Mrs Mary 
Ingram Alexander E 
Vacant lot 

Victoria pi commences 
Sockett George 
Parke Wm 
Innes Andrew C 
Shier Miss Clara E 
Goold Jacob L 

325 Corson Benjamin 

Corson Mrs Minnie, gro 
327 Johnston Wm T 
329 Halnsworth Mrs Fannie 
331 Macdonald & Murnan, 

Gerrard av commences 
333 McCann Mrs Isabella 

Houlaghan Mrs I, nurse 

Vacant lot 
339 McCarthy George W 
343 Kemp Frederick 
349 Klngsnorth Edward 
357 Tor Medical College 

Sackville st Intersects 
361 Vacant 

363 Ainsworth Charles 

365 Luney George 

367 Greer Robert 

369 Schelllng Frank 

371 Taylor James A 

373 Monson Seth 

375 Nuthall Edmund C 

377 Wallis Joseph, exp 

379 Spies Charles, exp 

381 Howlett Alfred, cigars 

Vacant lots 
397 Coxon Samuel 

Vacant lot 
401 Brodle Joseph B 
403 Motton Thomas 

Vacant lots 
413 Pochle Frederick 
415 Baker Walter 
417 Cline Lemuel B 
419 McKerracher John, bldr 

Vacant lots 

Sumach st Intersects 
435 Hyde Wm H, gro 
437 Egan James J 
439 Abel John A 
441 Carter Wm 
443 Dale Adam 
445 Weale George H 
447 Brown Henry 
449 Widgett James 
451 Brown Albert J 
453 Bryant John 
455 Ireland Henry G 
457-59 Fogarty Joseph, florist 
461 Vacant 

463 Chesman & Son, btchrs 
465 Fallaize Francis 

Dempsey E, baker, r 

Stratton John, blksmlth, r 
467 Ross John 
469 Pitton James T 
471 McMillan Alexander 
473 Pittis Alfred 
475 Cosgrove James 
477 Billing Willlmott H 
479 Major Edward 
481 Eddowes George 
483 Spanton James 

Private grounds 
489 Hathway Fred G, btchr 
491 Lee Thomas M, hotel 

River st Intersects 

Factory, s e 

McColl Bros & Co, oils 
Gerrard st bridge 

Vacant lots 

Blackburn st ends 

Vacant lots 

Munro st ends 

Vacant lots 

Hamilton st ends 

Vacant lots 

Broadview av Intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 

587 Smith Manley 

591 Butler Leonard S 

595 Crane J D, gro 

597 Phillips Mrs S C, gro 

Phillips J H, dairy 
599 Perkins Charles E 
601 Williams Wm 
603 Moore Mrs Mary J 
607 Burgess James 

Vacant lot 
615 Williams Thomas, bkr 

Vacant lot 
621 Robb Alfred P . 
623 Gillespie Alexander 
623 Short Hugh, barber 

Whiteside Thomas 
627 Hacking L, shoemaker 

Ramsev Alexander 
629 Wilson James 
031 Hannigban James, btchr 
633 Monaghan George 
637 Page Alfred 

Vacant lots 
| 645 Cooper Thomas H 
! 647 Allen Ernest, btchr 
649 Benns Emerson J 
•151 Knowlton Wm 
653 Beasley John 

Vacant lot 
663 Rosslter Mrs Annie 

Vacant lot 

Bolton av ends 

St John's Pres Ch 
691 Gibbons Henry 
695 Lee Henry 
697 Ward Henry 
699 Webb Elijah F 
703 Burry George, baker 

De Grassl st ends 
705-7 Coulter Andrew, gro 
711 Drury Frederick A 
713 Howard William H 

Vacant lot 
723 Cowling Elijah 
725 Page John 
729 Mitchell Wm E 

Vacant lots 
739 Fldler Joseph 
741 Buckland C J, pntr 
743 Pye Henry 
745 Mortlock Ambrose G 
747 Thackray John F 
749 Cochrane Joseph S 
751 Dickson Wm J 
753 Tolchard Daniel 
755 Blythe Charles 
757 Lennle Alexander 
759 Dale Francis 
761 Orsborn Arthur, dairy 
763 Burns Cornelius 
765 Williams Alfred 
767 O'Brien Robert 

O'Brien Miss Kate, drs- 

769 Horn John M C 
771 Green Arthur H 
773 Mitchell Robert 
775 Vacant 
777 Bilton George N 
779 Bogart Lyman 
781 Lundy Wm H 
783 Mnnro Mrs Phoebe A 
785 Bulley Samu%l 
787 Lauder Andrew K 
789 Nicol Andrew C 
Vacant lots to end 


380 Yonge to Elizabeth, 

ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Store, s e 

4 Storehouse 

8 Lettau Gustave 
10 Tlpling Mark 
12 Payne Wm T 
14 McClymont Wm 
16 Clewes John 
18 Cashman Michael G 
20 Kelly Mrs Mary 
22 Jordan Wm H 
24 Wilcox Wm H 
26 Duhig Mrs Elizabeth 
28 Kllfedder Miss Margaret 
30 Burrows James 
32 Elliott Mrs Elizabeth 
34 Sharman John 
36 Arscott Edwin 
38 Adams Nicholas 
40 Moore Mrs Jennie 
42 McRae Miss Kate 
44 Paul Miss Minnie 
44% McCreery Wm 

McCreerv Mrs E. drsmkr 
46 O'Nein Miss Winifred 

O'Neill Miss E, drsmkr 
48 Marseilles Mary 
50 Hewgill Stephen 
52 Haslam George 
54 Malley Mrs Kathleen 
56 Singer Frank W 
58 Mowat Wm J 
60 Rea Mrs Mary A 

Newton George 
Staton Mrs Elizabeth 
Kinsman Wm, gro 

Teraulay st intersects 
Magulre George 
Jeffery Mrs E M 
Anderson Thomas 
Popham Wm H 
Mannell Thomas 
Gallagher Henry 
Richardson James L 
Johnson Herbert 
Johnson Benjamin 

Mission av commences 
Armstrong Mrs Mary 
Turnbull John 
Fraser Mrs Jane 
Albertle John E 
Mitchell Nicholas 
Paine Wm K 
Davies George 
Little Mrs Catherine 


South Side 

I Senior Thomas 

7 Gosnell Edward A 
9 Hough Wm G 

II Kerr Mrs Jane 
Bray Wm J, phy 
Private grounds 

15 Close John E 

17 Avery Henry T 

19 Johnston Thomas 

21 Haskell Alfred 

23 Anderson Margaret 

25 Thomson Robert L 

27 Kennedy Wm J 

29 Morphy John 

31 Hargrave Isabella 

33 Shuttle James 

35 Sheridan Humphrey 

39 Jackson John 

45 Romanelll Joseph 

49 Talt Thomas W 

51 Eyre Richard 

55 Greeniaus Wlllard 

Hotel, s e 
Teraulay st Intersects 

House, s e 
63 Langlois Richard A 
65 Lawrence John 
69 Dugal Mrs Charlotte 
71 Kiely George W 
73 Hook Mrs Grace 

Store, s e 

GERRARD AV, s from 333 
Gerrard e, ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Williams Wm 

3 Philip Wm E 

5 Latham Samuel 
Shoveller Mrs Mary A 

7 Shock Albert 
House, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 

2 Seden Frederick W 

4 Patry John D 

6 Powell James W 

8 Sullivan Michael 
12 Roulston Wm 
14 Wilson Thomas 

GERRARD PL, n from 310 
Gerrard e, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
3 Holmes Leslie 
5 Morris James 
7 Lamb John D 
9 Preston Ira, real est 
11 Whyte Mrs E J 

West Side 

House, s e 

GIFFORD. n from Sprucej 
opp r of General Hospital 
to Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Smith Arthur F 


15 Adelaide E. Phone 2251 J. J- SEtTZ, Manager. 





150 Giffi.rd. 

3 Price Samuel 

5 Brentou John 

7 Ritchie David 

9 Anderson Joseph 
11 Moss Mrs Margaret 

13 Cope Benjamin 

15 Sutton Wm M 
17 Mills Henry C 

19 Reed Charles S 

21 Hunter Cecil B 

23 White Mrs Rebecca 
25 Crighton Thomas A 

27 McCuaig John F 

29 Cameron Donald 

81 Johnston Mrs Agnes 
83 Nelson Wm H 

35 Ball Samuel E 
Gildersleeve pi commences 
87 Cameron Mrs Mnry 
89 Allen James 
House, s e 

West Side 

2 Addison Wm T 

4 Lambert Wm B 

6 McKell Wm P 

8 Rea Isaac L 
10 Vacant 

Vacant lot 

14 Forster Wm 

16 Lewis Mrs Elizabeth 

15 Campbell George 

20 Burrows Frederick 

22 Marrs Thomas 

28 Brick Thomas, bldr 

30 Wiekett Wm M 

82 Poulter Henry 
House, s e 

Sumach to the Don, first s 
of Carlton, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Maloney Thomas H 

4 Mcliurney Moses 

6 Barras Charles 

8 Punnett George 
10 Cauthers Mrs Jane 
12 Graham Wm G 
14 Jardine James W 
16 Williams Harry M 
18 Murphv Mrs Catherine 
20 Wills G C, mus tehr 
22 McCormlck George T 
24 Williams Ernest S 
26 Reid Wm 
28 Murray George S 
30 McMorran Mrs Margaret 
32 Harris Henry J 
84 Pyrke Valentine E 
36 Handle; Kashlelgh 
38 Lang Joseph W 
40 Manning Alfred H 
42 Joselin Eli G 
44 Ebbels Mrs Amelia 
46 Nash George F 
48 Flannagan David G 

South Side 

1 Adenev Thomas J, gro 

3 Poulter John 

5 Stanton Alfred, dairy 

7 Warwick John 

9 Muir Mrs Isabella 
11 Gregg George 
13 Tatry Joseph A 
15 Hillier Thomas 
17 MeCormiek Wm J 
19 Cook Thomas 
21 Moore Wm J 
23 Summerfield Sydney 
25 Jeandron Arthur B 
27 Parkhill Andrew 
29 Long Charles 
81 Temple Charles G 
33 Kendall Henry A 
35 Middlebrook Joseph H 
41 Vacant 

r of 27 Gilford to Sumach, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

10 Butt Albert 
12 Riley Wm 
14 Wallace George 
16 Staunton S E 
18 McNair James 
20 Prince Edgar A 
22 Phillips Wm C 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Watts Arthur J 
3 Johnson Henry 
House, s e 

GILEAD PL, n from 18 East- 
ern av to Coats worth, nard 

2 Brock Robert 
6 Gllmore David 
8 Doyle James A 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 MeCarty Charles 

3 McCarthy Michael 

5 Beck John 

7 Breen Thomas T J 
9 Lepere Wm J 

11 Whiteside Robert J 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Hallam Tlomai 

4 Livernois Mrs Exekl.i 

6 Watson James 

8 Burns Charles 
10 King Wm J 

12 White John 

GIVEN'S, n from 968 Queen 
w to Bloor w, ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Donald Thomas 
3 Dibb George 
5 7'ero Alexander 
7 Craig John 
9 Nevilles Edward 
11 Hlllen Benjamin 
13 Barrett A M, hat mfr 
15 Owens Mrs E'iziibeth 
17 Tornlinson Henry H 
19 Booth Frank 
21 Cornes Joseph W 
23 Cubbidge Sampson 
25 Hugill Charles 
27 Stewart Robert 
29 Summervitle Edward 

Summerville M, drsmkr 
31 Powell Wm 
33 Rowles Josiah 
35 Burnbidge Robert 
37 Drury John 
39 Batstone John 
41 Nodwell Wm G, dairy 

Bruce st intersects 
43 Fearmau Thomas 
43 Jarvls Bold 
47 Hamilton Michael 
53 McClelland Mrs Isabella 
55 David Miss L, drsmkr 
57 McMurray James 
59 Jenkins Edwin J 
61 Kelly James 
63 Cooper John 
65 Smith Joseph W 
67 Smith Frederick 
69 Hutchinson Wm 
Public school 

Argyle st Intersects 
House, s e 
99 Crawford John 
101 Foster George V 
107 Crawford Thomas 
109 Davies Edmund C 
117 Dunn Jesse W 
125 Bulman Mrs Elizabeth 
127 Bulman John 

Halton st Intersects 
Closed for one block 

Arthur st Intersects 
House, s e 
169 Dlplock James A 
171 Verrall George E 
173 Aeomb Mrs Elizabeth 
Vacant lots 

Harrison st intersects 
Vacant lots 

301 Thompson John X 

Hamilton Miss J, nurse 

303 Barker Wm T 

305 Cockburn Angus A 

307 Beadle Delos W 
Vacant lots 

College st intersects 

Vacant lots 
349 McKerlhen H, teas 

Coulter Mrs K, artist 
351 McKerihen Herbert 

Private grounds 
357 Vaisev William 
359 Marshall John G 
361 Gowland Matthew 
363 Northcott Joseph 
365 Watkins John L 
367 Prince Frederick 
369 McGlllicuddy Thomas 

Vacant lots 
383 Henry George, bldr 
385 Marshall Alexander 
389 Allsopp Eamuel, tinner 

Vacant lots 
461 Barron John R 
463 Hall James 
465 Pollard Augustus 
467 Gait Wm 
469 Crowther George W 
471 Davidge Mrs Annie 

Vacant lots 
501 Pickering Wm 
503 Crocker Mark S 
505 Rogers Stephen 

Vacant lots 
527 Langdon Walter P 
529 Holmes James V 
531 Caldwell Jas, coal oil 
535 Cockburn Alexander 
537 Bovd James A 
541 Routery Walter 
513 Brooks John jr, dairy 
545 Rodgers Mrs Jane 

Vacant lots 
557 Brennan Chas, cabs 

Vacant lots 
567 Murray Wm 
573 Cooke George 
575 Ford George T 
577 Given Wm J H 
579 Gllmore Geo D, teas 
581 Anderson York 
583 Mitchell Thomas 
588 McPortland Thomas 
591 Weir Wm D 
anyi, Cleaver Arthur 
593 MoCloy Henry 
599 Langdon Noah 
605 Smith Samuel G 
607 Major Edward 
609 Royee Frank 

Vacant lots 
619 Peters Albert 
621 Shaw Jabez 
623 WInnett James H 
625 Stanners Mrs Ellen 
627 McKittriek Wm J 
629 Brend Charles 
631 Gibson Mrs Margaret 
637 Townsend Wm 
639 McCallum John 
641 Meredith Mrs Agnes 
643 Carter Miss Alice 
645 Church Mrs Louisa 
647 Murphy Mrs Mary 

Store, s e 

West Side 

Blacksmith shop, s e 
2 Montgomery Alex 
4 Armstrong George 
8-10 Pavne Wm R, contr 
Beasley T M & Co, broom 

12 Sims Mrs Julia 
14 Nicholl John 
16 Harris Edward 
18 Hardy Wm T 

Rebecca st commences 

20 Barton Edward W 

Barton K W, vioMn tchr 
22 Cooper Charles .T C 

24 Mackenzie John 

25 Jones Thomas 

30 Bacon Mrs Catherine 
34 Wilson Patrick 
36 Young Alexander 
38 Johnson Wm F 

Bruce st intersects 

Cattle yards 
44-46 Vacant (2) 
4N I oxoti i > (Mirge 
56 Coxon George jr 
58 Moore Charles 
60 Kneen Matthias 
62 Reed James 
66 Cochrane Lemuel 
68 McCarthy Timothy 
70 Speiran John 
72 Gadway Dugald 
80 McGowan Win 
84 Verral Robert 
86 Pearse Win J 
ss Vock Mrs Ann 
90 Briefly Henry, gro 

Argyle st intersects 
House, s e 
94 Keeler Win T C, bldr 
100 Douglas James 
110 Dunn John 
114 Brown Mrs Isabella 

Brown Miss C R, drsmkr 
116 Aykroyd George 

St Barnabas Church, s e 
Halton st intersects 
Closed for one block 

Arthur st intersects 
Vacant lots 
176 Bailey Wm H 
182 Walterhouse John 

Vacant lots 
194 Wilson Robert C 
Vacant lots 

Harrison st intersects 

Vacant lots 
276 Mackrell George 

Vacant lots 
298 Menton Michael 
300 Lalng James 

Vacant lots 

College st Intersects 

Vacant lot 
350 Kennedy James H 
o-o P/". v " <; Frederick 
3o2 McMordie Alexander 

McMordie M s J. dni'y 
A>4 Davidson Wm J 
356 West Peter G 
358 Wells Wm J 
360 Paxton Alexander 
300% Kerr Robert 
862 Laing Louis F 
304 Scott George 
366 Smith Theopbilus 
368 McNcillie Thomas C 
370 Beatty John 
372 Reid Charles B 
374 McLaren John G 

Vacant lots 
■388 Beatty Samuel 
390 Strehler Arnold 
392 Wilson Thomas 
394 Williams John W 
398 Sinclair Alexander M 
400 Agar Mrs Jane F 
402 Montgomery James T 
404 Abbott Mrs Maria M J 
406 MeTavish Douglas 
408 Riches Robert P 
410 Browes Maurice 
412 Owen Mrs Clementina 
414 Sinclair Mrs Helen N 

Davies Mrs S, nurse 
410 Vanghan John 
418 McGowan James 
420 Connolly Robert 
422 Price Wm R 
424 Payne John 

Vacant lots 
472 Vallentyne Thomas B 
486 McDowell Robert 
488 Clement Edwin 
490 Ham John W 
492 McKar Wm 
490 Freeman Fred M 
500 Carter Frederick 
502 Elliot Wm A 
504 Elliot Frederick 
506 Webster George H 
508 McKeown George A 
510 Crocker Luke 
512 Brooks Wm 

Vacant lots 
528 Dltchburn Thomas L 
530 Scott James E 
532 Thomson David L 
534 Stewart John 

W. & E. A. BADEN ACH, 



Telephones: Office, 2288; Res., 3516. 


OF ENGLAND, A.D. 1714. 

H.O'HARA&CO. BROKERS AND financial agents 



636 Eatou E Clifford 
638 Scott Thoinas 

Vacant lots 
648 Hartley John 
650 Purchase James 

Purchase Mrs M A, gro 

Purchase R G, dairy 

Vacant lots 
65S Hopkins Samuel 

Vacant lots 
674 Mitchell Lucinda 
676 Stuttard Winuifred 
678 Huttou James 
580 McGregor James M 
5S2 Vcrral George 
684 Nlcholls Richard E 
68(1 O'Brien Edward 
588 Moore John 

Private grounds 
592 Gilmore Isaac, exp 
694 Ralsdon James 
696 Warner George 

Vacant lots 
610 Mountford Albert V 

Vacant lots 
628 Hunter John B, coal oil 

Hunter Mrs F. fey gds 

Vacant lots 
636 Vacant 

1214 Queen w to Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Hotel, s e 

6 Vernon Ell, pntr 

7 Coulter James, exp 

8 Cronk Wm N 

11-13 Gaby Jos, blksmlth 
Dickson D J, waggon mkr 

15 Dixon Thomas J 

17 O'Neill Mrs M Jane 

19 Buhner John 

21 Craig JViu 

23 Badka Allen A 

25 Hunter Mrs Isabella 
Newlove R J, carp 

27 Pnrkes Robert 

Irving Robert, carp, r 

29 Williams Mrs Mary E 

29% beta Mrs Ellen 

31 Mosley Wm 

31*4 Osborne John 

83 Speers Mrs Mary P 

83H? Shepherd Robert 

86 Prosser James, pntr 
37 Riley John J 

39 Brasfer Charles 

41 Hill Wm A 

43 Davis Frederick C 

45 Terry Wm J 

47 Williams Alexander 

49 Wray Robert J, pntr 

51 Delory James 

53 Campbell Wm 

65 McPhee Mrs H, bdg 

67 Copcland John 

69 On by Joseph 

61 Brown James 

63 Farter Frederick 

65 Craig Donald 

67-75 Plymouth Brethren 

Meeting House 
77 Ferris Wm 
TO May John W 
81 Allen Alfred M 
83 McKee Alexander 
85 Klrkland Archibald 

87 Softley Rev Henry 
Softley Miss E. raus tchr 

89 Gladstone Av Mission 
Thompson J H. frnlt 

Argyle st ends 
91 Donovan John, btchr 
97 Shouldlce John W 
99 McGregor Richard 
101 McKav Mrs Annie 
103 Craine Robert 
MS Seaman Wm B 
107 Evans John 
109 Cameron Albert E 
111 I.yness Mrs Mary J 
113 Evans Mrs Annie J 
115 Frledrlch Bruno 
Vacant lots 

Cross st ends 
Vacant lots 

Gloucester. 15] 

165 Scott Jos G, bldr 
wl »Iamson Joseph 
169 Speers John 
171 Spence W James 
173 Peters Frank J 
175 Wilson Thomas 
177 McCarthy John 
179 Vacant 
181 Glackin George 
183 Vacant 

185 McDonald Edward 
187 Freeman Alfred 
189 Spenecley Alfred 
191 Campbell Mrs Mary J 
193 Itimmlngtou Frank 
195 Doheriy Peter 
197 Mulholland J Wm 
199 Gerow Wm W 
201 Drury Lawrence F 
203 Graham Donald 
205 Sykes Wm J 
207 Morrison James A 
209 Brew Wm J 
House, a e 

Collahie st ends 
House, s e 
215 Staunton Luke 
217 Auston Archer L 

Dundas st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Gladstone^ pi commences 
House, se 
263 Edwards C M & Co, flav- 
oring extracts 
205 McCounell Wm G 

Vacant lots 
275 Mawr George, dairy 
Vacaut lots 

College st intersects 
Coal and wood yard 
345 Mcltonald Alexander 
Davles Mrs J E 
Vacant lots 

Lindsay av intersects 
House, s e 

Sylvan av Intersects 
House, s e 

West Side 

Conger Coal Co (br) 
2 Knight Albert 
4 O'Connell Patrick 
8 McKee John 
10 O'Reilly Mrs Mary 
12 Vacant 

Vacaut lots 
22 Bartlett James C 
24 Robinson T D 
26 Osborne Wm C 
28 Dickinson Frederick W 
30 White Wm R 
32 Knox George 
34 Nesbitt Hugh 
36 Slean John 
38 Patterson Wm J 
40 Brown Samuel, gro 
Gamble J F, produce 
42 Cornish G H, shoemkr 
44 Robinson Thomas 
46 Aikens Thomas 

Peel av commences 
52 Jackson Mrs Elizabeth 
54 Scott Mrs Frances 

Scott Thos G, dairy 
56 Henderson L W 
08 Mathleson Malcolm 
60 Birch Harry W 
62 Jackson Alfred 
64 Bentley George W 
66 Lougheed Francis A 
68 Speiran George H 

Davis Samuel, bldr 
70 Bowen Price 
72 Purdon Robert A 
74 McElroy Wm H 
76 Arnot James 
78 Wright Samuel, gro 

Alma av commences 

80 Gross Horace, gro 

82 Lew Mo Kee, ludry 

84 Vacant 

86 Newton John J 

88 Clay Charles O 

90 Murray John M, carp 

02 Lonorgan Michael 

94 Virtue Robert H 
96 Trenwith John P 
98 Glynn James 
100 Good James 
102 Croft Thomas G 
Croft Mrs Ellz, gro 
Waterloo av commences 
104 Williams T H, btchr 

Murton Mrs Lucy E 
100 McElhlnney Robert 
Gladstone av school 
Trafalgar av commences 
128 Taylor Arthur W 
130 McVlcker Samuel S 
132 Gilray Wm 
134 McC.raw Wm 
136 Beldlng Charles W 
138 Kendall Robert 
140 McPhee John W 
142 Rose Mrs Sabanea 

Johnson F W, bicycle Ivry 
144 Macdonald Wm 
140 Richardson Mrs Mary A 
148 Weston Henry T 
150 Walls Andrew 
152 Kelly George 
154 Prqnhart John 
156 Reld Wm G 

Vacant lot 
180 Powell H F. mkt gdnr 
186 Prest Thomas 
188 Freeman Clarkson E 
190 Rrown Wm A 
192 Hope Robert R 
194 Willso" Reuben S 
19(1 Oster Win 
198 Flnck T. paper hngr 
200 Sibley Fred G. trphol 
202-8 Vacant (4) 
Vacant lots 

Dundas st Intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 
252 Ranmhard F R, contr 
Vacant lots 

College st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Lindsay av Intersects 
House, s e 
350 McKenzIe John R 
352 Hughes Samuel 

Sylvan av Intersects 
House, s e 

Hancock T, planing mill 

Gladstone av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Hastle Wm R 

4 O'Nell James 

6 Mitchell Wm 

8 Dale Basil 
10 Prlestlev Joseph 
12 Hvland John F 
14 Brlcknell G Harry 
16 Donkin Benjamin 
18 Scott Edwin 
20 Douglas Jnhn D 
22 Ironside Alfred 
24 Ball Samuel 

South Side 

Not built on 

GLEN RD, n from opp 27 
Howard to city limits, ward 

East Side 

1 Robertson James S 

Dale av commences 
House, s e 

Maple av Intersects 
63 Inwood Frederick G 
05 Wright John D 

Elm av intersects 
Vacant lots 

South Drive Intersects 
House s e 

Beaumont rd commences 

Rosedale Golf Club, s e 

Williamson Thos G 

Adams James 
Blnscarth rd intersects 

Rosedale Park 

West Side 

2 BauUeld Joseph A 
6 FaircJougu W E, mns tchr 
in m .^Mi-Mid Arthur J 
10 Marshall Mrs Eliza M 
12 Cooper John A 
14 Chishoim George T 
10 Simpson Rupert M 
18 Gorman James A 
20 Coles Edward W 
22 Mullln Alexander 
24 Ross Simon 
2(1 Dickenson Henry S 

40 Jiinkln James F 

Maple av Intersects 

60 Tucker Frederick W 

62 Adams Wm 

64 Irish Mark H 

66 Ellis Philip W 

68 Kcrtland Edwin H 

Elm av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Vacant house 
86 Hamilton James C 
90 Clarke Frederick G 

South Drive ends 

Caldwell Wm, lumber 


Vacant lots to end 

(ILENRAILLIE, w from 33t 
Spadina av, ward 4. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Corln Harry J 

4 Legge Herbert 

6 Powell E G 

8 Hind Robert 

10 Eagen Wm T 
.12 Dade Henry 

South Side 

1 McLean John 

3 Rowan Albert 

5 Hntchcroft Albert B 

7 Ilobson John 

9 Mullln Andrew 

11 Rowbothnm Herbert 
13 Clillds Richard 

15 Laur Edgar I. 

OLENDALE AV, n from Gar- 
den av to Wright av, first 
w of Sunnyside av, ward 6. 
Not built on 

George to Sherbourne, first 
s of Gerrard e, ward 2. 
Side and rear entrances 

GLOUCESTER, e from 601 
Yonge to .Tarvls. ward 8. 


6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones 6 and 104 

Gear & Milling Gutters, 



Scales and Valves. 


Nor I 











Head Oftic< 

W. C. 


West Side 

26 Malloy Jacob 

28 Malloy & Bryans. coopers 

34 Kearney David J 

36 Cochrane Henry J 

38 Sharpe James 

58 Liddell Thomas D, bldr 

GORDON, w from 526 Duf- 
ferin to Sheridan av, ward 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Strain Robert 
4 Shaw Emanuel 
6 Phillips James R 
8 Barnes Charles 
10 McKay John E 
12 Carmlchael Frederick 
14 Cameron Angus 
10 Hammond-Graeme Gros- 

18 Bullivant H, coal oil 
22 Gibson Robert 
24 Kearns George 

Keams Mrs A, drsmkr 
20 Leeder Albert 
28 Croslne James J 
30 Cox Charles 
32 Gray Joseph T 
34 Dearborn Wm E 
86 Willmott John 
38 Morrow James 
40 McGllllvray Hugh 
42 McKinley Wm 
44 MacDonald James H 

MacDonald Mrs J, drsmkr 
46 Rattan John W 

North Side 

4 Koenig Medicine Co 

Hastings Andrew 
8-12 Store house 

O'Keefe lane Intersects 

10 Hvues W J. plstr 
18 Nichols John B 
House, s e 

Victoria st intersects 

St James' s<i 

Dept of Education 

Model School 

Normal School 

Ontario Educational Mus- 
eum. S I" May, supt 


South Side 

House, s e 
7 Leigh Albert 
9 Scott Alexander 
11 Young Mrs Bella 

Brown Stevens 

Young Samuel 
13 Patterson Wm H 
15 Heffron Michael 
17 Miller Andrew T 
19 Skelton James 
21 Wood George A 
23 Breckon Wm 
25 Rogers John 
27 Robertson Thomas 
29 Burrell Wm 
31 Sterrltt Wm J 

Store, s e 

COKE, w from 32 Clinton, 
ward 5. 

Not built on 

GORE VALE, n from opp 877 
Queen w to r or Arthur, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

39 McGlll Wm 
41 Corn-lay Adam 

West Side 

Phillips Edward A 

GOULD, e from 339 Youge to 
Mutual, ward 3. 


Church st intersects 
82 Store, s e 

88 Carou Charles E 

Dalhousie st Intersects 
90 Scales Chas H 

92 Shaw George S 

94 Maunder Mrs Mary 

90 Stinson John T R 
98 Ferrier Wm O 

100 M&tthewa Robert 

Matthews Mrs E, bdg 
102 Walker John C 
104 Sylvester Walter J 
100 Brown Asa A 

South Side 

1-9 Empress Hotel 

O'Keefe lane intersects 
11-17 O'Keefe Brewery Co 
Victoria st Intersects 
Catl) Apostolic Church 
33 Macfarlane Wm 
35 dimming John 

Victoria st lane ends 
37 StOTCl Miss Mary A 

30 O'Leary John .T 

Dunn Miss Nora, mlnr 

41 Zurhorst Charles 

43 Gosnell Edward 

45 McMillan Gilbert 
House, s e 

Bond st ends 
House, s e 
55 Stacev Wm II 

Stacey Mrs M .1. bdg 
57 Vacant 

House, s e 

Church st intersects 
House, s e 
Dalhousie st intersects 

Roofers' yard 
87 Love Allan I 

89 Seager Mrs Jane 

91 Harstone Wm A 

93 Harstone Mrs Mary 

95 Giroux Wm J 

97 Galbraith Alexander 
Dick Miss B, drsmkr 

GRACE, n from Arthur to 
College, ward 5. 

East Side 

Public School 

Mansfield av end< 

Vacant lots 

Henderson av e 
111 Woodward James 
117 MeCague Win A 
119 I'ascoe John 
125 Woolley Mrs Sarah 
127 Tilt Richard W 
129 McGill Frederick W 
131 Balmer Mrs Jane S 
133 Henderson Thomas 


West Side 

2 Parker Edward M 

4 Pnvis Win R 
Vacant lots 
142 Stewart Mrs Helen 
144 Wharin Wm 
14(1 Stnbbings Wm 

GRAFTON AV. w from Tril- 
ler av to Roncesvalles av, 
first n of Queen w, ward 0. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Unfinished houses (2) 

18 Glen-Airston Wm 
South Side 

19 Molfatt Robert L 

GRAHAM PL. e from 83 Mc- 
Gee, ward 1. 

E. Townsend, 

Publie Aeeountanl 

Cable Address, 








Grove Av. 153 

130 Beddow Mrs Caroline 
132 McCarthy Mrs M A 
134 Spaeey George D, aect 

Wilks Robert F 
136 Whlnton Andrew B 
138 Hughes Samuel R 
140 Syms Willl.iin II 
142 McQuillan Thomas 
144 Dodge Oscar F 
146 Jackson Wm S 
148 Peacock John 
150 McMuhon Percv C 
152 Ivens Thomas P 
154 Flagler Mrs Henrietta 
158 Everett John 
162 Gray Robert 

Esther st intersects 

164-68 Factorv, s e 
170 Wright Henry 
172 Allen James, shoemkr 
Denlson av intersects 
Store, r e 
184 Almas Henrv 
186 Tnppon Harry V 
188 MoLellan James 
190 Hughes Harry 
192 Charlton Thomas P 
194 Corln Mrs Rebecca 
198 Nixon Mrs Sarah 
200 Mulvlhill John 
204 Mulvlhill Thomas J 
206 Macdonald Mrs Flora 
208 Lewarne Frank 
210 Turnbull Mrs Annie 

South Side 

House, s e 
13 Mitchell Alex, b'dr 

Mitchell A A. pntr 
15 Slattery Thomas W 
17 tlpthegrove Wm T 
19 Berkinshaw John C 
21 Hearn Edward J 
23 Macdonald David 
25 McGann Mrs Marv 
27 Pattlson A J 
29 Huckvale John E 
31 Hamilton James M 
33 Hickman Mrs Margaret 
35 Reld Duncan D 
37 Glover Wm 
39 Bemister Wm L 
41 Miller James W 
43 Robsnn Duncan A 
45 Tilt Capel 

McGowan Miss M 
47 Watson Thomas 
49 Good Georgt, gro 

Huron st intersects 
51 Hastings Charles 
53 Forster George 
55 Wood Mrs Jane E 
57 Egnn Joseph 
57M. Stevens Wm 
59 Wheater James 
63 T'nitt Frederick W 
65 Roberts Henry N 
67 Moore Rev Robert J 
69 Evans Mrs Alice L 
House, s e 

Spailina av intersects 

House, s e 
75 Hager Augustus E 
77 Shnfer James 

West Lou's J 
79 Dixon Charles J 
81 Cuttell James 
83 Holland George 
85 Gentleman Charles W 
87 Smith Wm G 
89 Mason Win 
91 Leask Samuel 
93 Hasson John H 
85 McLaughlin Miss S J 
97 James A M, bldr 
99 Burns M J 

Burns Mrs C, gro 

Vanauley st ends 
101 Vacant 

103 Quielev Wm G, Jr 
105 Duck Mrs Rhoila 
107 ODonohoe Francis 
109 Burton Thomas 
111 Howell George 

Howell Mrs J. dismkr 
113 Gonder Mrs Jane 
115 Wells Harry H 

117 Gunning J F J 

119 Kenmure Wm J 

121 Fletcher Henrv, dairy 

123 Clark James S 

125 Forsyth Henry 

129 Wilson Wm H 

131 Bates Thomas 

133 Sampson Samuel, exp 

139 Williamsou A R 

Esther st intersects 
143 Green George J 
145 Smith R Sidney 
147 Leadlay Wm T 
149 Fralick Wm 
151 Brent Frederick W 

House, s e 

Denison av intersects 

House, s e 
171 Balrd Andrew 
173 Patterson Mrs Maggie 
175 Alderdice Robert 15 
177 Ling Albert E, pntr 
179 Hubbard John A 

Chance E H, mus tchr 
181 Smith T C, watchmkr 
183 McLean Archibald F 
185 Clancy John 
187 Pepper Richard 
189 McClintock Joseph 

GRANGE RD. w from opp 69 
McCaul to Beverley, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

4 Kirkpatriek Arthur T 

24 Chin Wm 

26 Smith Prof Goidwln 

South Side 

1 McDowall Miss Barbara 
3 McCarthy Mrs A E 

5 Crawford Mrs Anna 
15 Bonlton Mrs M R 
17 TaUmadge Elijah H 
23 Madill Beujamin 

25 Montgomery John D 

John st ends 

House, s e 

GRANT, n from 742 Queen e, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, a e 
3 Shed 

7 Davis Mrs Agues 

9 Smith uha.ies 

11 Hitchin Wm H 

17 Pamenter Charles M 

23 Alexander John 

25 Henley Wm H 

Clark st commences 

Waters Thomas H, bldr 

Vacant lots 
45 Brown Robert 
47 Howard Thomas E 
49 Sandell Edward T 
."i McCarten Mrs M 
53 Stephenson George B 
55 Kay George 
57 Parry Henry 
59 Linton Robert B 
61 McTear Ernest W 
63 Amor Mrs Caroline 
65 Ayres Allan J 

Ayres Miss L, mus tchr 

West Side 

Store, s e 
6 Gilbert Henry 

8 Cosbnrn Frederick 

10 Offen Mrs Sarah S 

12 Collins John 

16 Palmer Samuel W 
20 Entwhistle John 
22 McGinnis James P 

24 Smith Wm H 

26 Walker John T 

o* r- .,■ ton Alfred W 
30 Walker Mrs Hannah 
32 Brodle John B 
34 SpofTord Ingram O 
36 Kelley George 
38 De Long Isaiah P 

Peacock Wm, r 
40 Vandervoort M B 
42 Cooper John 
44 McDonald Wm 
46 Nurse Albert E 
48 Bellman Norman T 
50 Lyons Wm 
52 Vacant 

58 Stockdale Thomas 
60 Loughrane Lawrence 

13C8 Queen e to Danforth 
av, ward 1. 

East Side 

101 Phillips Henry J 
Bradley John T 
Hutchinson Brick Co 

GTR crossing 

477 Irvine Wm P 

Logan John, brick mfr 

509 Price Joseph 

511 Walke Philip H 

575 Weir Henry, mkt gdnr 

577 Vine George H 

West Side 

House, s e 
28 Wallace James 
40 Smith John 
122 Price John, brick mfr 
160 -62 Morley W, brick mfr 
200 Sawden T. brick mfr 
242 Graham James, exp 

Gerrard st e ends 

400 O'Connor John, mkt gdnr 
422 Taverner George 

GTR crossing 

472 Vacant 

486 Richardson Jas, mkt gdnr 
526 Crew Charles 
528-32 Price Isaac, brick mfr 
Chatham st ends 

GRENVILLE, w from 472 
Yonge to Surrey pi, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Lee Kin, lndry 

Vacant lots 
12 Moor Mrs Rebecca 
14 Delta Cpsilon Chapter 

16 Lorsch David C 
18 Lash Zebulon A 
22 Taylor Henry A 
26 Campbell Alexander M 
28 Lichell Mrs Catherine 
30 Builder Mrs M K 
32 Barber John S 
34 McKinlay John 

House, s e 

St Vincent st commences 
46 Matthews Miss E A 
56 Mcintosh Wm D 
58 Green George De W 
60 Steele James A 

Watson Charles H 
62 Mackenzie Ernest C 
66 Smith Mrs Jane A 
70 Gouinlock John 
72 Cooke Wm 
74 Jaffray Robert 

South Side 

1 Vacant 

3 Johnston Wm 
11-13 Horsev Mrs Letitia 
15 Blackwell Mrs M J 
17 Irwin John 
21 Briggs Rev Wm 
23 Lain Miller 
25 McKinlay Mrs M J 

Vacant lot 
35 Macdonald Ernest A 
Wells Mrs Frances 
37 Fox Miss Mathilda 
39 Adair John 
41 Jarinan Win 
43 O'Hara Robert 
45 Williams Mrs Annie 
49 Clougher Thomas R 
51 Coulter John D 

53 Hornell Wm R 

55 Roadhottse Mrs Sarah 

59 Bugg Charles 

61 Goulding A G. dairy 

67 Stables 

71 Proctor James A 

73 Boxall George 

75 Minton Thomas S 

77 Muttleburv Miss J I C 

79 Brisley Miss Frances E 

SI Woodd Wm N 

83 McMiehael A J W 

85 Aeland Fred A 

Elizabeth st ends 
Zion Cong Church, r e 

GROSVENOR, w from 494 
Yonge to Queen's Park, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Wallis Miss Clara 
8 Evans Joseph G 
10 McCnusland Joseph 
12 Butchart George 
14 Nlchol John 
16 Campbell Donald 
18 Orde Mrs Emily 
20 Drummond Charles S 
22 Oates Miss Madeline 

24 Dark Miss Lucy 

26 McCormack Wm J 

25 MeBrlen Miss Marv 
30 Ellis Charles S 

34 Caesar G S, dentist 
House, s e 

St Vincent st intersects 
Central Pros Ch # s e 
56 Kappa Alpha Society 
60 Hnmniond Herbert C 
70 Cassels Walter G P 
76 McTavish Rev Daniel 
SO Baird Hugh N 

Surrey pi Intersects 

South Side , 

1 Store, s e 
3 Nolan Wm 
9 Wangh Mrs S A, nurse 
11 Vacant 

13 Sawyer Miss Edith M 
15 Pears George 
21 Phillips Wm C 
23 Burns Mrs Edith 
25 McKim Mrs Isabella 
27 Francis Mrs Marion 
29 Tavlor Mrs Eliza 
31 Caiilfeild H .1 
33 Foster C Colley 
35 Beaty John G 
39 Adams Mercer J 

St Vincent st intersects 
47 Wishnrt D J G, phy 
51 Ryan Peter 
57 Temple Robert H 
59 Reilly Robert 
61 Standish Ira 
65 HnmlHon James M 
67 Partridge Charles H 
71 Nesbitt Beat tie. phy 
73 Hnrnhnm George A 
75 Christie Miss Isabella 

Surrey pi Intersects 
House, s e 

GROVE AV. n from 50 Fox- 
ley to Dundas, ward 5. 

East Side 

House, a e 
1 IOGT. Duncan Marshall, 

3 McCleary Miss Amy 
5 Archer David J 
7 Agnew John H 
9 Cross Rev Wm 
11 Green John N 
13 Watt Mrs Florence M 

Vacant, r 
17 Purtill James 
21 Featherstonhaugh Mrs C u 
23 Featherstonhaugh J E 
25 Stretton Alex M 
27 Smith Wm A 

Metallic Ceilings. 

Metallic Roofing Co.,..*™ 

•Phone 5481. Cor. KINC and DUFFERIN STS. 



Telephone 2274 




154 vim vp Av. 

20 Ross Alexander 

81 Smyth Miss S M 

Rolyat st ends 
89 Clark James L 
41 Albright Ezra W 
43 Clarke Mrs Susannah 
45 Black David N 

West Side 

House, s e 
6 Green Archibald 
8 Rnwraan Mrs Ruby C 

12 Gibson Eev Jesse 

14 Whillans Itobt. contr 

16 Patterson Daniel 

18 Cunnlngton Wm J 

20 Young Robert 

22 Manseil Wm 

24 Manndrell Mrs Mary 

26 Elliott Wm 

28 Lemon Edward 

30 George Frederick 

82 George Bros, bldrs 
George John A 

88 Hallv John 

40 Belcher John T 

48 Beli Thomas 

60 Head John 

52 Blacklock John C 

54 Stammers Samuel J 

GTJELPH AV. e from Carlaw 
av to Pane av, first n of 
GTR, ward 1. 

North Side 

Public School, s e 

South Side 

21 Allan Wm 

25 Booth Charles H L 

GWYNNE AV, n from 1256 
King w to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s o 
1 Held John 

8 Smith Stephen 
5 Goodings Harry 
7 Nash Richard 

9 Hodgson Wm J 
11 Qua Samuel E 
13 Sneath Henry 
15 Lindsay Mrs J 
19 Knapp Bernard F 
23 Stanners James 

27 Crawford Mrs Mary A 

29 Flndley D A 

31 Edmanson Wm 

33 Minty John J 

85 McDonald Alexander R 

37 King Robert S 

50 Ritehev Edward J 
41 Marshall Cyril L 

Melbourne av Intersects 

House, s e 

51 Lon„' Charles S W 
53 Downing Robert 
55 Farlow James 

67 James Mrs E R 
69 Stark Mrs Jennie 
61 Clark It E, pntr 
63 Wright Ernest R 
65 Holloway Francis J 
67 Long G J B 
69 Stinson Wm 

Stlnson J McK. mus tchr 
71 Hlndson John S 
73 Ellis Wm 
75 Mtlilgan Joseph 
77 O'Kerfe James 
79 McCord James Y 
81 Sif! on Frank 
83 Bird James H 
85 Hurst Wm B 
87 Burt Wm C 
S9 Vacant 

Workshop, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
8 Duff Rev Charles 
10 Clark Wm J 
14 Wright John J 
18 White George S 





Gowanlock Andrew G 
Green Wm A 
Brennan David J 
Johnson Charles 
Moivn Wm 
Pierey Wm 

Bleeze Miss A, drsmkr 
Bleeze Miss M, nurse 
Bleeze Mrs Rebecca 
Bailey James H 
Sheffield Henry C 
Thompson Rev James 
Hum Win 
McLaehlan Lachlan 
Reecroft Alvary, bldr 
Melbourne av Intersects 
House, s e 
Godbolt Lewis 
Stone Elisha 
Johnston James B 
Ward John J 
Toi ranee Robert 
Sinclair Duncan N 
Woodley Mrs Mary A 
Bottomiey Richard 
Hall Oranne 
oackson Thomas 
Tait Thomas 
Grant Peter 
Thompson Thomas A 
Store, s e 

HACKNEY, n from 522 Queen 
w to St Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s b 
7 O'Brien Edward J L 
9 Skimerton Patrick 
11 Smith Patrick 
House, s e 

Woolsley st Intersects 

Store, s e 
19 Armstrong James 
21 Willis Mrs Elizabeth 
2:1 Colby Walter 
25 Marlborough Mrs M A 
27 McDonald James 
29 Kerr Andrew 
31 Dickman Isaac 
33 Dinan Michael 
35 Mclntyre Philip 

Barry Patrick, r 

Vacant, r 
37 Lyons Martin 
39 Curtain Mrs H 
39% Hutchison Thomas 
41 Crane James 
45 nines Mis Mary 
47-49 Lowe Patrick, gro 

Carr st Intersects 
51 Spencer Wm 
53 Cochrane Michael 
' 57 Vacant 
59 Broom Thomas 

Sweeney John, r 

Bollard James, r 
61 Ramsay Robert 
63 Devlin Daniel 
65 Tlmpson G J, mus tchr 
67 MeCallum John 
09 Freakley E H 

Beasley Mrs E 
71Weisser Frederick W 
73 Hllley James 
75 Seymour George 
77 Mission Hall 

Da vies George C, r 
79 Hughes Thomas 

Wallace Charles H, r 
81 Toidevin John B 
83 Armstrong Arthur 
85 Hawkins Wm H 
89 Flood J K 

Grange av ends 

House, s e 
97 Janes John 

Ryerson School, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

Woolsley st Intersects 
30 Ireland Alexander 
Mark Mrs Eliz, r 
34 Vacant 

Strain J W, r 

38 Duggan Michael 

King Thomas, r 
40 Griffin l'atrick 

House, s e 

Carr st intersects 
House, s e 
48 Irwin Thomas 
50 Dusliman S imuel 
52 Pettltt George 
54 Hawkins H G J 
50 Nelson James R 
58 Smith Richard 

HAGERMAN, e from 75 Eliza- 
beth, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Papernick David 

4 Allender Joseph 

6 Jacobson Isaac 
10-12 Brenner N, Junk 
14 Bloom Jacob 

10 Kruger Bell 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 McGuay Dennis 

3 Oburg David 

5 Wolfe Moses 

7 Abbott Thomas 

9 McLean James D 

11 Long John 

17 Sherman Alexander 
19 Reid Thomas J 
21 Store, s e 

HALLAM, w from Shaw to 
Dufferin, second n of Bloor 
w, wards 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
38 Roberts Richard 
40 Thompson John 
42 Jones John 

Osslngton av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Preston av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
98 Chessum George 
Vacant lots 

Delaware av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Dovercourt rd Intersects 
142 Yates Walter 

Bond Mrs C A 
146 Pepper Mrs Rebecca 

152 Kane John 

154 Pickles James H 

156 Tate Jushua 
■Unfinished house 

Westmoreland av Intersects 
176 0'Donn«Il B, flour 
180 Feast Rowland J 
Vacant lots 

Salem av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
220 Ward Charles 
228 Collins Thomas 
230 Allworth Walter, gro 

Bartlett av Intersects 

Dovercourt School 
232 Butler Wm 
234 Roberts John 
236 Browning Samuel 

South Side 

Vacant lots to Dovercourt rd 
151 Bauckham Charles 

153 Gllley Wm H 

155 Boddv Wm H 

157 Woods A E 
Westmoreland av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
189 MeBryen Mrs Abigail 

Vacant lot 
195 Montgomery Wm 

Vacant lots to end 

HALTON, w from 232 Shaw 
to Dundas, ward 5. 

North Side 

12 Ward John, dairy 
18 Levack Wm 

Mason Walter 

Vacant lots 
24 Cooper Alfred 
26 Willard Abner R 
28 Hinchey John J 
30 Cameron Frank R 
32 Durand Wm H 

Store, s e 

South Side 

St Barnabas (Aug) Ch 

HAMBURG AV, n from Bloor 
w to city limits, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
3 Robinson Richard 
7 Sole Henry T 
9 Gascoyne Ernest F 

13 Willard Frank W 
15 Mepham Joseph 

17 Layton George 

19 Summerfeldt Mrs P D 
Vacant lots 

35 McKay Robert 
87 Hedderson George 
39 Elliott Samuel 
41 Corbett John 

Vacant lots 
87 Rlmmington Walter J 
89 John 
91 Burlev Benjamin 

93 Willett Richard D 
95 Green Oscar J 

Shanly st Intersects 
151 Ball Wm 

Hallam st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
257 Busby George 
259 Arnold John 
261 Warner Mrs E M, gro 

Warner G E, pntr 
273 Strongitharm Geo. exp 
279 Robinson Marshall 
281 Balmer George H 
283 Andrews Alex, pntr 
285 Edmonds James 
287 Kilgour John, carp 
291 Moore John 

Vacant lots 
301 Wilson George 

Vacant lots 
321 Gooder Wm 

Factory, s e 

Van Home st Intersects 
Railway crossing 

West Side 

12 Carruthers Thomas 

14 Dinsmore E T 

18 Colville David S 

20 Robertson David 
22 Hatch John 

24 Smith Thomas 

Vacant lots 
76 Quigley T G, dairy 

Vacant lots 

94 Bennett Mrs Martha 
98 Watson Thomas 

Vacant lots 

Shanly st Intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
156 Hand Wm 

Vacant lots 
178 Kennard Alfred E 
180 Richardson George 
182 Willis Samuel 
184 Sharp Wm 
186 Hamilton James 
188 Goold Wm 
190 Dean Alexander 

Vacant lots 
218 Poucher Maurice W 
220 Vacant 
222 Parsons Wm T 
224 Hall Thomas S 

Vacant lots 

Hallam st Intersects 

Trivate grounds 
256 King John 
Vacant lots 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building:, Cor. King and Bay. 


20,000 in use> Strictly High Grade. 


143 YONGE ST. mM S!!£'A'i?ZSZttr* 

Harbord. 155 

270 Wreu Daniel 
272 Pitt Walter 

Vacant lots 
288 McNeill Daniel D 

Vacant lots to end 

from 682 
Gerrard e. 

Qneen e 
ward 1. 

East Side 

House, s e 

II Carroll Joseph 
13 Stephany Kobert 
15 Otter Edward J 
17 Smith Win J 

23 Crowe Edward 
27 Stalford Samuel 
29 Allister John 
31 Gllby Harry 
33 Cairns Bernard 
85 Weeks James 
37 Allen Mrs Sophia A 
89 Reynolds Thomas H 
41 Blrney Win 
45 Storehouse 
Store, 8 e 

Paul |t intersects 

47 Humphreys Thomas S 

49 Mitchell Wm J 

51 Weller Henry 

53 Smart George I 

55 Hannah W H, bldr 

57 Darley Charles H 

69 Patterson James 

61 Lowe Uobcrt t 

63 Care Thomas 

65 Mooney Isaac 

67 Hilts James 

69 Ward Wm 

71 McCarthy Frank 

73 Arnold Samuel 

75 Wellwood Wm 

77 Barkey John L 
Vacant lot 

83 Dale George 

85 Olsen Aksel S 

87 Coyne John T 

89 Emnicrson Samuel 

93 Lyons Bichard 

91 Schmidt Henry 

Vacant lots 
101 McKav Mrs Ellen 
103 Wlnfleld Charles 
105 Charles Mrs Mary 
107 Smith Alexander 
109 Parm Charles 

III Banks George 
Banks Miss N, drsmkr 

113 Johnston Arthur T 
115 Moran Edward 
117 Green Mrs Margaret 
Store, s e 

Elliott st Intersects 

119 Anderson Thomas 

Mulllns Mrs Ellen, r 
121 March John C 
125 Vacant 

Morton Wm, r 
131 Roberts Edward J 
133 Davis Moses A 

Vacant lots 
145 Plummer Thomas J 
147 Kruse Wm H 
149 Bunstock Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
167 Bronson Ole 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Mountstephen st Intersects 

173 Blake Edward 
177 Wildbore Wm 

Vacant lots 
181 Thompson F A 
183 Whittall James 
185 Novell John 
187 Evoy John T 
189 Goss Arthur 
191 Besso James 
197 Corrigan James 
199 Wlsmer Joseph 
201 Hilton Thomas 
203 Oldfleld Alfred 
205 Russell Christopher 
207 Hastings John 
213 Haines Mrs Eliza 

West Side 

Store, s e 
12 Stoner Abraham 
14 Gordon John J 
16 Clements John 
18 Roy Wm 
20 Strachan James 
22 Price Wm 
24 Abbott Charles 
26 Symonds Mrs Sarah 
32 Bourne John 
34 Hill Henry 
36 Anderson John 
38 Young Alexander 
40 Greenwood Judson C 
42 Matthews Andrew 

Paul st Intersects 

Tubllc School 
80 Waring John 
82 Best John 
84 Bally Wm 
86 Mlchell Robert E 
88 Pollock Wm B 
90 Vlckers Jeremiah 
92 Gracey Wm J 
94 Webb Charles J 
96 Hoult James 
98 Vacant 
102 Campbell Septimus R 
104 Relllv Hugh 
106 Hurd Herbert 
108 Patterson Wm, produce 
112 Collard J H 
114 Bridges Obed P 
116 Sales John F 
118 Whitney Hamilton 
Vacant lot 

Elliott st Intersects 
120 Tassie Alexander S 
122 Vincent Wm 

Vincent Wm E, r 
124 Stockton M H, drsmkr 
130 Curtis David 

Private grounds 
142 Woods Mrs Charlotte 
Woods E N, urns tchr 
Unfinished building 

Mountstephen st intersects 
174 Millar Samuel 

Vacant lots 
194 Mountstephen Edward J 
196 Normansell Henry 
212 Baker Charles 
214 Wood George 
216 Worthing Henry 

2246 Queen e, ward 1. 

Hanlan Miss M A, rest 
Hanlan John, pleasure 

boats (permanent) 
Alward John (permanent) 
Hotel Hanlan 

East Side 

Not built on 
West Side 

House, s e 

Charlton Mrs Margaret 
Williams Thomas 

Bathurst to Mantling av, 
first s of CPR, ward 5. 

North SiSe 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

House, s e 

Palmerston av ends 
Vacant houses (2) 
House, s e 

Manning av ends 

HAMPTON AV. n from 
Sparkhall av to Danforth av, 
second e of Broadview av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

Island), northwestern ex- 
tremity of the island. 

fourth e 
ward 1. 

n from Queen e, 
of Kingston rd, 

Not built on 

HANOVER PL. n from 416 
Queen e to Sydenham, ward 

East Side 

5 Holywell Mrs Jane 

7 Bruuton Wm 

9 O'Brien Mrs Sarah 

11 Dalsall George 

13 Cameron James 

15 Cameron John 

17 Knight Henry T 

19 Forbes Benjamin 

21 Ashby Wm 

23 Ford Wm 
House, s e 

West Side 

Lumber yard 

18 Whitney Mrs Jane 

20 Connell Mrs Catherine 

22 Taylor Abraham 

24 Crozler Charles 
20 Crozler John W 
28 Ennls Wm T 
30 Rottler Wm 

32 Thompson Mrs Susannah 
34 Brown Edgar 
House, s e 

HARBORD. w from 120 St 
Georee to Clinton, wards 4 
and 5. 

North Side 

House, 8 e 
4 Stirling Rev Duncan 
6 Tyson Robert 
12 Vale Wm J 
lfi Crompton R W 
18 Clarke Charles L 

Huron st Intersects 

House, s e 
22 Le Grow Lewis, plmbr 
24 Le Grow Lewis, drv gds 
26 Burls Charles 
28 Davis Thorn-is J 
30 Campbell T M 
32 Thornton Robert 
34 Merryflelrt Mrs Jane 
36 Newman R W, carp 
38 Cane Wm E 
40 Smith Thos H 
42 Irons Wm, shoemkr 

Store, s e 

Spndlnn av Intersects 

Store, s e 
44 Campbell John 
46 McGregor Philip W 
48 Spear Miss Julio, drsmkr 
50 Rnmmery E C. lndry 
52 MeKeml'V J Nelson 
54 Gallow Charles 
56 Bolus Svdney 
58 Crnnfleld Mrs Rose A 
60 Hopwood James 
62 Brampton Wm H, bldr 
64 Beresford Mrs Mary 
66 Tooze Fred J 
68 Bain Wm, baker 

Robert st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
78 Pearse Wm T 
84 Morrison Johnston 

Morrison M'ss E L.drsmkr 
86 Dever John J 
83 Lucas Mrs Jane F 

Vacant lot 

Major st Intersects 

Store, s e 
94 Havnes John, express 
98 Cobb George W 

Brunswick av Intersects 
100 Enrlght Lawrence, gro 
106 Robert Simpson Co, bkrs 

Borden st Intersects 
108 Rogers John G, gro 
110 Vacant 

112 Henderson Francis 
114 Havnes Lionel S 
116 McKee Mrs Sarah J 
118 Pinel Arthur A, pntr 

Atkinson G D, mus tchr 
120 Maxwell James 
122 Derry Hugh 

Ulster av Intersects 
124 Stewart Wm, pntr 
126 Flute George C 
128 Macdoiiflld George D 
130 Crawford John 
1X2 Mitchell James C 
134 Wlggln Thomas 
136 Smallwood Wm, fey gds 
138 Lowes J W, gro 

Llpplncott st Intersects 

Store, s e 
142 Dempsey Michael 
144 District Nurses' Home 
146 Gardiner J A 
148 Tavlor John 
150 SMpmnn Joseph T 
J52 Gibson Mrs C B 
154 Nelson Miss Mary 
156 Tavlor Mrs Mary C 
158 Tonne J H 
160 Taylor Robert, gro 

Bathurst st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Markham st Intersects 

House, s e 
182 Dowle Walker 
184 Hahkirk Robert 
180 Willoughby John H 

Vacant lots 
Palmerston av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Euclid av Intersects 

Harbord St Coll Inst 
Manning av Intersects 

238 Splan Thomas 
200 McClelland T H 

South Side 

Unfinished bldg 
la Hart Mrs Annie 

Hart Ada E S, mus tchr 
3a Haigh Charles J 
1 Robinson Rnlph A 
3 Houghton Miss Amelia A 
5 Birmingham Robert 
7 Grant Mrs Sarah C 
9 Craig Frank L 
Craig Mrs F Mcl, vocalist 
11 Pettit John H 
13 Steuart Walter A 
15 Clisdell Edward 
17 Tinning Thomas 

Huron st Intersects 

House, s e 
19 Warren Wm H 
21 Hood Andrew 
23 Anderson Mrs Annie S 
25 Balnes Edgerton H 
27 Fraser Alexander 
29 Leigh Edward 
31 Menellley Miss Julia 

Prince Mrs Charlotte 

the most Complete Murray's Tables. 

INTEREST TABLES are revised edition. 

ZH. 8, S'A, 4, i'A. 5. 5K. 6, 6J£ 7, 7K aj« 8 
per cent. Prom 1 day to 868, on $1.00 
to $10,000. price $10.00. Apply to 
B. W. MURRAY, Osgoode Hall, TORONTO. 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

Telephone No. 423. 


156 Harbotd. 


33 Hagarty Daniel 
35 Wilson David H 
37 Dymond F R 
39 Robinson T R 

Spadlna av intersects 
House, s e 
43 Smith Edmund J 
45 Larsen Mrs Jennie 
47 Pillsworth Mrs I J 
49 Vacant 
51 Gorrie Robert 
53 Wlober Mrs Elizabeth 
55 Bowker W H A 
57 Hamilton Alex, phy 
59 Hunter John 
61 Hamilton Milton C 
63 Llmin Fred H, btchr 
65 Allport Thos, shoemkr 
67 Sterratt Mrs E A, btchr 

Robert st intersects 

69 Wright Andrew, gro 
71 Duggan Mrs Annie 
73 Winchester Thomas 
75 Kienzies Mrs Rebecca 
77 Saunders Thomas 
79 St John Charles J 
81 Tozer Ephraim 
83 Pugmire J T 
85 Saunders George J 
87 Bakewell Ebenezer 
89 Clancy Bros, grocers 

Clancy Hugh P 

Clancy Michael M 

Major st intersects 

Store, s e 

Store, s e 

Brunswick av intersects 
99 Vacant 
101 Smith John 
103 Anderson James 
105 Wiles Steoben 
107 Schiller Mrs Margaret 
109 Rosebatch A N, pntr 
111 Grundy Richard S 
113 Terry Frankland, drugs 
Borden st intersects 
Store, s e 
115 Richardson Charles 
117 Lamoreaux Charles S 
Lamoreaux Charles S 
119 Horncastle J D 

Ulster nv intersects 
121 Gaynor George 
123 Tvler James 
325 Collins Richard 
127 Easton David 
Vacant lots 

Llpoineott st intersects 
Store, s e 
135 Harris James 
House, s e 

Bathurst st. Intersects 
House s e 
157 Vacant 
1S9 Rocket Rev John 
House, s e 

Markham st intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
Palmerston av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Euclid av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Manning av intersects 
Store, s e 
263 Morcan J H, coal oil 
265 Dunham Charles H 

HARBOUR, w from Yonge, 1 
8 of ry tracks, ward 3. 

North Side 

Railway tracks 

South Side 

Park and rear entrances 

HARCOURT AV. e from Car- 
law av to Pane av. first s of 
Danforth av, ward 1. 

HAROLD, w from Perth av 
to GTR, first n of Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

HARRIET, e from 433 Leslie, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

North Side 

22 Deakin George 

South Side 

7 McGrath John 
1.'! Wright Jobn 
19 Ingle W'm H 

Hastings av ends 

HARRISON. w from 30G 
Crawford to Dovercourt rd, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Vacant lots to 108 
10S Kyle James 

110 Stonier Mrs Elizabeth 
Stonier Miss E. violin tehr 

114 Marshall John, contr 

115 Cunningham Alexander 
120 Realty Harry 

Yewman Fred* r 
Bennett John, r 
122 Honrv Wm 

Hunter Isaac E, r 

154 Powell Abraham 

126 Rose Matthew 

128 Hancock James 
House, s e 

Lakeview av Intersects 
134 Cronln Patrick F 
136 Boulton Mrs Martha J 
Skating rink 

South Side 

Vacant lots to 93 
93 Pryco Benjamin 
Vacant lots 

Ossington av intersects 

Vacant lot 
lnr, Winter Albert K 
107 Plummer Ernest E 
109 Rutherford Erasing C 

111 Rutherford Wm, jr 
113 Lambert John M 
115 Tnvlor Hubert E 
115'/a Robinson Wm 
117-19 Hughes Jas. dairy 
151 Christie George 

12:; Smith Alfred 
125 Thomas John C 

127 Hamilton James 

129 Snow Wm 

131 Sewell Mrs Susan 
House, s e 

Lakeview av intersects 

House, s e 
141 Bayliss S: McGowan, con- 

Bavllss John C 
1471 Wllon* Joshua H 
145 RatelifTo Thomas * 

Ratcllffe Miss M. mns tchr 
147 Purvis Thomas R 
140 Cottrell Wm. tinsmith 
151 Parker Arthur H 
153 Malcolmson Herbert H 

155 Gavin Richard 
157 Graham Wm T 

House, s e 

HARVARD AY, w from Cal- 
lendar to Roneesvalles av, 
first n of Queen w, ward 6. 

N'orth Side 

4 McNalrn James H 
12 Clarke Samuel S 
14 Smith Henry W 

Vacant lot 
26 McNalrn Sainue 1 
28 Lax-ton Wm 

Vacant lot 

Unfinished bouse 

Vacant lots 
42 Gowanlnck James Jr, contr 

Vacant lots 
62 O'Neil Mrs EHze.hoth 

64 Fov James W 
66 Goodwin Wm H 
68 Cassidey Jesse J 
70 Strachan Georsre 
72 Baker Robert S 
74 Mahony Edward 
76 Addison Frank W 
78 Kennedv Mrs J n 
80 Blggar Emerson I! 
82 Coooer Georce H 
84 Clark James 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
23 Merner John 

Unfinished house 

Vacant lots 
33 Couse Frederick 

Triller av ends 
61 Thornton Thomas 
House, s e 

HASTINGS AY, n from Ger 
rard e to Harriet, first e of 
Leslie, ward 1. 

East Side 

21 Poulton Shuffroy, coal oil 
West Side 

24 McGrath Bernard 

HAVELOCK, n from College 
to Bloor w. second e of Duf- 
ferin, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Lindsay av commences 
Vacant lots 

Sylvan av commences 
100 Ross James L 

Hepbourne st intersects 
Unfinished houses (2) 

226 Mantou James 

22S Robert Wm 

230 Vacant 

290 Bovd James A 

Dale av to Nanton cres, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Burns Douglas A 

:! Whitehead Wm E 

5 Kerthtnd A II Rowan 

West Side 

8 Lewis Charles 
10 Elliott Win H 

UAYDEN, from 709 Yonge 
to rear of Jarvls, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
U Clark Wm II 

Chisholm Mrs E, drsmj>r 
16 Iiraybon Stephen 
20 MeClung Mrs A J, uurse 
22 Wilson Albert 
24 Haines Samuel J 
26 Dnvies Thomas 
30 Lester Marcus T 
82 Smailoy Wm 
34 Smaller Ralph L 
36 Morrison Mrs Susan 
38 Muir Frank 
40 rtiinn John T 
44 Robertson James S 
46 Radiev Harinan 
48 HiH Charles J 
no Rnnnle Mis Maria 
52 Macphall Mrs M A 

54 Dick Archibald B 

56 Mitchell J J, piano tuner 

55 Ronnie Robert W 
60 Burton George 

02 Smith John 

64 Smith John 
06 Wilson James C 
OS Bell Wm A 
House, s e 

Church st intersects 
House, s e 

South Side 

Slori> s e 
y Reddlck George 
11 Hill Wm J 
n Ci amberlain Theodore II 
17 Staines 

21 Hyde Frederick C 

25 Amos Henry 

27 M. <Y,v Samuel 

29 Mearns Mrs Jean 

31 Davidson Thomas 

35 Wilson John T 

41 Keith George G 

43 Andrews Mrs Mary A 

47 Taplin George 

49 Carnochan James M 

51 Talbot Henry, dairy 

5:! MeKlnoon Mrs Bella 

55 Jeffery Thomas 

57 Charlton Mrs Annie 

59 Fnlgwia Charles 

61 Youtifc Wm 

63 I'uiiaysou Mrs Maria 

65 King John 

67 Wilson Alfred 

09 Slater Mrs Emma . 

House s e m 
Cnurch st Intersects, s e 
79 Rodger Wm P 
St Authors James 
83 lion>a!l Wm P 
85 Morse Wm 
SI S ail; M ! ss Mary A 
S'l U James 
•II Booth Arthur G 
93 Jane John H 

Jaue Ida L, mus tchr 
95 Lyon Anhur L 

HAVER, w from 402 Yonge 
to Chestnut, ward 3. 

North Side 

2-4 Stewart Andrew J 
*« Ilo'ohau Thomas 
10 ( a.ier J & A, drsmltts 

Career James 

Carter Miss Agnes 
12 Sytuons John 
14 Col'.trn John 
16 Jenkins Thomas 
18 Creche Nursing Inst 

Maybnry Mrs Mary A 
20 Tomnu John J 
22 Burton Charles 
24 Parsons Wm 
26 Robinson James 
28 Randall Edward H 
30 Smedley Edward 
32 Thompson Charles N 
34 Cleghorn Robert W 
34^ Thompson Isaac 
36 Cornish Mrs Hannah 
38 Lee Charles H 

Lewis Win, r 
40 Aggett James 

Lumber yard 
54 Smyth 1' Joseph 
56 I-Iolman Thomas W 
58 Williamson Robert T 

Teraulny st Intersects 

House, s e 
62 Vacant 

04 Dingman Samuel P 
66 Browne Charles 
68 lion-bank James 
70 Cook Wm J, grocer 

Mission av intersects 
74-78 Nursing at Home Mis- 

James Miss Nellie 
80 Bible Woman's Home 

Mcintosh Miss Bella 
82-84 Bethany Orphanage 

Mellii k Miss Annie 
86-83 Melliek James 

Elisabeth st Intersects 
HO ti2 Tagllettl Nicholas, gro 


lectric and Gas Fixtures 

Fixtures Made to Special Designs. 




American Copper Go. 

BRITISH COLUMBIA I Mines and Stocks handled by E. GARTLY PARKER 
and REPUBLIC (Wash.) | 


Telephone 1842 12 ADELAIDE ST. E. 




04 Lamb David 

96 McKnlght Max. tlr 

»S Powis Win J 

100 Spotton Charles 

102 Storev John 

104 Vacaut 

South Side 

Store, s e 
11 Kenney Merritt \V, putr 
Ki'iiney C L. elocutionist 
13 Wilkinson Edward 
15 Jefferv John 
17 Bonnick BUM Chirlotte 
Tldv Mrs Enima, nurse 
19 Smith Mrs Jane L 
21 Johnston Mrs Janet 
23 Asbby Mrs Martha 
25 Hornsl'aw Win 
27 Davis Robert W 

Markie Mrs Jane, r 
20-31 Newell Augustus & Co, 

organ reeds 
33-41 Standard Silver Co 
Factory, s e 

Teraulay st intersects 
House, s e 
63 Nelson Robt G. carp 
G5 Gourley Wm S 
67 Wynne Mrs Louisa 

Mission av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
77 Williamson George 
79 Bell James 
81 MoKniirtit Mrs Phoebe 
83 Rogers John 

Elizabeth st intersects 
85 Corbitt Wm. btchr 
87 Galbrnith Clark 
89 Rome David 
91 Murray Michael 
93 T.anglois Mrs Eleanor 
95 Weber Mrs May 

HAZELTON AV. n from 108 
Torkville av to Davenport 
rd, ward 3. 

East Side 

13 Richardson George A 
15 Maxwell Mrs Jane H 
17 Crosbie Charles 
19 Matthews Henrv J 
21 McKav John B 

Scollard st ends 
Congregational Church 
37 MorTey Thomas 
41 Young Samuel, carp 
45 Battle Mrs Cecilia 
49 Murphy Joseph J 
51 Hurlhurt Charles W 
53 Bedford Ebeuezer, Ice 
55 Fontaine Wm J 
57 Harvey Miss Susan 
59 McKav Mrs Elizabeth 
61 Bailey. Wm J. bldr 
63 Burritt George L 
65 Duggau Mrs Charlotte V 
67 Sanders Mrs Ellen 
69 Wood John 
71 Duncan Mrs Phoebe 
73 Durkin Annie L 
75 McGowan Samuel W 
77 Haire Alfred T 
79 Case Miss Ruth 
Case Mrs Anne 
81 Harrington Mrs Elizabeth 

Berryman st ends 

85 Richardson Mrs Emma 

87 Graham D Langford 

89 Kew Wm 

91 Hendry Wm J 

93 Seheak Jacob M 

95 Jackes Charles B 

97 Chester Arthur 

99 Howson George V 
101 Plewes David 
103 Fawcett Miss S J 
105 Glbbins Luke H 
107 Parker Miss Elizabeth 
109 Wills Mrs Frances L 
111 Taylor P Foster 
113 Pearson Elletson L 
115 Collier Wm. bldr 
117 Hirons Wm D 
119 Jacobs Col Clement T 
121 Caldwell George 

123 Ryan Wm A 
125 Whlton George L 

Whiton Mrs Lizzie, artist 
127 Taylor Wm J 
129 Rlppon Edrick V 
139 Shaw Thomas 

Store, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
12 Armstrong Mrs H M N 
14 Coleman Arthur W 
16 Sheppard L C, bldr 
18 Gullett Fred B 
20 Mackintosh Catherine J 
26 Fitchett Wm 
28 Giles Frank 
30 Simpson Francis 
32 Kvle Miss Eliza 
34 Rice Thomas G 
38 Wyatt Edward W 
40 Mlddleton John 
44 Mitchell Robert H 
46 Young Mrs Eliza J 
48 Fotherlngham David 
50 McPherson George J 
52 Lawson Mrs Catherine 
56 Williams George 
• 58 Carman Geo H. eontr 
62 Wbvte Mrs Ann 
64 Klllaly Richard F 
68 Turner Charles F 
70 Thurston Wm D 
72 Harford Leonard 
74 Keller Frank 
70 Rutherford James 
78 Hine George A 
80 Crang James, bldr 
86 Adams John G 
88 Rogers Albert S 
90 Noden Andrew 
92 Steers Mrs Margaret 
94 Hughes David W 
96 Anderson Mrs Louisa 
98 Putnam Alanson H 
100 Mover Eli N 

Avenue pi commences 
104 Kerr James F 
106 Dixon Richard P 
108 Cole George 
110 Adams Mrs H. dairy 
112 Glew Thomas 
114 Renaud Mrs Mary A 
110 I.ailev Mrs Maria 
118 Y'oung Alfred I 
House, s e 

Pape av to Jones av, first 
s of Danforth av, ward 1. 

■ from 

av to 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

Vacaut lots 
133 Gard George 
139 Hill Wm 
145 Robinson Albeit 

opp 329 Manning 
Grace, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Weatherell Thomas 
4 Milllgan Robert 
6 Allcott John S 
8 Sylvester X F 
10 Swann John 
12 Baxter Joseph 

14 Billings Thomas R 
16 Smith Thomas C 

15 Petrie Mrs Emma 
22 Black Alexander 

House, s e 

Clinton st Intersects 

House, s c 
28 Woodgate Arthur 
30 Campbell Wm D 
32 Fanning John 
34 Brimstin Alexander 
36 Wilson James 
38 Strutt Charles F 
40 Palin Thomas 
42 Harding Mrs Ellen 
44 Allln James G 

4S O'Malley John L 

Johnston Duncan S, r 
Store, s e 

South Side 

1 Mantle James, gro 

3 Thompson Richard 

5 Smith Alfred 

7 Gibbs Wm 

9 Lee Mrs A E 
11 Smallridge Wm F 
13 Britton John 
15 Marshall Frederick 
17 Duffy Owen 
19 Sheridan James 
21 Webb Samuel J 
23 Wilson Richard 
25 Mawson Mrs Esther 
27 Ford Mrs Mary 
Store, s e 

Clinton st intersects 

Store, s e 
37 Martin Timothy 
39 Smith Alfred 
41 Tomlinsou Mrs Anna M 
43 Reed Mrs L, drsmkr 
45 O'Callaghau James, exp 
47 Rao James 
49 Behan Thomas H 
51 Beer George 
53 Hovenden Wm 
55 Allan John 
57 Johnston Robert 

HENRY, n from 26 Baldwin 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Smith Frederick 

3 Gourlay Robert S 

5 Cooper Mrs Annie 

7 Firth W Francis 

9 Judge George H 

11 Parkinson John M 

13 Thompson Wm 

15 McGowan Thomas J 

17 Davidson James W 

19 Doherty Thomas 

21 Phillips Francis 

23 Rubidge Charles M 
23V- Brendon Frederick 

25 Green Mrs Rebecca 

27 Thomas George 

29 Bulger Isaac J 

31 Prlngle George, phy 

33 Champ John S 
35 Cerberrv Kennedy 

37 Hodglns John C 
39 Cull Caleb H 

41 McDonald Mrs Ellen 
43 Clark James E 
45 Kennedy Alfred F. 
47 Solomon Wm J 
49 McCleary Joseph 
51 Zammers Francis J 
53 Simpson Mrs Susan 
55 Anuitage Mrs Harriet 
57 Davis Samuel G 
59 Gibson John F 
61 Tucker Rev Samuel 
63 McDonald Mrs M A 
65 Tucker John O 
67 Wilson Jacob 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

2 Shaughnessy Mary 

4 Conlin Miss Annie 

6 Mitchell Mrs Emily E 

8 Kennedy George 

10 Tavlor John 

12 Austin Richard 

14 Creed Albert E 

16 Nolan John 

18 Munro Hugh 

20 White Sirs Lydia 

22 Matthews Richard 

24 Gorrie Alexander 

26 Miller Edward W 

28 Hnhndorf Fred 1\ 

30 Towns Edward 

32 Bolster Thomas L 

Cecil st commences 

34 Lear Mrs Elizabeth 
30 Aikenhead Thomas E 

38 West George 

40 Blight Harry M 

42 Wilson Wm J 
44 Home John 
46 Jeffrey Francis 
48 Maguire John 
50 McWhinnle Wm 
52 McCleary Thompsou 
54 Nudel Frank N 
56 MacPherson Wm 
58 Hughes James L 
GO Irish Mrs Octavia S 
62 Fenwick Thomas 
64 Urquhart Alexander 
6G Price Frederick W 
68 Acton James 
70 Monypenny Wm 
72 Richardson Joseph A 
74 Armstrong Victor 
76 McCammon John 
82 House, s e 

HEPBOURNE, w from Os- 
slngton av to Dufferln, first 
s of Bloor w, wards 5 
and 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
Vacant lots 

Concord av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Delaware av intersects 
66 Sturgess George 
Vacant lots 

Dovercourt rd intersects 

Vacant lots 
114 Smith Vincent 
116 Oakley Frederick 
118 Calladine John 
120 Addy George 

Rusholme rd intersects 

Vacant lots 

130 Allwell Robert J 
132 Vacant 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

1 Robinson John T 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Concord av intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
35 King Mrs Janet 
37 Robinson Wm A 
39 MacKay Rev Alexander 
41 Whittaker Richard 

Delaware av intersects 

Vacant lots to end 

HERBERT, w from Osier to 
GTR, second n of Koyee 
av f ward 6. 
Not built on 

HERBERT AV, n from Queen 
e to city limits, first e of 
Woodbine av, ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Leslie David J 
9 Wilson Richard 
11 Wood James F. 
13 West Henry C 
15 Potter Alfred 
Flatt Zephaniah 

West Side 

Joselin Wm H 

Lye Henry S 

Ross Mrs Catharine 

HERMAN AV, n-w from 
Ritchie av. first n of Dun- 
das, ward 6. 

Not built on 

HERRICK. w from opp 195 
Borden to Manning av, 
wards 4 and 5. 

INSURE BritisiTAmerica Assurance Co. 

■^Losses Paid Since Organization, 517,983,159.11. 


FIRE and 

Standard Life 





Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 

158 Herrick. 


North Side 

House, a e 
6 Tedford Thomas W 
8 Vansiekler James 
10 Hallett Stephen 

Ulster av intersects 
Private grounds 
Llppincott st lutersects 
Store, s e 
86 Rowson Win J 
88 Goode James 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

Puhlic School, s e 

Ulster av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Llppincott st Intersects 
21 Camphell J J, gro 
23 Forrest Charles 
25 Rvthol! Wm H 
27 Grindall Edward 
29 McGregor Nell 
81 Henrv Robert 
83 Ritt Mrs Ann 
85 Lennox David 

House, s e 
Bathtirst st Intersects 

Vacant lots to end 

HEWARD AV, n from East- 
ern av to Queen e, first e of 
Carlaw av, ward 1. 

East Side 

21 Webb Harry S 
23 Martin James A 

25 Passmore Joseph 

27 Graham Wm J 
Vacant lots 

83 Porter Johnson 
85 Dean James 
87 Clark Charles S 

39 Martin John 

41 Shackleton John 

43 Hymas James 
Vacant lots 

49 Mitchell Robert 

51 Dennett Wm 
Vacant lots 

67 Vogel Wm D 

69 Beaune Edmund J 

Vacant lots 
91 Cox Daniel G 
93 Dodd John H 

West. Side 

26 Ellis George 

28 Martin Wm J 
Vacant lots 

38 Bent Joseph B, contr 

40 Jeffries Henrv G 

42 Logan Charles T 

44 Frame James 
46 Winters Joseph 
48 Griffin John W 

50 Martin Harry C 

52 Oolvtlle David 
Vacant lots 

74 Manson Robert 

HEWITT, w from Ronces- 
valles av to Indian rd, first 
n of Howard Park uv, ward 

Not built on 

East Side 

Rear entrances 
West Side 

House, s e 
6 Brown Wm 

TIerney John, r 
8 Burns Maurice 
10 Vacant 
12 Vacant 
14 Vacant 

HICKORY, n from 216 St 
Patrick, ward 4. 

HICKSON, w from a lane to 
79 St Clarens, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Wedderburn George 

4 Buchan Alexander 

6 Anthony John R 

8 Campbell Harry T 

10 Press Frederick T 

12 Gibson Alfred W 

14 Logan Mrs Margaret 

16 Morris Edward 

18 riumtree Thomas 

20 Perry Richard 
Vacant lots 

34 Nugent Daniel 

86 Watlsins Edward A 

38 Bremer Mrs J, drsmkr 

South Side 

1 Brown Frank 

3 Sheriff Wm 

5 Hayes John 

7 Killeen Francis J 

9 Hogan Andrew 

11 Patterson Mrs Jane 

13 Day James A 

15 Abbott Wm 

17 Hudson Thomas 

19 Morton George 

21 Rundstaller Andrew 
House, s e 

HIGH FARK, at southwest- 
ern boundary of city, en- 
trances Lake Shore rd and 
College st. 

Meyer Mrs P V, restr 
Wright John, mkt gdnr 
Wise Thomas, caretkr 
Wise Wm A 
Stinson Robert 
Stlnson Wm J 
Creilly John 

HIGH TARE AV, s-w from 
Dundas to Roncesvalles av, 
first n of Howard Park av, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

19 Gray James 

West Side 

Not built on 

HlOGA AV. w from Indian 
rd to Kobe av, first s of 
Howard Park av, ward 6. 

Not built on 

HOGARTH AV, e from 
Broadview av, third s of 
Danforth av, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Slater Joseph T 
4 Herst Samuel 
Vacant lots 
48 Sheppard James J, exp 
64 Heys Thomas 

Bowden st commences 
68 Hogarth George 

Hampton av intersects 

South Side 

Not built on 

HOME PL, n from 110 Oak to 
Reid, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Rogers Frank 

2 Godfrey Wm 

3 Poison John 

4 Henderson Mi s Margaret 

5 Rutter Frederick B 

6 Henderson Robert 

7 Moorecroft John 

West Side 

Not built on 

HOMEWOOD AV, n from 154 
Carlton to Wellesley, ward 

East Side 

1-5 Oldright Wm, phy 
7 Brown T Albert 
9 Browne John C 

15 Ness Archibald 

17 O'Nell James 

19 Hinch Miss Emma 

21 Hemphill Mrs Charlotte 

23 McMahon John 

25 Underwood J Elbrldge 

27 Hough Henry 

20 De Laplante Magloire 
81 Beckett Nathaniel J 

33 Broadwood Miss Julia 

35 Cosford Wm E 
37 Cleland Wm 

Hurst pi commences 

39 Klrkland Archibald 
41 Thatcher George E 
43 Hirst John 

45 Niece S Herbert 

47 Vanderbnrg A J 

49 Oliver Robert 

51 Hinds L D Arcy 

53 Brown Wm 

55 Steel Arthur G 
Steel Miss L. drsmkr 

57 Rriggs James R 

59 Yeomans Mrs Cynthia 

61 Huestis A Edward 

63 Lnmsden Hugh D 

65 Hofmann Miss T, school 
Private grounds 

77 Sherborne Samuel J 

81 Burnett George G 

83 Hammlll Jnmes H 

85 MacMnhon Mrs Anastasla 
87 Bvam Jesse F 
89 Bruce Josiih 
01 Gregory Wm 
93 Hill Wm 

95 Garrett Alexander N 
Private grounds 
107 Klngstone Fred W 

West Side 

House, s e 
12 Pearson Charles 
14 Raymond Burrows 

16 Lawrence Mrs Annie B 

18 Whitehead Frederick W 
20 Blackstock Rev Wm S 

24 Stevenson Mrs Sarah 
Montague pi commences 

26 Burns Rev Nelson 

28 Martin Mrs Elizabeth 
30 Weichert Sigmund 

32 Ramsay Robert H 

34 Thomson J B, paper hngor 

36 Madge Thomas 

40 Moody Wm G 
Moody Miss F, drsmkr 

46 Pettlgrew Robt L, bldr 

48 Bell Mrs Amelia 

50 Henderson James 

52 Douglas Wm M 

Suffolk pi commences 

54 Davies Robert, grocer 
54t/» Tilley Wm 

56 Paine JohnJB 

58 Dobson Mrs Mary 

60 Read Mrs Matilda 

62 Andrew George 
Andrew Miss O. drsmkr 

64 Dixon Frederick J 

66 Isaac John J 

70 Carter Edward T 

72 Lord Rohert F 

74 West Robert O 

70 Parker Mrs Margaret 

78 Cragg Fred H 
80 Ahern John 

Maltland pi commences 

82 Dunstan George H 

84 Cox Arthur 
House, s e 

HOMEWOOD PL, n from 
Wellesley, opp Homewood 
av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
13 Molr David 

West Side...,. 

10 Huestis Archibald M 

IIOOrEU AV (Toronto Is- 
land), n from Lake Shore 
av .second e of Manitou rd, 
ward 4. 

3 Donald Richard A 

7 Allan Robert J S 

8 Dyas Mis Emma W 
11 Equi Wm J 

13 Goodman diaries E 
22 Copping George It 

HOSKIN AV, w from Queen'f 
Park to St George, first a 
of Bloor w, ward 4. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Wycliffe College, Rev J P 
Sheraton DD priu. Her- 
bert U Mortimer registr 

Toronto University, r e 

HOWARD, e from 00:3 Sher- 
bourne to Parliament, ward 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Jardine Robert L 
6 Keith Jojin 
8 Taylor Wm D 

House, s e 

Glen rd commences 
Vacant lots 

24 Kenuelly Albert D 
2<! Wenborne Oscar C 

28 Boyle Wm C 

30 Smallpeice Wm R 
Vacant lot 

St Simon's Church 
58 Sinclair Mrs Henrietta 

Carr Mrs Gertrude 
60 Blackford Edward P 
62 Laugblin Robert J 
64 Horfon Albert 
66 Rawlinson Mnrmadnke 
68 Collins J W, lumber 
70 Noble James 
72 Austin H N 
76 Kerr Wm 
78 Self Thomas W 

Self Bros, bldrs 
86 Johnson Miss Henrietta 
90 Lipscomb Henry J 

Vacant lots 
102 Denroche Mrs Anna 

Denroehe Miss M, school 
110 White Thomas 

South Side 

13 Coxwell C W II 

15 Hamilton George R 

17 Coxwell Hvlton, gro 

Reid Mrs Margaret 
19 Munn John, gro 

Bleecker st ends 
21 Duff James, gro 
23 Finch Thos W, btchr 

25 Walterhonse D C. drugs 
27 Bovnton E jr, btchr 

29 Blanker Wm J, confr 

31 Cobban Wm E M 
33 Lee Thomas J 

35 McBride Archibald 
37 Murphy Edward 
39 Brvan Wm J 
41 Griffith G A 
43 Jacob John 

Hoskins Mrs H. nurse 
47 McHardv Mrs Noble 
49 Cooke Wm 
51 O'l.oane John T 
53 Simpson Richard 
55 Berthon Augustus M 
57 Ma lor Cecil 
59 Smith Walter H 

Ontario st ends 

House, s e 
Fire Hall, s e 

Rose av ends 


Unrivalled for TOUCH, TONE, ACTION, 


110 Adelaide St. W. 11 Queen St. E., Tort- a. 






Medical Buildin?. Cor BAY and 

1 ifilliuillg, RICHMOND Sta, 

Telephone 421. 
Residence, 28 LEONARD AVE. 
Telephone 8090. 


Huntley. 159 

House, s e 
85 Wallace David B 
87 Page James J 
89 Cradock Stephen 
01 Couch J T 
03 Mitchell James F 
95 Vance James 
07 Campbell Joseph 
99 Clarke Mrs Mary 

101 Vacant 

103 Hay James R 

from nearly opp 012 Dun- 
das to High Park, ward 6. 

North Side 

Tor Ry stables 
Market gardens 
Roncesvalles av Intersects 
74 Freeman John 

Indian rd Intersects 

South Side 

35 Jellimau Thomas W 
Roncesvalles av intersects 
89 Smith Robert 

Indian rd Intersects 
173 Downs James, restr 

HOWIE AV, n from opp 17 
Clark, ward 1. 

East Side 

15 Hall F Asa 

17 Cook Mrs Emma 

19 Alien George F 

21 Pemherton Leigh T 

23 Van Sommer James 

25 Lawson Walter J 

27 Blaney Robert J 

Vacant lots 
37 McLaren James A 
39 Currie John A 
41 Sherrin Dennis P 
43 Prendergast Wm 
45 Prlttle Robert W 
47 Ross John 
49 Williamson John W 
51 Cockburn Wm A 

Vacant lots 
73 Houston Wm R 
75 McCoIlum Harry K 

Vacant lots 

Barton av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
99 Chadwlck Edward M 

Vacant lots 
117 Jones S Alfred 
119 Imrie James 

Vacant lots 

East Side 

1 Smith Major 
I Pratt Isaac 
5 Manuel John J 

7 Gray Henry S 
9 Pearson James 

11 Murray George 
13 Lowe Reuben 
15 Raymond John M 

17 Butcher Henrv 
19 Hobson Wm J 
31 Hewlett John 
33 Badgerow Jesse 

35 Eatuerlev Mrs Ann 
37 MacDonald Nell 
39 Hawthorn Wm L 
49 Johnson Richard W 
51 Hanks Robert 
53 Outhwalte Wm L 
55 McDowell Wm 
57 Gamsby Eldon D 
59 Edgar Walter A 

West Side 

8 Mitchell James 
10 Mitchell Wm E 
10 Murray Robert 

18 Jones John B 

HOWLAND AV, n from Bloor 
w, opp Borden to CPR, 
second e of Bathurst, ward 

Wells st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
145 Musson Wm B 
147 Boake G Wilfrid 
149 Abbey Edward 
151 Andrews George 
153 Carmlchael Wm R 
155 Kennedy Joseph J 
157 Turner Hugh S 
159 Simmons Enoch 

Vacant lots 
105 MacDonald Samuel 
167 Copeiand Isaac 
173 Lee Wm T J 
177 Roberts Robert J 
179 Jeffrey John M 
181 Balrstow Jonathan 
183 Matthews Wm 
187 Landon James 
187M, Courtney Jonathan S 
189 Nutter Richard 

191 Brown Amanda 
Maunder Joseph 

193 Harrington Thomas P 

195 Thompson Thomas 

199 Owen Wm, whol btchr 
201 Baxter Henrv G 
203 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

Dupont st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
227 Death Edward 
229 Hicks George J 

Railway crossing 
307 Boake Mfg Co, lumber 

West Side 

16 Farmer Jones H 

18 McKie Joseph W 

20 Miller Israel I 

22 Glover James A 

24 Cochrane Mrs J B 

26 Strachan James 

28 Spence Mrs Elizabeth C 

30 Sinclair Donald 

34 Lowther John 

36 Markham Rev Joseph 

38 Steward Arthur P 

Vacant lots 
48 Kellow Moses S 
50 Fasken Rev George R 
52 Piatt Samuel 
54 Fischer Wm G 
56 Rowland G W 
58 Bassett Samuel 
64 McMillan Mrs Mary A 
66 McMillan James W 
Vacant lots 

Barton av Intersects 
St Alban's Cathedral, s e 
86 Sweatman Rt Rev Arthur, 
DD, Lord Bishop of To- 

St Alban's Cathedral Scb 

Cathedral close 

Wells st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
130 Burford James H 
132 Rogers Norman 
134 Wilkins James 
136 Kilgore T Harry 
138 Kilgore Samuel 
140 Harris James 

Burt John jr 
144 Craig Wm 
150 Lowen Bernard 

Private grounds 

192 Butterworth H C, florist 
Buffv Reuben 

Hicks Mrs C, nurse 

194 Howie R G, gro 

196 Tlbbs John, coal oil 

Dupont st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
214 Morris Arthur 
216 Jeffery Charles 

Railway crossing 

HOWLAND RD, n from 746 
Gerrard e to Langley av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

17 Falconbrldge Charles 
19 Care Mrs Harriet 
21 Stewart Mrs Mary 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Store, s e 

Simpson av enda 

12 Waugh George 

14 Pudsey Amos 

16 Mahaffy Wm S 

18 Noble Wm J 

22 Francis Sam, confy 
Francis Miss M, drsmkr 
Vacant lots to end 

HUGO AV, w from Perth av 
to Franklin, first n of 
Royce av, ward 6. 

Not built on 

Dundas, second n of Regent, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

HUMBERT AV, w from 82 
Dundas to Dovercourt rd, 
ward 5. 

Store, s e 
7 Thorn Wm 

9 McTaggert Mrs Mary J, 
13 Wilcox Wm 

Brookfleld st ends 

House, s e 
21 Hennessy James H 
23 Jones Charles F 
25 Blackwell John A 

House, s e 

Fennlngs st ends 

Store, s e 
39 Plaxton Anthony 
41 Clark Benjamin W 

Store, s e 

North Side 

Store, s e 
4 Mulhern Bryan 

Glfford Mrs C, nurse 
6 Burns Edward H 
8 Adams Frederick W 

Humbert pi commences 

14 Atherley Wm 

16 Bennett Arthur A 

18 Rogers Joel 

20 Thaycrs Mrs M J 

22 Bird & Co, plmbrs 

24 Rogers Albert J 

Miller Miss L E, mus tchr 
26 Lloyd Joseph 
28 Bird Charles M 
30 Francisco John J 
32 Bcale Mrs Mary 
34 Smith Frank 
36 Attrell Robert H 
38 Rason Samuel 
40 Bell Robert 
42 Honeycombe Wm 
44 Klrkby Thomas W 
46 Milligan Alexander 
48 Gill Mrs Bertha, tlrs 
50 Giles James W 
52 Aiklus John E 
54 Beldam Arthur D 
56 O'Brien Charles J 
58 Ingram Charles W 
60 Dickinson Richard 
62 Dewsbury John T 
64 Jordan Mrs Sophia 
66 Jordan Frederick 
68 Roderick John 
70 Plttam Mrs Matilda 
72 Simmons Wm J 
74 Smith Joseph J 
78 McCreary Richard 
82 Emmett James 

Milligan John W, r 
84 Tucker Walter A 
86 Bachle Joseph 
88 Brookes Frank 
90 Earl Thomas 

Store, s e 

South Side 

HUMBERT PL, runs n from 
14 Humbert av, ward 5. 

Rear and side entrances 

HUNTER, e from 419 Jones 
av to Leslie, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, 8 e 
20 Ryan M J, mkt gdnr 
Finucan Thos, mkt gdnr 

South Side 

Windle Simeon J 

HUNTLEY, n from head of 
Earl to South Drive, first e 
of Jarvis, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
5 Love Frederick 
House, 8 e 

Isabella st intersects 
House, s e 

35 Ironfleld Thomas 

37 Newcombe Octavius 

39 Croft Wm 

41 Thomas Arnold W 

43 Ross John F 

Linden st commences 

47 Holden John B 

49 Dinaman Archibald W 

51 Morley Frank G 
53 Swift James 

55 Andrew Mrs Fannie 

57 Gray John G R 

59 Garde Henry 

61 Chapman Alexander 

63 Sherlock J M. vocalist 

65 Patterson George E 

Selby st commences 
67 Dunnet Thomas 
69 Yuille Horry A 
71 Wilson P Turner 
73 Scott James 1r 
75 Cooper Duncan D E 
77 Moure Ferdinand A 

Berthon Miss C S, artist 
79 Spencer Clayton J 

House, s e 

Bloor st e Intersects 

House, s e 

Bridge over ravine 

House, s e 

Elm av intersects 

House, s e 
125 Dexter Thomas G 

West Side 

Private grounds 

Isabella st Intersects 
House, s e 
34 Bull Mrs Emma S 

36 Foster Mrs Charlotte E 

38 Vacant 

40 Tebbs Mrs Alice 

44 Bengough John W, artist 
46 Meredith Arthur 

48 Bilton W George 

52 Brown Vere C 
Private grounds 

84 Spence George 

86 Crawford Charles A 

88 Johnston W S 

90 Townsend Charles J 

92 Boothe J:uufS 

LANGLEY & LANGLEY, Architects. 





Toronto Fruit Vinegar Go. Limited 

81 FRONT ST. E. 

160 Huntlev. 


94 Rice Onier F 
98 KnaDD Frederick A 
House, s e 

Bloor st e intersects 
House, s e 
Bridge over ravine 
House, s e 

Elm av Intersects 
House, s e 
120 .Tarvis Beaumont 
126 Scott George 

Meredith eres commences 
128 Rannie Mrs F M 

HURON, n from 2S Phoebe to 
city limits, crossing Bloor at 
350, ward 4 

East Side 

1 Graham Robert, gro 
3 Southwick O G 
5 Vance Mrs Lydia 
7 Shea Kenneth P 
9 Roworth Ci tt 
11 Blackwell John A 
13 Toutant Eugene 
15 MacCauley Mrs Ellen 
17 Upshall Charles 
19 Bailer's Hail 
21 Rice Mrs Melissa 
23 Pendergast Mrs Ellen 

Store, s e 

Sullivan st Intersects 

House, s e 
29 Ellison Wm 
31 Donley Henry 
35 Ford Mrs Julia A 

Anderson George, r 

Firman John, r 
37 Rittenlierg Isaac 

Reld Mrs Agnes, r 

Firman John, r 
39 Ely Gilford D 
41 Sanderson Thomas 
43 Murphy John 
45 Dorrlngton Jos, shoeuikr 
47 Good George 

Store, s e 

Grange av intersects 
49 Carson Wm J 
51 Cusack Thomas 
53 Harris Mrs Mary 

Harris Frederick 
55 Healey George H 
57 Parker David G, bldr 
59 Sullivan Mrs Margaret 
61 Foster Charles W 
63 Armstrong Robt H 
C>5 Smith Wm 
67 Lannin Thomas 
69 Reburn Wm G 
71 Perks James 
73 Snowball Tom, gro 

St Patrick st intersects 

House, s e 
75 Lumbers George 
77 Hurt Mrs M J 
79 Carnev Miss Ellen 
81 Dunsford O O H 
83 Mulr Thomas 
85 Gray Miss Isabel 

House, s e 

D'Arcy st intersects 

House, s e 
107 Beeknian Robert T 
109 Montgomery S R 
111 Bentty Christopher 

House, s c 

Baldwin st intersects 

House, s e 
123 Macdoneli Alexander 

Vacant lots 

Cecil st Intersects 

House, s e 
153 Higgins Frank O'C 

Higgins Wm H 
155 Mcl.eod John E 
157 Williams John H 

Williams S J, drsmkr 
159 Toogood F W 
161 Gagen Robert F 
163 Armour Douglas 
165 Paul Rev Charles T 
167 Chadwlck V C 
169 Langton Miss Annie 

171 Pennington Miss A 
173 Clougher Joseph P 
175 Hollwev Thomas C 
189 Davison John B 

College st intersects 
213 Stevens Wm 
215 Johnston Wm D 
217 Haggart Daniel, agt 

Haggart Mrs C, drsmkr 
219 Dickie Mrs Elizabeth 
221 Mitchell Thomas 
223 Smith Henry 
225 Blizard Wm H 
227 Forster Mrs Margaret 
229 Armstrong Robert 
231 Crozler John A G 
233 Jenkins Mrs Mary E 
235 Steele Georce 
237 Durand Chas, barr 
239 Muldrew Wm 
241 Bnird Wm M 
243 Moss Harry T 
245 Somerville Mrs Agnes 
247 Butcher Nelson R 
249 Cousins Edward J 
251 Rennle Mrs Helen A 

Russell st intersects 
House, s e 
253 Vacant 

255 Monaghan Frederick 
257 Taylor George 
259 277 Victoria Club 

Victoria Skating and 

Curling Assn 
Toronto Curling Club 
Victoria Skating Rink 
Victoria Bowling Club 
Victoria Hockey Cluh 
Victoria Lawn Tennis Club 
Victoria Whist Club 
Griffin John 
House, s e 

Willcock st intersects 
House, s e 
289 Macpherson Alexander 
291 Rodger A F 
293 Fleming Frank A 
295 Henderson David 
297 Kerr Miss Sarah J 
299 Sanderson Miss Amy L 
301 Roberts Mrs Annie S 

Classic pi commences 
303 Smith Wm H 
305 Tulloh John G 
307 Preston Mrs Jane 
309 Martin Mrs Phoebe 
311 Powell Jas, gro 
Watkinson Geo 
House, s e 

Harbord st intersects 
House, s e 
329 Painter Thos, bldr 
331 Young James M 
333 Painter Thomas 
335 Drquliart F H 
337 Storer Alex 
339 Doll Mrs Ellen 
341 Hardie Mrs Christina 
343 Higgins H C W 
345 Donkin Robert H 
347 Bowman Wm J 
351 Pringie Charles 
353 Merrett Alfred C 
355 Larjvoy Antolne 
357 Neal George 
359 Brayley Robt C 
361 Smith Wm H 
363 Dowier Mrs Agnel 
365 Pearcv Gilbert S 
307 O'Hara M Joseph 
369 Darley Robt, baker 

Sussex av intersects 

House, s e 
371 Forbes W R. massage 
373 Livingstone Miss M 

St Thomas (Ang) Church 
395 Sankev Villlers 
397 Merritt Thomas 
399 Prizer Wm L 
401 Shaver Charles 
403 McMurtry Wm J 
405 Partridge Wm H 
407 McCutcheon James K 
409-15 Laing Wm J, florist 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Bloor st w intersects 

House, s p 
455 Welton Rev .Daniel M 
457 Smith Frederick J 
459 Langmuir E A 

House, s e 
Prince Arthur av ends 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
485 Sinclair Angus 
487 Smith R A 

House, s e 

Lowther av intersects 

Unfinished house 
507 Seath John 
509 Middleton Wm E 
511 Moffat Mrs Margaret 

518 Gordon Stewart 
515 Gray Mrs Mary I 

519 Man son Wm 

521 Muelntyre Thomas J 
529 Matheson Rev James 

Public School 
543 Leavens Byron K 

Vacant lots 
571 O'Beirne J C 
573 Lovell Robert 

Vacant lots 

Bernard av intersects 

Vacant lots 
601 Keenao. Wm, bldr 

Vacant lots 
661 Stone Wm 
665 Carter Wm 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

House, s e 
20 McFarlnnd R, dairy 

Store, s e 

Sullivan st intersects 

House, s e 
24 Slater Isaac 
20 Keating P John 
28 Tavlor Harry A 
30 Phillips Wm 
36 Rumball Wm H, tailor 
Grange av Intersects 

Store, s, e 
38 Moore Wm H 
44 Thompson John 
46 Kelz John S 
48 Smith Mrs Mary 
50 Fulton David 
52 Davison Mrs Isabella 
54 Humphrey Richard 
56 Saulter Mrs Mary 
58 Hodgson Mrs Cath 

House, s e 

St Tatrlck st intersects 

House, s e 
70 Bonn Miss Lulu 
72 Hall George 
74 Smith John A 
76 Slmonds James 
78 MacKav John A 
80 Watson Mrs Eliz 
82 Smith Mrs Susannah 
84 Love Walter F 

D'Arcy st intersects 
House, s e 
102 Hyam Henry M 
100 Lowe George 
108 Brodie F A 
110 Oakley Charles D 
Store, s e 

Baldwin st intersects 
112 Morgan Joseph C 
114 MnoPhorson Mrs Emily 
116 MeEachern Donald, bldr 

MeEaehern T, drsmkr 
118 Travcrs Miss Annie 
120 Mcintosh Allen 
]22 Cowan Mrs Amelia 
124 Gilroy A A 
120 Bristol Edmund 
Vacant lots 

Cecil st Intersects 
144 Benn Roy F ■ 
146 Reeves Mrs Annie 
148 Porteous Wm A 
150 Birks Arthur 
152 McLean Wm J 
154 Dickson John 
156 Wliltton Isaac 
100 Smith M F, dentist 

162 Waste Alphonso D 
164 Boasi John S 
160 Batting Wm H 
168 Lawsou Mrs Sarah A 

Strath? C A, piano Inner 
170 Joss John 
172 Pratt James 
174 Crott John II 
176 McLachlan Hugh H 

House, s e 

College st intersects 
200 Grace (Homeo) Hospital 
210 McConnell Mrs Margaret 
212 Mara Mrs E M 
216 Coady Richard T 

Division st commences 

House, s e 
238 Milligan Walter R 
240 Denton J Herbert 
242 Edwards Donald C 
244 Thorne Miss Anna M 
246 Irving Thomas C 
248 Butt James 
250 Mackay James A 

Russell st intersects 

Private grounds 
256 Palmer John J 

Private grounds 
266 Webster Alexander F 
268 Barclay George J 

Barclay W E, mus tchr 
270 McQuillan Thomas 
272 Walker Robert E 

Orchard st commences 
274 Brown Robt T, bldr 
278 Temple Edinond B 
280 Smith James G 
2S2 Kerr Urith 
284 Mav E Newton 
286 Archer Mrs Martha 8 

Archer Miss U, mus tchr 

Archer Miss K, mus tchr 

Archer Miss E, artist 
288 Patersou Mrs Ellen 

290 Montgomery John T 
292 Iiowerman James 

Bowerman Miss L, nurse 
Drew Miss Adella, nurse 
De Vellin Miss C E, nurse 
Craig Miss M, nurse 
Macdonald Miss M, nurse 
Barnard Miss M L, nurse 

291 Watt Hubert L 
296 BeTzner Jacob 

Willcock st intersects 
nonse, s e 
298 Strickland W D'E 

300 Beatty Joseph W 
302 Wilson Mrs Isabella 

301 Northeote Reginald 
306 Fisher Wm D 

308 Macintosh F P 

Classic av commences 
310 Drewry Mrs G 
312 Howland Peleg 
314 Buchall Thomas S 
310 Mooie Wm H 
318 Watl'.ngton John H 

320 Donald Richard A 
322 Macdonald A N 

321 Hnrgraft John 
321'' Locke Richard 

Vacant lots 
882 1 earce A Swinton 
,".34 Belfi Andrew 

Harbord st intersects 
336 Bremner John 
338 McKenzie Mrs F, Icy gds 
340 Johnston James 
342 Dawson G W 
344 Sunderland George 
346 Smyth S D 
348 Rutherford John jr 
350 Hamilton Wm S 
352 Fletcher John 
354 Lanskall Jas S. bldr 
356 Crowe Francis W 
358 Barnard Benjamin S 
360 MeGrath James 
362 McCaffery Mrs Ann J 

Morris st commences 
364 Ganng Aung, lndry 
360 Harman Richard H, bldr 
368 Castle George 
370 Kent Herbert A E 
374 Varcoe Frederick R 


Lake Simcoe ana Grenadier Lake 

Telephone 217 or 5103 GRENADIER ICE & COAL CO. 


CANADIAN RUBBER CO., Cor. Front and Yonge Sts., Toronto. 

«• ALPHA " Druggists' Sundries in Rubber Goods. 


Isabella PI. 161 

876 Radford Miss Margaret 
878 Ryerson George M 
Vacant lots 

Sussex av Intersects 
886 Charlton T M. gro 
888 Ferguson John 
390 Vacant 
892 Maxwell F J 
394 De Njonl It S J 
396 Robinson George H 
398 Rohlnette Thomas C 
400 Sharkey George P 
402 Wallace Mrs Marianne 

404 Covernton Miss A 

405 Selhy Thomas 

406 Hargrave J H 
Washington av commences 

410 McLintock John W 
412 Guy Matthew 
414 Ryme Francis 
416 Robinson George M 
418 Coulter Joseph 
420 Twltchell Charles E 
426 O'Brien James B 
428 Secord Herbert C 

Vacant lots 

Rloor st w Intersects 

Preshytcrlnn Cli. s e 
476 Coleman Arthur P 
478 Lee Thomas B 
480 Rol>erts David 
482 Vacant 
490 Mlllman Thos 
402 Wright Henry J 
494 Campbell Rev A 
496 Drummond H A 
500 Cox Herbert C 
502 Vacant 
504 Kay Mrs Ellen C 

Vacant lot 

Eowfher av intersects 

Vacant lots 
532 Brodie Robert T 
534 Fraser Thomas E 
536 Sanderson Frank 
538 Mills Samuel D 

Vacant lots 
578 Grand James 
580 Ince James 

Vacant lots 
594 W T anless John, phy 
596 MacKenzio James M 
598 Pack George H 
600 MoAinsh Daniel T 
600 Lytle Thomas A 

Bernard av Intersects 

Vacant lots to end 

HTTRST PL. o from 37 Home- 
wood av, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Collins Ernest 
4 Fox Godfrey J 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Fullard John 

3 Steel John 

HUXLEY, w from Dufferln 
to Jameson av. first s of 
King w. ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

Tyndall av Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Spencer av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Cowan av Intersects 

28 Rogers Edward A 
30 Gould Joshua M 

Vacant lots 
44 Long George A 

Vacant lot 
48 Ardagh F A F 
50 Smith George 
52 Harkness Thomas 
54 Wright Joseph 

56 Watson Mrs Ellen 

58 Robinson Wm 

60 McCarthy Jesse O 
62 Little Frank H, gro 

Dunn av Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
68 Culverhouse Edward 
70 Thorn John O 
. House, s e 

Close av commences 
72 Harrison George P 

South Side 

41 Howard Samuel W 
43 Chisholm Wm A, barr 
47 McMahon Charles E 
49 Vacant 

Tyndall av intersects 

Vacant lots 
19 Haultain T Arnold 

Spencer av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Cowan av Intersects 
49 Crocker John B 
51 Carlon John 
53 Cralgie Mrs Helen 
55 Maclean Wm 

57 Vacant 

59 Forgie Wm H 

Dunn av intersects 
GTR station 

INDIAN RD. n from Queen 
w (Lake Shore rd) to city 
limits, first c of High Park, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

McDonell Rolling Mills 
Garden av ends 

119 Thompson Phillips 
123 McMillan Percy E 

Wright av ends 
275 O'Donohue J. mkt gndr 

Geoffrey st intersects 
307 Scott Wm J, mkt gdnr 
Pimficld Dl cuds 
Vacant lots 

Marmaduke st ends 
Vacant lots 
Howard Park av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
401 DuVernet Ernest E A 
405 Smith Eden 

Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

36 Faulkner Miss Anne J 

120 i mMing George 
126 Conlson Wm H 
130 McWIlliam John J 
150 Harrison Mrs Agnes 

Cherry av commences 
168 Dawson Rev Alex 

Hioga av commences 
268 McAneney Bernard 
280 Dunk G W, mkt gdn.r 
368 Thompson F, mkt gdnr 
Howard Park av intersects 
420 Efolkes Edward G B 
Vacant lots to end 

INGHAM AV, n from Win- 
chester Drive to Hogarth 
av, first e of Broadview av, 
ward 1. 

Not built ou 

INKERMAN, w from opp 57 
St Nicholas to Chapel, ward 

North Side 

Infants' Home, r i 
22 Hi ndrlck Michael 

24 Stevens Alfred 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Cringle Wm J 

3 Armstrong Miss Mary 

7 Steele Wm 

9 Flndlay Mis Jennie 
11 Quinn John 
13 Hamilton John 
15 Tuck Bence 
19 Sinclair John 

IRENE PL, e from Calling to 
Osslngton av, first n of 
Bloor w, ward 5. 

Not built on 

IRVING AV, w from ry 
tracks to Edwin ay, second 
n of Bloor w, ward 6. 

Not built on 

IRWIN AV, w from 641 Yonc 
to Chapel, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

6 Carr Wm H 

8 Consalus Mrs Amelia 

10 Blakely Wm N 

12 Carr Beujamln F 

14 Addison John H 

St Nicholas st Intersects 

16 Foster Wm 

18 Jackson Reuben 

20 Quinn Frank 

22 Graham George 

24 Bleaken Charles 

26 Teagle Lewis 

28 Carter Frederick E 

30 Hoi way Albert T 

32 Forsseli C3rl A 

34 McNichol John 

36 Terrell Mrs Eliza M 

38 Barton David W 

40 Lackey Wm A, contr 

40y 2 Hopkins Thomas N 

42 Tardot Thomas 

■>4 Knowios Richard 

4 . Vac-nit 

48 Bedley Charles 

52 Iiyich V\ m P 

South Sice 

Store, s e 

Tai slcy Charles T 

7 Lluchan M John 

9 C'L.'Iing Wm 

11 Young Nelson S 

13 Ikuiison Howard 

15 Conigan Mrs Eliza 

17 Harrison Thomas C 
House, s e 

ISA I'LL LA, e from 639 Tonge 
t-> S'icrbourne, wards 2 aud 

North Side 

2 Stoie, s e 
10 Hugo R H, bdg 
12 MacMIlIan John A 
18 f-inlthers George 
20 Ross John 
22 Montgomery Wm J 
24 H.iv Mrs Mary 

Hawes Rev O B 
26 Vacant 

30 Mm lay James, horse dlr 

32 Lewis Wm F 

o"» I'Vnum Edward J 

38 Wood Robert A 

-12 Brown Mrs Louise 

44 McLwen Rev John P 

46 Lee A Burdett 

48 Smith James D 

50 Sheridan John T 

52 Ferguson John 

54 8 Walker Holford, phy 

Rothcrham House Hosp 
60 Williamson Mrs Eliza 

Jeffers T C, mus tchr 

02 Collinson Samuel 

64 Hyde Rev Thomas B 

66 McLaren Mrs L 

68 Bingham G A, phy 

Church st intersects 

72 Corley J W S 

80 Falconbridge Hon W G 

86 Walsh Miss M, drsmkr 
Boake Frank 

8S Wright Joseph 

90 Foy James J, QC 

92 Greey John G 

94 McMaster Mrs Helen Ii 
House, s e 

Jarvis st intersects 
House, s e 
118 Boyd James T 
120 Frankel Maurice 

Huntley st intersects 

126 Hallam John 

146 Dalton Charles C 
162 Cox Edward W 
164 Ryrie Harry 
148 Hilton Thomas 
168 Beatty Samuel G 
170 Strong Miss Celia 

South Side 

9 Doane Mrs E M 
11 Virtue Mis Adelaide 
13 Sparling Charles P 
15 Burus G Ferrier 
17 Britton Wm, phy 
19 Byrne Lawrence V 
21 Henderson Mrs Jane 
23 Still Edward 
2r> Haslitt Robt, dentist 
27 Fleming James 
41 Zeta Psi Fraternity 
49 Ryan James B 
51 Stalker Mrs Emma E 
53 Symons Herbert C 
55 Heighington Joseph 
57 CoIIyer John jr 
59 Thomas Charles IT 
61 Petry Charles B 
63 Clarke Lionel H 

65 Llovd Ellis 

67 Boyle Patrick 

69 Macdonald Miss Janet 
71 Duncan Mrs Emily 

73 McBrine Patrick 
House, s e 

Church st intersects 
House, s e 
83 Bennett Mrs Caroline 
85 Harvey Wm C 

87 Lvon Win A 

89 Morton David jr 

91 Wallace Mrs Eliza 

93 Clarke A Russell 

95 Pearson Wm H 
House, s e 

Jarvis st Intersects 
House, 8 e 

Hnntley st Intersects 
123 Murphy James 
125 Church of Eng training 

127 Watson John 
129 Flett John 

131 Playfair John S 
133 Gunn James W 
135 Harris Mrs Jena G 
137 Saulter Joseph 
139 Macdonald Adam F 
141 Ramsay Robert H Jr 
143 Sloan John 
145 Stanway George 
House, s e 

172 St Patrick, 

s from opp 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Peterson Mrs Siisanna 

3 Hall Joseph 

5 Reld J Charles 
7 Pickett Harry J 
9 Hill John H 

11 Beatty Robert 

West Side 

2 Francis Albert 

4 Darling John 

6 Billing Samuel 

To be had of cuiy Printer, I 
COMPANY, Limited. | 




Telephone 2413. 

ARCH. CAMPBELL, M.P., President. 

THOS. CRAWFORD, M.P.P., Vice-President. 
WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, General Manager. 
PAHA ni AM Pfl Selects risks in fire protected places, 
UnnnUlnH OU. anc j g , V cs rates accordingly. 

162 Isabella PI. 


8 Burns Wm 
10 Both-well Archibald 
12 Smith Gordon 

ISLAND PARK (Toronto Is- 
land), lies on u s of Island, 
bet Hanlan's and Ward's 
Points, ward 4. 

Kitnings David M (per- 

Goodwin Capt Joseph, 
pleasure boats (perman- 

Goodwin Wm T 
Goodwin James A 

IVY AV, e from 445 Leslie, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

7 Simpson Mrs Delia G 
13 McAlister W J, coal oil 
19 Crew Isaac 

JAMES, n from 30 Queen w 
to Louisa, ward 3. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
7 St James' Hall, s e 
11-29 T Eaton Co, r e 

Albert st intersects 
Salvation Army, s e 
Church, s e 

West Side 

City Hall, s e 

Albert st intersects 

House, s e 
34 Trevor Mrs Elizabeth 
36 Coupland Mrs Margaret 

T Eaton Co, stables 

JAMESON AV, n from the 
lake to Queen w, Inter- 
secting King w at 1429, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

27 Bernard Clarence A 

29 Vacant 

33 Reid George W 

85 Sproatt Henry 
Vacant lots 
Empress cres Intersects 

47 Harris Whitney T 

53 Howard Alfred H 

GTR crossing 
Huxley st ends 

73 Corbold Cecil E 

75 Gray John C 

87 Kammerer J A 

89 Stuart Francis F 

93 Ford Joseph H 

95 Wood Alfred W 

99 Smellie Wm 
101 Williamson Wm H 
103 Gerald Charles 
105 Barr Frank F 
107 Keith Austin H 
129 Clemes Matthew P 
131 Watson James 
137 Morrow John 
139 Vomer Wm A 
Vacant lots 

King st w Intersects 
155 Wilson Frederick 
157 Andrew John B 
161 Watson George F 
163 Hoover Addison H 
165 Goulnlock George 
167 Kelley Charles 
169 Rogers Joseph E 
173 Scott James 
177 Harrison James A 
179 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
187 Turnbull Wm F 
189 Winchester John 

195 Jameson Av Coll Institute 
Unfinished house 
Skating rink, r e 

West Side 

28 Edwards George 

Laburnam av commences 
46 Vacant 

46% Perry Dr A W, music 

Empress cres intersects 

House, s e 

GTR crossing 
Springhurst av commences 
96 Hayes Frederick B 
98 Connolly J F, contr 
102 Compain Adolph S 
106 Wright Fred T 
108 Junor Wm 
110 Mulholland Hiram M 
112 Thayer Ira B 
114 Bull Wm 
116 Husband George C 
118 Sparrow Thos W, phy 
120 Rirehard Isaac J 
122 MaeKenzie Ewen 
126 Warren James J 
128 Warren Michael P 
ISO Monzie Robert E 
132 Sing Rev Samuel 

House, s e 

King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
160 Smith Walter H 
162 Wedd Wm jr 
164 Black well George J 
166 Shaw Mrs Caroline 

Shaw Miss E E, artist 
168 Larkin C A, lumber 
170 Godson Henry 
172 Oregory A T, artist 
174 Coleman George 
176 Hunter James R 

Leopold st commences 

Vacant lot 
182 Gibson Ralph E 
188 Dean W George 

Vacant lot 
220 Lvnd Adam, phy 

JANET AV, w from Lans- 
downe av to Albert av, first 
n of Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

House, s e 
21 Torpey Eugene 

JARVIS, n from the bay to 
Bloor e, crossing King at 
161, wards 2 and 3. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 

Lake st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Esplanade st e intersects 

I- 3 Hough Lithograph Co 
5-7 McNairn J H, wax paper 
9 Nicholson & Brock, bird 


Nicholson James 

II- 13 Vacant 
15 Vacant 

17 Walker, Parker & Co, 


19 Patterson S & Co, cider 
21 Reid & Howse, cigar 

Reid Wm G 
23 Turner & Co, pro med 
25 Poole & Co, machinists 

Warehouse, s e 

Front st e intersects 

City Weigh Scales, J R 
Dunn supt 
29 McCully Andrew, hotel 
31 Noble W J, barber 
33 Wood Mrs Ellz, rest 

Wood Joseph 
33% Tomalin J, poultry 

35 Harris Wm, pork 
37 MeSayer Bert, barber 
37-41 Albion Hotel 
; 43 Rackstraw T, barber 
45 Caston F A, broker 
Caston & Co, barrs 
47 Blong J H, fey gds 

King st e intersects 
Store, s e 
55 Hill T & Son, printers 
57-59 Beard Wm, rest 
61 Swartz Andrew, rest 
63 Wehrle Frank & Co, bris- 
tle mnfrs 
65 Westman Elijah, butch- 
ers' supplies 
65% Mack Wm 
67 Gadsby & McCann, flour 
73-75 Hancock Mrs M, stoves 
Hancock Wm R 

Duke st commences 
77 Frost & Wood Co, agri- 
cultural implements 
79-81 Vacant store 
83 Vacant store 
85-87 Vacant (2) 
89 Livery stables, s e 
91 Allen Alfred, bldr 
93-95 Vacant store 
97 Nelson J, excavator 
99-105 Maefarlane's Hotel 
Vacant lots 
111 Monnee John, blksmlth 
113 Large George, stoves 
Robinson Frederick 
Graham Mrs Bridget E 
Duckett Mrs Sarah 
Duchess st commences 
115 Moran Michael, pntr 
117 Watt Wm, produce 
Mulcahy Martin 
King Thomas 
121 MacFarlane Alex 
125 Coyle James 

Coyle Mrs Annie, gro 
127 Strong George 
129 Smvth John T 
131 Hamilton Archibald 
133 Smith Patrick 
Doyle Felix, r 
Murphv Dennis, r 
137 Spilling Bros, cigar mfrs 
Newell George, r 
Young Mrs Margaret, r 
Vacant lot 
143-47 Fred Victor Mission 
Briscoe Wm, caretaker 

Queen st e intersects 

Hotel, s e 
161 Williams Thomas 
163 Coyle James 
163% Wheeler George 
165 Foster Mrs Emma, bdg 
165% Craig Frederick 
167 Bennett Edward 
109 Rackstraw Thomas 
171 Goard Miss Mary 
173 Downs Charles D 
175 Shewan Magnus jr 
177 Thompson James 
179 Maloney J J, bldr 
181 Bodley John N 
183 Sinclair Malcolm 
185 Egan John 
187 Robinson Thomas 
189 Holmes John 

Jefferson Joseph 
191 Pvne Miss Mary, bdg 
193 Starr Mrs Adelaide, bdg 
195 Southam Thomas 

Lewis George W 
197 Mallon Mrs Mary T 
199 Elliott Robert 

Shuter st intersects 

201 Laekle David 

203 Kilner Walter J 

205 Hughes Walter 

207 Beale Frederick 

209 Vernon James H 

211 Black Win G, awnings 

213 Day George H 

215 Wilkin Mrs Carrie M 

217 Buchanan Mrs Anne, bdg 

Halle Harris, artist 
219 Finagln Mrs Annie 
221 Ritchie Mrs Christina 
223 Pollock Mrs Margaret 
227 Plekard Wm 






















Vernoy Electro-Medical 

Vernoy I'rof Silas 
Goulding Mrs Emma 
Parsons Rev Henry M 
Horsman Henry 

Wilton av intersects 
Walkey Samuel 
Russill Frank A 
Reynolds Frederick 
Lumbers Henry 
Carnegie Charles 
259 Methodist Deaconess 

Home and Training Sch 
Carty Miss Mary E 
Campbell Mrs Charlotte 
271 Livingstone Henry M 
Walker Mrs M 10. bdg 
Kerr Mrs Elizabeth 
Sullivan Miss Mary 
Morden Samuel R 
Dunstan Kenneth J 
Hnlre Samuel 
Riggs Charles H 
Southcomhe George B 
O'Brien John J 
BaUlwin Walter 
Watson Mrs Sarah C 
Roehereau de la Sabllere 

Park Mrs Ellen M 
Bongaril Mrs E L, bdg 
Smith Andrew 
Mencham James 
Stayner T Sutherland 
Harris Miss Mary A 
Harris Miss M, inus tear 
Diver Frederick 
Graham .Miss Mary 
King Mrs Emily 
Springer Mrs Eliza C 
Speers Mrs Margaret 
Reeve John E, phy 

Gerrard st e intersects 
Baptist Church 
Orr Joseph O, phy 
Benjamin Frank D 
Ayre Mrs Catherine 
I'aton Miss Barbara 
Pettit Mrs Maggie 
Moody Miss Frances E 
Flick Marshall G 
Craig Miss E, mus tchr 
(1.1 Tor Coll Inst 
St Andrew's Church 

Carlton st intersects 
Haldenby Wm, drugs 
Reynolds Edwin R 
Laurie John 
Jordan Mrs Mary A 
Jordan Miss E T, drsmkr 
Da'ryinple Alexander 
O'Brien E J, phrenologist 
Bonvlni-O'Brlen Mine P, 

music teacher 
Pickles Wm 
Harrington Amos 
Nairn Alexander 
Carroll Mrs Mary A 
Hlllman George L 

Peuchen Arthur G 

Miller John H 

La wii r Kev Edmund B 

Dixon John 

Mason Alfred J 

Treble Charles E 

Lines George 

Akers John 

Blake Edward F 

Blake Hon Edward, QC 

Wrong George M 

MoMrris Wm 

Mason Mrs Mary 

Relnhardt Lothar 

Long Thomas 

Wel'esley st intersects 
Massey Mrs Eliza A 
1'rangnell Charles F, r 
Massey Chester D 
Vanderllp Walter, r 
Gowans John 
Kent Mrs Grace 
Kent James G 
Mara Henry S 
Boustead James B 
McCord Mrs Jane 
Tripp J D A, mus tchr 
Carruthers James 
Private grounds 


58 Richmond St. East, 




An Unexcelled Record 

The Temperance and General Life 


547 Moss Hon Charles 
559 Lamport Henry 
561 Vacant 

565 Flavelle Joseph W 
571 Johnston Win It 

Isabella st Intersects 
575 Unfinished building 

vacant lots 
581 Busby Thomas 
5fZ Whitehead Charles J 
589 Gordon .Mrs Mlna 

593 Morphj Mrs Emily 

599 Davies Wm 

603 Clarke Miss Ellen 

609 Brown Charles A B 
611 Spence Robert W 

613 Itonnick Mrs Esther L 

610 Ryan Mrs Catherine 
621 Ryan John 

627 McArthur Joseph B 
House, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Lake st Intersects 
Warehouse, s . 
Esplanade st e intersects 

™ ™ a , r - ket "tension, s e 
20-28 Vacant bldgs 

i _ Front st e intersects 

f ee o 50 St Lawrence mkt 
Bee 3i St Lawrence mkt 

East Market sq 
King st e Intersects 
Store, s e 
50 Fiddes ft Hogarth, plmbrs 
o2 Imperial Hotel 

Commercial st commences 
54-56 Commercial Hotel 
58 Derham Michael, sboemkr 
004.2 Lane A, harness 
84 Wood .Thomas, tinner 
06 Nasmith Co Ltd, bakers 
Adelaide st e ends 
Warehouse, s e 
70 Alexander & Son, pntrs 
78 Wiles ft Andrew, enamel- 

S0-S2 Storehouse 

Lombard st ends 

90 Hubbard T C. bdg hse 
Vacant lot 

98 Kane John 
102 Bond Joseph 
104 Thomas Mrs N", gro 
106 Scheibe Fred, rest 

Richmond st e ends 
House, s e 

Queen st e intersects 
j 18 Store, s e 
120 Forster Wm, dairy 

McMillan Miss Flora 
122 McKeag Mrs M, drsmkr 
124 Wah Hong, lndry 
12(! Bigley Richard 
128 O'Halloran Michael 
132 Goddard Mrs Hannah A 

City Parcel Delivery 
134 McCain Wm 
136 Moore Mrs Emily A 
138 Lancaster Thomas S 
140 Goudie Miss Isabella 
142 Drummer John 
144 Wilson John B, com 
146 Grant John 
148 Churchill Bernard 
150 Rnsslll Mrs Annie 
152 Macdoiuj'd J S. barrel dlr 
154 Dunn Edward H 
156 Hamilton Alexander 
160 Alnwick T J G 
162 St Loger George J 
164 Marsh Alfred H 
166 Kyle Chirles E 

Shuter st Intersects 
168 McCoIIum Win J, phy 
170 Murray John A 
174 Allen John 
176 Nevltt R B, phy 
180 Benty Robert 
182 Watson Thomas 
186 Robinson Miss S A, bdg 
188 Fov Miss Mary 
192 James Silas 





196 Morse Mrs Elizabeth 
JJK ; ! / sw >'theiick Cephas R 
200 Hawke Widmer 

Wilton av intersects 
202 Hamilton Wm B 
214 Coleman P E, phy 

Coleman Miss M A 
210 Unitarian Church 
224 Graves Frederick 
226 Coleman Miss M A 
228 Ha an Charles H 
228K> Ferguson Mrs Kate 

Mulbui F T, contr 
230 Carrick Mrs Margt A 
232 Phyall Mis Harriet, bdg 
240 Paruham John H B 
242 Teters Robert 
244 Wltbrow Rev Wm H 
246 Cameron Miss M, bdg 
248 Wilson Miss C M, bdg 
250 Marshall Miss Matilda 

254 Dick Mrs Ellen, bdg 
256 lilake Hon Samuel H 

255 Jarvis Mrs Caroline 
262 Brooke Daniel O 

266 Bowles Rev Richard P 
268 Conger Alanson P 
270 Bastow Henrv C 
272 Whltten W j' 
274-76 The Avonmore 

Gerrard st e Intersects 
2S0 ('bristle John 
282 Kallmeyer Mrs Paulino 
284 Miller Mrs Helm 
286 Farmer James H 
288 King John S. pliy 
290 McConnell Michael 
292 Dixon Miss Anna M 
294-90 Bailey Mrs M. bdg 

300 Louden John S 

302 Carter Arthur G 

.106 Lee Walter S 

308 De Laporte Antoiue V 

310 Webb Mrs Mary 

312 McHenrv Chas A E 

314 Shecrd Charles, phy 

318 Willis Archelaus 

320 Dnndns Mrs Amy 

324 Gllmor Isaac C 

Carlton st intersects 

320 Hall John B, phy 

332 Vacant 

334 Fox Miss Marjorie 

336 Bell-Smith F M, artist 

338 McCabe Charles 

340 Ireland Wm S 

342 Webb Harry 

344 Lake John N 

346 Hetheiington Mrs Ida S 

Brooks G H Capreon 
350-356 Havergai Ladles' Col 

Knox Miss Ellen M 
372 Rutherford Mrs M M 
400 Rvrle James 
404 McKay Robert 
414 Lee Arthur B 
(28 King John D 

Multland st ends 

432 Vacant 

434 Hughes Mis Maria A 
436 Jarvis Frederick C 
438 Helliwell Thomas 
446 Brown Richard 
460 Taylor John 

Wellesley st intersects 

Immanuel Baptist Ch 
478 Llgbtbouru Mrs A 
480 Smith Alfred W 
486 Housser John H 
490 Crocker James 

Cawthra sq commences 
504 Gooderhain George H 
506 MeKiunon John H 
510 McLeod Charles 
512 Band Charles W 
514 Rundle C R & Co, bldrs 

Rundle Charles R 

Gloucester st ends 
318 Mulock Wm, QC 
538 Harris Henry, caretkr 

Isabella st Intersects 
550 Vacant 

506 Somerville Andrew J 
568 Williams W G, drugs 
570 Ireland James H 



Ireland Miss B, nurse 
Johnson George W 
Stevens Daniel B 
M<Coll John R 
Sheppard Edmund E 

Charles st ends 
!»4 Toronto Private Hosp 
Blackwell Charles S 
Moilsou John 
Boiling Edward 
Maclean Wm F, MP 

R to King w. second w of 
the subway, ward 6. 

East Side 

Factory, s e 

Liberty st intersects 
100 Nicholson Mrs Catherine 
102 Bowes Wm 
104 Low Mrs Ellen 

Factory, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Liberty st Intersects 
Mercer Reformatory, s e 

JEMIMA, e from GTR to 366 
Logan av, ward 1. 

North Side 

4 Adams John 
6 Hughson Wm S 
8 Ruascll John 
10 Peak Frederick D 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

JERSEY AV, n from west 
end of Evans av, to r 272 
to Grange rd, ward 4. 

-East Side 

House, s e 
1 Scott James G 
3 Brown Mrs Jane 
21 Ashlee Walter 
23 Soles Robert 
25 Clift George 

Vacant lots 
35 Wray Frederick 
41 Douglas Wm 
45 Forsyth John 
51 Boynton Frederick 
53 Garde Edward 
55 Coath Edward C 

Vacant lots 
59 Naylor Jos & Son, bldrs 

Naylor Joseph 
61 Chadbrook Wm 
63 Arnott Wm G 
65 Naylor Thomas 
67 Mossop Mrs Georgetta 
69 Halley Maurice 
71 Vanghan James 
73 Berry Wm 
75 Gardiner Henry 
77 Richardson John 
79 Hewson John 
81 Miller Mrs Harriet J 
83 Russell James 
85 Fell Charles 
87 Carter Earnest 
89 Brooks John 
91 Armstrong Wm H 
93 Donohoe Michael 
97 Law John 
107-9 Vacant (2) 

West Side 

Not built on 

JOHN, n from 282 Front w 
to Grange rd, ward 4. 

East Side 

Government grounds 
Wellington st w intersects 
House, s e 


55 Wells Thomas J 
57 Wells James 1r 
59 Wells Wm J 

Vacant lots 
65 Me « hln Mrs Elizabeth 
69 Cable Thomas G 
71 Mllligan John B 

T , Robertson la ends 
75 Little Miss I, bdg 
"7 Martin Samuel 
79 Stuart Charles J 
Store, s e 

King st w intersects 
Old U C C grounds 
Adelaide st w Intersects 
House, s e 
111 Kyle Miss M, drsmkr 

Kyle Mrs Margaret 
113 Whitcombe Mrs Emma 
115 Pickering Samuel J 

Pickering E A, mus tehr 
117 Parkinson Wm 
119 Dilworth Mrs Catherine 
121 Moon Robert C 
123 Walker .Mrs Emily 
125 Wilkinson John 
127 Carter Mrs Elizabeth 
129 Elliott George, phy 

Nelson st ends 
131 Rogers John H 
133 Wilson Mrs Rachael 
135 Todd Henry C 
137 Hunter Mrs Louisa 
139 Gwatkin Wm H 
143 Dale Miss Sarah 

Richmond st w intersects 
Private grounds 
Queen st w Intersects 
159 Store, s e 

Renfrew pi intersects 
165 Roche Geo O, dairy 
169-71 Church Home The 
173 Van Koughnet Mrs E H 
175 MacCulloch Wm 
177 Taube S L, optician 
181 Myers Miss Rachel 
183 Wear John T 
185 Ellington Mrs Geraldlne 
187 Murdoch Charles H 
189 Fahev Wm 
191 Worrell John A 
Small John T 

Stephanie st Intersects 
193 St George's (Ang) Ch 
205 Cayley Rev Canon J D 
207 Jarvis Miss Mary 
209 Kenrick Mrs Emma M 
House, s e 

West Side 

Waterwks Pumping Stn 
2 Oliver George 
4 Collins Robert L 
8 Sole Alfred 
12 Moran Eugene 
14 Bates Mrs Elizabeth 
16 Rogers Mrs Janet 

Rogers David 
18-30 Dom Trans Co stables 
32 Thompson Mrs E, bdg 
Wellington st w Intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 

48 Robertson's storehouse 
Mercer st commence* 

Public School 
68 Gibbard George E 



TORONTO POTTERY CO., 75-81 Cottiagham St. 'Phone 4787 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents 

26 Wellington St. East. 

Tel. No. 423. 




King st w intersects 
Hotel, s e 

Kirch Henry, barber 

86 Little Joseph 

88 Taylor John 

90 Shields Mrs Elizabeth A 

82 Bookless George 

94 Ward Wm W 

96 Smith Mrs Janet 

98 Huston Samuel W 
100 Clayton Alfred B 
102 Kilfedder Mrs M G 
104 Tait Robert B 
106 Badgerow G W, phy 

Tatorson Mrs Hannah E 

Adelaide st w intersects 
108 Duncan Allen G, gro 

Stewart Mrs May 
118 Geddes Edwin 
122 Bourke Mrs Margaret 
124 Bender Albert C 
126-28 Burns John & Sons, 

carriage mnfrs 
130 Burns John 
132 Deyoy Patrick J 
134 Norton Ransom 
136 Vacant 

140 Donaldson Henry J 
142 Newman James 
144 Sutherland Donald 

Richmond st w intersects 
146 Solomon Lawrence 
148 Cummings Mrs, Cath 
150 Campbell Neil B 
152 Smythe Mrs Cordelia 
154 Dunbar Samuel A 
Coal and wood yard 

Queen st w intersects 
Store, s e 
164 Garton David B, carp 

Renfrew pi intersects 
166 Cooper Frederick 
168 Bennett Mrs Emily 
170 Hollingworth Mrs Sarah 
172 Logan S M, horse collar 

176 Harrison Robert 

Harrison Mrs E. drsmkr 
180 Fletcher Mrs Elizabeth 
184 McMurtry Wm J 
186 Purvis Miss Maggie 
188 Brnce J Stuart 
190 Brown Frederick G 
192 Mahaffey John 
194 Heaton Joseph 

Stephanie st intersects 
196 Vacant 

202 Wriglev George F 
204 Stiles Henry B 
206 Mailer Wm 
208 Ginner John E 
210 Graham Alexander J 
214 Vacant 

218 Loftus Mrs Rita, bdg hse 

JOHNSON, n from rear of 
24 King w to 15 Adelaide 
w, ward 3. 

East Side 

3 Grand Opera House, r e 
7 Groom Thrustans 

Grand Opera House, s e 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
2-4 Vacant 

6-10 Telfer Mfg Co, corsets 
Osborne J F, prtr 
12 Newton & Treloar, prtrs 

Thomson Paper Co 
14-16 Underwood John & Co, 
ink mnfrs 
Hotel, s e 

JONES AV, n from 1164 
Queen e to Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

House, s e 
87 Wagstaff Charles 
89 Wagstaff Albert H 

Doel av commences 
145 Hart Wm 

151 Ryan Thomas 
153 Bell John jr, coal 
155 Bell James 

Sproatt av commences 
Market gardens 
Gerrard st e intersects 
Market gardens 
319 Brown Mrs Ann 

Myrtle ay commences 
GTR crossing 
O'Brien Mrs Sarah J 
343 Hughes Edward 
345 Simpson James 
371 Lawson James, exp 
375 Lewis Fred W 

Hunter st commences 
419 Goodman Joseph 

Shudell ay commences 
447 Thompson Edward J 

Balrd av commences 
561 Jennings Bros, gdnrs 
563 Jennings Wm H, gdnr 

West Side 

Leslie Park, s e 

Brick vard, s e 
120 Cook Arthur 
122 Anderson John 
124 Russell Joseph 
126 Cook John 

McKee Martin, lumber 
142 McLaughlin M Joseph 

Dagmar av ends 

Vacant lots 

Austin av ends 
192 Cox Samuel 
204 Nicholson George 

GTR crossing 
Boultbee av ends 
Gerrard st e intersects 
322 Byron Mrs Mary, nnrse 
366 Godwin Wm T 
368 Dale Samuel 
390 Mackie Alexander 
426 Mitchell Joseph H 

Unfinished house 
446 Cook Wm 

Jewish Cemetery 


500 Woodward George 
502 Ryan Mrs Ellen 

Englewood av ends 
Union Mission 

Hazelwood av ends 

JORDAN, n from 14 Wel- 
lington w to King w, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Grand & Toy, s e 
3 Scheihe G T & Co, prtrs 
5 Blackhall & Co, bkbndrs 
7 Miller & Richard, prtrs' 

9 Sadler & Haworth, belting 
Mica Boiler Covering Co 
Haworth Belting Co 
11 Brown, Searle Ptg Co 
Melinda st Intersects 
15 Office, s e 
17 Jordan Chambers 

1 Browne Jas & Philip, 
stock brokers 
Sears George E 
Burrowes Albert 
3 Cayley Frank & Co, 
r e 

5 Bristol & West of 
Eng Can Land 
Mortgage & Inv Co 

6 Larmour W W, tlr 

7 Rubidge Charles M, 

Oriental products 

10 Kramer W J, engrvr 

11 FUgg G W, tlr 

12 Tor Art League 

14 distance C C, engr 

15 Goodchiid F J, 

mnfrs' agt 

16 Taylor J, shoe uprs 
Gadsby W B, shoe- 

19 Wheaton & Co, stock 

Mayes E J, caretkr 
19 Alexander W M, real est 
Philpott Fred W, real est 
21 Macdonald J G, broker 
23 Imperial Music Pub Hse 
Avlesworth M B, archi- 

Samaria Remedy Co 
Masonic Sun 
Owen Electric Belt Co 
Hobbs Remedy Co 
25 Bain Donald & Co, staty 

27 Buchanan & Jones, brkrs 

29 Brunet Peter, barber 
31 Anderson T O, broker 

West Side 

Standard Bank, s e 
6-8 Morgan Henry, saloon 
Merchants' Restaurant 
10 Quebec Fire Assce Co 

Pvke G J, ins 
12 Burritt A P & Co, brkrs 
14-16 McKinnon Bldg, s e 

Melinda st intersects 

Vacant lot 

Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg, s e 

28 Campbell J L, broker 

30 Boulton Melfort. broker 
New Deer Park Gold 

Mining Co 

KEELE, n from Queen w to 
city limits, first w of Indian 
rd, ward 6. 

Not built on 

KENDAL AV, n from Cast:e 
av to city limits, second w 
of Spadina rd, ward t. 
Not built on 

the lake to city limits, sec- 
ond e of Woodbine av, ivard 

East Side 

Baptist Church, s e 
Queen st e intersects 

Vacant lots 
West Side 

Vacant house 

Queen st e Intersects 

Smith Robert 

Gibson Wm 

Purvis James M 

KENNETH AV. w from Dun- 
das to City limits, first n 
of Regent, ward 6. 

Not built on 

opp 167 St Patrick to Bald- 
win, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Sinclair Daniel A, phy 
3 Boehler Francis X 
5 Annesley Francis C 
7 Reed Henry P 
9 Robins Mrs Catherine 

11 Steep Henry W 

13 Love Robert B 

15 Booth Joseph S 

17 Walton Henry R 

19 Price Henry J 

19% Walker Mrs Ann 

21 King Rufus H 
King Bros, bldrs 

21% Smith John C 

23 Beal Carl G 

23% West Stephen G 

25 Irwin Thomas R 

25% Brown John 

27 Jarvis Mrs Mary 

29 Crowley Mrs Mary 

31 Ranta John 

33 Baxter Wm T 
Latimer Wm, r 
Pulhem George, r 
Carter Mrs Louisa, r 
Bennett Arthur J, r 
Wright H H, shoemkr, r 

35 McKinnon Mrs C 

37 Hill Edward 

39 Boyce John 

Boyce & Son, contra 

41 Wallace Mrs Mary 

43 Dann Wm H 
45 Qua Joseph 
47 Durke Henry 

49 Casson Rev Wesley 

51 Batting Henry W 

53 Rogers Percy W 

55 Davis Bernard 

St Andrew st ends 
House, s e 

57 Williamson Edward L 

59 Smith Simon 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Stuart James L 
4 Jones Lome R 
6 Plearce John 
8 Dodds J Charles 
10 Bowman Alexander 

Wilson Christopher, r 
12 Mackay Angus 

Biggs Alfred, r 
14 Smith Wm H 
16 Scobie Alexander R 
18 Philip Robert J 
20 Robinson Frederick 
22 Dean Frederick 

Fitzroy ter commences 

24 Topping Samuel 
26 Monro Alexander 

28 Wylie Robert J 

30 Fisher Frederick J 

32 Gale J Walter 

34 NIehoUs Bruce F 

36 King Bros, bldrs 

38 MeSweeny Michael J 

40 Macdonald Mrs Eliza 

42 Edwards John J 
Edwards Miss E, drsmkr 

44 Vacant 

Entrance to Kensington pi 
I 46 Fairhead Robert C 
I 48 West Robt. fertilizers 
West Mrs M J, drsmkr 
Chamberlin Wm H 

50 Mcintosh Miss M, drsmkr 

52 Prudhomme Charles F 

54 Miliar James E, dairy 

56 Armour Hugh 

58 Kenyon Thomas 

60 Cotter Harvey E 
Ross Duncan, r 
Gilmnur Mrs R. lndry, r 

62 Borebnnk Frederick W 

Kent Edmund sr 
64 Ross Alexander 
66 Moyse Abel 
70 Brit ton John 
72 Malone Mrs S. drsmkr 
74 Cummiugs Wm 
76 Wilson Mark 

Wilson Mrs R, drsmkr 
78 Flood Honry 
sn Holmes John H 

KENSINGTON PL, n from r 
of 40 Kensington av, ward 

i <• 

2 Herbert Edward, pntr 
4 Levinskl Wm 
6 Painter Walter J 
8 Darby Walter R 
10 Johnson George C 
12 Leonard Wm 
14 Oaklev Thomas 
16 Tucker Wm 
18 Allen Mrs Emma 
20 Levlne Mrs Raehael 
22 Johnston Frederick 
24 Archer Frederick 
26 Fletcher Thomas C 
28 n.irris Wm 
30 Paterson James H 


11 Richmond 



Member of the Standard- Mining Exchange 

Tel. and Cable address, 

Codes: Bedford Mc- 
Neill's, dough's. 
Moreing and NeaL 



12 Adelaide St. E. 'Phone 1842 


King East. 165 

KENT, n from Myrtle to 
Bloor w, first e of Sully, 
ward 5. 

Not built on 

KETCHUM AV, n from 60 
Scollnrd to Davenport rd, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 
% Wilson Peter A 

1 Harp Alexander 

8 Storey Mrs Helen 
5 White Edward O 
7 Harton Joseph 

9 Hawyard Charles W 
11 Davenport Edward C 
13 Woolsey Mrs Sarah 
15 Cutts Charles D 

17 Garrett Wm A 
19 I.awlor Andrew 

West Side • 

Ketehum Park 

KEW BEACH, c from foot of 

Waverley rd, ward 1. 
North Side 

2 Thompson Charles 
6-2Q Vacant houses (71 

22 Edmonds John 
24 38 Vacant (8) 

Lee av commences 

40-50 Vacant (61 
54-56 Vacant (2) 

Vacant houses (2), r 
58-60 Vacant (2) 
68-72 Vacant (31 

KING EAST, runs e from 71 
Yonge to Junction with 
Queen e at Don Bridge, 
wards L 2 and 3. 

North Side 

Webster A F. ticket agt 
Wabash By, J A Richard- 
son, passenger agent 
Dominion Steam Ship 

Cunard Line of fsteainshlps 
2 Richelieu & Ontario Na- 
vigation Co, J F Dolan 

Chicago & North West- 
ern Railway, Burton H 
Bennett gen agt 
4 Cunningham & Fish, 

6 Conger Coal Cn Ltd 
8 Pipon & Thorley, brokers 
White Star Line, C A Pip. 

on agt 
Defoe D M. barr 
U S Express Co. G S 

Forster agent 
C M & St P Ry, A J 
Taylor agent 
8% Neostyle Duplicating 
Ritchie George, barr 
Gripton Mrs C, rubber 

Walsh F J, broker 
Creighton John, solicitor 
Gash N B, barr 
Wickson Samuel, barr 
James & Williams, prtrs 
Elliott Bertram, caretkr 
10 Beaty Robert & Co, 
Arnett & Co, mining brok- 

12 Stewart W F & Co, hrkrs 
Faninhnr J D. real estate 
Smlly Thomas, real est 
Greville * Co Ltd. brkrs 
Citizens' Gas Control Co, 

14-16 Canadian General Elec- 
tric Co Ltd 
18 Vacant 
20 Vacant 

22-24 National Trust Co of 

24% Tor Stock Exchange 
Clearing House 

Dewnrt, Raney & Maw, 

Imperial Life Assce Co 
Spencer Fred, caretkr 
26 Central Canada Loan & 
Savings Co 
Eastern Investment Co 
Provident Investment and 
Mortgage Guarantee Co 
Victoria st commences 
30-34 Rice Lewis & Sou 

Ltd, hardware 
36 Pellatt & Pellatt. brokers 
Knowlton Wm fl, bldrs' 

Toronto Window Cleaning 

Elgle R B. whol lumber 
Preston John, broker 
Scoriae Paving Block Co 
Barr, Wilson i Sons, 

Smellle & Shaw, barrs 
Armstrong Wm, artist 
Trengrove R J, caretkr 

38 Burns P & Co, coal 

40-42 Vacant 

44 Harris E Co Ltd, paints 
46 Headquarters Hotel 
48 Hough Thomas, restr 
50 Quebec Bank 

Toronto st commences 
52 Guardian Assurance Co 
Armstrong H n l', ins 
Dominion Burglary Guar- 
antee Co 
Irish Mark H, Ins agt 
52% Smith Hon Sir Frank 
54 Niagara Navigation Co 
Niagara River Line (head 
office), John Foy mngr 
56 Wood G W & Son, ins 

Atlas Ins Co 
66% McPhillips Frank, barr 
58 Minton Thomas S, Ins 
Economical Five Ins Co 
Ottawa Fire Ins Co 
58% Richardson Charles, 
Thompson G P, tlr 
Page Dr Medicine Co 
Merrell W M, pro med 
60 Walton J C. barber 
62 Watklns H S, tobaccos 
64-8 Brown Bros Ltd, whol 

70 Home Life Association 
Spence John M, ins agt 
Fish James, real est 
72 Canadian Homestead Loan 
& Savings Assn 
Empire Loan & Savings 

74-76 Rowsell & Hutchison, 
stationers and bkbndrs 
78-80 Tor Coffee House Assn 

Tor Coffee House 
82 IncTustriU Exhibition As- 

Ross Mrs Mary 
84 Reliance Loan & Savings 

Company of Ontario 
84% Shaw Wm M. Ins 

Lewis Wm, jwlr 

Sanderson David 

Prest John 

Norman Robert 

Walker Mrs Jane, tlr 

Currv fipn, rubber. stamps 
86 Keith John, coal 
88 Jerreat Walter, barber 
90 Standard Fuel Co, coal 
92 Toronto Ry Chambers 

Toronto Railway Co, head 

Darling & Pearson, nrchs 

Church st Intersects 
St James' Cathedral 
118 Seyler W H & Co, brkrs 
Twentieth Century Churn 

Co Ltd 
Pollwka Emil & Co, sa- 

Canadian Specialty Co, 
gros' sundries 
120 Vivian Edwin, furn 
122 Dominion Shoe Co 

Evans George 

Collins James 
124 Keith Oeorge. seeds 

126 Grange Wholesale Supply 
Co, geueral store 

128 Bradshaw David, gro 

130 32 Steele, Brlggs Seed Co 

134 I'rovan Alex, gro 

Francis st commeuccs 

136 Bishopric Shoe Co 

140 Empire Clothing Co 
Adams Bros, harness 

142 Thompson's Shoe Store 
Thompson John B 

144-146 People's Wholesale 
Supply Co 

148 Toronto Shoe Co 

Jarvls st Intersects 

150 Vacant 

150% Morrison Edward 

Tony Augustus 

Torbutt James 

Goodwin Wm 

Knight John 
152 Kldd C J. llauors 
152% Sheppard C, harness or 

Tedd J D, shoe uppers 

Heinholt Robert, clothing 

Wilson W T, stencil cut- 

Knowlton John, cigar nifr 
154 Godden C P, hardware 
156 Meredith Thomas $k Co, 

158 Clyde Hotel 

Beecher John, pntr 
160 Patton John, barber 
162 64 Swan Bros, grocers 
166-68 wilklns & Co, hdware 
170 Nlchol Wm J. drugs 
172 Vacant 

George st Intersects 
174 Vacant 

176 Canadian Harness Co 
ISO Sin Lee, lndry 
182 Fleming James, shoemkr 
184 Allcock Mrs M E. staty 

Allcock Hubert, fishing 
186-8 Vacant 
190 Scott Bros, grocers 

Scott Wm 
192 Barclay P & Co. oatmeal 

194 Vacant store 

196 Tuck Frank, barber 

,„„ Wylle Wm J - tobaccos 
198 Reeves Wm J, furn 
200 Fogg George, tinware 
202 Algoma & Northwest Mis- 
Buskin George 
Frederick st Intersects 
204-6 Stead Thomas, Jutik 
208 Church Jacob, shoemkr 
210 King St Mission 

McLeod James 
212 Price S & §ons, dairy 

Price Stephen 
214 Hieht Wm, rests- 
Cook George 
216 Vacant 

218 Gregory Mrs C, Ms 
220 Peacock T H, livery 
222 Walters C W, baroci- 
222% McF«dden Mis .1. confy 
224 RedellflV & Son, t'nnera 

Sherbourne st Intersects 
226 Clark John, baker 
228 Harvey Wm, gro 
2:to Cook George, restr 
232-32% Yanover J, sec hd gds 
234-36 Chancy & Co, bedding 

Smith Courts B 
238 Opferknch Mrs R, fancy 

Opferknch Joseph 
240 Itosar Frank, undertaker 
242 Busse Paul, provs 
244 Vacant 

246 La France Mrs A, drsmkr 

Gellnas J O. tlr 
248 Haber Mrs A. sec hd gds 

Haber Hyman 
250 Stone James, sec hd gds 

Princess st intersects 

252 O'Connor House 

2.14 Vacant shop 

256 Ceire Mrs C. furrier 

256% Wolfe Mrs Irene 

258 Detlor J W, pntr 

2(i0 Kramer Philip, shoes 

202 Yanover H, sec hd gds 

204 Spies John 

266 Johnston J II. sec hd gds 

268 Vacant 

270 McLaughlin Mrs M, staty 
Ontario st Intersects 
272 Hob Wm. livery 
274-6 Vacant (2) 
278 Dowd & Co, btcbr 

Dowd John 
280 Wells James 
282 Bowsklll Wm, bdg hse 

Lumber yard 
284 Bryce Lumber Co 
284-84% Union Hotel 
286 Richardson & Lcbnr.confr 
288 Forsytbe Adam, frnlts 

Forsythe Miss M, drsmkr 
290 Vacant 

292 Lewis Edward, btchr 
292% Rurton Joseph M 
294-6 Larmon John ir, flour 
2118 Artlndale W W. lndry 
298% Kleeberger Jacob, brbr 
300 Greenshields J H. gro 

Berkeley st Intersects 
302 Spears Wm. barber 
304 Johnson Wm, saw flier 
306 Craig Mrs M, drsmkr 
308 Lvttleton Hugh 
308% Clarke Richard, Jwlr 
310-12 McFnrlnne Geo, ladder 

314 Montgomery Edward, gro 
310 MeNamara Mrs M A 
318 Burke Michael 
320 Citizens' Coal & Wood 

Supply Co 
Gosnell John 
322 Alexander Miss A G, fey 

324 Vacant 

326 Hoghen Mrs S, gro 
328 Lynch James, barber 
330-32 Parliament House 

Parliament st Intersects 

Public School, s e 
340 Blaln Wm 

348 Kavanaugh Miss S B, 

350 Trempe Hercule, shoes 
352 Bowman J W, btchr 

Power st commences 
354 Frost J A, shoes 
456 Wilson Robert, barber 
358 Monroe Mrs Christina 
360 Kester Truman, baker 
A lane 

362 Coney F M, staty 
364 Paul Miss E, drsmkr 

Paul Robert 
366 TJrniy G W. gro 

Humphrey Wm 
368 Paul Wm, tobacco 

A lane 

372 Patterson Win 

Patterson Mis M, drsmkr 

Fortler Joseph 
374 Williamson J S, shoemkr 

Egan Francis, r 
376 Thompson Mrs I E, -trait 

Thompson James 
Rowland pi commences 
378 McLean John 
380 Ward Mrs E, gro 

Ward Frederick 
380% Gordon Alexander 

Gordon Mrs A, dry gds 
382 Hyland George, pntr 
384 Graham Robert, dairy 
386 Marsh John M, shoes 
388 Bell David, gro 
3'M Marsh Mrs M, gro 
392 Anderson Mrs I, confy 

Anderson Edmund 
394 Johnston Mrs E, gro 
396-8 Cowley W G, sec hd gds 

Wilklns av commences 
400 Nlchol W J, gro 
404 Wurster C'.iarles 
406 Fiddes Mrs Jane, crockery 
Fiddes Wm 

Creelman Bros. Typewriter Co. ^ R rtera TYPEWRITERS 

15 Adelaide E. 'Phone 2251 Typewriters Reniad. J. J. SEITZ, Manager. 

166 King East. 


408 McSayrc Albert S 
410 Anderson Alexander 
412 Tipton Edward 
414 Blair Charles 
416 Birch Thomas H 
418 Clark John, gro 
Cleveland Edward 
Sackville st intersects 

420 Vacant 

Rousseau Mrs E, staty 
422 Hear Leander, tobaccos 

424 Hayes Daniel J, liquors 

425 Simmouds Geo, gro 
428 Storey James, gro 
430-30 Church of the Sacred 

438 Leadlay George 
440 Pashby Mrs Clara, btclir 
St Paul st commences 
442-44 Lord Geo P, coal 
446 Fiddes James 
448 Wilson Fred 

Vacant lots 
454-58 Methodist Church 

Bright st commences 

460 Ablitt Wm 

462 Leslie Mrs Mary 

464 Greeley James U 

466 Ablitt Edwin 

468 Blakley John 

470 Ablitt John 

472 Tindle J J, staty 

474 Abbott & Hogarth, btchrs 
Sumach st intersects 

476-8 Proctor House 

Proctor Miss A, nras tchr 
Proctor Miss L, elocution- 

480 Harrison G H , bicycle liv- 

482 Flood Mrs Mary A, gro 
486 Schmidt Thomas 
488 Loree George W 
400 Brogan Mrs Ellen 
402 Watkins John D 
494 Carter John, barber 

Ashby pi commences 
498 Dooley Thomas, tobacco 
500 Passmore J A, crockery 
502 Westmau Samuel 
506 Haffey Frank 
612 Kelly Richard T, contt 
514 Leloup Louis, gloves 
516 Holloway Charles 
518 Hurley J J, gro 
520 Gray Robert W 
522 Williams James 
526 Strong Mrs Mary 
530 Burns Mrs Jane 
534 Blague Thomas 

Private grounds 
538 Medcalt Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
546-48 Vacant (2) 
550 Lvons John 
552 Cook Thomas R, gro 

River st commences 

House, s e 

Junction with Queen e 

South Side 

1 CPR Genl Ticket Offlce, 
C E McPhersou agt, Wm 
T Doekrill and John J 
Rose trav pass agts, Wal- 
ter Mauguan city pas- 
senger agent 
3 Bills J B Co, jwlrs 
Parkinson P A, mfg Jwlr 
Fieroe Mrs C S, manicure 
McCouuell Miss M C, artst 
Jrvine Miss M, artist 
Jefferv F 1', engraver 
Mills Miss M B, drsnikr 
5 Renfrew U R & Co, furs 
7-9 Cousineau F X, broker 
Babayan Leon & Co. rugs 
Loudon J F, broker 
11-13 Stilt Win & Co, uilnry 

Paris Kid Glove Store 
15 Nordheimer Building 

Nordheimer Piano & Mu- 
sic Co Ltd 
Canadian-American Music 

Co Ltd 
Nordheimer Samuel, Ger- 
man Consul 

Imperial German Con- ! 

Nordheimer Albert, Vice- 
Consul Genl of ihe Neth- 
Williams Miss C A, music 

Forsyth W O, mus tchr 
Smedley G F, mus tchr 
Haslam W E, mus tchr 
Sherlock J M, vocalist 
Archibald W Y, mus tchr 
Kennedy Hugh, mus tchr 
Blrnle Miss C. mus tchr 
Jaffray Miss A R, music 

Baumann .1 W, mus tchr 

37-27 Murray W A & Co 
Ltd, dry goods 

20 Ford J J. eonfy 

31 Potter Charles, optician 
Map & School Supply Co 
Weston Stamp Co 
Moran J S, broker 
Wilson David, engraver 
Elliott Illustrating Co 
Chowell Henry 

33-45 Vacant building 

47 Hyslop Bros, bicycles 

4!) Vacant 

51 Nasmith Co, lunch entr 
Pike Thomas, broker 
Flynn H T, broker 
Cohen Joseph, clothing 

Tremeear & Co, barrs 
53 Regan Bros, met tailors 
Noverre J H, photo 
DeLery Light Co 
Crossman E A, artist 
Montgomery James 
Tucker J, caretaker 
55 Williamson J H, mer tlr 
57-61 Catto John & Son, dry 

63 Rankin Wm. rest, r 
Leader Hotel, E Sullivan 

Leader lane ends 
63 Snider Pharmacy 
67 Ferriss R K, cigars 
69 Vacant 

71-73 Henderson Charles M 

& Co, auctioneers 
75 Thompson & Son, photos 

Shapero M, ladies' tlr 
77 Bastedo D H & Co. furs 
79 Colonial Clothing Co 
81 Watt D H, barr 
83-85 Vacant 
87 Biehn Joseph 

Robertson Harry 

rainier S J, adv cards 
89 Vacant 
91-3 Albany Club 

Wren Joseph, caretaker 
95 Vacant 

97 Patterson J & Co, clothing 

RItson Alfred 

Allen Thomas 

Watkins John J, caretkr 
99-101 Williams A J, restr 

Reddan W J, hotel 

Church st intersects 

105 Bastedo D H & Co, hats 
107 Gallagher R S, fruits 

Nelson John 

McNea Thomas 
109 Anning C H, restr 

Scott Mrs Agnes 
111-113 Fulierton & Thomp- 
son, hotel ranges 

Deering Harvester Co, 

Parker George, photo 
115-21 Oak Hall, clothing 

Can Horologleal Institute 
123 Pike D Co Ltd, tents 
125-27 Ontario Fish Co 

Wilson Edward 
129-35 Army & Navy Cloth- 
ing Co 

Coots Joseph, clothing 

Pollakoff B, tlr 

1'cunvlegion Albert, tlr 

Hackle Win, tlr 

Royal Grenadiers Band 

137 Broomhead Edward 

139 Cheyne R, clothing 
141 Fogler Henry, jwlr 
Warren John 
Beamish Mrs Sarah 
143 Vacant store 

McKenzie James 
Sanderson Mrs Annie 
Gordanear Miss Jennie 
145 Murphy Thomas, shoes 
147-151 Simmers J A, seeds 
153 Husband Stanley & Co, 
West Market st ends 
155 Tuthill Robert, drugs 
ir.7 Tugman C F, shoes 
Rlddell Mrs Elizabeth 
St Lawrence Hall 
St Lawrence Arcade 
157%-59 Russill J T (est of), 
Hough Isaac G, restr 
161 Dominion Bank 
I C B D Hall 

Jarvis st intersects 
163 Can Bank of Commerce 
165 Woodhouse T, dry goods 
Keinholt Wm, clothing 

167 Miller Hugh & Co, drugs 
167% Hopkins J L & Son, 

" cigars 
169 Hodgeus George, jwlr 

Owen John 
169% Christie Wm, harness 
171 Daniel C D & Co, drugs 
171% Richardson Mrs J, 

Richardson John 
173 Whit ten W .T & Co, house 

175 Flynn J D, shoes 
177 Vacant 

179 Wheeler & Bain, house 

181 Kirkpatrick Wm A & 

Son, harnessmakers 
Kirkpatrick Wm A 
183 Kirkpatrick D & Co, 

183% Murphy James 

Patton John 
185 Wellsteed Henry, grocer 

George st Intersects 
187 York Hotel 
189 McMnllen T & Co, fancy 

McMnllen Thomas 
191 Gardiner David jr, restr 
191% Gowland Mrs M, jwlr 
193 Sawdon John, tinner 

Fogg John, fndry 
195-95% Elv Bros, charcoal 
197-9 Nealon House 

Vacant lots 

Frederick st Intersects 

215-17 Stinson John, fruits 
219 Walters Lipman, clothier 
221 Bernstein Mrs R, cigars 
223 Lung Sam, laundry 
225 O'Leary Timothy, cigars 

O'Leary Miss M E, music 

Robinson John, barber 
227 Connelly Philip, gro 
229 Byrnes George, barber 
231-235 Macdonald Mfg Co, 

233 Hands J E, confy 
237 Clarke John, hammocks 
239 Harte & Van Camp, 

Van Camp Silas E 
241 Wilson II C, shoes 
243 Ellis W A. drugs 

Bemrose Edmund 
245 Mathleson Wm. hardware 
V17 Galgter J F, Jwlr 

Sherbonrne st Intersects 
249-51 National Hotel 
253 Radcliffe Charles, tlr 
255 McCarty Mrs Mary, gro 

McCartv Jeremiah 
257 Wills Mrs M A, cigars 

Wills Joseph 
259 Hurst James, plmbr 
261 Ewart Mrs Ann 
263 Vacant 
265 O'Brien James 

O'Brien M J. cooper 
267-9 Delaney Wm, shoemkr 
271 Flannery Cornelius 

Flannery Mrs C, gro 
273 Uttenweiler E, sewing 
Uttenweiler Miss S, dress- 

275 Underwood Wm, rest 
277 Vacant 

279 Walton B W, wringers 
281 Caton J R, grocer 
Caton Wm H 

Princess st intersects 
283-301 Firstbrook Mros, box 

303 Vacant 

305-9 Thompson Bros, car- 
riage mnfrs 
Ontario st intersects 
311-37 Ontario B & M Co 
355 Small John 
357 Harris Mrs Ellen 
359 Connell George 
361 Paterson Mfg Co Ltd, 
bldrs' supplies 
Dominion Foundry Sup- 
ply Company 
Berkeley st Intersects 
Foundry yards, s e 
Parliament st intersects 
393-7 Wright W R, hotel 
399 Beale Francis 
403 Eldridge Miss Ada, gro 
Eldrldge Mrs Mary A 
405 Wingle Miss M, drsmkr 
407-9 Lee J R, drugs 
417 Sanson Rev Canon Alex 
Erin st ends 
Trinity Church 

Trinity st ends ' 
431 James E A E, plmbr 
433 Sauve Joseph, gro 
435 Tremblay John, gro 
437 Rowe W, sporting goods 
439 Vise Photo Studio 

Trinity pi commences 
441 Gerrard Archibald 
443 McMahon Mrs Mary 
445 Upper T C 
447 Bushby James H 
449 Morrison Wm N 
451 Moncton George 
453 Cowan Mrs Martha 
455 Delcourt Louis, shoemkr 
Skelton Henry 

Coatsworth st commences 
457-0 Lewis YVm H, btchr 
461 Upton T H, artist 

Crawford Miss Emma 
463 Gallaugher Mrs E J, gro 
465 Delaney James 
467 Parton Wm. shoemkr 
469 McDonald Alexander 
471 Stipe Frank C 

Delaney T & Co, coopers, r 
473 Boyd Robert 
475 l'ett Alfred, putr 
-177 Clark Wm 
479 Johnston James 
481 Faikner Thomas 
483 Gardner Thomas 
485 Gallagher J A, drugs 

Sackville st intersects 
487 Delaney Mrs Bridget 
4S9-91 Willinsky S R, dry gds 

Willinsky Myer 
493 Summerville Mrs M, bdg 
493% Lamarche Rev Philip 
495 O'Keefe Miss Julia 

Wagner Christopher, r 

Cumming Hugh, r 
497 Shea Mrs Nora 
499 Shea Peter 
501 Virgin S, bill distributor 
503 Elsworth George 

Blsworth Miss A, drsmkr 
Virgin pi ends 
505 Riendeau Joseph 
507 Govette Victor A 
509 Judge James 
511 Chins Wing, indry 
513 Lord G P, sec hd gds 
515 Vacant 
517 Abbey Wm 

Union Assurance Society 

Toronto Office, 15-17 Leader Lane. 



Tel's: Office, 2288. Residence, 3516. 

H. O'HARA & CO., 24 Toronto Street, 

Carry Stocks on Margins. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 


Kin<' Wert. 167 

619 Johnston Prussia 
621 Cowling Wm 
623 Humes Edward 
623 riant Wm 
627 Felling Robert 
529 Major Edward 
531 Sanderson Montague 
533 Fee Mrs Lucy 
635 Ferguson J H, pby 
537 Mouldey Job 
689 Anderson O A J, gro 
Lennox Mrs Mary J 

Sumach st Intersects 
641-9 Corson J W, coal 

Percy st commences 
551 Scbell John D 
553 Louias Jauies A 
555 Witheridge Frank 
557 Farrell James 
559 Whlttler Mrs Delia 
661 Benolt Tuffel 
663 Reeve Alfred 

Reeve Mrs Rose, gro 
667 Wilson John 
669 Solman Henry 
671 Jobin Alphnnse 
673 Gardner George 
575 Smith Wm F 
577 Boddy Hiram 
679 Stanffer S J 
581 Mouldey Job Jr 
583 Bradley John 
585 Gee S F, produce 

St Lawrence st ends 
Toronto Railway sheds 
605 Worthing & Son. black- 
609 Creaue John 
611 Vacant 

613 McCormack Andrew 
615 Dibble Harry 
617 Tage Wm E 
619 McFadyen John 

Vacant lots 
639 Ren line E J & Co. fur 

641 Courtenny R R, bdg 
645 Irving W B. carriage mkr 

KING WEST, w from 76 
Yonge to June with Queen 
w, wards 3, 4. 5 and 6. 

North Side 

2-6 Lawlor Building 
Rooms — 

10 Tor Loan A Guarantee 

12 Great Northern Ry, 

Chas W Graves agt 

13 Royal Victoria Life Ins 

Co of Canada 
Cromar Alexander. Ins 
Buck George E, Ins 
Culverwell J A. broker 

14 ^rthern Pacific Ry 
15-16-17 Travelers - Ins Co 

Thayer I B, Ins 
20 21 N Y Life Ins Co 

23 Vacant 

24 Dods & Macdonnell. 


25 Storey & Bond, barrs 

26 Standard Mining Ex- 


27 Oxydon Co. Dro med 
30 31 Armour & MIekle, 


35-36 Curry. Gunther & 

Evre, barrs 
40-49 Queen City Oil Co 
Spooner A W, copper- 


Webb Wm J. janitor 
8 Tyrrell Wm & Co. books 
Presbyterian Board of 

Wilson N T, publrs' agt 
10 Tinglev A Stewart Mfg 
Co, rubber stamps 
Kilmer & Irving, barrs 
Coleman C W, jwlr 
Soole Thos J G. orlnter 
Morrison James J, caretkr 
Ames A E & Co, bankers 
Municipal and General Se- 
curities Co of Ontario 
Cyclone Grate Bar Co Ltd 

12 Dominion Permanent Loan 

14-16 Trusts & Guarantee 
Trusts & Guarantee Co 
■ Mills, Tenuant A Ham- 
ilton, barrs 
Teunaut Francis N, lum- 

Morley F G A Co. brkrs 
McPherson, Clark, Camp- 
bell & Jarvls, barrs 
Martin Samuel S, barr 
Standard Mercantile Agcy 
Ontario Mutual Life As- 
surance Co 
Thompson A Heron, brkrs 
Sterling Collecting Co of 

Axworthy Chas H, care- 

18-20 North of Scotland 

Osier A Hammond, brok- 
ers and fln agts 

North of Scotland Canad- 
ian Mortage Co Ltd 

Can Northwest Land Co 

Ont & Qu'Appelle Land 

Merchants' Legal Assn 
Victoria Rolling Stock Co 
Barwlck, Avlesworth & 

Wright, barrs 
Klncstone. Wood A 8y- 

mons, bnrrs 
Cromble. Worrell & 

Gwynne, barrs 
Hewnrd Geo C, barr 
Hansford J E. hnrr 
Collins O E Collecting 

Neville A Ball, barrs 
Yukon Mining Co Ltd 
Rossland Gold Mining, De- 
velopment and Invest 
ment Co 
Qu'Appelle, Long Lake A 
Saskatchewan Railroad 
A Steamboat Co Ltd 
Calgary A Edmonton Ry 

Buffalo Land Security Co 
Denlson A R A Co, arehts 
Ford G E. caretkr 
20 The Ellas Rogers Co Ltd, 

coal and wood 
22 The Kennedv Co, tlrs 
24-2S Maiming Arcade 
Rooms — 
1-2 Brouse W H. broker 
3-4 Stinson Geo A & Co. 

5-6 Berlin Fire Ins Co 
Beng Herbert. Ins 
The Equity Fire Ins Co 
Petry Chas B, acct 
7 Watson W E, broker 
Black Hawk Gold Min- 
ing Co 
8-9 London Life Ins Co 

10 Klntrsford R Tl. barr 
Morris Wm, barr 
Morris Alex C, office 

11 Vacant 

12 Baldwin L H. hnrr 
Mnssev A L. inv brkr 
Robarts Fred W. acct 
Toronto Poultry * 

Garden Produce Co 
13-14 Forsti-r J W L. artist 
15-10 Continental Life Ins 

17 The Muskoka Mill A 

Lumber Co 
Campbell A H. J H M 
A A II Jr. timber 

Georgian Ray Lumber 

18 Vacant 

19 Cameron & Crooks, 

19b Vacant 

20 Vacant 

21 E